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Found 119 results

  1. After a long delay, FABULOUS! Radio is back! FABULOUS! Radio - April 27th, 2013 Download this individual show from here: http://goaconstrictor.com/fabulousradio/FabulousRadio-April272013.mp3 Subscribe to the iTunes Podcast here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/fabulous!-radio/id453177437?mt=2 Track lists and other info: https://www.facebook.com/notes/the-goa-constrictor/fabulous-radio-april-27th-2013/508878745837891 More to come... xoxox -King Goa Constrictor
  2. I'll start off by warning any potential readers that this rant will probably be very random and convoluted as I've had a few drinks... I fell in love with Goa back when the "new-school Goa" movement was just starting out - Suntrip had released only a few things - A couple of Filteria albums, Khetzal, Ka-Sol, and the compilations Apsara and Twist Dreams. Khetzal's Corrole album was a huge influence on me - I connected with this kind of music more than anything I had heard in my life. Prior to discovering Goa/Psy I was into more "mainstream" trance, like older Paul Van Dyk, Mauro Picotto, Darude, etc.... but that scene totally went to shit once everyone started adding cheesy and clubby vocals to everything, so in search of something new to follow I discovered Goa and Psy Trance, and in turn a lot of ambient/"psychill"/"goachill" stuff as well. Unfortunately for my these musical tastes, I was born and raised in southern California - (a few years ago I moved up to northern California...) I'm an avid discogs user. Here's my collection: http://www.discogs.com/collection?user=Ignite You know what's awesome? SIX HUNDRED AND NINETY-TWO releases in my collection... guess how many of the artists are from the US? ONE! ME!!! Well, I'm sure there are a few compilations I own with artists from the US (Aerosis comes to mind...), but still, how pathetic is this? Not a single album from a US artist?? I don't go out of my way to avoid music from my home-country. I use Discogs, Psyshop, Psynews, etc. etc. to discover new music... and I'd be thrilled to stumble upon anything released by an American artist that I actually enjoy... but nearly 10 years of being interested in these genres and it hasn't happened yet! Back when I first became interested in Trance, everyone here just referred to ALL electronic music as "Techno", which pissed me off. These days everyone refers to it all as "Dubstep", which pisses me off even more. At least Techno and Trance are SOMEWHAT related... but Dubstep? Seriously? Yea, of course a genre as shallow and immature as Dubstep is the first genre in a decade to even become remotely popular here because people like the "bad ass" sounds and let's not forget, lots of BASS. Because that's all that really counts in electronic music. BASS!!!! Fuck. "I write my own electronic music." "Oh, you mean like Dubstep?" FUCK YOU! There is no scene in this country for the music I love, and it's becoming apparent that there never will be. I'm not even dead-set on Goa... I'd love even some good ambient festivals... or even some fucking Full On... I've gotta admit... as long as Full On doesn't have crappy vocals I can't deny that I enjoy a lot of it... like Ananda Shake, Vibe Tribe, etc... sure, it's not anywhere near as deep as Goa, but it's catchy and fun. I've been to like 5 parties in my life because I don't want to go to just random ones - I only want to go when there's an artist or DJ that I actually admire. I saw Astral Projection in LA a few years ago... they were awesome, but the crowd was full of drunk morons... I saw Wizzy Noise at an outdoor psy festival hosted by PsyTribe in SoCal - small crowd, but great people - really spiritual and down to earth... and of course Wizzy played an amazing set as well. I was psyched when they played my favorite track of theirs at the time, Oceanica. I also saw Infected Mushroom in LA once, but it was a similar experience to Astral Projection - their set was decent, but the crowd was full of LA retards that didn't seem like they belonged or connected to the music at all. I guess Infected Mushroom is partially to blame themselves since they had already started becoming Americanized... this was after Vicious Delicious... Finally, I did go to one Friday-through-Sunday Psy-Tribe outdoor event purely because Bobby Ognyanov from Aerosis was playing a set at it. That's right, I tolerated THREE DAYS of virtually nothing but Dark Psy for ONE HOUR of Goa. That hour was amazing though... Bobby played virtually nothing but Suntrip material, and I loved every second of it... I'm starting to realize that there's really no point to this rant other than a bunch or whining and complaining... but seriously... I order CDs from Psyshop and of course they always come with these flyers or booklets with events all over Europe (or even Canada) that I'd LOVE to be at... I see so many artist names I recognize and just get a great feeling about many of the advertised events in general. I've also seen several YouTube videos from Suntrip events, etc... all I want is a LITTLE of that without having to spend the money to fly half way around the world... just ONCE IN A WHILE... but no, there's never ANYTHING anymore... at least that I'm aware of. Dubstep has taken over. The best I can hope for when referencing Trance to a random person is that they remember Sandstorm by Darude. Great. A song that's well over 10 years old. That's the boring and repetitive piece of shit that stuck with you over the years when it came to Trance? Fan-fucking-tastic. Yes, the synth sounded bad ass at the time. I get it. Really gritty and awesome sounding. What else did the song have going for it? Nothing! Why is it still played in clubs here over 10 years after it's release? I have no fucking clue. But Sandstorm became more popular in the US than any other trance song. Evar. WTF. Then Skrillex came along and took over. What's it gonna take to start even a small Goa scene here in the US?? I've completely lost the motivation to write music lately because I feel completely alone in this place... if only I could have just a couple of parties a year to go to where they played music I actually liked... where I could connect with likeminded people who were just excited to hear Goa as I was... I'm listening to Land Of Freedom by Transwave right now... as soon as that square synth comes in I just fucking close my eyes and disappear in the music. It's beautiful. Powerful. Freeing. I love it! And it's depressing as shit to realize that there's no one else within thousands of miles who feels the same way. This is my song, Protostar: Imba was kind enough to release this EP of mine on his net-lable, UAF (Underground Alien Factory) Records. About 6 months after it's release, Persistent Aura (another UAF artist) contacted me to ask if he and Agneton could do a remix, and that they were planning to play the track at some festival in Belgium. Awesome! I'm not sure it it was ever actually played... and I know that they never finished the remix, but still, that's a festival I would have loved to be at, with or without my own track being played. Maybe my isolation as far as musical taste in this country is just becoming an excuse for not writing new material... but I can feel a part of me that really wants to get back into it... I just wish I could go out and feel like I was part of a community who felt the same way about this amazing music that I do. Is there anyone else here from the California, or even the entire US, who feels the same way I do? :-( /End drunken rant...
