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  1. Congrats Thanos for reaching the goal! Any idea when this will come out?
  2. Most are downloaded using soundcloud and youtube rippers I bet, otherwise probably begged the artist for the tracks.
  3. California sunshine - tears in my eyes, after that its morphem - magma
  4. Update https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/elysium-cd-album-fund?fbclid=IwAR13q7Yf4JgtCpcjJwHKMsPIOopnubhn0SFbW6AwNoxTYrNDeWSKTEnDabs#/updates/21
  5. Don't think this is Acid Cuts. Haven't heard it in a while but this sounds like a darshan track
  6. No one will win, because they both won't come out I am hoping to be proven wrong but only time will tell I guess, even if we have to wait a decade....
  7. One of my favorites is Sanjiva. You can find some of his music here: http://sanjivamusic.com/ Also Unusual Cosmic Process is another great artist to check out.
  8. Only thing off the top of my head would be Psychonauts - Olympus. Excuse the bad quality:
  9. Why this guy is still allowed to post this shit on these forums i'll never know.
  10. I agree with you man, he had a lot of ideas but somehow never reached his goals and he did realize this. I was a friend of his so his music kind of has a special place in my heart.
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