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Found 8 results

  1. KUNI - Silhouettes EP Catalogue: DigitalDiamonds061 Format: EP Released: March 2019 A big welcome to KUNI from Australia! KUNI explores both digital and natural sound, weaving through various musical genres. A hybrid creature with bass-driven grooves, tribal rhythms, evolving soundscapes, and hypnotic, pulsating beats. His debut EP "Silhouettes" is a musical gem with four dance floor tracks, each track with its own character and story. It also sheds some light on KUNI's upcoming cross-over album "Coalesce" here on Digital Diamonds! Get it here: https://www.digital-diamonds.com/index.php?id=digitaldiamonds061
  2. Artist: Various Artists Title: Unimuse Records: 5 Year Anniversary Label: Unimuse Records Catalog Number: UNICD004 Genre: Psytrance/Progressive Psytrance/Progressive House Format: Physical CD & Digital Download (WAV/MP3) Beatport Link: https://www.beatport.com/release/unimuse-records-5-year-anniversary/1918414 CD link: https://unimuserecords.bandcamp.com/album/unimuse-records-5-year-anniversary Tracklist: Disc 1: 1. Empty Wheelchair - Alone Again (feat. Ebba Eskilsson) 07:12 2. Koatl - Melodic Mind 07:43 3. Massive Reaction - Brutal Thoughts 07:04 4. Freakaholics Vs. Katharsis - Estrelas (feat. Shizune Yatzu) 06:53 5. Head FX - We Cannot Trust 08:05 6. Complicated - Complicated Voice 07:50 7. Atongmu - You Know What I Want (feat. Leeland Campana) 05:37 8. Full Propulsion - Free Man 07:26 9. Metal Groove - Love for Psytrance 06:21 Disc 2: 1. Stellar Flux - Anabiosis (Old School Mix) 07:32 2. PsyZIon - Zenon Life 06:24 3. The Empty Project - Liberation 06:34 4. Cambium - The Dance Temple 08:48 5. Freak Control - The Kingdom 07:14 6. Safem - Joy 08:41 7. TeKBoT - The Darkness Owns You 07:12 8. Green Pulse - Grinder 06:17 9. Albin Appelqvist - Emma's Spider 07:31 Release Info: Unimuse Records are celebrating it's first five years as a label and has therefore created this compilation which contains some of the best tracks Unimuse Records has released over the years. Unimuse Records was founded in 2011 by Albin Appelqvist and Ebba Eskilsson (currently run by Albin Appelqvist) and is a label dedicates itself to the best new talents in the areas of Psytrance and EDM. Enjoy this massive collection from artists and producers worldwide and don't forget to dance and have fun! Release Date: 12/15/2016 (Beatport Exclusive) 12/20/2016 (Other Stores) Unimuse Records Links: http://unimuserecords.com http://facebook.com/unimuserecords http://twitter.com/unimuserecords http://soundcloud.com/unimuse-records http://beatport.com/label/unimuse-records/28301
  3. SIMPLE MAN [the simple trip] https://soundcloud.com/simple-man-1/simple-man-euphoria-vocal-mix Simple Man - Euphoria (2015.05.01.) I. Biography: Simple Man was born in a peaceful and friendly town in the middle of a beautiful land (The Great Hungarian Plain). He was a very clever and respectful boy. His first teachers realised that he is a genius. He was entered for many competitions and all of his school reports were excellent. Later he became the member of the school's Maths Course. He was interested in life, universe, music and natural science. He won an ortographical and a music competition, wrote poems and he liked reading documentary books and polite literature. In the secondary grammar school his Mind was trained by the Facultative Maths Education. His leaving certificate was excellent again. In the next years he studied economy in Budapest Business School and programming in University of Szeged. [special artist mix in Simple Man's unique progressive style.] https://soundcloud.com/simple-man-1/simple-man-walking-to-reality-60-mins-simple-style Walking To Reality II. SITES: FREE DOWNLOAD ON SOUNDCLOUD! * DOWNLOAD NEW TRACKS: [soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/simple-man-1] FOLLOW THE NEWS HERE: [Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/simplemanmusic] CLIPS, MOVIES, VISUALS: [Video Channel: http://www.youtube.com/simplemantrip] MIXES IN MORE STYLES: [Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/simplemanmusic/] III. SPECIAL PROGRESSIVE STYLE: Simple Man Project was started in 2010. His music is very special: we can feel intelligent tunes, cosmic melodies, natural peace and spiritual feeling. Follow Simple Man and be the part of the Intelligent Magic! https://soundcloud.com/simple-man-1/simple-man-the-soundlovers-runaway-special-2015-rework Simple Man & The Soundlovers – Runaway (2015.05.01.) "Music is Art, its aim is teaching, delectation, relaxation. Music has to amuse us and music has to advance the Mind, the Brain and the Soul to a higher level, music has to convey marvellous feelings, music has to destroy egoism, it has to create Peace and Love. Music is a Power, music can open humans’ eyes, show our Home, show whole Universe, lead to think, music can invite us to dream and it can develope Intelligence and Self-Reliance."
