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Found 88 results

  1. Hi all I would like to share some good news with you, I just released my first full length album on Ektoplazm Here are details : Obri – Afterglow 01 - Afterglow (62.5 BPM) 02 - Northface (95 BPM) 03 - Graphite (120 BPM) 04 - Shoe (feat. Kiki) (120 BPM) 05 - Sunday (123 BPM) 06 - Bushido (60 BPM) 07 - Aero Sol (130 BPM) 08 - Granula (120 BPM) 09 - Cadde (Street) (122 BPM) 10 - Beyond (74 BPM) Here are some words from Ektoplazm : Afterglow is the debut album from Giorgi Dolaberidze AKA Obri, a musician from Tbilisi, Georgia. As a b-boy, rapper, and graffiti artist raised in one of Tblilisi’s Soviet-era suburbs in late 90s, Obri began exploring breakbeat and other electronic music genres, but was soon immersed in psychedelic trance music. Alongside other enthusiasts he founded GeoPsy, a pioneering underground psychedelic community in Georgia, and soon moved into production. These ten tracks summarize his long personal journey into sound, experimenting with different elements of psychedelia from deep ambient techno soundscapes to hypnotic acid roughness. Artwork by Digital Visionary Art of Giohorus. Mastered at CES Studio. I can say that album is pretty diverse, starting from acid ambient and exploring different aesthetics: techno, idm, dnb, experimental beats but you can feel psychedelic all over the album (that's my opinion at least) feel free to listen,download, enjoy, post your opinion, review, etc etc, it will be amazing Download from Ektoplazm or show some support on Bandcamp : Support on Bandcamp PS: Subscribe for more info on: facebook official page
  2. Hello! Here is my first Trance concept inspired by Goa and old science-fiction film.
  3. GUUSUN.. The Japanese psychedelic Trance rock band.. released Remix album! Crying Out peace and love, The Japanese most unique psychedelic Rock'n roll trance band Guusun dropped the remix album of their debut album [Ram the Anger] from Matsuri Digital Groove!One year from released debut album of Guusun, remix album is completed finally! All tunes are rebuilted by artists who lead in Japanese dance music scene as such as Funky Gong, Masa and more. From Dub to Techno, Trance to Rock,, It become a special remix album as undoubtedly over genre. Please enjoy the music and feel the vibes of Guusun! Remixers : Asteroidnos a.k.a. Makio BBL a.k.a. Bryan Burton Lewis CDHATA(Dachambo) Doppelgenger MASA Ree.k FUNKY GONG Shibire Tai Artist:GUUSUN Title:RAM THE ANGER RMXS Label:Matsuri Digital Groove CAT NO. : MDG02 Guusun are,,,  Suepon : B & Vo. KC : G & Vo. & Artwork Makio a.k.a. Asteroidnos : TB-303 & TR-606 & Syn vang vang : Vo. Seinoize : G & Vo. & Syn Miura : Preview on Soundcloud About GUUSUN Click here
  4. Konflux is a solo project of the US based DJ and producer Vasiliy Miyazin born and raised in Russia.He is relocated to the United States in 2001.Living in Los Angeles and frequenting San Francisco he soon gained recognition within the local psytrance communities. Having over ten years of experience in producing multifarious styles of electronic dance music, Vasily began making psy-trance in 2004. A light-hearted, elegant, yet pounding and groovy style can be roughly described as "a blend of Light Night and Heavy Morning Psychedelic Music".Rock, Jazz, [Happy] Hardcore, Drum'n'Bass, Techno and House have all made significant contributions to his style. Konflux has spun across the United States alongside a multitude of international acts, participating in major events like Gaian Mind in Pennsylvannia, Burning Man in Nevada, Boom Festival in Portugal and countless California outdoor gatherings.He also has a currently inactive collaboration project Jetflux with the LA based producer Jeto. Tracklist : 01-Konflux - Totaling Of Sums [07.12] 02-Konflux - Matane [06.55] 03-Konflux - Shachta [06.58] Artist: Konflux Title: Matane Trip Powered by: ClockTail Records https://clocktailrecords1.bandcamp.com/album/matane-trip Media Format: Digital Download Genre: Psychedelic Trance Catalogue Number: CLOCKDG012 Distribution by: Self Distribution Release date: 20.11.2017 Artwork Design by: Anirudh Kota Mastered by: Bedtime Studios
  5. Konflux is a solo project of the US based DJ and producer Vasiliy Miyazin born and raised in Russia.He is relocated to the United States in 2001.Living in Los Angeles and frequenting San Francisco he soon gained recognition within the local psytrance communities. Having over ten years of experience in producing multifarious styles of electronic dance music, Vasily began making psy-trance in 2004. A light-hearted, elegant, yet pounding and groovy style can be roughly described as "a blend of Light Night and Heavy Morning Psychedelic Music".Rock, Jazz, [Happy] Hardcore, Drum'n'Bass, Techno and House have all made significant contributions to his style. Konflux has spun across the United States alongside a multitude of international acts, participating in major events like Gaian Mind in Pennsylvannia, Burning Man in Nevada, Boom Festival in Portugal and countless California outdoor gatherings.He also has a currently inactive collaboration project Jetflux with the LA based producer Jeto. Tracklist : 01-Konflux - Totaling Of Sums [07.12] 02-Konflux - Matane [06.55] 03-Konflux - Shachta [06.58] Artist: Konflux Title: Matane Trip Powered by: ClockTail Records https://clocktailrecords1.bandcamp.com/album/matane-trip Media Format: Digital Download Genre: Psychedelic Trance Catalogue Number: CLOCKDG012 Distribution by: Self Distribution Release date: 20.11.2017 Artwork Design by: Anirudh Kota Mastered by: Bedtime Studios
