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  1. This is one of the best Goa releases of 2014. The tracks on Moon Ritual have that magical sound from the golden days, primarily because it's full of rare and unreleased re-mastered old-school goatrance classics. Full Review Coming!
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    Cybered - Acid Box

    Cybered - Acid Box Dark Trance, Tech-Trance, Psytrance, Goa Horns and Hoofs 1. Acid Box 2. I'm Bad 3. Nobody 4. Wild Tuba 5. Stalwart 6. Analog ID 7. Micron Saluter 8. Vasya Exhale (Cybered remix) 9. Kraken (feat. Chumahod) 10. Blunder (feat. Eldar Stuff) This is such a tasty, underrated release. When I think of tech trance, I think repetitive. That's not the case here. The album's VERY catchy, atmospheric, and intriguing. It goes BEYOND tech trance. The introductions are interesting. At times a song becomes down right powerful, intense, and uncompromising. T This is dark (NOT MAINSTREAM FORMULAIC) Trance with evocative melody/sound, ambient, and industrial(/metal (?) influence. Wild Tuba anyone? There's an emotive (somewhat sad, deeply personal) feel at times that really hooks me. Maybe this is what people call Psy Dark Prog... The album's never cheesy. It's dark and absorbing, introspective, and occasionally provocative (via voice samples that are NEVER overused). There appears to be touches of Goa and Psy too, maybe some Delta meets Eat Static influence (from back in the day) that underwent a wild evolution. I finally found something dark that grabs my attention and is vastly different from what I've been listening to for years. Every song on this album is well done. This is one of the BEST, most SOLID releases of 2014. I'm so glad I became aware of it via 2014 "Best of Psynews Poll" thread in time and added it to my Top 10. It's easily one of my favorite albums from 2014. Virtually every track is great. The only one I find noticeably weaker is Blunder (Eldar Stuff); the last it seems to play it safer than the others, but it's still fun to listen to. This release is CRIMINALLY UNDERRATED. I'm impressed. Steam a full track here. Steam them all on YouTube and decide what you think! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ootly60EDG8 Samples / Order http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/hah/hah1cd009.html Favorite tracks: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
  3. Hi guys, you can stream the full album here and decide what you think! Whoever uploaded this -- it gives the artist and album more attention, feedback, and potential sales. I keep noticing more full album streams online, a smart move. Most people do NOT like 0:20 or 0:45 sec samples. To whoever opens a review thread, please include the full track list. Here you go, and Bill thanks for the review! Tracklist 1. Collapse Of The State Vector 2. Disco Dissociative 3. Snake Oil And Charlatans 4. Finite Automata 5. Bring Your Own Bios (Logic Bomb rmx) 6. Tarantula 7. Monkey Business (Feat. Bgm) 8. Neural Growth 9. Witches And Wizards 10. Dub Mantis (As Illuminus) My opinion is that some of it's pretty tame, minimal (for Hux Flux) and uninspired unlike Cryptic Crunch. I miss the Goa influence, the melodic ingredients, and global album innovation. Yet other parts are great. Why not just make the whole thing great? Collapse Of The State Vector is okay. I didn't like it the first time, too risk-free and general Full On sounding to me, but not bad! Disco Dissociative is more psychedelic, varied up in mixing FX. But the track's pretty minimal for Hux Flux. It lacks being daring, imaginative, and infectious. I enjoyed the previous song more, though the second half grows a bit more lively. Finally we come to Snake Oil And Charlatans which starts good and gets great IMO. The song develops. It's rhythmic and exciting, and grows catchier as it progresses! Thank you. Yes! I love the melodies, the beeping echoed FX, technical mixing aspects, and more. The songs fun, darkly composed, and magnetic. The brief, minor, FX moment without the beat seemed unnecessary but didn't ruin the song for me. Great work! Then there's Finite Automata which is... also great, for some this will be stronger! Next up is Bring Your Own Bios (Logic Bomb dmx), a more driving and intense, determined sounding. The song changes up and stays interesting. It shows off yet another bundle of developed skills. Oh man this is nice! Tracks 3-5 blow the first two out of the water. Furthermore, they show me an evolution in Hux Flux that's different from Cryptic Crunch and I really, REALLY like it. Next is Tarantula. The first half is great. The second half isn't bad either, just less exciting. The last act is pretty forgettable, typical psytrance sounding actually. I'm not sure why the artist didn't go all out and build on the midway climax, taking the song to the next level. That would have been amazing on the dance floor because the direction was great for a while. Monkey Business (Feat. Bgm) is different. I'll give it that. Now I'm gonna go watch Planet of the Apes (the not shitty version). Was that a dog barking too? This artist has made far better tracks before. Neural Growth is back on track, it's catchy! But the cheesy (over usage and manipulated) voice samples distract from an otherwise sleek and slick vehicle. Dub Mantis (As Illuminus) is pleasant, though the male hymns I could have done without. Dub was never my thing. The melodic element's nice, unique. I would have preferred a kickass PSY downtempo number with atmosphere and goa influence, personally. CONCLUSION The middle third of this album and a few tracks (or parts of tracks) around it is VERY GOOD... proof that the artist & label could have benefited from releasing a non-mastered video link to the forums for feedback on how to improve the whole before the official release. The artist still processes serious skills. The album's not high on great tracks. In that sense, I wish the artist took more time to make every track count because it's been a while since we received a Hux Flux album. The stronger an album, the more excited people get obviously, the more attention, etc. With a few more super songs, this could have been a super album. While it's a mixed bag to some degree IMO, some of it really shines. Check out the free stream and decide for yourself. Favorite tracks: 3 (!), 4 (!), 5 (!), 6, 8
