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Found 7 results

  1. Artist: Space Tribe Title: Peak Experience Label: Space Tribe Music Date: November, 2011 1. Peak Experience (vs Mad Max) 2. Destiny (vs Laughing Buddha) 3. Real Simulation (vs Dickster) 4. Just say yes!! (vs Mad Maxx) 5. One Drop (vs Laughing Buddha) 6. Distorted Reality (vs Tristan) 7. Beyond Words (vs Dickster) 8. Gene Machine (vs Laughing Buddha) 9. The Bomb (vs Johan Bley) Few things are sadder than watching an icon fall from the mountaintop. I think she just gave me eye chlamydia Did you watch the Superbowl Madonnapalooza halftime show? It was like a 16 minute commercial pandering to the audience. That Madonna...always good at seeing which way the wind blows. "Look at me! Pay attention to me, I'm still relevant! I'm still cool, look...I work with Nikki Minaj and M.I.A. (who?) and those guys that keep on shufflin!" And Cee-Lo what the f*ck man? You looked like the fat black Keebler Elf they keep in the back to break down the truck. Nobody wants to see a 53 year old grandmother hobble around the stage lip synching to bad music. I can do that at my na-na's house. I get you were an icon and you truly were. Changed the game and had an tremendous impact on girls (and unfortuanately lots of guys). But that was two decades ago. Life changes. We as a people evolve as technology evolves and the torch gets passed. You time was during the introduction of the first cell phone and Ferris Bueller. We have the internet now...we know where to find you. This is Olli Wisdom one of the true legends in our little corner of music who's been banging out tracks for more than 15 years. From my window he released a bunch of albums early in his career that were more memorable for the flashy colors and pictures than any of the sonic material on the inside. But I still sought them out and collected them because that's the kind of anal guy I am. A completionist. It wasn't until the middle of last decade that he really popped up on my radar with the albums Time S-T-R-E-T-C-H and Thru the Looking Glass. Full of power, melody, and acid explosions and boy I was hooked. I really enjoyed his collaboration with Electric Universe as EsP. His last album Electro Convulsive Therapy in 2008 had some real stormers on it but it also had tracks that had you scratching you head, wondering what the f*ck he was thinking. So where is he now? Looking at the tracklist impressive names abound so here's hoping that he maintains his footing and doesn't plummet like Boris Blenn did. I mean did you actually hear Higher Modes? Peak Experience (Kailash Rmx)- "Well this calls for a joint, wanna do the honors?" The first teamup is with Max Peterson who had a fantastic debut with After World in 2008. You'll be seeing him again, but this has a full-on foundation with repeated samples and little in the way of meat. Kinda just goes through the motions but has a nice synth line near the end. Not bad, but I have heard much better and deeper tracks from both artists. Ummm....is that joint still on the table? Destiny- "A single moment that takes you out of yourself. Makes you feel very tiny or very large to some extent one with life" Jeremy Van Kampen is one half of Cosmosis and released the underwhelming Sacred Technology waaaaay back in 2010 under the Laughing Buddha project. Already the acid quotient is higher and that makes me smile. It bubbles at times but my favorite part is the 303 lead that slowly growls in volume that reminds me of the meat locker scene in Blade with all the vampires. They add effects and take a rather thin track to thicker status as it all comes together at the end. Better. Real Simulation- "They discovered that you may not be real." Dick Trevor has been around for a decade or so and more often than not has nailed that British, hypnotic sound. Acid waves screech by and this is even more promising with the pumping bass line and effects. It's more detailed with echoing leads and lasers firing from all directions. The signature move of Olli is to twist and manipulate a sample and he does that here. The layers begin to stack and a new melody arises while the acid flies. Good stuff. Just Say Yes!!