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What music are you listening to right now?

Sputum Rotgut

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Play with -your own or- other people's shadows in the skull ..... not a big fan. But I know how to protect myself & others 

Never forget P.L.U.R. & i have a new ,,hate" for people doing hard drugs/pills claiming to be "Psyheads" but dont like or fear Psychedelics. Mess with peoples heads, mess with people that are Really tripping and not just pretending (coke mdma). Evil people. Ive been a victim to a few. Terrible moments, but I pulled through and took a grab on the bastard in the end so he learned. Do not get it. Its so cool? People like this wants only to be cool (accepted and admired) and like to see other people fail, for their own egoistic gain and pathetic "entertainment" . Bad robot, Bad! 

Hard drug people wanna powder their nose. I have to say, like Psycrowdelica Festival, i dont know what happen there in full but the organizer stabbed his own heart at the last festival, called reincarnation. People push people to do a lot of shit, like school shootings. And the frames around us do it so we act terrible to each other (imo). And people do stupid shit. Why? So fucking sad for the whole psytrance scene. And these so called Horrorpsyfreaks (speedfreaks, more like it) , with their juvenile hard core music, they dont even like psychedelics, they fear it (LoLoLoLoL)

Time flies, np. 


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7 hours ago, psychedelic chipmunk said:

And a trivia question. How many dots are in the title of "Life is ...." by koxbox?


Good track!

Looks like there are 4 dots (strange, why not 3?) + 1 dot on the first "i", while the second "i" seems to be a capital letter according to Discogs, so the answer should be 5? 


Listening to Capsula - Sense of a Drop:



Superb psychedelic downtempo. 

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Its like aphex twin so far, experimental, whrikk-like ..
but looks not like pumping Psytrance album.... heard track 1 to track 3 so far.. Very Aphexy of crs

OVAL usually brings only experimental stuff anyway. Like Ghostscent, Stellar Ink Pony (Procs) ..


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