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Found 4 results

  1. DAT Records are proud to reissue the original I.F.O. album together with an incredible live set for the first time ever on vinyl. Released in a 4LP Deluxe Gatefold, it is a stellar edition and a real collector’s item for whoever wants to own the most important album of the Italian Maestros. It comes in 3 versions, Black, Red Transparent + Black and the special Galaxy Version that is a mixture of colours and includes glitters made of silver dust. Each version features the records pressed at 180grams and exists in 100 copies. Tracklist: Pleiadians - I.F.O. Live A1 Pleiadians - Merope 12:36 A2 Pleiadians - Alcyone 8:42 B1 Pleiadians - Asterope 11:26 B2 Pleiadians - Maia 10:37 C1 Pleiadians - Electra 9:46 C2 Pleiadians - Taygeta 9:23 D Etnica - Vimana (Pleiadians Live Mix) 10:25 Pleiadians - I.F.O. [i.dentified F.lying O.bject] E Pleiadians - Maia 11:14 F1 Pleiadians - Taygeta 8:38 F2 Pleiadians - Merope 9:15 G1 Pleiadians - Alcyone 8:23 G2 Pleiadians - Electra 9:09 H1 Pleiadians - Asterope 11:35 H2 Pleiadians - Celaeno 11:45 The music has been gently mastered, taking extra care in preserving the dynamics of the original recordings, after an attempt restoration process that was needed for many of the tracks found on the DAT tapes. Prepare for an interstellar voyage, a joyride of space galactic music mayhem that will take you to places you cannot imagine! Official Release Date: 7th July 2017 Get your copy now on www.datrecords.it
  2. [::::download::::] [:::::mixcloud:::::] (1hr40min/320MP3/242.8MB/©2016) Genre: Psychedelic UFO Alien Contact Goa Trance Goa Trance and aliens are about as perfect of a combination as one could ever muster. They dance symbiotically through science and pseudoscience, the cosmic unknown always teasing the fringe curiously, some understanding of the joke and others believing in it. I spent well over a decade hosting radio shows and even more time making a multitude of mixes for the listening (dis)pleasure of those whom would want to go on a journey with me. When I was approached this past spring to put together a radio show for Space Toilet Radio, I was kind of stumped. I wanted to create a journey but I was somewhat out of ideas on themes. I had done so many already. Then it hit me like a the UFO at Roswell. Taking inspiration from a tag team set I played at **GOA PARTY 4** many years back, every track in this mix references those ancient astronomer ancestors who have been coming to Earth to advance our civilization since the beginning of time… (or have they?!)… While I was specifically asked to keep this pre-2000, I admit that I have pushed that guideline a bit. There are a few tracks that reach into the 2000s included in this mix, but the overall heart is classic Goa, which means that the overall heart is that these flying saucers do not fly, they oscillate between dimensions carrying illegal aliens with blue auras using rays and mind control devices coming down to take your friends away. Or maybe not. I guess we’ll find out some other day… xoxox -Goa goaconstrictor.com/music/a-ufo-alien-contact/
  3. Tangent Gallery 715 E. Milwaukee St, Detroit MI 48202 Welcome to The Gates of Ra! An awe-inspiring, soul-healing, high-frequency event with an art show, spiritual workshops, and an all-night dance party across two stages! Featuring Sara Dopstar, Heersink, Spaceship Earth, YogiMagik, DJoye & DJourney, Amoeba, Shadows of Suns, Neural Patterns, Formless, and Zak & What Army? >> Event Schedule 5:00, Psy-Fly Space Pharaoh Yoga ($10 presale) 6:00, Ra the Art Show (FREE) 6:30, Sacred Wave Gong Immersions ($10* presale) 8:00, Sacred Breathwork Experience (FREE) 9:00, Dance Party ($10 presale) All Events = $25 (presale) Tickets @ www.intergalacticartmovement.com *Sacred Wave will be making a charitable donation to the Detroit Food Academy with a percentage of the proceeds from this event. This session is typically a $30 value, but is being offered at a very special one-time price, so come experience a gong immersion and help support a great cause at the same time! >> The Gates of Ra :: Dance Party (9:00 - 4:00am) We have been blessed by the Gods of Ancient Egypt with TEN* incredible musical performances in two divine temples! Come ready to dance to intergalactic frequencies from realms of higher existence! Bring your hoops, poi, glow sticks, finger lights, yo-yo's, fire toys, and firewood for a late night bonfire! Dress in your best ancient Egyptian space attire for our costume contest - winners will have their choice of prize (incredible ancient artifacts)! > Karnak Temple 9:15, Heersink, Toronto [melodic dark tek] 10:45, Zak & What Army?, Detroit [the god fractal] 11:00, Formless, Arcturus [drum and bass] 12:30, Sara Dopstar, Lyra [progressive psy] 2:30, Amoeba, The Pleiades [psytrance] > Luxor Temple 11:00, Shadows of Suns, Fields of Aaru [ancient electronic] 12:00, DJoye & DJourney, Solaris [temple dub fusion] 1:00, Spaceship Earth, Arcturus [quantum dub] 2:00, YogiMagik, Orion [love hop] 3:00, Neural Patterns, Alpha Draconis [polka rave] > Live Painting & Performances Ken Campbell Ariel Esterline Al Depree Christina