  4. Artist: The Riddler Title: From Myst to Twist Label: TesseracTstudio Date: December, 2012 1. Never heard of it 2. Christmas Burglary 3. Randomizer 4. Eleven 5. Slumber Party (The Riddler rmx) - Talpa 6. Blue 7. Hunted 8. A pocket full of smiles 9. Popularity Contest 10. You R my star Questions. I haz dem. How did the US let Mexico surpass us in adult obesity? That was our thing man! Where else can you get a fried coke but in America? We need to start thinking outside the box to get our mojo back. I say let's put underperforming students in the deep fryer. Nothing motivates like the threat of extra crispy. Why are Egyptians so good at protesting yet so sh*tty at democracy? Jim Carey. What the hell does the queen of England actually do? Besides putting a dent in the royal budget with Depends undergarment purchases? But mainly the debut album from Goran as The Riddler. Setting the progressive trance world on fire with his mixture of eerie melodies and funky beats he's right back at it with his second release. Which leads me to my next two questions. Where the hell was the publicity on this one and could he strike gold yet again? The answer to that is a resounding yes. This is The Art of Non on Friday night looking to get lucky. The spooky movie melodies continue to flow over hypnotic grooves that force the toe to keep tapping. Part of the appeal is that he keeps it fresh with short tracks. Only two are over six minutes which doesn't allow for boredom to set in. I've mentioned this before, but the mood is Tim Burtonesque...on ecstasy. Like Stella Goran got his groove back with basses that will punish a subwoofer. Perhaps this is more closely related to progressive house without the cheese, it still excels in making the music fun. He even goes a little disco on you in a couple of tracks. That said it doesn't rival the feeling I got when I heard Questions. Some of the tracks are a little weaker and seem like filler. I could see where some might call it Questions Vol. 2 with tracks that didn't make the cut for the debut. But there is surely enough here for a good time. Recommended. Psyshop Beatspace Goastore Mdk
  5. Artist: Various Title: Binaural Beats 2 Label: TesseracT Studios Date: September, 2012 1. Sundance FLOAT 2. Ray Of Joy PION 3. Ace THE RIDDLER 4. Like You IVENT HORIZON 5. Switch Blade AVAX 6. Time Distortion VERTEX 7. Norwegian Wood E-CLICK 8. Universal Language MORTEN GRANAU AND VICE 9. Protector (Avax rmx) VERTEX AND FLOAT 10. Destiny PROMID "Just think what you're thinking, feel what you're feeling, experience whatever you're experiencing." TesseracT Studios has long been known to deliver the melodic and effect laden progressive trance that will have you floating amidst the clouds. Awesome stuff. So here they are with the second installment of their Binaural Beats series and just like its predecessor it's a slight departure from the comfort zone. It's still progressive trance yet it has a bit of a house swag and even some dubby elements. Some names you will know if you follow this genre like the Riddler, Vertex, Float...Vertex & Float. Then of course there will be some equally capable yet lesser known projects. The cover is exactly the same as the first one just a different color. Some might call that lazy, but not me. I'm a guy that has let dryed laundry sit in the basket for a week. What's the point of putting it away you're just going to pull it out and wear it. Wrinkles? Get an iron you lazy f*ck. Sundance- That house vibe / dub bass is evident from the first track as Float delivers a smooth and soft number. If you've read my reviews you know that house music and I don't get along, but this is so calming and relaxing that's appreciated after a hectic day. Ray of Joy- Pion's track is a little on the minimal side for me, yet still enjoyable with it's bob your head gait. The melody at the end hangs in the air like Febreeze and makes me smile. Ace- Goran has obviously been bitten by the progressive bug and he's damn good at it. More warm kicks and dreamy synths with those eerie melodies he loves to bring. It's like a funhouse up in here, but I'm so high that I don't see the clown with the knife. Like You- It begins like any other generic track, but the melody warbles out of nowhere. But before you get your hopes up, the "No one like you" sample pushes the needle on the get the f*ck outta here sample. Switch Blade- Time Distortion- Norwegian Wood- This should be nominated for the most generic track...of all time. Whew. I would love to visit Norway, but this isn't helping. The Beatles must be turning over in their grave. What? Two of them are still alive? Are you sure? I think you're thinking of the Monkees... Universal Language- "There's no right way to do this. There's no wrong way to do this." Beg to differ sir or... did you just ignore the three turds in a row that just preceded this track? Hard to recover from that. But this track will make you forget about all that turdosity. The tension grows and the vocal manipulation is a little Agent Smith uncomfortable if you know what I mean. Melt into that break as it coalesces around you. Nice ain't it? Like jumping into a swimming pool of jello. Now with more