  4. I didn't know about this release until seeing the Best of 2014 forum here: Psynews "Best of 2014" poll This is a beautiful, old-school influenced Goa Trance album with a fresh style! I'm sampling the full tracks below. It's great, really. This deserves more reviews, comments, whatever you have time for. Enjoy! Samples: http://cronomi.bandcamp.com/album/psysutra-gamma-phoenicis
  5. So few reviews.. This is so old school with new production sounding! Initially the first 3 tracks did nothing for me. It was Fearful Symmetry, a track I never heard before that won my attention. I never heard any of these tracks before. From track 4, I was hooked. More great numbers include: Indra's Net (!) Cosmic Trigger, Solar Origins (!)... I love this stuff. My excitement just wasn't there on the first 2-3 songs. Some tracks have many nice sounds but don't go above and beyond, lack magic, etc. For instance, I love the ambient notes in Amber's Mantra, but little else arrests my attention. Having said that, 11 tracks at nearly 80 minutes is a very good thing, especially when there's no bad songs and more than half of the album's great. Sure if you're an old school fan you'll appreciate this more. Some people fairly new to Goa will probably love some of the work here too, its intricacy and creativity. Retroscape, though not perfect is a very good album and one of 2014's best releases in Goa Trance. Favorites: 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 Samples http://suntriprecords.com/product/item/SUNCD34/ http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/sut/sut1cd034.html http://www.beatspace.com/8344/Suntrip+Records/SHAKTA/Retroscape/detail.aspx
  6. I just checked my text editor and noticed tons of inputs that I never added, and I deleted them. All I had done was copy and paste the albums I liked (from other sources including here) for convenience. I didn't realize it would look different on other screens. I think others may be unintentionally doing this too.
  7. Astral Projection: Goa Classics Remixed (2014) TIP I didn't see the track list above so.. Tracklist: 01. X-Dream - Rain (Astral Projection Remix) 02. The Infinity Project - Stimuli (Astral Projection Remix) 03. Blue Planet Corporation - Overbloody Flood (Astral Projection Remix) 04. The Infinity Project - Feeling Very Weird (Astral Projection Remix) 05. Prana - Mugen (Astral Projection Remix) 06. Hallucinogen - LSD (Astral Projection Remix) 07. Electric Universe - Rain (Astral Projection Remix) 08. Blue Planet Corporation - Midian (Astral Projection Remix) When were these remixed? I ask because this is AP's best album in over 10 years. Some of it's pretty awesome! Mastering isn't great, but not bad! Tim Schuldt's more experienced. Still the album's pretty good, better than AMEN IMO that lacked heart and magic. It's so nice to hear AP making good GOA music again, regardless that they're remixes. I really like this album! Tracks 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 are really good. Tracks 1 and 7 are noticeably weaker. I'd rather an album started off with an okay (decent) track and got stronger (as here), rather than throw a sub-par song at me when things are peeking (also here). Rain (Astral Projection Remix) seems quite tame and more mainstream-anchored, as if to condition listeners with something OK- fairly catchy [but safe] before the more imaginative ones arrive. Electric Universe - Rain (Astral Projection Remix) I like even less than the opening. It's not bad per say. It's just so soft, unexciting, and uninteresting (lacks zest, infectious ingredients). It changes the mood, and is pretty forgettable compared to the others. Moreover, by the time 7 arrives, I'm hooked after the strength of 4-6. It would have been fun if they included another great remix in place of 7... feels like a bump to an otherwise stellar ride. The voices (robot fx) in Feelign Very Weird I always could have done without in every version (remix) I've ever heard. Still it's a really cool song. There is something retro-cool, kinda nostalgic about the sample fx when in the right mood! And yes, I even enjoy this version more because of them (at times). The whole "I am feeling very weird" words in itself I always felt were a little out-of-place and cheesy. This version is a big improvement over the original; the musical, even the sample mixing is more catchy IMO. I didn't even touch on how great the majority of this album is... for starters, that Prana track This album is one of the most unexpected surprised of 2014 and in the genre of Goa Trance. AP made a cool GOA album with classics remixed. I'm very curious when this was made. Because if they did these remixes in the last few years, that means they still have the skills to produce an excellent (all new tracks) GOA album! There is nothing wrong with evolving a style. In this case, AP applied their evolved style to remixes with (for the most part) tight delivery and execution.
