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  1. I personally thought that Asia 2001 was pretty meh, some stuff is good but it just sounds super dry and hasn't aged well. Psykadelia is good but Strange World and Ra are pretty boring. Live is good only for the MFG tracks. Edit: Just a little update. I listened to the first 2 Asia 2001 albums and I am wrong, they are pretty good. Maybe I just needed some substances to push me in the right direction
  2. Unsure, I think it was very limited edition and wasn't spread much.
  3. It was given to me by a friend of mine, which I promptly ripped and gave back to him. A little more info can be found here https://www.discogs.com/release/578069-Arronax-Dreamcatcher I would say it's a bit darker than his later album, but still good
  4. Still waiting for his "Dreamcatcher" album to be re-released. I have it, but its really rare and hard to get. For me, its my favorite works of his. Maybe someday, glad he is maybe making a return to the scene.
  5. https://www.discogs.com/release/6792065-Various-Midi-Evil maybe this?
  6. A lot of stuff from Aeon (Transe Modulaire), Biot, Astralasia, Zeta, and Tromesa I feel got really unnoticed. I really enjoy those artists and I hope more people check out their stuff. I know, i'm still stuck in the 90's but I truly do think it was a golden age and nothing has come close to beating that era. A more current artist that I think deserves much more praise is Aavepyörä. He makes a style that I have yet to of seen replicated by anyone. There are probably more i'm missing, but it's what my current stoned mind can think of
  7. Came across this gem earlier today, really nice. From 1990
  8. I asked the artist about this, it will happen eventually. I asked about the first Mindfield vinyls and they said they would be releasing them later this year.
  9. Early releases on this label had quite a bit of goa oriented music earlier than 1993 https://www.discogs.com/label/3498-Gaia-Tonträger I think there are a couple Astralasia tracks that were on the verge of being goa as well
  10. Looks like he is keeping all his stuff on bandcamp, just decided to delete everything on soundcloud? Not really sure what statement that's going to make, what a weirdo.
  11. Doesn't seem to be many copies floating around seems like. I bought a copy in 2005 or so for 10 euros, than sold it for 12 euros. I can't imagine its worth more than 60 euros because musically I don't think its that good. Based on rarity, maybe.
  12. No, this is Przemyslaw Tkaczyk, from Poland.
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