Teller Christopher Ceelomon Closson Sara No H Bohan *Extended DJ profiles are listed at the bottom of the event page! Please check them out for links to their music and bio! Additional space is available for live artists of all mediums. Please contact us for more details: intergalacticartmovement@gmail.com! >> Psy-Fly Space Pharaoh Yoga (5:00 - 6:30pm) www.ShantiTimeYoga.com Take a journey with Shanti Time Yoga to Ancient Egypt while Liquid Sound Theory plays a live psybient set! Afterwards, enjoy and participate in a bonus 30-minute AcroYoga introduction. All levels are welcome! Please come 15 minutes early to sign some forms and don't forget your yoga mat! Changing rooms are available at the venue. >> Sacred Wave Gong Immersion & Meditation (6:30 - 8:00pm) www.SacredWaveGongImmersions.com Experience an inspired gong immersion offered by Sacred Wave Gong Immersions! Christopher & Carol each have over 25 years of experience in working with these incredible tools for bringing about calming, soothing, healing, and enlightening states. Please bring something to lie on, a pillow, a light blanket, and a bottle of non-fluoridated water >> Sacred Breathwork Experience (8:00 - 9:00pm) www.facebook.com/Th3CocoonCollective The Cocoon Collective is collaborating with I AM once more and offering a Sacred Breathwork Experience free of charge! Join us for an hour-long session of trance-inducing evocative music. Based on the work of Jungian psychologist C. Michael Smith, Jason & Angela have been studying Sacred Breathwork at the Ph.D level. While this is a free event, nominal donations are much appreciated! >> Ra :: The Art Show (6:00 - 9:00pm) www.IntergalacticArtMovement.com Bending the fabric of space and time, intergalactic artists and universe explorers have traveled through the caverns of time to bring us the wisdom and secrets of the Ancient Egyptians through art & music! "Ra" was inspired by the beauty and wonder of Ancient Egyptian artwork, architecture, mysticism and spiritual teaching. Speakers from Fireweed Universe-City and the Intergalactic Art Movement will introduce their projects and share their visions. Come chat with us and meet our artists! During the art show, we will have a drawing (coloring) contest, a group reiki share and healing sessions, a raffle, a treasure hunt, and more! Complimentary delectable and healthy hors d'oeuvres will be provided by I AM & Fireweed. > Showing Artists & Vendors DVS Jason Koprin Richard Risque Georgia Dyemant Steve Moon Tracita Faie Shekinah Kainesh Nathan Blume Emily Hoglund Kailey Josen Mika Ortiz Neural Patterns Dane Crotto Bubba Brewer Brandon BlueFossil Michael Bogdan Artwork and installations featured at the art show and dance party are available for purchase (unless otherwise stated). After the event, the Main Art Theatre in Royal Oak will be hosting selected art from Ra during the month of May! Want to join the Intergalactic Art Movement? Additional space is available for artist & vendors of all types. Please contact us for more details! We are encouraging artists to submit their Egyptian-themed artwork until April 27th! Please reach us by email: intergalacticartmovement@gmail.com! >> Intergalactic Art Fund Sponsorship Support the by purchasing our merchandise! Proceeds from sponsorship packages will go toward furthering the movement, increasing our exposure, and supporting our crew and artists! All sponsorship packages include admission to the dance party. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support! $15: Bronze, 4x4 I AM Vinyl Decal $20: Silver, 8x10 Gates of Ra Print $40: Gold, Gates of Ra T-Shirt $60: Platinum, Gates of Ra Hoodie Sponsor us @ www.intergalacticartmovement.com >> Extended DJ Profiles > Sara Dopstar, Toronto, Canada @ Eclipse Music Festival in Quebec this July! www.soundcloud.com/Dopstarx www.facebook.com/SaraADopstar Colombian visual artist and DJ Sara Dopstar started her music career in 2011 after being an active member within the underground rave scene as a deco artist and event promoter. Her versatile music choices allow her to flow freely between deep house, tech house, techno, hard techno and psytrance. Always maintaining a fine balance, Sara enjoys sharing the tastiest of melodies and progressions in EDM mixed with a full-bass, rough-edge & darker sound that has now shaped her signature style. On the decks her sets are dedicated to the crowd while delivering a full on energetic performance ready to send dancefloors to unthinkable places. > Heersink, Toronto, Canada www.soundcloud.com/Heersink www.facebook.com/Heersink Matt Heersink has been an active DJ and promoter for over a decade in London & Toronto, Canada, with a focus on UK hard techno and acid techno. Matt consistently focuses his efforts on technicmal mixing and his high-energy live performances. Bringing his own unique style of EDM that aspires to fit both festivals and dance floors, Heersink has been performing at venues and events all over Toronto for the past several years including Nuit Blanche and the World Electronic Music Festival. > Spaceship Earth, Kalamazoo, MI @ Rootwire in West Virginia this July! www.soundcloud.com/SpaceshipEarthMusix www.facebook.com/SpaceshipEarthKZoo