  8. This thread helps me find some of my favorite releases of the year! Uptempo 1. VA - Moon Ritual (Amakusa) 2. VA - Gamayun Tale (Lookinglook) 3. VA - Analog Dreams (DAT) 4. VA - Colors of Goa (Timewarp) 5. Ovnimoon & Rigel - Omnipresent Technology (Ovnimoon) 6. Astral Projection - Goa Classics Remixed (TIP) 7. VA - Ten Spins Around The Sun (Suntrip) 8. Shakta - Retroscape (Suntrip) 9. E-Mantra - Nemisis (Suntrip) 10. Cybered - Acid Box (Horns and Hoofs) ............................................ Criminally underrated. Honorable Uptempo mentions Ephedra - Journey Through My Head (Goa Madness) Morphic Resonance - Chromatic World (Neogoa) PsySutRa - Gamma Phoenicis (Cronomi) Virtuart - Sacred Drop EP (DAT) Ajna - Search for the Divine ( Ovnimoon) VA - Future Architecture 2 (Neogoa) Goasia - Amphibians On Spacedock (Suntrip) Downtemp 1. Koan - The Way Of One (Blue Tunes Recordings) 2. E-Mantra - Echoes From the Void (Altar) 3. Astropilot - Iriy (Altar) 4. Circular - Moon Pool (Ultimae) 5. Asura - Radio Universe (Ultimae) 6. Psyfactor - Retro Scientific (Sentimony) ...................................... love the 2nd half of this album 7. VA - Passangers (Ultimae) 8. Chronos - Spiritus (Mystic Sound) Honorable Downtempo Mentions Bioscape - Living Connection (Gliese 5811c) Flooting Grooves - Antimony (Flooting Grooves Music)
  9. Jon Cocco

    Asura - Lost Eden

    Man I was harsh on this when I first heard it, giving it a B. This is one of the best albums, one of my favorite albums. Several of my friends consider this their favorite of all the Asura albums to date, followed by Life2. Thank you Asura for consistently making strong releases over the years. Truly uncommon and passionately beautiful, talented energy is reflective throughout each and every Asura release.
