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Found 85 results

  1. Coza

    Demons Of Pain

    Hello Dear Friend ... My New Work, Will Make You Travel In A Very Classic World Of Psybient Music. Universal Guitars Energies Are Flowing Through Your Body. You Feel The Sensation Of Freedom.. If You Like This Mix !!! Please Share It With Your Friends. Enjoy The Traveling . . . https://youtu.be/cU3w4LvWR7k
  2. Hello Dear Friend ... My New Work, Will Make You Travel In A Very Classic World Of Psybient Music. Universal Guitars Energies Are Flowing Through Your Body. You Feel The Sensation Of Freedom.. If You Like This Mix !!! Please Share It With Your Friends. Enjoy The Traveling . . . https://youtu.be/cU3w4LvWR7k
  3. My New Track Light In The Dark Is Out Now Exclusive @ beatport Chk It Out Guys BoM...!! https://www.beatport.com/release/light-in-the-dark/2383904
  4. Psycz

    My New Release

    Out Now My New Track Trancerz Exclusive @Beatport Chk It Out BoM..!! https://www.beatport.com/track/trancerz-original-mix/10900372
  5. Hi Psynews team! I am throwing a 48-hour psytrance / electronica festival in New Braunfels Texas with a few different groups. Many of the acts coming out are from Zenon Records. Hope to see some of y'all out there! Post on the Facebook event page if you found us here... I am curious :) Full Workshops, Lineup, and other Information can be found on our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/667914800217101/?active_tab=about FEATURING PSYTRANCE ACTS Evil Oil Man • HypoGeo • Nibana • Smoke Sign • Dragon • Moon Frog • Robojoe Nivlem AND MANY MORE ELECTRONICA PERFORMANCES FROM U.S, RUSSIA. GUATEMALA, AUSTRALIA, FRANCE, AND U.K. ANKHS - (Texas) ASTEROIDS & EARTHQUAKES - (California) BASE2 - (Texas) BRICKSQUASH - (Colorado) BUMBLE - (Australia) CUALLI - (Colorado) DAGOBAH - (Texas) DAICHIFOX - (Texas) DIGITAL VAGABOND (Colorado) DRAGON - (Florida) DRRTYWULVZ - (Texas) DRUMSPYDER - (California) ECUE - (Texas) EVIL OIL MAN - (U.K.) FREQUENT - (Colorado) GADDY - (Texas) HYPOGEO - (Brazil) KLL SMTH - (Colorado) KNOW MATTER - (Texas) LAYER - (Texas) LEFTY - (Texas) LAVAR EL PERRO - (Mexico) MANTOID - (Texas) MINDEX - (Russia) MOON FROG - (Colorado) NIBANA - (France) NIVLEM - (Texas) OLDGOLD - (Texas) ORBIT WEAVER - (Texas) OVOID - (Washington) PATH OF THE MOOSE - (Texas) ROBOJOE - (Texas) SANJIWAN - (Texas) SICK NUMBLES - (Arkansas) SMOKE SIGN - (Guatemala) SOMATOAST - (Texas) SOULACYBIN - (Colorado) SPAWT - (Oregon) TWIN SHAPE - (Texas) ULTRASLOTH - (Slothopolis, Saturn) ZENTURION - (Texas) ------------------------------------------------------ LOCATION ------------------------------------------------------ Located just south of San Marcos, TX at the beautiful Texas Music Park! The full address is 8989 N Interstate 35, New Braunfels, Texas 78130 and works with most, if not all, GPS. ----------------------------------------------------- STAGES: ------------------------------------------------------ We are proud to present the maiden voyage of the Alethia Sound // Hennessey Sound Design full Texas rig! FULL MUSIC SCHEDULE COMING IN AUGUST! PSYDE STAGE: Representing Funktion-One (Official) is our very own Multidimensional Sound ------------------------------------------------------ ART GALLERY: ------------------------------------------------------ Over 50 Live Painters! ------------------------------------------------------ -Workshops -Vendor village -Dank tacos -Stage design by bild art -Visuals from Vision Reactor and friends -Featuring artwork from the master himself, Greg Pettit ART - A Video Game Dome - Giant neon bug things - AND MORE!
  6. One of the most essential factors of Spotify is the Playlists. Playlists imply streams & thus profits for the artists. If you use Spotify please be so kind to follow our playlist that already has over 1000 followers! https://open.spotify.com/user/djopensource/playlist/2G5Pqno3J5ZUm3DKmt0EQx?si=CMgD2Ht8QLa8Uq89kJ7b_Q Playlist makers are encouraged to post their own playlist below so we can follow them and expand the psytrance culture & community.
  7. Orb Mag

    Orb Mag is launched!