  6. Artist: Emmanuel Top Title: Asteroid Label: NovaMute Date: October, 1996 1. Asteroid 2. Industriel 3. Replay 4. Generation 5. Reflex 6. Introduction 7. Development 8. Conclusion Paper. Deceased intact frog primed for dissection. Honey Baked Ham. Delicious. None of these things could shake me from my catatonic state which was induced by listening to the first half of this album. Minimal techno that took forever to get nowhere. This was a ride on a merry go round at a blistering 2mph. And with the track lengths being what they are every revolution is greeted with a punch in the nuts by the weird looking ride operator. Up until Generation came on I wasn't sure this thing had a f*cking pulse. The highly detailed cover should be a heads up. And just cause I woke from my nap doesn't mean this all of a sudden became Hardfloor. Far from it. Noisy at times and sounding quite dated. Yes, worse than Delta Aquarids. Poking around the interwebs you would think this was Jesus Christ in techno form. Introduction? Maybe to some more shut eye. If you're a fan of dated minimalist techno then this will probably be perfect for you. Tastes vary in music of course, but I would be interested in hearing anyone justify having to listen to this again.
  7. I've been searching for this track for a long time and have not been able to identify it. http://rgho.st/6sV5cQ7dc It sounds like a track that was either released on Acid Fever records, Lunacy Records, or State Of Mind records. Any help on guidance to the right direction of ID'ing this track would be great. Thank you.
  8. Hi folks, Im George aka Stellar Flux, from Tbilisi, Georgia. Producing mainly psychedelic sounds with tech flavour on it here are my last two tracks : Some Acid Ambient Chillprog https://soundcloud.com/stellarflux/stellar-flux-northface Acid techno with some psychedelic flavour https://soundcloud.com/stellarflux/stellar-flux-aero-sol also you can find my older works on my Soundcloud page - https://soundcloud.com/stellarflux and bandcamp (free to download) https://stellarflux.bandcamp.com/ enjoy and dont hesitate to post your thoughts or ideas about my music cheers
  9. its fucking epic get it drums , bass , acid , some extra weird sounds.. some nice acid trance in the middle... deja vu brilliant finish song goodbye
  10. Hello, people of Goa. It is an honor to me to write this review of Proxeeus' debut album, entitled At the Mountains of Madness. It is an honor, because this release has a special meaning. First of all, it is released on July the 14th, which is the French National Day, comemorating the Storming of the Bastille. And it is no coincidence that NeoGoa has chosen this very day to spot a fair light on the Proxeeus project, which proudly represents France in the Goa scene. It is also an honor, because this very day is also the 5th birthday of the NeoGoa adventure. Introducing a new artist to celebrate this time of the year is definitely a great way to spread the Goa flag. Hence it is a good opportunity to recall that NeoGoa has been a brilliant label all over the years, constant in quality and innovation, and that had definitely left its print in this scene. I shall also add, as a personnal remark, that the very first full-lenghth Goa release that I ever listened to was Dimensional Gateway vol. III, and that from this day this label has been for me a criterion to determine the average quality of a newschool product. Henceforth, I say to you, NeoGoa : a big thank you, and a happy birthday. I wish you eternal glory. Now, let's talk music. Introduction Behind the Proxeeus projects is Jérôme Lesterps, a rising artist who has spent a whole year building himself a reputation in the realm of Goa Trance. One year ago, he was anonymous. But after much work he managed to participate to some releases : Stellar Discovery [Goa Galaxy] in summer 2014 Celestial Transvibrations [NeoGoa] in winter 2014 Psychedelicus [Goalogique], Floating Between the Moon and the Sun [Goa Madness] and Translinguistic Perceptions [Visionary Shamanics] in spring 2015 And now a full lenghth album released by a famous Goa label. This rapid evolution can be explain by the peculiarity of his sound. A sincere acidic sound inherited from the golden days, with an extra supplement of smoothness and a rusty groove. It is with this musical signature that Proxeeus made me like acidic Goa Trance. At first I found it to be bizarre, but I gradually got into it, even though his music offered many little imperfections. Sometimes a bit bland, sometimes too fluffy, or too confuse, and pretty repetitive from track to track. According to me, the biggest challenge that Proxeeus had to deal with with the Mountains of Madness was to overcome these many issues to produce a brighter sound. The concept At the Mountains of Madness The title of the album in itself conveys us to an unusual destination. But the promise is clear. The journey will take us to an ascending spiral of altered mental states, until we reach the top of psychedelicness. Madness will be explored in its utmost glory, as mountains tend to be associated with something dominant and transcendant. The style This is the hardest part of the review. Depicting sounds with words is not a natural thing, but it is important to put an impression on an artist's fragrance. First of all, Jérôme Proxeeus remains