  3. Hello Psy Lovers !!!! My name is Gal & I am a Psychedelic Producer ! I was Born in Vilnius , Lithuania in 1987 & Today I'm Living & composing in Rishon Le-Zion, Israel ... I Spent a year in the " Yoav Gera - SOUND " institute in Tel-Aviv ... Combining some music skills & rythimn techniques to bring you some AgressivE BeatS to the table !!! Go In & HaVe A Listen ... -=BooM=- Enjoy !!!!! https://soundcloud.com/p5ionix
  4. http://soundcloud.co.../darkling-glory New set after a long absence. Darker and faster prog than I've done before but I'm pretty happy with it. Free to download or play from SoundCloud. I am a little unsure about the last track so any and all input appreciated. Primitive - SQL Sub Standard - One Tasty Morsel Apocalipstick (Ramafication Mix) - Jamie Leigh & Ben Rama Theobromine In Blood - Theobroma Survival Of The Fittest - Zeitgeist Chaos Engine (Puddle Mix) - Vacuum Stalkers Darwin - Zeitgeist Human Design - Captain Hook Phoenix - Zeitgeist Black Humor - Ectima Escaping Velocity - Sentn
  5. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/events/309342349187894/?mall_view=posts Tickets: http://www.skiddle.com/whats-on/Leeds/Beaver-Works/REMEDY-presents--The-March-Masquerade/11817170/ 10-6 Mixed genre music night Leeds Beaver Works LS101AD ----------------- Our mid-march event goes back to REMEDY's roots! A mixed-up voyage of discovery between two rooms taking you through, Psytrance, Breaks and Hard Dance in the main room in wonderful contrast to the eclectic line up of swing, funk and high energy Electro. An intelligently laid out mash-up to keep you on your toes all night. Fancy Dress theme: Masquerade! Take on a new personality and go wild! In Venice it became popular to wear a mask to get away with partying during Lent, so we thought "Why not rejuvenate this tradition?" Masks are everywhere from gas-masks to facials; superheroes to Horror films, I hope you're inspired! If not: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mask We'll have a mask-making stall on the night so no one feels left out and a prize for the most unusual Mask! (Kwakwaka'wakw ritual mask for the win!) ____________________________________________________ Headliners: Sterling Moss. Having toured extensively throughout America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia, now its time for him to come to REMEDY! One of the biggest names in techno, working alongside Stay Up Forever to fuel a 303 & 909 revival. Even going so far as making his own synthesizers for companies in Japan; Sterling Moss is in a league of his own. https://soundcloud.com/sterlingmoss/sterling-moss-safeword-podcast Dejavoo LIVE After finishing their third album Dejavoo are hot property. Playing to crowds worldwide the duo are cutting through the nose with beautiful constructed melodies and addictive beats. https://soundcloud.com/dejavoomusic/sets/dejavoo-defiance-album-promo ____________________________________________________ Warehouse Sterling Moss (Stay Up Forever/Dance Valley/Tribal) Dejavoo LIVE (YSE) Libra 9 (https://soundcloud.com/phillankester/libra9-00000001) Anna K (REMEDY) Psycandy (REMEDY) Keith Fox (Psy Breakfast/Beats Bizarre ) Chemical Kev (Psy Breakfast) (VJ by Magic Lantern) ____________________________________________________ Beats Bizarre Bar We are joined once-more by the inimitable Beats Bizarre providing shit-hot funky broken mixed up dazzling beats. Have a look at the residents here: soundcloud.com/magiclantern/sets/the-beats-bizarre-residents mixcloud.com/thebeatsbizarre Shamanic Technology (Burning man) Key and $icknote (MADM/Beats Bizarre) Boomtown Jack (Tonic/Beathearder) Magic Lantern (Beats Bizarre) Extra Spectrum (Beats Bizarre/Happy Slap Boutique) Extrax (Sunrise/ Opus/ Audio Addictz) That's two rooms! If it's looking busy we'll just open another! ____________________________________________________ Extras The Famous Hospitalitea stall The Amazing Luminosity Glow Stall Fantastic Fire Performances And the one-time only Mask Making Stall ___________________________________________________ Price: £8 Early Bird (NO BOOKING FEE! ) £10 Advanced MOTD ____________________________________________________ Minimum Age: 18 (Bring ID if you can just in case) Beaver Works 36 Whitehouse Street Leeds LS10 1AD AS usual a huge thanks goes out to all the people who help us put this on! See you on the dance floor! Decor by Jumbo and Feral Decor! The glowing bloomin' works! ____________________________________________________ Please comment add and spread the word as much as possible! It'll only take a sec! If you have any suggestions for how to improve our event, or are willing to help us promote this or help out on the night please get in touch, we're an approachable lot! Forums just because: http://www.psymusic.co.uk/forum/threads/mar-23-2013-remedy-presents-the-march-masquerade-leeds.70152/ http://www.ravelinks.com/forums/f149/remedy-march-masquerade-688376/#post2020938403 http://www.dogsonacid.com/events/eventdetail.php?id=1903 http://celticpsytrance.proboards.com/index.cgi?action=display&board=otherash&thread=8638 http://www.psytechforum.com/index.php?topic=4841.0