    ORB MAG IS LAUNCHED! Orb Mag is an online magazine that covers a wide range of alternative music, art, culture, and technology. Follow us: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, YouTube.
  8. ORB MAG LAUNCHING 14 MARCH 2018 Orb Mag is an online magazine that covers a wide range of alternative music, art, culture, and technology. All interested in psytrance and all its facets keep an eye on our social media and web magazine, there will be a lot of psytrance. Orb Mag will be showcasing artists such as Juno Reactor, Eat Static, Etnica, Filteria, Braincell, Arjuna, Derango, KinDzaDza, Johnny Blue, AstroPilot, Avalon, Androcell, and also the Psynews forum creators and Suntrip Records founders, Anoebis & Mars, among many others. Promo video link: https://www.facebook.com/orbmagofficial/videos/2027507417517099/ Video: Kokrra Audio: Takami Nakamoto (Nonotak) Logo animation: Granit Halili We encourage you to share our video with your circle. Follow us: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, YouTube.
  9. Hello Dear Friend , The Universal Bassline Energies Are Flowing Through Your Body. My New Work, Will Make You Travel In A Very Classic World Of Psychill Ambient Music. Tracklist: 01 - Lab s Cloud - Indian Culture (Original Mix) 02 - Sufi's Life & Merlin - Lonely 03 - Sufi_s Life - In Your Heart 04 - Reasonandu — Solaris 05 - Merlin – East Of Eden (Ft. Solar Kid) 06 - Green Beats — The Beach 07 - Atrium Sun - Abyss (Elfsong's Deep In The Abyssmix) 08 - Waveform - Intelligent Machines (Suduaya Rmx) 09 - Kuba - Let Go 10 - Entheogenic - Araras 11 - CJ Catalizer - Cryogenic Stellar Liquid 12 - Zen Baboon — 99 Pesitos 13 - Reasonandu - Mimas 14 - Dreaman & Schneider Electric — Away 15 - Lab_s Cloud - Found The Way 16 - Gmo vs Dense - The Law Of God 17 - Merlin Feat. Moan — In Your Eyes 18 - Lab's Cloud – Woman Sensitivity 19 - Lab's Cloud — Connecting On A Deeper Level If You Like This Mix !!! Please Share It With Your Friends. Enjoy The Travel !!! if you want to help here you can make your donation paypal.me/JorgeRusso Thanks .......
  10. Hi friends, after delay it's good to be back with fresh releases and music. I posting at the moment many new and old stuff from me for free download. Psytrance, Proggy, PsyProg and old DarkPsy as well Live from Germany 2017, DJ Sets with music from my Label + single tracks. SC : Music that's for free download stands with that titel in track Have fun and thank you all for all support you gave me for so many years! Kind Regards
  11. GhostOnAcid

    New Track: Morning Mood

    Hello! I make a new track. Its called "Morning Mood" in english. "Morning Mood" is a combination of Ambient, Breakbeat and Goatrance. The idea behind is the musical picture of the morning: From the first rays of light to the awakening of nature. :-) Equipment: FL Studio 12.5 KORG MicroKorg KORG MiniLougue ROLAND TB-3 MFB Tanzmaus Sytrus Groove Machine Synthesizer Modul Drumpad Fruity DrumSynth Live Have Fun! :-)
  12. Hey whats up guys i am starting a new psy-platform on youtube, mainly focusing on forest and twilight, check it out! thank you! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcv8UPq6vdwt3wq5197F4IA/videos?view_as=subscriber
  13. Golden Bass Music Festival