here truthful to his former tracks. The album is characterized by a very strong feeling of organic-ness. While many Goa artists tend to focus on a story-telling structure with narrative movements, and resort to mythological motives, Proxeeus prefers to brew a mixture of sounds, like a sorcerer making up a potion. Psychedelicness is attained through the unfolding of many textures, through the cooling and warming of the beverage, through the chemical reactions that occur between the many drooling, peeping, bubbling sounds of 303 sparks cooking up amidst the bassline cauldron. The music acts as a warm fluid, a psychedelic lava that progressively enters the mind to make consciousness boil like a strange philtre. And this is precisely what I like about Proxeeus' sound : it's liquid, and it proceeds by waves. It has amplitude, regularity, roundness, just like water. Warm water. When I close my eyes while listening to this music, a biologic scenery unfolds in my mind. Many Goa artists tend to create a vast, cosmic sonic space, to fill it with energy, and to shake it with a sismic energy in order to create spacequakes, thanks to heavy basslines. Proxeeus does not. Instead, he occupies the space with a muffled bassline and dense textures that gives a feeling of an inner resonance. It's a bit of an underwater sensation that, combined with a organic input provided by the acid loops and the hot tempo, plunges your body in an amniotic bath. It is a carnal music, but in an intimate, cocooning sense. The heat of the music is the heat of a breath ; the pumping is a heartbeat ; the fluidity is like blood running. Adding up to this biologic theater, there is an underlying cyberpunk theme. Machines meet hot organic fluids. Living organs are connected to computers through wires. Sinister atmospheres of an uncanny laboratory go through the tracks. A mechanical menace is heard echoing. And accross the Galaxy, malevolent cyborg aboard their starships seek to rapture the living. The coldness of steel responds to the warm vividness of the body. And that is very interesting, because it highlights the relationships between the actual Jérôme Proxeeus, a being of flesh and bones, and the metallic instruments which he tries to make sing. But overall, it is an introvert music with a silky touch, a deep music aligned with the body's frequencies which uplifts organic memories from time to time, a shamanistic beverage with a retro sci-fi accent. The global mood of the track, with its deepening reverberations, put you in a stasis suitable to a psychedelic experience, and the constant buzzing of coloured spots all around the tracks puts the mind into a hallucinogenic state that soon becomes a form of enlightened madness. The plot The story takes place in a far future. Mankind is rotting in decay across the Galaxy. Machines are supreme and lead the Milky Way, while sloth and slunder have paralyzed most of humans. In the dark suburbs of one of the largest human colony, a rumor has spread. There is a new drug that circulates underground, an illegal substance with legendary properties that people struggle to obtain. Its name is ayahuasca, a synthetic product famous to awaken ancient memories from one's ancestors. But Proxeeus is a young hacker that isn't interested by drugs. One day, as he enters confidential files of the deep net, a mysterious entity appears within his occulus rift. It is a living hologram, a artificial intelligence made up of algorhythms who claim to be Hanuman, an ancient Hindu god. As Proxeeus talks to him, the divinity progressively takes possession of him. Hanuman's goal is to counter a conspiracy, machines plotting to enslave manking to a higher degree, a mechanical menace that threatens the colony and beyond. That's why he reveals to Proxeeus a code – the Vimana, to hack the machines, but his brain cannot handle it. To make his plan work, Hunaman sends the human to collect as much ayahuasca as possible, so that the god penetrates further into his mind, and expands it from the inside. As he is tripping high, Proxeeus deviates from his course, and enters a dimension against which the junkies warned him about : the Mountains of Madness, a range of hallucinogenic peaks against which consciousness is wrecked. As the hackers sinks into insanity, Hanuman seeks the cybernet for the help of another hologram : Chandra. The final track tells depicts the ruins scattered around the Sea of Tranquillity... The tracks 1. Across the Galaxy Dark, mysterious, stomping. A modern track with a bassline reminding me of Etnica – Intense Visitation, and cool electric FX. 08:36 is mind-opening. A- 2. Hanuman Deep. Twisted. Dedallic. A bit funky. Somehow recalls me of Miranda. A- 3. Vimanas I didn't expect this more full-onic bassline into Proxxeus' universe. Some metallic, scrapping sounds recall early psytrance. A slightly bit itchy for my taste. But I liked a lot the oriental climaxic melodies, which are very hypnotic. A 4. Mechanical Menace Very shamanic. Crazy and ritualistic. I would definitely dance to this one. A- 5. At the Mountains of Madness Some rare acid spirals in it. The bassline is awesome. Hard scratching acid. The climax is profound. A 6. Ayahuasca Classic acid trance, with some oriental highlights. B/B- 7. Chandra Knows A very futuristic track with a compelling cyberpunk atmosphere. A- 8. The Sea of Tranquillity You guys know that I don't like Goa downtempo. So, I won't rate this track :/ Overall : challenge succeeded. Proxeeus has refined his sound, and created an amazing album. He now stands as the new Semsis, even if he incorporates modern influences that recall early psytrance 1998 style (like X-Dream). Examples of Semsis : Planet, 1997 Pile, 1996 Artwork Not bad. The moon looked photoshopped. Overall it reminds me of a little something... Conclusion Cool music that is excellent to regulate your mental states. It's not surprizing that Jérôme Proxeeus found therapeutic virtues in this form of Goa Trance. GJ. DOWNLOAD FOR FREE
