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Found 1 result

  1. Artist: Aural Planet Title: 5 EX Engine Label: Vivo Date: 2002 1. Paleo 2. Stimulation Part 3 3. Subtropolis 10893 4. Subtropolis 10893 (Crankshaft Blossmx) 5. Subtropolis 10893 (Auralp rmx) 6. Necrodelica 7. Upsilon 8. Phoebus 9. Costa Del Nymphos 10. Gene 11. Subtropolis 10893 (Nemezis Rmx) I'm sorry what the f*ck? This is Jacek Dojwa, Konrad Gmurek, Radosław Kochman, and Adam Skorupa from Poland who later became Sundial Aeon. They no longer release music as this project, but they have to be one of the most varied acts I have ever heard. Other than the train wreck that continues to call itself Infected Mushroom of course. Their first album Lightflow was a downtempo and ambient gem followed up by Part: Seconde which was some awesome goa trance. This is their 3rd full length release and they have officially left the reservation and gone rogue. "You betcha! Pew! Pew!" Nothing wrong with trying to stretch the creative legs right? Paleo- What begins as a slow industrial moody sumb*tch turns into a drum n bass/Jungle rocker that is heavy on the distortion. It's like Mario just said f*ck it and started banging on pipes. Throw in an airy female cry and all of a sudden I'm looking over my shoulder. Very futuristic and awesome Dance with me sprocket! Stimulation (part Three)- "I keep thinking that what we need is a new language. A language of the heart." This is Aural Planet correct? Heavy technoid beats and farty bass pound one out while a sample tells me not to move. Kinda hard though because this is funky sh*t. DnB and jungle riffs join the party and I am really wondering what I've just stepped in. Subtropolis 10893- This is the first of four versions of the same track. Usually I don't like where that's going, but let's see what happens. With a futuristic and industrial sounding breakbeat we are off. It begins to get a little cluttered even though the very hard hitting bass slam is present thoughout. And when the hell did Blade Runner get here? Saxophone? Interesting. Subtropolis 10893 (Crankshaft Blossmx)- There are more melodies here and he upped the glitch factor as well. The break slinks like it's trying not to be noticed and there is a whole eerie presence. I'm picturing liquid silver rolling on black marble and I have no idea why. I liked it better than the original until it sounded like my tape just got ate up. Remember cassetes? No. You probably don't. Subtropolis 10893 (Auralp rmx)- With some clunky loops a dubby beat forms the foundation. Now these guys know how to do remixes. If I didn't have the tracklist there is no way I would know these were remixes. It's noiser in a non melodic way with effects banging away like he was in a factory somewhere. Meh. Necrodelica- "There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling transmission." No but there is something wrong with my player. It's making these harsh, shrill sounds that me no likey. That sample? Hope you like it because they beat you over the head with it. Upsilon- Like the rest of the tracks it sounds very electronic and cold with a heavy techno beat. Phoebus- The funky electro breakbeat has some appeal as electronic effects that sound like the whales song hum throughout. But it didn't stay with me. Like Arby's. Costa Del Nymphos- More breakbeat electro all up in your earhole. And just like that...it's forgotten. Gene- Floaty downtempo with a hammond organ I believe. Very trippy, and actually warm. Probably my favorite along with Paleo. Subtropolis 10893 (Nemezis Rmx)- The last remix of this track and it sounds nothing like the original so good stuff there. The saxophone is distorted and scratchy as other electronic sounds are strangled over top. Sounds of bottle being knocked over, birds chirping, One thing I will say is that this is very different from any of their previous releases. It's very electronic with a futuristic feel. It's also all over the genre map. Techno, industrial, breakbeat, DnB,...everything but trance. Nice to listen to something that isn't in 4/4 time and hi-hats blazing. Most of the tracks are fairly short compared to psychedelic styles as only 2 are over 7 minutes. There wasn't a standout track for me, but the journey was enjoyable. I would recommend it for a listen, but it wouldn't be something that I would listen to regularly. Mdk
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