  6. ALIEN NATION 2013 Friday 8th - Monday 11th February 2013 Wairoa Gorge, Nelson, New Zealand 100 $NZ -PRESALE ~ $120 -GATESALES 11 years and counting, Alien Nation is New Zealand's longest running outdoor dance festival. "It's not just a disco in the forest... it's an initiation... a gathering of the tribe." A showcase of some of the Finest Psytrance, Progressive, Dark, Forest, Minimal Tech, Techno, Minimal Dubstep... and much more. Come indulge yourself in the stunning right branch of the Wairoa Gorge for four days and three nights of non stop audio, visual and sensory madness {} A must for any Aliens or humans wanting the proper kiwi outdoor festival experience! Playing on the infamous Sacral Sound system on the main zone; * Live acts/Producers; GROUCH (Zenon Records) (ISRL) HYPOGEO (Zenon Records) (ITLY) ANX (Voidscope Records) (ITLY) MERKABA (Merkaba Music) (AUS) KALYA SCINTILLA (Merkaba Music) (AUS) FUNKADELICSY LIVELY (Akashik Records) (AUS) SUN IN AQUARIUS (Enig'matik Records) (AUS) COMPLEMENT (Geomagnetik Records) (CHLE) OLIE BASSWEIGHT (Bassweight Recordings) PSILIPENGUIN (Mental Mechanix Records) ORGANIKISMNESS (Soulganik Records) DR. KRANKN'STEIN (Alien Nation) SAMURAI PSY (Zenon Records) TOM COSM (www.cosm.co.nz) RYTHYMIK (Culture Jam) (AUS) JOSH MC<VOMIT (AUS) BLOOP (Delicious Music) PSYCHEDELIC JELLYFISH FRACTALEYES ZIMBARDY DIWATA & DJ's: MATHE (Chldrn of Ganesh) (HLND) MARKY J (Soundfood) (AUS) CHARLIE FRAICHE (BEL) SALAMANGKERO (AUS) SPACE LICHENS (IRLD) HERMAN SAIZ (CHLE) DR. I CONCERN (SAF) SOYTRANCE (AUS) KEYAPUKA (FRNC) AMPOULE (AUS) TITO (HLND) DAD OWL (((OM MODE LEAN UP JENNAYE DIZTRUZIO NIGHTOWL POOKIDOLL SUBLIMINAL HYPNOTOAD SILICONBEAT CRIPPLETARD DAWNBEAVER DR. FIREWOOD TROLLEY GUTS SUBCONSCIOUS JOSTLE THRONG DR. FREAKINSTEIN LAUGHING TURTLE DIAMOND TRADERS If you’re serious about having fun, join the rhythm of the cosmos at this unique bush doof!! No Dogs, Glass or Alcohol. R.O.A.R For more information, tickets and directions visit; www.AlienNation.co.nz or www.facebook.com/Alien.Nation.NZ
  7. Artist: Aural Planet Title: 5 EX Engine Label: Vivo Date: 2002 1. Paleo 2. Stimulation Part 3 3. Subtropolis 10893 4. Subtropolis 10893 (Crankshaft Blossmx) 5. Subtropolis 10893 (Auralp rmx) 6. Necrodelica 7. Upsilon 8. Phoebus 9. Costa Del Nymphos 10. Gene 11. Subtropolis 10893 (Nemezis Rmx) I'm sorry what the f*ck? This is Jacek Dojwa, Konrad Gmurek, Radosław Kochman, and Adam Skorupa from Poland who later became Sundial Aeon. They no longer release music as this project, but they have to be one of the most varied acts I have ever heard. Other than the train wreck that continues to call itself Infected Mushroom of course. Their first album Lightflow was a downtempo and ambient gem followed up by Part: Seconde which was some awesome goa trance. This is their 3rd full length release and they have officially left the reservation and gone rogue. "You betcha! Pew! Pew!" Nothing wrong with trying to stretch the creative legs right? Paleo- What begins as a slow industrial moody sumb*tch turns into a drum n bass/Jungle rocker that is heavy on the distortion. It's like Mario just said f*ck it and started banging on pipes. Throw in an airy female cry and all of a sudden I'm looking over my shoulder. Very futuristic and awesome Dance with me sprocket! Stimulation (part Three)- "I keep thinking that what we need is a new language. A language of the heart." This is Aural Planet correct? Heavy technoid beats and farty bass pound one out while a sample tells me not to move. Kinda hard though because this is funky sh*t. DnB and jungle riffs join the party and I am really wondering what I've just stepped in. Subtropolis 10893- This is the first of four versions of the same track. Usually I don't like where that's going, but let's see what happens. With a futuristic and industrial sounding breakbeat we are off. It begins to get a little cluttered even though the very hard hitting bass slam is present thoughout. And when the hell did Blade Runner get here? Saxophone? Interesting. Subtropolis 10893 (Crankshaft Blossmx)- There are more melodies here and he upped the glitch factor as well. The break slinks like it's trying not to be noticed and there is a whole eerie presence. I'm picturing