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  1. These artists are getting my attention. I heard the song, not bad - I've heard better. Sorry if this sounds off topic but where is (or can someone post the review thread on the collaboration album by Ovnimoon and Regal called Omnipresent Technology. The album's great. The self-titled track is even better.
  2. If they produce another super album like Cryptic Crunch, I'm down! The style on that album was so unique, catchy, and psychedelic, though a little sterile (impressive technically) and lacking in feeling IMO. They can produce something even more infectious, deep, and imaginative if they're passionate enough and take their time. Call Cryptic Crunch Goa or Psytrance. I don't care which term people would rather use. Let us not allow our preferences to cause us to waste energy over associations so trivial. Most of us agree that Cryptic Crunch was/IS psychedelic. I enjoyed the style on some of their tracks more than others, but still consider it a cult classic in music. I've heard the samples, but unsure which ones are from their upcoming album. The samples have the ingredients; some of the tracks would sound better with more creative/infectious direction, POWER, development, evolution, feeling, and melodies. Paradigm Shift is a lot better than Neural Growth (which is thankfully a work in progress). Finite Automat is pretty catchy for an unreleased demo. I'd probably remove Neural Growth (unfinished work...) from the samples because it's quite incomplete sounding and doesn't reflect well the new material. Somnambulant (V.A. Reboot...) sounds great too, but for a comp it seems. The way it starts off it pretty climactic. I like that and hope that the artist(s) have some wildly exciting (climactic synth/melody) work on the upcoming album. We Celebrate Life has good melodies and synth work too while keeping the song psychedelic. Same with Collapse of the State Vector, though less melodic; I like the driving sound and rhythm. That little beeping sound in Sanke Oil is catchy too and seems to have an old skool goa influence at times. Witches and Wizards has potential too. Again I'm going through the samples on their page: soundcloud.com/huxflux.com To the artist(s) if you read this thread. You are so talented. It is exciting to hear that you're producing a new album. Please take your time to make another otherworldly and superb masterpiece. I'll wait 1-2 more years if it means churning out 8-12 great songs. The stars are not even the limit.
  3. Ha! That would explain it then. That's even better! I took my time to slow down and actually read the thread, thanks.
  4. Congratulations Skakta and Suntrip! I noticed the old school influence right away. Samples BUMP http://suntriprecords.com/release/cat/SUNCD34/
  5. Jon Cocco

    Koan - The Way Of One

    Beautiful release! The album is gorgeous and filled with positivity, happiness, hope. I love it. Definitely worth getting. This is one of the best albums of the year. Some of the tracks are really magical. Wonderful work Koan. Well done! You deserve more feedback and reviews, more than I have time for at the moment. Your releases contribute to spreading light throughout the world. Thank you.
  6. V/A - Gamayun Tale Goa Trance (Compilation) 2014 1. Celestial Consciousness - Rise is a cosmic ride. The song is rich with textures, soundscapes, and melodies! Its less intense approach opens the album up to a vast and intangible world that doesn't feel forceful, where anything is possible. The song feels like a journey, a fully fleshed out, story-driven chapter, immersing the listener with great sounds and evolution. This is a strong opening track. A- 2. Magic Science - Atman comes equipped with more energy and drive. The melodies are juicy and engaging; they stand out. The rhythm is exciting, and the layers run smoothly together. The song has character and the barely coherent voice samples compliment. The track is fast and fluid from start to finish, with tasty soundscapes and rhythm. Great work and execution. Awesome track! A 3. PharaOm - White Lotus Energy is an even more energetic gem with tribal influence. The vocal work adds character to the barely containable energy. The more peaceful transitions are arresting too! This number is more musical in addition to having zesty progression and development. The more Earthy vehicle (here) enters different terrain remaining mysterious and immersive throughout thanks to a strong Eastern/Indian approach on top of creative sequences with climax and mixing. The melodies are great. The final act really stands out. It's exceptionally well done, combining sheer adrenaline with heart. Excellent work. A 4. Nova Fractal - Through Our Senses (Sky Technology Remix) is the first climax heavy treat, not that the previous ones weren't energetic. The artist(s) here cleverly manipulate the juicy synth lead(s) as they bubble, infectiously screech, and support one another to infectious degree. The first four minutes are ridiculously catchy! I'm completely hooked. Unfortunately, the layered arrangement (4:15 to 4:48) is pretty sloppy and distracting, suspect and questionable, regardless of intention. What happened there? This is my first gripe on the album. The song's raw energy, sound, and rhythm is super with exception to this part. The last third (from 5:46 forward) is more refined, though a bit plodding, less riveting (7:40 to 7:55). This is an exciting, adrenalized blast, though the forth minute could have been improved. Nice work! A- 5. Roof Raiser - Stone Garden is another high octane number, albeit a more refined one compared to the previous track. The song's energy is intense, determined, and aggressive. Naturally, it grows more animated, layered, and well blended/catchier as it moves forward. The direction is fairly straight forward, and while nothing earth shattering, the song achieves what it sets out to do and will likely raise the roof on the dance floor. I'm not a fan of the artist name, but never judge a book by its cover. This is a great track packed with terrific mixing and sound/melody work. A- 6. Prok - Gleise is the black sheep here, and that's a very good thing. The song isn't fast, zippy, or climatic. It's interesting, atmospheric, cerebral, dark, and arresting. The tone stands out among the rich textures. Gleise is like a descent into a deep, dark abyss. One could relate it to traveling through Draconian (Reptilian) sections of the cosmos, their planetary star systems where they (alleged darker entities) have come from. The song is infectiously orchestrated. It took several listens for me to appreciate. The dark ambient is effective too. The artist has really created a rich, storytelling world here. The song is immersive, imaginative, innovative, and appreciated, very well done. A- 7. Ufomatka - Asteriod barrels through the galaxy like an asteroid astray off of Saturn's belt. The first half is fairly dark and rhythmic. But to be honest, I expected more in the first third. My attention was arrested from 4:20 forward. It's here that the tempo slows down, arrested my attention. It's here that acid oozes out the crunchy textures like a piece of space toast floating by the sun's rays. The atmosphere grows darker, more ominous. This segment's gripping and leads to a delectably evolved final, uptempo act with memorable sound/melody work. Now I see other reviewers mean. This is the first time I've heard a Ufomatka track and it's well done. A- 8. Wanderlust - Square of the Cardboard Clocks starts off great and mysterious, with the effect of a ticking, Grandfather clock. Suddenly, a tinny (beady) synth lead arrives (from 0:16 to 1:30 and again from 1:43 to 2:21, etc.). This melody reminds me of Omegahertz's Goa tracks in that it's cheesy, weak in sound, and formulaic in arrangement. Its repetitive nature distracts from the other elements that are well done. There are numerous other synth ingredients and elements that enhance the song, which is why I don't understand why the artist(s) chose such a weak lead and arrangement. Can we just stick to what works best please, I mean for future tracks? The transition at around 5:40 is intriguing! The returning music with the echoed effect is fantastic! Even the way the tinny lead is utilized I enjoyed (in the climactic part) from 6:08 to 7:00. It's the part from 7:00 to 7:51 (and yet another segment past it) that I find less riveting. Overall this is a good song with some great parts or vice-versa. B+ 9. Skygravity Trance Mission is different from the others in that it's more melodic trance influenced, yet (thankfully) retains Goa presence. The sound is friendly, and variety to a compilation that's generally darker, more intricate, and ambitious in comparison. I can't deny the positive vibes here, and how each acts over the previous one, thanks to solid development. The song feels shorter the others, but it's pacing is tight. It knows when to end. It's not super memorable, and seems a little bit out-of-place relative to the overall feel (and other tracks) on this more cosmic, provocative Goa comp. But I don't mind. Good work. B+ 10. Jyotish - Purple Imagination is pretty good too. It continuously varies up the melodies and flows well. It's far more Goa oriented whereas the previous one bordered on Trance. I would have liked more evolution, but the mixing is good; there is some great layering. Sounds selected are catchy and rich. Overall I found the first 7 tracks the strongest on the compilation, but this is a pretty solid number too. B+ Conclusion Gamayun Tale is one of the best Goa compilations of 2014. It exceeded my expectations. The first 7 tracks are really great. The last three are pretty good too. Nitpicks include part of the album's last third; it isn't as strong as the first two thirds, but it's still well done and showcases some great work. Time and positive word-of-mouth, good promotion, etc., will help get this noticed, especially strong future follow ups where listeners will go back and find this compilation. The artists did a great job! 2014 has been a healthy year for Goa compilation and Gamayun Tale is one of the very best. Highly recommended. Favorite tracks - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10 I like 7, 8, 9, and 10 regardless of my constructive criticism. But the first 7 (and to some degree 10) are noticeably strongest IMO. A- Some of the BEST compilations of 2014 via GOA TRANCE include: Moon Ritual Gamayun Tale Analog Dreams Tens Spins Around the Sun Colors of Goa Future Architect 2
