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  1. Nano Records 20th Anniversary Online Hybrid Party "BEYOND REALITY" Collaboration with ageHa Tokyo 18th Anniversary 2020.11.14 (Sat) JST 23:59 Start / UK 14:59 Start / CET (Budapest etc) 15:59 Start / Israel, Greece 16:59 Start Line Up ■ARENA = Interactive live streaming from UK "20 Years of Nano" Nano Records Label Night presented by Solstice Music TRISTAN、DICKSTER、LAUGHING BUDDHA, REGAN VJ : REZ ■ISLAND "Matsuri Digital Connection" TSUYOSHI SUZUKI, FUNKY GONG, UNI, YAMATO, AJ VJ : DOT TV ■WATER "Grasshopper Records Label Night" Live set :CYLON, GROOVEBOX, MIROK, PROHECHT, SPECTRA SONICS DJ set : HATTA, HIKARU VJ : SPIKE BLOOM ■Tickets Purchase on iFlyer https://iflyer.zaiko.io/_item/331856 @Streaming ・ONLINE PARTY TICKET: 2,000yen with Virtual dance floor @ZOOM ・STREAMING TICKET: 1,000yen Just Streaming ================ @ageaHa Studio Coast ・DOOR: 5,000yen ・GENERAL ADVANCE: 4,000 yen ・UPPER FLOOR ADVANCE: 6,000 yen ■Venue ageHa Tokyo http://www.ageha.com/ 2-2-10 Shinkiba Koto-ku Tokyo 1360082 Japan 【Event Information】 For ageHa's eighteenth, we've set up an exclusive live stream from the UK to run alongside a real, rocking party at Studiocoast! It's a hybrid anniversary celebration like no other! On the ARENA floor, ageHa will be teaming up with Solstice Music to host a label night for Nano Records, which turns twenty this year. The stream will be exclusively for ageHa, coming straight from their studio in the UK. In addition to label owner Regan—Tristan, Dickster, and Laughing Buddha will be joining to complete an elite four-man lineup that will take ageHa's incredible sound system and massive LED setup to its absolute limits. Plus, those unable to make it out can still partake in the fun virtually by purchasing an online party ticket from Zaiko. You'll also appear on the screen behind the DJ via Zoom, where you can dance, perform—it's up to you! 【ONLINE PARTY TICKET Information】 On ageHa's eighteenth anniversary, your own home becomes a globally connected dance floor!Enjoy a massive party in real time by plugging right into the dance floor from the comfort of your home. It's ageHa, online! Those who purchase an online party ticket via Japan's premier streaming platform Zaiko will be able to enjoy all the event's sights and sounds in crisp HD. Plus, your dance or performance will be showcased on ageHa's big screen, right behind the DJ for all to see! Welcome to an all-new party experience transcending time and space. Get your friends together and join the wild celebration that is ageHa's eighteenth anniversary! 【What’s ONLINE PARTY TICKET!?】 Online party ticket purchasers will be able to view the party stream via Zaiko while simultaneously using Zoom to join our virtual dance floor. This will allow participants to appear on the ageHa big screen with the DJ, while dancing or performing. Your Zoom access link will be sent out once ticket availability has concluded. Note that only one account per ticket purchased will be granted Zoom access. Being able to experience BOTH the Zaiko stream and Zoom virtual dance floor are pre-requisites. Please use a computer to do this, making sure your internet connection and sound/speaker setup work without issue beforehand. Be advised we will not be able to troubleshoot connectivity-related problems. 【STREAMING TICKET】 To Purchasers of the "Streaming Ticket" Option When making your ticket purchase, be aware the "streaming ticket" option (as opposed to the "online party ticket" option) will NOT include access to the Zoom virtual dance floor.
