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  1. Woow, I mailed a load of them out ages ago, please PM me your address. I have a register of all customers, I don't know how I missed yours...
  2. Yeah I made a pressing of 1000 pieces of the first CD and mailed them for free for all customers... That means there will be 500 extra ones after I have replaced the faulty ones. I think I'll give those away at the festivals. Oh and the around 400 damaged ones I have in my possession, those I am planning to leave also at record shops or where ever to reach people who don't like psytrance as such...
  3. And, oh, Anoebis, don't know how much it does affect the sales and how, but like OTT and OOOD you have a very strong online presence and fan connections, I think that is bound to twist the sales in one direction or another. Maybe more hardcore loyal CD buyers and less accidental digial purchases?
  4. About my music, well, check out the album, it's full streamable. I think you will like at least few of the tracks that are quite pure goa. But I like to mix a lot of influences, so give the album some time http://aavepyora.bandcamp.com/album/katso-kukkaa-2 These two are mostly goa: http://aavepyora.bandcamp.com/track/silver-blossom-secrets-of-the-moon http://aavepyora.bandcamp.com/track/new-dawn Yes, actually I heard that when I was for the first time in Ukraine in 2006 and was a bit amazes by how everybody knew my music. The reason was, that on our site we had free full downloads since 2002 I think, and at that time it was almost impossible to buy trance CDs in Ukraine, and filesharing was still very primitive so I got huge downloads to there, and Russia also, because we were one of the first to offer free trance music... Thix'nDixx came about around the same time, and some tracker groups were the first of course, but if was a bit different scene... All the downloads led to a lot of publicity that can't be bought. Even though I have more listeners than ever now, there are very few downloads from the site anymore, even though all the old albums are free. So most of the sharing happens straight between people, even if the music is free. And the publicity led to shows, altough I was never so interested in playing at parties. About the next album, I'm still decding between a vinyl (just for the fuck of it), digital only, or maybe a CDR pressing of around 100 copies for fans, since there's around that much people who really want the album anyway every time. Or then maybe make only a few copies of the CD in an insanely fine packcage, and sell those to collectors at a good price, since anyway even my normal own CDs sell around 50-100€ these days About the vinyl I'm really thinking... At least in Finland they're getting really popular, I started buying them again too instead of CDs, and I love the packcaging possibilities. It's just quite expensive, at least here even a basic packing will be around three times more expensive than making a CD. But I'd love to make one anyway... It would be exciting to see how many peole actually wanted a vinyl of trance music anymore
  5. Well he used to do a lot of goa stuff, I posted that just for reference, for all those people who like to think that experimental musician make weird music just because they can't do anhything proper But yes, it's good!
  6. http://www.mikseri.net/artists/astroschnautzer/303/261071/ I already linked this, but it's strange how little he gets appreciation in the goa scene... In 1998 where this is from, the rest of Finland was doing something much less palatable IMO
  7. http://astroschnautzer.bandcamp.com/ From one of the most well-equipped psy studios in the country. If you have a problem grasping this, google "modular synth" And if this goes too far, there's also this of course: https://soundcloud.com/tutankhamon-9000 And the old stuff just to compare (scroll down far enough): https://soundcloud.com/astroschnautzer Just check this out, more Cosmosis than any of his albums in the last 10 years https://soundcloud.com/astroschnautzer/psychochemical-astroblast
  8. Very interesting. I have run a hobby musical project since 1999 and made somewhere around 15 CDs, mostly very limited editions, and mostly spread the music free. My latest release was the first properly pressed CD. It's interesting about that around 50 persons/month sales for the CDs. Maybe it's just a coincidence, but I sold that amount copies in two days after the release of the CD, but then the sales plummetted. One factor was probably that I announced on my site (the only place where you could buy the CD) that I'll be travelling for the summer and the sales are closed. During that time an error was found on the CD from a damaged master, and even though I made a new pressing, the sales never really took up, in the last year when the album has been available again, I've sold less than 10 CDs through the site. Maybe there are around 50 hardcore goaheads out there who buy all new CDs?-) In the last year there is also a growing group of people who just pay for the music on Bandcamp and don't want the CD even if I propose to send it. These people paid around 10-20€ on the "pay what you want, but at least 1€" policy so they clearly want to show their support instead of just getting the music for free. I see the question also from this point of view: How many goa fans are out there? If, Anoebis, you didn't provide a CD at all, would the final sales be anyway as high? Also your label started around the time when CD sales in the scene fell around 2000-2002 according to Finnish psy people who ran record shops. IIRC the talk was an almost total loss of sales after CD burners and soon Napster became common. I'd like a perspective from the people at TIP for example. I recall the Elysium guy saying that in the old days people made money actually selling psy CDs. The piracy is an issue for sure. And my feeling too is, that psy people in general have very low esteem for original music. In all my travels with psy people I've seen very few original CDs at all, excluding some Suntrip releases here and there (true! but then again I'm booked by goa productions in general). Consider psychedelic folk, with probably bit more mature demographics, some small home made releases sell easily 300-500 VINYLS! I'd say in more "serious" genres there are more nerdish music fans who spend their time finding and collecting new music, but in the psy scene I see many younger people just consuming the music, with much more focus on going to parties than making a hobby out of the music. But in the old days these people HAD to buy CDs if they wanted to listen to the music at all at home. Someone has a good idea what to do with around 300 unsold CDs? Oh, and around 800 promos that contain only the first CD?-) Oh, and one thing: not nearly everybody can have a paypal account, and making bank transfers makes so long that even I don't have the attention span unless I really want the CD. Consider the average student/unemployed young psy fan... No credit card = no digital downloads. So actually we should also be talking about the people for whom buying anything at all from the net is complicated.
