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  1. thanks for the replies guys will do that. and yeah im using ath m50x
  2. some sylenth1. ultrabass MX for the bass. i synthed the kick in BazzISM2 and few korg synths (vstis)
  3. nope not using it. there is a whole version of the track the overall time is 8:30 but i uploaded only a short sneek into it
  4. Hi guys im new here. due to the fact im mostly not in the same place and moving around constantly i find myself most of the time producing music with my KA6 and headphones (their also alright for starters imo) is there a right way to work with headphone in order to make 1 person production and reach "professional" sound? thanks upfront p.s i do have monitors but their too big for the place im mostly producing music at
  5. Hi guys. i am Event Horizon. a relatively new sort-of Goa psytrance producer. i've published a short preview for some new project im on. i would really like to hear your thoughts about that track. i never learned how to mix properly and i would like to have some thoughts be harsh as possible ^^! https://soundcloud.com/or_event_horizon/event-horizon-pcyans-wip-preview
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