liquid silver rolling on black marble and I have no idea why. I liked it better than the original until it sounded like my tape just got ate up. Remember cassetes? No. You probably don't. Subtropolis 10893 (Auralp rmx)- With some clunky loops a dubby beat forms the foundation. Now these guys know how to do remixes. If I didn't have the tracklist there is no way I would know these were remixes. It's noiser in a non melodic way with effects banging away like he was in a factory somewhere. Meh. Necrodelica- "There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling transmission." No but there is something wrong with my player. It's making these harsh, shrill sounds that me no likey. That sample? Hope you like it because they beat you over the head with it. Upsilon- Like the rest of the tracks it sounds very electronic and cold with a heavy techno beat. Phoebus- The funky electro breakbeat has some appeal as electronic effects that sound like the whales song hum throughout. But it didn't stay with me. Like Arby's. Costa Del Nymphos- More breakbeat electro all up in your earhole. And just like that...it's forgotten. Gene- Floaty downtempo with a hammond organ I believe. Very trippy, and actually warm. Probably my favorite along with Paleo. Subtropolis 10893 (Nemezis Rmx)- The last remix of this track and it sounds nothing like the original so good stuff there. The saxophone is distorted and scratchy as other electronic sounds are strangled over top. Sounds of bottle being knocked over, birds chirping, One thing I will say is that this is very different from any of their previous releases. It's very electronic with a futuristic feel. It's also all over the genre map. Techno, industrial, breakbeat, DnB,...everything but trance. Nice to listen to something that isn't in 4/4 time and hi-hats blazing. Most of the tracks are fairly short compared to psychedelic styles as only 2 are over 7 minutes. There wasn't a standout track for me, but the journey was enjoyable. I would recommend it for a listen, but it wouldn't be something that I would listen to regularly. Mdk
  8. Dans le cadre de La semaine culturelle de la Techno Parade... GAIA CONCEPT, COURTOISIE REC. et SEXY CAT FUCKERS presentent : "L'Electro fait son cirque" 3 Assos, 5 Chapiteaux, 3 Dancefloors, Grand espace extérieur DIMANCHE 16 SEPTEMBRE 2012 de 11h du matin à Minuit [/img] GAIA CONCEPT: Progressive & Trance DJ’s : LIQUID SOUL - Iboga Rec – CH MIKE MAGUIRE - Juno Reactor – UK ADRIEN FONTAINE - Krome Pressings/Bus Rec DRENAN - Cyklones / Lono music RISE - Oreades Prod. PSYCHOTROP - Amertume / Neurobiotic Rec ZEUD – Gaïa ONIRYX - Morning / Maninkari Crew Live Act : SQUAZOID - Mandala Rec Déco « fluodélic » ORGANIK GARDEN Show/Performances : ShamaY’ & China-Lucioles COURTOISIE REC.: Deep Tech House Dj´s: EDDIE 'FLASHIN' FOWLKES (Detroit Wax - USA) D2b - BulletDodge / Elektrotribe FREDDY - Courtoisie rec JEROME PACMAN - Courtoisie rec ARMAND - Courtoisie rec JEF K - Silver Network MASTER SEB - Plusquam Division RAF FENDER - Plusquam Division AUTAUM B SEXY CAT FUCKERS : Techno & More DJ’s : JULIAN LIBERATOR - 4x4 Rec – UK LAURENT HO - UWe - FR BOMBDAHOUSE – S.C.F. ALEX PLASTIK - Atomic Soda Rec / S.C.F. JUL.EK - Eksesiv / S.C.F. TRIPSY – S.C.F. KARL – S.C.F. CHRIS – Toolbox L‘ESCROCK – S.C.F. Déco «Freak Circus» Show-performance : La Teatreria, Roula Lame Gillette, Lila Chupa Hoops, Lady Woodleg and Miss Cuitée, Georgette Clownée & more... INFORMATIONS . Accueil gratuit pour les enfants (Pass manèges 5 euros) Restauration, BBQ et buvette sur place Jongleurs, magie, clowns, hula hoop, freak cancan, maquillage, sculpture sur ballons, barbe à papa... + Cours de French Cancan et Charleston par Monika Knap all day long! Préventes : 10 euros + frais de commission Sur place selon disponibilte, capacite 2500 pers (gratuit pour les enfants) @ Techno Import, FNAC, Virgin, Digitick, Réseau Billetel, gaiaconcept.com https://www.facebook...3667532/?ref=ts PLAN ACCES : Rendez-Vous sur le site d’ "une journée au cirque": https://www.facebook...34832692?ref=ts Parc des Chanteraines (92), à 10 mn de Paris 115, Bd Charles de Gaulle 92390 Villeneuve-la-Garenne - En voiture : accès par l‘A86 sortie Villeneuve-la-Garenne centre ou Z.I puis suivre le fléchage "une journée au cirque 92", de Pte Maillot, rejoindre l'A86 par la Défense, dir. St-Denis | de Pte de Clignacourt, rejoindre lA 86 par la RN 14, dir. Cergy Pontoise - En transport en commun : Bus 137 depuis la Pte de Clignacourt (terminus), 177 depuis le m° Gabriel PERI (terminus) RER C, descendre à Gennevilliers (92) et prenre le petit train pour traverser le parc des Chanterienes Dans le cadre de La semaine culturelle de la Techno Parade...
