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Found 20 results

  1. https://progressive-anarchists.bandcamp.com/album/la-laguna-negra It has been over four years since we released our album West Meets East. So it is time for another physical release. Our new EP 'La Laguna Negra' comes with two tracks merging the typical 1990s Goa sound with post rock. The first idea was to re-arrange the tracks to get a playing time which matches the size of a 7-inch vinyl single. But the current waiting times to get a vinyl release pressed are too long and the prices have increased too much. For this reason, we decided to release this EP physically on CD containing the tracks in their full length. The CD is available exclusively on Bandcamp as a limited edition of 55 (only 45 of them are offered). The digital release is also available on all major download and streaming platforms. We hope you enjoy it.
  2. I often find stuff like this on various downtempo compilations - it sounds like progressive psy slowed down to about 110-120 bpm with more focus on atmospheres, pads and melodies but still having this typical psy kbbb moving the track forward Are there any artists consistently releasing this kind of music or compilations focused on this specific style? And how it is properly called? I know Profondita's Ciel album has some tunes in this vein, would love to hear more such music, it somehow fits my current mood pretty well.
  3. After about a year of silence, I'm back with a new track titled "Pashupati" Chillgressive with a pumping bassline and melodic atmospheric sounds. Enjoy! https://dhamikamusic.bandcamp.com/album/pashupati-24bits
  4. Mamomam Records presents new EP release : Kai - Etnica [MAMOMAM006]. Kai ( Kayak Canvas ) is an independent music project, which was born closely with London psytrance underground music. Kai's research combines psychedelic and downtempo music with oriental melodies and loops to create music streams aiming to suggest deep states of trance. "Thirsty? Even if you're not right now, you will surely be after listening to Kai's music: a slow, dubby and bass-heavy blend of eastern influences, distant voices and oriental instrumentation. It paints very visual, distinct picture of the desert: dunes, solitary palms and oases, Bedouins with their camels and ...that dreaded sand that just gets everywhere. The music ranges from lumbering, hypnotising and glitchy early tunes to a more up-beat, dub-steppy, head-bopping and mystical titular track. So, pack your stuff, grab a bottle of water and dive into the sand! Err, ...I meant sound Antic 604" Tracklist : 01. Black Keys 02. VCA 03. Desert 04. Yuki 05. Etnica Samples : Credits : All tracks written and produced by Kayak Canvas. Artwork : Sati bit.ly/2AWYKs0 Mastering : JediMaster Studio bit.ly/2k0ShBV Release date : 15.12.2017 Stay Tuned
  5. Artist: Cabeiri Album: Self Insider Label: Altar Records Genre: Progressive PsyChill, PsyChill, Downtempo, Chillgressive 1.The Great Ocean - 07:03 2.The Bacchae - 07:03 3.Unknown Sources - 10:38 4.Matter's Morphology - 09:20 5.Night's Lair - 6:46 6.The Mythical Horse - 08:00 7.Self Insider - 07:23 8.Nothing to Fear - 07:58 9.Elliptical Orbit - 08:28 10.Eliconiades - 08:25 Three years after their album ''Inner Thought'', Cabeiri returns with their second album ''Self Insider''. Keeping the same soul of their previous work, the brothers duo Nickolas and Dimitris Vavalos offers a collection of tracks proposing a heavenly mood and deep dark downtempo groove. This time, the beat goes around 125 bpm! The result is an original twilight progressive chill ablum perfect to put the dancefloor on fire as much during the day as it does at night. Way more intense than we are used to hear from Cabeiri, this album is still profound, mystic and melodic. In a perfect mastery of light and shadow, ''Self Insider'' travels through a whole range of feeling and emotion. Really grounded in a warm bass spectrum, the listener is also invited to enter in to celestial layers of textures. The strength of the entire ablum is in how it brings the listener to experience the nighttime of the consciousness while keeping them in an epic adventure... Epic! This is a great word to descripe the album. Inspired by the Greek mythologies, the tracks exude the chant of the muses and of the gods. It's as if one is always feeling a heroic story unfolding in front of them. Track to track, we hear a mystical background chant leading the way as if a ritual was preparing. Like in ''The Bacchae'', in which a mythical lament develops a strange feeling of peace intertwined with sorrow. Or in ''Mythical Horse'', where a a crystaline femine voice shares the space with multi-layered spectra of warm bass and kicks. Or with ''The Great Ocean'', a sweet heartfelt ballad. Furthermore, this album develops a cohesive strucutre of profound enigmatic sounds while creating a floating structure that brings the listener up to