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  1. I've been wanting to reboot this concept for a while. Hey, Hollywood is running all their IP's into the ground, why can't I? I've had several of these tracks sitting around for years, waiting to be used. Wanted a bit of a different style than Taijitu 1-3 (you can find them in my Set Archive, from 2009 and 2010 šŸµ so I slowed it down and did things a bit more progressive. As per usual, Yang is brighter and has more positive energy whereas Yin is darker, grittier, and broodier. YANG IV High & Mighty - Jelly Head [Iboga] Oood - Snow Drifting [Iboga] Flow Box - Colors of the Rainbow [Sinsonic] Ooood - Devana Chasma [Pink Revolver] Nerso - Vento [EDM Nerds] Meller - Existence [Nuuktal] High & Mighty - Open Air [Blue Tunes] Astral Sense - Senses [EDM] Antix - Little Honey [Iboga] Osher & Omer - Back Space [Blue Tunes] Liquid Soul - Global Illumination YIN IV One Million Toys - Steady (Nozem Remix) [Techgnosis] Decode Blue - Naked Reality [Music4Group] Psychoz - Trust No One [Electric Power Pole] Inverted World (BR) - PeĢ‚ssegodelia [Dense Nebula] Mngrm - Howl [AlpaKa MuziK] Pspiralife - Darkness Feels Good (Nocturnal Remix) [Zenon] ZRAK & Nexus 6 - Surviva [Horns and Hoofs] Saga - Brain Washer [Yellow Sunshine Explosion] Redshift - Assembly Required [Techgnosis] Deep South - Vision Crystal [Neurotrance] Chronical Effect - Ancient Dark Entities [Psy4Aliens] Left click to download: Ziptnf - Yang IV (1:00:47) 134MB ~320kbps Ziptnf - Yin IV (1:09:51) 156MB ~320kbps Art credit: guidoniart Enjoy!
  2. It's been 9 years since my last psystep mix, and I wanted to revisit the genre to see if it was as cool and unique as I remember. To my surprise, it was. There was plenty of meat left on this bone. I start you off nice and easy and then start turning up the heat, letting loose with some really fun and twisted ideas. Enjoy! Grouch - Chops [UP Australia] KiloWatts - Vector Eyes [Self Release] Desert Dwellers - Wings of Waves (Liquid Stranger Remix) [Desert Trax] Symbolico - Connectika [Merkaba] Bird Of Prey - The First Step [Vaporvent] Lobe - Rude Rigs ft. Nomadic Jurassic [Shanti Planti] Tipper - Viscous [Self Release] Mindex - Deep Forest [Merkaba] Quanta - Wide Eyed [Shanti Planti] Soulacybin - Stazi [Gravitas] Land Switcher - Lead Response [Shanti Planti] Mystral - Prophecy [Merkaba] Desert Dwellers - I Dropped It (Halfred & Enzalla Remix) [Desert Trax] Land Switcher - High Landstep [Free-Spirit] Mystral - Blue Element [Sofa Beats] artwork by scis Soundcloud left-click to download: Ziptnf - Lifeform Synthesis (1:10:30) 155MB ~320 kbps
  3. I've been having a tough year, so digging for music has brought me some joy. It occurred to me while making this that I had never done a mix with an underwater theme despite being a lifelong swimmer. Take a trip to the deep sea... Protonica - Gravity (Gaudium Remix) [I Love This Sound] Invisible Reality - Singularity [Blue Tunes] Protonica - Floating Point (Liquid Soul Remix) [Iono] Glitchy & Scratchy - Disko Tape [Audioalchemists] Zatzak - Experimental Evidence [Timelapse] Ectima & E-Clip - Crowd Control [Perfecto] Auditiva - IGNITION [Digital Music Crew] Side Effects - My People [Iono] Shyisma - Meditation [Iono] DJ Bim, Drukverdeler, Serenity Flux - Field Trip [Yellow Sunshine Explosion] Astral Terror - Ayahuasca Dark Trip [Buddha Hemp Mafia] vimise - Relapse [Gert Sound] The Overloads - God's Eye On Goa (Liquid Soul Remix) [memo604] Side Effects - One Man's Vision [Iono] Moon Tripper - Imagination Vs Knowledge [Progg'n'Roll] Side Winder - Liliacea [Ovnimoon] Soundcloud Link: Nautical Voyage Left click to download: Ziptnf - Nautical Voyage (1:28:04) 194MB ~320kbps Art credit: https://www.deviantart.com/kiarya