  11. OUT NOW! Goa Madness Records is very proud to present the second album of Jerome Lesterps aka Proxeeus: "Weird Tales". After the success of his first album on Neogoa Records, Jerome is finally back with his epic acid sounds, tortured leads and groovy rhythms. With a true respect for the sound of classical Goatrance from the late 90's, this release will kick you back in time and make your body and mind shake like never before. Many of those tracks have already been approved on several dancefloor's around the world so, don't hesitate! Grab your copy and enter the madness! Tracklist: 1: A Lone Mi Go 2: The Shoggoth in the Mirror 3: Something Lurks on Yuggoth 4: He Waits Dreaming 5: Tekeli - li 6: What The Moon Brings 7: Lets Goof 8: The Mad Poet Of Sana'a 9: Fhtagn No More Artwork by: Neogoa Design Preview: Soundcloud Grab your copy here: Beatspace
  12. Looks like there's no appreciation thread so I thought I would start one. Why.? Just listen to Chynacid - book of changes album. Woof, all that acid. *yawn*yawn* https://gooddancerecordings.bandcamp.com/album/book-of-changes I sincerely wish to buy all them CDs before GDR vanishes (hope it doesn't) I already have Mana Source, Goa Gate. & Angels trumpets CDr's thanks to Anu Next will definitely be Chunacid! After that which one should I go for? I can't buy all at once. I plan to buy them one by one. So,GDR fans help me out here. Anu, Penzo, MDk and others.
  13. Bandcamp link. Dreamy acid techno with a Japanese Goa feeling. All analog. Tracklist : 1. X995 2. X996 3. X997 4. X998 5. X999 6. X1000 Enjoy !
  14. Old school Goa trance party Daze Maze & Goa Tribe presents ∞Ground Control Tribe to Major Maze∞ 2016.12.03 (Sat) Start 22:30 at Edition,Aoyama, TOKYO Entrance 3,000 yen ///Daze Maze Floor/// "Daze Maze"   -Live Jikooha (Panorama Records/ SHAMANARCHY)   -DJs MINORU(Daze Maze) KOSHIRO (Daze Maze) YUTA (Daze Maze/MATSURI DIGITAL/LDG) Qlipadelic (Zion604) From Israel MAKOTO aka DJ Ogatam (Goa Tribe)   -Decoration Seikou Butterfly Effect     ///Goa Tribe Floor/// "Dream'n Chill"    -DJs Fishimself (The Place/Zna Gathering) From Greece Art Of Man (Shaman Electro Rec.) From Israel Artman (Qooki Records) AIKO NOSO (Daze Maze) Dada (Daze Maze/Goa Tribe) HRK aka DJ Mijinko (MATSURI DIGITAL CHILL/Goa Tribe/ Zion 604Rec.) Kaju (Goa Tribe)    -Decoration Enkuu Goa Tribe Crew    -VJ Hitode Moriken    ///Event information/// https://www.facebook.com/events/545891648931940/    ///Venue/// Edition https://www.facebook.com/edition.aoyama/ ///Notice/// Please bring your ID. Please do not hang out at next-doorconvenience stores and the street around the venue. No parking space available, Please use parking near the venue.
  15. Artist: Various Title: Faith, Hope, and Psychedelia Label: A.R.D. Date: 1998 1. Beach Buddha - Cloudburst 2. Disco Volante - Chameleon (Movement Mix) 3. Ylem - TNKA 4. Esion God - Alice In Thunderland 5. 3000003 - Green Bishop 6. Max & Amino - Chemical Imbalances 7. Discordia - Analytic 8. Imago - Black God 9. Art of Trance - Mosquito 10. Binary Finary - Anthemic 2 "Shaggy you f*cking burnout, are you sure this is where you dropped the DAT tape?" These days I don't believe there are any undiscovered classics floating around the goa sphere. With the internet someone surely would've uncovered gold like that. Maybe Draeke from DAT Records can do it. Or the guys from Zion or Suntrip, but it's pretty rare. Still, it's a pleasant feeling when a fairly decent album comes to your attention. Since I began searching for all things goa this still happens and I'm glad it does. The info on this release says that it was a charity CD featuring the finest psychedelic trance and techno in aid of Indian street children. The finest? I'll be the judge of that. At least this disc has some artists I'm familiar with and you'll be glad to know that the goa flavor is well represented. After a very unimpressive opening track Disco Volante gets things going with a simple offering. I'm sure their filter cutoff knob fingers got a workout cause that's all this track did. But, better. Ylem enters full goa mode with a powerful and melodic track. I would love to hear this with a good re-mastering. Alice in Thunderland is thunderous, and could also do with a good mastering. Sensing a theme? Green Bishop is a clanky house beat nothing more and Chemical Imbalance is weak techno. Analytic has bass that is entirely too loud, but Black God by Imago is some pretty good goa. I wasn't a fan of the Art of Trance album Wildlife One, but this track was kinda cool. It's a bit tribal with a "mosquito-sounding" lead and it gets a little funky at the end. The last track was a bowl of meh. So several styles are represented here, but you only get credit if the tracks in those styles are worth a listen. As I mentioned the tracks sound a little muffled and could use a good mastering. Because of the above this cannot be called a "gem", but there are a couple of tunes worth hearing.
