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Found 5 results

  1. Hi ! Can someone ID this track pleaaaaaase cheers
  2. Artist: Slinky Wizard Title: Slinky Wizard EP Label: Flying Rhino Records Date: 1994 1. Wizard 2. Lunar Juice 3. The Rising The very first release from goa powerhouse label Flying Rhino is remarkable for not only it's quality, but also because of when it first came out. Twenty years ago and it still sounds super fresh. That's how you create a classic release. Wizard is a deep psychedelic goa monster that really is timeless. Is it just me or does the melody sound like the one found in Hallucinogen's LSD? It would make sense since Simon was involved with this project. Lunar Juice (which also had Simon's hand upon it though not the more well known Moon Strudel Mix) growls like a ferocious cat and again doesn't sound dated at all. The Rising is filler compared to the first two tracks, but even that one is still a pretty good one. Mdk
  3. Artist: Union Jack Title: Two Full Moons & A Trout EP Label: Rising High Records Date: 1994 1. Two Full Moons & A Trout (Caspar Pound Mix) 2. Two Full Moons & A Trout (Original Mix) 3. Two Full Moons & A Trout (Union Jack Mix) 4. Two Full Moons & A Trout (FLF Mix) If you held a gun to my head...jeez I guess I would say my acid journey has been a little disappointing. Reading online there are those that would deem this not only one of the greatest trance tracks of all time, but one of the finest pieces of electronic music. While taste is certainly subjective I'm not seeing it. I've read people describing how epic the Caspar Pound (RIP) remix was and while beautiful in places it also comes off as a bit pretentious. Sounding epic, just to sound epic ain't cool bruh. Over 12 and a half minutes and I was waiting for the hammer to drop or for him to bring me to the clouds and it just never happened. Great look at what I did. I sh*t talked a dead guys work. That's gonna earn me a few extra hail marys. The original is more acidic and for me more enjoyable even though that break in the middle was fairly unimaginative. The second half of the track picks it up with the vocals and especially with the chopping effect. The second break though...Poor transition and it comes off as two different tracks stuck together with duct tape. No it doesn't fix everything. The Union Jack Mix is a shorter version that lacked any fireworks and the FLF mix had me stifling yawns. Look anytime you put mixes of the same track on and EP you run the risk of fatigue. Throw in two of those mixes being almost half an hour long and you're asking for trouble. I didn't hear enough great things to make me want to listen to this again. Perhaps in 1994 this was a classic, but I doubt it.
  4. Artist: Asia 2001 Title: Anti's Trax Label: Trans'Pact Productions Date: 1994 1. Planet JX 2. Cosmic Shamanish Like a lot of you I am always on the hunt for undiscovered goa trance and long forgotten EP's. So when I came across this 2 tracker from the legendary Asia 2001 (Gilbert Thevenet) I scooped it up immediately. Have you seen all the aliases he used? He was either on the run or Filipe Santos two decades earlier. Now you can also find these on a compilation called The Spirit of Goa Trance Vol. 1 also released by Trans'Pact. And...like a lot of music that is 20 years old it sounds like it. Planet JX sounds extremely primitive and raw and I don't mean that in a good way. It's nice to go back in time and see how it was, but sometimes it ain't pretty. Cosmic Shamanish is clearly the more accessible of the two and drips with that old school flavor. This is red one room Little House on the Prarie old school. His cutoff knob gets a workout as he wrings the sound of the 303 for all it's worth. And while not as polished as the stuff today (how did your cell phone look 20 years ago) it's still got the character that made old school so cool. Can you get Fruit Ninja on this thing? Mdk
  5. Hey hey hey old school loooovers!!! Could anyone take two minutes to ID these 3 marvellous 93-94' old school tracks ? http://soundcloud.com/fredbuzter/sets/old-school-acid-goa-3pack-to/ Thanks
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