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  1. Looks like pure style and art direction over substance (from the trailer). Still looks psychedelic and interesting. I'm curious to see it. Update: Finally saw it. Too slow, drawn-out and ambiguous for my taste. Story was very confusing and odd. Some cool, artistic shots, but overall I did not like or enjoy this film at all. With better pacing and a stronger (catcher) script, this could have been amazing.
  2. We saw The Raid. It was at RedBox. Good action film with great fighting (martial arts) choreography. The weapon combat was especially impressive, the intensity, realism, and the boss (or sub boss, the main boss doesn't fight per say but the sub boss) fight towards the end is memorable. I'm a big martial arts fan. My only gripe is it seemed almost everyone in the film knew how to do martial arts almost a little too well. What are all these great fighters doing shacked up in some run down building, I wondered. I realize it's a gang but still. If they're disciplined enough to train in martial arts their whole life to fight as good as they (the antagonists) do, you'd think maybe their lifestyle would be a little different, less being lived in some rundown building. I just wondered, that's all. For those into intense, Rated-R martial arts action, I highly recommend SPL / Kill Zone (Donnie Yen, Sammu Hung)... that gets better as it progresses, with some of the best one-on-one (Donnie Yen Vs. villain) boss fights I have ever seen in a film. Oh, and The Protector with Tony Jaa and for the amazing Pakour I recommend District B-13. It's impressive what can be accomplished on a reasonable budget with talent and creativity!
  3. I just found out about this album in September, 2012. Is there a review thread for it here? I searched but couldn't find. Considering Juno Reactor's so popular here, I was a little surprised (unless I missed it?). The full songs are on Youtube; I just searched, "Juno Reactor inside the reactor" http://www.youtube.c...ide the reactor That's where I heard the first Navras track and was really impressed. It seems the artists did justice to these visionary tracks unlike the Astral Projections TEN a while back. I have to get a copy of this album! That's ashame. I would have liked to hear it. Do you know the status of SP's remix of this track now? Was it ever released? Will it be on the next remixes album by Juno Reactor?
  4. Crossing Mind - Innershift 2012 1. The Unenlightened Perspectives 2. Solarium 3. Modulated Self Reminders 4. Magnetic Fields of Life 5. Elastic Harmonies 6. No Way Wrong (2011 rmx) 7. Plutonia 8. Optronic Circles (Inner Shift mix) 1. The Unenlightened Perspectives is whimsical. The first several minutes release a melody so pure and catchy. I love the melodies, sounds, mixing, direction, and arrangement throughout. Stylish and substantial change ups are plenty. The song is splashed with innovation. It reaches a section where the tempo slows before reigniting to further bliss. This is such a fun, magnetic, infectious, and arresting number. Fantastic work. I love it. A 2. Solarium is a strong follow up to the opening. It's a little quicker, more edgy than the previous. A tasty melody enters before the two minute mark. Another solid section begins around 2:51. The beat changes up around 4:00 as the vehicle adopts atmospheric moves, very nice! The melody at 5:34 is worth noting too and more. This is a strong track, though I found the first one more enjoyable in comparison. I feel as if I'm rating levels of excellence actually. Great number! A- 3. Modulated Self Reminders has a gripping, psychedelic first third. Melodies emerge around 4:00. The middle act switches up the feel of the song and a new wave of creativity is emerges. Another stand out part is from 7:20 to 7:45, and again until 8:00. Around these melodic islands are healthy oceans that connect these lands masterfully. Why the artist didn't develop the euphoric segment at 8:00 a bit more I wonder? The overall song is very well done. B+ 4. Magnetic Fields of Life has my favorite melody work on the album since the opening. They're so catchy! Listen from 3:00 to 3:54. I also love the melody around 4:30 forward, and the complimentary sounds. I'm a sucker when it comes to great melodies and find them delicious. Also smart is the crunchy, psychedelic undercurrent. The song doesn't stop there either, and remains strong throughout. Another excellent track. A- 5. Elastic Harmonies I find it less intoxicating than the previous tracks until the shift around 7:14. From 7:38, things improve. The song becomes more melodic as it approaches in some ways. This track is like a solid transition between two bigger, melodic giants. B+ 6. No Way Wrong (2011 rmx) continues the gripping storytelling that involves more of the dynamic elements and infectious melody/sound work that I love on this album. It stands out more than the previous one, at least to me. Excellent track! A- 7. Plutonia is one of the most unique songs here due to a radically different approach in direction, tempo, and sound. It's slower, more chilled than the other tracks. Surprisingly it begins like a Ra track. Was this necessary? I don't know (probably not). Nonetheless, it's introduction flows nicely into the bigger world that awaits. Furthermore, it develops atmospherically, elegantly. There's a melody in the middle that reminds me of old-school Infected Mushroom. Whether inspired or not, it sounds