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  1. Artist: Space Tribe Title: Peak Experience Label: Space Tribe Music Date: November, 2011 1. Peak Experience (vs Mad Max) 2. Destiny (vs Laughing Buddha) 3. Real Simulation (vs Dickster) 4. Just say yes!! (vs Mad Maxx) 5. One Drop (vs Laughing Buddha) 6. Distorted Reality (vs Tristan) 7. Beyond Words (vs Dickster) 8. Gene Machine (vs Laughing Buddha) 9. The Bomb (vs Johan Bley) Few things are sadder than watching an icon fall from the mountaintop. I think she just gave me eye chlamydia Did you watch the Superbowl Madonnapalooza halftime show? It was like a 16 minute commercial pandering to the audience. That Madonna...always good at seeing which way the wind blows. "Look at me! Pay attention to me, I'm still relevant! I'm still cool, look...I work with Nikki Minaj and M.I.A. (who?) and those guys that keep on shufflin!" And Cee-Lo what the f*ck man? You looked like the fat black Keebler Elf they keep in the back to break down the truck. Nobody wants to see a 53 year old grandmother hobble around the stage lip synching to bad music. I can do that at my na-na's house. I get you were an icon and you truly were. Changed the game and had an tremendous impact on girls (and unfortuanately lots of guys). But that was two decades ago. Life changes. We as a people evolve as technology evolves and the torch gets passed. You time was during the introduction of the first cell phone and Ferris Bueller. We have the internet now...we know where to find you. This is Olli Wisdom one of the true legends in our little corner of music who's been banging out tracks for more than 15 years. From my window he released a bunch of albums early in his career that were more memorable for the flashy colors and pictures than any of the sonic material on the inside. But I still sought them out and collected them because that's the kind of anal guy I am. A completionist. It wasn't until the middle of last decade that he really popped up on my radar with the albums Time S-T-R-E-T-C-H and Thru the Looking Glass. Full of power, melody, and acid explosions and boy I was hooked. I really enjoyed his collaboration with Electric Universe as EsP. His last album Electro Convulsive Therapy in 2008 had some real stormers on it but it also had tracks that had you scratching you head, wondering what the f*ck he was thinking. So where is he now? Looking at the tracklist impressive names abound so here's hoping that he maintains his footing and doesn't plummet like Boris Blenn did. I mean did you actually hear Higher Modes? Peak Experience (Kailash Rmx)- "Well this calls for a joint, wanna do the honors?" The first teamup is with Max Peterson who had a fantastic debut with After World in 2008. You'll be seeing him again, but this has a full-on foundation with repeated samples and little in the way of meat. Kinda just goes through the motions but has a nice synth line near the end. Not bad, but I have heard much better and deeper tracks from both artists. Ummm....is that joint still on the table? Destiny- "A single moment that takes you out of yourself. Makes you feel very tiny or very large to some extent one with life" Jeremy Van Kampen is one half of Cosmosis and released the underwhelming Sacred Technology waaaaay back in 2010 under the Laughing Buddha project. Already the acid quotient is higher and that makes me smile. It bubbles at times but my favorite part is the 303 lead that slowly growls in volume that reminds me of the meat locker scene in Blade with all the vampires. They add effects and take a rather thin track to thicker status as it all comes together at the end. Better. Real Simulation- "They discovered that you may not be real." Dick Trevor has been around for a decade or so and more often than not has nailed that British, hypnotic sound. Acid waves screech by and this is even more promising with the pumping bass line and effects. It's more detailed with echoing leads and lasers firing from all directions. The signature move of Olli is to twist and manipulate a sample and he does that here. The layers begin to stack and a new melody arises while the acid flies. Good stuff. Just Say Yes!!- "If you smoke marijuana...you will become a unmotivated dysfunctional loser." While that may be true, you could also marry a surgeon and become a stay at home Dad to two kids. But yeah, I see where you're going... Max is back and he brought his distortion pedal with him. But they also brought the bouncy leads and acid whip. Now normally I don't go for guitars in my psytrance. But the crunch isn't bad even though they might go a little overboard here. It's hit or miss really. I'm sure some will love the far away scream of the guitar and some will throw their headphones across the room. Not me. No, that was saved for the painful stop and start samples that included Obama (yes I'm not kidding) saying "Yes we can." And then for the ahem...guitar solo. So what did I do? Well, I actually just shook my head, but this was what I wanted to do. One Drop- "One drop...that's all you need. Can't be greedy. I guarantee you'll see the world with new eyes. Trick is...you have to let it take you in. Follow it. Soak it in." Hey Jeremy's back! Everybody Jeremy's back!!! The acid wash stutters like the Kings Speech and then the tempo changes. Doesn't last too long before that acid returns and it brings it's friends. That and the sample are the stars here. Good stuff again. Distorted Reality- Tristan Cooke is another one that has been around for a long while. They begin with a heavily modulated lead but it's the next one over top of it that has my attention. They continue to build on things and it gets better and better as the track moves along. By 5 minutes this thing is stickier than model airplane glue. Easily my favorite as it sees a return to former Space Tribe greatness. Good show mate. Beyond Words- "It was a life changing experience. It goes beyond words." Dick part 2. And they take a little effects trip before it gets going. Hallucinatory samples get monkeyed with and then they bust out the lead. It slows down and then gets all reggae on you. Pretty smooth transition. But it's the buildup that I didn't care for. As far as I'm concerned that is a momentum killer. The end has a screaming 303 but what am I supposed to do? Forget that middle bit ever happened? Can't do it. Just.Cant.Do it. Gene Machine- "The subatomic world of DNA." I typed that, but the way the sample was played with it would stretch about 2 lines. Jeremy again? What are you guys, dating? Anyway, you can really make a Space Tribe track out with they way he f*cks with samples. You ain't changed a bit Olli. The first 3 minutes are white noise to me but that echoing lead has me by the short and curlies. Awww shucks. I can't stay mad at you Olli. It picks up in intensity and adds layers flying with a space vibe. Pretty good. The Bomb- "We've had time now to see and study the effects of LSD." The synths shine and this one feels darker. But the guitar....sorry I just don't like it. It dominates and I can't concentrate on the synth parts. Not for me. There are a few things you can count on with a Space Tribe release. The font on his album, numerous drug samples, and a heavy dose of acid. And all that is represented here. So why do I feel...unfulfilled? The tracks were fine mostly, but I couldn't shake the feeling that something was missing. Power, a presence...something. There was something in all of the tracks that I liked, but other than Distorted Reality it lacked that blistering few that can carry an album. Good parts surrounded by the not great with maybe a little too much relying on samples. To be honest, this sounds like it could've been made 5 years ago. And that's cool, because I have plenty of music from 5 years ago that I liked. But when I compare it to the two albums I mentioned in the intro it pales in comparison. So let me say that it's good. Not top of the mountain good, but maybe just below base camp good. I don't normally rate it, but if I had to...4/5 Psyshop Beatspace Saiko Sounds Goastore Mdk
  2. Artist: Lucidstatic Vs. Human Error Title: Wasteland Radio EP Label: CRL Studios Date: November, 2011 1.Rad-io 2. Epi(centre) 3. vap0.r.1zed 4. (Loose)lips(sinks)ships 5. Fire Breathing b-east "The government has decided that in the present state of international tension you should be told how to best protect yourself from the dangerous effects of nuclear attack." Found this on the bandcamp page for Lucidstatic. It was free so I didn't have anything to lose. This is a short ep that has nuclear disaster as a theme. Love the dark edgy stuff and this is gritty and scary made more so by the eerie melodies and 1950's samples about protecting yourself in the event of a nuclear attack. The first track and Loose Lips are a pile of mechanical breakcore noise and not to my taste. Epi(center), vap0r.r.1zed, and the last track however are downtempo industrial tracks that hit me just right. Slow and dark. It's a very brief ep, but if atmosphere and hard electronics are your thing you should check this out. Lucidstatic Bandcamp
  3. Artist: Glitch Title: Higher Definition Label: Psybliminal Records / Ritual Records Date: November, 2011 01 - The Beginning Of The End (148 BPM) 02 - Hallucinogenic Gas (146 BPM) 03 - Killer Chemicals (147 BPM) 04 - The Fallen (148 BPM) 05 - Sacred Geometry (147 BPM) 06 - Metamorphasys (148 BPM) 07 - Broken (148 BPM) 08 - Wordclock (148 BPM) 09 - Puff (152 BPM) "I've been trying to explain it to you all along...you just can't seem to grasp it." Dash Hawkins sounds like a superhero. In truth he is from South Africa and if he was a superhero he would clear out all the sharks so a brother can surf without getting eaten. Yeah like I would be able to visit South Africa. Or surf. But I digress. He is from South Africa and it's been too long since we've discussed South African psytrance. Well that ends today. He brings dark melodies, eerie atmospheres, and that frenetic pace that aficionados of that part of our genre love. Killer Chemicals is a metallic rattler and The Fallen takes some darkpsy inspiration with some crazy sounds. Pffft....x. You're not even f*cking trying anymore. The South African Goodness continues with Sacred Geometry and its punchy bass line and ricocheting sounds. Metamorphasys and Broken have it all, (with Broken a little less so) spooky intro, twilight style effects, and a thumping bass line. It wasn't bad. Think of it like a sHiFt starter kit or one of the artists that Timecode or Nexus Media could take under their wing. It had all the elements, but it lacks a little polish. Some more variation would've been nice and of course what self respecting South African trancer doesn't push the acid envelope. There is promise here young Paduan. Free at Ektoplazm Mdk