  9. Human Element - Chain Reaction Remixes EP (DigiStr17) Genre: Progressive House Format: Digital Download Release date: 21rd of May 2012 01. Human Element - Chain Reaction ( Piatto Remix ) 02. Human Element - Chain Reaction ( Gabi 2B Remix ) 03. Human Element - Chain Reaction ( Original Mix ) Release note DigiStr18 consists of previously released Chain Reaction track, for those that missed – worth checking out, especially for outdoor venues, it’s a proper crossover tune - a genre defying rollercoaster. It’s not that we meant for it to happen, but like in our previous release, the 2 remixers on duty, took their inspiration from different parts of the original, making this release a diverse and very useful one - there is something for everyone here. We are very happy to welcome Italian Maestros Piatto to our roster. The remix covers the groovy booty shaking part of the release, very well built, it sounds like 70’s disco came back for a short visit dressed up in an up-to-date interpretation. Gabi 2B brings in a fat production with big epic breakdown, that uses the seminal piece’s orchestration parts to the max. Based on a no nonsense groove and smartly used electro-ish stab sounds, the drop into the emotional chord progression is a goose bump material no doubt. Listen to it: Human Element - Chain Reaction ( Piatto Remix ) http://soundcloud.com/digital-structures/human-element-chain-reaction-3 Human Element - Chain Reaction ( Gabi 2B Remix ) http://soundcloud.com/digital-structures/human-element-chain-reaction-2 Human Element - Chain Reaction ( Original Mix ) http://soundcloud.com/digital-structures/human-element-chain-reaction-1 Supported by: Paul Oakenfold // Kenneth Thomas // Markus Schulz // Hybrid // Stephan Bodzin // Flash Brothers // Andrea Bertolini // Spartaque // James Monro // Crhistian Cambas // Tomcraft // Roy RosenfelD // Emok // Aldrin // Tesla // Tech Safari // Slam // Treavor Moontribe // Atmos // Alen Milivojevic // Tom Hades // Banel // Ivan Pica // Sally Doolally // Pierre Deutschmann // Genaro Le Fosse // Simon Baring // Umek // Jerome Isma-Ae // Sander Kleinenberg // Richie Hawtin // Amo & Navas // Rino Cerrone // Anderson Noise // Balthazar // Mollo // Omid 16B // Profane // Alexander Madness // Micky Da Funk // Steve Sai // The Scumfrog // Alex & Filip Mirabilis // Alessio Frino // Alex Press n Play // Phil Dean, among others. Digital Structures website: http://digital-structures.com Digital Structures facebook: http://www.facebook.com/DigitalStructures .