baby. Protector- Meh. Not terrible, but if you put this track with the other 3 consecutive snoozeballs you might've had a record of mediocrity that could very well have ripped open the time space continuum eradicating life as we know it. So, for at least track placement you're a hero. Destiny- Very mellow complete with sitar melody. The foreign language sample ups the cliche factor a bit, but...you finish that sentence. This is an average compilation. Maybe. If you are in the mood to wind down, but aren't ready for the downtempo stuff this could fill the need. Unfortunately there is more than the fair share of filler to be found here. But the tracks that are good are really good. Perfect example of download what you need. I imagine this one won't go on the resume. Beatspace Psyshop Mdk
  6. Human Element - Chain Reaction Remixes EP (DigiStr17) Genre: Progressive House Format: Digital Download Release date: 21rd of May 2012 01. Human Element - Chain Reaction ( Piatto Remix ) 02. Human Element - Chain Reaction ( Gabi 2B Remix ) 03. Human Element - Chain Reaction ( Original Mix ) Release note DigiStr18 consists of previously released Chain Reaction track, for those that missed – worth checking out, especially for outdoor venues, it’s a proper crossover tune - a genre defying rollercoaster. It’s not that we meant for it to happen, but like in our previous release, the 2 remixers on duty, took their inspiration from different parts of the original, making this release a diverse and very useful one - there is something for everyone here. We are very happy to welcome Italian Maestros Piatto to our roster. The remix covers the groovy booty shaking part of the release, very well built, it sounds like 70’s disco came back for a short visit dressed up in an up-to-date interpretation. Gabi 2B brings in a fat production with big epic breakdown, that uses the seminal piece’s orchestration parts to the max. Based on a no nonsense groove and smartly used electro-ish stab sounds, the drop into the emotional chord progression is a goose bump material no doubt. Listen to it: Human Element - Chain Reaction ( Piatto Remix ) http://soundcloud.com/digital-structures/human-element-chain-reaction-3 Human Element - Chain Reaction ( Gabi 2B Remix ) http://soundcloud.com/digital-structures/human-element-chain-reaction-2 Human Element - Chain Reaction ( Original Mix ) http://soundcloud.com/digital-structures/human-element-chain-reaction-1 Supported by: Paul Oakenfold // Kenneth Thomas // Markus Schulz // Hybrid // Stephan Bodzin // Flash Brothers // Andrea Bertolini // Spartaque // James Monro // Crhistian Cambas // Tomcraft // Roy RosenfelD // Emok // Aldrin // Tesla // Tech Safari // Slam // Treavor Moontribe // Atmos // Alen Milivojevic // Tom Hades // Banel // Ivan Pica // Sally Doolally // Pierre Deutschmann // Genaro Le Fosse // Simon Baring // Umek // Jerome Isma-Ae // Sander Kleinenberg // Richie Hawtin // Amo & Navas // Rino Cerrone // Anderson Noise // Balthazar // Mollo // Omid 16B // Profane // Alexander Madness // Micky Da Funk // Steve Sai // The Scumfrog // Alex & Filip Mirabilis // Alessio Frino // Alex Press n Play // Phil Dean, among others. Digital Structures website: http://digital-structures.com Digital Structures facebook: http://www.facebook.com/DigitalStructures .
  7. I am pleased to offer my latest mix, Interconnected, to fellow psy travellers across the universe! Part one of a two part set, the two mixes can be played separately or joined to create a master session nearly three hours in total length. Part two arrives July 15. Thanks for listening! -Hugh http://dj.beatport.com/hughsharpe
  8. Artist: Various Title: Still Fresh Vol. 2 Label: Spintwist Records Date: July, 2011 1. Still Fresh SIDEFORM 2. Floorward AUDIOMATIC 3. Nice Day DJ FABIO AND MOON 4. Osc On VAISHIYAS 5. Learning to fly INTERACTIVE NOISE 6. Windows of our soul (Krama rmx) AUDIOMATIC 7. Twist N Spin PHAXE 8. Audiolslave VERTEX 9. Fe Natural KULARIS 10. I dont want JISER I think I shall use that every time there is an album with a Zyce sighting. It's not a bad thing, but he shows up more often than the wary fat kid. Google it, you'll see. Poor bastard...just wanted to show up to Chong Lee's graduation and now he's infamous. Because I've been lucky enough to find several outstanding progressive trance compilations recently I felt I should try and keep the ball rolling. Spintwist Records is a label started by Vaishiyas and this is the 2nd installment of the Still Fresh series. The tracklist is impressive, but obviously the first thing you notice is the cover with the vampire teeth and the...what is that, a mango? I haven't been out of the country in 2 decades so I don't know how the world is taking this recent vampire infestation, but here it has flown past embarrassing levels. Vampires aren't real. F*ck where did you get bit, Key West? Whatever. They are not real. Lemme let that sink in . Go ahead...I'll wait. Yep, they aren't real. I realize I have just pushed every goth, pre-teen, and chick waiting for the perfect man over the edge so let's talk about it. Being a vampire sounds pretty cool doesn't it? Immortality? Oh yeah, until you outlive anyone you ever