  16. Artist: Space Tribe Title: Peak Experience Label: Space Tribe Music Date: November, 2011 1. Peak Experience (vs Mad Max) 2. Destiny (vs Laughing Buddha) 3. Real Simulation (vs Dickster) 4. Just say yes!! (vs Mad Maxx) 5. One Drop (vs Laughing Buddha) 6. Distorted Reality (vs Tristan) 7. Beyond Words (vs Dickster) 8. Gene Machine (vs Laughing Buddha) 9. The Bomb (vs Johan Bley) Few things are sadder than watching an icon fall from the mountaintop. I think she just gave me eye chlamydia Did you watch the Superbowl Madonnapalooza halftime show? It was like a 16 minute commercial pandering to the audience. That Madonna...always good at seeing which way the wind blows. "Look at me! Pay attention to me, I'm still relevant! I'm still cool, look...I work with Nikki Minaj and M.I.A. (who?) and those guys that keep on shufflin!" And Cee-Lo what the f*ck man? You looked like the fat black Keebler Elf they keep in the back to break down the truck. Nobody wants to see a 53 year old grandmother hobble around the stage lip synching to bad music. I can do that at my na-na's house. I get you were an icon and you truly were. Changed the game and had an tremendous impact on girls (and unfortuanately lots of guys). But that was two decades ago. Life changes. We as a people evolve as technology evolves and the torch gets passed. You time was during the introduction of the first cell phone and Ferris Bueller. We have the internet now...we know where to find you. This is Olli Wisdom one of the true legends in our little corner of music who's been banging out tracks for more than 15 years. From my window he released a bunch of albums early in his career that were more memorable for the flashy colors and pictures than any of the sonic material on the inside. But I still sought them out and collected them because that's the kind of anal guy I am. A completionist. It wasn't until the middle of last decade that he really popped up on my radar with the albums Time S-T-R-E-T-C-H and Thru the Looking Glass. Full of power, melody, and acid explosions and boy I was hooked. I really enjoyed his collaboration with Electric Universe as EsP. His last album Electro Convulsive Therapy in 2008 had some real stormers on it but it also had tracks that had you scratching you head, wondering what the f*ck he was thinking. So where is he now? Looking at the tracklist impressive names abound so here's hoping that he maintains his footing and doesn't plummet like Boris Blenn did. I mean did you actually hear Higher Modes? Peak Experience (Kailash Rmx)- "Well this calls for a joint, wanna do the honors?" The first teamup is with Max Peterson who had a fantastic debut with After World in 2008. You'll be seeing him again, but this has a full-on foundation with repeated samples and little in the way of meat. Kinda just goes through the motions but has a nice synth line near the end. Not bad, but I have heard much better and deeper tracks from both artists. Ummm....is that joint still on the table? Destiny- "A single moment that takes you out of yourself. Makes you feel very tiny or very large to some extent one with life" Jeremy Van Kampen is one half of Cosmosis and released the underwhelming Sacred Technology waaaaay back in 2010 under the Laughing Buddha project. Already the acid quotient is higher and that makes me smile. It bubbles at times but my favorite part is the 303 lead that slowly growls in volume that reminds me of the meat locker scene in Blade with all the vampires. They add effects and take a rather thin track to thicker status as it all comes together at the end. Better. Real Simulation- "They discovered that you may not be real." Dick Trevor has been around for a decade or so and more often than not has nailed that British, hypnotic sound. Acid waves screech by and this is even more promising with the pumping bass line and effects. It's more detailed with echoing leads and lasers firing from all directions. The signature move of Olli is to twist and manipulate a sample and he does that here. The layers begin to stack and a new melody arises while the acid flies. Good stuff. Just Say Yes!!