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Found 7 results

  1. 하이. 접니다. AZ NHJO HYENNRO(노흐즈오 현느로)입니다. HELLO. PEOPLE. I was produce tracks but recently I play various gmaes. I decide earn money by youtube ad. This first release is OLD Japan game - SUPER MARIO 1 - Stage 1 clear. I will release more many game play. all mame and etc. Street Fighter, Fial fight, Duke3d, star craft, roller caoste tycoon etc! please view my game play and please. Have fun! and thank! and please view and please fun my channel and ad! www.nhjohyennro.com www.aznhjohyennrorecords.com www.nhjoall.com www.nhjogallery.com www.nhjosounds.com www.nhjoname nhjohyennro@naver.com nhjohyennro AZ NHJO HYENNOR(노흐즈오 현느로)
  2. hey i had remixed aquila 303 (rom di prisco) from the game need for speed III with my mellow sonic project in 2014..... now i make 2nd version in a goa-trance style on my synesthesics project hope you like it download on my need for speed reloaded.. https://mellowsonic.bandcamp.com/album/need-for-speed-reloaded
  3. I only saw this today. A long time ago I remember reading that Dice was opting out of Magnus's work for the Mirrors Edge sequel but then I saw this http://www.mirrorsedge.com/news/solar-fields-returns-to-create-mirrors-edge-catalyst-soundtrack The game is coming out May 24
  4. To make this a little more official: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1018068491543676/permalink/1114004578616733/ Try your luck if ya interested!
  5. 하이. 접니다. NHJO HYENNRO(노흐즈오 현느로)입니다. 캭캭캭캭. 저의 신보 XN123이 발표되었습니다. 각종채널에서 NHJO HYENNRO - XN123쳐보세요. 그리고 오늘 완성한 게임음악 리메이크는 예전에 유행했었던 MSX시절에 덱스터라는 게임의 메인음악을 리메이크 해봤습니다. 전체적인 장르, 스타일은 고아, 싸이트랜스입니다. 크크크크. https://soundcloud.com/nhjo-sounds/nhjo-hyennro-game-dexter-remake-1 HELLO. I'm NHJO HYENNRO W/RUSSIA/KOREA/ETC. THIS TRACK IS JAPAN GAME DEXTER MAIN THEME TRACK REMAKE! ENJOY! www.nhjohyennro.com www.nhjohyennrorecords.com www.nhjosounds.com www.nhjogallery.com www.nhjoname.com www.nhjolessen.com www.nhjosynthesizer.com 082 10 3312 2747 nhjohyennro@naver.com nhjohyennro <katalk, skype NHJO HYENNRO
  6. Well, i believe you know the rules already from the existing General Psytrance game, except rating can be made in numbers, letters or whatever numerical system... So, the posting and rating here involves anything non-psy relative. House genres, Techno fields, Drum & Bass breaking into the Jungle, Progressive Trance, IDM, Breaks, Chillout, Dub styles, Gabba, etc and whatever... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_nks8qUnxA
  7. Here's my attempt at a quiz: 50 darkpsy tracks, in approximate chronological order. I've tried to skew my choices towards things that I've seen mentioned a lot on psynews, so hopefully even casual listeners should recognise a few, but I've also thrown in a couple of more obscure ones. Same rules as usual: one point for each artist and one for each title. And put your answers behind spoiler tags! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OEhbDA4Rr8E The solution:
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