great. I'm satisfied by this point. After this IM-esque (I call it) part however, I don't feel as gripped. Nothing extraordinary is introduced. The song peeks in other words, in the second third, and that's unfortunate because the first two-thirds are a solid A from me. The last 1-2 minutes aren't so fresh, though homogenous and well done. Plutonia adds diversity to the album and is an imaginative, memorable number. Excellent work. A- 8. Optronic Circles (Inner Shift mix) begins beautifully; I love the melody work in the first 1:25. Another approach to this song could have developed the gorgeous sound earlier on more. Nonetheless, more euphoria enters around 2:30 as the world becomes more psychedelic and delectible. A second transition appears around 4:00; the song evolves further with gripping sound fusions until another floating area from 5:38 to 5:54. A layered backbeat enters at 6:11 that is fantastic! Both the beginning 1:20 and from 6:11 to 7:17 comprise the strongest parts of the song. I would have simply liked a tad more of such strength so spectacular. In addition, it would be interesting to hear a version, possibly mid or downtempo, that develops the euphoric elements throughout the entire song a la Younger Brother's Psychic Gibbon. It almost seems like the idea for two different songs are in this one. I got hooked in the beginning and had hoped that that emotional direction would have been more prevalent. Seeing where this goes though, it works extremely well. I just feel that the artist left a heavenly element hanging earlier on to compensate for the psychedelic and tasty evolution. Overall, I was hoping for something more emotional in the final moments. Nonetheless, this is a great track! The little bonus song afterwards is good too. A- Conclusion: Numerous, new-school goa albums seem to lack something from the classic (1996-1998) golden era with few exceptions. Innershift ignites the spirit and sound of Goa on a deeper level than many releases I've heard in the past decade. The style is crisp, tasty. The album has some of the most delicious sound/melody work I've heard by a main artist since Filteria's Daze of Our Lives in 2009. I like how the artist took the time to really shape, develop, and evolve the tracks as they progress; this approach keeps my interest throughout. My only gripe is few times the artist will break from an amazing background ambient and/or atmospheric sound: i.e: around 7:50 in track 3 and track 8 early on... as opposed to developing these beautiful sounds further. Maybe in the future he'll produce some beautiful, heavenly down and/or mid-tempo numbers as E-Mantra has. Optronic Circles could have worked as a mid or down-tempo track anyway, and I like how he pulled it off here. It simply shows further potential for a gorgeous, ambient-influenced, Goa-esque number. The bonus track is sweet too, albeit short. Overall, InnerShift (or The Inner Shift) is one of the best Psychedelic Goa-Trance albums ever released. Highly recommended. Favorite Tracks - 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8. A-
  5. Akshan - The Tree of Life Altar Records, 2012 Psy-Chill, Psy-Ambient, Trible-influenced Trance, etc 1.Aborigen's Dream09:17 2.Adagio for the Braves10:00 3.Angels Never Cry08:37 4.Symphonic Tendencies12:02 5.Eternity07:52 6.Back to the Origin09:11 7.Jungle Fever12:11 8.Waiting For You10:20 The Tree of Life is an awesome release. How often do I say that? You must hear this album. You must! 1. Aborigen's Dream begins with an ethereal, ambient introduction. It's relaxing and meditative. A beat soon arrives along with a downtempo, Goa-esque melody at around 1:20. Feelings emerge from the second minute forward though. The middle act involves the beat going mid-tempo, enticing a batch of catchy, new spices. The beat later changes up at around 5:55, a clever move, and the last third incorporates tribal influence that elevate the song even further. A- 2. Adagio for the Braves has more energy than the previous number. It's like out of a movie. Very beautiful and contemplative. After a voice sample in the middle act, it breaks out wonderfully, soaring above the clouds in the final act. This is a strong song with a wonderful ending. A 3. Angels Never Cry begins darker than the previous two numbers (quite catchy). Piano notes mix in with the provocative atmosphere nicely. The beat soon arrives, coupled with chilling atmosphere. The song becomes more psychedelic and arresting, though the middle third evolves a little less than the previous two songs. The final third is like clouds parting as light emerges, a wonderful surprise. Well done! B+ 4. Symphonic Tendencies has more oomph in the beat, strong ambient work, soundscapes, and a gripping buildup coupled with female hymns that enhance the driving rhythms. This is another solid number. A- 5. Eternity is more ambient-influenced, coupled with haunting echoes, delectable psy work, and an increase in energy later on. Excellent track. A- 6. Back to the Origin is another psychill-influenced track. A trekking tribal sound early on grabs my attention with another tune before the floating interlude. A sample soon arrives that sounds like Morpheus from The Matrix. After this, the feel of the song changes up; there's an echoed, clunking industrial sound (very catchy!). Suddenly at around 5:20 the entire beat switches up, producing a more electronic sounds. A psychedelic synth/sound emerges. The cool thing about this song is that it