the sky. As in ''Elliptical Orbit'', a slow progression in which darkish tones open the way to melodic and airy harmony. Or the track ''Nothing to Fear'', a deep journey through a psychedelic soundscape. In short, with ''Self Insider'', the Cabeiri brothers deliver again an original collection of tracks. Like no one else, they suceed to fuse deep dark downtempo vibrations with twilight construction. The first time that I listened to the album, I was not sure. A weird feeling of confusion trapped me. I was expecting an album in the same structure of their first ablum ''Inner Thought''. After a few tries, I let go of my expectations and really discovered the universe of this new album. I found it was a perfect compliment to ''Inner Thought'', but in a completely original way. Once again, Cabeiri has the merit to keep the soul of their music project going while developing it in an unexpecting dimension. You can buy and listen to samples at: https://altar.bandcamp.com/album/self-insider http://www.altar-records.com/insider.html https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/self-insider/id838320549?ign-mpt=uo%3D4 YouTube links : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nm7zHTXNwiI
  6. Mamomam Records is proud to present you samples of upcoming V.A compilation : Astral Connection compiled by JaraLuca. Release date - 30.09.2017 more info soon.. Tracklist : 1. Argyria - Bhala Bura Aur Bhadda ( Tara Putra Remix ) 70 bpm 2. MJOAR - Non Existing Orbits 75 bpm 3. Fiery Dawn - Dream Away 90 bpm 4. Jedidiah - Prophecy Of The Desert 100 bpm 5. Red Sun Rising - Distant Voices 100 bpm 6. Pixie Elf - Psychedelic Warriors March 107 bpm 7. Kai - Karma Chills 75 bpm 8. Exelgen - In Your Head 115bpm 9. Far Beyond - Far Beyond 115 bpm 10. Ezoterica - Colors Of Infinity 80 bpm Artwork : Sati Mastering : Deimos Soundlabs Stay Tuned ! SAMPLES :
  7. PROFONDITA "Dracarys" new album out now! BC: https://profondita.bandcamp.com/album/dracarys SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/album/0iH3PkX808AGuMHnEgWP2D ITUNES: https://www.apple.com/itunes/download/?id=1236355502 JUNO: http://www.junodownload.com/products/profondita-dracarys/3431953-02/ PSYSHOP: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/alr/alr1cd069.html BS: http://www.beatspace.com/10180/Altar+Records/PROFONDITA/Dracarys/detail.aspx GOA: http://www.goastore.com/profondita-dracarys.html NEWSLETTER: http://ymlp.com/zUmxJN YT: Dragons are well-known mythological creatures that have magical powers. The Latin word draco, as in the constellation Draco, means huge serpent or water-snake. The word ‘dragon’ also comes directly from the Greek drakones or draconta, meaning “to watch”. The Greeks look at dragons as beasts, guarding treasured pieces. Some live in deep areas, such as underwater and caves, while others live on top of mountains so that ancient civilizations couldn’t reach them. The Progressive Psychill geniuses are back! Here is 'Dracarys' from Profondita. Their last treasure is filled with 8 musical gems guarded by a beautiful luminous dragon designed by George Atherton from Geoglyphics. The tracks have been a successful hit and exploded with enthusiasm on the dance-floors. The amazing 'Profondigiman' track featuring Gabriel Kimchi aka Aborigiman is ready to blast your sound system and explode the epic dance-floors at festivals all around the world. The tracks have been a successful thrill with exploded enthusiasm on the dance-floors. If you’re a long-standing fan and have enjoyed their first opus 'Ciel' of their exquisite music, you will be in for a musical delicacy with this weaving follow-up album ! Offered in 24bits flawless quality for the download version. The CD’s packaging is made of the beautiful Digipack for the visionary pleasures. Enjoy! credits released May 31, 2017 W&P by Hudur Shrim & Eyal Markovich; Sea Of Galilee, Israël. soundcloud.com/profondita http://www.facebook.com/profonditas Mastering and layout by DJ Zen, Canada http://www.altar-records.com http://www.facebook.com/AltarRecords/ Cover Artwork by George Atherton, USA geoglyphiks.com Embellished by DJ Zen @ Altar |ARCDA69| PS: This is the last album of the duo. They now have their own projects therefore they are not planning to write another album together. -Hudur will continue to drive Profondita: his first solo and double-album is scheduled for 2018. He's also still making music as Ko-Doa, Minimal Tok-Yo and Blue Whirl. -Eyal works from now on his Mobitex project as you may have heard on 'Winter' and 'Serial Chillers' compilations earlier this year. He'll also soon release his first full-length album on Altar. Tracklist: 1. Yanina 09:50 -103Bpm 2. Dracarys 08:12 -105Bpm 3. Profondita feat. Aborigiman - Profondigiman 10:14 -107Bpm 4. Itamar's Dream 09:20 -108Bpm 5. Khaleesi 09:48 -111Bpm 6. Volluto 09:26 -114Bpm 7. Seven Five 09:13 -115Bpm 8. Miri B. 10:12 -115Bpm Offered in 24Bits studio master quality.
