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  1. Last release of Nomad Wave, amazing new wave track with many influence of Trance music !! Single: The Portal Artist: San Isidro Label: Nomad Wave Released may 2014 Listen it here To Download
  2. The last single of nomad wave is so interesting. Listen it below !! Artist: El Tigre Label: Nomad wave Date : 08.08.2013 Genre: Techno Buy it : Juno / Bandcamp INFO : Soundcloud / Home
  3. The last single of the independent label Nomad wave. Single: The lost letters Artist : Cristian Soriano Genre : New Wave Tracks: I found you Mientras te esperaba Deseo que estes... Buy it Follow I am peace
  4. Popol Vuh is the last compilation of tzokin productions. It is really sick, I have been spinning some of this tunes on parties and they blaster very well the dancefloor. Crazy people jumping around is that I saw as dj view, Is impossible that the wave not transforms me, Once I became a big blue gorilla... You are able to listen this compilation HERE If you love the sound Buy it ... CD Digital More music FOLLOW TZOLKIN !!
  5. Night Stories is the last release of Tzolkin records. In this album Undertaker's madness becomes evident ... Alredy is on sale exclusively in Juno. Listen it here Buy it here Follow Tzolkin
  6. -San Isidro - Mientras te esperaba and more music -
  7. Hello I am San Isidro from a planet of the maia solar system and I contact you to wish to you a nice trip to the higher frequencies Tzolkin records
  8. HOLA A TOD@S!!! DESPUES DEL EXITO DE LA MOOGRE TRANCE EDITION Vol.2 VOLVEMOS A LA CARGA CON UNA FIESTA PURAMENTE U.S.B SESSIONS ,PSYTRANCE & FULL ON,CONTAREMOS CON LA PRESENCIA DE SAN ISIDRO (Dj & production en tzolkin productions)MEXICO Y LA EXPERIENCIA Y EL SABER HACER DE 2 DJ´S DE BCN COMO SON ALEX DROID Y KASTI DJ PARA QUE PASEIS TODA LA NOCHE BAILANDO,SERA EL APERITIVO PERFECTO ANTES DEL FESTIVAL 16 DIAS PARA EL FINAL DEL MUNDO..... LA ENTRADA COSTARA 10 EUROS CON COPA PERO SI VIENES ANTES DE LA 1... .30 TE COSTARA 7 EUROS CON COPA 23 nov. 2012 23:30 a 6 am LINE UP: SAN ISIDRO (producciones tzolkin) México http://soundcloud.co...y-trance-dj-set ALEX DROID (usb) http://soundcloud.co...lex-droid-u-s-b www.mixcloud.com/alexdroid/the-groove-is-back-a-neo-goa-mix-by-dj-alex-droid/ KASTI DJ (usb / Goa Moon Fest) https://www.facebook...115654305174653 http://soundcloud.co...sti-dj-goa-moon http://soundcloud.co...s-kasti-dj-sala Deco Visuales: Luis Felipe Pattillo www.facebook.com/luisfelipe.pattillo
  9. Circle is the last work of Cristian Soriano, more than 100 hours of work in the studio for just a couple circles as result. It is awesome that this time Kriscore change the geometric structure of his art-sound. You could listen both tunes below. You could support Nomad wave buying our music. Nomad wave is net label also, so you should visit our soundcloud and download the tunes that you want !! Cristian Soriano - Circle Regards, San Isidro
  10. Hi We are Tzolkin records, a mayan label from Mexico with universal roots, positive energy and blast music. Here you could find all our digital releases. If you like our sound, we will be so happy. Supports our project listening our music. Supports our survival buying our sound. Regards, San Isidro
  11. In his last work Cristian Soriano created a kind of psychedelic techno in both tracks of the EP Pleiadian Prophecy. The first track Antarctic waters on America is a very hard and dramatic tune that narrates the day of the destruction of the United States by a big Tsunami triggered by an earthquake. The second tune Recuerdos de otras vidas is a chilling track full of good energy. If anything characterizes the label Nomad Wave is the good vibes that could be find in its wave-art. Buy It here Listen it here
  12. Tzolkin records pleased us with the third compilation called 'Hunabku' which is the center of the universe according to the mayas. This compilation provides recognition and great admiration for the worldview of our Mayan ancestors being so much important for the label too. A very powerful selection of Portuguese, Mexican and South African artists offered in this compilation and being a so perfect fusion to exploit any dancefloor in the world. BUY CD BUY MP3 / WAV
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