Bringing the sacred into electronic music scene and futuristic soundscapes of elemental magik and texturized organic soundswaves, Spaceship Earth's productions are one of a kind. Produced by Ashton Robertson, Spaceship Earth features live guitar over-multidimensional, full-spectrum, holographic light-waves crashing with a resonating rhythm, creating a web, a unified field for us all to soak in. Channeling music from higher parallel future timelines and blending them with ancient beats of the past, Ashton concentrates and morphs it all into a imaginarium of what we call the NOW. Grounded in the roots of the Earth, and projecting the stars and nebulas from within, we are hear to wake up the world, and fully realize our already enlightened state. We are love ♥. > YogiMagik, Kalamazoo, MI @ Rootwire in West Virginia this July! www.soundcloud.com/YogiMagik www.facebook.com/YogiMagik Breaking into the world of EDM with a unique message of unconditional love and raised awareness, YogiMagik is an intriguing integration of live instrumentation and electronic dance music produced by Baba McGnarls a.k.a. Brendan Brown. Primarily, he plays live bass guitar over sacred beats, with the intention of eventually adding live violin, guitar, and keys to the mix as well as live vocals. Baba uses the experiences of all of his lives; past and future, channeling the wisdom and love from those experiences and firmly grounding them in the present moment with the intention of unlocking this MAGIK for all. > DJoye & DJourney, Ann Arbor, MI @ Metta Morphosis Festival in Saline, MI (May 30th!) www.soundcloud.com/DJoy-Soule www.synchroblissity.com Carla Samson & Patrick Soule are explorers and navigators through the world of sacred sound, combining the sacred art of vibrational activation through sound and movement. They are facilitators of DMT Dance Meditation Technique, creating deep sound-scapes for journey's towards healing. Carla also puts on a Dance Church in Ann Arbor every Sunday to bring community together through dance and music. Their mission on Earth is to bring freedom and liberation to bodies and minds everywhere through setting intention and manifesting dreams into reality. Come dance with them! > Neural Patterns, Detroit, MI www.soundcloud.com/Neural-Patterns www.facebook.com/NeuralPatternsDeco After deciding that some things are just better when combined, like a joint in your hand or boobs in your face, Neural Patterns crawled out from his hole and started combining beats. You can catch his ADD-influenced sets everywhere from polka raves, to stuffed animal funerals to midget weddings/divorce parties. Slipping a handful of gummy bears into his pocket during a set just may get your request played. Just make sure you reach down deep and perhaps a little to the left... > Amoeba, Detroit, MI www.soundcloud.com/DjAmoeba www.facebook.com/DjAmoeba In the summer of 2007, Amoeba was introduced to goa and psytrance and the rest is history. "Electric Mind" was Amoeba a.k.a. Phil Matta's first official release. Although it's referred to as "psytrance", many have come to say that it isn't like anything that they've ever heard. The word "Amoeba" is derived from the Greek, amoibē, which means change. Changing and evolving every day, into a better version of himself and his productions, that's what Amoeba's all about. >> I AM... It's a call to your soul to remember who you are...
  4. King Goa Constrictor - Hail to the King [::::download::::] (3hr27min/VariableMP3/412MB/©2013) Genre: Psychedelic Trance Like Aragorn in Lord of the Rings, a true King knows when he should stay hidden and be a regular person, and when he should stand tall and claim his throne as the King and lead his people to glory. After taking a two-year break, it is time for me to rise again and claim my rightful throne as the King; King Goa Constrictor. It’s been over two years since I have made a proper psychedelic trance mix and now it’s time for me to unleash the glory and defend my title of King. Every now and then I come across someone else on the Internet trying to claim to be “the goa constrictor” and this simply will not fly. I am The Goa Constrictor. I am your Shaman Goa Constrictor. I am the King Goa Constrictor. You other goa constrictors should really just stop pretending. Anyway, so here is this mix. A three-hour-thirty-minute long journey through the world of the psychedelic. We start things off with a nice gentle groove before we explode into full power psychedelic madness and chaos. Then shit gets bassy, glitched out, and krunked before crashing through some retro glory and then finally calming down and ending with the panty moistener of the summer. So go get yourself a drop of the psychedelic, turn on your mood lighting, and settle in for the night. Hail to the King because shit’s gonna get psychedelic. For full track listing, please head over to: http://goaconstrictor.com/music/hail-to-the-king/ (I prefer for people to experience the mix without knowing what is gonna happen next during the first listen. but it is all posted for everyone who wants the info on the madness being dropped)
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