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  1. http://www.mixcloud.com/katalepsis/drums-in-the-deep/ Guest mix for DJ Kalizer's show on Tonik Radio . You can check out this great psytrance show Thursdays at 8pm on http://tunein.com/radio/Tonik-Radio-Ireland-s132275/ 1.Qula - Etnoscope 2.RubberBand Man - TechTonic 3.Tribal Metal - Xerox & Illumination 4.Critical Mass - TechTonic 5.Electronic Sunrise - Static Movement Vs. Impact 6.Circle Of Life - Static Movement Vs. Fender Bender 7.Existence - Static Movement Vs. Space Hypnose 8.Limine - Uttara 9.Fiat Lux - Uttara
  2. A set I've been working on for quite a while now - darker than I had planned originally Mixcloud - http://www.mixcloud.com/katalepsis/gnosis-engine Soundcloud - http://soundcloud.com/katalepsis/gnosis-engine Tracklist: Techno Trousers Brujos Bowl The Mother Tongue Tetrameth Eclectic Benevolence Tetrameth Crop cirlces Decoy Lost in the forest Mr Squatch Cultural respect Bushmech Walk in the woods Bushmech 5rv's & A Pound Of K (Vs. Tetrameth) Captain Hook Secret Zone Pick Ride the snake Grouch
  3. A mix inspired by a dream I had as a child where Bosco, the Care Bears and I all sailed up the grand canal in a boat. To quote Bosco: Knock knock, open wide, see what's on the other side, Knock knock, any more, come with me through the Magic Door http://www.mixcloud.com/katalepsis/aint-life-grand-canal-mix and here is the Mixcrate link for downloads http://www.mixcrate.com/katalepsis/aint-life-grand-canal-mix-327667 Tracklist: Radio GuerillaSolid Snake DeependingPoint Under the shadeAntix Serenaii (antix remix)Sun Control Species Keen String rmxFiord Techno & Trumpets (An
  4. Update of my last set - much happier with this version. https://soundcloud.com/katalepsis/darkling-glory
  5. http://soundcloud.co.../darkling-glory New set after a long absence. Darker and faster prog than I've done before but I'm pretty happy with it. Free to download or play from SoundCloud. I am a little unsure about the last track so any and all input appreciated. Primitive - SQL Sub Standard - One Tasty Morsel Apocalipstick (Ramafication Mix) - Jamie Leigh & Ben Rama Theobromine In Blood - Theobroma Survival Of The Fittest - Zeitgeist Chaos Engine (Puddle Mix) - Vacuum Stalkers Darwin - Zeitgeist Human Design - Captain Hook Phoenix - Zeitgeist Black Humor
  6. Thanks dude, glad you like it. I had some of these tracks for quite a while before I could find somewhere to use them.
  7. Dj: Katalepsis SET: Sun reflected on snow Date: 2011 Style: Progressive psy Size: 113mb http://soundcloud.com/katalepsis/sun-reflected-on-snow My newest set - available for listening or download free on SC. A more 'colourful' melodic set than the others. I was trying to capture a bit of a wide open, scenic vibe on this one. If you get a chance listen to it with this video playing - . SSX Tricky untracked stage - a partial inspiration for the set. Tracklist: Scienza Nuova - Sun Control Species Serenaii - Sun Control Species Hybrid - Fiord Kick me shake
  8. Dj: Katalepsis SET: Mr Tallyman Date: 2011 Style: Progressive psy-techno Size: 123.9mb A much techier mix than any of my previous stuff (a little harder too) but still with elements of psy. SC - Katalepsis - Mr Tallyman Free Cloud (A.Balter Remix) - Perfect Stranger Seven Seas (Nyquist Remix) - Beckers Too Deep In Bleep - Solid Snake Barbelith - Ben Rama Gypsies & Jezebels - Ben Rama Kezevmozar - Astronivo The Path - Quantize Suffocate (Remix) - Excizen Calgary - Tactic Tech Vapour Club - Excizen
  9. Download limit reached on Soundcloud - download moved to rapidshare: Rapidshare
  10. Not the final version but I got tired of waiting for myself to finish it. You can listen to or download the mix from Soundcloud here: http://soundcloud.com/katalepsis/the-furthest-city-light Kind of an introspective trance mix until half way through... The Hoard (Album Rendition) Antix Seven Seas Antix Hollows Sol Connection Red Robin Antix Stardust Perfect Stranger Time Quantize Retro Life True Lies Coconuts (Nyquist Remix) Kasey Taylor Ground Tracer Ectima
  11. Dj: Katalepsis SET: Turbulence Date: 2010 Style: Progressive psy Size: 63.2mb Set list Love in Stereo (Jerome Isma-Ae Rmx) The Reason (Perfect Stranger Rmx) Quantize Vs. BLT - Monkey And The Rabbit A Sucker For Weekends - ticon Blazed (Ticon Remix) - fm radio gods Irritant - xdream Palm Trees (Slow Mo Mix)- Disco Hooligans You can listen to or download the mix from Soundcloud here http://soundcloud.com/katalepsis/turbulence
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