incorporates gentle with more energetic elements. The results are great. There even seems to be a touch of opera here around the beat. Very nice! A- 7. Jungle Fever is more goa influenced to me than any of the songs here due to a tasty layer in the last third, another great track! A- 8. Waiting For You reminds me of Asura a little in the opening before blosseming into its own. There are some really nice psy/skipping sounds, melodies, and relaxing/contemplative parts, the latter two further accentuated in the final moments. This is a beautiful closing track. I cannot find a single, negative thing to say about this album surprisingly. A- Conclusion Every track is strong on this album IMO. It's a rarity. Every song... numerous songs are excellent, wonderful! You must hear this album. It's an comprises a strong and engaging mixture of ambient, psy-chill, tribal, psy, even touches of Goa influence IMO! It's packed with harmony, feeling. It's evocative, provocative, contemplative. We need albums like these filled with heart and soul. Tracks comprise substantial chapters in a thoughtful and developed story loaded with creativity, catchy sound/melody work, atmosphere, and more. The songs develop and evolve throughout. There are no fillers. Some of the BEST songs I have heard IN YEARS are on this album. I love the last act of track 2, numerous others, and the strong variety throughout. Every song is different, distinct, unique, and memorable. This album deserves more people to be aware of its existence, hear and enjoy. Thank you Akshan and Altar Records for this passionately produced and imaginative release. Highly Recommended! Favorite tracks - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8... oh, that's all of them. A- Sample / Order http://www.altar-rec...com/akshan.html http://altar.bandcam...he-tree-of-life
  6. Writing my thoughts on this album was challenging as well. Some songs develop so gradually. At first listen I found myself skipping to the next track which I rarely I do with Goa. This example is mostly felt with the opening track. It's too repetitive IMO. The changes are too subtle. I would have replaced it with a friendlier opening track. Black Kahva is pretty monotonous for a while. It becomes more interesting at around 5:57 forward and gets good. How Deep Is Your Trip is very well done, more gripping throughout. Can we have more tracks that are interesting and exciting throughout, please? Dancing With the Blue Spirit has a nice, euphoric, old-school morning sound. It sounds a little out of place with the other tracks, like a water song for dolphins. It's a bit repetitive. Still it's nice, relaxing, gentle, and peaceful. I like it. Avatar starts out good, very distinct in sound selection, mixing. The first few minutes are quite good! Things change up a bit keeping the unique sound intact. Aside from many little FX and alterations, the overall song grows fairly redundant in ideas past its characteristic opening act however. It never seems to recover or revive itself with new and opening terrain. After a while, it all sounds too same to me, regardless of the newly introduced sounds and other layers. The bass line is attractive at least. Etnic City is unique, catchy early on. More imaginative work could have taken place as it progressed though. With Visitors, the middle evolutionary part is great, but that's the high point around the otherwise solid work. The overall song is pretty good/great, one of the most solid on the album. Sabotage starts out great, but soon recycles sounds and ideas from early on. Without being overdone, the ethnic/Irish folklore melodies work to some degree, though I'm not a big fan. They work in Transonic Fields, another pretty good track, though less to no folk influence would have been nice. When this happens, the song sounds less other worldly. It's strangely distracting and a bit questioning. Why is this here? It doesn't elevate the song to me. Overall, there are many pleasant sounds, touches, and feelings on this album. I find however the song's lack depth, atmosphere, and elements of surprise. Additionally, some songs take a while to really develop into something worth recommending. When some of them do, it's great. I would love to see more creative energy, events, development and surprises. The songs have nice introductions and at times magical moments of old-school nostalgia , melody bliss. I love these parts and wish there was more of them throughout the song. More develop of melodies (arrangement) would be good and less folk (more cosmic) influence. I find a handful of Goasia's previous tracks catchier than numerous songs on this album. Depending on the mood, you may find it a bit bland (around it's good moments) or really great considering its melodic Goa appeal. B-
  7. This is a HUGE improvement from their previous album. Magical, fantasy Goa storytelling. Well done.
  8. Tim Schuldt Single Collection (album) ... Wow. This album involves strong, dark goa-influenced Psytrance with numerous good & great songs. The track Cascara is surprisingly not dark but beautiful, well done! Then there's Orange Acid... ! Psysex - Expressions of Rage
  9. Is The Path the new Talpa album? Musically well done and creative! This track is poignant and mature. I cannot believe its been 7 years since he released The Art of Being Non. I was just listening to that the other day. Fun, imaginative album! It's time for a serious follow up to that one (not the second album).
