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  1. Tip is firing on all cylinders! If not already follow us on soundcloud & Facebook as there is stuff not to be missed. 20 Years anniversary of label and 25 years since first T.I.P track!

  2. an album of remixes coming....and some killer work in there! The effort and time spent doing these is phenomenal. Actually they are cover versions.All tracks they recreate from scratch so don´t dismiss lightly! Astral have their Mojo back.. Wait and see! In the mean time check this new killer new promo on Tip: https://soundcloud.com/tiprecords/martian-arts-chaos-before#t=0:00
  3. Martian Arts, one of the hottest underground new acts from Greece debut on Tip Records. All the DJ´s in the know have been playing his tracks for the last year. Get onto it now, pleasure guaranteed by TIP Records: https://soundcloud.com/tiprecords/martian-arts-chaos-before#t=0:00
  4. I am thinking that Tip Records is finishing 2013 on full throttle setting up 2014 perfectly and suitably. 20 years of Tip Records!!!!

  5. Just out, the new instalment from 1200 Micrograms and straight to number 1 in the Beatport New Releases chart. Check out the page here... http://www.tiprecords.com/promo/1200mics/ and next up Raja Ram´s Pipedreams 2. Tip are firing on all cylinders... http://tiprecords.com/promo/pipedreamsVol2/
  6. Tip Records starting 2013 with a LOUD bang. Click here for info and preview! http://www.tiprecords.com/promo/loud/
  7. Thinking 2011 is the year The Swedish Trance mafia take control.....

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