  10. Jon Cocco

    Asura - LifeĀ²

    I LOVE this album. It's lush and magical, dreamy and atmospheric, beautiful and enchanting, absorbing and deep. LifeĀ² is favorite by Asura to date, though sometimes I go back-and-forth between Lost Eden and this one as to which one I favor most. Lost Eden is my girlfriend's favorite by Asura to date. I think that Lost Eden has more variety as a whole, though the first 4 tracks on this album (and several in the second half) are wondrous. Both albums are excellent. Asura's never released an album that isn't solid. Stream the full album here:
  11. Ovnimoon - Trancemutation of the Mind Ovnimoon Records 2013 1. A Necessary Tool 2. Quiet My Mind 3. Hooponopono - Ovnimoon with Lupin & Edit Ballai 4. Superlight in the darkness - Ovnimoon with Via Axis 5. Transmutation - Ovnimoon with Pragmatix, E-Mantra and Nova Fractal 6. Sat Nam for me, Sat Nam for you 7. La Danza Espiritual - Ovnimoon with Spirit Architect 8. Learning 9. Power of positive mind - Ovnimoon with Lyctum I agree 100% with the reviews here. This is one of the best Electronic (Progressive / Psytrance with Goa influence) albums I've ever heard. The song' direction, melody.sound and synth work, atmosphere, bass lines, mixing, mastering, and production are all excellent. Everything flows extremely well from beginning to end. The samples are great. The melodies are rich, beautifully textured, and articulated, easily digestible, exiting and calming at the same time. Are there isotonic sounds hidden in here somewhere to stimulate trance, mediation? I don't know. It doesn't matter. I feel more positive, inspired, and whole listening to this, as if somehow the energy that predates positive intentions manifested into the album. This is a wonderful release. It's seemingly perfect, imaginative, and arresting. I don't have a single gripe. Check out the full stream below. This one's worth buying and supporting the artist. It's fantastic! Well done and thank you for this beautiful, magnetic, and conscious aware release! A
  12. Here it on YouTube. I just found out about this, and heard it for the first time this week. It's a great album, overall much better than the last for long time fans. I don like the original version of SHINE more though. I imagine a review thread was never opened for this one?
  13. I just found out about this album today. It is... fantastic. OMG. The entire album is uploaded to YouTube in great quality.
  14. Where is the review thread for this? Selena's Song (Blue Mix) is one of the oat beautiful song's I have ever listened to. It fills my heart with hope and joy. The album is great. His 2014 one, The Way of One is also strong.
  15. I just saw this and numerous others at Sentries' online shop. Boy I'm behind. They've really been stepping it up lately. I'm listening to this on YouTube. Sounds good so far but lacks powerful and unpredictable moments. Ultra melodic and overall pretty solid. I like the track list and the representation of consciousness, ascension, etc.
  16. The music is great, exciting, and edgy. The overuse of voice samples (echoed voice samples, etc.) heavily distracts from the experience. Some of the songs aren't as voice heavy as the opening track, fortunately.
  17. I''m not a big fan of this album. I like the opening and some of the later tracks. I was hoping for more magic throughout. They experiment more. For me its a hit-and-miss, i.e. vocals. They innovate at times with the music which is pretty nice, sometimes quite beautiful. Autopsia is mystical, atmospheric, and interesting. The Terrance McKenna samples I could have done without, but the don't make or break the song or album. Otherwise, solid track. Infrasensory's voices are okay, but they do little to hook me. There's a very pretty and relaxing ambient segment in the 12th and 13th minute, but the majority of the song is not like that. I would have preferred more engaging (less vocal being the focus) musical development in the first two-thirds akin to the attractive end. Planetary Medicine starts our promising, with running water and a well orchestrated approach. The voices that son enter don't really grab me though, and since they take precedence over everything else, I lose interest with the overall song pretty quickly. Silent Knowing is the second track to grab my attention. The voices took some getting used to, but they're more harmonious here with the music. The music is good and the vocal work is unique. Good track. Enthymesis starts out with guitar and reminds me of Hicksville. Music has feeling and seems to tell a story with the vocals which I cannot clearly understand (what they're saying) on any of these tracks. The sound/melody work is very nice here. Eluesis is another solid musical track with harmony. I have trouble getting used to the incoherent voice lyric/singing on the song (and overall album) though. Maybe I'd enjoy this more if they were singing in English? Musically the song sounds good. Spinning Elementary Matter thankfully has less lyrics. I have a better chance of floating away here. I could have done without the Terrence McKenna samples, and again, they don't make or break the track. Overall good track. Terma is good for an uptempo track. These guys may as well come out already and produce an uptempo album. This song is catchy; it develops, evolves; it's involving throughout. It would have fit best probably being alongside 7 other uptempo tracks (as Solar Fields has done on his few uptempo albums), but I find it quite refreshing, and one of my favorites on the album actually, even if purists would have preferred a chill track to close the album. Favorite tracks - 1, 4, 5, 7, 8 ------------------------------------------------------------ I really love their track, "Invisible Landscapes" (from 6:30 forward) on their Module 01 album. You can stream it on YouTube which is thankfully helping these less known, talented artists to get wider exposure. The whole song is solid but the last act is filled with magic, feeling, and heart. It's everything I love about an evolution in Entheogenic's style to more mystical, magical storytelling tracks. I love it. Evocative tracks that awaken my senses, open my heart, and expand (uplift my) mind is was what I was hoping to experience more of with this album. Invisile Landscapes Not a bad album by any means. Just not one of my favorite releases by them as a whole.