  9. Terrafractyl, yes, he's cool... His set is the only one in the last years I've heard, that sounded quite fresh actually. But he's not that much into psytrance so that explains it maybe. And he's heavily into modulars too, which forces you to work on the sounds a bit more, and will give results very different from the typical VST use. Benza was cool when I last heard his set, I meant to check his music, but, well, I'm so lazy always back home I mean: music that evokes altered states of mind, has more than average ratio of textural complexity and imagination, and touches on that rare sublime feeling of love and omnipresent joy that dancing to psytrance in nature (and psychedelics for many) can trigger so well. Or maybe I'm talking about just "trance"? Music intended for achieving a trance, a music that is best enjoyed in trance (dance). This is a bit vague, yes I agree Yes, just trance that does not sound like I've heard it a million times before. Productionwise even Finnish music is quite capable these days, but what with the subgenres being cast in stone more and more, a certain rigidity has fallen on the music in my opinion. OK, let's just say "Is there any new (meaning, well, around post 2006 for me) fresh trance out there?" You know, fresh like in a fruit salad on a summer's morning, or the first kiss with a new person. Something with promise of something even better. Potential.
  10. OK, here's a more tricky one: I'm interested in good trancey music that fits in the "psychedelic" slot with all the liquid filters, repetition, 4/4, etc, but without the conventions of psychedelic trance music composition-wise. I haven't been listening to trance for the past ten years or so, so I'm interested if there's something original that's come out during this time? It's hard to put my finger on what I'm meaning... I'd say true artistic ambition in the music maybe? Something that you can't compare to anything else. And I'm not interested in borderline schizoid experimental stuff either, I'm now thinking of something really smooth and tender but still textured and colourful in my head.
  11. Mussa, I just washed down thousands of euros down the drain making a CD around a year ago, I don't recommend it really, unless maybe for max 300 pieces limited edition. CDs sell really badly todays, better just make a good web release, I recommend Bandcamp for personal sales, and Imusicial Digital for other distribution... I think I've sold around 100 pieces of Katso Kukkaa, I think I'll give away the rest soon at some festival or something like that.
  12. Yeah, as said above, I sent free replacements to everybody And yeah, spent the new year in North Norway in the arctic night, that was pretty extreme, no sun at all for over a week. But the mountains! I will so be back next summer... I'm happy to be done with the project now, all the hassle was really starting to eat me... Well there is the question of the press using the wrong version of the sleeve graphics, with a few umlauts in the wrong place, and the order of last three tracks on CD2 printed wrong, I need to gather a bit of decisive energy and find out if that was my or the presses mistake :/ But anyway, I now started finally working on the new album now that this is done... Right now I'm planning several remixes on psychedelic folk tunes, and in every way I want to take the sound more to the roots... Also planning some new Summamutikka stuff maybe, maybe my new analog gear would give me that elusive 90s goa and acid sound... Because that is my problem with lots of new music, it just sounds too clean and nice because of VSTs... I actually made new masters of some Summamutikka tracks for a few oldschool parties, and noticed that with the new mastering they actually work pretty OK... The released versions sound so bad on a big system that I almost never played them actually. Too bad that it's so hard working with Dream Station these days, that I was restricted to it's internal sounds with the remixes. But at least I could finish the stuff with modern VST effects in a multitrack environment, so they ended up sounding quite decent. And also I could take away the most embarassing parts that were verging on nitzhonot...