- "If you smoke marijuana...you will become a unmotivated dysfunctional loser." While that may be true, you could also marry a surgeon and become a stay at home Dad to two kids. But yeah, I see where you're going... Max is back and he brought his distortion pedal with him. But they also brought the bouncy leads and acid whip. Now normally I don't go for guitars in my psytrance. But the crunch isn't bad even though they might go a little overboard here. It's hit or miss really. I'm sure some will love the far away scream of the guitar and some will throw their headphones across the room. Not me. No, that was saved for the painful stop and start samples that included Obama (yes I'm not kidding) saying "Yes we can." And then for the ahem...guitar solo. So what did I do? Well, I actually just shook my head, but this was what I wanted to do. One Drop- "One drop...that's all you need. Can't be greedy. I guarantee you'll see the world with new eyes. Trick is...you have to let it take you in. Follow it. Soak it in." Hey Jeremy's back! Everybody Jeremy's back!!! The acid wash stutters like the Kings Speech and then the tempo changes. Doesn't last too long before that acid returns and it brings it's friends. That and the sample are the stars here. Good stuff again. Distorted Reality- Tristan Cooke is another one that has been around for a long while. They begin with a heavily modulated lead but it's the next one over top of it that has my attention. They continue to build on things and it gets better and better as the track moves along. By 5 minutes this thing is stickier than model airplane glue. Easily my favorite as it sees a return to former Space Tribe greatness. Good show mate. Beyond Words- "It was a life changing experience. It goes beyond words." Dick part 2. And they take a little effects trip before it gets going. Hallucinatory samples get monkeyed with and then they bust out the lead. It slows down and then gets all reggae on you. Pretty smooth transition. But it's the buildup that I didn't care for. As far as I'm concerned that is a momentum killer. The end has a screaming 303 but what am I supposed to do? Forget that middle bit ever happened? Can't do it. Just.Cant.Do it. Gene Machine- "The subatomic world of DNA." I typed that, but the way the sample was played with it would stretch about 2 lines. Jeremy again? What are you guys, dating? Anyway, you can really make a Space Tribe track out with they way he f*cks with samples. You ain't changed a bit Olli. The first 3 minutes are white noise to me but that echoing lead has me by the short and curlies. Awww shucks. I can't stay mad at you Olli. It picks up in intensity and adds layers flying with a space vibe. Pretty good. The Bomb- "We've had time now to see and study the effects of LSD." The synths shine and this one feels darker. But the guitar....sorry I just don't like it. It dominates and I can't concentrate on the synth parts. Not for me. There are a few things you can count on with a Space Tribe release. The font on his album, numerous drug samples, and a heavy dose of acid. And all that is represented here. So why do I feel...unfulfilled? The tracks were fine mostly, but I couldn't shake the feeling that something was missing. Power, a presence...something. There was something in all of the tracks that I liked, but other than Distorted Reality it lacked that blistering few that can carry an album. Good parts surrounded by the not great with maybe a little too much relying on samples. To be honest, this sounds like it could've been made 5 years ago. And that's cool, because I have plenty of music from 5 years ago that I liked. But when I compare it to the two albums I mentioned in the intro it pales in comparison. So let me say that it's good. Not top of the mountain good, but maybe just below base camp good. I don't normally rate it, but if I had to...4/5 Psyshop Beatspace Saiko Sounds Goastore Mdk
  2. 1. Rabbit Hole 2. Insane Monkey 3. Total Disintegration 4. Midsummer Night's Dream 5. Harmony From Chaos 6. Deep Purple Haze 7. The Acid Test 2006 8. Inner Revolution 9. Computer Crash Just when you thought that these guys have started going downhill they released a full collaboration album which is just amazing. It manages to make a great crossblend between the "classic" Space Tribe and Electric Universe sound and full-on. I'll just comment the stand-out tracks. Total Disintegration actually starts with the EXACT same synth sounds as Hallucinogen's LSD... you can already feel that this is gonna be something special. OK, all similarities with LSD stop after the first few seconds, then it goes on like some rather generic full-on, then some oldschoolish acid melodies come in making you wonder if this