  4. Artist: E-Mantra Title: Pathfinder Label: Suntrip Records Date: November, 2011 1. Pathfinder 2. Metamorphic Resonance 3. Dansul Ielelor (Neurosect Edit 2011) 4. Valley of the kings 5. Above the skies 6. Distant Signals 7. Afterglow 8. Approaching Nibiru (Eleusyn rmx) 9. Deep Descent 10. If there is nothing Gesundheit. You know, in 2011 our cup truly runneth over. If you love goa trance as the majority of us do, then you cannot help but be pleased with this years output. The dust has just begun to settle from Artifact303's Back to Space and the label that has resurrected melodic goa trance has delivered another release from a titan of the genre. Romanian Emmanuel Carpus is responsible for the absolutely stellar space exploration goa trance epic Arcana in 2009 and aims to pick up where he left off. Questions abound of course since he is the reigning king of goa at the moment. Did his style evolve? And if so, what shape did he take? Will we all like it? Will there still be people that complain? Pathfinder- "If intelligent life could evolve here on Earth, then why not elsewhere? We'll be the first generation alive to find out." The beginning breathes like something alive and this track could very well have been on Arcana. Filtered leads spiral through space as the layering increases. It's a meteor shower with chunks of melody that break up as it hits an alien atmosphere. Shimmering and sparkling with some light touches that you could actually reach out and hold. Metamorphic Resonance- The space vibe continues with more bubbling synths and warm layers. There is a feeling of great distance and mammoth size with tracks like this. As if light speed wasn't fast enough. Churning and turning over as nameless moons pass by in silent watch. Welcome to deep trance. Population...all of us. Dansul Ielelor (Neurosect Edit 2011)- Here is the first remix of a track that was on Arcana and it isn't long before that recognizable melody appears. But only briefly. I look up and 5 minutes have bone by in the blink of an eye. Sharp 303's snap in the friction of space as one lead tumbles over another. All in a race to reach the planet's surface. Delicious. Valley of the Kings- While not a Nitzhogoa track per se, this is as close as Emanuel gets. The kick says nitzho, but the melodies sparkle with goa energy. Leads twist and ricochet off each other in his most powerful showing yet. His signature dark and drifting style is present with loads of layers. It doesn't get more outer space than this. Above the Skies- Clearly we have crossed a line into a more aggressive style as this one comes out swinging. Leads crawl from dark places like tendrils from some unknown beast. His breaks are short and only there to change the direction of the track. The leads blur and shimmer like a mirage as they stike and then fade. Wow. Distant Signals- What sets this track apart is the length of the break as the intensity builds. The leads continue to echo and even seem more tactile with sharper attack rates. It plows straight ahead like a comet with numerous off shoots. Afterglow- Melodic droplets stir the surface of a vast body of water. This is a lighter track with its feet firmly planted in deep trance as much as goa. The drifting continues with a 303 sparkle and bite. Layers increase as the track moves on. There is a mystery about this one as if unearthing a tomb from long ago. Approaching Nibiru (Eleusyn Remix)- This is the 2nd track from Arcana to be remixed. Floaty and distant like watching a pitched battle from a safe vantage point. It's short, but has powerful arpeggios that act as guide rails with a screaming 303 in protest. Deep Descent- Here is where this album separates itself from Arcana. No stranger to downtempo, Emmanuel brings a slow, pensive feel to this outer space jaunt. Astronauts converse as mystical synths uncoil. Warm pads reveal a massive horizon or maybe the rubble of a destroyed civilization. The winds of change are blowing my friend as this melancholy tune fades away. If There is Nothing- The 2nd downtempo track has a wonderful alien ambiance as whatever remains from the destroyed civilization crawls its way to the surface. It's cold and futuristic with a post apocalyptic timbre, as a bubbling lead slowly meanders through the wreckage. The first thing I want to say is that there is not one single 303 ripping stormer of a goa trance track here. If you want that go check out the Portamento album. But that's not what Emmanuel does. His tracks can be likened to a massive oak tree. The trunk is the solid foundation and as you climb farther up the tree melodies spiral and branch off in a myriad of directions. If you continue to venture further onto a branch, there are a massive amount of twigs you can follow. But the trunk is the solid foundation. His sound is truly entrancing and not focused on Arabic or Indian melodies we often see in goa trance. Nope, he is all about the farthest reaches of space and a mystical component. Like layers? There are tons of them here. It's like climbing into satin sheets the way leads and synth juxtapose for position. So smooth. The production sounds marvelous even on my sh*tty headphones. And on top of that he ends his album with two very nice downtempo tracks. You know, I suppose it's normal to become spoiled as time goes by. The technology helps make the music better, the sound quality improves, and we even become jaded by cover art. Reading the thread in the Label Announcements section you'll see people complaining about him sounding like Astral, the cover art sucks...yadda yadda yadda. I suppose I could've written the same descriptions for the first eight track. They all have the space vibe in his dark melodic style that will carry you away. If you loved the dark, drifting style of Arcana then you should love this. There are more melodies of a darker tone and atmosphere, but they are just as hypnotic with an insane amount of storytelling. The two downtempo tracks are a treat and a great way to end the album. It is my opinion that this is just as groundbreaking and awesome as his first album. Congrats to E-Mantra and Suntrip. Long Live the King! http://www.goastore....roducts_id=4676 http://www.beatspace...er+/detail.aspx http://www.psyshop.c.../sut1cd023.html Mdk
  5. Artist: Atma Title: Music Revolution Label: BMSS Records Date: November, 2011 1. The outer limits 2. Freedom 3. Forbidden Paradise 4. Music Revolution 5. Disturbing Silence 6. Into the void 7. Space Conquest 8. It's time 9. When we dream 10. The Guide "You have been propelled into the void." Shame on you Atma. Shame on you for entitling your album Music Revolution when it's barely music and shall cause no revolution. Revulsion surely, but no revolution for you! This is full-on to.the.bone. Absolutely nothing to write home about. 6 years ago I would've rolled my eyes at such cheese. The album takes on a darker tone with the 4th track and gets better but once the whole is dug it's very difficult to climb out of it. Shame on Atma's friends who certainly voted 5/5 on Discogs to give this the ridiculously unwarranted score of 4.89. We stop friend s from driving drunk all the time. Couldn't someone maybe pull him aside and talk to him? That's higher than Etnica's Live in Athens for God's sake. Really? Can anyone say with a straight face that this is in the same class? "Smells like my dead husband!" Yes, it smells that badly. Adverbs motherf*cker...they're making a comeback. BTW, is that doubly racist, putting and Asian cartoon face on a black guy? Shame on promo guy who wrote this gem without even listening to the CD: "Atma leads us into a completely new perspective of electronic music." How the f*ck do you figure that? What happened bro? Who hurt you? Hurt you so bad that with this release you are potentially undoing any good that your previous albums have done. It's not Audiotec or DNA bad, but he is definitely running in the same race. Life is too short for mediocrity. Think of this as a cautionary tale to people who might not know any better. Put the Atma down and walk away. Walk away. Not linking to disappointment. Mdk
  6. Artist: Various Title: Compile Your Mind Label: Digital OM Productions Date: November, 2011 1. State of mind - RAOUL 2. Definitely Diabolic - MAGNETO 3. Walk through the portal - SIDHARTHA 4. Massive Dynamic - TRYON 5. Badass - ORCA 6. Bullzeye - TECHNODROME 7. Ice Queen (Zion Linguist rmx) - PITCH HIKERS 8. Just Scream - RAZ 9. Search for emotions - RAZ *Rubs temples and reaches for bottle of aspirin. Attempts to open, foiled by childproof cap and hucks pills across the room.* All the ingredients are there. Good track listing, acid, lasers...how did they manage to f*ck this up? I'll tell you how. They've taken what was once pure and tainted it. Twilight psy once combined the best of dark and light, moody atmosphere and melody that all rumbled with power. Now it seems that the depth and storytelling is gone replaced by buildups, hard bass lines and rampaging leads that lead, well...nowhere. It's commercial full-on in different clothes with samples that while cool at times tend to dominate where they should enhance. The whole thing feels too clean and white washed. It's screams, "Hey look at me! I'm hard and edgy!" Yeah, but you're doing it wrong. There are bright spots of course. Tryon continues to shred any obstacle in his path with deluges of acid and barely restrained power. Each of the tracks have positive moments only to be marred by cliches. This has all been heard before and no matter how many lasers and twilight presets you use it's still generic sounding. Instead of having a cohesive flow the tracks seem to have been thrown together like a hippies festival outfit. They seem like they would work on the dance floor, but this has the feel of a watered down genre trying to have it both ways. If you truly are hard and edgy, most people won't like you. Psyshop Beatspace Goastore Mdk
  7. Artist: Various Title: Transitions In Trance Label: Ovnimoon Records Date: November, 2011 1. Minimal Session - HAGGEN 2. Floating in the space - PROTOACTIVE 3. Aftermath 11 - MAN MACHINE 4. Crystal - NERSO 5. Energy of life - OVNIMOON 6. Orbiting - WIZACK TWIZACK 7. Organic Interface - PSILOCYBIAN 8. Dark Tale - SPIRIT ARCHITECT 9. DNP2 - HYDROGENERATOR 10. Why can you control time - BODHI TREE I know quality when I see it. Awe.some. Whether Hector Ovnimoon is performing or running a label his work is of very high quality. What's not to love? The music emanating from this guy is layered and melodic, thick with atmosphere and psychedelia. And now he's got a sub label for goa trance? I might just have to give him my credit card to keep on file. I almost missed this release, but eventually it got the attention it deserves. Minimal Session- "Leading medical researchers on youngsters have shown that marijuana is the most dangerous drug." Said every old white man who wished he had tried it in his youth. Ever. The opening track is minimal in structure, but that's where the similarities end. Gooey and bubbling sounds come to a frothy head making it seem fuller than your dad's minimal. Nothing spectacular, but a good opener. Floating in the Space- Protoactive is Allen Feytor and he's come up with some great tunes. Leaving the minimal landscape behind we are now hiking in wide open melodic progressive country. Bass sweeps and synth layers are the order of the day. Changes in time happen smoothly with this one. Aftermath 11- There is a definite robotic feel to this track and I mean that in a good way. Crystal- One of the leaders in the progressive scene Nerso needs no introduction. His distinctive echoing style is on full display as sounds bounce off each other. There is a darkness here as chunky leads tumble over each other like water molecules. Super. Energy of Life- El jefe delivers a track that now climbs into psy-gressive territory. Aggressive along with juicy sounds and goa tendencies. He's got his foot on the reverb pedal and it ain't coming off anytime soon. Deep pads and a sh*tload of atmosphere. This is the soundtrack to outer space. Outstanding. Orbiting- "Tell us how to get back to Earth, I beg you!" No, no really...the key, th-the key is right there! It's already in the ignition. You don't have to...that's not how you jump start... *sigh* If you see Wizack on the track list you know things are gonna get psychedelic. Known primarily for his dark side this is perhaps the leas dark track I've heard from him. Crazy leads though, and I hear some 303's in there which makes me smile. Organic Interface- "I know this is gonna sound crazy, in fact this is kinda crazy, but what if the object was symbiotic in nature. Just say that it wasn't entirely mechanical, that it needed some type of organic interface." Sasa Dukic is one of the best psytrance producers out there not to mention a helluva nice guy. His albums Dreamtime and Brain Dissolver are exactly what psytrance should be. That opening sample and what he does to it sets the tone. Cyber juicy leads are everywhere with a sinister backdrop. The short break brings in a new lead all the while keeping in pumping. Dark Tale- More psy-gressive that takes you in. Not as deep as the other tracks, but not bad. DNP2- I wasn't aware that this project was still active. Surprise surprise. It's full on psytrance now with the darkest track yet. And boy are they giving the business to Tokyo Electric. Why Can't You Control Time- They end this ride with a psychedelic downtempo track that is anything but relaxing. High speed percussion and a thumping kick hammer the point home. Great compilation and in a time when a lot of labels struggle to do one thing very well, this one does it all very well. Anyone who has read my reviews knows my dislike for minimal, but they even made that seem interesting. With strong and melodic progressive trance the ride is a good one full to the brim with effects and psychedelia. Highly recommended. Psyshop Beatspace Goastore Mdk