  2. We are happy to announce that our long-awaited "Black Rain" vinyl project is almost done, so we are able to start presales the evening of July 20th   The A Side has a remastered version of Prana & Aminite Fx Black Rain by Maor aka Skizologic, who gave new energy to the original tune while preserving the vibrations of the old-school track with his technique.    The B Side is Roy Sason's remix, which faithfully reworks the sounds of the 90's to bring a new life to the track, making a huge impact on audiences who love true old-school Goa music.   This vinyl is limited to only 100 copies at the moment. It will ship together with a bonus Prana Tribute Mix CD by Roy Sason as gift CD.   The shipping date will be after September 9, 2020. So please follow to our bandcamp for be sure to grab yours while you can - you won't want to miss it!! We hope that everyone will enjoy this project, full of passion for the old-school music. Preview https://soundcloud.com/matsuri-digital/sets/mdvyl01-md046-prana-amanite-fx-black-rain-original-mix-remastered-remixed-by-roy-sason 新月を迎えた7月21日の夜から、長い間温めてきたプロジェクトの一つ、Prana & Aminite FX - Black Rain の Maor Hasbani aka Skizologic によるRemasterと、Shidapu ことRoy Sason によるRemixを収録したレコードのプリセールをスタートしました。   A面には、オリジナルトラックを今のテクノロジーで新しい息吹を与えたリマスターバージョンを、B面には90年代の音色を研究し再現されたリミックスバージョンを収録しています。   初回盤は100枚限定、特典としてRoy Sason によるPrana へのオマージュを込めたTribute Mix のCDが一緒に届けられます。コレクションに加えたい、と思ってくださった皆様、どうぞMatsuriのBandcampをフォローしてプリセールの開始をお待ちください。    https://matsuridigital.bandcamp.com/
  3. New release PRANA - Boundless Remix by Tongue and Groove Check track in below https://soundcloud.com/matsuri-digital/md042-tongue-groove-remix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A1XXKhEz27U
  4. Our Soundcloud updated with future release and new releases.. And future planning.. For Prana Remixies , delightfully Black rain is reborned ! Preview: Latest release is New psychedelic Trance tune from Extra Meaning Hope people love it
  5. We want to share our latest releases! UNI x Tsuyoshi Suzuki - Just 50 Years Ago Japanese producer UNI and Tsuyoshi dropped Psychedelic Trance Tune https://www.beatport.com/release/just-50-years-ago/2828338 and few More MD032 Matsuri Classics Vol.1 – The Truth Of Communication MD033 Matsuri Classics Vol.1 – Abstract Phaze MD034 Matsuri Classics Vol.1 – Resonance Mood MD035 Matsuri Classics Vol.1 – Let It Rip https://matsuridigital.bandcamp.com/music
  6. MD030 Prastix - Bdnf & Omnipresent Preview:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5F5fFEWKr8 Download:https://www.beatport.com/release/bdnf-and-omnipresent/2728881 MD031 D.E.D.E., Galapagos - Sun In My Eye Preview:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGX6BSs-XxE Download:https://www.beatport.com/release/sun-in-my-eyes/2756011 Matsuri Classics Vol.1 MD032 Matsuri Classics Vol.1 – The Truth Of Communication MD033 Matsuri Classics Vol.1 – Abstract Phaze MD034 Matsuri Classics Vol.1 – Resonance Mood MD035 Matsuri Classics Vol.1 – Let It Rip Start Pre-Order: https://www.beatport.com/label/matsuri-digital/22788
  7. New Release from MATSURI DIGITAL Extra Meaning | Deep In Time Please check Full Track on Youtube▼ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjsLMgRMnFY Download▼ https://www.beatport.com/release/deep-in-time/2736667   Release Note▼ Matsuri Digital is delighted to present yet another brilliant Israeli project on a special one-track EP. The group Extra Meaning is comprised of the duo of Orrell Shapira and Albert Hadida, and their new track Deep In Time is an super-powerful stomper. Beginning with deep cosmic frequencies and ascending tones, the track blasts off with a resonant kick and growling riffs. With a combination of high-spectrum notes and powerful chords, alternating between spacious sweeps and climactic build-ups, Deep In Time is a track that will take you deeply into yourself as you open up on the dance floor. Another thrilling track on Matsuri Digital by some leading-edge Israeli musicians! Be sure!