  7. V/A - Analog Dreams DAT Records 2014 1 Hallucinogen - LSD '93 2 Space Tribe - The Great Spirit (Original Mix) 3 Doof - We Are Free (Desk Mix) 4 Slinky Wizard - Funkus Munkus (Original Mix) 5 Green Nuns Of The Revolution - Ring Of Fire (Extended Mix) 6 Total Eclipse - Free Lemonade (Live in Paris 1995) 7 Etnica - Full On (Original Mix) 8 Prana - Voyager 2 9 Nervasystem - Whirling Dervish (Kaleidoscope Mix) What?! An Old School Goa compilation with unreleased (cult-classic sounding) tracks from back in the day? How the.. I never heard these. Any of them. And they're great! As if we're back in 1997-1999 when I was constantly having music-gasms listening to Goa Trance! Am I right? I don't know. But this seems like way to go Dat Records! 1. Hallucinogen - LSD '93 is very different from the original. Those beautiful, crystalized (ambient notes are in the beginning and sound great. The hard hitting beat and ambient/atmospheric layers are attractive too! Wow this is different from the one we thought was the original today. Anyway, I kept waiting for the signature lead to arrive (like at 4:40 or 4:54) from the beloved classic. But it never came. Fortunately, there is some beautiful melody/sound work that captures some of the ideas from the next imagining of LSD. The track has grown on me too. The beat is catchy too, albeit a little repetitive as the song progresses. The song's interesting to hear. The first time I heard it I didn't like it. Now I really enjoy it. I think I was studying it too hard before, expecting this and that when in actuality it's not the same LSD track on 1995's album, Twisted. Far from it. I like it. The song's a pre-imagining I imagine, beyond its time (perceived time of course ). A- 2. Space Tribe - The Great Spirit (Original Mix) begins more tribally. There is a hard hitting beat and synth that's fairly intense in a good way, determined sounding. The song takes a while to pick up, but become more dynamic as it progresses (see 3:55, 4:47). These Psytrance ingredients in "goa" remind me Hux Flux's (now cult classic status) Cryptic Crunch album to some degree. The melodies I find less memorable, but the synths do grow reasonably catchier, and we get a really nice and memorable melody at 6:41. I simply wish it lasted longer to liven up the song more! A- 3. Doof - We Are Free (Desk Mix) is a harder edged, acidy vehicle. It's nice to hear another song from back when Nick Doof was producing Goa music. This sounds very different in some ways from his previous Goa work. The song has a thick synth combination throughout that drives the space ship and takes precedence over everything else. But the song lacks memorable melodies, and fun factor that made Doof's Lets Turn On album such a hit. The track follows the same general direction too. It's not very eventful. The vibrating enunciations towards the end are catchy. I could have done without the samples, though Bill Hicks was a legend in smart and thoughtful, unfiltered comedy. I'm sure some will enjoy this fairly darker, psychedelic ride. I simply like the other (more melodic) ones more. B+ 4. Slinky Wizard - Funkus Munkus (Original Mix) twists and turns. It moves sideways and almost turns itself inside out. The synth work is catchy and mad. The industrial layer (if you'd call it that, at around 3:43) is very effective. OMG it's catchy. This thing compliments the track behind belief IMO, and yet it's so not in-my-face. I love it. I am completely hooked from 3:43 forward. The chopped up voice FX are great too, as is the synths, layering, and direction. Those reverberating FX are delicious. See people, these are the ingredients we're missing from today's new school Goa (among other things). Suntrip's been kind of checking them off, but has a few left on the list. You hear that Suntrip? Anyway, the energy in this thing picks up a bit more towards the end. Sometimes I think that the last act could have stood out more, but the song is actually really great just the way it is. You know a track is good when you don't want it to end. A 5. Green Nuns Of The Revolution - Ring Of Fire (Extended Mix) is classic, Old School Green Nuns stuff. It starts out gradual and teases us with minor melodies that will later develop and submerse the listener. There are intermediary breaks between the surges. I wasn't so hooked in the first few minutes. Fortunately, it grows tastier as it progresses, I.e. 4:32. The tribal segment just past the fifth minute is arresting. Then the vehicle breaks out at 5:41 and lets loose a Hallucinongen-esque lead that steals the now. I really like this song. It becomes more complex, enthusiastic, and vibrant/chaotic as it heats up. The last few minutes are good too! A- 6. Total Eclipse - Free Lemonade (Live in Paris 1995) is another goodie, as was the original on the main album. It starts off generic, dated in concept (to me). Around 1:20 is the first real sample of something that'll soon blossom into a cosmic garden. The tight stream of melodies bend and shift, change and vary in ideas. The FX towards the end of the second minute, along with the electric guitar I could have done without. The latter seems to double as a transitory piece between varying segments; in that regard it's helpful. The returning music is a blast though, along with the returning signature leading ingredients from 4:36 to 4:55. These parts are hypnotic and engaging, very nicely layered. The ending is great too. This song sounds just as good to me now as, it did when Total Eclipse was making treats back in the mid to late 90's. A- 7. Etnica - Full On (Original Mix) twists and turns. The song's arresting, especially with its prominent, computerized (intentionally sounding) melodies and futuristic ingredients. The melodies are so nice! There is a minimal Goa bridge between Act 1 and 2 that helps to cleanse our palate before the next more elaborate scenery. The continuation is pretty groovy in the chilled uptempo sense and the song feels less tired, it's higher energy concepts more appreciated because of it. I love how the song hangs low for a while, like players addicted on the sidelines that turns out to be a more deeply trance-inducing part of the game. A sweet little build up ignites the generator and we're back, coasting in Etnica/Pleiadian star systems. The song benefits from its more subtle elements. The last act is great too; I sometimes think they could have taken it further (enhancing the addition) but not always. It's just so good the way it is. Excellent track. A- / A 8. Prana - Voyager 2 is fantastic. There's singing and it's beautiful. This is an AWESOME song. It's fun, exciting, daring,. The part around 3:48 is one of the reasons why I love Goa music, and miss in Goa today, these beautiful moments that take me to the stars in a second, elements that startle and surprise me in positive ways, that elevate the entire song. This is magic. In addition, this voyager has harmony, feeling, ambient, emotion, and the delivery is flawless. The song is zippy, energetic, infectious, and varied in ideas and tasty sound combinations. This is perfect IMO. The song has strong and memorable melody/sound work. I love the vocal work too. I often feel averted to just the idea of singing or vocals in Goa music. Was this song released anywhere before? Or why wasn't it? I can't imagine this not having released before. It's such such an awesome song. A 9. Nervasystem - Whirling Dervish (Kaleidoscope Mix) is mid-tempo, tribal (Chill-esque) Goa and I love it. What a great way to end the album. The approach here is unique and less complex than everything on the album, and yet I don't want it to end. I feel hooked by its repetition; it's not boring and THAT my friends is an achievement in any form of music. They just don't make them like they used to. The song has groovy, stimulating melody and ambient work that when combined, create an almost tranquil feel. Of course there's more. There's always more. The song's really good and a refreshing way to end the album. I like albums with strong first, second, and last thirds. Analog Dreams is one of those albums. A- / A OVERALL Analog Dreams is a treat for old school fans of Goa Trance. Get it. Treat yourself. Thank you Draeke & Dat Records for this gem. I didn't much care for the Hallucinogen track the first time I heard it. I think my expectations since 1995's album TWISTED (and the track LSD) were so high. I was over analyzing the pre-imaginging that is different and well done. Re-mastering sounds much better compared to when these albums released in the 90's. They should re-master Hallucinogen's album TWISTED and various other classics for that matter, like Pleiadians I.F.O., among others. What else? There are numerous super songs around great ones. Analog Dreams is in my top 3 favorite compilations of 2014 to date, the biggest surprise for me (this year) so far considering the old school factor which is 100%. You'll know when the track melts in your ears and oozes through your body and mind. Voyager 2 is awesome in so many ways. I wish that these artists still made tracks like these today. Old school Goa Trance at times sounded magical, deliciously, and irresistible. You can experience some of that here. Great release for Old School Goa ears! Awesome compilation! Favorite tracks - 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Almost all of them! A- If you liked this, also check out V/A - Gamayun !
  8. I love this! World of Sleepers is one of the best Ambient, Chill, Downtempo releases I have ever listened to. An absolutely beautiful, astonishing release that only gets better with time. A classic.
  9. I enjoy different styles of Goa. It creates variety and opportuneness for innovation. That said, I did not like this album that much the first 1-2 times I heard it. I thought it sounded too folk, too middle Eastern, and too similar sounding. My feelings are more balanced now. The artists got a handful of stuff right on this one, being what they were going for. Goasia's not about maximal, dark, intense/climactic, or super acidic. I don't mind. My favorite tracks on this third album are the ones that I consider more cosmic, dreamlike, or intricate. Those songs are the ones with (!) Amphibians On Spacedock Mental Mutator (!) Dolphins Of Jupiter (!) Promised Land Orbital Saturation (!) Tetrodotoxin (still adjusting to this unique, mechanical beast) Songs I enjoy less (or not very much) I consider more folk sounding, or too Eastern influenced (for me) to the point I find the melodies distracting from the cosmic (or lack of cosmic) ingredients. And yes, a few tracks above crossover to elements on the ones below and vice-versa. I realize that. God, Good Morning The New Orient Sundance None of those are bad per say. They have elements I like. The New Orient is pretty cool, especially the last third. Sundance has grown on me. These songs simply capture less of what I like in Goa Trance music, but that's me. I like this THIRD album more than their second, Dancing With the Blue Spirit. There is some great work on it, especially for those who enjoy the very melodic, non-maximal side of Goa. The album took time to grow on me too due to some similar sounds as well that appeared more varied and better distinguished upon further listens. I find parts of Mental Mutator and Orbital Saturation infectiously catchy on repeat listens. The overall direction and "accents" throughout both of them are great. Hearing the album the first few times sounded like one long, continuous track to me. I enjoy the album more when listening to a few tracks at a time. This is a pretty good album I think. It gets pretty addictive at times and will appeal to numerous lovers of ultra melodic Goa Trance. At times the level of positivity (without being cheesy) excites and lifts me up. My thoughts are give it a few listens and let it grow. At least it's ultra melodic. Suntrip doesn't release many Goa albums a year and this one, while not one of my favorites to date by them, is not bad. It has some very pleasant, enjoyable work.
  10. Well if you're gonna go out, may has well go out with a bang. That you did here. Don't hesitate to stop by once in a while to release a super song like Ayahuasca on a future Suntrip compilation, that is if you feel it so. I'm just putting the idea out there. A retirement from your main albums doesn't feel so alone with an occasional masterpiece from you, if you feel the urge. Just saying. PS: I'd love to hear an ambient album by you at some point in the near future, maybe incorporating atmospheres into a few tracks. I like how Distant Systems and Asura produce ambient tracks around songs with beats. Even with psyambient, creating variety so that each song has character and stands out. I think it's good to take new musical directions. Just please keep us informed via forums of your future works and what names they're under. Thank you for gracing us with your passion and skill, and for producing three great albums in a beloved sub-genre of music. That's not to say the countless of compilation tracks over the years. I know I could be fairly critical at times, but that's because I see how talented you are. I am very thankful for your music and overall consider you a great artist.
  11. Samples sound good. Goa tracks are best in their entirety though, as they tell a story, develop, and often evolve throughout! There was some great tracks on his From Other Spaces album. But also some less memorable. I remember Space Travelers (the second half), and Sunrise to this day. His follow up, Dancing With The Blue Spirit seemed more homogenous and gentle; also a bit tame and lacking in super songs (to me), less memorable as a whole. I'd have to hear it again as its been a while. I remember that some of the work was beautiful. This artist has made many great tracks. His Goa style is distinct. I'm looking forward to this release.