  10. Enchanting is the new psychedelic chill-out project of Russian trio Tx, Smartex, and Ziflex which make up Raparuma. In ‘Three words’ we find three complex and creative tracks that jump out with character. Combining electronic and acoustic elements, this debut is tweaked to add just the right amount of psyvibe in three distinct worlds. ‘If only’ sets you in a good mood with subtle vocals and moving acoustic guitar. ‘Three worlds’ takes you out, above and beyond with pulsing rhythms and novel synthesis that appears alien. ‘32′ enters the world city world of techno // Soundcloud Stream Previews // http://soundcloud.com/infinity-loop-music/sets/raparuma-three-worlds Download the album // Click
  11. Cosmo Festival is a Psychedelic trance gathering of tribes founded in year 2009. Creating self awareness in dance and unity to celebrate the joy of being on Earth. The beginning of a world consciousness is dawning a new realisation of our cultural roots as human beings has begun. Cosmo Festival will be celebrating its 3rd anniversary in 2012. We believe in uniting people from different cultures and backgrounds making a human alchemy through a medium of Cosmo. Dance, Music, Art & Culture will amplify if you would care to share your presence at our special gathering in United Kingdom. -- MUSIC GENRES : :: Psytrance :: Goa Trance :: Psygressive :: :: Progressive :: Chillout/Ambient :: Minimal Techno :: Live Acoustic Stage ██████████ MAIN STAGE ██████████ FIRST BATCH OF LINEUP.... ELECTRYPNOSE (2to6 Records) CH http://soundcloud.com/vince-1-1 SENSIENT (Zenon Records) AU http://soundcloud.com/sensient ONKEL DUNKEL (Parvati Records) DK http://soundcloud.com/onkeldunkel JAHBO (Parvati Records) DK http://soundcloud.com/jahbo FLOOTING GROOVES (Peak Records) SA http://soundcloud.com/flooting-grooves IANUARIA (Blue Hour Sounds) AT http://soundcloud.com/ianuaria GROUCH (Zenon Records) NZ http://soundcloud.com/grouchnz ANNOYINGNINJAS (Sanaton Records) DK http://soundcloud.com/annoyingninjas WHRIKK (Sanaton Records) NL http://soundcloud.com/whrikk ANKUR (Lost Theory Records) DE http://soundcloud.com/ankur-seres-music DOHM (Frequency Mafia) LIT http://soundcloud.com/dohm ZOOLOG (Parvati Records) DK http://soundcloud.com/zoolog LOOSE CONNECTION (Free Radicals Records) UK http://soundcloud.com/loose-connection SPROCKET (Catawampus Records) UK http://soundcloud.com/psy-clone_sprocket MARK DAY (Blue Hour Sounds) UK http://soundcloud.com/mark-day TANTRIX (Blue Hour Sounds) UK/IT http://soundcloud.com/tantrix GIUSEPPE (Parvati Records) DK http://soundcloud.com/p-30 LUCA (Blue Hour Sounds) IT http://soundcloud.com/luca-bluehoursounds JASSMINE (Blue Hour Sounds) IT http://soundcloud.com/jazzmine TREVOR PIXIE (Planet Zoid) UK FORDY (Cosmo Festival) UK PURPLE WIZARD (Cosmo Festival) UK SECOND BATCH OF LINEUP ...... coming soon ██████████ LUNAR STAGE ██████████ *** LIVE IN CONCERT *** ISHQ (Interchill Records) UK http://www.ishq.org/ DE FUEGO (GuitarPro) ESP http://www.csybu.com/ FLOOTING GROOVES (Peak Records) SA http://soundcloud.com/flooting-grooves **** LIVE ACTS **** SENSIENT (Zenon Records) AU http://soundcloud.com/sensient GROUCH (Zenon Records) NZ http://soundcloud.com/grouchnz ONE TASTY MORSEL (Zenon Records) AU ** FIRST TIME IN UK ** http://soundcloud.com/onetastymorsel ELECTRYPNOSE (2to6 Records) CH http://soundcloud.com/vince-1-1 PSPIRALIFE (Zenon Records) AU ** FIRST TIME IN UK ** http://soundcloud.com/pspiralife HYPOGEO (Zenon Records) IT http://soundcloud.com/hypogeo RADIOACTIVE CAKE (Glitchy Tonic Records) DE http://soundcloud.com/radioactive-cake TANTRIX (Blue Hour Sounds) UK/IT http://soundcloud.com/tantrix BRUJO'S BOWL (Zenon Records) UK http://soundcloud.com/brujosbowl ZEITGEIST (Glitchy Tonic Records) DE http://soundcloud.com/zeitgeist-aka-r-cake ASHTOZ - UK ** UK DEBUT ** http://soundcloud.com/astoh AKASHA EXPERIENCE (Free Spirit Records) UK http://soundcloud.com/akashaexperience LEMONTREE (Blue Hour Sounds) UK http://www.discogs.com/artist/Lemon+Tree --- DJ SET --- SPROCKET (Catawampus Records) UK http://soundcloud.com/psy-clone_sprocket/magnetic IMPULSE RESPONSE (Cosmo Festival) UK http://soundcloud.com/impulse-response LORRAINE( Psilosybe Tribe) UK http://soundcloud.com/lorrainepsilocybetribe SPINDRIFT (Planet Bob) UK http://soundcloud.com/sean-spindrift LUCA (Blue Hour Sounds) IT http://soundcloud.com/luca-bluehoursounds JASSMINE (Blue Hour Sounds) IT http://soundcloud.com/jazzmine IAN DUB (Something Groovy) UK http://www.myspace.com/iaindub ADD SIMEON (Something Groovy) UK http://www.myspace.com/somethingroovy RODRIGO (DMT Tribe) PT SPOONA (Planet Bob) UK https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=587145940 MR. MUSH (Free Spirit Records) UK http://www.free-spiritrecords.com/index.php/artists/djs/progressive/mrmush NELSON MANDALA (Cosmo Festival) DK PLUMSTEAD - UK -- ART & CULTURE-- Website : www.cosmofestival.org We create the stage and invite all people to create their stories. Come and realise the true expression of the self through the presence of the cosmically amplified Full moon. Visionary Art : We invite visionary artists who would like to have an opportunity to express themself and gain the appraisal, reviews or just like to exhibit their vision with other artists who have a taste for something more deeper. please write us an email at : info@cosmofestival.org ... we are waiting to hear from you. