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  1. Israeli morning melancholy in Goa trance

    Beautiful one right here:
  2. Set 3

    My third set! Starts off sweet and melodic and progresses to uplifting full-on. Finishes with a classic. Tell me what you think about it 142 - 146 bpm Stereofeld - Tuning in - 00:00 Oforia - Into another universe - 08:55 Infected Mushroom - BP Empire - 15:55 Talpa - People are animals - 22:45 Trold - Tricky reality - 30:20 The Misted Muppet - Might and magic - 38:50 The Misted Muppet - From the legend - 44:15 Infected Mushroom - The missed symphony - 50:50
  3. Set 2 - Psychedelic / Goa

    Hi guys, My second set is up and I'm really proud Energy builts smoothly along the set and climaxes at the final track. Let me know what you think about track choice, transitions and flow. 140 - 149 bpm Blue Planet Corporation: Blue pill - 00:00 Wizzy Noise: Tribal dawn - 07:40 Noosphere: Carpe Noctum - 13:15 E-mantra: Dansul Ielelor (Neurosect edit 2011)- 18:44 Pleiadians: Taygeta - 26:12 OOOD: Find your mind - 34:32 MWNN: Possessed - 42:44 MFG: New kind of world - 48:13 Hope you enjoy. Thanks to all the artists for making such nice music
  4. My first set

    Hello there! Some of you might remenber me from the old Psynews days. It has always been one of my dreams to DJ. I have a feeling i can bring good sets into the psytrance community So here's my first set. Please listen to it and let me know what you think about track selection, flow and transitions between tracks.
  5. Psy-trance with heavy guitar riffs?

    Shit! Now I realize how fuck?!g badass this track sounds!
  6. Psy-trance with heavy guitar riffs?

    Not well known but it must one the heaviest tracks with guitar riffs i know. Prepare to head bang at 4:30
  7. I would like a banner or a logo

    Hello Astral Projection, send me a PM and we'll talk. I'm a graphic designer and maybe I could help you
  8. Albums you dislike, but the reviews say otherwise

    What about Alcyone?! One of the greatest psytrance tracks eva! But also agree that the overall album isn't that great. I had it sold it because it was not that special :/
  9. I didn't know where in the forum to post this. Please move it if needed. Does anybody have the contact of Talpa and Amitha Buddha? Thank you
  10. rave pride

    How can we have access to the tracklist?
  11. Tinnitus /constant ringing in the ears

    Do you know a good online store to buy these?
  12. Tinnitus /constant ringing in the ears

    Those look very nice but damn... 165€!
  13. Tinnitus /constant ringing in the ears

    What kind of earplugs do you have drosophila? I have bought these: http://intl.fender.com/en-PT/accessories/miscellaneous/musician-series-ear-plugs-black/ You think they are ok?
  14. Monster acid goa trance tracks?

    Not goa but so mean! Just wait till 00:30...
  15. Tinnitus /constant ringing in the ears

    Are benzos drugs? I sometimes also listen to background music while going to sleep. It helps.