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  1. The kick Cosmosis does in 'Just Say No' is great, together with the bassline.Give it a try.
  2. Thanx for ur replys guyz. I just bought FL5 and it's GREAT! I think i'll stick to it. I've tried to use Reason and Cubase before but they are not user friendly. I can't buy Logic cuz I don't have Mac. Fruity Loops is getting more and more professional with each new release and the FL5 is very impressive.
  3. How can I use Albino with Fruity Loops? I have to buy the Albino2 Hardware?
  4. sundrop, thanks for ur helpz. I've read somewhere that His Holyness Bilbo Bagginz uses Cubase, Albino 2 and some other stuffs. Here is a picture of Albino 2. You will find the cut off knob on it : http://www.plugorama.com/customer/detailed...p?productid=289 I have some good tunes I've made with Fruity Loops. I want to assemble them into a single track with the quality of sound the professionals make. I've made 2 or 3 complete tracks too. My real problem is that I cant obtain the sounds and effects I want with Fruity Loops.
  5. What i meant by best, is a software that allows me to make good effects like Cosmosis does. Btw, i'm a beginner. sundrop, 'cut off' is the effect that 'tweaks' a sound like its been squeezed and streched. I don't know how to explain it!
  6. Hi, this is my 1st post. I've been using Fruity Loops for a while but i'm having some difficulties. It seems that the only sounds that i can cut off are the TS404 sounds. How do you cut off other sounds? I've tried to make some songs the best as I could. I will post them some time later. I've also tried a demo of Reason2. Its very impressive and complicated, compared to Fruity Loops. I could not use it...too complicated! When i use 'cut off' effect on a TS404 sound in Fruity Loops, it doesnt sound too good, it sounds limited. Is that because Fruity Loops is not a professional tool? I'd like to know which software i can use that does a good cuf off like Cosmosis does! Thanks.
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