is gonna cross the oldschool boundaries completly or if it's just a few teasers thrown in. Then around minute 4:00 again some more oldschoolish melodies on top of the full-on progression, then a breakdown - release, again some 303s and then WHAM we are in complete oldschool territory!!! AHHHHH so these guys haven't forgotten their roots after all Harmony From Chaos is another stormer. This one is much more full-on oriented (but in a good way ). It starts with a rolling bassline and Olli Wisdom talking over a vocoder, nothing special till now. But then around min 5:00 it all breaks down, then picks up again with the vocoder and then around 6:00 comes yet another breakdown and then one of the best melodies EVER (yes, that is INCLUDING everything made in the 90s ). This one will definatly be on my playlist for a long time to come Deep Purple Haze is an odd crossblend between rock and full-on, with Ollie Wisdom singing. Well, after Boris Blenn has given us one of THE best trance-rock anthems ever with Meteor I had high hopes with this one... and they have fallen rather short It's not a BAD track but I somehow expected to have more of the Meteor feeling and sadly it just wasn't there Acid Test 2006 is again a bit of a let-down since I was a big fan of the original version. This one just doesn't bring anything new IMO Computer Crash deserves a special mention. It's actually a very cool tune and then all of a sudden around 2:50 there are a lot of skipping sounds and Olli saying "Oh no, the computer's crashed!" and then it's over... nice trick for live performances lol Although the track was so cool I would've liked it if I had the full-version as a bonus or something. I must also say that I'm a bit dissapointed cause there wasn't any remix of The Alkaloid Experiment, I would've loved to hear a new version of that one. Conclusion OK, like most Space Tribe and Electric Universe you have some really killer tracks and some fillers but the killer tracks are sooo great that they definatly make buying this album worthwhile. 8,5/10
  3. Artist: Space Tribe & Accomplices Title: Electro Convulsive Therapy Label: Space Tribe Music Date: December, 2008 1. Space Tribe & Mad Maxx - Time Warp 2. ESP - The enlightened hillbilly 3. GMSpacetribe - Alternate alternate future (2012 end of time mix) 4. Space Tibe & Mad Maxx - Electro Convulsive Therapy 5. Space Tribe & Azax Syndrom - Epidemic 6. ESP - Light up the dark 7. Space Tribe & Laughing Buddha - Atom Bomb 8. ESP - Deep purple haze (Star Spangled mix) 9. Space Tribe & Psywalker - Prophecy "Sometimes you have to lose yourself." I cannot believe he actually put that in there it makes my point without even trying. At some point everyone loses their way. It happens to all of us and believe me Olli will tell you that he is no exception. As we get older we tend to lose it a little. Like when I ask my wife where my sunglasses are and she smirks and points to the top of my head. I know she still loves me and doesn't actually think I'm a dumb ass. This came out in December of 2008 so...merry Christmas? I don't know what kind of mind altering substances he may or may not have been taking at the time, but this album is one of his wandering the forest with no pants moments. Yeah it's not a hot, but the potential for tick bites on the bean bag should make you think twice. From the get go things go wrong and go wrong like big girl on rollerskates. From the radical tempo changes in the opener to the dueling banjos in the Hillbilly track I'm this close to throwing this right in the trash. I get even closer when he f*cks with Alternate Future and polishes it like a shiny full-on turd. Guitars seem to be everywhere as are the terrible full-on cliches. Normally a healthy dose of acid can salvage almost any damage done, but with this...let's just say there is a lot damage being done. None of it in a good way. Just ask Jimi Hendrix who should be turning over in his grave. The lone shining star would have to be Atom Bomb which was a blistering acid explosion. If I'm being honest other than his first two albums I wasn't a fan of his stuff to begin with and this didn't make me a believer. There is a theory that states whenever you see a Disney movie and that fluorescent green color appears then evil crazy sh*t is about to go down. I think it applies here as well. And while I often root for the villain in most movies, I think I'll be holding out for a hero when it comes to this one. Ouch.