  8. Artist: Various Title: The Return of Quetzalcoatl Label: Timewave Records Date: November, 2011 1 - ShaMANoiD - Walking In The Desert (100 BPM) 2 - Brujo's Bowl - Organic Structures (80 BPM) 3 - Digital Conception - The Mystical Quest (70 BPM) 4 - Iacchus - Frogspawn (120 BPM) 5 - Spunje - Mystic Forest (120 BPM) 6 - Normala - Dreamwards Again (110 BPM) 7 - Ascetic - Mutant (120 BPM) 8 - Progress - Spring Is Over (120 BPM) 9 - Iacchus - Flex (140 BPM) Quetzalcoatl- A Mesoamerican deity whose name means feathered serpent. Patron saint of knowledge and learning as well as the Aztec priesthood. And the patron saint of me sh*tting my pants if I ever saw it. Don't know about the feathers though. This album says it's the return. I wasn't aware that he went anywhere. And feathered serpent...serpent dictates reptile and when was the last time you saw a reptile with feathers. Other than the bird it just ate. I know there were dinosaurs with feathers, but they evolved. Just sayin' stuff is open to interpretation. If you put something silly on what's supposed to be evil (like a serpent), doesn't that take the fear out of it? Vampire? Scary. Vampire in India? F*cking ridiculous. Walking in the Dessert- Where's the f*cking Bollywood! Funky and groovy? Yessir, it's got the authentic Indian sound with the dubby bass and sitar/tabla combo. Any closer to India and you'd be dodging cow sh*t. I think you're doing it wrong. Organic Structures- Brujo have you ever heard of a short track? I suppose it's gonna be what it's gonna be. He wants you to melt into this one. It's super slow with some wobbly bass and high speed percussion. The skittering effects are pretty cool, but I look up and I'm only halfway through. If I was high this would seem like 2 hours! Not bad, but went on for way too long. The Mystical Quest- Am I at the feet of the Himalayas? Mystical for sure as it slowly carves its way around the mountain. I'm pretty sure I'm still in my chair, but the time was 4:20 the last time I checked. Not kidding. All I can see are expatriated hippies with mismatched clothing and dirty feet. It's almost as long as the previous track, but it's not stuck on the same phrase for 5 minutes. Totally relaxing and mind opening. Bra-vo. Frogspawn- A little cheesy for my liking this ambient has some thunderous drums in its arsenal. But ah...hmmmm. That's about it. Mystic Forest- I like the catchy rhythm and the funk increases when the bass appears. But it doesn't make me think of a mystic forest. It makes me think of of this guy. Ain't nothin' mystical about that guy except how he keeps gettin' tail. Dreamwards Again- Yawn. Mutant- Double Yawn. You should enjoy listening to music right? Spring Is Over- Ok we need a little progress based on the last couple of tracks. Things slow down as this one is a thinkers track. Pensive, with real world instruments. Doesn't last though as it has an intermission where things speed up before it gets back to its laid back ways. Good stuff. Flex- Hey look, it's a balloon animal. This one flexes its psytrance muscles with a healthy breakbeat. Alas, like a roided out meathead above it has a tiny penis. I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth so thanks to all involved and Ekto for making this free. I felt that the Digital Conception and Progress tracks were head and shoulders above the rest. The others...I could take them or leave them. Free at Ektoplazm Mdk
  9. Trance2MoveU

    Om - Altona

    Artist: Om Title: Altona Label: Ovnimoon Records Date: November, 2011 1. Te Extrano 2. Lost Look 3. La Esperanza 4. Desesperacion 5. Revivir 6. Earthquake Feelings 7. Enjoy the meditation 8. La Duda 9. Hijos 10. Viene Ovnimoon must be a label with deep pockets because they seem to churn out an album every week. Hector Stuardo is the jefe there and his psy-gressive style usually yields positive results. But here he adopts a personality that moves in an entirely different direction. Slowly. Very slowly. Seems Hector decided to try his hand at the drone/ambient style of things. Now drone, at least for me, has a negative connotation. As in "My wife continued to drone on and on about nothing in particular." Words that you never say to your wife chapter 7. Anyways, the main thing this will do is relax you. Long and I do mean long pads float slowly by like cotton candy clouds and before you know it 5 minutes went by. Because a lot isn't happening with the music it allows your mind becomes the storyteller to weave a tale to which even you don't know the ending. Or at least think of all the sh*t you need to do today. Desesperacion was more dark ambient with a creepy feel, but even that one had him just turning the volume down in the middle and then turning it back up. I might not be the best person to review drone music. But because I don't normally travel in that genre maybe I am precisely what you need. There's music that is relaxing and engaging. Altona was a lot of the former and not enough of the latter. You know what this is...background noise. Meditation music. Hell, he even names one of his tracks Enjoy the meditation. If the mind is not challenged or stimulated then it shall wander. I expect to hear this music when I'm getting a hot stone massage by a nude Salma Hayek. A guy can dream can't he? "OMG Hector tried to kill the vice president!!!" Psyshop Beatspace Goastore Mdk
  10. Artist: Various Title: The First Contact Label: Phonix Records Date: November, 2011 1. The Black Dawn Is Coming 2. Gema 4 3. Delirium 4. Choke On It "I see your hobbies are drinking, smoking weed...all types of bullsh*t. Well congratulations...you just got the job." If I have my information right this is the first digital release of Phonix records. Anyone else find it funny that Phonix was spelled phoenetically? No one? Fine. The promo says that these tracks were selected by none other than Neo Genetic. None other? Who the f*ck is that? I know I don't go to parties, but I like to think that I have my finger on a lot of this music, so it's probably just hyperbole. But c'mon it's not like 2Pac came back from the dead to do a show... *puts finger in ear* What's that now...he did? On stage with Snoop? Was Suge there? Cause I umm...said some things that...may have been taken waaay out of context and...You know what, let's just let bygones be bygones. Anyway, let's get to the bullets... * first track sucks. * second one isn't bad. Helluva good sample. * third one is a throwback to the acid soaked days of twilight psytrance in spots. Some real Timecode awesomeness here, but the buildup felt like someone punched me in the stomach. * fourth one by Kode Six (still need to give their latest album a go) wasn't bad in places. But in places, it was bad. If you asked me if this was worth your hard earned video game money, I would say keep saving. Nothing on here is going to rewrite twilight psytrance. 2Pac Lives! Beatport Mdk
  11. Artist: Ianuaria Title Beware of the Fish Label: Blue Hour Sounds Date: November, 2011 1. Intro 2. Sternplattler 3. Tintifax on acid 4. Trip Drop 5. Asavari 6. Kabum 7. Vacuum Tango 8. Shadow of the black Jaguar 9. Downfish Syndrom 10. Native (2002) 11. My Little Dream If I said...baby alligator bouncing on a pink balloon as a miniature blue rainbow pegasus looked on, you would probably wonder what mushrooms I have eaten and where can I get some. Well this is how I felt after reviewing the latest from Master Margherita. Odd to say the least. I needed to get back on track, back to an artist whose music I can usually connect with. Ianuaria is Josef Hofinger from Austria with his 2nd album. I don't recall his first, but I did review his Orange EP for this same label, Blue Hour Sounds and it was damn good psytrance that was fresh, pumping, and evolving. Like it should be. If I'm being honest what initially attracted me to his album was his style, but a very close second was the cover with its vibrant colors. Beware of the Fish tells me that the listener is in for an underwater adventure. Interesting. Intro- Wow, what a bubbly, liquid treat for an intro. Deep in the bad neighborhood of the ocean where your parents tell you not to go. You know how fish travel in schools? Well, these fish dropped out of school. And they have permanent frowns on their faces. And what's with the inexplicably long teeth? Sternplattler- I know the album has a water theme, but this is straight out of Sweden's darkest forest. It's a bubbling, frothy menagerie of hallucinations and creatures of the night. And boy do they have a bad attitude. Juicy and tangible like you could sift the forest floor through your fingers and make waves. It's delightfully liquid experience as sounds echo through the darkness. Think of that forest dumped into the isolating depths of the ocean. Tintifax On Acid- The sparkling sunlight synths can only penetrate so far into the vast blue world as trippy voices are late to discover. Loved it again, with deep forest sounds scraping the bark off ancient trees. Juicy moss-soft bubbling hides creatures who glow evily in the dark. But tell me...how is this different than the first track? Don't get me wrong, the more layered slushy forest sounds the better, but I didn't see this coming. Trip Drop- "Relax...and just feel the energy." Now this is more of what I was expecting. Is that soft melody a pinprick of light or the call to order of something more sinister? Same style as on his Orange EP and compilation work, multi layered and very psychedelic with melodies. Squirty sounds and effects flutter and chirp throughout as the melodies begin to stack. Psychedelic melodic forest. Asavari- Wow, someone needs to tell him the ocean's that way, because we are deeply entrenched in the forest. I still can't find my way out of it. So hungry...maybe I'll have some of these sacred mushrooms. Oohh, that didn't help. Falling into an impossibly deep puddle the bubbles pop in unique colors. Didn't think it could get darker...shows you what I know. Kabum- Great, now the forest is taunting me. What was in those mushrooms anyway? So many effects to chew on as tendrills wrap around tree trunks. The layers are deep and will lure you to a dangerous place. The final bit is Temple of One power and atmosphere with a nod to the old days of goa. Vaccuum Tango- That ripping sound is the sound of trees older than time tearing free of their Earthly prison amidst ever present bubbling. F*ck me this is trippy. I think I passed Derango a ways back and even he doesn't know how to get the hell outta here. Someone light a match all these digital farts are making me hallucinate. A melody sneaks in late to polish it off. Shadow of the Black Jaguar- Twinkling + crunchy synths + bass line = No.Way.Out. This is how forest trance should be done. Deliciously bubbly with a dark atmosphere. So many layers you need a GPS to navigate through. Somehow through the black forest nightmare he brings melody out like a flamming broadsword to cut a path outta this mess. If this track could speak this is what it would say. "I'm sorry I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome I am." Downfish Syndrome- Is there a telethon we can donate to these poor unfortunate fish souls who have been stricken with this maladie? Maybe Jerry Lewis can host it since MDA gave him the boot. That fossil wouldn't know what to do with this music though as it is more of the same thumping ocean forest with species of fish mother nature never intended. The effects add to this tale of course, as these mutants spiral and swarm. The bubbling is filthy and the layers are tasty on the tongue. Submerged. Shoulda left it alone George. Shoulda left it alone. Native (2002)- I'm guessing this track was from 2002 and he added a little polish. Jungle sounds, a didgeridoo, and deep bass sweeps join with that very popular scratchy darkpsy sound. It's pumping and there actually seems to be a path out of this forest. The synths rage together and it ain't half bad. Not as deep as the other tracks, but those are a tough act to follow. My Little Dream- What's with the real instruments? Talk about being shaken out of a dream. The guitar melody is pretty and throw in some Shpongle vocal gymnastics and we've actually got a bit of a happy track. He goes all Middle Eastern flute and dulcimer on you and at first I didn't feel this track belonged on the disc. More of a throw in. And I still feel that way, but it was still a pretty good track on it's face. Just different from EVERYTHING else. This was a tough one to review. If you dig into an album expecting one thing and come out with something else, I don't believe you fault the music. Of course you don't. Who knows when Josef became a forest trance producer, but one thing I think we should all agree on is that he is damn good at it. His atmosphere and layer manipulation is second to none. It is fluid and totally involving. When it sounds this good it is easy to feel part of the music. Not only that, but he kept true to the dark forest sound and brought a lot of power as well. Sometimes the darker stuff can be a little inaccessible for one not used to it, but the way he did it made it easy to hop on board. This was a treat, but for unexpected reasons. http://www.goastore....roducts_id=4672 http://www.saikosoun...ase.asp?id=8927 http://www.beatspace...ish/detail.aspx http://www.psyshop.c.../bhs1cd005.html Mdk