- "If you smoke marijuana...you will become a unmotivated dysfunctional loser." While that may be true, you could also marry a surgeon and become a stay at home Dad to two kids. But yeah, I see where you're going... Max is back and he brought his distortion pedal with him. But they also brought the bouncy leads and acid whip. Now normally I don't go for guitars in my psytrance. But the crunch isn't bad even though they might go a little overboard here. It's hit or miss really. I'm sure some will love the far away scream of the guitar and some will throw their headphones across the room. Not me. No, that was saved for the painful stop and start samples that included Obama (yes I'm not kidding) saying "Yes we can." And then for the ahem...guitar solo. So what did I do? Well, I actually just shook my head, but this was what I wanted to do. One Drop- "One drop...that's all you need. Can't be greedy. I guarantee you'll see the world with new eyes. Trick is...you have to let it take you in. Follow it. Soak it in." Hey Jeremy's back! Everybody Jeremy's back!!! The acid wash stutters like the Kings Speech and then the tempo changes. Doesn't last too long before that acid returns and it brings it's friends. That and the sample are the stars here. Good stuff again. Distorted Reality- Tristan Cooke is another one that has been around for a long while. They begin with a heavily modulated lead but it's the next one over top of it that has my attention. They continue to build on things and it gets better and better as the track moves along. By 5 minutes this thing is stickier than model airplane glue. Easily my favorite as it sees a return to former Space Tribe greatness. Good show mate. Beyond Words- "It was a life changing experience. It goes beyond words." Dick part 2. And they take a little effects trip before it gets going. Hallucinatory samples get monkeyed with and then they bust out the lead. It slows down and then gets all reggae on you. Pretty smooth transition. But it's the buildup that I didn't care for. As far as I'm concerned that is a momentum killer. The end has a screaming 303 but what am I supposed to do? Forget that middle bit ever happened? Can't do it. Just.Cant.Do it. Gene Machine- "The subatomic world of DNA." I typed that, but the way the sample was played with it would stretch about 2 lines. Jeremy again? What are you guys, dating? Anyway, you can really make a Space Tribe track out with they way he f*cks with samples. You ain't changed a bit Olli. The first 3 minutes are white noise to me but that echoing lead has me by the short and curlies. Awww shucks. I can't stay mad at you Olli. It picks up in intensity and adds layers flying with a space vibe. Pretty good. The Bomb- "We've had time now to see and study the effects of LSD." The synths shine and this one feels darker. But the guitar....sorry I just don't like it. It dominates and I can't concentrate on the synth parts. Not for me. There are a few things you can count on with a Space Tribe release. The font on his album, numerous drug samples, and a heavy dose of acid. And all that is represented here. So why do I feel...unfulfilled? The tracks were fine mostly, but I couldn't shake the feeling that something was missing. Power, a presence...something. There was something in all of the tracks that I liked, but other than Distorted Reality it lacked that blistering few that can carry an album. Good parts surrounded by the not great with maybe a little too much relying on samples. To be honest, this sounds like it could've been made 5 years ago. And that's cool, because I have plenty of music from 5 years ago that I liked. But when I compare it to the two albums I mentioned in the intro it pales in comparison. So let me say that it's good. Not top of the mountain good, but maybe just below base camp good. I don't normally rate it, but if I had to...4/5 Psyshop Beatspace Saiko Sounds Goastore Mdk
  17. Well, not really a demo but just something I made. https://soundcloud.com/deskoch/desysko-tribe-of-bounce I realize that there are some things that do need work on like more variety and stuff like that (and not accidentally touching the volume knob, haha). But I just want to ask for some feedback. Thanks for any that do.
  18. Hi guys, i recorded a new goa mix after 4 years, you can check it out below cheers
  19. On March 11th walls of post-soviet meat factory Vilniaus mėsa will be dedicated to test national creativity! Event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/538507022971405/ This event is the unique chance to see and feel the Acid existence in music & Art. 6 music spaces will be filled with artists from the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Finland, Belarus and Germany. Analog Techno stage will be dedicated for hardware livesets only! Transcendental space - more pleasant and warmer for your soul. Want harder? Break & Hard stage with acid flavour is waiting for you! Ambient producers are going to fill Chill space, Dub & Reggae artists - Recreational space. Minimalistic wonders at Miracles stage with miracles.lt, minimal.lt and Hooked On teams. Temporary art galleries, handicrafts, clothing and accessories shops at Gallery and Market space. Gaps of warehouse will be filled with dance / fire performances and installations. Dominating music style - Acid, which was influenced by synthesizers like Roland TB-303. First music genre - Acid house. It paved the way for Techno, Trance and a lot of other music subgenres. You will be able to see Acid elements in art and photography exhibition. Let the walls of post-soviet meat factory be alive! 