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Found 17 results

  1. I need help to identify this track > https://vocaroo.com/i/s10XHXavW7Ov from a set. I really like it so please can anyone identify it? Can anyone send me the original track? I appreciate your help, Thank You
  2. I've been searching for this track for a long time and have not been able to identify it. http://rgho.st/6sV5cQ7dc It sounds like a track that was either released on Acid Fever records, Lunacy Records, or State Of Mind records. Any help on guidance to the right direction of ID'ing this track would be great. Thank you.
  3. Hello folks, Do you like highly melodic, explosive and energetic goa trance? Here is a demo of my latest track. I would appreciate any feedback on it. There's other tracks on my page that is in the same style. Peace! PsyKomet / PartyDroid
  4. What's the name of the track that they play during this short clip? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOwrMURUzg0
  5. Hello ! I present you an unreleased Goa Trance track. This track was written in 2012 and still has no name... I hope you'll enjoy it ! Youtube >>> https://youtu.be/1FyGgHCV3bo <<< Soundcloud >>> https://soundcloud.com/grand-che/unreleased-goa-track <<< ... Bonus track, another sound. Techno music this time : Youtube >>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIai_hE0db0 <<< Soundcloud >>> https://soundcloud.com/lordsaintlanne/groucho <<<
  6. Hi! i'm new here so apologies for any mistakes i make doe anyone know the name of the song in this recording? i'm searching for ages now http://www.watzatsong.com/en/name-that-tune/428784.html regards!
  7. Hello friends, I am looking for a progressive psy trance track which has loud and repeating downward sweep sound (Sssshhhhsss..) That is also like cut in 4 parts like SSSS - shShShSh - hhhhh - sss... .. but never stopping. It is starting almost from beginning of the track and every 8 seconds or more it is repeating again, and always going down. Tracks bpm is somewhere from 130 to 140 I guess. Thats probably all I can say and remember right now about it. Please help me find this.. Just give me names, youtube links, sound or mixcloud, whatever you can, with songs or mixes that has atleast a similiar sound. Thanks guys !
  8. Hey guys and gals just started a new project called Benumbed and just completed our first track. Hope you like it see link below, will put up download links asap https://soundcloud.com/lemethy/sullivans-landing If you wanna support us like our Facebookpage would make our day, alot of new tracks in the works and we are aiming to give all for free atm https://www.facebook.com/pages/Benumbed/504310599643781 cya
  9. Hi guys! I falled in love with Goa/ Psytrance. The music and all the beautiful people just inspiring me and my soul! Then I've decided to produce some tracks in these genres. So, 2 Weeks later and here they are! I really hope you like it. Please leave a feedback, if you think I need help or something. Every view and feedback is really important to me! :> 'Snow Odyssey': https://soundcloud.com/agonyx/snow-odyssey 'T.M.P. (Trance - Scendental - Motherload - Pounder)': https://soundcloud.com/agonyx/tmp-trance-scendental-motherload-pounder PS: Sorry for my english, It isn't my first language. Best greetings! Agonyx
  10. Hi.. this is my first topic, so if i in a wrong section please forgive me.. at 9:00 - 10:45 Maybe anyone have a clue about this great track, thank youuu! Matur Suksma _/\_
  11. New Artist - New Track - New Website . Quadrixx , a fresh Belgian artist has emerged. Check this 1st Psy MindedTrack !!! Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/quadrixx/two-bits Website : http://www.quadrixx.be
  12. Genre : Psytrance Progressive Label : Basskreatorz Freelabel ( http://facebook.com/bskrz ) Release : 2014-03-07 Download on the Soundcloud Page : https://soundcloud.com/bskrz/bskrz023-rellikdika-fungus-1
  13. Genre : Progressive Psytrance, Goa Label : Basskreatorz Freelabel ( http://facebook.com/bskrz ) Release : 2014-03-07 Itzam is a Mexican psychedelic producer from Tijuana. Download : https://soundcloud.com/bskrz/bskrz023-itzam-acid-classic
  14. Please check out ‘Rebirth’ by Stef Jackson https://soundcloud.com/stefjacksonmusic/rebirth
  15. Well since Boris Bleen, Etnica, Chi-ad and some other have had their topic, I think Atma deserve it's one too . So c'mon, what are you top 3 favorite Atma's track ? Mine are : 1) The Exorcism of spirit (from Map of goa vol 2) 2) The Rise of Overman (from The secret of meditation) 3) Forbidden Paradise (from Music revolution)
  16. Check out Cybernetika's and SatanicElectro's "Alternate Hell"
  17. New track! If you like funky basslines, rythmic noises and fun samples, you should check it out. Just finished this one last night, give it a listen, see what you think soundcloud.com/logman-n-pstump/wrong-way-go-back Cheers
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