  8. Funky Gong New album Be Humanized is release soon! Previews:https://soundcloud.com/matsuri-digital/sets/funky-gong-be-humanized-track-previews   Title : Be Humanized Label : Matsuri Digital Artist : Funky Gong Cat No. : MD024 Release date: Beatport Exclusive 2019.7.10 CD release date:2019.8.7   Matsuri Digital is proud to present the release of Funky Gong’s third album, Be Humanized.   Some of Funky Gong’s hit single tracks are presented together with previously unreleased productions, each one a full story in itself, the entire album being a remarkable flow.   With some slower but deep numbers alongside kicking uplifting tracks, the brilliant producer breaks the barriers of dance music creation with a rich blend of styles and moods, from evocative, melodic pieces to otherworldly, abstract productions fused with cyber-rock elements. Be Humanized is an amazing journey through a wide range of cutting-edge electronic dance music, a magnificent trip through sound and consciousness.   Released on all digital platforms July 10th and on CD August 7th.     ///Track List/// Track 1. Introduction Track 2. Be Humanized Track 3. Through The Past Trip Track 4. Heisei Track 5. Soul Shaker Track 6. Free Your Mind Track 7. Inner Force feat. Jikooha Track 8. Acid Wave Track 9. Endless     ///Credits/// Tracks 1-6,9 Witten & Produced by Written & Produced by Minoru Tsunoda Tracks 7 Written & Produced by Jun Iwai, Masakazu Shimojomura, Minoru Tsunoda Tracks 8 Written & Produced by Yuta Uda, Minoru Tsunoda, Remixed by Minoru Tsunoda Recorded & Mixed at FUZZ Production Studio (Tokyo) Mastered by Samy CPU (nutek) Art Work by Orinotawashi (orinotawashi.com/)     ■FUNKY GONG Website:funkygong.jp Facebook:www.facebook.com/funkyvolcano
  9. New release information from Matsuri Digital Matsuri Digital is proud to present a stunning release featuring outstanding futuristic music by 0101 with their Morpheus Dream EP. Check the preview here : https://soundcloud.com/matsuri-digital/sets/out-soon-md023-morpheus-dreams-0101 Release on beatport 14th June 2019   Title: Morpheus Dream Artist :0101 Label:Matsuri Digital Cat No.:MD023   ///JAPANESE/// フランスゴアシーンのパイオニアとして今もその名を轟かせているTotal Eclipse の Stephane Holweckと、90年代よりギリシャのサイトランスシーンを索引しSamothraki Festivalのオーガナイザーを務めるなど、アーティストとしてPlasmatix・Maker名義で数々のリリースをして来たDJ Marios Trivyzasの2人が2018年から始動したコラボレーションプロジェクト「0101」による2曲入りの作品「Morpheus Dream EP」をMatsuri Digitalよりリリース! BMSS Records、Spiral Traxからリリースし、 TsuyoshiのDJセットにもヘビーローテーションされている0101の この作品には、アップリフティングな疾走感あるグルーブに、Total Eclipseの90年代を呼び起こすようなシンセのラインが上手く融合したオールドスクールファンにとっても、昔を知らない今のダンサーにも支持される楽曲が収められている。     ///ENGLISH/// Matsuri Digital is proud to present a stunning release featuring outstanding futuristic music by 0101 with their Morpheus Dream EP. This project features legendary producer Stephane Holweck from Total Eclipse together with with Greek producer-DJ Marios Trivyzas of Plasmatix, the binary code name of their collaboration inspired by the digital technology that has helped them create music together across a distance of thousands of kilometres.   The title track Morpheus Dream is a driving high-energy number with a dark but uplifting harmonic framework. Otherworldly sounds and mysterious melodic lines are offset by a bouncing rhythm and mind-bending spoken sample...an evocative and futuristic production. The companion track Asteroid finds the two master musicians crafting a driving rhythmic masterpiece with eerie atmospheric effects and abstract sonic effects. Dancers will sense their connection to the cosmos as they move and groove while sonic asteroids whiz around them in all directions.   These two cutting-edge tracks will be delighting dancers across the globe this season and beyond … don’t miss this brilliant new release!   ///Track List/// 1.Morpheus Dream 2.Asteroid   ///Credits/// All Tracks W & P by Marios Makar Trivyzas (Athens/Sao Paulo) , Stephane Holweck (Paris) Mastered by Alex Diplock (EVP)    ■0101 Facebook:www.facebook.com/01MS01/ Soundcloud:https://soundcloud.com/matsuri-digital/01ms01     ■Matsuri Digital : www.matsuri-digital.jp www.facebook.com/MatsuriDigital https://soundcloud.com/matsuri-digital/ www.youtube.com/user/matsuridigitaljp www.instagram.com/matsuri_digital/