7 / G A L L E R Y & M A R K E T Temporary art galleries, Market, Food, Workshops // A R T Paulegu https://www.facebook.com/pauleguart/ iFran https://www.facebook.com/iFran-104586112909134/?pnref=lhc Gintautas Gruas ART https://www.facebook.com/gintasart/ Claudia Just http://whynotbeart.blogspot.lt/ https://www.facebook.com/dammy.claudia Dagnė Gumbrevičiūtė http://luxiengad.wix.com/dagnegum#!painting/c1o27 Tada Tru https://www.facebook.com/TadaTruTHEArtist Algirdas S. https://www.facebook.com/YaManJah Agnė pieia Eglyra J. Dambrauskaitė // P H O T O G R A P H Y Ponulis production https://www.facebook.com/PonulisProduction/ Erdvinis Protrūkis https://www.facebook.com/420foto Ginti Photography https://www.facebook.com/Ginti-photography-461634643963420/ Miholinos Photography https://www.facebook.com/MiholinosPhotography/ Vytautas Rakauskas Photography https://www.facebook.com/Fotografas-operatorius-Vytautas-Rakauskas-187747317002/ Akvilina Morkūnaitė Greta Rimkevičiūtė // CLOTHING, HANDICRAFTS, WORKSHOPS Psychedelia Clothing https://www.facebook.com/Psychedelia07/ MashRooms&Co (Workshop & Clothing) https://www.facebook.com/mashroomsandco Under the Bed / Nežiūrėk po lova Clothing http://www.neziurekpolova.lt/ Juchnos Pynutės https://www.facebook.com/JuchnosPynutes/ JAH Nation Clothing https://www.facebook.com/JAH-Nation-521320721253565 MoonRa jewellery https://www.facebook.com/lukas.moonra Rdreamcatcher - sapnų gaudyklės ir smilkalai Inga Gečiūnienė Art & Clothing 6 / C H I L L Ambient, Dark ambient, Psy-chill, Downtempo, Drone, Experimental I/DEX ( BY ) LIVE http://www.last.fm/music/i%2Fdex VĖJOPATIS LIVE https://soundcloud.com/vejopatis KiB LIVE https://soundcloud.com/kib SHNARESYS SEMI LIVE https://soundcloud.com/search?q=shnaresys BERLOGA (48 Cechas) SEMI LIVE https://www.mixcloud.com/48Cechas/ AUDRIUS RAMUVA https://soundcloud.com/audriusramuva NOITA (Advanced Frequencies) https://soundcloud.com/noita-af // DECO: Transcendental Spirit http://www.transcendentalspirit.org/ 5 / R E C R E A T I O N A L Reggae, Dub, Psy-Dub E-ROOTT (Groove Tribe / The Mine) https://soundcloud.com/eroott WOLDE EGZIABHER http://bit.ly/WoldeEgziabherSC DUBUO (Transcendental Spirit) JAH LIKKLE (KALA Soundsystem) https://www.mixcloud.com/kalasoundsystem/ RAS TEODOR (KALA Soundsystem) https://www.mixcloud.com/kalasoundsystem/ DROOP (CommuneART) https://www.mixcloud.com/droopas/ SHOTAKOY https://www.mixcloud.com/shtotakoy/ // DECO: Transcendental Spirit http://www.transcendentalspirit.org/ 4 / M I R A C L E S Minimal, Electro, Acid House MOON DISCO (Hooked On) http://www.soundcloud.com/moon-disco ST. STEREO (Preliudai) https://soundcloud.com/ststereo LSAR (Tarp Dviejų Aurų / minimal.lt) https://www.mixcloud.com/discover/minimallt/ + Guest DJ's // VJS & Visual Arts Miracles http://miracles.lt/ 3 / B R E A K & H A R D Drum and Bass, Breakcore, Acid Tekno, AcidCore, HardCore, Hard Acid STEFAN ZMK ( NL ) (ZMK Soundsystem, Hit 'n Run Soundsystem, Obs.Cur, Mackitek HS, Symbiote, Peur Bleue, Zombie Kru, Hit 'n Run Music) https://www.facebook.com/stefanzmkofficial FUGLY ( DE / AU ) (Crach Recs, Psyciety, Breakbeat Universe) https://soundcloud.com/fugly-2 VK (tekno.lt, Synergy Sound System) https://soundcloud.com/vaidenis CYBER (Reivas.lt / Re:5pect) https://www.facebook.com/Cyber-129850180391153 M1DLET (AMMO, Bankizz, SKRD) LIVE https://soundcloud.com/m1dlet STEREOMAN (UK/LT) (K.U.B.) J-LIGHTA (JAH Nation) https://soundcloud.com/jlighta IME (reivas.lt) https://www.mixcloud.com/Biohazar/ VJ: SillyCat (PZS) https://www.facebook.com/Sillycatmedia 2 / T R A N S C E N D E N T A L Psychedelic Trance, Goa, Forest, Full On, Dark. TANTRIX ( UK ) LIVE (Freak Bazaar) http://freakbazaar.net/ https://soundcloud.com/tantrix SECRET SENSES ( FI ) LIVE (Mother Space Records) https://soundcloud.com/secretsenses RE-HORAKHTY LIVE https://soundcloud.com/re-horakhty SUNFLOWER (Temple of Magic) https://soundcloud.com/sunflower77 MFUNGUS (Visionary Shamanics recs.) http://mixcloud.com/magicfungus TOMMYG (tekno.lt, B2B Crew) https://www.facebook.com/tommygltu/ HYPNALOGIC (Transcendental Spirit) https://www.mixcloud.com/hypnalogical/hypnalogic-4-vibe/ // DECO: String art by Sunflower https://www.facebook.com/siemka.sunflower