    Golden Bass Music Festival

    Featuring some of NZ's best underground music producers redefining electronica with a uniquely Kiwi sound. Golden Bass brings you two cranking zones with Producers, DJs and Live Bands. Expect to hear a broad spectrum of musical styles - Dub, Reggae, Roots, Hip Hop, Glitch, Dub Step, DnB, Liquid, Mid Tempo, house, Deep House, Soul, Funk, Psychedelic Rock, Techno, Prog, Psy Trance alongside performance, shops and workshops. Enjoy a weekend camping in an idyllic, new location nestled between the bush clad hills of the Kahurangi National Park, yet only 15 mins drive to Takaka township. Shady forest glade camping areas beside the beautiful Waingaro River open up to a large, lush, grassy field, secluded terraces and even a classic Kiwi bush hut beside an emerald green swimming hole.... the Hidden Waters. Grouch, State of Mind, Subconscious, Eartheogen, Totara Collective, Warp, Grouch n Dub, Bloop, ISM, Soulware, Soul Kitchen, Deep South Audio, Obay, Hypnotoad, Luccid, Erinsphere, Sid Berry, Joshua Tree, Zoolz M Phonik, Night Owl, Yung Rinse, Divas on Decks, Loose Connexions, Bushman Pete, Earl Grey. Visit http://www.goldenbassmusicfestival.nz
  14. This is my first post on the site and I would like to ask some constructive feedback about this song I'm doing. Thank you all.
  15. I need help to identify this track > https://vocaroo.com/i/s10XHXavW7Ov from a set. I really like it so please can anyone identify it? Can anyone send me the original track? I appreciate your help, Thank You
  16. Hello, I decided to sell out on nice prises part of my private music collection. Full and often updated list at: https://www.discogs.com/seller/thedouloklan/profile If interested approach me via Discogs directly or at brajvasi@gmail.com. Can send photos on request Long live psychedelic music!
  17. Check out the latest hit!! https://soundcloud.com/maddsoundproductionfactory/gull-infectious Also check out the channels! https://soundcloud.com/maddsoundproductionfactory https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuUGKt3UaC0-aAfxmWbM5-g And Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/maddsoundproductions/ Let me know what you think!! -GULL
  18. Hello My Dear Friend, This Is my New Remix in the world of Psyambient Music ... Enjoy the travel !!! Tracklist : Suduaya - Snow & Stars (Original Mix) Lauge & Baba Gnohm - Structures Carbon Based Lifeforms -MOS 6581 Lauge & Baba Gnohm - The Perfect Stranger Vibrasphere - Forest Fuel Koan Sound - View From Above Coza Triptrance - The Ultimate Seduction Koan Ft Tatyana - Kalmykova (Hidden Place Green Mix) Lab's Cloud - The Kundalini Ascension Merlin feat Solar Kid - East Of Eden Man Of No Ego - K-Pax Thank you for listening.
  19. Hey guys, thought I'd share my first release "Nonlocality" with all you psy fans! Enjoy the vibes! https://ichomancer.bandcamp.com/releases https://soundcloud.com/ichomancer/sets/nonlocality https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL131QEaElzensntofTnvNMUkudvYgfmYF
  20. I'm going to use this space to talk a bit about my music , announcements , for new releases i might come up with, projects since i dusted off some of my musical 'remains' lol , that is the remaning gear that i managed to keep ... i know i can use the computer for music but i did a 'LOT' of music so now im on a break ... well sort of. Apart from making music I'm also a husband, a parent and i suffer from bipolar disorder , being medicated so its not easy to cope but not impossible. I'm not going to rush things and i just really can't because i also can't be bothered most of the times , maybe due to age , i'm not that music mad as i was years ago but it's something that is me and i can't throw it away. So i'm going to spend some time rebuilding what's left of my musical dignity after all the almighty mess and dramas after all the years with me having manic episodes . I really don't care about it anymore and i'd rather not talk about that shit anymore. For such a tiny planet in this Universe named 'Earth' the World as it is full of shit as you can see out there and its just fucking shit !! Just watch the news... for a society that evolved technology so fast in a space of 20 years or so you still see corruption , abuse , terrorism... just plain shit that gets me pissed off... wish it would end but da fuck cares anyways we know that will probably never happen and its best we look after ourselves you know? Sometimes you want to focus in good things because that's what i need and it's not easy. Human brain is a wonderful thing don't go messing with it with drugs and shit honestly... I'm really not into much those hippie philosophies of perception , mambo jambo drug talk what a waste... bah well that's all for now... last night i thought of maybe compile and put up some of my songs so many files to dig at , i never threw anything away , its just gonna take time thats hard to get but its not impossible as for record labels im really not interested in those stupid fucking competitions anymore , i mean , whats da fucking point?? what a waste of energy im telling you. some people get highlighted others dont... i dont give a shit i might put up a bandcamp and drop some shitty name on it , or i'll come up with something nice , its always good to be creative with things . For cover arts , well if you want to contribute and if you have the time feel free to post here its not a problem. If not then i can always fire up old photoshop and come up with some shit its not that hard you know , harder is to find the time to put a lot of effort and work hard on it.. If i can be bothered with my own music ... well sometimes i do review my old stuff and some songs are alright... some others are plain shit lol That's all for now and if you want contribute and you are willing with your visual art let us know here. I usually go for nostalgic 90's sort of stuff. That's what i like and it's a big part of me i'd say. But something new is nice too! If i put album on bandcamp i'll sell it for 5£ or so , maybe that equals 6Euros or something not sure but you guys do the math i suck at it. Well time to go and least try and get something done . For those interested in my current 'Studio' Equipment : -Roland JV1080 -XoxBox (haven't tested it in some time so da fuck knows if da thing is still 'alive'. Hope it still works lol, gear wears off with time , probably the knob pots need clean else when you turn them will generate unwanted noise like clicks n shit due to dust. Just shows you how digital has its advantages... its like frozen music in carbonyte fuck sake..) -Mixer nothing too fancy really dont need much , i had lots of other gear but most of it i sold it and wish i still had that Korg EMX ... was digging it recently but korg made a new one that looks like shit... the one i used is not made anymore and fuck how these peeps go take advantage on ebay is ridiculous... when you bought something new for 400 at the time and they are trying to sell you second hand used for 350 or more .. its just plain fuckin ridiculous... lesson learnt too , i aint gettin rid of what i still have... wish i had most of what i had few years ago specially that korg emx was handy but fuck it now you know. maybe one day again who knows... those chynacid tracks were sweet , still dig it but fact of not having the korg emx makes you go fucking mad... no point emulating it , its not the same fuck it really. and thats why many other projects come up because of those same reasons . well c u all later
  21. n3v1773

