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Found 9 results

  1. Couldn't be bothered resurrecting/searching for some old antiquated thread so let's start fresh new one. What's the best new or old stuff you've been listening to lately? Wether you've found some underground gems, or been listening to some classic 70's, 80's, 90's, or 00's stuff, let us know wuz poppin. I'll start of with this banger someone on here shared with me today:
  2. After a super inspirational turn of events in 2017 that led us through a plethora of ups and downs and rounds and abouts - we had a fully gorgeous gathering of the tribes & an epic increase in vibes! Now, we regroup and rejoin, begin to build and shape the future. Inspired once again by European adventures, German organisation & efficiency, mind blowing art, sounds, lights and underground psychedelic culture we a planning to step things up once again for Triplicity 2018!! Some initial thoughts of upgrades in store!! ~ 6 days of camping ~ 4 days of music ~ An extensive sele
  3. On March 11th walls of post-soviet meat factory Vilniaus mėsa will be dedicated to test national creativity! Event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/538507022971405/ This event is the unique chance to see and feel the Acid existence in music & Art. 6 music spaces will be filled with artists from the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Finland, Belarus and Germany. Analog Techno stage will be dedicated for hardware livesets only! Transcendental space - more pleasant and warmer for your soul. Want harder? Break & Hard stage with acid flavour is waiting for you! Ambient producers a
  4. Dream Project Records is proud to launch the first Release from NAYAN - OUTSIDE THE ASYLUM Ep A journey into fast nightly bassline and acid psychedelic lead to blast your mind. 1Nayan - Global Warming (Outside The Asylum EP) 2Nayan - Perception (Outside The Asylum EP) 3Nayan - Life (Outside The Asylum EP) https://pro.beatport.com/release/outside-the-asylum/1544161 https://dreamprojectmusic.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dream-Project/114882338700994?fref=ts
  5. !! - Out Now - !!! BRAIN JAM "LET THE ROCKS FALL DOWN" EP (Dream Project Rec.) Available on BEATPORT, JUNODOWLOAD, BANDCAMP, I-TUNES, SPOTIFY & all the best digital stores!!! https://pro.beatport.com/.../let-the-rocks-fall-down/1454717 Emoticon robot Emoticon robot Emoticon robot --Brain Jam-- Emoticon robot Emoticon robot Emoticon robot https://soundcloud.com/brain-jam Robot Psytrance project. In a hidden underground factory where the sun never shines, robots work hard to produce a tasty jam to make the zombies eat it. This jam drives the humans' mind out of control: they start to d
  6. TRANSITION FESTIVAL (30.04. - 04.05.2015 South of SPAIN) has its origins in a family gathering in the magical pine forest under a total full moon eclipse, in March 2007. Nowadays known as "The best well kept secret of the underground psytrance scene" (Mushroom Magazine) unifying the ritual of the party with an international gathering of trance music lovers all over the world. Focusing on a specific type of sound experience, Transition is much more than you can guess. With over 50000 W of sound and a womb in the center of the circle. The structure of the dancefloor is built by 9 gorgeo
  7. Hello psy friends Free download enjoy and feel free to join us https://soundcloud.com/chemical-plasma/chemical-plasma-illegal
  8. The last single of nomad wave is so interesting. Listen it below !! Artist: El Tigre Label: Nomad wave Date : 08.08.2013 Genre: Techno Buy it : Juno / Bandcamp INFO : Soundcloud / Home
  9. It seems that lately the cases of Releases pressed in very limited number of copies, are increasing. Is there maybe an exaggeration with the limitation of 300 or 500 copies? Maybe a fascination of mysticism gone wild? Someone might indicate that the times we pass through are very tight and difficult in economic terms, and that has ofcourse its consequences on artistic production as well. But can this be applied to all the cases and circumstances? Imagine the Mind Rewind compilation released in 300 copies only, or the coming MR 2, or the upcoming D5. My opinion on this, as
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