  4. I was originally planning a 2-part mix of a different flavor than this, but while putting that together I started getting distracted by some of these thicc proggy beats I was coming across. I decided to split from the mix I was working on and make this one. Keeping it nice and smooth at 128 BPM but laying down some big, fat, driving basslines that will keep you moving. I'd like to imagine myself raving in that cool neon cube to this music. Arhetip - Hidden Zero [TechSafari] Liquid Soul - Devotion (Aladiah Remix) [JOOF] Ben Rama - Xander (Nozem Remix) [Techgnosis] Liquids MDMA - Zdarlight [Drop7] Relaunch - Allure [Bonzai] Suntree - Straight Forward (Live Edit 2014) [Blue Tunes] Etherica - Senses [Sting] Hoffman & Cyrus - Dangerous Situations [Iboga] Perfect Stranger & Human Element - Himmelrich [Yellow Sunshine Explosion] Klum Baumgartner & Elekplunkinkantk - The Guy In The Shadows [Housexploitation] ElectrowaveZ - Ayahuasca (Eltimass Remix) [iM Electronic] DragonFly & Styline - Usual Suspects [Maskade] Liquid Soul - Clean Mind (Sideform Remix) [Iboga] Vice & Aqualize - Dust and Colors (Lyktum Remix) [Yellow Sunshine Explosion] Soundcloud link Left click to download: Ziptnf - Neon Cube (1:22:55) 182MB ~320kbps Artwork by lacza
  5. I am sensing a shift in tastes, where styles that were once popular are now fading away. My well is running dry for some of the niche subgenres like psydnb and psybreaks, where the artists who made them are now no longer producing, or making generic music. Where there was a larger pool of this sound has now shrunken to a small puddle mostly filled with remixes of stuff people have already heard. Most of these tracks are anywhere from 7-10 years old, and I have had to exhaust most of these guys' catalogs. Let's hope when I return for another go in a few more years that we have somewhat of a resurgence. In the meantime, why not go check out what's on the other side of this wormhole? Plu-Ton, Elev8, Anton MAKe - Northern Light [Mistique] Kamakura ENV - Dankazura (Retroid Remix) [Progressive Grooves] Monojoke - Gentle Hit [Magnetism Digital] Audio Noir - Nachalo (Monojoke Remix) [Electronic Tree] Lost Stations - The First [Morphosis] Acidova & Amritone - Sorcery [Calligraphy] Yanix - Derecho [Ridiculoud] Acidova - Elements [Morphosis] Llupa & Andy Faze - Empty Your Minds [In Bloom] Ola Koplowitz, Kelle - Collapse (Retroid Remix) [Ego Shot] Timewave - Strange Worlds (Monojoke Remix) [Bonzai Progressive] Andy Faze - Teleportation (Nick Sentience Remix) [VIM] Parallax Breakz - Scream (Project Synthetic Remix) [Rune] Parallax Breakz & M_Spark - Dying Star [Calligraphy] Abdomen Burst - Funky Police [Rune] Fletric - Into Sunrise (Too Dusty Remix) [VIM] Madmind - Reptilian (Blazer Remix) [Neom] Hedflux - White Nights [Luminus] LuQas - Altered States [Dead Famous] Max Hertzz - Daydreaming (Kwah Remix) [VIM] Throw3r - Stay Awake (Chris Voro Remix) [Sub Element] Akash - Aliens vs Machine (MartOpetEr Remix) [VIM] Snook - Reality Junction (Too Dusty Remix) [Perfecto] 48K - Twister (Custom Breakz Remix) [Divergence] Chris Voro & Magnus - A Story Written Before Time Travel [VIM] art by https://www.deviantart.com/earn-with-me https://soundcloud.com/ziptnf/recommended-wormhole left click to download: Ziptnf - Recommended Wormhole (2:15:28) 296MB ~320kbps
  6. Every now and then I get the hankering for some high energy shit. With my hands full at work and with life, I had to throw this together quickly. I feel bad for the 99.9% of Artists who spend a lot of time producing music only for me to listen to .1 seconds of the song before deciding whether or not it's worth buying. Sadly, that's what it's like searching for music in this genre. It's mostly boring and uninspired. The tracks that made it on this mix grabbed my attention immediately. Hopefully this will at least showcase some of the powerful, unique artists who go unnoticed in a dying genre. X-Side & Avan7 - Eleven Dimensions [180 Degrees] Mad Tribe - 10 Billion Doses [DM7] Spatial Plants & Critical Selection - Plumbum [Blacklite] Spectre & Warp Drive - The Simulation [PsynOpticz] Artifex - Shrooms [Art-X] The Concept Nemesis - From Inside Out [Lysergic] Stereopanic - Imaginary Friends [Mechanik] X-Side - Emergency Broadcast [Mechanik] Panayota - Oxygen (X-avenger Remix) [Free Minds] Roby & Tetrikal - Heavy Bombs [MMD] Acyd System - Distorted Time [Terror Hippie] Stereopanic - Dream Layer [MMD] Hydroxide & Trhip - A Dead Dreamer [Mechanik] Alienn - Yeah Science [Kaos Krew] Soundcloud left-click to download: Ziptnf - Reality Fission (1:19:32) 175MB ~320 kbps