  12. Artist: Jens Buchert Title: Interstellar Label: Plusquam Records Date: November, 2011 1. Silkstream 2. The Vortex 3. Venus Nights 4. Helios 5. Spaceglider 6. Causality 7. Echospheres 8. Fluffy Time 9. Never Ending 10. Phoenix Sleeping 11. Swift 12. Interstellar 13. Sleepwalker 14. Parabolic 15. Amour Noblesse 16. Endless Dark I had to check this out just because the cover. I had never heard of Jens Buchert even though he has like...12 albums or something. The cover has a robot and I like robots. Hollywood has long waged a smear campaign against these mechanical creatures painting them as evil beings. And let's be honest...we're not quite at the technological level that movies would have us believe. We must act quickly before the Terminator gives us all diabetes and high blood pressure. like middle aged Japanese aren't already stereotyped for their wooden personalities. Which one's the robot? That is some creepy sh*t. I can see this guy bringing a chick home (no I can't) and in his mind thinking she would be enamored of his brilliance by dropping her fear soaked panties in submission. Sick f*ck. This is what all the nerds are worried about? So the defense against a highly sophisticated multi-million dollar defense project is to...run upstairs? Silkstream- Warm machinery hums as I stand on the observation deck and view a starship exiting the docking bay. It is the human race's last hope as the search for water takes a bold new step. Rich floating pads and futuristic effects make this a great piece of space ambient. The Vortex- That's a pretty big beat you've got there young man. I'ts what I would be pumping in my land speeder if I rolled through the cantina neighborhood. "This isn't the beat you're looking for." There is a spacey feel that is balanced with some nice flute. Wailing pads give it a melancholic feel. Superb! Venus Nights- I like the strings, but the breakbeat puts it over the top. Good stuff. Helios- Can't get over the warmth of these tracks. Is that Na'avi? Either that or Portuguese. With unraveling electronics and funky drummings this is a nice treat. It's chill and multi-layered. Spaceglider- "The reward of faith is to see what you believe. While there is life, there is hope. While we breathe, we shall defend. The lord is my light." Yeah, that's great and all, but I could really get into the music if you would shut the f*ck up. And that's what ruins it for me. Musically this is so appealing, but that sample interrupts my dream like Stacy did when that kid was holed up in the bathroom trying to rub one out to her mom. Holy sh*t Causality- Loungey raise your martini glasses where everything in the room is white and chrome. Electric piano chords and warm pads are what's on tap. Cooler than a Diddy linen party I didn't kill Big. No, really I didn't. Echospheres- Slow, jazzy, gangsta strutting. Although it does sound like a lovemaking scene in a bad movie with that distant horn blaring. Are you guys old enough to remember staying up late at grandpa's house because he had cable complete with the soft blurry focus that Skinimax is notorious for? No? Just me then? Never got to see anything good anyway. Just enough to get you excited and start looking at your cousin that is only a cousin by marriage. Let me make that perfectly clear. Not blood related. I would imagine that's how it would go. Fluffy Time- He does this a lot using far off sounds that promote introspection. Also gives the track some largesse. The break is smooth and allows a synth to peek in. Bright and sunny. Never Ending- More space lounge that seems to sample the Bee Gees. And that's cool, I liked the Bee Gees. The female vocal drips of cool with a vocoder effect. Wait...she's an android? I, uh...I knew that. *quickly puts flowers and box of chocolates in trash* Phoenix Sleeping- This is more space ambient with grainy communication samples of the moon landing. Melodic and beautiful. Swift- Sparkling synths, warm pads, and a glitchy rhythm set let you lean back in your Dorito crumb infested La-Z-Boy and immerse yourself in the layers. Cool acoustic guitar riffs give it a jazzy feel. Tasty! Interstellar- Having fun with a speak and spell. It's groovy and futuristic if you ignore the African chant, but somehow he makes it fit. Hey if we're 1000 years in the future ya think Africa is just gonna disappear? Don't think so. Why you gotta hate on the Dark Continent? Racist. Sleepwalker- With all the dubby lounge going on you should have your PhD in smooth by now. So beautifully textured it makes me feel like I'm floating in a bubble at normal speed whilst all my surroundings are in slow motion. Parabolic- Slow like I'm doing a moon walk No, not that one. It crawls along with pads and assorted twinklings. Relaxing to say the least. Amour Noblesse- I'm running out of adjectives to describe how good this music is. 16 tracks will do that to you. This dubby breakbeat tune has me dreaming of a beach vacation. Endless Dark- The ambient outro brings the space back into the equation. Runnng lights help me guide the ship back into the docking bay. The grim faces of the remaining crew tell you all you need to know. Really enjoyed this. He is very good with breakbeats and layered synths. I definitely recommend it for those that enjoy downtempo with a loungey space themed flair. There are 16 tracks so they are the perfect length to digest. Beatspace Psyshop Goastore Mdk
  13. Artist: Various Title: Goa Overdose 2 Label: UAF Date: November, 2011 My daughter is just 3 months old and is starting to sleep through the night. "So what." So what? Really, so what? Ok, obviously you either a) don't have kids b)had kids so long ago that you don't remember what the first months of their lives were like (which I doubt) or c) you don't give a f*ck. Getting your child to sleep through the night is like getting to third base with the head cheerleader. If I gave a sh*t about twitter, I could've given you status updates every hour and a half @f*ckagainyoujustateanhourago #it'syourturntogetup. The first few months are like a nazi war era experiment on sleep deprivation. Zombies training for the apocalypse looked at me and shook their heads in empathy. Sure, we have to straight jacket her when we put her in the crib for night time....what? Oh I see. The "technical" term is swaddling. I don't care what you call it, kid goes to bed looking like this. Minus the shiny pleather, green pants and Cask of Amontillado Oh God I just shat myself mask. *reaches for pocket tape recorder* "New idea for a movie...Saw 7...the Swaddling." So when I tell you she is sleeping through the night, it is a joyous experience. Leaves me some time to do some things around the house. some light vacuuming... getting rid of that rat problem in the basement trying to keep the ol love life spicy But of course mainly I get to really sit down with some great music and give it the time it deserves. This is another free release from Imba and his UAF label. The quality has been getting better and better and after giving this some quality alone time, methinks we have reached a high point. The Last Breath- Remember when that treasure trove of tracks was uncovered by Stéphane Bèze? It was like Christmas in this b*tch. Since then he released the awesome Holographic Paradigm in 2010 and here he gives you...breakbeat goa! Chunky rhythms, twirling melodies, and echoing synths are the order of the day as this truly entrances. The leads vary between sunshine and the kind that would leave a smear on the windshield. Thick and enjoyable. You go Stefan. You go. Space Flight- No idea who this is, but he brought his hi-hats to play. They sound really crisp, but it's the leads that really will get you. Goa through and through with it's 4 on the floor drive. Very aggressive and puts all its cards on the table. Endorphin- Paul Yelland in the mix and he's made a few good tracks, but they've been hit or miss for me. He's got a nitzho kick and a lead that sounds like he let a squeaker fart. Only unlike you, he can modulate his. Man has talent, gotta give him that. This also has drive and an undercurrent of constantly added synths to fill it out and keep it fresh. There are two breaks in this track...one has sitar (nice) and the other tells me to feel the rush. Like Black Friday at a Wal-mart? Actual footage of an Arkansas Wal-Mart. No X-box is worth dying over. The Power of Mind- "Well I think that all of these techniques...mantra, tantra and yantra work incredibly well in the presence of psychedelics." These two guys just know how to make the good music. Their only other track was on the first Goa Overdose as far as I know. So many layers it's like diving into a German chocolate cake 7 stories high. Full of sunshine and swirling melodies it's so euphoric that you get the spirit in you. See this is what I'm talking about...their kids just slept through the night. Fantastic and about to start a run of truly mindblowing tracks. The Run- Churning, layered goa trance here with a nod toward the dancing aspect. The synths echo off all surfaces and the massive lead kicks off at 2 and a half minutes. Strapped in? Good. There are twisting leads that sneak up on you and add to the melodic solar flare as this one morphs and evolves. F*ck it's good...like riding a sunbeam. Free Space- Imba where do you find these artists that make such powerful goa trance? This lead dances like it's feet are on fire, joining seamlessly with other similar synths. Whoa, whoa, whoa...a ripping 303 too?? F*cking hell it is engaging and I find myself spinning involulntarily. This was on repeat I don't know how many times. Love it, a track that shines and growls is a winner in my book. Umm...somebody? Anybody? Help me I uh...can't stop. Promise I won't make any more movies... Acid Rain- This Alexandre Cohen that was on the Project DIY Belgians comp and is another good one. It gurgles with melody but it isn't a sheer wall of force like the previous three tracks. It gives and takes, with gentle pads and pinpoint squirts. At times it erupts with some screaming 303's but never overwhelming giving you just enough and then switching it's crosshairs to another spot. Love that. Consequences- See Luis, there are consequences to making good tracks. We will soon be expecting an album from you. At first I thought you were taking the piss with that Shpongle vocoded vocal in the beginning, and what the f*ck dude, did you strangle a cat with that sound? But it was just a set up. You distracted me. "Think that's funny?? Bet that's not the first time some balls hit your nose!" It's gettin' sticky up in