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Found 7 results

  1. hello everyone just like last year, i've noticed that i've picked up much less downtempo music than uptempo this year. seeing that most of my favourite releases were recommended in last year's thread, i've decided to open a new one for 2015. i guess it will also be useful to others in preparation for the upcoming best of 2015 poll. so what are your favourite downtempo/psychill/psydub albums/compilations from 2015? i'll start off with: Ott - Fairchildren (not quite as good as his previous albums, but it's still ott) Illuminus - Sweep Dreams (psydub with half of hux flux. similar t
  2. Dear fellow lovers, anyone able to ID this track? Eternally grateful.
  3. Hi Friends ! Here Is My New Mix Filled With Warm Basslines, Powerfull Beats And Uplifting Sunny Melodies ! Featuring In The Mellow Ambiance This Rmx Work Will Make You Travel In A Very Classic World Of Progressive Ambient Lounge Music! Track List : 1 - Protonica - Red Dust (Ectima Rmx) 2 - Ace Ventura - Connected (Sunstryk Rmx) 3 - Aqualize & Vice - Dust & Colors (Lyctum Rmx) 4 - 20X & Vaktun - Divinorum 5 - Meander & Ridden - Tribute To Fairies 6 - Suntree - Comparable Worlds (Lupin Rmx) 7 - Nerso - Quantum (Original Mix) 8 - Egory
  4. It's been a busy spring. I think I haven't bought or downloaded a thing since January or so*. Now I could place a couple of orders so any ideas of stuff I've missed, up- or downtempo, would be welcome. Free downloads also count. Titles and quick blurb, please, not vids. *OK, I got Nervasystem 3 & 4, The World Beyond and Kolovrat. Etnica in Dub, Doof and the Suntrip stuff I happen to like are already on the shopping list, but what else?
  5. Luminance is a photometric measure of the luminous intensity per unit area of light travelling in a given direction. Luminance is often used to characterize emission or reflection from flat, diffuse surfaces. The luminance indicates how much luminous power will be detected by an eye looking at the surface from a particular angle of view. Luminance is thus an indicator of how bright the surface will appear. In this case, the solid angle of interest is the solid angle subtended by the eye's pupil. https://dhamikamusic.bandcamp.com/album/luminance-ep
  6. Bill

    Ovnimoon - Holistic

    Ovnimoon Holistic Ovnimoon Records Tracklist: 1. The Spirit 2. Emotional Biodecodification 3. Fear 4. You Can Do This 5. The Power 6. Tesoro Interior 7. Dual Resonance - Passing Clouds (Ovnimoon Remix) 8. Trance Dance It always comes with a new release by a favorite artist. A whole bunch of excitement for something new and unheard, a little anxiety about the possibility of it being disappointing and altering your opinion about the artist. But, then, this is Hector Ovnimoon we are talking about and there is that little voice in the back of my head telling me he'll proba
  7. Drumatik Sacred Places Sangoma Records Tracklist: 1. Unlocking Mysteries 2. Parvati Diamonds 3. Nebula's Quest 4. Side Chains 5. Sacred Places A rock-solid EP of rollicking peak-hour full-on. And extra points for that ridiculously good cover art. This is peak-hour in-the-forest full-on, the type of music that gives full-on a good name, as opposed to the generic in-the-club variety prevalent through today's psy scene. This is full-on designed for the discerning listener. "Unlocking Mysteries" is a superb opener, unveiling many layers of delicious energy, layers of great e
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