  7. I wanted to do something lower tempo but as I searched, the darker this mix became. This shit gets really twisted after a little while, which turns out to be pretty apt for this year as a whole. I actually expected the thing in the cover art to have gotten us by now but there are still 2 months left. tracklist: ben rama - implicate (dr. strangefunk remix) [techngnosis] ewake - ancient roots [techngnosis] luis m - cold stars in space [digital diamonds] x-dream - do you believe (k.u.r.o. remix) [gravity plus] oood - hoku [iboga] mrblenk - i'm groot [speedsound] sourone - domesticated delusions (tystix remix) [our minds] deepnotic - plash [zenon] jibba jabba - motherfucker [jaira] sinhafazatron - crysys [dimensional] polyplex - stop [hi-trip] mngrm - unbreakable [digital diamonds] pick - maximum orchestra [glitchy tonic] artwork by patvit left click to download Ziptnf - Evil Gods (1:12:29) 159MB ~320kbps
  8. Multiphase & Estefano Haze - Spirituality in Action [Yellow Sunshine Explosion] Cosmic Vibration - Sound and Magic [Parabola] Vuchur - Electromagnetic Spectrum [Fresh Frequencies] E-Clip - Decipher (Arhetip Remix) [TesseracTstudio] Tristate - Logic Levels [Digital Om] Didi & Zenaj - Cosmic Energy [Spiral Trax] Kalki & Static Movement - Power of Magic [Sol] Liquid Soul - Cydonia (E-Clip Remix) [Iboga] Liquid Soul & Protonica - Levitate (ft. Ljuuba) [Iboga] State Azure - Hex (Magnus Remix) [Funk Lab] Deep Vibration - Infinit Formations [Iono] Symphonix - Crystal Black [Blue Tunes] Daniel Lesden - Pangea Proxima [Digital Om] Ilai - Tale of Trance (Kalki Remix) [TechSafari] Alien Invaders - Jupiter (Extended Mix) [Redux Fantasy] Transpose - Spacetime [TechSafari] Ovnimoon - The Spirit [EDM] One Function - Imagine Yourself [Iono] ZeniX - The Sensation [Ovnimoon] Ovnimoon & Moon Tripper - Mystica [Geomagnetic] Frost Raven & Mark L - Fantasma [Critical Overload] I don't really keep up too closely with the psytrance scene, so it always surprises me when I return and still find high quality tunes. This didn't take too long to put together and I even used a few older tunes that I had purchased for previous mixes but never played. Loved putting this together, some nostalgic vibes with melodic trance, deep trance, and some heavy psychedelic energy. This is the sweet spot for me, between progressive and full-on, where both psychedelic music and trance can thrive. Enjoy! Art credit to narandel. Left-click to download: Ziptnf - Natural Mysteries (1:50:28) 243 MB ~320kbps
  9. Thanks Gary! It's a fairly open landscape of a genre, it's a shame more people don't explore it.
  10. I've thought about doing a sequel to my relatively popular Encrypted Universe but hadn't gotten around to digging for it. There are basically 3 people who rule this sound: Xenofish, Mellow Sonic, and Cybernetika, and none of them are signed to any labels or have any new releases in the past 3-4 years anyway. So unless they all make a comeback I wouldn't anticipate many more of these mixes. The neuro stuff seemed to fit nicely in a 20ish minute block towards the end. I tried to get the most listenable neurofunk available considering a vast majority of it is actually hurts to listen to. Had a lot of fun recording this. Enjoy! Cryomatter - 7-Dimensional Stasis [Ektoplazm] Mellow Sonic - Interplanetary [Self-release] Cryomatter - Reassembly [Ektoplazm] Mellow Sonic - Astral Traveller (Xenofish Remix) [Self-release] Mellow Sonic - Heliophysics [Self-release] Mellow Sonic - Pandora [Self-release] Xenofish - Twinmachine (Mellow Sonic Remix) [Self-release] Xenofish & Mellow Sonic - Radiating Scapes [Self-release] Mellow Sonic - Enemy Forces (Cybernetika Remix) [Self-release] Axi - Nightfly [Fall Out] Phace - Strange Science [Shogun] Black Sun Empire - Extraction [Black Sun Empire] Noisia - Running Blind [RAM] Axi - Safe House [Mindtech LTD] Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ziptnf/celestial-resonance Left-click to download: Ziptnf - Celestial Resonance (1:16:44) 169MB ~320kbps Image credit to antifan-real.