  12. I think this is a great compilation and have been listening to it a lot lately. 1. Wake Up And Smell The Ashes doesn't bother me so much (as it used to), though it could have been a bit shorter and more eventful, diverse, and varied IMO. The song is psychedelic, rough, and acidy, and starts off promising. It could have grown catchier (harmony wise, and varied such harmonies up) earlier on around the strong psychedelic synths/sounds that the song ultimately is, until more memorable melodies arrive towards the end. It's not bad though and has some interesting elements. I begin to lose interest around 2:44. Before that, the song seemed to be building up to being a great Hallucinongen-esque dark/psychedelic track. My advice to the artist is to trim out these filler segments, even if the song has less (but some) breathing room. Stick to what's catchier, like the part around 4:35, and reduce general repetition to reduce the song feeling drawn out until greater things arrive, so thus not to bore your listeners. There are some very good elements here, and I get hooked again from around 5:55 to the song's close. 2. These Talking Machines is great! Unique, catchy, risky, fun. It's not too heavy like KOB track more or less is on Filteria's 4th album. This one is more ideal to me along with several others including (of course) the Go Cyborg!!! track he did. 3. Black Sun I've actually been enjoying more lately. It works while doing work via iPod. The song is one of the weaker ones IMO but it's not bad. 4. Viral Breath is very catchy, strong synth work. I really like this! 5. Aramean Dreams ‚Äč is another one I was fairly critical of in my review because I'be heard more ambitious structuring and composition/arrangement from the artist. But this track is a near perfect build up and sleek climactic rush of nighttime energy. It wears its suite well and knows what it's going for, often complimenting the energy of the tracks around it. I love the gradual build up to the energy boost. 6. Emotional Overload again really impressed me. The entire song engages. The structuring and direction keeps things interesting. The synth work is great. There is a dark influence here and there. I'm hooked. This song very enjoyable to listen to and very catchy! 7. Beyond Lightspeed (E-Mantra dmx) is another great one. The first 4-5 minutes are excellent, very addictive and cool! I strongly feel that the artist could have taken the song to the next level around 4:25 with an amazing emotive, evolution (enter key change, very sci-fi and emotive via shift in music and same tempo) similar (in concept) to the masterful evolution in Cosmosis's Higher Access track. But completely different of course. I literally hear how it could sound in my mind and I wish I could articulate the octaves, notes, etc. I see such an opportunity in this already great track to make it one of the most brilliant goa songs ever. The second half of the song is less groundbreaking to me, as I keep imagining what could have been. The song more or less peeks in the second act and acknowledges the Eastern influence (same as original) that never put me in awe. Regarding great evolutions, think Filteria's beautiful evolution in In the Heaven's Eye. Maybe one day I'll get to sit down with with the artist and "sound" it out. Some of you probably already know what I'm imagining to some degree, as if Pleiadian's released a sequel to I.F.O. that took I.F.O. to the next level. It is possible. 8. Naltayada is great. I love the AP influence without it feeling cheesy or commercial. This artist knows what he's doing. The song is so well done. I've heard this dozens of times and every time I enjoy it! 9. Depth Of Consciousness is one of the 2-3 songs I find noticeably weaker. But it's unique and interesting sounding enough to hold my attention. The song has nice harmonies and melody work that differentiate it from the others and again, gives it its own sense of space and balance between the others. This is a fairly good that gets better as it progresses. It's just nothing really great IMO but I like it. 10. Cosmic Fusion is an A- to an A for me. I find this song incredibly satisfying, catchy, and enjoyable. I love the downtempo breakdowns and how the song comes back up, the wonderful braiding of harmony/melodies, and the development, evolution throughout. This song is perfect in some ways to me. It's filled with feeling and I'm never bored for a second. The song gets catchier too as it progresses which I find ideal in this genre of music. This is like a beautiful morning, Goa Sunrise track. I hadn't even realized that before. To this day I'm loving it. Overall this is a great compilation with a good dose of replay value!
  13. The dnb / breaks style I generally find distracting from the amazing work around it. The ethereal backdrops, orchestral elements, ambient and atmosphere would breath and emote so much more with a downtempo approach, one without dnb/breaks IMO. I love the Sci-Fi and PSY influence as usual. The ambient, soundscapes, melodies, FX, atmosphere, transitions, the overall production and mixing is terrific. Well done. I prefer more variety in beat, like the eighth minute of Bio-Magnetic Tunnel Transport, and The Outcast Of Deadspace. I love the pure ambient segments too. The level of intricacy here is infectious! I realize drum n' bass / breaks is a like it or not thing. I simply find this artist's visions too powerful to overwhelm it in repetitive dnb progressions. It takes away from the immersive ingredients I feel. I love this artist's work around it -- on EVERY album with DnB, breaks. I often tune out the DnB to some degree to better enjoy the provocative melody + sound and atmospheric work. I would love more variety in the beat. Everything else is so varied and fantastic to me. This artist's Sci-Fi visions are amazing. That said, if you like DnB you'll like this album ALOT. It's nice to see this artist back with another imaginative work of art. The cover's very cool. The story here would make a great film too. I agree.
  14. A downtempo album in this powerful Sci-Fi vision would be amazing! YES. Now on with listening to this new release!
  15. V/A - Colors of Goa Timewarp Records 2014 CD1 1. Filami - Ingenuous Curiosity 2. J.I.S. - Mind Therapy 3. Cosmic Dimension - Dark side of the universe 4. Kurandini - Kalindian 5. Omnivox - Behind the wheel (2013) 6. Trinodia - Procyon 7. Goatree - Gods of annihilation 8. Screwloose - Wibbly Wobbly 9. Sky Technology - Ready to fly CD2 1. Frost Raven - Paranormal 2. Kobaia - Free your mind 3. Tavi - Sand Planet 4. Ghost On Acid - Kristallwald 5. Oxi - Gemini Asteroid 6. Gowax - Galanga 7. Innerzone - Universal Enlightenment 8. Imba, Ethereal - Solar Resonance (Live Mix) 9. Somnesia - Sojourn in Goa (2013) Color's of Goa is the third compilation I've reviewed in the last few weeks. It's not common for me to write many reviews per year anymore like I used to. It's also uncommon that three Goa compilations release in a fairly short period of time, but Colors of Goa, a double CD, screamed at me to review. Don't judge it on the decent (at best IMO) opening track, considering the excellence that this thing reaches about 10-20 times; I'm talking entire tracks here, not moments. The mega compilation is super melodic, crisp, and imaginative. It's colorful, mystical, and engaging.The overall compilation also [generally gets catchier as it progresses like a great Goa track. There are several diamonds here around numerous gems. CD1 1. Filami - Ingenuous Curiosity gradually develops with light melody work that grows catchier into the third minute. The song feels fairly simple, though it retains a nice combination of synth work that frequently changes in arrangement. The forth minute grows catchier. My only gripe is the samples. Knowing that 2012 has past, hearing about the world ending in 2012 especially sounds dated. This isn't a bad song, but I'm not impressed, yet. Fortunately (jumping ahead for a moment) the other tracks are much better. This is a decent track that would have been better without the fairly odd and questioning voice samples. B- 2. J.I.S. - Mind Therapy is bouncy and energetic. It's packed with good melody/sound development that wins my attention. The ascending feel is nice too, and the magnetic Goa-esque chorus that surfaces to our ears. The first interlude is atmospheric, ethereal and smooth. The music is more psychedelic upon return, with the incorporation of interlude ambience. The new melodies are great; they compliment the returning chorus. The layering into all three acts is infectious, like the blending of a stream with beautiful matter, debris. Also effective is the returning ambient in the last act, and the chorus before the seventh minute. These parts are great and help to anchor the song around new ideas, twists and turns. The song doesn't have as much full act evolution as numerous Goa songs, yet it never feels repetitive nor boring thanks to the tight delivery and hooks. A- 3. Cosmic Dimension - Dark Side of the Universe is darker, more chaotic and animated. The first third offers a healthy amount tasty synth work to the increasing energy surge. Ambient notes help to ground this saucer as it enters new terrain. I love the psychedelic work on this track. The dynamic Hallucinogen-esque synths keep things exciting around an immersive back drop, and more layers than I can count. The song is well orchestrated, determined, and varied. Both of the transitional segments produce a healthy stream of new sounds as the song becomes growingly psychedelic. The last act bounces to new ideas too. Its arrangement I simply find less strong than the first two acts, but it's still pretty good. Cool track! B+ 4. Kurandini - Kalindian is a tasty mushroom. This one bursts with bubbly FX, literally, and it's not just about that! The melodies come fierce and strong. especially around the second minute forward. The synths are dynamic and arresting. I love the sonic synth sound (like an emergency button) that echoes like melodic accents. It works terrifically with its surrounding elements. The leads leads are accent while the track evolves, save the tastiest touches. And that's just the first several minutes! The sound combinations here are infectious, and even stronger into the seventh minute. I was hooked for every minute thanks to wonderful sounds, direction, mixing, and arrangement! The song has strong melodies, powerful synth work, and never retracts greatness for a second. It's exciting and addictive throughout! A 5. Omnivox - Behind the wheel (2013) has an ominous introduction. Wind FX shift the vehicle acquiring an echoed synth, and the song grows catchier around 2:15. Certain segments, such as the one around 3:18 go on for longer than necessary. The song would have been a tighter with shorter length. The forth minute is much catchier; infectious sounds bombard the echoed synth. The altered arrangement injects the song with life, and becomes increasing catchy at 6:10. The seventh minute develops feelings and a blending of delicacy emerges. The windy vibrational FX add to the atmosphere, and the (ambient/industrial-esque) backdrop is good. There is a final interlude at 7:30, but the energetic return at 8:36 could have been more imaginative! The song goes on for another two minutes that feel less complex, more formulaic. In that senses it seems more mainstream oriented, whereas I preferred the more amplified Full On Goa approach beforehand. This is another good track. B+ 6. Trinodia - Procyon has starts with an eerie hum of ambience coupled with mystical sounds. I was pretty critical of Trinodia's track on V/A's Future Architect 2. This track is much better in comparison. The rhythm is fairly dark and driving, and the Eastern-influence is well integrated with the more kinetic synths. The subtle ambient adds depth, creating mystery. I love when artists experiment with good results, exposing listeners to new delights. The crisp melodies stand out thanks to good supporting synths. There is even piano in the final, somewhat climactic act among a healthy variety of sounds. The returning ambience is cool too, and has a cinematic feel in the final moments. B+ 7. Goatree - Gods of Annihilation begins like a kid with ADD playing with his electronic piano before speeding it up. It sounds too naked firing off alone, I feel. Early on with this sound, a voice sample enters, with intriguing ambient. The vehicle has a strong take off. Suddenly a cohesive nature to the fast piano forms. Often experimenting with great results, the artist mixes in a many sounds, producing a swirling extension of sounds like an alien's insect nest. There is a skipping synth that's quite nice, and what appears to be a fog horn adds character. I'm relieved when the fast piano synth leaves after the fifth minute transition. The song feels more refreshing by letting go of such a prominent, continuous sound. It