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  1. I asked the artist about this, it will happen eventually. I asked about the first Mindfield vinyls and they said they would be releasing them later this year.
  2. Early releases on this label had quite a bit of goa oriented music earlier than 1993 https://www.discogs.com/label/3498-Gaia-Tonträger I think there are a couple Astralasia tracks that were on the verge of being goa as well
  3. Looks like he is keeping all his stuff on bandcamp, just decided to delete everything on soundcloud? Not really sure what statement that's going to make, what a weirdo.
  4. Doesn't seem to be many copies floating around seems like. I bought a copy in 2005 or so for 10 euros, than sold it for 12 euros. I can't imagine its worth more than 60 euros because musically I don't think its that good. Based on rarity, maybe.
  5. No, this is Przemyslaw Tkaczyk, from Poland.
  6. Not sure if you identified this track or not, but for future people looking for this specific track check this: I had this track as a unnamed on cassette titled "Everything Looking Good"
  7. https://www.beatport.com/release/vision-future/1248044
  8. Artist isn't getting anything from it as far as I know. I bought it but now i'm kicking myself for that after I figured out the bitrate was so low.
  9. Tracks were released unknowingly by the artist. They are also fake lossless, most are converted from 192kbps.
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