  18. These artists are getting my attention. I heard the song, not bad - I've heard better. Sorry if this sounds off topic but where is (or can someone post the review thread on the collaboration album by Ovnimoon and Regal called Omnipresent Technology. The album's great. The self-titled track is even better.
  19. If they produce another super album like Cryptic Crunch, I'm down! The style on that album was so unique, catchy, and psychedelic, though a little sterile (impressive technically) and lacking in feeling IMO. They can produce something even more infectious, deep, and imaginative if they're passionate enough and take their time. Call Cryptic Crunch Goa or Psytrance. I don't care which term people would rather use. Let us not allow our preferences to cause us to waste energy over associations so trivial. Most of us agree that Cryptic Crunch was/IS psychedelic. I enjoyed the style on some of their tracks more than others, but still consider it a cult classic in music. I've heard the samples, but unsure which ones are from their upcoming album. The samples have the ingredients; some of the tracks would sound better with more creative/infectious direction, POWER, development, evolution, feeling, and melodies. Paradigm Shift is a lot better than Neural Growth (which is thankfully a work in progress). Finite Automat is pretty catchy for an unreleased demo. I'd probably remove Neural Growth (unfinished work...) from the samples because it's quite incomplete sounding and doesn't reflect well the new material. Somnambulant (V.A. Reboot...) sounds great too, but for a comp it seems. The way it starts off it pretty climactic. I like that and hope that the artist(s) have some wildly exciting (climactic synth/melody) work on the upcoming album. We Celebrate Life has good melodies and synth work too while keeping the song psychedelic. Same with Collapse of the State Vector, though less melodic; I like the driving sound and rhythm. That little beeping sound in Sanke Oil is catchy too and seems to have an old skool goa influence at times. Witches and Wizards has potential too. Again I'm going through the samples on their page: soundcloud.com/huxflux.com To the artist(s) if you read this thread. You are so talented. It is exciting to hear that you're producing a new album. Please take your time to make another otherworldly and superb masterpiece. I'll wait 1-2 more years if it means churning out 8-12 great songs. The stars are not even the limit.
  20. Ha! That would explain it then. That's even better! I took my time to slow down and actually read the thread, thanks.
  21. Congratulations Skakta and Suntrip! I noticed the old school influence right away. Samples BUMP http://suntriprecords.com/release/cat/SUNCD34/
  22. Beautiful release! The album is gorgeous and filled with positivity, happiness, hope. I love it. Definitely worth getting. This is one of the best albums of the year. Some of the tracks are really magical. Wonderful work Koan. Well done! You deserve more feedback and reviews, more than I have time for at the moment. Your releases contribute to spreading light throughout the world. Thank you.
  23. V/A - Gamayun Tale Goa Trance (Compilation) 2014 1. Celestial Consciousness - Rise is a cosmic ride. The song is rich with textures, soundscapes, and melodies! Its less intense approach opens the album up to a vast and intangible world that doesn't feel forceful, where anything is possible. The song feels like a journey, a fully fleshed out, story-driven chapter, immersing the listener with great sounds and evolution. This is a strong opening track. A- 2. Magic Science - Atman comes equipped with more energy and drive. The melodies are juicy and engaging; they stand out. The rhythm is exciting, and the layers run smoothly together. The song has character and the barely coherent voice samples compliment. The track is fast and fluid from start to finish, with tasty soundscapes and rhythm. Great work and execution. Awesome track! A 3. PharaOm - White Lotus Energy is an even more energetic gem with tribal influence. The vocal work adds character to the barely containable energy. The more peaceful transitions are arresting too! This number is more musical in addition to having zesty progression and development. The more Earthy vehicle (here) enters different terrain remaining mysterious and immersive throughout thanks to a strong Eastern/Indian approach on top of creative sequences with climax and mixing. The melodies are great. The final act really stands out. It's exceptionally well done, combining sheer adrenaline with heart. Excellent work. A 4. Nova Fractal - Through Our Senses (Sky Technology Remix) is the first climax heavy treat, not that the previous ones weren't energetic. The artist(s) here cleverly manipulate the juicy synth lead(s) as they bubble, infectiously screech, and support one another to infectious degree. The first four minutes are ridiculously catchy! I'm completely hooked. Unfortunately, the layered arrangement (4:15 to 4:48) is pretty sloppy