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  1. Hello! My mix is for Old Goa lovers from 90's Tempo: 143 - 149 BPM. Beautifull melodic, dark & oriental tracks. Tracklist: SFX - Another World Elysium - Subconsciousness RA - Beyond Control Shakta - Lepton Head part III The Moon and The Sun - Satellite (Journey Into the Sun Remix) California Sunshine - Alala (Lesson 2) Astral Projection - Mahadeva Asia 2001 - Bais 51 Disco Volante - Foridden (Floorplay mix)
  2. Hello! Please Help me find name of this track from old cassette. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JH8MtCcpG98
  3. Hello! I made funny video with president of Poland.
  4. I can't find title of this track for long time. Sorry for low quality.
  5. Thank You! I use FL Studio 11.
  6. Hello! Here is my first Trance concept inspired by Goa and old science-fiction film.
  7. Yesod is from Sweden. One track but amazing track.
  8. In interview Artha said that he can't play on parties because he must spend time for family and job.
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