  10. Good remixes! He remixed one of his best (according to many people) tracks! This is one of the FEW tracks in Psytrance that I have enjoyed with the vocals (though I'm glad he keeps vocals/singing to a minimum). Is this EP going to be part of a new album maybe? Or a sign that he's going to release a new album entirely with all new tracks?! We're ready! The Moon Hardy Veles Remix is GREAT! I recommend this kickass, edgy track. There appears to be more buildup, sound variety, movement, and imagination here over the other remix. I find this extremely well done and love the mythical/fantasy feel...and the booming beat, buildup, alterations, sound fx, and how it plays out. This is catchy! The Moon Flegma & Nerso Remix is pretty good. I find it (maybe it's the beat and/or length) just slightly repetitive but overall well done. I could go for a whole remix album of his debut, or rather a powerful follow up if its in Goran's interest and ability. I know many people would love that. The Art of Being Non is one of the most fun, creative, and gleefully dark psytrance albums I have ever heard. I can't believe its been 7 years since the debut. Filteria has released three since the year Talpa's debut arrived. The style was so imaginative, fun, dark, and exciting...filled with ingenuity and cleverness. Then came along When The Somberness Becomes A Game, which (with few exceptions) doesn't sound as if it's from the same artist. Please release another killer album Talpa!
  11. The last two fight scenes in Kill Zone (called SPL in Asia I believe) with Donnie Yen and Sammu Hung are some of the most impressive I have ever seen. Other than that, Fist of Legend (Jet Li), The Protector and Ong Bak had some superb fighting choreography/scenes and many above. Also, check out Princess Blade (choreography by Donnie Yen).
  12. I recently produced and uploaded this video showcasing the wonderful, first two minutes of the opening track. Please no feedback on this thread, PM me or leave a page comment via youtube. Link:
  13. Visions of the Past is a mid-tempo album with psy/goa and ambient influence. This album, not E-Mantra's new goa one (that I just wrote a full review on here: E-Mantra - Pathfinder) but this ambient-down/mid-tempo one - frustrates me. Because the first self-titled track for instance sounds so beautiful, powerful, tragic, and moody (like something out of a masterpiece film) only to abandon its amazing, characteristic/fantasy, storytelling sound for a beat (with sounds) not a fraction as engaging. If you want to listen to an artist who develops his wonderful storytelling sounds throughout the song, listen to tracks by Electrypnose: Neverending Story, Tripad, and Out There. Or a dozen-plus songs by Asura. I realize the styles are different. Nonetheless, imagine if the opening song here continued developing its amazing sound that captures the senses during the first 2:16 (I admit that before the beat kicked in was most engaging). This song deserves a better continuation or a stunning remix in my opinion, with the opening two minutes/sound and feel developed throughout, even if there's a transition. For the first two minutes I was listening to a masterpiece. The sounds that followed weren't bad, but could have been attached to a different song in comparison. Aside from that, Last Day Of The Butterfly, ​Forever, and Secluded Trails are the only other two tracks that have so far arrested my attention. Maybe my disappointment after the first two minutes of the opening is causing an unconscious aversion. Maybe I appreciate E-Mantra's mid/down-tempo work more when its placed at the end of a goa album (see 2009's Arcana and 2011's Pathfinder). I realize that some will disagree. I simply find that the beats and/or their emphasis on certain tracks distract from the melody/sound work at times, and make the album feel more repetitive than it should feel. I also feel this way about too much punch in Secluded Trails that continues good work otherwise. Maybe some of the tracks go on for too long. I'm trying to enjoy the moods, melodies and I keep hearing Bomp, Bomp, Bomp, etc... For the record, I'm looking to experience the surreal sounds via the opening song to its potential. Such moods I never find again. I feel as if my heart was opened early on, only left to be teased by a magnificent world that quickly melted away. I enjoy some of the psy/ambient, goa work that takes place throughout this mid-tempo album that some will really like. None of the songs are bad. I'm just saddened to see the beginning feelings evaporate as if the artist had another masterpiece album in mind. This artist can produce amazing moods which is why I wish he would have relied less on the hard, continuous beats (Hypnagogia for instance; to his credit, he varies up the sound/feel of the beats every other song more or less) and focused more on the amazing feelings, moods, and storytelling within. Its generally the intros here that pull me in the most. I find the album "too much" to enjoy straight through currently for some reason. Had I not been exposed to the first track, I'd probably enjoy the album more, so I may try to hearing in starting on track 2. PS: I just wanted to get this off my chest because this artist is so talented. I've been holding in these feelings for months. I do believe that numerous people will feel less conflicted and enjoy this album very much. I urge others to listen to the lengthier samples and decide for themselves because in all fairness, there is some good work here. And it's not often that a goa artist releases a mid-tempo (with goa elements/influence) album. Favorite tracks: 1(first two minutes are superb), 2, 3, 7. Listen to the longer samples here: http://www.saikosoun...ase.asp?id=8717