  8. Artist: Akshan Album: The Rise Of Atlantis Label: Altar Records Genre: Chillgressive, Psy-Chill, Progressive Psy-Chill The Rise Of Atlantis 3:24 Antinea's Secret 8:53 Shadows And Lights 10:20 Orichalcum 8:17 Gates Of Heaven 10:32 Journey To Persia 9:52 East West 9:27 Pillars Of Hercules 9:39 Calling The Ancients 9:08 It was with the coming of his first album “Tree of Life” that Akshan became one of the main reps of what we now call Progressive Psy-Chill and Chillgressive music. Even with GMO, Dense, Lemonchill, Alwoods and Solar Fields all categorized within this genre, Akshan filled a gap. From that floating feeling and morning melody vibe to the more introspective and expansive sensation of spirituality, everything that constitutes the Psy-Chill universe is present in his flow. In the same time, he gives us rolling beats mixed with aggressive bass lines and fast kicks evolving into a more structured climax, the kind that makes up the more progressive side of trance music. I was expecting a lot to come out of a second album because for me nothing better had been made under this genre. But I was wrong... “The Rise of Atlantis” showed up! Akshan has surely pushed the limits with his second album. He has showed us what we can do within the chill universe when we tune in and travel on the progressive level. Similar to the first album, Akshan presents beautifully unexpected shining tracks, those which leave us with a persistent sense of sunshine on the skin. Both albums use sacred chants, tribal drums and flute. These mixed elements create an organic, intuitive and spiritual feeling. Tribal ambiance dominates “Tree of Life”, which is then balanced out by overwhelming sensations of love, emotion, sacred intention and spiritual transcendence offered up by “The Rise of Atlantis”. Again, this is a truly awesome gathering of tunes created by Akshan. My favorite psychill album ever! Favorite Tracks The Rise Of Atlantis 3:24 of soundscapes that gently develop intense feelings of love, gratitude and beauty. The graceful flute notes lead the tune in as it slowly builds in intensity balanced by soft morning sounds and finally reaching a crescendo of profound female chants. This awesome album introduction is like the first brick laid at the ground level of a foundation. This introduction announces what will be offered by a whole album whose sacred and spiritual mood will guide the listener to experience the transcendental. Gates Of Heaven This is the most awesome track I have ever heard. This tune resume what we can call spiritual trance. It gives us that pure transcendental feeling. In this track we are held by a simple melody that is surrounded by many layers of bright sounds, tribal drums and sacred chants that paint a truly psychedelic texture. Everything is presented cohesively in this well made track rolling throughout well made ping – pong delay and gater effect. Journey To Persia Similar to “Gates of Heaven”, this track has a multiplicity of diverse arrangements which evolve from a simple melody into a complex universe of sounds. If,“Gates of Heaven” is more a YIN track than it can be said that “Journey to Persia” is certainly more YANG. The middle of the tune gives one the feeling of preparation to fight. Then comes the DROP! Here, the gentle and emotional violin melody meshes with waves of sound that pull the listener into a sphere of higher consciousness. East West If I said that the previous tracks are spiritual, sacred and intentional, than “East West” brings us mystic vibrations! The beginning to middle of this track is simplistic. There is nothing exceptional here to compare to the other tracks on the album. However, the latter part of the tune slowly progresses, albeit subtly, and brings you into an unexpectedly joyful mood. The highlight point is at 6:42 when the tone changes. Quickly, more and more layers of sound appear and then blast you with a little 10 second intone, afterwards ending as if nothing had happened. Nice feeling of... what the...? Pillars Of Hercule An awesome crystaline introduction rocked by a simple chant. A soft rolling bass kick develops the beginning of this track to allow the evolution of this tribal morning melody. The ending is supported by female and male incantations . This original track is one in which you will travel a lot! You can buy and listen to samples at : Altar Records: http://www.altar-records.com/atlantis.html Bandcamp: http://altar.bandcamp.com/album/the-rise-of-atlantis-24bits YouTube Links : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9-mbQ921gk
  9. "Release Party Nomad Ambient Vol.2 (Germany) Psybientism Vol. I (Greece)" PsyLounge Live: Electronic Traffic (Germany)