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have a creative ability which you think can add to our beautiful gathering. Fire Rituals : We would like to invite fire performers who would like to come dance and show their magical talents with the fire element. please write us an email at : info@cosmofestival.org The new website, regular info updates and the line-up are coming very soon. -- TICKETS -- Website : www.cosmofestival.org Chose your super saver price ticket to enjoy the feeling of knowing with joy that you have an amazing weekend waiting for you in 2012. E-Tickets : http://www.onlinestall.com/cgi-bin/stall2.pl?act=ep&id=4378 COSMO Festival 2012 is an over 18’s Event: Read the Terms and Conditions before purchasing your ticket. : TICKET AGENT :: :: United Kingdom :: Access All Areas Website : http://www.accessallareas.org/ 2nd Floor, 30c Camden Lock Place, London, NW1 8AL. Tel: +44 (0)20 7267 8320 & +44 (0)20 7267 6148 Opening hours: Mon – Wed 12pm - 7pm / Thur – Sat 12pm - 8pm E-Tickets : http://www.onlinestall.com/cgi-bin/stall2.pl?act=ep&id=4378 :: AMBASSADORS :: Cosmo Festival family is all around the world. We have different ambassadors that represent the festival in 30. An Ambassador is someone or any organization that will be able to inform you any info you may need about the festival and sell Cosmo Festival 2012 tickets. The Ambassador list will be publicly announced by November 2011. Any doubt, please contact: info@cosmofestival.org ███████████████ CONTACT US ████████████████ For people interested in having a Market Stall/ Space : info@cosmofestival.org For people who wish to volunteer : Check the Work section on our website.. For General information if you still have questions after visiting our website : info@cosmofestival.org Fan page : https://www.facebook.com/cosmofestival2011 Goabase : http://www.goatrance.de/goabase/party/details/62545 ●●●●●●●●●●●● TOGETHER WE MAKE A TRIBE ●●●●●●●●●●●● ●●●●●●●●●●●● Cosmo Festival Crew ●●●●●●●●●●●● See you on the dancefloor if not before! Website : www.cosmofestival.org E-Tickets : http://www.onlinestall.com/cgi-bin/stall2.pl?act=ep&id=4378
  12. EUPHORIC from the dark Style: Psychedelic trance, Hard techno Time: 00:50:52 Mixed date: 2012.03.20 TRACKLIST 1. Silent Sphere - intruder 2. Bionix - fighting shadows (Braniac remix) 3. Prodigy - no good (Eskimo remix) 4. Robert Natus - 40-50C 5. Prodigy - no good (Andy Mcgirr rework) 6. Robert Natus & God's Army - you did survive 7. Arkus P - if you can dream 8. Deathmachine - imitations 9. Speedball - sci-fi 10. Pop Stream - off the track (Mind Complex remix) SOUNDCLOUD http://soundcloud.com/user2048411/euphoric-from-the-dark This is radio podcast (one shot) mix for radio station ( http://www.powerhitradio.lt/?underpage=57.81510 ) If you like from the dark, please check it here for another (older) psychedelic trance mix ( http://soundcloud.com/mysticdreammix/mystic-dream ) Thanks for comments and reviews
  13. At The Crossroads Vol.1 (DigiStr16) Genre: Techno, Progressive, Electro House Format: Digital Download Release date: 19th of March 2012 01. Gabi 2B - Locked In The VIP Room 02. Human Element - Chain Reaction 03. Diamandy - Believe System 04. Perfect Stranger - Slope ( Roy RosenfelD’s Extended Remix ) 05. Indepth - Parabola 06. A. Balter - Beans ( Koen Groeneveld Remix ) 07. A. Balter & Eitan Reiter - Komodo Dragon Release note Digital Structures makes its fashionably late entry into 2012 with “At The Crossroads Vol.1” - first installment of series of mini compilations planned for this year. Gabi 2B is a new name on the block, having 2 successful tracks released under 1605 and Iboga Records, brings in his third, equipped with moody melodic hook and a BIG break - it’s a winner!! The Swiss alchemist Martin Knecht ( Human Element ) with his progressive psy crossover rollercoaster ‘Chain Reaction’, introduces a very useful weapon especially for the outdoor season that is about to come. Another newcomer to DS is Diamandy, that presents here a dark and minimalist number ‘Believe System’, with effective voice samples throughout and a powerful riff climaxing in the breakdown. Next in line is Roy RosenfelD, Israeli Electro wunderkind, that remixes Perfect Stranger’s ‘Slope’ and creates a groovy and kicking, haunted electro-progressive mashup… Israeli Shahar Melamed ( Indepth ) is closing the ‘unreleased’ part of this mini compilation, with groovy and playful Techno number ‘Parabola’ that smoothly develops into a seducing melodic crescendo. Koen Groeneveld’s signature remix of A. Balter’s track ‘Beans’ is nhext, no nonsense here as usual with Koen’s productions, and the same usual suspect Balter makes his second appearance, this time with his mate Eitan Reiter, signing off this chapter of “At The Crossroads” with their smoothest creation so far - ‘Komodo Dragon’. Listen to it: The whole set: http://soundcloud.co...ossroads-vol-1/ Gabi 2B - Locked In The VIP Room http://soundcloud.co...in-the-vip-room Human Element - Chain Reaction http://soundcloud.co...-chain-reaction Diamandy - Believe System http://soundcloud.co...-believe-system Perfect Stranger - Slope ( Roy RosenfelD’s Extended Remix ) http://soundcloud.co...anger-slope-roy Indepth - Parabola http://soundcloud.co...bola-soundcloud A. Balter - Beans ( Koen Groeneveld Remix ) http://soundcloud.co...soundcloud-clip A. Balter & Eitan Reiter - Komodo Dragon http://soundcloud.co...odo-dragon-clip Digital Structures website (80% finished): http://www.digital-structures.com Digital Structures Facebook: http://www.facebook....gitalStructures Digital Structures Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.co...ital-structures Digital Structures Twitter: http://twitter.com/digitalStrct .