has a moment of excellence to breath without it, but then it returns (msg to artist: sometimes less is more). This is a creative track with some great ideas. B 8. Screwloose - Wibbly Wobbly is perfectly appropriate of its track name. This song is bouncy, bubbly, acidy and loaded with energy. It's like like Hux Flux on even more drugs! The mixing work is impressive. The synths work is inventive. The wobbly base line rocks, and the sound FX are awesome. It has a tasty beep that occasionally goes off. It's also overlapped with impact effects as accents. The core rhythm throughout oozes in psychedelics as the vehicle rhythmically reverberates through three bubble blasting sectors. The sample s more in the fun sense, acknowledging the song's wild personality. I like how all of these elements sound together, and the lead in the (fifth and sixth) final act. This is a n inventive and dynamic number. Things eventually calm down in the last minute (somewhere), but man that it's a trip until then. Wibbly Wobbly is an excellent track. A- 9. Sky Technology - Ready to fly starts off like an alien space craft about to take off from the Hollow Earth (artistic pictures I saw online) with Goa music complimentary to the ascent through the multi-dimensional skyline. Have you guys read about Admiral Byrd's stunning Hollow Earth discovery and documentation? Many others have allegedly gone through this multi-dimensional opening, but who knows if any of it's true. This is another colorful number. The rolling bass line is effective to the developing sounds. The song could have been catchier in the first half. It builds nicely though and soon takes off; also noteworthy is strong work into the forth, and the vibrational, engine FX. The interlude is immersive and the short sample's great. The spaceship takes off one last time, this time faster and more fluid (catchy!) than before thanks to a wonderful Goa lead. This is another imaginative number. A- CD2 1. Frost Raven - Paranormal is dark, but mainly due to horror-esque samples. It's also atmospheric. I could have done without the vocal bits. They complement the title but not so much the melody work throughout that are otherwise confident. So nice actually that its a wonder the samples were even considered. The screaming voices do not enhance the music, though they add character. While the song doesn't have much development, it has strong melody/sound work to boot. The track has a progressive trance feel with Goa influence. It's pretty catchy when not diluted with silly (intention to enhance mood) voice screams. If one can look past those, this is a decent track. B- 2. Kobaia - Free your mind is better overall than the previous number. The melodies grabbed my attention like blinking balloons. Development is healthy. Energy is high. Musical elements are unique, and the synth work has an old school sound. For me, the track gets tasty as the skipping sounds become more noticeable around 2:20. Good too are the skipping vocal-esque hymns that overlap them, noticeable around 2:40. The emotive feel is nice too, along with Act 2's increase in energy. This vehicle is fast and zippy. After an interesting interlude, it becomes more psychedelic and uplifting! The music takes off here with greater sound work, melodies, textures, and more. There are no iffy samples here thankfully to distract. This is pure Goa Trance from start to finish and it's well done. B+ 3. Tavi - Sand Planet is jump started with a quick drum roll, electricity, and a flute synth followed by strong Eastern vibes. I like the creativity throughout most of this compilation! This takes about two minutes to get going; it really does though. The odd, little transition ushers in tempo change (very nice!), and refreshing melodies. The second transition is fairly RA-esque without ripping off of RA (the Goa artist). What's interesting is the slower tempo changes; they're unique and add variety. A third transition is reached. The music returns, each time different and appealing. I don't think it's necessary to speed things up each time the music returns though. Sometimes a climactic return is fun. The musical arrangement and sounds work are good here, though none stick in my mind. The track is nicely varied, adding new elements in even the last minute that stand out, are great! A- 4. Ghost On Acid - Kristallwald is another track that takes risks. The first act transcends reason and aims for artist style until a feeling occurs via 2:48. I then begin to enjoy the song rather than admire it on a technical level. The second act has more melodies and character, more feeling and energy. I love the subtle, fast, tingly melodies noticeable just over the fifth minute in addition to creative sound mixing. The metallic (opening) concept unpredictably enters and develops. Quickly offset by a wild tweaking of chaotic FX, the music returns around 6:37 with a near lightening bolt climax! The layers move seamlessly like unattached braids with a mind of their own. Those tingly sounds return and stand out more too int he seventh minute, a smart choice! Moreover, the synth work becomes more infectious and along with key changes, atmosphere, ambient, and numerous other elements, the track remains great in its final moments. A- 5. Oxi - Gemini Asteroid is high octane. It relies on strength and force whereas the previous track was chaos that developed into something more melodic with a short attention span. Adding variety to an already characteristic compilation, this number barrels through space like a bolder being hurled across the galaxy. The melodies are fast and accompanied with impact FX, atmosphere, soundscapes, and one very nice voice sample. There is an interesting transition around the forth and a gripping (alteration in) beat emerges at 4:16 before the asteroid continues to barrel. This time it's supported with stronger synth work, more melodic touches and those impact-esque FX are used just right. At a running time of 5:52, I wasn't bored for a second. Quality over quantity all the way! The song's not deep, but that's not what it's going for. It's not terribly ambitious either. But it's fun, catchy and exciting. This song adds variety and character (power track) to a healthy track list. Great song! A- 6. Gowax - Galanga is more melodic, Eastern-influenced than the previous comet. The melody/sound work is excellent, well defined and nicely layered. Filled with tribal chants, cheers, and background singing like an Indian tribe, these elements add character. The track would have sounded better, had they exited before the powerful drum, early on in the second minute. The voices are fairly distracting from the music (that's exceptional) and grow a little tiresome as the track progresses. The voices exit around 3:20, where a fantastic, albeit short segment is revealed. The choppy voice FX add a nice touch too until the main vocals return at 4:11. It seems like the voices ironically distract from the repetition later on, as less development exists from 4:37 forward. I found this strange considering the beautiful arrangement earlier on. Why not just create produce even greater arrangement in the end? The skipping effect in the sixth minute is awesome, and the sphere-esque FX are great. I would have loved more musical development in the song's second half and a more selective approach when using the voices overall, as too much make them feel less appreciated. While I have some gripes here, the overall song is strong and showcases some phenomenal sound/melody work. A- 7. Innerzone - Universal Enlightenment starts off with an interesting sample about the universe beginning as something smaller than an atom. This theory to the big bang has since been debate with the string theory ~ that our universe was produced by collision with another universe. String theory suggests that all existence can be traced to origin like a string, bypassing the big bang to the essence of existence itself. Moving on to the track; it's memorable. A very nice, emotive harmony is produced in the first act,. The second act merges sound particles to near perfection, producing a harmonic freeway in outer space. After a smooth transition, the Goa work continues with elegant composition. The integrations are gorgeous and moving, determined and yet optimistic, empowering and ultimately enlightening. An enjoyable sample, like something that could have been in the famous (about the Universe) TV show Cosmos arrives, and after that a beautiful time warp (section) in the final act. Universal Enlightenment is evocative, imaginative and arresting. A 8. Imba, Ethereal - Solar Resonance (Live Mix) is a delectably crafted collaboration from two fine artists. Imba's recent compilation work has been nothing short of strong. It's exciting to see (hear) Ethereal back as well. Both artist's produce smooth, fluid work. The song is basically a delectably rhythmic suturing of both of the artist's skills. The track picks up around 1:16 and grows catchier into the second and third minute-plus! My little gripe is that the song's direction feels a little similar in the first two acts due to a layer that remains steady throughout. That said, I hardly noticed this anchored layer (that helps structure the track) as the song progressed the fifth minute. The layering grows rich. At 6:05 evolution (finally!) takes priority where a part of me was waiting for a fresher feel to come. Fortunately, the last act is a beautiful sculpturing eargasm of ingredients invested before. It's like a waterfall flowing with harmonies as liquid streams. Ethereal's style is beautiful and Imba's work compliments it. This is a track with gradual development over twists, turns, and events; changes are gradual and trancing until infection. Although the song took time to build, it grows increasingly satisfying to the ears. I was especially pleased with the beautifully articulated payoff. A- 9. Somnesia - Sojourn in Goa (2013) starts off good, with subtle atmosphere and storytelling sounds. The first act's lead is good and accumulates tasty layers at 2:20. The third minute is about twice as catchy, introducing an elegant bundle of sounds that unite with the first act. The first interlude into the forth could have been catchier relative to a sustained sound that really isn't all too memorable. The development into the fifth minute however is interesting, and 5:45 completely surprised me. This segment took the song's feel and drastically developed it in an unexpectedly elegant and uplifting way. It's good. Then there's a brief buildup around 6:16 and the entire song is great! Wow. Suddenly it transforms into a beautiful being with soul. This lasts until 6:48 where an even greater transformation occurs. It's beautiful. Quite literally, the music crossing into the seventh is magical, superb! I am in awe by how infectious the melody work is, inspiring. A sound effect enters to a growing atmospheric interlude. The returning beat at 8:54 is catchy, but here's my gripe. This last two minutes here, though good, aren't nearly as catchy as the part around 6:45. Why not just bring back in the gorgeous melody from 6:45 (at exactly 9:25) with additional infectious sound support? That would have been amazing and what I was expecting. I think it would have worked, but I appreciate the artist's decision to evolve the track with new direction. The result was simply less infectious. That said, the outro element is very catchy; it incorporates the evocative feel from earlier on. This is strong track with a superb climax thanks to exceptional sound/melody selection, arrangement, and (for the most part) direction! A- / A Conclusion: Colors of Goa is a burst of fresh air, a blast of good taste, and a handful of different styles beautifully delivered in Goa Trance. Although the samples in Filami's Ingenuous Curiosity turned me off, the majority of CD1 and CD2 is excellent! This tops Future Architect 2, and that compilaton has a handful of great tracks. I found numerous songs up there with Suntrip's Ten Spins Around the Sun as well. Both of these mega compilations have tracks that top each other. Say what? Colors of Goa is one of the best compilations I've heard in years. It's bursting with flavors, new ideas and artists that aren't afraid to take risks. As a whole, this is a super melodic and psychedelic trip, and one of the best GOA compilations I've heard in years. Favorite tracks: CD1: 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9 CD2: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 A- Samples / Order http://www.amazon.com/Colors-Goa-Various-Artists/dp/B00IDP82X6 http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/ovn/ovn2cd077.html http://www.discogs.com/Ovnimoon-Nova-Fractal-Colors-Of-Goa/release/5426245 http://www.goastore.ch/compilation-colors-of-goa-compiled-by-by-ovnimoon-and-nova-fractal-2cds.html Stream the full album for FREE here! I love that they upload these to YouTube!
