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Found 20 results

  1. ARTIST: Mindsphere ALBUM: Patience For Heaven LABEL: Suntrip Records YEAR: 2012 FORMAT: CD (Double) STYLE: Psychedelic, Goa Trance TRACKLIST: DISC 1: Patience For Heaven Shape Of Imagination (8:21) World Is Yours (8:34) Cosmos Evolution (8:01) All Alone (8:47) Ornementation (7:57) In To Reality (8:24) Spirits Of Devotion (9:17) Patience For Heaven (7:11) Circled (11:23) DISC 2: Inner Cyclone (Remastered) Painful Stories (11:02) Mindrama (9:56) We Have A Dream (7:48) Wasted Years (8:53) Operation Side (10:37) To Infinity (9:32) Inner Cyclone (11:14) Fusion (7:33) Unique
  2. In my opinion, HypoGeo's Tree of Lies album is one of the important productions of 2012 in dark-progressive genre of psytrance music. There is a deep and dark sound existed in his sound and this is what distinguishes him from many other producers. He loves to make music and you can feel this when you listen him. HypoGeo- Tree of Lie Released: 2012 Record Label: Zenon Records Genre: Dark Progressive Album Cover of Tree of Lies Tracklist: 01. HypoGeo - Micro/drama 02. HypoGeo Feat Nomolos - Walking On A Frozen Lake 03. HypoGeo - Plyomatik 04. HypoGeo - The La
  3. Brains & Bones Clark Alejandro aka Alex aka Brains & Bones is a 34 years old visionary psy-trance artist and sculptor from Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, and here we have his debut album on Sonic Tantra Recs. C.R.A.N.E.O.S C.R.A.N.E.O.S exposes you to a unique and powerful texture of sounds and propels your mind and consciousness to a new state of being, a complete exit from this dimension into the dark fantastical lands of Brains & Bones. Intense Euphoric time travel happens as the master directly induces shamanic beats booming at 180 bpm onwards! This is the new-age high-tech
  4. The Last Point The Last Point is a powerful magic portal that exists. It is neatly tucked in deep wilderness and promises an intense journey to hyper-static states of intense groovedelia each time the psychedelic traveller hits the spot! We encourage you to take a test drive and experience the intensely deep and electrifying magic that happens here. Compiled by none other than our new Goa Hero, PSYNESS, his Highness has done a massive job, of getting together some of the best acts in the newly evolving High-tech Psytrance Genre. You might experience Extreme feelings of getting
  5. Hy! Here are some preview from tracks I'm currently working on... I plan on releasing some of this tracks maybe this or next year, either in EP form or an full lenght album... Hope you enjoy! Soundcloud set: http://soundcloud.co...oming-tracks-12 Bytway I'll release this year all my oldest tracks (10) on goa records/geomagnetic as album CD, but of course with some smaller improvement and better mix quality of all tracks. This album will be a compilation of all my tracks that I produce in 2010-2011!
  6. Zombster Records is proud to celebrate it's first anniversary, releasing it's first compilation ever and showcasing the abilities of all the members who contributed to make this indipendent label grow. From house to electro, from tech to psy, this release perfectly represents the multicoloured universe of the Zombster crew. The compilation will be available from January 18th 2013, including track from Victo Ries Dynamonster (finalist at Mexico Movia Corona) Orihalcon Mothership Loudspeakerz Kill Theory/Kolishin Methud Xamanik and many more https://www.facebook.com/Zombste
  7. Artist....: 'voodler Album.....: Live at TIP World 2012 Type......: Live Session Genre.....: Psychedelic Style.....: Full-On Label.....: Global Trance Promotion Catalog#..: n/a URL.......: http://promodj.com/voodler Rel.Date..: 10.12.2012 Str.Date..: 01.12.2012 Source....: SBD Grabber...: n/a Encoder...: LAME3.98r Quality...: 320kbps / 44,1kHz / Joint Stereo Tracks....: 1 (incl .cue) Length....: 58:18 min Size......: 133,4 MB TRACKLIST (147 bpm): 01. Killerwatts feat. Waio - Wake Up / Nano Records 02. Lamat - New Technologies / Morphonic Records 03
  8. OUT NOW ! Nova Fractal – Fractal Landscape [ovnicd041] (Ovnimoon Records / Goa Records) Title: Fractal Landscape Artist: Nova Fractal Label: Ovnimoon Records, sub of Goa rec Catalogue: OVNICD041 Format: 2 Panel Jewel Case CD Barcode: 881034110169 Release: January 2013 TRACK LIST 1. Nova Fractal - Trough Our Senses 2. Nova Fractal - Autopsy 3. Nova Fractal - Perplexed 4. Nova Fractal - Reality Of Life 5. Sky Technology - Back To Future (Nova Fractal Remix) 6. Nova Fractal - Perception 7. Nova Fractal - Connect 8. Nova Fractal - Common Cold 9. Nova Frac
  9. http://www.altar-rec.../preorders.html Limited to 300 copies http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hQeeUt-hr8 I'm really not liking the floating head on the cover but this release is a must have.