  10. Antandra - Akasha [self Released] {Psybass Psystep} Dense - Splendensity Vol. 2 [Cosmicleaf Records] {Chillgressive} Emetic - Abstraction [Triple Drop Productions] {Psybass Psystep} Germind - Industrial Vibrations [Plexus Music] {Psybient Psychill} Grouch - Grouch Archive - Dubby, Glitchy, Steppy Part 1 [self Released] {Psybass Psystep} Grouch - Grouch Archive - Dubby, Glitchy, Steppy Part 2 [self Released] {Psybass Psystep} HAUA - Daria [Aera Records] {Psybient Psychill} Hideyo Blackmoon - Music For The Inner Journey [self Released] {Ambient} Jaja - Sparkles [Cyan Music] {Ambient} Lars Leonhard - Orange Dawn [self Released] {Ambient} Mauxuam - Weltangshaung - Collection One [Disposable.Audio] {Ambient} Mind Transport Tools - Astral Bridge [spiralight] {Psybient Psychill} Quanta - Elements [shanti Planti] {Psybass Psystep} Sibling - Conspiracy EP [Mycelium Music] {Psybient Psychill} Smooth Genestar - Hands On [Cyan Music] {Downtempo} Various Artists - Global Glitch Vol. 2 [street Ritual] {Psybass Psystep} Various Artists - Nomad Ambient Vol. 2 [Nomad Bar] {Psybient Psychill} Yarn - Cryptic Entity [blue Tunes Chillout] {Chillgressive}
  11. Hi guyz! The summer is going to its end but festival season still blasts. Every year there are many new acts, releases & other fun things appears in the scene. Some for a long time and some for a moment. Just as years before psy scene nowadays seethes and bubbles to deliver new sound impressions to all of us. It is morphing and changing to bring new forms & trends just to leave them back again and keep moving on. One of the best & significant prog&psy label of last years - Blue Tunes Records - has started its chillout division about one year ago. After almost 10 years of building their very special main team and unique sound. Blue Tunes chillout has been started from the only project - far-famed Koan - that used to be resident of Blue Tunes Records since epic & all-time-classic "When The Silence Is Speaking" was released in 2009. Everybody knows the older we get the better we are. Apparently the venerable age and extensive experience of music management pushed Sirko & Co. to expand their vision of today's scene needs. No need to expalain how it is risky to found new line of product especially if it is slow & intelligent sound. And we definetely should say thank you Blue Tunes just for attempt. The year that gone is not true index of what has realy happend and nothing is too clear now but there are some tracks & artists that worth reviewing and measuring. For every head that is in this kind of music it is rather important to have a glance of what is going on at one of the most demanded labels in the scene. So I've tried to listen to several releases that were out recentely to have a chance to catch the main idea and direction of the new source of contemporary chillout & downtempo. I must confess that I was realy impressed of Beatport's page of the label. Almost 30 releases mostly by newcomers in less then one year is very strong result. It seems like label team has started with a massive rush. Artist list contains of both newcomers (the majority) and already well-known artists. Among them such names as Baba Ghnome, Astropilot, Feuerhake, Blue Lunar Monkey and Koan. Also One Arc Degree was very intersting for me as project that sounds perspective. I dont claim to have my review too impersonal and comprehensive enough. I've tried to describe briefly several releases in order of my sympathy. To be true & relevant I've included few releases that I didnt like too much but that I was expected to be rather good. Lets start! Eyescream - Melting Point EP Date: 29 Dec 2015 Code: BTCDR009 1 Phillrider 5:16 2 Laroxyl 4:43 3 Dextro 5:42 4 Nystagma 4:47 The first place in the list is for russian project of Andrey Novikov from Saint-Petersburg. I havent heard of him before this release and was very surprised that it is his 4th release. Howerer almost all of them were out at sort of netlebels so it is little excuse for my ignorance. The album presents 4 tracks of one nice style. It is neat downtempo european progressive style with plain beat and smooth melodies. The mood is elegiac but not too melancholic. It is not so original but very good composed and performed. All sounds are at their places nothing excessive and not too minimal. This kind of music is good to open progressive club party with. In the early evening when people still gathering to the place. The mood and composition reminds older tracks of Abakus and Vibrasphere. The first and the last tracks are more peculiar and the pair in the middle is more mainstream. Altogether they sounds very nice! I also think that this style of downtempo fits the style of main label very nice. Laroxyl is my favorite piece but i need to say that there are no weak tracks in the list in my ears. Maluns - Emmas Dream EP Date: 14 Jan 2016 Code: BTCDR011 1 Dream 1 6:30 2 Dream 2 7:01 Maluns has erlier releases at Cosmicleaf Records and Plusquam Records. It is Swiss artist who prefer to hide his real name so lets pretend we dont want to know it ) This sound is about dynamic psychill. It has cinematic stories inside and very diverse flow. Many different instruments and tunes are intertwined in two impressive suites. Artist definetely has his own style and musical testiness. Each track has good development and sounds original and catching enough. I think it is important for psychill music to have some action and changing in the story the song tells. And Maluns do it just right! Both tracks are in one style but dont sounds dull together. Jule Grasz - Higher Love EP Date: 17 Mar 2016 Code: BTCDR021 1 Full of Stars 6:17 2 Gaia's Rise 6:35 3 Painted Moon 6:40 4 Higher Love 7:55 Jule Grasz has been noticed 4 years ago at unhappy Beats & Pieces