  16. +1 on both said. I'd love if he incorporated more Scyth-esque (Goa/Psy) elements into a more cinematic feel (as the intro is here + taking Scythe to the next level, a sequel I'm putting out there for after this album). When I say cinematic of course, I'm not saying to sound too sound trekky (sound track oriented), Rather incorporating cinematic elements in a way that enhances, deepens, and broadens the story and feel [deep atmospheric sci-fi space psy/goa-trance]. You all know what I'm talking about. His evocative/space psy elements are terrific here. But the step (breaks?) influence I find less satisfying. Can the story be produced, half in this step/breaks/style and half more Goa-esque like Scythe, with same vision and sounds? Rather save those for another album actually, since this vision is powerful and for whatever reason the break approach is a part of it. Part of me is just thankful that he's releasing another album. His work is ridiculously underrated, super popular however in circles of appreciation throughout the world, those who are meant to come across it. This also goes without saying: Many of the most talented artists are not widely known. I simply love Scythe of Orion's (non D&B, nor breaks for the most part) approach. I love the sci-fi, atmospheric, ambient, sound/melody, texture/soundscape influence that this artist produces, his harmonies and storytelling work. I simply like less the beat approach, though I realize that many of you guys like this beat approach too! If he decides to produce a powerful follow up to Scythe after this one, he should IMO consider reaching out to Suntrip or other reputable labels who are mindful and resourceful, caring of their artists and vision. I'd also love to hear Ambient, Psyambient by this artist. I'm sure his sound/storytelling would stand out and breath to enormous degrees in a downbeat-esque psyambient album. Altar Records releases stuff like that BTW with E-Mantra. I'm thinking of Cybernetika's Finale to some degree (below); such strong, catchy work. And the upcoming release I'm sure will kick ass. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4_cd15Cyc8
  17. The only one who said this was "CRAP" was the opening reviewer. I can see how opening reviews can influence a thread to some degree, initially at least maybe. But you're adults. Listen to the album and decide for yourself. This is a great [old school goa] release IMO. NOT a solid A from me but well done overall with numerous super songs! Who cares on grades in the end? Just listen to the whole thing FREE here on YouTube. WTF are you people paying 50 euros for? Filteria's remix of Skywalker on V/A - Ten Spins Around the Sun is arguably perfect, fantastic. X-Train can go lick balls. It's chuuu-chuuu train sound is immature sounding. It's hard to imagine the same artist made the other tracks. Goaway should have replaced X-Train; that would have made this album VERY strong. Skywalker, Memory Bubbles, Vorlan, and Hyperspace are great, excellent. I think Orient Express is pretty cool, different. Zahadoom is overrated IMO. It's sound I grow tired of after a while. Not sure how anyone found it great but to each their own. As other posters said, the last track's original is better than this remix.
  18. This is a solid EP with some great/excellent work. The Full On GOA approach is good. The tracks are generally intense, well orchestrated, dark and driving. I like it. I don't find this album better than main albums by Pleiadians/Etnica/FIlteria though. Or certain tracks on free releases like Psylent Buddhi (1997-2003). But there's a lot of potential here. For sure this will kick some asses. The artist is on the right track. More exploratory elements, atmosphere, climaxes, and unpredictable twists and turns wouldn't hurt.. Think Tando's Multimoods album. since that was dark, powerful, and almost full of super songs... now take that to the next level without ripping off the style/sound of that album). There's a lot of imaginative work here. The general style and sound is edgy. (intense, visceral, more or less kinetic) Some of the sound usage is excellent, quite infectious and reminds me old school Goa with today's productions. Suntrip? Maybe it's time for a Temple of Chaos 2 with an entire new dark Goa approach that makes things edgier, more infectious in that regard than ever before? This artist could be a potential candidate for a track on a compilation. Just an idea. Morphic Resonance's tracks sound more repetitive than they are due to the higher in volume (quite emphasized in that regard) beat and bass line which rarely changes up. I'm all for a good beat and bass line, but does it have to be so in-my-face when you have such solid GOA work? Change it up more! Impress us. Awe us. Make it dynamic. Blow us out of the water on EVERY track. Regarding beat and bass line production, I prefer Suntrip, Timewarp, and UAF/Neogoa (among other) labels. I'm not saying that everyone will agree with me. But this Full On production approach (to me) can get fairly exhausting at times. Simply put, those labels have found a friendly balance for the beat and bass line volume/mastering in relation to melody/sound production in Goa. I prefer the beat and bass line in those in that regard. For dance floors, this will blow them away. Find a happy medium (balance). I love how the album starts out, for the first few minutes -- but its "sound" on the first track begins to wear on me after a while. There's not enough innovation, changes, variety in sound, new terrain, etc. That said, the melody/sound work on EVERY track is well done. All tracks stand out on varying degrees. Psychoactive Landscape (uptempo wise) I enjoy the most. More innovation in that track would have been nice though, as the parts I like most remind me of Crop Circle's Pentagon track. I especially like Outro. At 2:58 though it's so short! Outro is sleek and doesn't lose me for a second. I love the development so far... (as if the song could have continued), the sound usage and tempo, but it feels like a sample, a third of a track. Where's the satisfying whole? Can the artist produce a longer down/-mid-tempo version that's just as strong, around 7-9 minutes in duration to close the album? No need to make it overly long, but spectacular for every minute since he nailed the first three would be awesome. Outro is great while it lasts. It just ends too soon. Please make it longer and just as tight. Please consider such criticism and feedback as my opinion and ways to further improve your work. If I didn't see a ton of potential, I wouldn't lay down the criticisms among one of the stronger / strongest releases in a while. Rough rating estimate (from me): 01. Telekinesis B+ 02. Epsilon Aurigae B+ / A- 03. Chromatic World B+ 04. Psychoactive Landscape A- 05. Outro A-
  19. Strong compilation. Check out the review thread I started. Please post album feedback here. Click ----> V/A - Ten Spins Around The Sun
  20. V/A - Ten Spins Around The Sun Suntrip Records 2014 CD1 - Goa Trance 1. E-Mantra - Sumoning Necromancer 2. Sirius - Not From here 3. Cosmic Dimension - Universe of Destruction 4. Celestial Intelligence - The Oncoming Storm 5. Imba & Nova Fractal - Sevilla in Trance 6. Crossing Mind - Goathmic Pulsations 7. Skarma - Thysselian 8. Cymatics - Celestial Sunrise[/font] BONUS TRACK: 9. Asura vs Aes Dana - Elie CD2 - Goa-Trance Remixes 1. E-Rection - Out Here We Are Stoned (Imba Remix) 2. Crossing Mind - Cyclone In Your Heart (2014 Remix) 3. Power Source - Skywalker (Filteria Remix) 4. Ra - Gateway Eight (Cosmic Dimension Remix) 5. E-Mantra - Afterglow (Nova Fractal Remix) 6. Crossing Mind - Hydrophobic Visions (E-Mantra Remix) 7. Merr0w - Blue Planet (Adrenalin Run Remix) 8. Khetzal - Djaningar (Filteria Remix) CD 3 - Ambient / Chill Out 1. Amos - Ghost World 2. Mindsphere - Defective Cell 3. Hybrid Leisureland - Moment 4. Neurotonal - Earth Frequency 5. Solar Fields - Insum (2014 Remix) 6. Jagoa - Vibe[/font] 7. Crossing Mind - Sunlight 8. Jagoa - Finding Some Light 9. Neurotonal - The Enlightenment 10. Hybrid Leisureland - Friction Glow In celebration of Suntrip's ten years in Goa Trance. Ten Spins Around the Sun is a triple CD compilation. CD1 is Goatrance. CD2 is Goatrance remixes. CD3 is Ambient (Downtempo/Chill). A full review ensues. CD1 - GOA TRANCE 1. E-Mantra - Sumoning Necromancer kicks off the compilation with a solid digit. The first part that grabs my attention is the detectible intricacy at 1:53, and the new move at 2:46. I like catchy layering like that. Good sound usage, but the overall song feels light on imagination and excitement. As we go deeper, a powerful effect hits before the forth minute. The song loses some steam after the interlude and improves around 5:52. The artist keeps things developing, though the last act and the overall song could have been more engaging and memorable. All in all a nice track to lead us into the higher energy numbers. But this is not what sells an album to me. It's a solid opening with some great elements. B 2. Sirius - Not From here has a very nice introduction. Ambient layers add feeling to the driving rhythm. This song feels more energetic than the previous due to a faster beat and synths. I like the ambient notes. The overall song however utilizes similar synth work throughout that to me grows tiresome after a while. Thankfully the second act lets go of some layers; the soundscapes breath. An interlude emerges in the third minute; the track takes off. I like the drum roll. I'm trying to give this a chance. I just wish that the melodies, arrangement, synth selection and overall direction was smoother (more creative and varied), not just layered and fast. To me the song feels redundant, too rough and similar sounding in ideas/synths throughout. The brief siren effects are cool. But I'm not impressed overall. This is the only song I don't care for on CD1. It's not bad or good (to me). The less melodic synth style here I find less fluid, smooth and digestible compared to the surrounding tracks. C+ 3. Cosmic Dimension - Universe of Destruction is the best song I've heard by Cosmic Dimension since the artist work via In A Special Kind of Space album. I heard new songs by this artist on recent comps and this is the best of the bunch so far. Imaginative and powerful, detailed and arresting, this song grows stronger, more intelligent and unique as it moves forward. The middle interlude is where things get interesting, the pit stop for opportunity and change. In this case, dramatic improvement to something already solid (albeit layers over infective rhythm) takes place, thus going the extra mile via excellence. What sounds like a low pitched gong rings. The effect is evocative and delectibly distinct, enhanced by the synths' returns. The artist continues to find ways to rise above the surface, tasty melodies, little details that intertwine with a plethora of soundscapes, textures and ambient notes. In cases that less is more, this track shows that more is sometimes a very good thing and thankfully there's not too much of it here. This is one my favorite tracks by Cosmic Dimension and of the year. It's excellent, especially where it goes after the first several minutes. Excellent track. A- 4. Celestial Intelligence - The Oncoming Storm is more energetic and climactic than the previous track. The lower pitched sounds integrate beautifully with the melodies. The result is a healthy balance between the fluid and the rough. Things grow more climactic at around 2:14. Melody leads often engage each other with strong results while segments in-between remain interesting before the next event. The process repeats, as a tastier concoction enters around the forth minute. For a climactic track, The Oncoming Storm is great. It enters the last third with refreshingly catchy elements. Aside from the catchy FX, the seventh to eighth minute could have taken things further, sounded more refreshing. The song plateaus for me around 6:12, though remains good and changes up. Overall this is a very good, danceable track that gets better as it progresses. That said, I enjoyed the previous track more. B+ 5. Imba & Nova Fractal - Sevilla in Trance has a strong