here and I feel like I just stepped into an acidic puddle. Waves of sound start to cascade over me and the break begins to heighten the tension. The bass fills things out as it puts the accelerator to the floor and then he gets all 303y on you. A screeching, twisting good time that finishes strong. You've outdone yourself sir. Teonanacatl- Teno...teona...f*ck Christoph, six syllables? And then almost 11 minutes? I can't be mad at you. Your album Turning Point was very good and this is along the same type of style. Slowly evolving, shimmery and pumping...kinda like the thinking man's goa trance. Yeah you got sunshine coming out of your ass, but it's spiritual, mystic ass sunshine. Oh I know, you can bring the gurgle too. The flow is really good in a smooth transcendant way. Wow, this compilation has all the makings of awesome. Spiral Dive (2011 mix)- I don't like Toï Doï. There I said it. Maybe it's those dots above the letters always looking at me. Nothing personal of course, but his brand of chaotic goa trance never appealed to me. I realize that may not make me cool with the kids, but f*ck it I have kids. I'm sure there's gonna be a long list of uncool things I will do. Sure I liked your Mother Pitch EP but most of your music...I just didn't get. But hey, I don't hold grudges, and the more people making the beautiful goa music the better I say. Holy. F*ck that's a deep voice. I don't think a didjeridoo could get that low. Maybe it's the sounds you use, but it grates on my ears. There is very little change as he distorts the lead. Yeah he adds to it with another synth that rides shotgun underneath, but it just...goes. It's like his car doesn't have a steering wheel. Straight ahead and if you're in the way you 're gonna get hit. Turn signal? You'd have to be able to change direction for that. Still it was different and that has to be appreciated. Wow, that was impressive. Melodic to the bone with power and twists and turns....you can't ask for more than that. I know the trend is for the darker, edgier goa trance, but this was just flat out good. Good for you Imba your 25th free release is the zenith of your work. http://www.ektoplazm.../goa-overdose-2 Mdk
  14. Artist: Dynamic Title: Return of the Source Label: Planet B.E.N Records Date: November, 2011 1. Funky Stuff 2. Impossible 3. Go Back - Dynamic and Melicia 4. Return of the source 5. Release your self (Dynamic rmx) 6. Tripple Mode 7. Rock It - Dynamic and Waio 8. Make Me (Dynamic ReMake) - Dynamic and Space Cat 9. Do it again - Dynamic and Automack Really, do I need to elaborate? First of all, I hate to be mean. I do. This is obviously someones work that they put a lot of time in to create. But since I am a sarcastic bastard substitute "work" with half assery and replace "lot of " with zero and I think what we have is a more accurate picture of this album. This is Ben Avital and Shay Elmakaies with their sixth (how the f*ck does that happen?) album and I'm sorry to say one of their worst efforts. I was there for Dynamix which wasn't bad. Sure it was full-on , but it was also one of my first introductions to this music. And yes, the quality (don't laugh) began to dip with Dynamic Sound and by the time Acid Beat came around, their soul had been sold 5 times over. Their remixes album wasn't that bad, but I propose that was because other artists cleaned up their mess and polished a turd. So why is this suckalicious? Ridiculous samples, incessant buildups, stops and starts, guitar...the list of generic full-on cliche's is long. Is psytrance so deep and complex that this team feels the need to dumb it down? A shame really, because they clearly have the talent to make good music but instead choose to take the easy way out and appeal to the least common denominator. If you liked this, then I am sorry you are that denominator. I was hoping they would shock the world and come out with a dark twilight ripper, but I guess I might as well have hoped for a free iPad. It gets my vote for one of the worst albums I've heard in quite some time. House music is embarrassed to listen to this. Not linking to it. It's the least I can do for the well being of the genre. Mdk
  15. Artist: Various Title: Interweaving Dream Magics Label: Visionary Shamanics Date: November, 2011 01 - Seti - Animals Are Beasts But Men Are Monsters 02 - Gu - Adventurers World 03 - Shotu - Imagination 04 - Vertical - Plastic Plants 05 - Shadowls - Lemarchands Box 06 - Aegolius - Spheres Of Life 07 - Koala - Tree Fern In A Twisted 08 - Fractal Error - Mythodia 09 - Therange Freak - Gruunach (The Black Dragon Of The Great Swamp) 10 - Paganololiuqui - Ayuwaska Jungle Visions This is another forest/darkpsy compilation brought to you by our great friend over at Ektoplazm. That means it fits right into my budget of free. This is the debut compilation from Visionary Shamanics based in the UK and mastered by Mr. Onkel Dunkel. I don't know who that is, but a lot of people seem to like him. The artwork was done by Hypomicro and looks really good. Animals Are Beasts, but Man Are Monsters- Nine minutes? You needed nine minutes to tell this story? C'mon Fedro, no you didn't. Other than the slight break near the 3 minute mark the first four minutes were an 8 bar measure on repeat. So, on the conservative side, take 3 away and we're already down to 6 minutes. The break on the back end has some good sample manipulation, but then what do you do? Jump right back into boring town. Taking 9 minutes for this track is like saying a trip to McDonalds is a 4 course meal. Burger, drink, fries. Done. Adventurers World- When you first listen to this, the beginning sounds like it might be a Barry White slow jam. "Don't be a baby lady...just be a lady baby." But then the forest kicks in with wailing sounds and bubbling synths. Whoever this is is very good with layering as digital washes cascade down and the bass line rumbles. More squirty sounds fit right into the mix as this track reaps a vivid atmosphere. See that Fedro? See it? Imagination- Even though I've never been a fan of his work, the guy can create a nice scene. Shimmering pads and loads of stuff to chew on. With a thunderous beat and spooky French whispers, his style fits this compilation wonderfully. It's a walk down where the f*ck am I lane to be sure as a lead scrapes the skin off your body with whiplike precision. The break is a collage of sounds and squeaks that is very disorienting. Perfect for when you're lost in the forest. Plastic Plants- Attention, we have a Finn on deck. I repeat, a Finn on deck. Prepare for maximum weirdness. I don't know what plants he's been talking to, but I want in on this conversation. Straight ahead punchy bass line and great effects make this sandwich a treat. He doesn't beat around the um...bush, just jumps right in. "Hey...you think this popcorn tastes weird?" "I dunno dude...where'd that gay pretzel go? He was funny." LeMarchands Box- I don't know who this is, but do you think they know there is no l in shadows? I'm sure they do. Just keep moving, because this is dark. No, no!! Don't make eye contact, you'll...great look what you did. Now they're coming over. The deepest bass line yet with moaning and wailing like you just entered the netherworld. Did you hear him slide the C3PO sample in there? Clever. It's a straight forward march without any ups or downs, but it sounds very thick with despair. Bubbling, digital farts, whistles...very lush. Like walking through a psychedelic zoo where the aliens are behind a velvet rope. Don't worry they can't reach you. Can they? What the...? Get the f*ck off me! Spheres of Life- I haven't heard this much tinkling since I had 5 glasses of ice tea. More wailing and insect scratches as we are deep into the forest with whipporwhils of sound taking off like moss encrusted alien helicopters. Aw, sh*t we ran out of bread crumbs. Do you like scary movies? Because this is some old psychopathic Jack Nickolson Shining sh*t. Knock Knock motherf*cker. Tree Fern In A Twisted- I don't get the title. Sorry, I don't get it. This has all the ingredients for what makes a good forest track, but there isn't any presence to it. It just seems like a random collection of sounds that has no direction. No building of tension or fear, just...sounds. Just because you have a dark suit, dark glasses and stand on a corner in a bad neighborhood doesn't make you a pimp. "I say get back here main! B*tch better have my money. Don't make me slap a knee." Mythodia- Now this uses the tools effectively. Less than a minute in and I'm already afraid. Great effects with chopped up synths make this a tasty treat. Creatures of unknown origin exhale deeply and peer through red eyes. It bubbles and rattles the chains of fear. It undergoes so many changes as it's a long one, but the twists and turns are enjoyable. At this point if you are lost in the forest and hear this, you may commence the sh*tting of pants. Gruunach (The Black Dragon of the Great Swamp)- Gruunach. Even the name sounds ancient and powerful. Like a viking. Long beards and great halls full of benches and dogs fighting for scraps. The typical darkpsy sounds are present, but they are layered and man there is a lot of them. Chopped up synths echo in those same great halls and this is dark. No light. It's a bit overwhelming to tell the truth. Ayuwaska Jungle Visions- "I think it is fantastic...that we're here tonight. This is the year of doom and gloom isn't it?" Wow. How does one describe this? If the previous track was the escalotor to hell, then congratulations you have arrived at your destination. Sounds pull at you from every direction, all dying to get a piece. You don't dance to this...you weep to it. F*ck they even have a goat. A goat! Pretty sure that was sacrificed a few minutes back as this laughs at your feeble attempt to escape. The end is really the stuff of nightmares. What a great compilation. Treat it like an exam where you throw out the score of the two or three guys who smoke and spend all their time in wood shop. They didn't want to be here anyway. What you have left is a bubbling cauldron of sounds that stack up like a 3 year old on a lego binge. It's scary without sending you on the express train to hell. Well, aside from that last track. Most of the tracks were really good at building to something and twisting you around. I'm really starting to get into this forest genre. http://www.ektoplazm...ng-dream-magics Mdk