  4. Artist: Various Title: A Pinch of Psychedelic Label: Space Tribe Music Date: June, 2005 1. Space Tribe - A Pinch of Psychedelic 2. Electric Universe - Fully Awake 3. Space Tribe & Sirius Isness - Dead Serious 4. CPU - On Air 5. Dark Nebula - Pheremone 415 6. Eskimo, Legohead, & Ozzy - Imaginary Headphones 7. Theoreme - Sapporo 8. Psywalker - Hellfire 9. Safi Connection - Full On String Fully Awake That's it. Game over. Even if every other track on this compilation was a Skazi track. The same Skazi track remixed by Skazi's three legged blind dog, Fully Awake is so unbelievably bad ass that you still buy it. It is for my money one of the best psytrance tracks from Boris and quite possibly my favorite of all time. Luckily that Skazi nightmare has yet to be wrought upon us and we could easily just download the one we want from Beatport. Of course this album is not just a one hit wonder with almost equally brilliant stuff from CPU (yes, that one), Space Tribe of course, and an acidic choon from Theoreme. Well worth a purchase. Mdk
  5. Artist: Various Title: Colour Saturation Label: Space Tribe Music Date: May, 2006 1. ESP - Midsummer Night's Dream 2. The 3 Mosqueteers - Into The Brain 3. Space Tribe & Psywalker - Short Term What?? 4. Electric Universe - Mind of God 5. Sirius Isness & Theoreme - Implants 6. Dark Nebula - Parallel Universe 7. Space Tribe - Don't Believe The Truth 8. Psywalker - Psykick Situation 9. Menog - Violent Operation "The energy, the magic, the beauty." Twerk that sh*t Skinner! Oh boy. There is a lot of acid in here. A whole lot. Should've come with a hazmat suit. And that's a good thing. Of course when all the tracks display such wanton disregard for acidic safety they sure do sound similar. But in the right hands with stomping basslines and a rigorous pace I don't think you can have too much acid. Mind of God is a standout as well as Midsummer Night's Dream, but they all have their moments. Samples of chakras and LSD abound, but this is some serious stomping music. Highly recommended for the twilight music aficionado! Psyshop Beatspace Mdk
  6. Artist: EsP Title: Mystical Revelation EP Label: Space Tribe Music Date: November, 2012 1. Mystical Revelation 2. Mutant Genes "They want to create a new species...a better species." The sum is greater than the individual parts. Peanut butter is great. So is chocolate. But together is awesome. Just like this. I like EU. I like Space Tribe. But together they strike an acidic chord within me that never fails. They've released two albums Electric Space Phenomenon and Sensory Overload both of which were really good. While I wonder sometimes (f*ck it, oftentimes) if Boris still has the knack for psytrance I know that with Olli watching his back things will be ok. At least I think he'll be watching the sequencer to make sure Boris doesn't throw any cheesy sh*t in there. While they haven't outgrown their need for drug samples I don't mind it here. Boris can't help himself as there is some guitar, but it's really well done. Bucket loads of acid are on the docket with some of their patented groove. This type of music makes you want to drive very fast. Personally I liked the ordered chaos of Mutant Genes better with its darker tone, but they're both pretty damn good. If you liked their previous albums then this will fit in nicely. Beatport Mdk
  7. Artist: Space Tribe & Mad Maxx Title: Mind Is God EP Label: Space Tribe Music Date: October, 2012 1. Mind Is God 2. Mysteries of the World "Perception is the key to transformation. The mind is GOD!" Olli Wisdom has been around since the before some of you were born so like Boris Blenn he has earned respect and street cred. Personally I didn't care for his early work and have only started appreciating his music since Time S-T-R-E-T-C-H. He makes great acidic twilight music like Boris does. Or, did. Those two seemed joined at the hip because their collaboration with the ESP project has been quite solid. Olli's latest album of new stuff Peak Experience was enjoyable and seems to have maintained his ability to lay down some stormers. This two track EP is another gem if you are into that type of music. It's hard hitting with loads of acid for the connoisseur. He maintains the feeling of spiritual other worldliness with the samples that enhance the track but don't dominate it. Seems like his collaboration with fellow monkey poo flinger Mad Maxx has paid off. Boris better pick up his game or Olli might replace him. Beatport Mdk
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