  14. E-Mantra - Pathfinder Suntrip Records 2011 1. Pathfinder 2. Metamorphic Resonance 3. Dansul Ielelor (Neurosect Edit 2011) 4. Valley of the kings 5. Above the skies 6. Distant Signals 7. Afterglow 8. Approaching Nibiru (Eleusyn rmx) 9. Deep Descent 10. If there is nothing Pathfinder has stronger melodies than Arcana. But Is it better than the debut? Yes or no is anyone's opinion. 1. Pathfinder begins with an interesting alien-esque opening. A melody lead with various supports after the fourth minute enhance the song. The leading melody returns in the end that makes the song feel more structured in a good way here. This is a solid, catchy opening. B+ 2. Metamorphic Resonance gets tastier, more powerful as it progresses (especially after the two minute mark). The crazy, echoed goa sounds at 4:24 are delicious. The vehicle carries infectious goa designs, atmosphere, melody leads, power, dynamic energy/build-up, and more (i.e: echoes creatively placed to enhance certain sounds). The artist incorporates a signature sound/melody lead (from 3:48 to 4:50 via War of the Hierophants) from the Arcana album. It's very catchy!, though, I found that it stood out more, the way it was produced on the debut. It works very well here nonetheless, and elevates the imaginative track even further. This song is like soaring through a futuristic worm hole. Stunning track! A- 3. Dansul Ielelor (Neurosect Edit 2011) starts off with the strong, characteristic tune from the original and progresses well. The song seems to offer less absorbing work in the last few minutes. While I'm a huge fan of Dansul Ielelor on the debut, (my favourite uptempo song on Arcana) the new version is good. The original stood out to me more for its originality, but numerous details enhance this sci-fi solid remix. B+ 4. Valley of the kings begins with deeper sounding beat emphasis. The melody/sound work is fantastic, especially from the second to nearly fourth minute. The ambient notes flow well too. I simply wish that the part after the forth minute transition included work as engaging. There is a cool buildup just before the fifth minute, and some catchy goa sounds. The last segment just seems a bit anti-climactic, or lacking in what made the first two thirds so catchy. This is a good song that could have had a stronger final act. B+ 5. Above the skies takes off with a delectable, echoed effect in its first minute. The chilling ambient notes in the background are effective; I simply wish they took place more. You can hear them clearly around 1:40. A solid, leading layer soon enters that is very catchy, and the shuffling sound enhances it. A brief interlude via pan-flute opens to new harmonies until another interlude takes place. A new melody lead arrives, accompanied by a bouncy goa tune. Although the last third feels refreshing, it's approach softens the intensity of the track's previous two thirds I feel, and thus lessons the song's excitement to some degree. There are some nice sounds towards the end. I just wish that more took place to captivate me towards the end. Strong track. B+ 6. Distant Signals first third involves an incredibly catchy, driving sound (around 0:55...) that solidifies a contagiously driving rhythm. The beat is temporally lost during a relaxing transition that fronts a solid buildup into new formations. The next part sounds great, though I initially missed the driving feel early on that made the first third (or half) so sweet. Nonetheless, the song avoids monotony (too much of a good thing can lose its edge) and develops extremely well. The buildup/release around 4:50 is solid, and the layers compliment. Even though I loved the first act, and imagined the artist re-releasing the driving element (sound/feel around 0:55) in the last act with even more energy and intensity than ever before, I think he did a great job with the psychedelic and melody driven ending. Excellent track. A- 7. Afterglow begins with characteristic, sustained notes that take place throughout parts of the song; these providing a personality and add appeal. The gentle melody around 2:20 stands out in a good way, and another, more psychedelic one around 2:36 compliments it. The flight reaches a nice transition that fronts a delectable evolution of psy/goa trance! This is an example of a song that starts good and gets better as it progresses! A greater sense of intricacy takes place in the middle act, with great, echoed sound effects to boot. A tweaked, sustaining melody via 4:09 takes edge off the excitement; the song could have done without it, but it's not bad. Suddenly, a buildup ignites gear and the vehicle lifts higher at 5:36. Additional layers and variations amplify the broth, and the key (that later become sustained) notes via sixth minute provide a moody, attention-grabbing quality. Strong track! A- 8. Approaching Nibiru (Eleusyn rmx) has a intriguing introduction, excellent progression, and strong, background atmosphere that seems to be moving with the marvelous