and distracting, suspect and questionable, regardless of intention. What happened there? This is my first gripe on the album. The song's raw energy, sound, and rhythm is super with exception to this part. The last third (from 5:46 forward) is more refined, though a bit plodding, less riveting (7:40 to 7:55). This is an exciting, adrenalized blast, though the forth minute could have been improved. Nice work! A- 5. Roof Raiser - Stone Garden is another high octane number, albeit a more refined one compared to the previous track. The song's energy is intense, determined, and aggressive. Naturally, it grows more animated, layered, and well blended/catchier as it moves forward. The direction is fairly straight forward, and while nothing earth shattering, the song achieves what it sets out to do and will likely raise the roof on the dance floor. I'm not a fan of the artist name, but never judge a book by its cover. This is a great track packed with terrific mixing and sound/melody work. A- 6. Prok - Gleise is the black sheep here, and that's a very good thing. The song isn't fast, zippy, or climatic. It's interesting, atmospheric, cerebral, dark, and arresting. The tone stands out among the rich textures. Gleise is like a descent into a deep, dark abyss. One could relate it to traveling through Draconian (Reptilian) sections of the cosmos, their planetary star systems where they (alleged darker entities) have come from. The song is infectiously orchestrated. It took several listens for me to appreciate. The dark ambient is effective too. The artist has really created a rich, storytelling world here. The song is immersive, imaginative, innovative, and appreciated, very well done. A- 7. Ufomatka - Asteriod barrels through the galaxy like an asteroid astray off of Saturn's belt. The first half is fairly dark and rhythmic. But to be honest, I expected more in the first third. My attention was arrested from 4:20 forward. It's here that the tempo slows down, arrested my attention. It's here that acid oozes out the crunchy textures like a piece of space toast floating by the sun's rays. The atmosphere grows darker, more ominous. This segment's gripping and leads to a delectably evolved final, uptempo act with memorable sound/melody work. Now I see other reviewers mean. This is the first time I've heard a Ufomatka track and it's well done. A- 8. Wanderlust - Square of the Cardboard Clocks starts off great and mysterious, with the effect of a ticking, Grandfather clock. Suddenly, a tinny (beady) synth lead arrives (from 0:16 to 1:30 and again from 1:43 to 2:21, etc.). This melody reminds me of Omegahertz's Goa tracks in that it's cheesy, weak in sound, and formulaic in arrangement. Its repetitive nature distracts from the other elements that are well done. There are numerous other synth ingredients and elements that enhance the song, which is why I don't understand why the artist(s) chose such a weak lead and arrangement. Can we just stick to what works best please, I mean for future tracks? The transition at around 5:40 is intriguing! The returning music with the echoed effect is fantastic! Even the way the tinny lead is utilized I enjoyed (in the climactic part) from 6:08 to 7:00. It's the part from 7:00 to 7:51 (and yet another segment past it) that I find less riveting. Overall this is a good song with some great parts or vice-versa. B+ 9. Skygravity Trance Mission is different from the others in that it's more melodic trance influenced, yet (thankfully) retains Goa presence. The sound is friendly, and variety to a compilation that's generally darker, more intricate, and ambitious in comparison. I can't deny the positive vibes here, and how each acts over the previous one, thanks to solid development. The song feels shorter the others, but it's pacing is tight. It knows when to end. It's not super memorable, and seems a little bit out-of-place relative to the overall feel (and other tracks) on this more cosmic, provocative Goa comp. But I don't mind. Good work. B+ 10. Jyotish - Purple Imagination is pretty good too. It continuously varies up the melodies and flows well. It's far more Goa oriented whereas the previous one bordered on Trance. I would have liked more evolution, but the mixing is good; there is some great layering. Sounds selected are catchy and rich. Overall I found the first 7 tracks the strongest on the compilation, but this is a pretty solid number too. B+ Conclusion Gamayun Tale is one of the best Goa compilations of 2014. It exceeded my expectations. The first 7 tracks are really great. The last three are pretty good too. Nitpicks include part of the album's last third; it isn't as strong as the first two thirds, but it's still well done and showcases some great work. Time and positive word-of-mouth, good promotion, etc., will help get this noticed, especially strong future follow ups where listeners will go back and find this compilation. The artists did a great job! 2014 has been a healthy year for Goa compilation and Gamayun Tale is one of the very best. Highly recommended. Favorite tracks - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10 I like 7, 8, 9, and 10 regardless of my constructive criticism. But the first 7 (and to some degree 10) are noticeably strongest IMO. A- Some of the BEST compilations of 2014 via GOA TRANCE include: Moon Ritual Gamayun Tale Analog Dreams Tens Spins Around the Sun Colors of Goa Future Architect 2