opening, but the entire track blows that away. I love the synth work in this song, the melodies and sound arrangement. What sounds like a synthetic flute works well. Additional leads soon arrive that top it. The first interlude lets me breath. Then the music returns, so fluid and engaging! The song flies through terrain with the paradox of forceful elegance. The tunes are very catchy here, a huge plus. Also noteworthy is the sound usage, such as throughout the fifth minute, the mixing, and the overall direction. Seville In Trance has great evolution. It's dynamic in arrangement, varied in sound selection, and has a strong climax in the last act. The artists did a terrific job. Super track. A- 6. Crossing Mind - Goathmic Pulsations has good buildup, but not to climax. Being dynamic in nature, the artist seems to keep most of his arsenal locked away until the third minute. The intro's nice. The beat alteration at 1:40 is great for instance, along with the melodic combinations and rolling bass line. There's a lot of intricacy and alterations taking place here. The music becomes more prominent in the second act, with an emphasized beat in the third. Having said that, I was not as impressed with this song as I was with the artist's Virtual Mind Cleaner track on the Future Architecture 2 comp. The sound usage grows a little repetitive at times. Virtual Mind Cleaner is more refined, varied (in sound usage), and delectably crafted in comparison. That said, this is a good track with some great elements. I simply find it less infectious than some of my favorite tracks by this artist. B+ 7. Skarma - Thysselian returns from Suntrip's Blacklight Moments comp after releasing an Astral Projection influenced track that made AP feel nostalgic again from their classic days producing Goa. Skarma has again produced a beautiful, smooth number with today's production values. The uplifting melodies and harmonies add to the undercurrent sound and rhythm throughout. The first act is great. The second and third incorporates a more uplifting feel (love this); each act has healthy development. The melodies aren't in my face thankfully; their fairly gentle, allowing the backdrops to breath and resonate. The song has feeling and heart. The artist understands AP enough to imaginatively producing his own visions, both nostalgic and new. The song's a little light compared to my favorite tracks by AP, but the light approach here works. I'd love to here a wonderful sunrise track (as AP's Liquid Sun is) by Skarma that's inspired, not similar of course. Sometimes I feel that a little more innovation could have taken place in the end. Other times I feel it's just right. Thysselian is a great track from start to finish. A- 8. Cymatics - Celestial Sunrise is one of the most unique tracks on CD1. It has an organic, nature oriented opening that reminds me of California Sunshine if Har-El Prussky still made Goa today. The melodies throughout the song are warm, emotive, and optimistic (uplifting). Details, such as the gentle lift-off part at around 2:45 for instance is great! The melody work is very nice, though for a Sunrise (morning Goa) track, I wasn't hooked as much as I was hearing AP's Liquid Sun, Goasia's Sunrise, or Astrancer-Inhabitants of the Sun (Gnostic Theory). Other delectable elements take place here quite well. The gentle interlude is pleasant, including a sample on consciousness. The music's return (after this bit) evolves with new arrangement that's good. The nature-esque accents are never overused. No idea seems to hang on for too long. The song is tight from start to finish, but it lacks that special OMG thing that made me love my favorite (sunrise Goa) songs. I feel that the artist can take the sunrise concept further, creating a more infectious signature lead that's heavenly. Nevertheless, what he's achieved here is catchy. Celestial Sunrise is an uplifting, morning Sunrise Goa number that's filled with creative touches and positive energy. B+ BONUS TRACK 9. Asura vs Aes Dana - Elie was conceived around 1999. Initially I thought it was a chill piece until I heard it and WOW. Why haven't these artists produced more GOA-influenced tracks before (together or separate?), at least occasionally over the last two decades? To start off, I could have done without the male hymns that begin around 0:24 and reprise several times, such as at 7:52 throughout. I find them distracting from everything else that's great! Strong ingredients include melody/sounds, effects, and evolutionary elements like a stellar spaceship. I love the musical work throughout, the FX, atmosphere, and direction! I love the echoed voice samples, especially in the last act. They're gripping. The hymns though make me feel unsure as to if we're moving through celestial bodies or chanting on a mountain top? Overall, it's great to hear two super talented artists worked together on something so strong and imaginative. Why wasn't this released before? Maybe one day Asura will release more uptempo work that's just as intellectually satisfying. Same with Aes Dana. This is an excellent track. A- / A CD2 - REMIXES 1. E-Rection - Out Here We Are Stoned (Imba Remix) starts out with the catchy tune from the original. I was never a huge fan of the original, save the main, signature lead so I may seem a bit biased. Considering how catchy the opening tune is, I was expecting a little more to engage me in the first third, though it builds nicely. A a symbol clash via 3:36 is where I get into the song. The track could have began at 3:36 since the song gets tastier (for a while) from here. A dynamic drum beat section enters. The beat evolves. Hi hats enter. The signature lead in various forms soon arrives, and then the voice sample arrives. This part is excellent. The lead is supported well past the fifth minute, and the song remains tight for some time. The ambient is catchy too. To me however, the song begins to lose some appeal from around 7:37 to 9:50. The artist incorporates more layers around the general sound. The last few minutes though are not nearly captivating as everything that preceded it. The tasty lead reprises one last time, like a good bye before the song ends. That's nice, and the overall remix does justice to the beloved tune with strong, complimentary work. I simply wish that even greater delicacy was produced around the middle third, signature ingredients. B+ 2. Crossing Mind - Cyclone In Your Heart (2014 Remix) is a surprise. The original on Temple of Chaos was one of the only tracks I felt was noticeably weaker, compared to the other tracks on that otherwise stunning compilation. So maybe it's no surprise to some that the artist would improve upon it with a wider range of sounds, ideas; basically the evolutionary elements we've come to enjoy from Crossing Mind. This remix adds hills and valleys, color and complexity to the original's driving albeit rough, rugged, and repetitive sound. That said, its novel additions could have included unpredictable territory; the song could have evolved past the original's undercurrent feel and had a tremendous final third, whereas this is solid as opposed to extraordinary relative to where it goes, its direction. More risks would have been nice, yet the new added ingredients and changes here are a nice improvement over the original. Good track. B+ 3. Power Source - Skywalker (Filteria Remix) is the first song to really impress me on CD2, as a whole that is. Filteria took a classic Goa track from the mid 90's, a song that shares special feelings in many people's hearts. He then turned a classic [goa song] from the golden era into a fluid, dynamic and illuminated beauty. The remix dramatically builds upon the original while keeping its essence in tact. The first act's layers delectably enhance the original around the signature voice sample and rebirth of leads. The interlude fronts the second more delectable act; not that the first wasn't great. The last third gets more psychedelic, edgy and arresting, all while keeping its signature ingredients intact. The remix has heart, excitement and imagination. It has healthy development and evolution, just like the original. Also important is that it gets catchier as it progresses. There's not a moment when I lost interest here. Sure I've heard stuff more complex by Filteria (his impressive Lost in the Wild album), but I've also heard stuff less fluid (same album). I can't imagine Power Source not being pleased. They found the perfect artist to remix one of their best songs from back in the day. Now we have to get Filteria to remix other Power Source classics, i.e: Memory Bubbles, Vorlan, Hyperspace, Goaway, and Granada (the original). This is an awesome remix. A 4. Ra - Gateway Eight (Cosmic Dimension Remix) is another great remix. It takes one of the best RA tracks and does great things with it. I love the ambient elements and find them more enjoyable in addition to the sounds than than when the layers are most present until the second half. That's when RA's original lead appears with the beautiful ambient. The psychedelic layering is catchy too, though I find it a bit much at times considering the beautiful work underneath. I realize the artist wanted to incorporate his creativity and much of it works, such as the last act. I'm just a huge fan of catchy arrangement over layers (though I love both). having said that, the song basks in beauty; it's showered in sounds to the point its beauty is almost overwhelmed at times in psychedelics. Then the ambient arrives and brings its beauty to the forefront; suddenly all of those layers fit right in because RA's ingredients are being pushed up rather than immersed. Maybe I seem a bit critical here but it's only because of my love for the original. The artist did a great job overall. Sometimes like in the previous one though, less is more. A- 5. E-Mantra - Afterglow (Nova Fractal Remix) has one of the best openings I've heard. It's powerful. The raw power of the beat and FX is attention grabbing. So now we get to Act 2. It's good, though that powerful opening beat could have returned in the middle (you know where). It doesn't grab me as tightly in the forth to fifth minute as it could have. Then at around 5:25 an interlude takes place. The song evolves, and the track is revived unexpectedly with a terrific, climactic section that's very catchy and atypical from E-Mantra's style. This part's eventful, memorable. Unlike E-Mantra's tasty opening track on CD1 that lacked a strong ending, this remix achieves greatness, though it could have trimmed a bit (off the forth) to tighten things up a bit. The last act's great too, with new combinations and energy. This is a strong track that enhances the original. There are some superb parts and a great buildup, climax. A- 6. Crossing Mind - Hydrophobic Visions (E-Mantra Remix) remixes CM's track from V/A's Shaltu. The original was solid, but fairly uneventful around its dynamic approach at times. E-Mantra has incorporated more feeling with this remix, while maintaining some of its dynamic appeal. E-Mantra's melodic style is emphasized around 1:37 forward, though I was never a huge fan of scaffolded melodies. To me, the echoing-like effect causes some clarity to be lost with the actual tunes. The ambient notes around 2:20 are beautiful, yet for a second things sound a bit busy. The ambient notes soon flow into an island (interlude) without beat usage, before reaching 3:33, whereas lies zestier work. From 4:06 forward (mainly the forth minute, second act), the song sounds a bit too busy at times, like two separate songs. There is a second interlude. Upon the burst of energy, music's return, the ideas sound more cohesive and collected, more focused. The last third is clearer, more enjoyable in this regard. There is also good synth in the sixth minute. Overall this remix is a bit overwhelming at times. The second third could have sounded more unified. The song is less dynamic than the more aggressive and staccato original that I preferred. There are however deeper feelings. It starts off nice, has beautiful ambient elements and a tight final act. B 7. Merr0w - Blue Planet (Adrenalin Run Remix) has a wonderful first third that's uplifting