  16. Artist: Various Title: Blacklite Tubes Label: Blacklite Records Date: November, 2011 1. Out of control FLEGMA AND ZYCE 2. Total Integration PURPLE RAVER 3. Ayahuasca Reset NUKLEALL 4. Pink Noize LOUD 5. Exact Dosage M-THEORY 6. Ancient Plants (Barkode rmx) NUKLEALL 7. Super Conscious HYPNOISE 8. Galactic Mantra (Wizack Twizack rmx) OVNIMOON AND VIA AXIS 9. Impulse Response (Rack Riders rmx) GHOST SIGNAL Blah blah blah Blacklite Records blah blah blah Italy blah blah blah blah psytrance blah blah blah remixes blah blah blah cool cover. Got it? Out of Control- "It's a headless blunder operating under the illusion of a master plan." Ladies and gentlemen, your government! But seriously...it's your government. These two have made more quality tracks than I have friends when people realize I have a pickup truck. All of a sudden it's "Can you help me move Mike?" or "Would you let me borrow your truck?" Fair weather friends aside this is firmly rooted in the Psy-gressive genre (if that even is a genre or a just a label) with a big beat and flashy lead. The sample is pretty good and repeated several times as effects echo and whizz past. Pretty good. P.S. Sold the truck so I assume my "friends" will disappear. Good riddance motherf*ckers...you never filled the tank up anyway. Total Integration- "Consider the possibility of the reaction." Yes let's do that. The possibility of my reaction being is quite high. Full-on with a lengthy time signature change will do that to you. It's not terrible by any stretch and even has some very good layered effects and melodies. Just didn't connect with it. Ayahuasca Reset- Somebody's been playing some Lazer Tag. Do kids do that anymore? No? Man, I don't know what's cool anymore. It's only a matter of time before my kids start treating me like a leper and ask me to drop them off a couple a blocks from school so their friends don't see. But there are a lot of lasers in this thing. The really sweet part comes with two minutes left when the 303 barks and the bubbling froths over. At that point I woulda went into full-on goa mode cause that woulda killed. Not bad, but nothing to get your knickers in a twist over. Pink Noize- "It's a sign...something has happened." It all begins during the break for me as this thing swims in a oscillating soup. The lead grows from a low rumble to a sharp roar as the track builds in intensity. Storm warning as this becomes a concussive wall of force. It's an unrelenting beatdown that should force a lot of smiles from the kiddies. Exact Dosage- "The drugs we gave you have a fairly serious side effect. Dehydration. Your head is probably sore, your throat dry. If you don't eat or drink something soon, you're going to start hallucinating." If you love the machines are everywhere vibe you could do a lot worse than this. It bristles with electronic energy as those effects zip past leaving a trail of ones and zeros in their wake. Good power and a great sample make this a solid track. Ancient Plants (Barkode Remix)- The intro is very high-tech with undulating computer layers and machinations. It's another thumper that hits in waves, pumping and skidding with short synth stabs and running leads. Twilight music that is quite tasty. Super Conscious- "The reason we exist in the world of limit...the conscious world...is to access the infinite. To access...the Super Conscious." Gurlgling and bubbling sounds jockey for position with patently electric interference as the bass line rumbles. Lots of sounds to get plugged into and this really gives off a cyber vibe. It's driving and pumping with a dark taste. Galactic Mantra (Wizack Twizack Remix)- Damn you Tommy. Damn you to hell. I hate the original track with it's robotic voice telling me all that it is. Read my lips...I DON'T F*CKING CARE! It seems all the remixes I have heard insist on leaving that damn sample in there. So here you go doing the same thing, but ah...you throw a little goa twist in there with 2 minutes on the clock. And you know what? It was awesome. Why couldn't that be the dominating feature? Please tell me your working on another remix of this track that leaves that voice out and expands the goa parameters. Impulse Response (Rack Riders Remix)- This is a Nukleall & the Purple Raver remix with a good ending track that has effects cascading over that bass line. They do that tempo change thing again but it works here. Pretty full with twists and turns. With only their 2nd release, Blacklite Records have churned out a pretty solid compilation. Most of the tracks are good with some standouts like the Loud as well as the Flegma & Zyce effort. What it's missing is that track that really knocks you over. It's not essential, but with several strong tracks it's worth checking out. Let's see what they do with their next disc. Psyshop Beatspace GoaStore Mdk
  17. Artist: Various Title: Acai Com Guarana Label: Uxmal Records Date: November, 2011 1. Fowling Peace ABSTRACT SUNRISE 2. Physical Disorientation PROTOACTIVE 3. Nebulosa STRANGE DOCTORS AND VIRAM 4. Ultimatum G25 5. Gonne without saying EROTIC DREAM 6. Old Man PAKMAN 7. Power System SUBSISTENCE 8. Cosmic Coffe TACIT 9. Dia De Chuva AUSTRALOPTHECUS A Mexican label brings you 100% Brazilian progressive trance. A lot of money must have changed hands if you could pry these artists away from Carnivale. Most of them are unfamiliar to me, but that's fun. Like going to see a magic show Oh man, I hope this turns out better. Fowling Peace- "Everything's evolving." It's a bouncing track with searching bass sweeps. Sure it doesn't have a lot of melodies or twists and turns, but it does have an organic quality that grabs you. Sounds very earthy and full. Physical Disorientation- One of the projects I am familiar with produces a track that is everything I like about progressive trance. A consistent swing with lots of melody and far reaching effects that floats as if time was standing still. Pretty dreamy. Nebulosa- "We know it's hard to acţept yourselves as vibrational. But it's easier to accept yourselves as emotional." Another great track that fills each space with percussive echoes and synth riffs. It's rich in sunshine and floaty vibes, shimmering like the sun. Ultimatum- Thinking man's progressive here. At first I thought it was pretty light, but that break really opened things up for me. It also changed direction whilst keeping the flow intact. I imagine this is less about dancing and more about pondering the universe. Gone Without Saying- This is the other project I know and he flies on the lighter, housier skies of trance. Still uses the same tricks like washes but add vocal hits as well. Nice, but nothing earth shattering. Old Man- One of my favorites. The bass sweeps get me every time. It's another fairly simple track that is put together well. Shimmering leads balance it out as more synth hits give it a wide open appeal. Not overloaded just driving. Power System- This track has an electric feel that corresponds to its title. The lead sounds like a live wire that threatens as big washes tumble down. Another cool thing is the leads themselves add a percussive element to the mix. Cosmic Coffe- Cosmic Coffe? Oh...I see what you did there! Guess it won't be long until Starbucks puts a very weak and mass produced version on the market. I swear, those stores are like herpes...outbreaks all over the place. This is a drifting piece with echoing effects that accumulate as the tracks progresses. Nice breaks as well along with shiny synth runs. Sweet. Dia De Chuva- I can't tell you how many times I've sat down and played the tabla during a thunderstorm. Well, I'll tell you...it rhymes with hero. But that's exactly what's happening here, with a slow bounce and a melody composed of sadness. Some cool alien sounding effects escape from the rainforest but then it morphs into a faster tempo complete with a very ethnic lead. Which I really don't like. Meh, can't please everyone. Next time leave the snake charmer at home. Congratulations to these guys on a very good compilation. With the exception of the last track, this was full of very good progressive tunes that followed a winning formula. Not too heavy, but still melodic and dancey. Good time music. Psyshop Beatspace Goa Store Mdk
  18. Artist: Various Title: Ambrosia Label: Ultimae Records Date: November, 2011 1. Sub Strat MAX MILLION AND GUSK 2. Light Tails MIKTEK 3. Distant Industries ONE ARC DEGREE 4. Principles of Gravity AES DANA 5. Homo Imperceptibilis SYGNALS 6. Sun Ritual SESEN 7. Hyades ALPHA TEK 8. V.A.N.T.A ASURA 9. Why MEMPHIDOS 10. Ominous Ride MIKTEK Ultimae. Nuff said? Sub Stata- Love that breakbeat they open up with. That sh*t is gritty. Which of course is the perfect yin to the yang of all the layers in this pig. Strumming guitar, pads that reach from horizon to horizon, and a memorable lead melody make this an ideal opener. Full...so full. . I would breast feed until I was 70. Light Tails- This track is aptly named because sparkling synths float behind the ever present churning bass. It's slow and drifting. There is a hypnotizing quality about it like how some spiders mesmerize their prey or Dave Chapelle does battle with Gochira... So hypnotic.... Distant Industries- One Arc Degree delivers a massive track with a big breakbeat and shimmering leads that become more distorted as they're filtered. People are talking in the background and I gotta wonder if he recorded this in a coffee shop. Hey, shut the f*ck up, I'm just here to get my danish. It doesn't impact the track thankfully, but with nice layering and flow it is very pleasing. It has floating qualities with vocal harmony and even a slight operatic riff. Principles of Gravity- Soft choir, stuttering synths, and the classic click and pop percussion and you know you are listening to an Aes Dana track. It's mid-tempo with pads ruling the atmosphere as it echoes with breakbeats. The choir gives it an overcast Propehecy feel where Christopher Walken does battle with the good angels. Moody sumb*tch. Homo Imperceptibilis- "You have 48 hours. That's the length of time it needs to adapt itself to our living conditions. Then it will be too late." The piano arpeggio is the focus as the effects and beat crowd around. Once that's gone, it's whizzing and whirring rivulets of electronica as the bass wobbles. The break has some cool percussive sounds and then it gains mid tempo status with a cello that sounds like Rena Jones is in the house. Long track that has a lot of phases so a good amount to chew on. Sun Ritual- Dawn breaking over the Himalayas perhaps? What began as a party of 5 is now whittled down to 3. Quite the mysterious intro at 20,000 feet. No beat until almost 3 minutes and it was worth the wait. It's a cross between hip-hop funky and soaring pads that leave you without oxygen. There is so many little touches here that they all add up to brilliance. It's unbelievable. There is talent and then there's, uh...talent. Yes, yes, that's really impressive. Hey fatty, when was the last time you saw your penis? Hyades- How do you follow up a brilliant track? With another one my dear Watson. This bubbles and meanders like a snake on the hunt for that dumb mouse who didn't see the writing on the wall. It's stand offish with attitude, bass growls and layers drip with atmosphere. This is the darkest track that oozes malevolence. Annnnnnnnd.....I crapped myself. V.A.N.T.A.- Am I the only one who starts singing the FANTA commercial when I see this track name? I am aren't I? Besides Aes Dana, this is the only other artist that I am familiar with. After all the great tracks from the "newbies" I never thought I would have to wonder if Asura could keep up. Well, I'm afraid he was outclassed on this one. I thought it was going to be a classic becuase the first 4 minutes are awesome downtempo with chopped up chants and deep pads, but I don't think it could run with the complexity of previous tracks here. Whereas the beginning was all dark mood, the melody is light and doesn't fit for me. Still good? Yes, of course. Why- With the brightest track on the compilation Memphidos proves that sunshine always follows the rain. It's a break beat with dream sequence synths. I was diggin' on the beat too. Real thumping. Nice, but I think it's misplaced on this compilation. It's like inviting a vegan to a barbecue. Yeah, nobody wants to stare, but we're wondering why the f*ck you didn't bring any carcass to the party. Ominous Ride- Miktek with another go and he's going crazy with the rain stick. But thankfully it's back to the dreary after that previous bright hiccup. Slowly evolving with pads and a sad piano melody pretty much descirbes this final effort. The story closes as the hero stares off into an uncertain future. This was really dark. Not dark in a satanic or get me the hell out of this forest way. More in a gloomy are we ever gonna see the sun again way. Composed mainly of Greek artists it's ironic that a land known for it's beautiful sunshine can deliver such moody and dark music. And I loved it. I believe all will agree that too much happy sunshine music is just as annoying as too much heavy dark stuff. This was wonderful and I have come to expect nothing less from Ultimae. Layer intensive, great effects and atmosphere, with a varied set of rhythms. Some artists you know and some you probably don't. Comgatulations to Fishimself for compiling, Mr. Vilius for the mastering, and the artists for their great work. Do not hesitate to get this if you like your chill on the darker side of things. I don't think I'm telling tales out of school by suggesting this could be downtempo album of the year. Psyshop Beatspace GoaStore Mdk