  10. Various Artists - powered UP!! Label: flash-BOIL audio Release: FBAVA01 Style: Modern Psychedelic Tempo: 190-220 BPM Mastering: High Shelf Mastering Studio Artwork: ravin SHANKAR Release Date: 13th July 2012 Format: 96Khz 24bit flac 2012, CERN & the global transformation of consciousness. Just as we approach the mythical popular culture enddate of the “mayan calendar”, CERN is powering up to unleash the power of 14 TeV particle collisions on a mostly unsuspecting world, the Bavarian illuminati bilderberg group prepares to plunge us all in the darkness of WWII
  11. Track promos - http://soundcloud.com/faxinadu/faxi-nadu-feat-oss-distant http://soundcloud.com/faxinadu/faxi-nadu-who-we-are-promo http://soundcloud.com/faxinadu/faxi-nadu-and-manny-zagri http://soundcloud.com/faxinadu/faxi-nadu-finish-the-course Out soon @ Soundkraft Records Mixed EP track - http://soundcloud.com/faxinadu/faxi-nadu-who-we-are-ep-promo
  12. Hy! Today is my birthday and I like to share with you this remix that I made a few months ago: preview and mp3 download: http://soundcloud.co...a-new-hope-nova wav: http://www.mediafire...cmtdetwcaxtmtg1 my gift to you all! Peace!
  13. AVAILABLE NOW!!!! V/A Cinder Vomit Benefit Compilation Akashik Record is excited to Present you V/A CInder Vomit - Benefit Compilation compiled by Egnogra, 33 mantras of the World's best Psychedelic Producer uniting for ONE cause to HELP our family friend David Cinder Vomit, David was diagnosed with a Diverticulotis that ruptured his intestines causing poison and bacteria to spread trough his GI system and almost killing him in the process, surgeons removed 14 inches of his intestines. This has brought a tremendous life-lesson to Cinder and his beautiful family, and the be
  14. V/A - Mechanical Master-Piece *Compiled By: PsychOrale & PsYness* Mastered By: Cosmic Iron Artwork By: Nap 1. YAOTZIN TECH - REACTOR [160] 2. BENG - FORT [170] 3. SICK NOISE - TANDARA MANDARA [170] 4. MR. HADES - ACID MANIAC (STITCH RMX) [170] 5. CRAZY MACHINE vs DROW - THE TRIP MADNESS [175] 6. LYZERGIK BRAIN - WHEN I SAY LOVE [175] 7. MINAGORIS - MADRE AYAHUASCA [173] 8. HOMELESS TOAST COLLECTIVE - GEORGE [170] 9. SOOSPICEY - RERUN [180] 10. DARK LAYNUZ vs TOXINEXIA - CURABYE [185] Download: WAV: http://depositfiles.com/files/6e32z7bee
  15. Calling all ARTivists for BOOM 2012: The time is NOW There exists in the mass media a complex web of disinformation communicated in the most subliminal form. ARTivists have therefore become the historians of the future as they document the truth behind the headlines, raise the consciousness vibration and witness the transformation taking place in our world. So a picture is not just worth a thousand words, but a thousand actions and art has become a powerful tool for expressing activist dissent and for communicating information that impacts us all. Visual communication is thus f
  16. new track,remix of "paradise circus" by massive attack. short version. first part dubstep, 2nd part psystep enjoy and share ! nouvelle compos, remix de "paradise circus" de massive attack. version courte 1er partie dubstep, 2nd partie psystep (mélange de psytrance et de dubstep) http://soundcloud.com/wav_psychedelic_trance/paradise-circus-pre-mastering
  17. EUPHORIC from the dark Style: Psychedelic trance, Hard techno Time: 00:50:52 Mixed date: 2012.03.20 TRACKLIST 1. Silent Sphere - intruder 2. Bionix - fighting shadows (Braniac remix) 3. Prodigy - no good (Eskimo remix) 4. Robert Natus - 40-50C 5. Prodigy - no good (Andy Mcgirr rework) 6. Robert Natus & God's Army - you did survive 7. Arkus P - if you can dream 8. Deathmachine - imitations 9. Speedball - sci-fi 10. Pop Stream - off the track (Mind Complex remix) SOUNDCLOUD http://soundcloud.com/user2048411/euphoric-from-the
  18. ~ Hari Om Tat Sat ~ Here are all tracks released by aGh0Ri in 2011 on several psychedelic trance labels from around the world. These tracks are in different night tempos, ranging between 147 and 180. Not organised in any particular order for listening as released on different compilations with their own stories. You can find the complete albums on Sonic Tantra and aghori tantrik websites. ~~ http://www.sonictantra.com http://agh0ritantrik.weebly.com ~~ Download: http://depositfiles.com/files/apureb0sx ~~ aGh0Ri TanTriK - Mr. Twister (Rootwork Recs, Australia
  19. Hi psynews hope youre all doing well. Iam Fernando Hood (aka smiley pixie) , once oppon a time I had a goa and psytrance music project called "Message To Earth", started in 1999 and lasted until 2006/7, maybe a very few of you remember my tracks on good old mp3.com and Acidplanet , http://www.message-to-earth.web.pt/ . Anyway i have a new hangout were ill be releasing old and new tracks My new page is www.messagetoearth.bandcamp.com These are my Latest Releases: Hope you guys like it. All the releases are on a "pay what you want" basis p.L.U.R
  20. Qubenzis Psy Audio invites you for a one hour epic musical story. A journey into a world of well produced, original, percussively intelligent, underground (kind of melodic) Psychedelic Trance. --------- Album Info --------- Name: Alien Face Lift 2012 Artist: Qubenzis Psy Audio Style: Psychedelic, Melodic Length: 59:35 min Tracks: 7 Released: 1/1/2012 Net Label: Qubetech.net Track List --------- 1 - 9:10 min 142bpm - Synchronicity By Design 2 - 7:45 min 143bpm - Breakfast on Sirius A 3 - 9:18 min 143bpm - Ark of the Covenant 4 - 9:23 min
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