Records that was reanimated for 2 years and then fell down again. This year 2 new releases out at Blue Tunes chillout show that this artist is good enough to move out from dead studio and bring her sound to the world. Here I'll review EP but I have listened to album too. The style is ambient. There is almost no beat with exception of rare drums that are mostly parts of composition moves. Sound is burly and low and stories are epic. Atmosphere reminds fabled worlds of mythic lands & times. It has some taste of medieval I think. The highest point is number 2: Gaia's Rise. Great song with chorus effects and heroic mood. Although it is usually not my cup of a style Jule Grasz sounds very impressive. Yarn - Cryptic Entity EP Date: 07 Jan 2016 Code: BTCDR010 1 Entry Level 11:17 2 Deep in Highness 7:03 3 Pille 9:47 4 Innocence 6:42 Ferenc Majercsik, Nandor Horvath are from Hungary. Their magic music will hit many chillout areas soon for sure. Its very danceable and handsome psychill with openwork melodies and velvet beatbase. I think it is very useful at the party when you dont realy want people to fall asleep during your set in chillout. Guys have baked very talented release here and you also can check their album that presents the same style but twice as much. Personally I sure that this style of Yarn is required at psyparties that wants to preserve the spirit of real magic psychedlic event. In a scorching heat of main dancefloor there are moments when you need a place to escape to. And this place should run its own atmosphere that is opposite to the rough night rhythmes. It should be melodic and warm but it still needs engine to keep things running through your mind. Yarn are as close to this goal as it is possible today. My favorite track is Pille but the rest is high quality too. Pay your attention to this release folks. Brian Grassfield - Decades EP Date: 28 Jul 2016 Code: BTCDR030 1 Decades 5:40 2 Quinta 5:52 3 To the Mars 5:57 Brian Grassfield is from Hungary too. And he also presents the division of psychill sound on Blue Tunes. Distinct thread of beat and sophisticated arpeggios of melodies are combined to give us rich taste of wonderland. My favorite Qiunta is morphing a lot and summs up about 3-4 nice tunes that are whirling around each other through the track. I think that while the author have enough imagination to continue this way he will definetely reach a success. Heliocentrism - XIX Date: 19 May 2016 Code: BTCDR025 1 Proportions 3:50 2 Arkanoid 6:18 3 Symbol 7:17 4 Patchwork 8:40 5 Ace 4:21 6 Waves 5:15 7 XIX 6:55 Helioctntrism sound is example of dusk and minimal music. It have a taste of techno & urban soundscape. Tracks are slow heavy and bit depressed. Gloomy atmosphere of the whole album is picturesque and stylish. It is very unusal mood that personaly me likes not so much usually. But this release is much attractive because of its wholeness. My favorites are 2 tracks in the middle - Patchwork and Ace. There are not so many projects in the scene came from Poland but those that we know are rather interesting and unusual. Lets track further progress of this one together. Koan - Why? EP Date: 03 Sep 2015 Code: BTCDR001 Miracle For One 9:28 The Appearance Of Unicorn 9:18 Envoy (White Mix) 10:24 Destination (White Mix) 6:42 Why? 10:28 Koan is headliner of the whole label and probably most known act from the team. Their releases were out at Blue Tunes motherlabel since 2009 and there were many tracks that shake the genre very much. Why? is another one in the long row and presents 5 tracks of saturated and highly melodic and dynamic psychill. Nowaday project is experimenting in many different moods. From dusk ambient to melancholic progressive. But this release is the trademark sound and if you're familiar with Koan's music this one will fit your demands well. My favorite track is Envoy that blasting all the way with great melody and vivid surrounding. All other tracks also very well made and will surely satisfy any psychill lover. J.P. Illusion - When Night Falls EP Date: 05 May 2016 Code: BTCDR024 1 When Night Falls 5:38 2 Wind Full of Voices 7:13 John Panagoulias, Athens, Greece has couple of releases at local label Harmonia Rec. since 2010. His music is very nice example of quality psychill. He shows up as mature artist with great sense of psychdelic composing. When The Night Falls is full of magic sequences that develops very nice together to born out realy great atmosphere of psy chill-out. The second track is bit repetitive and so bright but has also some nice moves that works well. I hope these two tracks are just begining of creative path of the artist that sounds very perspective. Unusual Cosmic Process - Living Earth Date: 10 Mar 2016 Code: BTCDR019 1 Another Beautiful Morning 7:28 2 Salar De Uyuni 6:52 3 Silent Kerguelen 8:22 4 EveRest 8:35 5 Frozen Svalbard 9:04 6 New Zealand 9:22 7 Antarctica 8:26 8 Paints Of Danakil 9:06 9 World Of Tomorrow 8:09 Armen Akopov from Nikolaev, Ukraine is known as founder of many different projects. Unusual Cosmic Process is his psyambient alter-ego. It is expirienced artist whose albums were released at Ovnimoon Rec., Microcosmos Rec. and other studios. I think this album isnt bad at all and the project