cared about. And God help you if you become one before puberty. An eternity without getting laid? Having sex with a 10 year old is still pedophelia you sick f*ck. Where's that f*cking wooden stake, I'll do it myself. No wonder that little girl in Interview with a Vampire was so pissed off. Say goodbye to eating normal food. Burgers, fried chicken, spaghetti...gone. Nope, now you have to feed on the blood of the living. This would have immediate impacts on three industries. Fast food, video game, and the swingset makers of America. There's a movie that hasn't been made yet. And why are there no fat vampires? You figure they would be the easiest to catch. Talk about a food source that can't get away. Anyway less food choices than a vegan. I saw this Swedish vampire movie where the chick had one piece of chocolate and got violently ill. One piece. As a vampire now you have to be wary of churches and their crosses. It'll burn you. There's a church on every corner like there's a liquor store and pawn shop in every hood. So now your movement is restricted even further. "Yep...I'm strapped." Most importantly however you cannot go in the sun because it will kill you. No surfing, going to the beach and checking out the bikini clad ladies...hell, you can't travel by day unless you're in a box of dirt. Can't even go to the store and get some milk and even if you could, you can't drink it. So...I love the beach, double whoppers, my family, and the ability to go outside way more than the "romantic" idea of being a vampire. They're just not real. If you feel the need to bite someone, go bite fatty over there. Now zombies...that sh*ts real. Still Fresh- Sideform are Drasko Radovanovic and Milos Modrinic and I haven't heard a bad track from them. Not one. They released their debut album Moving On this year and I've been meaning to check it out. This one has a driving beat with good effects and washes in typical wide open progressive style. Gots some ummph it does. Kicks in the door with a good groove and serves as a good opener. Floorward- German Benjamin Halfmann also released an album this year called Weekend Society. The bass and kick are punishing as effects echo and bubble to the surface. At the break the main melody arrives and picks up outlying melodies that thicken it up. The groove is pretty good also. 2 good tracks right out of the gate. But like a fat kid on a see-saw...it's going down. Nice Day- Don't know who these two are, but may I suggest careers as magicians rather than DJs? Only a magician could take a 30 second track and stretch it to 6 minutes. It's a Billy Idol sample used repeatedly over a weak beat. Craptacular. Hulk...gonna...chuck. Osc On- Label head on deck! Now this had a really cool percussive vibe and a great bass line trick that only shows up at the beginning of every measure. It's funky as sh*t and wished it would continue, but when the plucky lead sound and the hi-hat are on the same beat it sounds jumbled. There was potential here. Learning To Fly- This is Hugo Venegas from Mexico and he houses things up. Any points he got for a funky flow are summarily revoked with a God awful sample that kills all flow and coolness. Even Oj thought this was a bad idea. Windows of Our Soul (Krama Rmx)- Holy crap there is more cheese here than a porno with a story. Absolutely terrible but the worst is yet to come. We've all heard bad samples, but when this one said and I quote.."If you think you're not dreaming...you just forgot your dreams." How f*cking poignant. This is why people make fun of our music sir. Twist N Spin- Kevin, you can clean this sh*t up right? Well, not really. More housey style with a simple melody. It's like diet coke. They took all the stuff that made Coke great and you're left with this. What happened? Audioslave- Ok, we've made it to the Zyce appearance. Vertex is a duo that released the awesome Ocean album, so perhaps there is some salvation here. It's got some nice oscillating waves and a thumping bass line. I'll give you that. Not the most elaborate thing I've heard from this project, but it's a beacon of hope amidst a sea of crap that's for sure. Fe Natural- "Although there have been suggestions that space time may have a discrete structure I see no reason to abandon the continuum theories that have been so successful." Meh. Just throw it on the pile with all the other never to be remembered generic crap. It's not terrible, but I've had farts that hang around longer. I Don't Want- What a fitting title to end this exercise in get the hell out of my CD player. It may seem a little harsh, but you drove me to it. F*cking hell this went downhill fast. That sound you heard was the screeching halt my run of good progressive albums came to. I was going to compare this to chinese food, but at least with chinese food it takes 20 minutes to get hungry again. After the first two tracks and the Zyce appearance this was a brutal disc. Full of bad samples and unmemorable boring rhythms. Still Fresh? Hardly. Maybe you could get full on this if like an apple you cut out the brown areas. Maybe. But you would need like, 6 apples. Psyshop Beatspace GoaStore Mdk
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