  13. OK, from new glass masters, the new pressing is here! No more skips on CD1. Album for sale again. 90s UK Goa, progressive, folk, chiptunes, synthpop, all nice things mixed and mashed together Also now free streaming of all tracks: http://aavepyora.bandcamp.com/album/katso-kukkaa-2
  14. Try this,: http://aavepyora.bandcamp.com/track/new-dawn
  15. Wow, I just remembered why I don't like the internet. Why all the aggression? Passive-aggressive tension is like smoke in a forest fire here And anyway, what's a wannabe anyway? What do people's motives matter to you people, if they're having a good time? I love seeing anybody at a party as long as they behave. But these were funny There's also the Organic whole foods farmer Spent the beginning of the 90s in Goa, remembers queuing up to clubs with now big name artists when they were still underage and couldn't get in. Came to the party to live up the old memories, talk about past adventures with the old guy, and give approving glances to the 20-something kids full of energy. Only has time and interest to go to a few parties every now and then, spends the rest of his time weeding his/her rows of biodynamic carrots in a hut somewhere in the countryside. Does not do drugs anymore, but ends up anyway talking to the daffodils by sunrise. Has possibly tons of high quality half finished tracks of his/her own hidden somewhere in the desktop drawers, but nobody will ever hear them because he/she does not have an internet connection, and will never finish the tracks because prefers running in the woods with his/her kids- named Afrodite and Orion Starseed by all probability- more than making music anyway. Long time artist Usually a bit older than the rest of the partygoers and one of the more genuine, down to earth and friendly characters at the party, but most people never get to know this because they are too scared to talk to the him/her, thinking either that they are not cool enough, or that the artist must be an annoying elitist, and so choose not to. Because of this the artists end up talking with each other about the differences between analog synth modules and previous festivals of the season. Can also be spotted by the throngs of admirers flocking around them. During other artists sets stands in the middle of the dancefloor in the sonic sweet spot and analyses the production with razor sharp accuracy. Variations: permafried traveller freak/upper middle class escapist/ pro-musician fun sideproject Up and coming artist: Usually a bit younger, realized after following the feats of the long time artists, that playing at festivals must be a good way to score free drugs and reckless sex. Has a hundred gigabyte collection of trance mp3s, despite never paying for music in his/her life. Spends all the money he/she makes instead to buy the latest music gear based on reviews in hi-tech keyboard magazines. Believes the lack of quality in his tracks is the reason of not having enough pro equipment instead of not practicing songwriting and production skills enough. Probably also helping out with the organization of the festival, has incredible amounts of energy he/she will spend in order to realize the dream of being a famous musician one day. Does not have any original ideas musically, but through relentless bombardment with promotional material still manages to score enough gigs to keep the ball rolling. Says he's using only Sylenth1 these days because it sounds just like a real analog synth like Virus. Variations: Gifted mdma-kid/ straight edge hippie prodigy with classical training/ nerd sound programmer genius, codes own plugins
  16. For the last years while making this I have been listening a lot to 60s and 70s folk rock and prog folk, contemporary psychedelic folk, a lot of different singer-songwriters (Alela Diane, Mariee Sioux, stuff like that), Yona, medieval music, etc... So that's where the sound is coming from...
  17. But I'll say, that this is the last time I use free software for anything critical. (ref: the whatever free burner I used in a hurry when my bundled Nero stopped working) It seems like the time when a DXF from Inkscape (the only even distantly proper free vector drawing program) was fucked up in one vertex, and a CNC mill started destroying a 200€ piece of aluminum Also it seems that the start and endpoints of the tracks are fucked up, they seem to start too abruptly at least in the pirated release, which is the only one I have access now to...
  18. Well, I have not listened to trance for 6 years or so, so I guess I'm free of influences And I think the only Finnish music I own is one album from James Reipas. I think the problem might be the original CDR, but I'll say no more until I'm back home and can investigate. And I hope the plant has the original CDR still around. I don't believe I'll have good luck making them pay, it's all coming again from my own wallet. Well, what's 2500€ for a good album...
  19. Have you experienced skipping in some tracks, especially in the end of the album? I have had some reports of this, maybe the CDR-original was damaged? If you have heard skips, it would be very useful to know on which tracks, and on what time... I am trying to find out what happened with the manufacturer... But thank you! I am also very happy with the whole thing... I think the two albums go together well... But I'm not even sure, if you can call this Finnish sound, the way I see it, the influences come much more from goa, progressive, electro, etc... Or that's at least what I like >D
  20. Well, now you got to wait until August when I come from travelling, unless you happen to come to Helsinki, I have the album for sale in two shops in the centre... And thanks, I love too how the designs turned out!
  21. Hmm, edible packcaging... I think I could arrange that for a price More more more beauty shots!
  22. http://aavepyora.net...c/katso-kukkaa/ OK, my labour of love for the past years is here, finally available for your pleasure! In sound a bit darker and harder than Kotiin haltiakansan luo, brought alive by a lot of new analog gear I’ve aquired, it’s the perfect companion to Kotiin haltiakansan luo, which is included in a new remixed and mastered version with the album. Housed in a recycled cardboard casing containing no plastic parts, with a 8 page booklet printed on FSC certified paper from ecological forestry. The inks used are vegetable based, and the CD is shipped in a re-sealable biodegradable bag. Preview clips and order info up at: http://aavepyora.net/ http://soundcloud.co...kukkaa-preview/
  23. Olivier is very much still making music, or was at least in 2008 when we both played at Khan Altay, he had a very good project called Sacred Tree Portal, very oldschool... I think he was talking with Suntrip too at that point, but now didn't hear from him in a long time, I hope the album comes out eventually... I too love his old stuff a lot! Also the Underhead tracks.
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