Symmetric Vibe https://www.facebook.com/SymmetricVibe/ 1 / A N A L O G . T E C H N O Techno-Electro, Acid Techno, Acid HardTek, Rave #Analog Synths' 80 #808 #RS-7000 #KORG #ESX1 #EMX1 // HARDWARE LIVESETS: ALEXEI DE BRONHE ( BY ) (Grave Board Clan) https://soundcloud.com/alexeidebronhe MUSTELIDE ( BY ) (Grave Board Clan) https://soundcloud.com/mustelide ASSASSID https://soundcloud.com/assassid UNIT-731 (District Facility) http://www.districtfacility.eu/ https://soundcloud.com/unit-731-1 NOISE LADDER http://www.noiseladder.com/ IGGI (MonoKa) https://soundcloud.com/iggi-noize // REEL 2 REEL: SAGA (Strokes Temple) https://www.mixcloud.com/sigitassaga/ // VJS: Hana Visuals (reivas.lt, VJ Noetix) https://www.facebook.com/hanna.visuals 2v3 https://www.facebook.com/2v3Crew /// PERFORMANCES [ D A N C E ] Marina F. Beatričė K. Alexandra Z. Irmantas R. [ FIRE ] Vilgailė N. /// F O O D KUPA https://www.facebook.com/kupabitesirzolynai Gora Chai-Shop Jurta Chai Shop Kombucha Energy Bar /// PRICE Presale tickets: 14 Internet (TBC): 16-19 Doors (before 00:00): 20 Doors (after 00:00): 23 Doors (after 01:00): 25 With flyer: -3
  20. TIME PARADOX Compiled by YUTA outsoon!! Full details please check https://www.facebook.com/MatsuriDigital/ The next edition of Yuta's compilation album series ”Nu Goa from Japan” -"Time Paradox" - is being released by Matsuri Digital. Following debut track of the 'Rezonance Mood' project by Yuta and Asteroidnos are works featuring Yuta's great artist friends from around the world: Nobody Home, Graham Wood (aka The Infinity Project), Shiva Chandra, Masa... Let's TUNE IN!!! Track List 1.Rezonance Mood / Return To The Source 07:57 2.Shiva Chandra / Galactic High 05:18 3.MASA / Escape(Short Version) 08:25 4.Graham Wood / Slow One 07:29 5.Marcus Henriksson / Metanoe 09:09 6.Graham Wood / Feeling Weird 08:41 Release Date 2015/12/21 on Bandcamp https://matsuridigital.bandcamp.com/ CD is Limited, only 300 copies.. pre-order may starts on 16th Dec Samples https://soundcloud.com/matsuri-digital/sets/1221-out-time-paradox-compiled-by-yuta
  21. Kitrinos

    Harax - Theia

    Artist: Harax Album: Theia Label: Awakening records Date: 27 Mar 2012 Tracklist: 1. Lost - 4:52 2. Diomedea - 8:22 3. Blizzard - 7:15 4. Again - 7:27 5. Libration - 6:31 6. Explain - 4:43 7. Albedo - 6:45 8. Trace - 6:59 9. Twilight - 6:17 10. Tidal - 4:00 Many Ukrainians and Russians make downtempo/ambient music that has a distinct flavour. And they do a good job. Denis Botsvin aka Harax is one of them and he is from Ukraine. Really nice album here. Spacey, cosmic, with a good amount of acid. There are nice melodies throughout the album that uplift the soul. Soothing ambient trance with that cosmic vibe that hypnotizes, before slow 4/4 straight kicks enter in some tracks, sooner or later. The shorter tracks are beatless, and there are also some broken beats. Well-crafted, with attention to details and careful selection of sounds. Music that is definitely not overwhelming and that comes straight out of the soul, I'd say. Melodic, relaxing, harmonious, acidic, uplifting, contemplative are some adjectives that fit to describe this album. If you generally like the Russian/Ukrainian ambient artists and/or acid ambient like CBL, you'll appreciate this. Definitely recommended. Buy at: http://beatspace.com/6842/Awakening+Records/HARAX/Theia/detail.aspx https://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/awa/awa1cd002.html
  22. Nu Goa from Japan vol.2 is out now from Matsuri Digital YUTA, whom current leader of Goa trance scene in Japan. His new 2nd compilation album contained fresh tracks from Japanese artists who MASA(aka TTT),Asteroidnos and GUUSUN and Jiu, also YUTA created traks with Jikooha,SLUM. This compilation will be an presentation as cutting-edge Goa sound as future form to the world from Japan. Please feel the new style of GOA TRANCE in its to released from MATSURI DIGITAL. Track samples on soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/matsuri-digital Purchase album on https://matsuridigital.bandcamp.com/album/nu-goa-from-japan-vol-2 (Free shipping for world wide, now you can get an extra present CD!) Digital download iTune https://itunes.apple.com/jp/album/nu-goa-from-japan-vol.-2/id975400749
  23. ACTS New Born (Cronomi Rec.) https://cronomi.bandcamp.com/album/nothing-but-a-title Artha (Cronomi Rec.) Luminus (Hommega Records) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-QTuWEIqlI DJ's Inada (Manager Cronomi Rec.) https://soundcloud.com/dj_inada Roy&Oron (Cronomi Rec.) Microdose Technika Chota Vorpal Blade
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