and unique. I love it. The second half is magical too. I could give this thing a perfect score into the 4th minute. The melody/sound work is lush and harmonious, and in some ways dynamic thanks to imaginative, musical composition. The song showcases unpredictably fluid mixing and direction. There is a brief transition around 5:20. The voice samples add character. The last third is good too, but just a little something I feel is missing to make it more magical like the second half. More could have been done in the 7th and 8th minute. The song feels a little light here in that regard though the last act's catchy! This is a great remix filled with harmony, feeling, beautiful melody/sound work, mixing, and direction. The positive sound throughout is awesome. The first two acts are quite characteristic and tighter, simply put, than the energetic and still enjoyable last one. I really wanted to give this a solid A and was close before the last act that's still very good! Excellent remix. A- 8. Khetzal - Djaningar (Filteria Remix) is another beautiful and fluid remix. I consider the original superb. So I'm glad that Jannis re-approached it with his vision, rather than the original's sound with his. To begin, the opening is beautiful, immersive and atmospheric. This is an awesome opening. Also great is the melody around 2:50; the ambient is harmoniously supportive. I prefer the artist's eastern-influence emphasis here too considering it's more to Khetzal's essence. Another noteworthy part is around 4:40. The melody arrangement is beautiful; it's vibrant and engaging. The sounds have range; their varied and nicely balanced. The second interlude is smooth and floating before the finale, a buildup that begins around 5:54. It's excellent! This artist doesn't overdo climax anymore, so the climaxes stand outand I enjoy them more. The overall song isn't as organic, nor as ethereal; the ending climax isn't as grande as the original. Khetzal's track felt more like a breathing, living world, at times with greater touches of life. That said, this remix sticks to the artist's strengths and does justice to one of Khetzal's best (top 2 or 3 IMO) tracks. What surprised me is how different the remix is! Just listen to them back-to-back to see what I mean. This is basically a brand new song. Both are beautiful works of art. While I adore the original, this is a super catchy remix. A CD 3 - AMBIENT (CHILL) 1. Amos - Ghost World takes a while to get going. I was fading the first few times I heard this. Then it began to grow like an opening to a song, slow and gradual, nice background music (to me)l. The first act is subtle; it may feel lengthy and repetitive (because it is IMO, and it's an ambient track). The song develops a little, though remains somewhat meditative in nature. It's pleasant but quite simple and for me, almost too gentle. Maybe I'm just impatient, but this is my least favorite track on CD 3. I'm sure some listeners will appreciate the simplicity here(more than myself. B- 2. Mindsphere - Defective Cell is more to my liking. The first act is gentle and evocative. The arrangement develops like a story being told. The sounds that enter support the story and enhance the immersion. There is a nice cloud floating moments, soon followed by new sounds and arrangement. The sustained hymn-esque ambient/atmosphere is strong. I love the musical buildup in the 6th and 7th minute, how the artist achieved this effect musically, without a beat is creative. I was never really hooked by this artist's ambient in the past. I really like this song. Its development is interesting and involves magical key touches. The last third's unique tapping-esque sound (in place of beat) adds character. The melody/sound and direction here is heartfelt. Great track. A- 3. Hybrid Leisureland - Moment has sadness with beauty. The song is [/size][/font]reflective and introspective. That's my view anyway. The song is like a moment captured in time, filled with hope. The subtle beat in the last act is nice; it tilts the song towards ambient. It's nice to see Suntrip releasing ambient tracks here as opposed to downtempo/Psy-Chill ones (Opus Iridium) which was goo The moment of this track feels uplifting and inspired, and reminds me a little of Solar Field's in a good way. Although simple in its execution and fairly short, quality over quantity goes a long way here. Give it some time and come back to it. This is a poignant song. A- 4. Neurotonal - Earth Frequency's distinct sound grabs my attention right away. It's as if we're scanning the deserts of Mars, searching for remnants of potential, past life. The atmosphere and ambient usage add to the chapter/story (cinematic) feel. I'm hooked by the general sound. The song is fairly psychedelic too, being downtempo. The beat's effective. The ongoing (opening) low-note sound however could have taken a break, or changed up later on. The song grows a bit repetitive, more or less, as it progresses via the last act because of this. And yet it manages to develop. There is a very nice interlude too! Sometimes I think I'm overthinking this little gripe, but sometimes I feel that the song could have benefited from more of a complimentary evolution in the second half. The song seems to run out of ideas around the 5th minute roughly, but man is it gripping. Earth Frequency stands out. It has a vision. The ambient and atmosphere is strong too. B+ / A- 5. Solar Fields - Insum (2014 Remix) is filled with harmony and feeling. It's floating and euphoric. The subtle female hymns are attractive. Same with the Goa touches. The song incorporates three healthy acts and lifts off in the third. I love that part, the feeling of transcendence, ascension. This is why many people love this artist, his work, because it helps them to feel better, lighter in life, more free and alive. I realize that the artist has exercised ideas like this before, creating buildups to beautiful segments and I'm never tired of it. Magnus always taps angles to done concepts, breathing new life into every work of art, finding new ways to explore the dimension of creativity and beauty through music, love, and imagination. He makes something old in concept feel magical all over again, and that takes talent. This is a beautiful track and my favorite (the most accessible IMO) on CD3. A- 6. Jagoa - Vibe begins with an interesting combination of ambient, beats, and tribal influence. The echoed FX are crisp and catchy along with the melodic ingredients. The floating island interludes nearly eliminate repetition. The ambient notes along with subtle female hymn-esque notes create an ethereal feel. The song flows, though lacks surprise and discovery like the previous track. Still, the track is catchy throughout, and improves as it progresses. It has a mystical feel too which works to its advantage. B+ 7. Crossing Mind - Sunlight begins really nice, atmospheric and mystical. The opening 1-2 minute's are good. From 2:22 forward though, the song reminds me of the Sega Genesis game, Streets of Rage. I'm referring to the baseline, beat, and even the melodies (minus the alterations). I bet this was unintentional. I couldn't help but notice. The song unique, with pretty catchy melodies. I think it would have sounded better with a different baseline and beat, as I begin to grow tired of its emphasized sound (towards the end it's quite nice though). The interlude is good too. The song could have developed more and I'm curious what an [excellent] ambient track would be like by this artist, as this isn't it. Nonetheless, there are some nice elements here. B- 8. Jagoa - Finding Some Light is another contemplative number that begins sad and gradually moves to hopeful. Due to the gradual mood shift, I often experience mixed emotions, from contemplative/sad, to more upbeat and hopeful throughout the first half. The artist wants us to feel and has executed the title (moving from darkness to light I infer) effectively. The vehicle is floating and relaxing too. For the record, the song grows catchier, more optimistic and hopeful as it reaches the end, light. B+ 9. Neurotonal - The Enlightenment stands out less (to me) than Earth Frequency. This ambient piece took time to grow on me. It's fairly light, lackluster, and slow. A stronger variety of ideas would have been nice, and a more evolved final third. Sometimes I'm content with the way it is. A strong, ambient hum flows throughout. The song is gentle and relaxing. There is nice melody work. Overall I found Neurotonal's Earth Frequency catchier, more enjoyable. But this is pretty good. It's grown on me some. B- 10. Hybrid Leisureland - Friction Glow is ambient for the most part. It's uplifting, dreamy. There are some beautiful elements, though the second half shares ideas with the first. This actually doesn't bother me that much. It's an ambient track and very pleasant in harmony. I can float away. Solid closing track. B+ Concluson - Ten Spins Around the Sun is loaded with great Goa-Trance originals (CD1), remixes (CD2), and Ambient/Chill work (CD3). That's almost 4 hours of quality music. FOUR HOURS?!! The songs are strong and memorable for the most part. CD 1+2 are great. Each has super songs, no bad ones (just one I didn't care for). CD3 (Ambient/Chill) took longer to grow on me; I expected more initially, but it has since grown on me. I almost always find a few songs I'm not in love with on compilations. Good news is that there's only one song (track 2) I don't care for on CD1. Every song on CD2 is solid or great, superb to me. CD3 has some beautiful work; some tracks were simply not so accessible on first listen (I'm thinking track 1). As is the case, let it grow. It's a Suntrip Release after all and every compilation to date has showcased great work. Ten Spins Around the Sun is one of my favorite compilations of 2014. It's a beautiful triple album. Happy 10th Anniversary Suntrip Records and thank you for another great release. Favorite tracks CD 1 ... 3, 5, 7, 8, 9 CD 2 ... 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 CD 3 ... 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 .... (followed by 4, 10) A- Sample / Order http://www.suntriprecords.com/shop/ http://www.amazon.co.uk/Ten-Spins-Around-The-Sun/dp/B00JV4LRF8 http://www.goastore.ch/compilation-ten-spins-around-the-sun-3cds.html http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/sut/sut3cd032.html http://www.allmusic.com/album/ten-spins-around-the-sun-mw0002675188/releases
