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  1. A friend of mine knows him as they worked together, he said the tracks are ready, 8 of them IIRC.. Just waiting for editing and mastering, should be out somewhere 2009..
  2. Afgin - old is gold II http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsyjWfAJ0Gw Prometheus - Arcadia Magik Total Eclipse
  3. Enjoy! Later i'll add Hallucinogen vids (shabby trance and shamanix)
  4. Heard it live. Nice at start but boring and repeating itself after 2 minutes. Am hoping the album version would be better.
  5. After 4 years of anticipation Juno fans would've wanted something a little bit more inspired and creative. But not. it's a disappointment for me. Some silly stuff like Tokyo Dub, pretty Girl really turn me off from this release. Also the higher beat stuff aren't that innovative too. Nothing new that we haven't heard on Labyrinth (Which was ground breaking IMO).
  6. Festival took place in northern Israel, 06-07/07/2008 sum of 25 minutes videos! Haltya Prometheus - arcadia magic full length Total Eclipse 15 minute video (2 parts worth a damn see!!) part 1 part 2
  7. With all honesty psytrance today is pretty limited in variety. There are certain patterns to which artists obligated to. Take Last days of Gravity, but then again that's not psytrance. I am pretty sure Simon got sick of psytrance. That's why artists like IM and Simon draw away from the scene.
  8. Stop blaming IM for "evolving". I'm not saying their new stuff is better, but just that more of CM and TG would be recycled shit. Why not respect them for experiment new stuff (show me one band that gambled so hard on an album so different from typical psytrance like Converting Vegetarians)
  9. Don't know about the world, but Israel's classic is without a doubt Astral Projection's Mahadeva.
  10. Congrats to Infected.. theyre climbing up slowly
  11. A shame no one mentioned Transwave's Backfire.
  12. antic you got it right there. This is just unbelievably gOOOD!!
  13. I'd recomment Beyerdynamic DT770. Link Great for mixing, quite comfortable and they isolate pretty well. I wouldn't recommend PROline 750 because these are the most uncomfortable headphones in the industry, GUARENTEED. They are just a torture to wear, believe me. if you do go for the 750's, then beware of their bright nature, they could be very unpleasant if not amped properly. Also stay away from Grado and Sennheiser as they are open cans.
  14. got myself a modded Zhaolu D/A converter 2 months ago me phones are the lefties (beyer 990) and thats the zhaolu and my amp A headphone meet in Israel P.S nice to see people from head-fi
  15. Gee.. you get a compilation like that for FREE and you wine about the quality.
  16. talpa - the art of being none infected - classical mushroom hallucinogen - lone deranger khetzal - corolle shpongle - are you shpongled Almost got in - Misted muppet's "from the legend"
  17. Best psytrance track since Talpa's Dragon Tale. This is absolutly perfect in any way you see it. Surely Arcadia Magik is in the hall of fame of psytrance in a short amount of time.
  18. Simon, give us an "audio chemists" album! Only 2 tracks by now but god-made ones
  19. 2004 but i have to recommend Freq's Strange Attractors. One of the few prog albums i really like.
  20. A good goa trance album. To say it is the best? hell no, too overrated. Khetzal's Corolle is better.
  21. I Have the Harman Kardon too.. Perfect? way not, it has many flaws. But for the price they're good.
  22. Ok, I can understand the influences of a psychedelic drug with certain music, but some "clean" people i know love dark to death. Music like kindzadza and penta are barely listenable to ME, though i think Xenomorph is a genius. Sorry if i was a bit harsh in my last post.
  23. Great album indeed. Sounds blend together perfectly creating a different atmosphere on each track. Definitely one of the best this year.
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