definetely worth attention. All of you who likes ambient sound and seek some additional inspiration of this kind of music are welcome to try this release. It has some fresh moves and presents its rather special taste. It has some deversity but mostly it is slow cosmic ambient to seduce you. Personaly I didnt like it much but it is more about my personal predilections. My favorite is Frozen Svalbard. One Arc Degree - The Ocean Palace Date: 31 Mar 2016 Code: BTCDR023 1 Through This Haze 7:50 2 The Ocean Palace - Part I 5:30 3 The Ocean Palace - Part II 5:22 4 Saturn Rising 6:28 5 Kraken Mare 6:53 6 Methane Tears 6:02 7 Crossing Belet 6:40 8 Hydrogen Times Pi 6:36 9 Memories of Earth 5:31 One Arc Degree is ambient music producers Ioannis Konstantios & Vasilis Kesalidis from Greece. Couple of earlier previews at soundcloud were very exciting for me and I was waiting the release with impatience. Notwithstanding its not exactely what I was waiting for the album has some nice features that worth to be checked if you are in this kind of music. It is atmospheric and melodic kind of beatless music that nothing to do with psychedlic actually. AstroPilot - Solar Walk IV. YOUniverse Date: 04 Feb 2016 Code: BTCDR014 1 Our Second Sun 7:58 2 Balance 7:46 3 Desolate Spaces 7:41 4 Permanent Impermanence 6:54 5 Immersion (Space Symphony Version) 6:18 6 YOUniverse 6:52 7 Attraction 6:43 8 Through The Veil 8:29 9 Shots Of Awe 6:37 10 Frozen Time 9:39 AstroPilot's album was most anticipated by me among these bunch of releases. I have to say that my expectations were way too high. I dont gonna say that release is awful but I should say that it is not show any development. In both inner and outer meanings. It has no any perceptible development inside - all tracks are so uniform and even... And it seems like all of them just trying to repeat previous releases of the artist. I didnt found any idea that connected them in one suite. It seems like release starts from one uncertain point and then ends in another that uncertain even more. Ambient style is very demanding to the skill of compilation of the release. Slow, almost immobile music wants to be packed in the long stories and should impress listener with imperceptible micro changes all the way to substitute more colorful design of more upbeat music. This release sounds more as compilation of similar beatless tracks then true ambient story as were albums by Cell, Solar Fields or Healer and so on. However the production is still hi-level and up-to-date. Looking forward to find out great creative progress by this artist in next releases. As we see the label now at the time of team's building. They are trying out different artists and styles. Many of them are very interesting and perspective. Personally I prefer psychill & chilgressive styles better then too dull ambient and in my eyes there are too much beatless releases. Also I hope to see more dub/psydub/dubstep acts in the list. But it is up to label's owner to gather artist's pool. All in all I can say that Blue Tunes Chillout team have done great job! Many cool releases and new names are definetely badly needed in the scene today. In the era of digital production there are too many projects borns and dies without a trace at all. Sublabel of mighty Blue Tunes Records is a great chance for newcomers to draw attention and then blast with a masterpiece.
  12. Released June 2015 Tracklist: 01 Chronos-Urban Life 02 Mentalimage-Somewhere Between Worlds 03 E-Mantra-Minimal Butterfly 04 Spectrum Vision-Inox (Chronos Remix) 05 Jbc-Arkadii & Konstantin Zhirov-Meteor Fall 06 G-Light Feat. M.Mayborn-Mysteries of Light 07 Synsun-Mechanical 08 Jbc-Arkadii-Aquanautica 09 Harax-Rill 10 Filteria-Lyva This album is my newest catch and since I did not find any announcement of it so far here, I thought I'd post. http://hadorecords.com/discography/various-locomotion/hdrcd05/ http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/hdo/hdo1cd005.html
  13. Mystic Sound Records is proud to present 6th full-lenght album of one of the best chillout projects on worldwide electronic scene – Chronos – We Are One (Originals & remixes). The album calls for consolidation and unification of all living creatures on Earth, as well as behind of its orbit in the vast expanses of our comprehensive home which name is Space. Music of the album is the mix of the finest yarns of advanced electronics and powerful modern grooves, seamlessly interwoven with a melancholic cello and virtuoso guitar. Stylistically, the album is extremely varied – from enveloping beat less ambient through downtempo beats and live drums and sound-track passages to modern dance & idm grooves and trendy dubstep & breaks. Preview with track tags Tracklist: 01. Synth Tuning 02. Endless Rotation Of Feelings 03. We Are One 04. Space Cake (Gayatri Evening Version) 05. Solar Movement 2013 06. One Touch & Whole Life (United Rmx) 07. Tetra Window Room 08. Lullaby For The Little Robot (Acoustic Mix) 09. Limits Breaker (Album Version) 10. Alex Sparky (Progressive Mix) Official page of the release Purchase the CD Coming soon on Beatspace Type: Album Artist: Chronos Title: We Are One Style: Psychill, Psybient, Chillgressive Release date: 18 May 2014 Format: CD Cat-No: MSRCD01 Mastering: Dream Saver Mastering, except tracks 4, 10 by Edward Cybered http://manifold-studio.com/en/ Cover art: Serge Grabinsky About Mystic Sound Records: http://mystic-sound.com/ https://soundcloud.com/mystic-sound-records https://www.facebook.com/mysticsoundresords
