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  1. Svetovit

    Rayavana - Electric Planet

    Hello! I made funny video with president of Poland.
  2. Svetovit

    Old Hard Trance track.

  3. Svetovit

    Old Hard Trance track.

    I can't find title of this track for long time. Sorry for low quality.
  4. Svetovit

    Svetovit - Luiza

    Thank You! I use FL Studio 11.
  5. Svetovit

    Crying while listening to psytrance?

    Emotional & touching psybient:
  6. Svetovit

    Crying while listening to psytrance?

    Flute theme is touching.
  7. Svetovit

    Svetovit - Luiza

    Hello! Here is my first Trance concept inspired by Goa and old science-fiction film.
  8. Svetovit

    Swedish Masters

    Yesod is from Sweden. One track but amazing track.
  9. Svetovit

    What music are you listening to right now?

    Classical music is often very psychedelic
  10. Svetovit

    Is it possible to hear Artha somewhere?

    In interview Artha said that he can't play on parties because he must spend time for family and job.
  11. Svetovit

    I.D track similar to Juno Reactor's Conquistador

    My first asociation with spanish guitar and Juno Reactor's track.