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  1. STEP_OUT/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / a night of cynical red head comedy// queer fashion// contact juggling art performance // live VJing vcr mashup// soul healing dance music// HOSTESS/ / / / dj.paulina_live.music+vj playing//pop hits/alternative//deep/acid house/ /rnb/ /trap/ /90's dance COMEDY BY/ / / / celeste. she's has red hair and she's funny PERFORMANCE BY/ / / / bella.muerta so cool, combining dance/performance art/freak show LIVE MUSIC BY/ / / / mewsique. d/n/b w/ live flute / / / /*IMPROMTU FASHION SHOW!!!* ???? ! ! ! ! (xurprises!!)/games/xpecially made deco just for the night/ +19 @ the Central_next door to Honest Ed's $5 cover (all night) $3.50 whiskey shots_DRINK SPECIALS_$5.25 pints Doors open at 9PM all work and no play makes me want to step_out / / / /
  2. (All-you-can-eat pizza party, served by our very own samurai cats!!) ヽ(‿)ノ ❤ ♬ ヽ(‿)ノ ❤ ♬ ヽ(‿)ノ ❤ ♬ ヽ(‿)ノ ❤ ♬ ヽ(‿)ノ <(・・)> Venue and Headliners announced!!! >'.'< ( =①ω①=) ✫ Dopamyne ✫ all the way from (Quebec City - Hard Dance/Hardstyle) ✫✫✫✫✫: Dopamyne is one of the most popular DJ in the Quebec city rave scene. With her contagious energy, her explosive track selection and her surgical precision mixes, she owned her place at a national and also international level. She had the chance to perform in the US, more precisely in Detroit city, Michigan and also in Boston. She also performed in Toronto, Montreal, and all across Quebec. She played alongside the biggest names in the Hard Dance music scene, she shared the stage with big artist like DJ ZANY, THE VIPER, DJ STEPHANIE, KLONEZ, DERMOT BATEMAN, ANIME, ENTITY & many more. Exploring various styles, it's hard dance over all that creates real havoc on the dancefloors. She also masters the epic melodies of hardstyle, in addition to flirting with the dirty basslines of subground occasionally. The next goal of Dopamyne is to share her vision of the harder styles to the entire world through her own productions. Immerse yourself in her HARD EDM universe worthy of the greatest European parties!! (^・ω・^ ) ✫ Donny Whan ✫ (Detroit - Hardcore) -Hardcore 313/Hitman/Justice Hardcore- (=ェ=) ✫ DJ Snow ✫ (Rochester - UK Hardcore) -BadWolf/Roc'N'Roll- └(=^‥^=)┐ ✫ "!!LOCKED!! ✫ .. loud as f*#@! on rAre vinyl (Jump up/Jungle) (=ェ=) ✫ Saiyan ✫- anime (Happy Hardcore) -Canadian Hardcore Collective/Earth Defence Records- (ㅇㅅㅇ❀) ✫ Damo ✫ (Hardstyle) -Embrace/Evolve/Illuminati Ent/Hardstyle Toronto- ٩(ↀДↀ)۶ ✫ Wet Necrosis ✫ Squishy VS Desquamation (E.D.M.) ✩⃛( ͒ ु·̫ ू ͒) ✫ Pan!c P0P ✫ https://soundcloud.com/panic-pop✫ ../\ /\. (>'.'<) ( UU ) ✫ Davide Ferrara ✫ cheesy (Euro Dance) ....mmmm everyone loves cheese! ♬Jump-up♬Hardcore♬JUNGLE♬D'n'B♬HHC♬ - to theme GoGo dancers, by BRAVE Entertainment ˚₊✩‧₊(⌯͒o̶̶̷̤ ꀾ o̴̶̷̤⌯͒)* ✩‧₊˚ ALL AGES ฅ(⌯͒ ɪ ⌯͒)ฅnya❣ Venue: across the street from the University of Toronto at; 206 Beverley St. (accessible via 24hours street-car, off College St.) ฅ ̳͒ˑ̫ ̳͒ฅ♡ Tickets: (includes all-you-can-eat pizza) Early Bird (first 50): $15.00 SOLD OUT <- online tickets still available at this price (available starting OCT 16th at: www.royalkissevents.ca) Advance: $20.00 (at: Play De Record, Hailee InWonderland, Cummings Sobers Alex, Mushi Tea) ....more at the door! (300 pers. cap) All-ages + bar ヽ(‿)ノ ❤ ♬ ヽ(‿)ノ ❤ ♬ ヽ(‿)ノ ❤ ♬ ヽ(‿)ノ ❤ ♬ ヽ(‿)ノ