  14. OUT NOW! Wonderful collection of the best psychill tracks from around the world! Mystic Chill is another masterpiece from Mystic Sound Records. It takes you to another side of electronic downtempo – amazing psychill and groovy chillgressive. Through gentle percussion beats to the sounds of live instruments and vocals, each track makes your dive into mystical experience deeper and deeper while, finally, you find yourself in a wonderful world, full of happiness and joy. Preview with track tags Tracklist: 01. KAYATMA – Anthem of Space 02. Dhamika – Ayurveda 03. Kanc Cover – Sirius A 04. Chilled C’Quence – Beyond 05. Stefan Torto – Revive 06. Maiia – Spanish Kiss (2014 mix) 07. Fraxi – Blue Vortex 08. Alba – Inu (The Cosmosatvic Cowboy) 09. Taruna – Magic Earth Garden 10. TRD – Banook 11. Obzerv – Winter Night Official page of the release Buy links: Beatport Amazon Google Play Juno Download Type: VA Title: Mystic Chill Chapter 1 compiled by Maiia Style: Psychill, Psybient, Chillgressive Release date: 14 May 2014 Format: Digital Cat-No: MSRDG02 Mastering: Manifold Studio Cover art: Art group Line About Mystic Sound Records: http://mystic-sound.com/ https://soundcloud.com/mystic-sound-records https://www.facebook.com/mysticsoundresords
  15. Artist: Alwoods Album: Long Life Forest Label: Altar Records Genre: Progressive Psy-chill, Chillgressive Rain of Shooting Stars 110 bpm Spacequake 112 bpm Open Mind 115 bpm Space Radio Station 115 bpm Shadow of the Moon 125 bpm Enchanted Clearing 128 bpm Long Life Forest 115 bpm We Are Modern Shamans 115 bpm John Rigas (aka Alwoods) launches another bomb with Long Life Forest. As with his first masterpiece Aeolian Mode, this second album stays in the same progressive psychill universe : thick bass lines and a floating ambiance accompanied by a unique, strong, kick signature. Each tune offers deep seated vibrations while maintaining intense beats that set the dance floor on fire. Compared to Aeolian Mode, Long Life Forest is more grounded on the goa side of trance. Organic slithering and gloomy sounds, darkish shamanik feelings and, let's say, a less melodic structure then we are used to hearing with Alwoods. It is perhaps less melodic in one way, but it invites the listener to delve into the deepest layers of his consciousness. Long Life Forest proposes a shamanic experience. The entire track's flow creates a connection with our inner wildnerness and the night time of our soul. If these kind of moments are generally rejected because of their association with uncontrolled and unstructured pieces of our being, we can however see these experiences as possibilities to visit the unknown spaces that we usually avoid. Here, the tunes proposed by Alwoods are not organized around melodies that lead and accompany the listner from begining to end in logical sequence. Each track offers fractal moments in which our logic has to deal with sounds that don’t seem naturally linked to each other. Here is the essence of shamanism : it is all about reorganizing normal perceptions, jumping off the beaten path and leaving behind what’s taken for granted. Overall, it is letting ourselves leap into the unknown, away from our habits and our comfort zone, and allowing ourselves to reach something burried or not totally in place yet. If Long Life Forest is not as melodic as the other Alwoods's projects, the listener has a whole universe to experience through the adventure. More than just an album to listen to, it is an album to live. Light a candle and focus on the flame. When you will be totally immersed in this pure and paradoxical moment of simple creation and destruction, press play on your sound system and open the doors of perception! You can buy and listen to samples at: Bandcamp: http://altar.bandcamp.com/album/long-life-forest Youtube Links: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4quUuJCBmk
  16. :: PRESS RELEASE :: Besides working on "Tales From The Yellow Kangaroo" together with friend and fellow artist GMO, Dense used last summer to collect sounds for his long awaited next solo album "Exhale". Accept his invitation to explore these nine amazing tracks which will carry the listener through a melodic and chilled out journey spanning a range of relaxed and danceable grooves including his remix of E-Mantra's "Silence". With "Moonflower" and "The Right Distance" in typical “chillgressive” style, he brings a warm positive energy to the dance floor while never losing that relaxed feel. Dense also delivers his chillin' versions of two tracks from the latest GMO vs. Dense release. Both "Passing Storm" and "The Law Of God", as well as unreleased new highlights from his studio in Hamburg/Germany, are here for your enjoyment. “Exhale” promises to be an unforgettable release that will please the chilled and fill the dance floor while bringing you the quality chill-out that Altar is well known for! http://www.altar-records.com/Newsletter_43.html Enjoy!