  11. My brother is doing a full Ironman Triathlon tomorrow, so I figured I'd match his effort (/s) with a 5 1/2 hour mix. When I was conceptualizing this mix, I was heavily inspired by Simon Posford (of Shpongle) after he came to my city a few years ago with an army of psychedelic weapons and blitzkrieged the dance floor for 4 hours. His ability to weave a variety of styles in and out of each other was simply astonishing - like he was a swiss-army knife of psytrance. Channeling Posford, I have selected a kalaeidoscopic spectrum of flavors spanning several genres, styles, and tempos. I wanted to challenge the listener to interpret a variety of shifts in ideas and emotion - as subjects of mad techno experiments, psytrance, and colorful breaks. If you have followed my catalog over the years, you might notice that I double dipped on some of my favorite tunes in the breaks section Flegma - Sundarbans [TesseracTstudio] FLIX - Atonalities in Life [Spiral Trax] Dj Tomsten - Extra deep repaer [Tombstone] LampƩ - Crystal Cave [Digital Diamonds] Stoertebeker - Robinson Jr. [Digital Diamonds] A:B:S - Litmus (3ska Remix) [Kiosek] DaƤna - Little Animals (Trilingo Remix) [Digital Diamonds] Enertia-sound - Broken Robot [Mistique] Durs - Caravan [Uxmal] Human Element - Evolving [Iboga] Acrƶfen - Nausea (Trilingo Remix) [Digital Diamonds] Interactive Noise - Rewire (Durs Remix) [Spin Twist] Karlos Rush - Lisergik Lab [Speedsound] Jon Bovi - Wad Morld [Madabeats] Gunslinger - Mystic [Open Flame] Meat Katie & Dylan Rhymes - Roll Player (Hedflux Remix) [Lowering The Tone] Sphera - Micro Poetry [Dacru] Human Element - No Rush [Iono] DJ Noise - North Star (Sunday Evening Edit) [Voice Noise] Mervit - 360 Degrees [Power House] Etherica - Deep Feelings [Sting] Futura Music - Bealtaine [Furthur Progressions] Bionik Vokolder - Shiva Tribe [Speedsound] John 00 Fleming - We Close Doors (One Million Toys Remix) [JOOF] 4000 KROMOS - Chemical Punks [Speedsound] ManMadeMan - Do You Believe in UFOs? (Cybered Remix) [Fame Game] Electric Samurai - Samurai X [Speedsound] Quincy M.E. - Willow (Tekbot Remix) [Ov-silence] Sonic Entity - De Facto [TesseracTstudio] Kavalier - Enigma [Global Minds] Pavel Tkachev - XSyon (Mostafa Gamal Remix) [Unique Sound] Trima - Sundance [DSR Dance Selection] Wavelength - Loosing Gravity [Eclipse] Static Movement - System Overload [Digital Nature] Roboteknic - Nacologic [Pineapple Digital] A-Mase - Together (Retroid Remix) [Morphosis] ReTTriger - Surge [Morphosis] Tentura & Tony Grand - Pandora (Atrium Sun Remix) [Morphosis] Monojoke - Surreal Things (Parallax Breaks Remix) [Spring Tube] Colombo - Buddhism [iBreaks] Roboteknic - 400mg [Sub Element] Max Hertzz - Whale Riderz (Retroid Remix) [Ego Shot] Ire - Take Over (Line of Sight Remix) [VIM] Alter Form - Visionary (Roboteknic Remix) [Rune] Nanoplex - The Droog (Hedflux Remix) [Iboga] Jayson Butera - Darkness [Ego Shot] Tongue & Groove - Fundamental Frequency (Monk3ylogic Remix) [Broken] MartOpetEr - Homegrown Disaster (Roboteknic Remix) [Divergence] Retroid & Alter Form - No Way Out [Ego Shot] Blazer - Spark [VII] Flack.su - Phoenix (Sergei Orange Remix) [Ego Shot] Parallax Breakz - Resonance [Utopian] Isolate - Artilect (Too Dusty Remix) [Sub Element] Too Dusty - Stardust [Tek] D-Ranged - Get Shift (Far Too Loud Remix) Blazer - Venom [VII] MartOpetEr - Don't Push Me (Unconscious Mind(s) Remix) [VIM] Pitch Drop - Broken Knows (Frequency Less Remix) [Pistolero] Charlie Kane - Wired to the Core (Blazer Remix) [VIM] MartOpetEr & Frequency Less - Conflictive [Neom] Toefinger & Soulah - Medulla (MartOpetEr Remix) [Broken] Modulizer - Nasa Agreement (MartOpetEr Remix) [Dirty Drop] MartOpetEr - Irony (Too Dusty Remix) [Broken Robot] Mariner - Orca (Retroid Remix) [Sweet Science] Nelver - Lost Without [Rune] For some more digestible chunks, I've uploaded it on Soundcloud in 2 parts. The first part quite conveniently wraps the techno/psytrance bit up at exactly the 3 hour mark, and then the last 2.5 hours (part 2) are breaks. https://soundcloud.com/ziptnf/sets/relative-eternity Image source: boxtail Download the whole thing here: Ziptnf - Relative Eternity (5:33:14) 731MB ~320kbps