  19. Artist: Yudhisthira Title: Sine Qua Non Label: Vertigo Records Date: November, 2011 1. Sacred Cave 2. The Room 3. Spiritual Entity 4. Material World 5. City Scapes 6. Maya 7. Om Nama Narayana 8. Kaneo 9. Weirding Way "A condition without which it could not be..." Latin meaning an absolutely necessary condition. Like breathing. Or...scrolling one handed while viewing the latest in ebony threesome action during the kids's naptime. I guess... Vertigo Records is a Russian label that usually have their feet firmly planted on the dark side of things, but have recently been branching out. They released the Delerious Noon disc which I believe to be supremely underrated. Yudhisthira is Ogi and Bugi ...wait. Really? Ogi and Bugi? Sounds like a f*cking kids show. Whatever. These guys from Macedonia are on their second release, their first being Civilization and Transcendence. Wasn't really impressed with that one if I'm being honest. The first thing that stands out about this though is the beautiful cover. Look at those colors! It runs the gamut from the blues of the heavens, to the greens of the forest culminating in the deep browns of the Earth. Stunning. Sure they have a multi armed deity chilling by the lake to take it to that spiritual next level, but it looks cool to me. They bill it as an audio fairytale... Ooohh, I can't wait to hear this. Sacred Cave- This is some freaky forest shit. The bass line rumbles like an animal on the hunt while eerie effects bubble and scatter like cockroaches with the light on. It's really a nightmarish scenario as creepy crawlies move with an awkward fluidity. Like spiders. You know the way they move. It's unnatural. But this... this was tasty. By the way, Jokkinen you suck! The Room- Deeper down the hole we go with more effects in layers. Pretty creepy like the previous track with some nice leads and ominous melodies. Reminds me of the Johhny Depp version of Alice. Only instead of the Tweedles being goofy, they had meat cleavers behind their back. Where did this come from? Spiritual Entity- "No idea who they are..." The flute adds mystery as the bass line rumbles and effects squeak like mice after scoring some cheese. Gated synths rattle and scream with the layers piling up. It's liquid, amorphous as it wraps itself around you in creaking forest brilliance. There is an evil growling afoot. Someone or...something is watching. "For the last time Davy, no you cannot have my last Oxy!" Material World- "I'm living in the material world, I'm living in the material world, can't say what I'm doing here, but I hope to see much clearer after living in the material world." See, I don't remember Madonna's lyrics that way. Get me, you guys are probably like...who? You mean that sinewy grandmother with the tatoos on her hands? Trust me, she was to the eighties what Rihanna is to today's pop crap. Scrapes and scratches join a funky little beat as the pads unwind. It picks up a little Glowing Flame style towards the end with driving intensity and bubbling. "Get it off, get it off! Shoot that motherf*cker!!!!" - Justin Timberlake, right before his transformation into a blood sucking zombie. City Scapes- This is an alien city with weird dwellings as the denizens creep about with a watchful eye. Plenty of echoing synths and effects with depth inducing layers. Good, and it gets better near the end when the main melody kicks in. It flirts with goa, but only just. Man, a lot to dig into here. Maya- "Maya...the veil of forgetfulness that deludes living entities into illusion about their true spiritual nature and home." I know they don't own the word, but maybe we should allow the Pleiadians to retire that track name. Nah, that would be like Olive Garden retiring the word pasta because they think they are the end all and be all in Italian food. Let me be clear...the Pleiadians are better than Olive Garden. Although endless breadsticks... More layers in this spiritual sandwich as sounds ricochet off each other and effects clamor for attention. It's like a firefight in space with all the laser activity. Set phasers to ass kicking. Not overly powerful, but pleasingly intricate. Love how they twist a track from point a to b. You know Shatner hit that, right? See McCoy? Dirty ol f*cker. Did he die in front of a computer of a self inflicted gunshot wound with one hand down his pants while on a teen asian girls site? Cause, cause that's how I figured it would happen. Om Nama Narayana- Are you gonna get all goa on me? It's almost mandatory with a track name like that. And that's how it begins as the intensity starts to build. Three minutes in and the lead unravels like ribbons on Christmas morning and just like Christmas there is a surprise. After a short break it changes into a percussive undercurrent that believe it or not adds to the mystery. Sure it leaves the goa behind, but it goes in an equally interesting direction. Kaneo- whoa. Another multi-layered effects driven atmospheric track. These guys have been practicing. It's deep and lush striking that balance between motion and feeling. There is no downtime on this one, just a spacey vibe with a bunch of synth on synth interaction. Weirding Way- With a filtered lead that climbs and descends the bass line gallops away. There is considerably more sunshine here, and I realize that this is a long track. Not bad, but not as deep as the previous stuff. And in my what the f*ck moment was Santanna a guest on this? That wailing guitar sounds like him like a hockey player with his head down it shows that this project is either stupid enough to or isn't afraid to go into one of the danger zones of psytrance. Guitars...you either love 'em or hate 'em. This was an enjoyable surprise for me. It's not smash to the face power you get from South African psytrance or the soaring melodic brilliance goa trance can give you. It is twisting and evolving music that is very deep. Layers abound to keep the atmosphere interesting and it sounds full and rich. I don't think this would blow anyone off the dancefloor, but if you're in the mood for some driving and detailed psytrance this would fit the bill. Nice. http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/ver/ver1cd025.html http://www.beatspace.com/6744/Vertigo+Records/YUDHISTHIRA/Sine+Qua+Non/detail.aspx http://www.goastore.ch/product_info.php?products_id=4624 http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display_release.asp?id=8934 Mdk
  20. Artist: Various Title: Peakological Label: Peak Records Date: November, 2011 1. Zero Point (Intro) - AJJA AND TANINA 2. Dose The Caterpillar - ILLEGAL SENSATIONS (PARASENSE, ILLEGAL MACHINES) 3. Dr. Feelgood - SOUTHWILD 4. Chunky Business - PSYMMETRIX AND SATYA 5. When it is! (Illegal Machines rmx) - REV 6. But Why? - AJJA AND APEX 7. Dr. Strange (rmx) - SYNTHETIK CHAOS AND MONS 8. That's Egg - AJJA AND APEX 9. Morphogenetic Ascent - EVP 10. Lunar Scum - VERTICAL 11. Mental Disease - KYKEON AND KARASH 12. The Core (Outro) - MASTER MARGHERITA Peak Records is the first Swiss psytrance label. I don't know if that is important or not. If you're Swiss, I suppose it is, but just as a label they have been doing some pretty good things. Their comps play on their name, (i.e. Peaking Goddess, Peak-o-Path...) and have a pretty varied style. Recently they have been dipping their toe in chillier waters so that can only be good news. I've heard of a lot of the artists here without hearing their music. One thing I do like is that cover. Zero Point- "Awake to zero point. Be the center...be the periphery. Dissolve in the waters of simplicity. Let the sound of the universe unfold. Experience the absence of all magnitude. Be the fringe. Be the core. Awake...to zero point." I'm not sure, but I think I might've just been recruited into Al-Qaeda. Dose the Caterpillar- "What are you doing?" "Dosing the caterpillar." "Dosing...as in LSD?" "A very special blend." "I see." With a nod towards Absolom, everyone's favorite herb smoking caterpillar, the metallic synths scrape over a running bass line as juicy effects ramble up and down. And...that's pretty much it. Not bad for an opener. After the um, opener I mean. Dr. Feelgood- "See if I say I have a dream some night that I'm with some strange woman I've never met or I'm...you know living in some place I've never seen before. See that's just a momentary glimpse into this other reality that was all created back there at the bus station." What the f*ck is going on at that bus station? More metallic synth sounds can be found here, but there is also some more layering to enjoy. Not a lot more mind you and of course you want to stay at the bus station...That's where all the hookers are you pervert. Pretty psychedelic. Even so, wear a condom. Or three... That is a hot mess... Chunky Business- Good groove on this one and damn if this isn't the comp of the metallic sound. Center stage in every track. These artists seem to really like that preset. Some nice percussive shenanigans and a scratchy lead join a cacophony of effects. Chunky Business? The soup is chunkier. When It Is ! (Illegal Machines Rmx)- "Brain says, "Uh-oh!" Something special. Nice and cool when you return from your hot trip." Man alive that's a pretty deep bass line ya got there. Thank you, all the better to rumble with. Hmmm...weatherman didn't call for a sparkly acid shower. And me without my parapluie. All of the metal synth sounds are beginning to leave a bad taste in my mouth, but the samples are off the wall enough to keep me coming back for more. But Why?- This is some bubbly sh*t. Thumping too. Probably the most psychedelic yet. But if you came here looking for the melodies you might as well be a black man looking for the klan rally. Dr. Strange- Wow where have I heard this before...Wait...I got it. The first 6 tracks. Normally any track with a Beasties sample is money, but the timing is off on this one, like they tried to shoehorn it in. Ever see Say Yes to the Dress? Sometimes no matter how hard you try to stuff the heifer in there the end result is all f*cked up. I think you're doing it wrong. That's Egg- I suppose there is a little goofy Suomi in us all. And that's not a bad thing. Along with a little drive there is some forestry wickedness up in here. Psychedelically delicious but like the rest of the tracks it's all metallic sounds and effects. Morphogenetic Ascent- "All of nature is evolution." I've been teasing EVP and the Wild Things Records crew for a long time about leaving melodies out of their music so what do they do? Give me the psychedellic finger. Rolling, whirring, insane synths scream throughout this track. Good sample manipulation of course, but I think they left the melodies in their other pants. Lunar Scum- Fuller, funkier, and it has a pumping aggresiveness that kinda stands out. Kinda. Mental Disease- Bass line + effects + haphazard noise = well allthat crap I just mentioned. But f*ck me in the earhole it's psychedelic to the bone, especially when they get all crazy with the beat. Heavy stuff. The Core- "Be the core..." Ummm...yeah. I can do that. You know there is some chick that had 20 kids. 20. And some network gave here a reality show. Vagina...it's not a clown car. My point? If the tracks in this comp were that family you could tell they were all related. And I mean that in the most incestual way possible. This could've been one long mixed track. The sounds were so similar I wouldn't be able to tell where one begins and one ends. Having said that, every single track has a good kick and a punchy bass line. Makes for a good foundation. I would say they fall into the grey area between twilight full-on and darkpsy. Light on melody, but heavy on psychedelia. Can I recommend it? Depends on what you're after of course. I would've liked it better if there was some (any?) variation between the tracks. http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/pea/pea1cd919.html http://www.beatspace.com/6725/Peak+Records/Various/Peakological+/detail.aspx http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display_release.asp?id=8918 http://www.goastore.ch/product_info.php?products_id=4671 Mdk