  3. Friday, August 29at 9:00pm Phoenix Concert Theatre 410 Sherbourne Street, Toronto, Ontario M4X 1K2 Join us for the last rave of the summer as Plurtastik and friends convert the Phoenix into 2 post-apocalyptic plur-anarchic playgrounds/dancefloors including the Danger Zone, the wasteland that 2 ravers enter but only one 1 leaves - a pillow fight to the DEATH (or hugs), and the Chernobyl Chill, the neon rainbow dancefloor in the heart of the mushroom cloud. Its going to be completely illuminated with LEDs, UV blacklights, and lasers across the rainbow! In the DANGER ZONE, From the UK, the mighty land of hardcore - MARC SMITH [Hardcore] Notorious Originally from the UK, now hailing from the United States - LUNA-C [Freeform] Kniteforce with local support from LOCKED [Jungle] DYNAMIC [Happy Hardcore] Nocturnal Commisions DATARIDER [DnB/Hardcore] League of Hardcoredinary Gentlemen, Justice Hardcore, Plurtastik KANDIKAT [Hardcore Anthems] MushY Tea, Bad Wolf and in the CHERNOBYL CHILL, From the UK - FORCE-9 [Hard Trance] with local support from DTM [Electro/House] CYNEX [Hard Dance/Trance] Discotoast SCARTAT [breakcore/Mungle] Earth Defence Records MR MUSTACHI [Tech-house] Vibe, Hugsnotdrugs TENSHIN [J-Core/Trance/DnB] League of Hardcoredinary Gentlemen FALLOUT [Punkcore/Speedcore] Atomic Soundwave All Ages with 19+ area (to drink must be 19+ with valid ID) Tickets $30 in advance NO SERVICE FEE - Interac E-transfer, PayPal - http://plurtastik.ca/ NO SERVICE FEE - Cash in person -Peter Plurtastik, Mushy Tea $40 at the door until full Phoenix Concert Theatre 410 Sherbourne St, Toronto PLUR // ROAR // ♥ // BRINGAFRIEND
  4. What better way to celebrate Canada's birthday then with all the hardcore?!? ☼~☼ official preparty for the bit.ly/SailorMoonBoatCruise.☼~☼ That's why we brought DJs from both coasts to sample the different styles through North America. The piano riffs of old times, electro-style new skool beat and, of course, 90's hardcore/jungle (☝!!☝) ..Don't forget all those anthems we scream to every time the music hits our ear on the dance floor! ✈✈✈✈✈✈✈ East VS Weat Coast Rave! ✈✈✈✈✈✈✈ Featuring: ✈ DJ Anglerfish (San Francisco - www.facebook.com/djanglerfish) ✈ DJ Candy Kid (N.Y.C.) ✈ Falcore (Detroit) ✈ AdHd (Detroit) ✈ Scartat ✈ Saiyan ✈ DJ Ghaleon (Old Skool Jungle - Vinyl Set) ✈ Desquamation www.RoyalKissEvents.com !!! ONLY $20.00 FOR TICKETS http://royalkissevents.com/tickets/ !!! Venue: El Mocambo @464 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5T 2G8 Tickets AT Play De Record <- AVAILABLE NOW: (All Ages) ONLY $20.00 (advance price) ✈ http://royalkissevents.com/tickets/ ✈ VIP PASSES available for both this event and Monday's; Sailor Moon Boat Cruise (June 30th, bit.ly/SailorMoonBoatCruise) ...more at the door! ✈ http://royalkissevents.com/tickets/ ✈✈✈ Plurtastik and MushY Tea's proud to bring ravers PLUR ✈✈✈
  5. Merry Festivus everyone, I::emoticon::U is less than 2 months away and tickets are going up next Friday January 1st at midnight, so make sure to get your tickets today!!!!! You can always get your tickets 24/7 through our paypal, mushytea@gmail.com or at Shanti Baba (546 Queen St. W). Happy Holidays from us here at MushY Tea!
