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  1. No, i'm touching my Japanese doll.I love my Japanese doll.
  2. Because you touch yourself at nights,that's why.
  3. Ah,nice one. Lovely sounds,the oldskool tunes are pure gold.
  4. I understand,i'm afraid it's already online. Can you not generate a randomised URL for it and give it to certain people from the forum,the Facebook page etc? (by the way i closed FB and the Schlab grp is the only thing i missed).
  5. I went to Greece the other day,stayed for 3 weeks,came back +5kg.No joke.Fuck that,terrible place.
  6. Let us know if you upload an mp3 version for purchase,no chance i'd go for a CD at the moment - too much plastic and i'm an Earth loving hippy.
  7. Hello sexy. Oh,also everyone else.
  8. Oh no Pandora's box is open! Well i'm eating my favourite muesli+banana+milk+honey combo at the moment. And listening to Petar Dundov (nice!).
  9. Ah,finally,a breath of fresh Schlab. Monotono wet my eyes To people expecting something extraordinary or revolutionary:psytrance is dead and zombified anyway, get over it already.Duh.
  10. Attoya track kicks arse.
  11. Gnome

    Yagya - Rigning

    Look for Gas' Nah Und Fern if you want something similar,less "dubby" though. Still,filled with downtempo atmospheric beats.Not as good,that has to be said,Yagya is of rare quality.
  12. Gnome

    Psykovsky - Da Budet

    Its alright but i'd enjoy it a lot more if he didn't have to stop the beat so often to blast you with 300 tons of bass. I still think Lastbus Madrus is by far his best tune. Not much of a review i guess.
  13. Good to hear Derango are still making top quality mind-warping material.
  14. http://www.archive.org/details/vault09 Pretty sweet mid 90s industrial ambient.
  15. Some of his old tunes (Motions Potions(!!),Dr. Tripper,Dunder,Electrum,Beware of the Dragon,Solar) are just lovely and trippy as fuck.I didn't really like what hes done after he started releasing. Although to be honest i didn't pay too much attention.
  16. Sorry this is off-topic. Topic locked,user banned,server crashed,ISP went bankrupt.
  17. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHJaD8G97M0 Really fuckin good album.
  18. After getting over my early expectations,which took me about a month,i think this one sounds really really good. Wolkenbruch and Messy Machinery are fkn amazing.
  19. http://www.discogs.com/release/583196
  20. Yeah that is a really nice release,more post-rockish than his previous works though,which i love (especially Suture). You might also like this one.My favourite ambient of 2008. n5MD is highly recommended.
  21. Good stuff.I've been looking for similar techno for ages now,i went for schranz but it sounds way too boring for me.Unless it thats considered to be schranzy as well. I was at this techno party at the uni and someone played a two hours set of fullon psychedelia around this style of techno,funny thing is there was a psytrance room which sounded like american pop compared to that. That day really made me wonder. Anyway,got any releases to recommend.
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