soundscapes. Just before the third minute, the song picks up with new moves, edge and rhythm. The style and approach here is phenomenal. The song continuously becomes more infectious as it moves forward. How the beat/sound switches up around 2:50 for instance is incredible, exciting. A gripping mid-tempo transition takes place after the fourth minute. Superb melodies enter around 4:25 and at this point (and to be fair, regardless), this is one of the best tracks I've heard all year. After a brief drum beat, the uptempo energy, now evolved, releases at 4:40. My gripe (or nitpick) here is that the uptempo work before 4:40 had been on a getting-more-infectious path. The last segment here sounds great, but along with the powerful rhythm, seems to lack something even more infectious (possibly another layer) to really make this thing stunning in its final moments. Some song examples Suntrip Record's artists that blew many of us away at the end of their tracks include: Filteria's Earthrise on the Daze Of Our Lives album, Khetzal's Djaningar (on the Corolle album), and Merr0w's Citrus Circus (on the Temple Of Chaos) compilation. The artist here is on the right track and includes a strong, memorable ending nonetheless. The song is superb. A- 9. Deep Descent is the first downtempo track. It makes me want to here the next Distant Systems album, just to hear even more great, space-ambient-influenced downtempo. There is a brief sound at 1:18 (spaced apart multiple times) that sounds like a baby alien throwing a temper tantrum. The track could have done without, or something in its place. Otherwise, the song is excellent. This up there with some of Distant Systems/Asura's best space ambient-influenced downtempo works. Had Filteria's Float Away and Disappear (last track on the Daze of Our Lives album) extended its catchiest (tasty psy/goa) part, and had a more seamless intro and outro, it could have been closer to the greatness here. Although the first several minutes are strong, the gradual emphasis/sounds after the third minute is even more arresting. Furthermore, the goa influence is absorbing. A- 10. If there is nothing is another psy/goa-influenced (mid or) downtempo track. The previous seemed to have more taking place and that which hooked me, but this is well done. There is some good atmosphere too, and catchy melodies that develop into the second half. B+ Conclusion: Pathfinder is great. I initially missed the deliciously psychedelic, mid-tempo passages that existed on some of the uptempo tracks on Arcana. But the artist has found a way to cross over some of that amazing work into the uptempo here! The melody/lead work in general is a big improvement too. Still, more melody/sound leads in the future would probably not hurt. I found more memorable tunes on Artifact303's Back To Space album, though the work here is more atmospheric and on numerous occasions, more psychedelic. Those who are looking for leading melodies to the extent of Filteria or Khetzal may want to look elsewhere. That said, this is a strong psychedelic goa-trance release. After the fifth time through, I continue to notice subtle alterations and psychedelic details. I found the uptempo work more or less repetitive on Arcana around the fantastic mid/down-tempo work with exception to Dansul Ielelor. That's not the case here. One of my gripes with Pathfinder is that a few of the songs could have had more memorable endings, or last segments/acts. That said, the songs are often interesting. They pack much energy. There are climaxes. The melody/sound (lead) work on Metamorphic Resonance for instance, is outstanding and includes some of the best buildup/energy moments and sounds I've heard all year! Also involving great leads (sound or otherwise) includes Distant Signals, Approaching Nibiru (Eleusyn Rmx), and Deep Descent. The album is creative, involving, immersive, and at times labyrinthine. In addition, E-Mantra's down/mid-tempo work is excellent. Deep Descent I currently favor over If There Is Nothing, but both are interesting and enjoyable space/ambient-goa pieces. This sequel is more homogenous than Arcana. While it is less risky in that it avoids mid-tempo goa designs in the uptempo songs that added creativity to Arcana (while making the debut less dance friendly I may add), Pathfinder takes other risks that often excel the uptempo work. This is a easily one of the best Psy/Goa albums of 2011. Favorite tracks: 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. A- Samples http://www.saikosoun...ase.asp?id=8914 http://www.suntripre...t/item/SUNCD23/ http://www.psyshop.c.../sut1cd023.html http://www.beatspace...er+/detail.aspx http://www.goastore....roducts_id=4676
  15. Good news and book! Jackson is so important. I hope he directs. A 2012 release date would be nice. Check out this LOTR spoof with me as both wizards. http://youtu.be/ciDHdzz9Z1I
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    Great video! Someone got creative with this wonderful film speech. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WibmcsEGLKo&feature=youtube_gdata_player
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    US Debt