  17. Spotted Peccary Music continues to expand its O3E imprint/sub-label with the release of ONE, the full-length album debut from DeeperNET. Blending extreme influences from completely opposite ends of the electronic music spectrum such as Goa, Downtempo, EDM, and Psybient, the album offers well over an hour’s worth of music across eight tracks that fuse more aggressive electronic tones and percussion with the delicate atmospherics of ambient. Intricate rhythms, constantly evolving sequences, and ‘wall of sound’ style electronics propel the listener through a deeper network of cosmic pulses and fluid soundscapes. Artist: DeeperNET Album: One Label: O3E Format: CD / MP3 / FLAC (16 & 24 bit) / Apple Lossless (16 & 24 bit) Style: psybient, psytrance Date: May 14 2013 Order CD or download: here Tracklist: 01 - Elementary Particles 02 - Mind at Large 03 - Sirens 04 - The Eagle has Landed 05 - Tiny Paper Squares 06 - Moksha 07 - Neptune 08 - The Gate
  18. Artist: GMO vs. Dense Album: Tales From The Yellow Kangaroo Label: Altar Records Looking Out Of The Pouch 7:46 The First Steps 7:50 Passing Storm 11:21 Sounds And Smells 8:22 The Great Puzzle 9:44 The Termination Of Life? 9:07 Bouncing Around 7:03 The Law Of God 9:33 Another View 7:57 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::ॐ:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ''Tales From The Yellow Kangaroo'' is the second chillgressive album on Altar Records by Olaf Gretzmacher (GMO) and Christian Schoeps (Dense). Within nine tracks, they are offering us a chill universe evolving within progressive beats and textures. Throughout a continuous down tempo ambiance, the album presents more intensity and rhythm from tune to tune, slowly developing in much passionate sonority. This album is particularly chill given its progressive style. In comparison with others down tempo records such as ''Tree of life'' by Akshan, ''Aeolian Mode'' by Alwoods (both released on Altar records) or even to their previous album entitled "Through Other Glasses", it is a bit less uplifting as we're used to hear in the small and intimate world of progressive psychill. Except for a few tracks, most of the album remains deep and rarely leaves the downtempo shore of psychill land. On the other hand, GMO and DENSE completely succeed in offering us a chillgressive album which evolves and keeps a mellow and profound background. Favorites Tracks Looking Out Of The Pouch With a sweet and relaxing introduction, this track develops into a beautiful and simple progressive melody with birds sounds and chill organic guitar sonorities within a 80 bpm universe. Beautiful tune! Bouncing Around A two section tune presenting an growing chill introduction and rapidly progressing with a beautiful shining melody. A smooth and fancy appetizer after indulging a satisfying and fulfilling main course. 8.The Law Of God A similar progression structure of “Bouncing around''. Very nice guitar melodies which develops into several layers of sound creating an harmonious whole. A larger smile appears on my face as my favorite track spins on. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::ॐ:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Very beautiful album. More chill than uplifting, yet another epic chillgressive adventure given by GMO and DENSE on Altar Records. Links: ❁ http://www.altar-records.com/tales.html ❁ http://altar.bandcamp.com/album/tales-from-the-yellow-kangaroo Also available in 24Bits.:http://altar.bandcamp.com/album/tales-from-the-yellow-kangaroo-24-bits ❁ On a side note, DENSE is coming up with his first solo album this summer: http://altar.bandcamp.com/album/exhale Youtube links:
  19. With his new album titled:”buddhism”, Idan Or aka Lemonchill set his mind to bring new vibes and emotions. His new album influenced by 90s electronica sounds and grooves combined with lemonchill well known melodies created groovy rhythms and an intense sensation of tranquility,with help from artists such as: “kota” and “cabirei bro” and remixes by “Javier” , “reborn soul” and “alwoods”. Buddhism will surly be a new and exiting sensation to your ears and minds. Forget the past don’t think about the future concentrate on the present this is Buddhism! will be released soon as a cd on goa magnetic tv records. http://lemonchill.ba...uddhism-preview
  20. one hour set of lemonchill tracks music style: astropilot,asura, aes dana,banco de gaia,future sound of london link: http://soundcloud.co...chill-music-set track list: 1 subconsciousness whispers (terra nine rmx) 2 open rene 3 dragonfly zero cult remix featuring vocals by hideyo blackmoon 4 moon light sonata astropilot remix 5 adam and eve 6 mantra 7 dragonfly (original) 8 adam and eve (the angels are crying) 9 en larmes (chronos remix) 10 journey through an electric garden 11 Electric Waves of silence (Hypnotizer rmx) 12 mantra (cabeiri bro remix) enjoy...
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