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Found 15 results

  1. Hey there! My name is Seppe, and I just made my profile here. I've been producing goa trance for 2 years now, and my artist name is Globox. My goal is to make tracks with a more 90's oldschool sound, but I don't know if it always works out that way though :p I like to put a lot of acid in my music, but still keep it very melodic. Recently, I played my very first live-set at a party in Brussels, and now I uploaded it to mixcloud. Most of these tracks were never released online, so tell me what you think (P.S. you can find me on Soundcloud (https://soundcloud.com/globoxgoa), but most of my tracks aren't online.)
  2. Have fun hallucinating!
  3. Went for the Oldschool Acid Goa Trance vibes, because you can't go wrong with the Oldschool. Happy Weekend! Have a great trip!
  4. Hello! Here is my first Trance concept inspired by Goa and old science-fiction film.
  5. Hello all, So this is a pretty old project that I thought I had lost forever, found it somehow and started working on it. Pure 303 inspired Goa track. Hope you enjoy the trip! Feedback welcome.
  6. All forms of acid. Old and new. Post away. Let's go:
  7. Hello boys and girls,I would like to know what do you think about my latest track Simple amateur track;I use 1 drum kit only,a bass line synth single osc,1 modular synth . Let me know if I got the psy! Thanks!
  8. Like the title says, do anyone here know tarcks that are similar to Transwave's Robostyx? I just love this track so much. I just love the 303 sounds (or at least really well done 303 emulated sounds), the energy, variety, everything about the track. Here's a link: My favorite part is especially after the 3-4 minute mark after the break, so much energy and how it builds up with the 303 being added afterwards and then after some time it becomes all accented. Just amazing and then how then the last portion is just a distorted acid sound which just feeds into the energy that was introduced earlier.
  9. Hi there everybody! I made a new DJ-set. Usually I mix Suomisaundi or Forest-trance, but since I also love classic Goa-trance, I decided to mix some of that stuff Expect full power acidic Goa-trance with some very nice melodies on top. And yes, there are some obvious tracks in this mix, but aren't they truly amazing? Apart from one or two rougher mixes, I'm very happy with the result. Please leave a comment as I am always happy to learn from them Enjoy your flight! https://soundcloud.com/panoramix-5/spiraalvormig-organisme Tracklist: 1. Bypass Unit - Higher Spirituality 2. Bassline Baby - Altered States 3. Liquid Jungle - High Toxicity 4. Mindfield - The Knowledge 5. Green Nuns of the Revolution - Megallenic Cloud 6. Cosmosis - Gift of the Gods 7. Synaesthesiacs - Synaesthesia 8. Hiscore - True Freedom 9. Subcouds - My World Doesn't Follow Any Other 10. Mono Substance - Sadness & Anger
  10. This is a live recording done at Nataraja's release party to celebrate the release of both my first VA and the first EP of out of jetlag. Real DJ performance, no ableton live thingies ! I tried to select the best morning psychedelic tunes, to fit with the moment and avoid playing the tracks from the VA when the artist was present at the party Track List : 1) Pixel & Tristan - High By Definition [HOMmega] 2) Ital, Logica, Cosmotech, Counterculture London [Neurobiotic] 3) Zen Mechanics & Future Frequency - Naked, Stoned & Exalted [sourcecode] 4) Space Vision & Xpiral - La Selva [Mosaico] 5) Mr. Peculiar - Synapse Trigger [Hadra] 6) Quantica - Surrealism [Flying Spores] 7) Mental Broadcast, Digoa - 48 Hours [Neurobiotic] 8) Moaiact - Regreso [Geomagnetic] 9) Profound - Welcome To Real Life [Wakyo] 10) The First Stone - Deep Space 1 [Vagalume] 11) Ital - Mistico [Nataraja] 12) Dickster, Logica - Logickster [Neurobiotic] 13) PTX - Sound of Goa [bionics] 14) Ital - Sun Vibe [Antu] ॐ Greetings & Love ॐ http://soundcloud.com/natarajamusic/dj-bigz-liveset-at-erosion-party
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