    "But then came the Great Depression followed closely by World War II, which resulted in a long succession of deficits that caused the federal debt to balloon from $16 billion in 1930 to $242 billion by 1946. (Adjusted for inflation, that's about $206 billion and $2.67 trillion, respectively.)" The US debt is more than 5 times TODAY what is was in the 1930's great depression. Source: http://www.time.com/...l#ixzz1aUkhYAs3
  18. One of his memorable speeches. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UF8uR6Z6KLc&feature=youtu.be
  19. I like their new style and I miss their older, more musically dynamic, vocal-free one. Tracks like Crystalline and Shine (just to name a few) really stand out whether you like them or not. I think the repeating "I wanna shine" at the end of Shine was a bit unnecessary but a catchy track overall. I love the sound of Train. Musically it, or at least part of it sounds not far from a strong Solar Fields or Asura track. The tempo of the voice is good too, though I can't make out all of the words clearly. One of my few gripes is that with some tracks, the singing voice could be a little clearer; I can't make out some of the words (same with Coldplay at times). I also think the artists could have involved more clear lyrics/singing on aware topics, such as: letting go, being/breaking free, consciousness, a new awakening beyond the veil of greed, power, control, negativity (see my sig video below for more on this). I suppose in some ways they've touched on some of this here; the album could have gone deeper without getting heady, in my opinion. System 700 has more of a psy-influenced quality that the album lacks. I wish the final track was a little longer, and think that the overall album could have benefited having a track or two without lyrics. I'm thinking of the long-time fans here. No song on the album I loved to the degree of Psychic Gibben on their previous album, but I really like a handful of the songs here! Good release overall. I enjoy listening to it straight though. Favorites: 1, 2, 6, 8. B
  20. This album is such a beautiful, underrated sequel to a fantastic debut.
  21. Jon Cocco


    My girlfriend and I made this short film that's based on our lives and how we met (at the park with Mary's little mini pin dog "Becks). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_sh7JG8Ywc
  22. I like the first 4 tracks (track 3 over 4). Not track 5 though; it's redundant and drawn out IMO. I'm sure a few will like it though. The last three songs are solid. Overall this is a good album. I believe Antares can do better though as far as the whole album goes. There is some GREAT work here. Update: I've turned my short comment-esque review here into more of a real one below. Re: Antares - Stick to great tracks even though your the one I don't consider great (track 5) has some really nice elements. Learn from the feedback to grow and develop into an even better artist. You have loads of talent and have produced some of the most solid goatrance songs I've heard.
  23. Artifact303 2011 Suntrip Records 1. Magnetic Fields is filled with energy; it builds, becomes catchier as it progresses which is the ideal way to go IMO. The middle act maintains a growing edge with integrated sounds standing out over the first few minutes. There is an incredible, soaring climax towards the final third. Great opening track where each acts improves and compliments the previous one(s) in my opinion. A- 2. Trancemission is not very eventful or memorable. The driving/shuffling sound, while initially catchy, eventually runs out of steam. The overall song feels a little empty and unfinished. It needs creative events, higher highs to grab and expand out minds. A memorable lead could have helped. In the center the music transitions and-- doesn't really improve the whole! I can't say that the track is bad per say, just pretty mediocre/forgettable, and in that sense-- disappointing. The good news is that, having heard the full album numerous times before writing this, I can honestly say that this is the only (weakest) track on the whole that stands out as a low (for me) and that the best is yet to come even if the two tracks that follow are moderately better but nothing exceptional. Bare with it because something really great happens halfway into the album that captures the album's second half! C 3. They Will Communicate is a big improvement over the last track. It's sound/melody work is catchier and therefore more enjoyable. A catchy part enters at around 3:45, and is supported by a beautiful melody at 3:11. This is very well done; it's filled with feeling. The song continuously develops more like the first, with many catchy ideas, and eventually into climax. Although I feel that the artist has yet to let go and take risks with the album, we're 3 for 4 so far. This song's pretty good! B 4. For A Better World is another solid dance number, excelled by sustained, ambient-esque notes, and rich melody paragraphs. There is a catchy psychedelic element as well. Overall this is a nice sounding, rhythmic piece of more mainstream friendly Goatrance. I simply found the first song more riveting in how it evolved. This plays it safe like the second and works while it's on, but by the time its done, you'll soon forget it (at least I do eery time I listen to it). B- 5. Tropical Sunset (the mid-tempo number) is beautiful, emotive, and arresting. This song breaks up the more invigorating tracks nicely. I don't mind that it's not on the end because it's softer than the others. The song continuously evolves and is