  21. Artist: Zyce Title: Nine Gates EP Label: Synergetic Records Date: November, 2011 1. Nine 2. Gates The Serbian wunderkind is back with a two track EP. Nine- Holy crap this guy seems to come out with an EP each week. It's more progressive goodness with a slow rumbling feel as percussion rattles about. Kind of on the minimal side with a low tech approach, but he drops a nice break with echoing synths that vibrate in the warm sunshine. It's nice, but I'm used to much more descriptive work from him. Gates- This has a bit more detail in it but it still strikes me as a little boring. I'm generation X, I don't have time to notice all the subtleties in music. I want it and I want it now. Once again though, he dominates a break and it feels good like a fleece blanket. But when he comes out of that break, there are little in the way of surprises. Good, but not as lush as I'm used to. This was nice, but as I mentioned it was the kind of on the low tech side. Minimal layers, but those that were there were enjoyable. He has made deeper and richer stuff so I will only recommend this if less is more is your cup of tea. http://www.beatport.com/release/nine-gates/827232 Mdk
  22. Artist: Doc Von Ooze Title: In Vitro EP Label: Acid Chemical Plant Records Date: November, 2011 1 - In Vitro 2 - Hexon Fluid 3 - Nucleu 3 4 - Jerking Knobs (Microsurgery mix) 5 - Dehli Revenge Old school. Everyone seems to want it. So...what is it? What the f*ck is a MarioKart? "All I ask is that you don't get mad at me...when you have to purchase mad d-batteries." I missed the first go round of goa trance because I was all decked out in flannel riding the grunge nottakeashowerpalooza. This is an EP release from Filipe Santos that is so old school when you open the CD case there is a f*cking 45 in it. Ask your parents. Or google it, isn't that what all the cool kids are doing these days? So it doesn't come with a 45, but you get what I mean. It is of course offered digitally, but the nice treat for old schoolers is that if you buy the CD (like me) not only do you have the physical product in your hand and support the scene, but it's cheaper. So, is it worth it? You bet your Boney Arse it is. 3 dollars American gets you more old school than the poppin' and lockin' of Rerun. It cost me more to have it shipped. How the f*ck do you beat that? You don't. There is more goa and acid passion in this than anything else out there. You get 5 tracks of ripping 303's and acid lines. Bringing back memories of Transwave and Etnica, you could actually believe this was made without a computer, just racks of synths one track at a time. It comes out storming with the swirling 303's and kick drums of yesteryear, and I can almost feel the beaches of goa. Nucleu3 shows his passion for the acid side of things with nice gurgling synths that mesh well with the classic storming goa sound. The tracks just ooze (I didn't do that on purpose) quality with sharp attack leads and sparkling melodies. Dehli Revenge bubbles and just twists its way to awesomeness with its dark tenor and squelchy brilliance. What a fantastic EP. Just fantastic and that's not hyperbole. I strongly recommend this EP so that you can come worship at the temple of the 303. Physical CD: http://kunaki.com/sales.asp?PID=PX00ZCNM4N&pp=1 Digital copy: http://acprecords.bandcamp.com/album/in-vitro-ep http://www.amazon.com/In-Vitro-EP/dp/B0064XX7XY/ref=sr_shvl_album_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1320940955&sr=301-1 http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/doc-von-ooze/id478899796?ign-mpt=uo%3D4 Mdk
  23. Artist: Various Title: Digital Breed Vol. III Unfinished Business Label: MMD Records Date: November, 2011 1. Stigmata - Critical Mass 2. Brutal Train Blues - Super Evil 3. Sweet Delicious Nose Clams - EMP 4. Enemy's Worst Nightmare - Orca Oh Yeah...hold on, be with you in a sec... MMD Records from South Africa has been a strong player in the digital market releasing numerous EP's where the twilight genre is well represented. This is the third installment of the Digital Breed series with 3 out of 4 artists I have never heard of. I have to say that the quality has been on the rise with each EP in the series, so...high hopes everybody! Stigmata- "Some things are the same and some things aren't. People...make different choices and...and therefore end up in different places." That screeching synth in the beginning almost approaches unbearable white noise, but Mr. Mass knows what he's doing. I guess, I mean he's a music scientist right? He's got monkeys flinging acid and a pretty tight groove so he's got that going for him. Or them. I have no clue who this project is. Hold up, I found his Facebook page. This is Daniel Honor aka Iron Lotus. The leads were ok and it was intense. Not bad. Brutal Train Blues- I've only heard one track from these guys before and I remember not liking it. I don't recall if they butt f*cked it with all the guitars they have in this one, but I still don't like it. Remember when Depeche Mode were effeminate males with weird haircuts, makeup, and mad dark, brooding electronica? Then when Personal Jesus came out they added guitars so they wouldn't seem so...gay. Dave Gore even wore a cowboy hat in the video that continued to make zero sense whatever. Which kinda made him seem even gayer. Like a member of the Village People. Anyway that's what this is...lots of guitars to cover up the bad music. And I mean lots of guitars. As a general rule, any track that has a sample saying "Bass" in it sucks sweaty goat dick. "Yeah, take it super evil, take it! Not so super now, are ya? Think I haven't heard the horny crack before? Well get ready for some goat's milk motherf*cker, you've been served! Oh..and that's for 9/11, b*tch!" Sweet Delicious Nose Clams- "We're stuck in first we need to boost our rpm's a little bit." And here we have the winner of the EP. Not only is it powerful as f*ck, but it has 2 kick ass samples and leads that are spooky in the way clowns are spooky. Yeah, they're fun...just don't turn your back on them. But damnit...I cannot help dancing to this. Even the wheelchair bound find this appealing. "Cmon man if anything can make you walk it is THIS track. But you've gotta want it!" Enemy's Worst Nightmare- "If you pass this course, you will be a psychic weapon. Angel of death. Our enemy's worst nightmare. Until that time, you are nothing...less than nothing! Do you understand?" Orca is always good for a pounding bass line and a bucket load of acid. Metallic effects pour over you and he gets the groove rolling right away. I swear he could make some of his lead sounds with a turntable. Nightmare pads get the portamento treatment driving you further into hallucination as the soft tones speak of the dichotomy between good and evil. The last bit is verrrrry dance friendly. Elmo likes twilight and peeing in the potty! This was a good EP. I kinda felt obligated to get it since I got the previous two. I'm such a completionist. You get one good track, a great track, an awesome stomping track, and a how the f*ck did this make it on the EP track. http://www.beatport.com/release/digital-breed-vol-iii-unfinished-business/834570 Mdk
  24. Artist: Lunatic Vs. Zed Reactor Title: Dark Travel Label: TSL Records Date: November, 2011 1 - Lunatic - Burn The Leads 2 - Zed Reactor - Tyrant virus 3 - Lunatic - Welcome To Hell 4 - Negous - stage 1 (Zed Reactor rmx10) 5 - Lunatic - It's Your Travel 6 - Zed Reactor - Life In The Deep Having reviewed the dark and fun Zed Reactor debut Interplanetary Entity I recently discovered some more stuff that he had a hand in. This is just out for free at this label's site. http://www.tsl-records.com/#!lunatic-vs-zed-reactor---dark-travel It's a net label run by George Tsomokos (aka Lunatic) that offers trance and house music for free. That's right hippies I said for free. So drop the rolling papers and go check it out. The layout is very nice and it is bristling with a bunch of info and releases. I haven't heard the vast majority, but this one caught my eye. If they bring the same good time goa and nitzho combo that Zed did, then it's win win for free, isn't it? Burn The Leads- This is some dark nitzhonot ripped from the pages of Zed Reactor's debut album Interplanetary Entity. It's loud, and has the trademark kick that we all know. Like key changes? Yep, it's got 'em. Like a funky break? Present and accounted for. Think of it like the little nitzho kid in school that the bully pick on until one day he decides enough is enough. My my...don't think that kid was expecting a southpaw... Tyrant Virus- "Stay sharp...we're not alone." That's right...the intarwebz are watching. This one is a thicker piece of Nitzho, with swarming leads, well placed samples, and vibrant break full of eerie intent. Well, the Resident Evil sample was kinda corny along with the evil laughter, but I can look past that in the name of fun. Coulda come right off his album. Welcome To Hell- "Welcome...to hell!" What was beginning as another nitzho fun time quickly turned into a dark, uncomfortable trip. He's twisting knobs, people are scared...Then the track switches focus. I know he's the head of the label and Zed wouldn't speak bad of his employer, but George's tracks come off as less polished. Raw, even. This track in particular changes direction so frequently it seems as if it is a sketch pad. Yep, he even ventures into euphoric trance territory. Felt like I was in the club mix of the Man United fight song. Mark my words, he'll be governor of California one day. Stage 1 (Zed Reactor rmx10)- It takes 2 minutes before we get that nitzho fix but this was a bit of a miss for Mr. Zed. It just kinda...went. The lack of direction aside he starts to create a wall of sound and key changes at the end. It's Your Travel- With his last track George melds electronica with some techno industrial vibe. Like he threw Trent Reznor in the blender. Yeah take that you pretentious prick! Area 51 samples getting twisted and this one is a more moderate pace. Not a big fan. Seemed a big expanse of energy like his equipment had a last gasp. Yeah, better idea on paper, right? Life In the Deep- Final track and it sounds very detailed and organic. Something alive and crawling. Glitchy tendencies and deep bass pads. It says life in the deep but it could just as well be an alien land. Rocketing at drum n bass speed in a break beat style the isolated feeling kicks into high gear. The synths scream heading for a climax that never comes. It all just fades away. Loved the beginning, but it lost steam for me. Hit or miss. Tyrant Virus was the best track for me as it kept with the Zed Reactor theme. The rest had some good moments, but failed to stick with me. Still, it's all for free so you can't lose. http://www.tsl-records.com/#!lunatic-vs-zed-reactor---dark-travel Mdk
  25. Artist: Nerso Title: Quantum EP Label: Synergetic Records Date: November, 2011 1. Intergalactic Voyage 2. Quantum This is Dragan Matić as in...a good track is automatic. He should coin that to go on his booking page. Like "A good track is automatic when you book Dragan Matic." Writes itself. Anyway, this guy makes some awesome progressive music. Deep and layered with oodles of storytelling melody. His album Exploration of Infinity was brilliant with a capital B. Here he is with two new tracks that Intergalactic Voyage- He creates some great atmosphere right from the get go as the bass line gallops deep into space. Sweeps pepper the ears and metallic textures chime with cold isolation. Love the echoing effects as the break generates a new lead from the abyss. When the 303 begins to growl I'm send adrift without a tether line. Damn if it isn't dappled with a little goa flavor. Perfect music to sway to while I eat my meatloaf and mashed potatoes. "Marge? Marge! Where's the "adult" medicine we were saving for Burning Man?" Quantum- Saddle up we gots more bass lines a gallopin' towards us! He's got the scratchy effect thing down pat as this track is loaded with it. Rolling sounds flitter by like stray bits of rock in an asteroid belt as his ahem, break pulsates with energy. The guy does it again. Or still. It's like king Midas in the motherf*cker because he just doesn't make a bad track. Deep and drifting progressive that works really well for home listening. Like with E-clip, 5 bucks is a bit steep for 2 tracks, but this guy is worth it. Rek-o-mended. http://www.beatport.com/release/quantum/823321 Mdk
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