  24. V/A - Analog Dreams DAT Records 2014 1 Hallucinogen - LSD '93 2 Space Tribe - The Great Spirit (Original Mix) 3 Doof - We Are Free (Desk Mix) 4 Slinky Wizard - Funkus Munkus (Original Mix) 5 Green Nuns Of The Revolution - Ring Of Fire (Extended Mix) 6 Total Eclipse - Free Lemonade (Live in Paris 1995) 7 Etnica - Full On (Original Mix) 8 Prana - Voyager 2 9 Nervasystem - Whirling Dervish (Kaleidoscope Mix) What?! An Old School Goa compilation with unreleased (cult-classic sounding) tracks from back in the day? How the.. I never heard these. Any of them. And they're great! As if we're back in 1997-1999 when I was constantly having music-gasms listening to Goa Trance! Am I right? I don't know. But this seems like way to go Dat Records! 1. Hallucinogen - LSD '93 is very different from the original. Those beautiful, crystalized (ambient notes are in the beginning and sound great. The hard hitting beat and ambient/atmospheric layers are attractive too! Wow this is different from the one we thought was the original today. Anyway, I kept waiting for the signature lead to arrive (like at 4:40 or 4:54) from the beloved classic. But it never came. Fortunately, there is some beautiful melody/sound work that captures some of the ideas from the next imagining of LSD. The track has grown on me too. The beat is catchy too, albeit a little repetitive as the song progresses. The song's interesting to hear. The first time I heard it I didn't like it. Now I really enjoy it. I think I was studying it too hard before, expecting this and that when in actuality it's not the same LSD track on 1995's album, Twisted. Far from it. I like it. The song's a pre-imagining I imagine, beyond its time (perceived time of course ). A- 2. Space Tribe - The Great Spirit (Original Mix) begins more tribally. There is a hard hitting beat and synth that's fairly intense in a good way, determined sounding. The song takes a while to pick up, but become more dynamic as it progresses (see 3:55, 4:47). These Psytrance ingredients in "goa" remind me Hux Flux's (now cult classic status) Cryptic Crunch album to some degree. The melodies I find less memorable, but the synths do grow reasonably catchier, and we get a really nice and memorable melody at 6:41. I simply wish it lasted longer to liven up the song more! A- 3. Doof - We Are Free (Desk Mix) is a harder edged, acidy vehicle. It's nice to hear another song from back when Nick Doof was producing Goa music. This sounds very different in some ways from his previous Goa work. The song has a thick synth combination throughout that drives the space ship and takes precedence over everything else. But the song lacks memorable melodies, and fun factor that made Doof's Lets Turn On album such a hit. The track follows the same general direction too. It's not very eventful. The vibrating enunciations towards the end are catchy. I could have done without the samples, though Bill Hicks was a legend in smart and thoughtful, unfiltered comedy. I'm sure some will enjoy this fairly darker, psychedelic ride. I simply like the other (more melodic) ones more. B+ 4. Slinky Wizard - Funkus Munkus (Original Mix) twists and turns. It moves sideways and almost turns itself inside out. The synth work is catchy and mad. The industrial layer (if you'd call it that, at around 3:43) is very effective. OMG it's catchy. This thing compliments the track behind belief IMO, and yet it's so not in-my-face. I love it. I am completely hooked from 3:43 forward. The chopped up voice FX are great too, as is the synths, layering, and direction. Those reverberating FX are delicious. See people, these are the ingredients we're missing from today's new school Goa (among other things). Suntrip's been kind of checking them off, but has a few left on the list. You hear that Suntrip? Anyway, the energy in this thing picks up a bit more towards the end. Sometimes I think that the last act could have stood out more, but the song is actually really great just the way it is. You know a track is good when you don't want it to end. A 5. Green Nuns Of The Revolution - Ring Of Fire (Extended Mix) is classic, Old School Green Nuns stuff. It starts out gradual and teases us with minor melodies that will later develop and submerse the listener. There are intermediary breaks between the surges. I wasn't so hooked in the first few minutes. Fortunately, it grows tastier as it progresses, I.e. 4:32. The tribal segment just past the fifth minute is arresting. Then the vehicle breaks out at 5:41 and lets loose a Hallucinongen-esque lead that steals the now. I really like this song. It becomes more complex, enthusiastic, and