  6. I ::emoticon:: U Valentine's doesn't have to be about love, for some it's the opposite...full of hate! But for us here at MushY Tea Productions, we know it's all about the party and wicked beatz! This Saturday, February 12th, 2011 you won't require a date 'cause you can cuddle up with these fresh styles from... <3 ROOM: Your majestic host, MC Jester! (Illuminati ent. / Hardstyle Toronto / Hitman) Entity ~ UK – Hardcore (Hardcore Underground / CLSM, Nu Energy / Crush on Hardcore / ReBuild and RFU Recordingz Starkiss VS DJ Candy Kid ~ USA - HHC (Galaxy Express, Vitus, Ravers Only) Saiyan ~ Toronto – W/E He Wants (Canadian Hardcore Collective / Krafty Radio / djsaiyan.com) DJ Virus ~ Toronto - Japcore (Goodfellaz / Electromagnetic / NAHM) Audiosaurus {Chucks VS dan0} ~ USA - Morning Trance (The Herd / Fist Pumping) Rolls Royce ~ Toronto – Trance (TRon Paul) Phantom-OS ~ USA - Happy Hardcore (The Herd / Fist Pumping) KandiKat ~ Toronto - Sappycore (Darksiders / MushY Tea) </3 ROOM: DJ Sius ~ Winnipeg - Hard House (Ragnarok / Suicide / Voodoo) Lady Bass ~ Toronto - Hard House (LadyBass.net / Beaver Buzz Energy Drinks / CHILLS DJs / Party934.com / Torontoraves.com / CHC) Dubcomm ~ Toronto - D'n'B (DCS905 / Kmag.co.uk / NU:Gen) Locked ~ Toronto - Jungle (Vip Dubz / Babylon Digital / Prima T Shoe Co. / FFWD Clothing Co.) Mister Mystic ~ Ottawa - Jungle/D'n'B (MushY Tea) MemRx ~ Toronto - Speaker Abuse/Bass Worship (Lime Soundsystem / Big Shiny Choons / Toronto Electronic Collective) Polaris ~ Toronto - Liquid D'n'B (Darksiders) ~<3 This is a "Sport Your Stick" event; Wear some glow'n'show your status. GLOWSTICK LEGEND - Green means 'GO/Single' - Yellow means 'Caution/Taken but looking for Action ' - Red means 'STOP/In Relationship' - Pink means 'Benifits only' ~<3 Contest for most plurific kandi and most jaded outfit !!! The winners get to play "SPIN DA DEEJAY", MushY Tea's version of "spin the bottle". ~<3 MushY Tea-Shirt Give-Away ~<3 Emoticon themed photo booth. ~<3 FREE glowstiks ~<3 FREE hugs ~<3 FREE fruit PLURR in full effect. Everyone's welcome, ROAR. ALL AGES w/ 19+ licensed drinking area 1610 Bloor St West, Toronto, Canada 20$ Early Bird 25$ Advance & more at the door Tickets will be available at Shanti Baba (546 Queen St West) -or- through PayPal: MushYTea@gmail.com Reference: http://bit.ly/agp2zB I::emoticon::U http://bit.ly/aatlxY MushY Tea's Past Events http://bit.ly/9wWLrg PR profile http://bit.ly/9Bv92P Mushy Tea FB http://on.fb.me/9YGNxH FB I::emoticon::U http://bit.ly/dCqDyC MushY Tea FB Group http://bit.ly/9ClqOQ MushY Tea FB Fan Page http://bit.ly/cYzA8u @mushyteaparty http://bit.ly/cqbNZr @mushy_tea
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