  12. Babies really take away all the extra time that you used to have. I'm admittedly behind in my psy/trance/EDM circles and I haven't done any proper digging in a while. I spent a few weeks trying to squeeze an hour here and there to dig. It's fatiguing to listen to this stuff so I got tired of searching quickly. But I wound up with 1 hour of no-nonsense, balls to the wall, robots fighting each other with chainsaws, max power psytrance. I never thought I'd still be making mixes like this at 30, but I guess I might as well make more mixes as I continue training for events and races. Finding the time is the hard part. Dystortion & Spektro Boy - The Keeper [Kaos Krew] Biokinetix - Brain Storm (ft. Natural Disorder) [Geomagnetic] Psycho System - Logical Reborn [Up!Noize] Mr. Dryfuss - Space Travel [Speedsound] Alienn - Another Trip [Hypergate] Menticide - Knocked Out [Kaos Krew] Creative Mind - Strings [Mechanik] Brain Hunters - Katana [LW] Brain Attack - Engage the Noise [Mechanik] Micromax - Fear [Up!Noize] Click to download: Ziptnf - Sonic Firestorm (1:01:19) 136MB ~320kbps Image source: [URL=https://chaosfissure.deviantart.com/]chaosfissure[/URL]
  13. Astrix just posted on his FB. RIP and condolences.
  14. Thank you Penzoline! This is my favorite type of psytrance - the trancey type, powerful psychedelia, and high energy the whole time. I appreciate the listen. I will try to work on your mix this weekend
  15. Made a new mix for the annual Kentucky Derby Festival Mini-Marathon (and full Marathon but only someone like my brother is crazy enough to do 26.2 miles :wtf: ). The race was delayed 1.5 hours due to storms in the area, and I wound up taking the race out too fast in the first 7 miles and struggled between walking/running for the last 6. Seems to be a trend in my races these days. I need to learn how to control my pace so I don't burn out like that. Perhaps my depleted energy stores was also a side-effect of the delayed start time. Anyway, the mix was better than my race. Big time trance melodies and high-energy psychedelic attack sequences, all flowing together for a powerful 100 minutes of quality electronic dance music. Pretty happy with this one. Altered State - Hypnotic [Yellow Sunshine Explosion] Zyce & Shake - Gravity [TesseracTstudio] Ascent & Norma Project - Shining Crystals [Geomagnetic] Ecosphere & Electit - Society [Parabola] Flowjob - Alice In Orbit (Magnus Remix) [iboga] Inner Sphere - Night Shade [iono] System E - A New World [Digital Nature] Ilai & Sonic Entity - Dmt Perception [iono] Vertical Mode - Lucky Number (Symbolic Remix) [TechSafari] Christopher Lawrence & No Comment - Horizon [Critical Overload] Magnus - Sonder [Critical Overload] Moon Tripper - Let's Find A Point [JOOF Mantra] Spectro Senses - Fundamental Experience [bounce] Bowdidge & Taylor - Sidewinder (Harmonic Rush Extended Mix) [Monster Force] Makida - Human Evolution [24/7] Makida & Eeon - Cosmic Expansion [24/7] Moon Tripper - Selenophile [Yellow Sunshine Explosion] Reverse - Ultima (Magnus Remix) [Critical Overload] SoundCloud art credit: jp-talma download link: Ziptnf - Atomic Structures (1:40:45) 232MB ~320kbps Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwLay-K1p34EUTFDSmZhd2pibDg/view?usp=sharing
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