catchy (sunrise influenced?) throughout. I'v never heard a song like this by Artifact303. This is my top favorite song on the album along with track 7 and 8. Super track. A- / A 6. Mysterious Fantasy is another great track with lots of energy, melody leads, movement, excitement, and delicacy. It has catchy (ambient and/or piano?) background notes too and a bag of cool ideas (the wild goa melody at 5:50) that keep me entertained throughout. Overall it seems like a lot of stuff is being thrown at me and most of it sticks quite well. There is so much sensation over substance however that the song feels fairly fleeting after it ends. B+ 7. Beyond Lightspeed has some of the best climactic work I've heard in a while. I prefer the first two (more cosmic) thirds before the last (ethnic-influenced) one that detracts a bit from the other-worldy feel created so well beforehand. Nonetheless, the song is fantastic. It's filled with sonic infectious melody/work, change up, speed, and rhythm throughout. Great buildup coupled with stunning climax work that begins around 2:28 and further ignites at 3:28 are just a few of what makes this song so good. The (beat filled) transition of sorts (from 4:00-6:10) is great too, and seems Filteria-influenced at times in a very good (inspired?) way. Keep this level of work coming. The less edgy, ethnic finale arrests my attention a little less, but it's a solid change of pace and hardly takes away from such an excellent track. A 8. Close Encounter is just incredible. If the original Pleiadians were together and decided to make a third Goa-Trance album today, this is what a super song from it might have sounded like this! I'm continuously hooked and cannot find a complaint, let alone a moment when I'm not compelled or riveted by the stunning work. So this artist has it in him to produce groundbreaking work after all... If this entire album was as stunning as the second half of Back To Space, well.. few albums get much better than that. Amazing track. Every time i listen to this.. wow. A 9. Delirium emphasizes background floating textures (i.e: E-Mantra) in Artifact303's style and is good, though it took time to grow on me. I really like the stronger beat, and how it leaves at times. The song could have used some fresh evolution towards the last few minutes (a catchier melody), but its break to mid (from down) tempo, the echoed female sounds, atmospheric and soundscapes are well done! A- Back To Space is my favourite Goa album by a main artist since Filteria's Daze of Our Lives. I've been listening to this album again and again and my biggest gripe is track 2. It's forgettable and could have been replaced by a better song. Nonetheless, this is a solid debut. There's many stand out moments and tracks, as if the artist took his time to enhance the package before submitting the final product. Magnetic Fields (and especially for many) Tropical Sunset, Beyond Lightspeed, and Close Encounter showcase excellent/superb work. Trancemission could have been better and remains melodic albeit bland. Other tracks not mentioned here are entertaining too, just nothing extraordinary. Lastly, the second half of the album is noticeably stronger than the first. Back To Space is a good if not great album and the best by the artist to date. Nice work! Favorite tracks - 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 B+
  24. Hi Jon! You always make great reviews. If you had the time to review my newly released goa album I would be very happy. It is

    You can find the main thread and download the album here: http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?/topic/59434-moai-full-moon-2010-debut-promo-album/

    Best wishes,


  25. I just heard it for the first time. I suppose I'm in the minority here. Not a fan of dnb (find it monotonous) but the work around it is very good. Also I've given this NO time to grow on me yet. I like the self-titled Atropos track. The background is hypnotic, infectious. The melody work, hymns, and ambient in Unleash is excellent. How I'd love to hear a psychedelic goa-trance version of Unleash. The ambient and melodies in Hayashis Journey stood out to me too. The track introductions are interesting. The album has atmosphere too, very nice! The musical elements in Starchild's intro pull me in; they're immersive. I really like the non drum/bass influences and admit my drum/bass bias. Atropos (as an album) is creative and quite good, being a cross beween atmospheric dnb, psy, and what have you. I'm simply less enticed by drum and bass (or breaks?, isn't a bunch of this breaks?) and feel that a variety via electronic beats could have been fun too. That said, the artist keeping the beats for the most part separate (with few exceptions) add to each of his distinct albums, giving him time to flesh out what he can produce on each sub-genre while incorporating his imaginative style among it. Update: I was listening to Towards The End Of Time last night and WOW, what an infectiously catchy track! Not only this but other work on here. It seems more breaks at times than dnb. Regardless, I have finally seen the light and enjoying this album on a whole other spectrum as my perspective has opened up. It sounds better than ever before. Well done! Did anyone ever open a review thread for this? I couldn't find one.
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