  21. V/A - Future Architecture 2 Neogoa / Underground Alien Factory Records 2014 This is a free Psy/Goa Trance album. I treated it like any other review. The album showcases great talent, and some artist tracks I hope can take my feedback constructively in improving and perfecting their sound and style. I'm very appreciate of creative free releases by artists, those involved behind scenes and Ektoplasm. A huge contribution to quality music for many years! Many artists got noticed thanks to you guys. Everyone on Future Architecture 2 took the time to produce a unique track with creativity. Moreover, this compilation includes some of the best Goa songs I've heard all year on it. 01. GoaTree - Human Apocalypto is interesting. The hymn and vocals I could have done without, but they're unique, not bad. he drum work in the second third is catchy, and the downtempo-esque work took time to grow on me due to the male vocals. Less is sometimes more, primarily the male hymns from 5:37 to 6:24. I could have done without the repeated population sample. That said, the song from 6:48 to 8:06 is great! Furthermore, the lift off from 8:07 forward is superb. The song surges with energy and excitement. Here is a real finale that's uplifting, optimistic, and paramount in sound. What an unexpected, incredible evolution! I expressed what I felt didn't enhance the music, minus those things a higher score from me. This is a strong track with an awesome finale. B+ 02. Crossing Mind - Virtual Mind Cleaner takes off after a unique buildup. The most impressive thing I find, is the sound usage and variety, how the melodies are combined, crafted, distorted and mixed throughout. Among them are accents, magical touches that are delightful. I can't think of anything the artist could add to improve the song; it's always several steps ahead. I wasn't impressed with Crossing Mind until I heard The Inner Shift album, which to me was an evolution as Filteria's albums became since 2009's Daze of Our Lives. I love the evolution. The selection of sounds here is healthy, the alterations and combinations distinct and vibrant. Virtual Mind Cleaner is beautifully designed and has a magnetic personality. It grows tastier and seemingly more complex. This my FAVORITE track on the compilation, showcasing beautiful talent. Msg to artist: Keep your vibration high and keep on releasing these flying saucers. Amazing work. A 03. Aerosis - Cape Quetzal has a harmonious opening; it's elegant and regal. The first third of the song is novel and distinct, very catchy. The energetic lift-off at around 2:16 is excellent. I love the drum tweaks, the synth work (the part around 2:52 is delicious) and the FX. The first 3-4 minutes of this track are terrific. Somewhere in the fourth minute, at around 4:12 (into the fifth minute) unfortunately, the song begins to grow repetitive. I am less hooked, as if ideas are being recycled with similar sounds and arrangement. Very little takes place that immerses me like the imaginative first third. The fifth minute has some nice effects and enhanced layering. I would have loved to hear a more imaginative and engaging second third. The track gets interesting again in the sixth minute. The interlude's good. The music's return at 6:57 ushers in a new tune along with a rising effect that's great. From 7:11 forward I'm hooked again. But then the arrangement at 7:52 brings the song back to familiar territory; it's less arresting than before. I would have loved if the song's second act topped the first, and the third topped the first two acts as Filteria (and numerous other artists) generally do. This thing could have been amazing, since it takes off like a missile early on. It gets less tight in the second third and then revives nicely with a moment I question. The ambient end touches are nice too and compliment the emotive opening. Msg to Aerosis: You can share your song with me privately, before release and I'll review it for you guys privately, something to consider (PM me). This is a good track IMO with extensions of greatness. I'm between a B / B+ 04 - Celestial Intelligence - Light After Darkness begins attractively with warm ambience, atmosphere. Once the beat kicks in, it just flows! Psy-scapes seamlessly combine with the developing rhythm. The melodies stand out; they're great though they don't stay in my head once the song ends. I love the song's fluidity, the melody/sounds, the evolution in the second act, and the enhanced third act. The song mixes lower with higher pitched sounds well. There is a burst of energy before the seventh minute. It's here that the artist could have taken things further and infected us deeper. Sure there's additional tweaks, but I was more refreshed in act two, the psychedelic bubbling sounds that deliciously infect the synths. The melody at 5:45 is very nice at least, as well as the returning energy around 6:50, and the tune at 8:11. Great track! B+ 05 - Adrenalin Run - Spoiled Brats (Premature Incubation Mix) is high energy. The Eastern introduction is pleasant, evocative. I love when this horse takes off out of the gate around 1:46. What a great sound accompanied with catchy melody work! The synth and drum work (enhancements) in both the fist and second act are great fun! The interlude interlude is nice too. The opportunity is taken advantage of for the music to become catchier, more animated and energetic. It's great. The second act is fluid, exciting, and delectable like the first, no complaints. The second interlude in the fifth minute works too. Any complaints? Well yes, the third act was great until an overly ethnic part decides to off-set the stunning adventure. The track in that regard should have been revised in its last act, or ended around the seventh minute. Once the ethnic segment leaves, the edgier (stronger) rhythm returns with some improvements yet in the final 1-2 minutes. The song becomes fun again, until that is, a trace of that iffy part sabotages the final moments to some degree, at 9:18. Ahhh, get that out of there! Your song is too good to incorporate cheese in the final moments! This was an A- to an A from me, same with the previous track until certain arts arrived that took away from the song's beautiful flow and delicacy. Great track overall. A- 06. Dreamweaver - Penta I could take or leave. I thought this was Penta initially. Are you sure this is a song by Dreamweaver called Penta? I like how it starts out atmospherically. The song feels more Psytrance than Goa though. The synth work and sound FX after the second minute are good. The fairly dark interlude is decent too along with the atmospheric touches, the rhythm at 3:34 forward is nice, and what appears to be a melody around 4:00 (that soon leaves) is very catchy! But they often come and go until the next effect and with few exceptions. What could have been a melody is used more to accent, as an effect. For a psytrance track, it's pretty good, but for a Goa track that not much melody arrangement. A greater sense of evolution would have been nice too, though the song does keep things moving and adding in this and that to the driving feel. But feel; there's little that emotes. I expected more memorable melodies to compliment the sounds, but this will probably sound great on the dance floor. I couldn't help but feel something is missing to make this deeper, more satisfying and enjoyable past being another cool Psytrance track. B- 07. Cosmic Dimension - Alien Civilization starts off well, atmospherically. Layers arrive soon in. However the direction with these layers and structure grow fairly repetitive and somewhat tiresome halfway through. Less scaffolding of melodies and more actual composing would have been nice. Into even the second minute, there's a similar sound that begins to bore/grate on me before 2:52 where things change. There's more sense of arrangement in the third minute. The interlude is catchy, atmospheric. The music's return is decent too. In the second act (beginning around 4:43) however, I find that some of the synth combinations distract from the more prominent, signature lead melodies and complimentary ingredients. At times there's a thick, high pitched sound that's probably an unintentional effect to all of the layering. I enjoy the song less because of this potential anomaly. On the positive, the musical/drum change up and beautifully articulated "skipping" piano(?) sounds in the last act are great! That thick sound is still apparent to some degree unfortunately. But 6:02 forward is gripping. Also attractive is the ambient, atmospheric FX that make their presence known in the final moments. Cool track. Relative to the end sample: "Why don't they land here?" Disclosed is that they crash landed in the US and potentially elsewhere. Highly recommended (besides doing your own research) is the feature documentary on this subject, Out Of The Blue (free to stream on YouTube, UFO may be in the title), and the critically acclaimed book, "The Day After Roswell." The truth is coming out at least, all these decades later, thanks to word-of-mouth, the internet, people talking who've been suppressing this stuff for decades... also read about Hollow Earth.. this stuff will awaken your mind (especially if true!) http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/tierra_hueca/tierrahueca/Chapter2.htm B- <--- don't be offended. It's a pretty good track but nothing super delicious IMO. 08. Trinodia - Psychedelic Sun I like for about 5-10 seconds ~ until that tinny beat arrives. Why is it so tinny? At least it doesn't last long. Once the harder edged kick drum arrives, I'm hooked until 0:55, and it's all down hill from there. For me anyway. The harder edged sounds (darker tone) I find does not combine well with the upbeat Eastern influence approach. If you're going to make it dark, go all out and avoid tinny sounds (like the synth around 4:20). There is some decent braiding of sounds as the song progresses (the artist overlaps the mediocre synth via 0:06 with one more catchy at least, thus masking it to some degree). Nonetheless, a stronger selection of sounds, arrangement, sound usage, mixing, etc., would have been great. The interlude into the forth minute is interesting, and immerses me back in the track. But then an unpleasant synth arrives around 4:10 and pushes me away. It's soon joined with a more attractive layer, but it's all too mixed on the emotions by now, for me anyway. here's even some cool sounds in the final minutes (and seconds!). The voice FX are cool too. I'm just not sure why the artist didn't find tastier sounds before finalizing/releasing this track because some of his elements are catchy. Then others sabotage those elements to some degree I feel. C 09. Magic Science and Imba's Ghost Town is innovative, unique. It is NOT afraid to take risks. The ambient notes emote. The skipping notes add character, albeit a slight haunting one that thankfully doesn't overstay its welcome. The synth work stands out and flows well with the soundscapes. Drum beat alterations are dynamic, and the development/evolution is healthy here with diversity. I love the synth/melody work at 3:40. This is where the song passes good IMO. It refuses to remain redundant. Things remain interesting as if a planet is being created, with many details cohesively collecting simultaneously. This is relative to the growing combination of melody/sound arrangement and the emotive feel. A stronger sense of atmosphere would have been nice. Fortunately, the song keeps things interesting throughout. You can tell that a lot of work was put into the final product. Nice work guys! B+ 10. Omnivox - Inner Polarity in the first third utilizes a rough Eastern-influenced synth that (to me) goes through the motions with little more that supports and enhances it. The track improves after the interlude around 2:40. The second act includes psychedelic sounds, textures; it feels less generic beginning at 2:20. What appears to be an electric guitar enters and the song becomes more dynamic and involving. The middle act here I like; it lasts for a while and I find that the change up in synth work compliments it. So far the songs evolving with a second act much catchier than the first. Now I can only imagine how strong and innovative the final act will be. Unfortunately, the similar in concept ethnic synth returns at 5:20. It's a little different in arrangement, sure, but it brings back the generic going-through-the-motions sound from the first act. The last act to me feels repetitive and uninspired. I would have loved to see the second act grow into something more imaginative. There are some cool ideas here. I just expected more. C+ Favorite tracks - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9 B FREE DOWNLOAD : http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/future-architecture-2 Samples the FULL ALBUM (not sure why the YouTube playlist is out of order)
  22. The Asura vs. Aes Dana track Ellie is great. I could have done without the chanting though. Some tracks I'm not in love with as usual with comps. Some tracks are just Favorite tracks so far... CD 1 ... 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9 CD 2 ... 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 CD 3 ... 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 Stream the FULL ALBUM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zF_B_bZO_Y&list=PLk82AnCYxUsgn3lCJoQcgGahrDJC_NksM
  23. Have any of you guys heard the full album yet? What do you think compared to his previous two Goa releases? For me the album grew over time. There are often occasions (or entire songs) where the artist evolved his style and I like that. I think it's good to innovate and expand one's imagination. While not the most groundbreaking thing since sliced cheese, this album deserves more feedback than its gotten so for. I think it will appeal to many E-Mantra fans.
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