vibrant/chaotic as it heats up. The last few minutes are good too! A- 6. Total Eclipse - Free Lemonade (Live in Paris 1995) is another goodie, as was the original on the main album. It starts off generic, dated in concept (to me). Around 1:20 is the first real sample of something that'll soon blossom into a cosmic garden. The tight stream of melodies bend and shift, change and vary in ideas. The FX towards the end of the second minute, along with the electric guitar I could have done without. The latter seems to double as a transitory piece between varying segments; in that regard it's helpful. The returning music is a blast though, along with the returning signature leading ingredients from 4:36 to 4:55. These parts are hypnotic and engaging, very nicely layered. The ending is great too. This song sounds just as good to me now as, it did when Total Eclipse was making treats back in the mid to late 90's. A- 7. Etnica - Full On (Original Mix) twists and turns. The song's arresting, especially with its prominent, computerized (intentionally sounding) melodies and futuristic ingredients. The melodies are so nice! There is a minimal Goa bridge between Act 1 and 2 that helps to cleanse our palate before the next more elaborate scenery. The continuation is pretty groovy in the chilled uptempo sense and the song feels less tired, it's higher energy concepts more appreciated because of it. I love how the song hangs low for a while, like players addicted on the sidelines that turns out to be a more deeply trance-inducing part of the game. A sweet little build up ignites the generator and we're back, coasting in Etnica/Pleiadian star systems. The song benefits from its more subtle elements. The last act is great too; I sometimes think they could have taken it further (enhancing the addition) but not always. It's just so good the way it is. Excellent track. A- / A 8. Prana - Voyager 2 is fantastic. There's singing and it's beautiful. This is an AWESOME song. It's fun, exciting, daring,. The part around 3:48 is one of the reasons why I love Goa music, and miss in Goa today, these beautiful moments that take me to the stars in a second, elements that startle and surprise me in positive ways, that elevate the entire song. This is magic. In addition, this voyager has harmony, feeling, ambient, emotion, and the delivery is flawless. The song is zippy, energetic, infectious, and varied in ideas and tasty sound combinations. This is perfect IMO. The song has strong and memorable melody/sound work. I love the vocal work too. I often feel averted to just the idea of singing or vocals in Goa music. Was this song released anywhere before? Or why wasn't it? I can't imagine this not having released before. It's such such an awesome song. A 9. Nervasystem - Whirling Dervish (Kaleidoscope Mix) is mid-tempo, tribal (Chill-esque) Goa and I love it. What a great way to end the album. The approach here is unique and less complex than everything on the album, and yet I don't want it to end. I feel hooked by its repetition; it's not boring and THAT my friends is an achievement in any form of music. They just don't make them like they used to. The song has groovy, stimulating melody and ambient work that when combined, create an almost tranquil feel. Of course there's more. There's always more. The song's really good and a refreshing way to end the album. I like albums with strong first, second, and last thirds. Analog Dreams is one of those albums. A- / A OVERALL Analog Dreams is a treat for old school fans of Goa Trance. Get it. Treat yourself. Thank you Draeke & Dat Records for this gem. I didn't much care for the Hallucinogen track the first time I heard it. I think my expectations since 1995's album TWISTED (and the track LSD) were so high. I was over analyzing the pre-imaginging that is different and well done. Re-mastering sounds much better compared to when these albums released in the 90's. They should re-master Hallucinogen's album TWISTED and various other classics for that matter, like Pleiadians I.F.O., among others. What else? There are numerous super songs around great ones. Analog Dreams is in my top 3 favorite compilations of 2014 to date, the biggest surprise for me (this year) so far considering the old school factor which is 100%. You'll know when the track melts in your ears and oozes through your body and mind. Voyager 2 is awesome in so many ways. I wish that these artists still made tracks like these today. Old school Goa Trance at times sounded magical, deliciously, and irresistible. You can experience some of that here. Great release for Old School Goa ears! Awesome compilation! Favorite tracks - 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Almost all of them! A- If you liked this, also check out V/A - Gamayun !
  25. I love this! World of Sleepers is one of the best Ambient, Chill, Downtempo releases I have ever listened to. An absolutely beautiful, astonishing release that only gets better with time. A classic.
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