  10. New label from Israel, Stereo Society released AUDIO DRUGS on 25th March. Tracks made by Sun Project and X-Dream and Tsuyoshi Suzuki. Please check the Previews on Soundcloud. Download from Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/label/stereo-society/74807
  11. Deck Wizards compiled by Tsuyoshi Suzuki is released from Future Music Records on 22nd March!! 1st release of this series was 1996 as Deck Wizards Core, Title given by John Phantasm and as 2nd one came out 23 years later.. Tsuyoshi Suzuki - Deck Wizards Intro (Original mix) Deck Wizards - By Tsuyoshi - Future Music Records musicshop.iboga.dk/store/view_release?release=1333 FMR62 1. Tsuyoshi Suzuki - Deck Wizards Intro (Original mix) 2. Chakra, Edi Mis - X-File (Vini Vici & Chakra Remix) 3. Transwave - Trashish (Space Cat vs Prastix Remix) 4. Skizologic, Tsuyoshi Suzuki - Back to the Earth (Original mix) 5. On3 - Creatures (Original Mix) 6. UNI, Tsuyoshi Suzuki - Bass on Top (Original Mix) 7. Astral Projection - Time Begun with the Universe (Goken Remix) 8. Sandman - Pathfinder (Original Mix) 9. Originals - Abc (Original Mix) 10. Extra Meaning - Secret Forest (Original Mix) 11. Earth Nation - Alienated (Oforia, Tsuyoshi Suzuki & Dede Cover) Future Music Records is proud to present 'Deck Wizards' compiled by Tsuyoshi Suzuki. Influenced by the 90's style of deep psychedelic music, the VA features 11 reimagined classics with fresh twists. The 'Deck Wizards' series title is used by kind permission of John Phantasm/Phantasm Records. 2019 Future Music Records / Cloud9 Publishing Released by Future Music Records Release date:22 March 2019
  12. “SPACEMEN▲UNDERGROUND”より1年半、JIKOOHAがニューシングルをMatsuri Digitalからリリース! Japanese Goa project Jikooha are back with a new single on Matsuri Digital! ///Release info/// Title:Growth Of Psychedelics Artist:Jikooha Label:Matsuri Digital Cat No.:MD021 Exclusive release date:2019/2/1 on Beatport Release date:2019/2/14     ///Japanese/// 2017年発表のフルアルバム“SPACEMEN▲UNDERGROUND”より1年半、JIKOOHAがニューシングルをMatsuri Digitalからリリース!JIKOOHAを特徴づけるヴィンテージ・アナログサウンドを軸に、新たな音響&リズムを導入し構築されたこの2曲は、オールドスクール且つ最先端という時間軸を超えた熱狂をダンスフロアにもたらすであろう! タイトル曲“Growth Of Psychedelics”は、シャーマニズムにおけるビジョンを宇宙へと拡大させる音のガイドとなり、カップリング曲”Dreamers’ Sad Ailen”は、エイリアンとの出会いを夢観るアウトサイダー達に捧げる新たな賛歌となる!   ///English/// Japanese Goa project Jikooha are back with a new single on Matsuri Digital that delivers rich analog sounds, evocative harmonies, and deep beats. The title track Growth Of Psychedelics reflects the roots of early Goa music with energizing but hypnotic harmonies. Framed in a groovy vibe, long build-ups and acidic riffs create a cosmic atmosphere and trancey state. Dreamers' Sad Alien is a melodic but driving track with powerful 303 acid lines balanced by uplifting melodic loops and upper-frequency percussive patterns. These two tracks take us back to the deep and exciting energy of early Goa trance with their slower speed, analog sounds, acidic effects,and evocative atmosphere. ///Track List/// Track 1. Growth Of Psychedelics Track 2. Dreamers'Sad Alien   ///Credits/// Track 1. Written & Produced by Jun Iwai and Masakazu Shimodi Track 2. Written & Produced by Jun Iwai and Masakazu Shimodi (Additional Prophet rev2 by Tomocomo) Track 1,2 Masterd by Samy Guediche @CPU Lab Artwork by Yana Istoshina (Art For Mind)     ■Jikooha www.jikooha.com www.facebook.com/Jikooha/ jikooha.bandcamp.com/ https://soundcloud.com/jikooha www.youtube.com/channel/UC0afcV8qnBU5JEwqOGjhN2g www.discogs.com/artist/268610-Jikooha     ■Matsuri Digital : www.matsuri-digital.jp www.facebook.com/MatsuriDigital soundcloud.com/matsuri-digital/ www.youtube.com/user/matsuridigitaljp www.instagram.com/matsuri_digital/