    Check my new releases

    Hello....Check my new releases at itunes.apple.com/artist/n3v1773/id1141842293 Support, Share and like to inspire!!!
  22. So is it a musically complex genre? I'm asking from a musical theory point of view to any musicians/producers out there who have a musical background and who would be able to shed light on the subject. To me it seems complex but really insanely simple at the same time. A bassline and then leads is essentially what it is for most of the tracks plus certain bridges/breaks. It doesn't have choruses and it is not really tonal in some styles? Anyway, I really don't have any idea. Feel free to post tracks of examples of what you understand to be complex or simple for your explanations if you so wish. Also maybe you might think a subgenre like hi tech is actually really dumb or good for whatever reason (for example then explain please). Anyway, I find nearly all genres of psy sound great just got to find the gems.
  23. thanosp81

    Cataloguing software

    Do you have a favourite cataloguing software? Do you even use one? Or do you think your discogs account is enough? Personally, for more than a decade I use OrangeCD. Cheap to buy, you keep it forever, constantly updated and has everything you need (and more). So, what program do you use? (if any)
  24. Tracklist: 1.Jonni Dongju - Lion Savannah 07:07 2.Mana Source - Samurai 06:28 3.Tanzaku - Tanabata 06:56 4.Gankyil - Dhyani 06:25 5.Mana Source - Weevils Fly 06:22 6.Chynacid - Zen Dimensions 07:07 7.Medusis - Profound 07:40 8.Amithaba Buddha - Psyramid 07:53 9.Mana Source - Bonsai 07:13 10.Athenaia - Secret 06:38 11.Rainbow Islands - Seventh Heaven 06:08 76 minutes of Goa-Trance music. It's free download , 200 slots available as bandcamp allows. Share with friends , people you know , family and so on. Jump , DJ on party , be happy , be free... record on cds , wish you all a nice time. Donate if you feel like it , all money will go to charity and help buying food , paying electric bills and motivating us to come up and bring you more great and fresh music. Thank you and best wishes to you. https://gooddancerecordings.bandcamp.com/album/emotions-from-a-beija-flor P.s. - I checked every song and i think they all in good level. If you find any errors feel free to post here i'll be happy to correct any mistakes . I didn't have enough time to make sure its all kinda perfect but you never know. I will be checking it tommorow and next few days a bit more thoroughly but everything should be fine i think. Thanks. Also wanna say thank you suntrip , neogoa Richpa for all our good times. Enjoy the music i will be away now and work studio , family stuff and making some nice recordings as far as time allows me to. One love , peace. ATTENTION : i gave 200 free shits and now all free slots are gone. its 7squid from now on bandcamp did it i didnt do fuck all. c u next time. u guys want more? here! Download Credits Your Bandcamp account comes with 200 downloads per month of tracks or albums that you’re giving away (meaning you’ve set them to free, or let-fan-name-price with no minimum and the fan enters zero). Once each month, we look at your download credits, and if you have less than 200 remaining, we bump you back up to 200. Your next bump is on9/1/16. If your download credits drop to zero, your music will still be available, but your free tracks and albums will automatically switch to paid. You can avoid this by either a) buying more download credits for a modest fee by clicking “get more” below, or selling music (we add 1,000 credits for every $500 USD in sales). 300 downloads: $9 USD (3¢ each) 1000 downloads: $20 USD (2¢ each) 5000 downloads: $75 USD (1.5¢ each) buy now gimme some cash and i will invest more in this shit thanks