  14. In his last work Cristian Soriano created a kind of psychedelic techno in both tracks of the EP Pleiadian Prophecy. The first track Antarctic waters on America is a very hard and dramatic tune that narrates the day of the destruction of the United States by a big Tsunami triggered by an earthquake. The second tune Recuerdos de otras vidas is a chilling track full of good energy. If anything characterizes the label Nomad Wave is the good vibes that could be find in its wave-art. Buy It here Listen it here
  15. Aaron Peacock: Hero EP out now - Techno from Ocelot! Deep and dirty minimal techno from Aaron Peacock, the producer who has over the last two decades gained worldwide recognition with his psy-trance and chillout project Ocelot. Hero EP showcases two hypnotic and funky tech tunes with an inevitable spacey psychedelic feel to them. For full length samples go to: http://music.psylife.net/album/hero-ep Available through Psylife Music, Beatport, iTunes, Emusic, Juno, etc More info on Ocelot: www.ocelot.properform.ch www.facebook.com/pages/ocelot/52481987054
  16. Hello friends! We are happy to announce our catalog on Beatport's Sound to Sample. All about loops/samples/midi files/full projects - for House/Trance/Electro/HipHop/coming soon - Drum'n'Bass and more! Enjoy!!! soundstosample.com/producer/Function_Loops/102
  17. Simple Man psychedelic music from Hungary Official Site Facebook Cosmic Connections 01 http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=IseqKfnmwuY Tracklist: 01 Ovnimoon - Eight K Miles (2010 remix) 02 Egorythmia - Dark Ages 03 Suntree - Observation (Flegma and Nerso remix) 04 Echotek - Paradise Lost 05 Symphonix - Home Sweet Home (AudioLoad remix) 06 Zyce and Vice - Neutron 07 Hi Profile - Unique (Side Winder remix) 08 Middle Mode and Nerso - Deep Blue 09 Liquid Space - Accord of Sounds 10 Inner State - Backswitch 11 Sinister Silence - Heaven and Hell (Vaishiyas and Audiomatic remix) 12 Alchemix - Time is Direction
  18. hello im selling these at discogs, but i will send at much lower prices off-line, if like some contact me at : ped.per@gmail.com i think this is the link : http://www.discogs.com/sell/list?seller=pedropfromportugal all good pedro
  19. A. Balter- Art Off 2011 EP (DigiStr15) Genre: Techno Format: Digital Download Release date: 24th of October 2011 01. A. Balter - Art Off 2011 (re-edit) 02. A. Balter - Art Off 2011 (Matador remix) Check it out here: http://www.beatport....off-2011/816195 Release note Art Off was probably the main track that introduced A. Balter to the Minimal & Techno crowds little more than 2 years ago, entered the Minimal charts on Beatport and stayed there for quite some time. The 2011 re-edit just as phat, dark, brooding and nasty as we would expect this tune to sound after 2 years of studio excavations. Irish Techno ambassador Matador, who is our guest for this EP, brings the darkness of the original into a stomping galore and boy we like it! Listen to it: A. Balter - Art Off 2011 (re-edit) http://soundcloud.com/digital-structures/a-balter-art-off-2011 A. Balter - Art Off 2011 (Matador remix) http://soundcloud.com/digital-structures/a-balter-art-off-2011-matador Supported by: Tocadisco // Dubfire // Mark Knight // Umek // Stefano Noferini // Paco Osuna // Dave Seaman // Alan Fitzpatrick // Christian Cambas // Christian Varela // Mistress Barbara // Markantonio // Tomcraft // Roy RosenfelD // Filthy Rich // Andreas Henneberg // Tomy DeClerque // Jerome Isma Ae // Sebastian Ingrosso // AudioJack // Richie Hawtin // Flash Brothers // D-Formation // Funkagenda // Rino Cerrone // Matt Darey // Bjoern Scheurmann // Omid 16B // Markus Schulz // Seismal D // Patch Park // Alan Milivojevic // Angy Kore // Antix // DJ Banel // DJ Osho // Alex & Filip Mirabilis // Aldrin // Mapusa Mapusa// Jalebee Cartel // Tesla // Steve Sai // Jonty Skruff // Balthazar // Glitter // Mollo // Anderson Noise // Lance Blaise // Treavor Moontribe // Tarlouf X // Amotz Tokatly // Sheff // Tech Safari // Dandi & Ugo & more. A. Balter Facebook: https://www.facebook...er/174337568039 Digital Structures Facebook: http://www.facebook....gitalStructures Digital Structures Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.co...ital-structures Digital Structures Twitter: http://twitter.com/digitalStrct .
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