  13. OZORA One Day in Tokyo 2019 at ageHa https://www.facebook.com/events/2038210939531432/   Historical and alternative "Evolution x Experience" psychedelic gathering in the world, Hungary's Ozora festival teaser party in Tokyo 5th edition is hold at ageHa Tokyo on 19th Jan!   As same as Festival in Hungary, we open the 4 stages with huge variation of dance music such as Techno, Chillout to Psychedelic Trance.   For Foreign participants,it is not necessary to purchase the advance tickets.“International FRIENDLY PRICE” will applied.Please refer the renewed website for Foreign participants.   [English site] www.tokyo.ozorafestival.eu/en   More information..: [Event page] www.facebook.com/events/2038210939531432/ [Instagram] www.instagram.com/ozora_tokyo [Teaser Movie] www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUqwQ7nPfio
  14. Title:Through The Past Trip Artist:Funky Gong Label:Matsuri Digital Cat No.:MD020 ///ENGLISH/// Matsuri is proud to present an EP featuring a brilliant new track by Funky Gong paired with amazing remixes by our great friends System 7 and Filteria. Funky Gong’s Through The Past Trip is a deep but uplifting production by the great Japanese producer, with cosmic guitar riffs, a powerful kick, beautiful harmonies, and geometric patterning that are wonderfully layered into an emotional stormer of a track.Electronica legends System 7 offer their superb take with a remix that features a more upbeat tempo and upper frequency tweaks, all building to a grand climax with driving 303 rhythmic propulsion.Rounding out the EP, the Filteria Present Remix features a groovy kick and analog synth lines that emphasize the harmonic flavour of the original, evolving the patterning and melodic content into a powerfully explosive track. All three of these mixes are sure to get dance floors around the world pumping and grooving with their strong kick, psychedelic colours, and beautiful harmonies and melodies! ///Track List/// Track 1. Through The Past Trip - Original Mix - Track 2. Through The Past Trip - System 7 Remix - Track 3. Through The Past Trip - Filteria Present Remix - ///Credits/// Track 1. W & P by Minoru Tsunoda Track 2. W & P by Minoru Tsunoda, Remix & Additional Production by System 7 Track 3. W & P by Minoru Tsunoda, Remixed by Jannis Tzikas Tracks 1,2,3 Masterd by Samy Guediche @CPU Lab Track3 Remixed at Filteria Studio, Stockholm, Sweden    ■FUNKY GONG Website:funkygong.jp Facebook:www.facebook.com/funkyvolcano Soundcloud:https://soundcloud.com/funkygong Discogs:www.discogs.com/artist/363035-Funky-Gong ■Remixers System 7 Soundcloud:https://soundcloud.com/system7 Filteria Soundcloud:https://soundcloud.com/filteria ■Matsuri Digital : www.matsuri-digital.jp www.facebook.com/MatsuriDigital www.youtube.com/user/matsuridigitaljp www.instagram.com/matsuri_digital/
  15. Do you remember 1st one released on 98??? yes..! Tsuyoshi's compilation album Forever Psychedelic 2 is soon to be release! We think many people does recognize art work from Organix.. it also return! Official release date will be 30th March on Beatport first, please wait date of release, full track sample is below. https://soundcloud.com/matsuri-digital/sets/forever-psychedelic-2   Forever Psychedelic 2 Label : Matsuri Digital Artist : V.A. Cat No. : MD017 Official Release date : 2018.4.13 Beatport Exclusive : 2018.3.30   ///Track List/// 1. Endora – Joy ( Oforia vs Tsuyoshi Suzuki vs D.E.D.E. Remix ) 2. Tsuyoshi Suzuki & Jikooha – The Land Of 505 3. MTL (FUNKY GONG x Ubar Tmar) – Megathrust 4. DJ James Monro– Vantage Point 5. Kurosaki Tamao (K.U.R.O. x Ubar Tmar) – Future OM 6. D.E.D.E. – Planet Drugs 7. Oforia – What Did That Make You Feel www.matsuri-digital.jp www.facebook.com/MatsuriDigital www.soundcloud.com/matsuri-digital/ www.youtube.com/user/matsuridigitaljp www.instagram.com/matsuri_digital/   
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