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  1. hi guys happy you like my Scandi 90's cds compilation ,you welcome to check out my last cd compilation i did with the Z.N.A Festival to be released on Dance N Dust Recordsץ the style is similar to the Scandi 90's all the tracks are Unreleased and from the 90's , tracking list: Bus V.s Slide - Everyday, the Belsize Mix (1998) Orion - Frenzy (1997) Dragon - Resurrection (1998) Shazbatt - Organic Deflection (1998) Little Blue Men - Ace of Space (1998) Atmos - Devine Hex (1997) Noma - K3 (1999) The Mato Project - Asa Equals Goddes (1997) Sarolta Monspart - Sl
  2. hello friends new Digital EP Sarolta Monspart - Mother Superior Earth (Sweden) with his very unique style of music and sound out now include 3 tracks from the good old happy 90's Sarolta Monspart - Mother-Superior-Earth (97) Sarolta Monspart - Slowdown Action (96) Sarolta Monspart - Northern Lights (97) support our label and grab a copy of it or beatport:: https://www.beatport.com/release/mother-superior-earth/2209471 hope you guys like it enjoy
  3. Dear ZNA Head and Old school fans Very exciting news!! Dance N Dust Records and Zna Gathering have been secretly working for a while on a compilation which aims to celebrate the concept behind our biannual gathering. After exploring some precious archives, we gathered what we believe to be an amazing track list with Scandinavian music that has been almost lost in time being kept between few dj´s cases only to be played in special occasions. Bus V.s Slide - Everyday, the Belsize Mix (1998) Orion - Frenzy (1997) Dragon - Resurrection (1998) Shazbatt - Or
  4. not yet but maybe latter on, im checking out the "new market" (: we will sell our old stocks catalog in bandcamp
  5. just to let u know that the label page on Bandcamp is up you now can get the new release by Sarolta Monspart via bandcamp more new and old released will be upload soon as well (cds and digital format) https://dancendustrecords.bandcamp.com/ thanks guys
  6. thank you friend the album will be released on the 02.02.2017 in all other online shops, till that date its beatport exclusive .. im working now on the bandcamp shop , i hope in the next 2 weeks it will be online as well there.
  7. i did 2 compilation v/a Scandi 90's part 1 and part 2 just two years ago,its very hard to sell , this was and still 2 great albums but .... no market, any way i dont get if you like something good why not to buy it on beatport or any good online shop? whats is the different in between bandcamp to beatport? we will do soon online shop on bandcamp but still whats the different?
  8. hehe you guys rock you can have a listen to the full album now on youtube if u like the music you more then welcome to support and buy it digital format on beatport.
  9. digital format only for now as we see the cd market is dead ): there is no point to spend so much money and energy and not cover even the expenses , but if u like the music u can get a copy online,
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