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Found 4 results

  1. Artist: Emmanuel Top Title: Asteroid Label: NovaMute Date: October, 1996 1. Asteroid 2. Industriel 3. Replay 4. Generation 5. Reflex 6. Introduction 7. Development 8. Conclusion Paper. Deceased intact frog primed for dissection. Honey Baked Ham. Delicious. None of these things could shake me from my catatonic state which was induced by listening to the first half of this album. Minimal techno that took forever to get nowhere. This was a ride on a merry go round at a blistering 2mph. And with the track lengths being what they are every revolution is greeted with a punch in the nuts by the weird looking ride operator. Up until Generation came on I wasn't sure this thing had a f*cking pulse. The highly detailed cover should be a heads up. And just cause I woke from my nap doesn't mean this all of a sudden became Hardfloor. Far from it. Noisy at times and sounding quite dated. Yes, worse than Delta Aquarids. Poking around the interwebs you would think this was Jesus Christ in techno form. Introduction? Maybe to some more shut eye. If you're a fan of dated minimalist techno then this will probably be perfect for you. Tastes vary in music of course, but I would be interested in hearing anyone justify having to listen to this again.
  2. Artist: Skizologic & Tsuyoshi Suzuki Title: Cosmic Creativity EP Label: HOMmega Productions Date: October, 2016 1. Cosmic Creativity 2. Tekno Tribe "I was invited to a party where I was given LSD...for the first time." Zion 604 has been a label steeped in quality with releases like Robotized, 12 Dimensions from Radical Distortion, Green Room by Deviant Electronics and the super compilation Flight 604 II. I hadn't really paid much attention to the digital side of the label, but for 3 bucks I decided to give it a whirl. Surprisingly this was released by HOMmega. Not a bad thing, just a bit of a shock. I'm more used to them releasing eye rolling full-on than goa. Only two tracks here, and for me the first one is the clear winner. It's pumping and bubbly and takes its time to evolve with nice lows and some piercing highs. All the while maintaining its swagger. Tekno Tribe was ok, but didn't have the gravitas I was looking for. Beatport
  3. Artist: Sky Technology Title: Spirituality Label: Timewarp Records Date: October, 2016 1. There is Enough Room For Everyone 2. Dancing Elves 3. Spirituality 4. Cold Ies 5. Somewhere In Travel 6. Enlightenment 7. Hypnotised 8. Trance Asian Express 9. Shamanic Dream 10. Words In Collision So the lord of chaotic goa made...a downtempo album? I'm listening. Dmitriy Kolosovskiy from Kiev is a guy that has taken goa to places that may make some feel uncomfortable yet refreshed at the same time. Like when you decide to wear your wife's panties for the first time. And realize this is who you were meant to be. "Dude, you told your wife you wouldn't leave the house. Just sayin' she's gonna freak." And much like his uptempo style it might not be what you'll expect. Well, maybe you would. He recently released a small EP of slower tempo music with his Free Spirit EP. But let me tell you this is not your father's Ultimae albums. First you're not going to be napping to this. It may be downtempo, but nobody told the instruments that. Second, it's not a pure goa album although there are touches to be found. Dude, so what the f*ck is it? Interesting as hell that's what it is. As I mentioned it's a downtempo album that seems fast, sometimes with frenzied melodies. Almost as if he wanted to make lower tempo music, but he couldn't help himself and some of the chaos got out. The tribal elements are well done and there are plenty of layers to dig through. He's experimenting here, pushing the sound and structure of his tracks, more than casually flirting with techno. It's a chill album that takes the listener on a journey and perhaps shatters any preconceived notions. I will say because it's in that grey zone it isn't the easiest album to digest and for that reason it isn't on the top of my playlist. Psyshop Beatspace
  4. Artist: Negans Title: Danse Macabre EP Label: Neogoa Date: October, 2016 1. Midori 2. Into Asylum 3. Life On Earth 4. Danse Macabre "Holy sh*t it's walking upright! Get the camera! Get the f*cking camera!" It's tough to stand out in a crowd. Mostly. We all crave acceptance even when we have something different to offer. Goa trance has reached the saturation point (some would argue that this happened years ago) where the music has become homogenized. Perhaps there's no place left to go? Well, certainly the minds at Neogoa don't believe that as evidenced from their past releases. This is also along those lines. Negans is Elie Seigneur and with his debut EP he has created something...hmmm. I dunno. Part goa of course, psytrance, and it certainly has a dark vibe. But I can't put it in a box and that terrifies the OCD gremlin inside me. She is so evil. You should see her go batsh*t crazy at a public bathroom when mouth breathing knuckle draggers don't wash their hands. So. Much. F-word. Back on topic, the ultimate test of music of course is whether it moves you and if it did and you liked the way you moved, do you want to hear it again. And I just don't know where I am with this. The sound is great (Igor Ceranic) as well as the artwork, but none of the tracks blew me away like the final two from The World Beyond did. That might be false equivalence as those last two tracks were some of the best goa trance I've ever heard. There are aspects in all four of the tracks that were quite appealing, but the sum hasn't put me over the top yet. I do know that each time I give it a listen I end up liking it more and more. So more spins it is! A nice, even number. My gremlin demands it. Must...keep it...under....control!!! Holy sh*t I hope no one has a seizure from this! Neogoa Bandcamp Ektoplazm
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