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  1. Trust in trance was great for its time, and The Astral Files was a good remix album with some new tracks. Dancing Galaxy is where AP climaxed with few exceptions (Searching For UFO's on their third Another World album). Dancing Galaxy is, their most engaging, "put you in another world," album, in my opinion. This is a fantastic album; it's ambitious, exciting, and one of the strongest Goatrance albums. 9/10
  2. This is so good! "The Hunter Becomes the Hunted... Yes!!!!!!!!!!" Hell yeah!!! That and so much more. There is an incredibly break in Halloween where the song shifts from dark psy into darkly infectious Goa climax. incredible! Highlights include: The Hunter (!), Wake Up, Drops Of Madness, Telepathic Atmosphere (!), You Are The Machines Great album!!!
  3. Jon Cocco

    Doof - Let'S Turn On

  4. I have to say that after hearing some of the reviews above, I expected Track 1 to be alot better then what some of the (obviously hyped) reviews above. Also, Track 2 is not my type of style. I am surprised that no one has talked about how annoying TRACK 2 is. I find it quite hard to believe that anyone can be SPIRITUALY healed by track 1. Whatever. To each is his own, I guess. HOWEVER, having said the negative, I must admitt that there are some pretty awesome tracks on this cd, "BUT" you must first except the change of music style before you go upon judging it. This cd sounds a hell of a lot different from what I am used to hearing. It's not mellow, not truly dance, certaintly not chill, and deff. no where near acid-trippy-psychedelic-insaine. I don't know how I'd classify this. Probably some unique trance of some sort. Anyway, track 7 sounds quite powerful and dark. This is very cool and catchy. The last track I found quite good as well, actually I didn't expect it to sound so cool, until I turned the volume uP, AND put on the head phones. Track 1 I thought was really good at first, but seems to get some what repetitive. To sum it up, THIS CD IS NOT AMAZING, AND seems to be the type of music that you shall either LOVE or HATE, or just find really different and interesting like me. I almost lost the faith when I heard Track 2, but Track 3 certaintly does seem to revive it quite well. I recken you listen to this cd before buying. If you have read some of the reviews above, you'll notice some people talk about this cd like it's the Matrix.
  5. Jon Cocco

    Sandman - Witchcraft

    This is one of the darker, more obscure, underrated, and imaginative Goa albums. The album has character and personality. It's unpredictable and innovative. It takes risks and is unconventional and visionary. The album's like one big dark experimental, often intriguing and almost ALWAYS engaging. I like the unpredictable beat, bass line, etc. Great use of accents too! Such alien-esque landscapes, both foreign and fresh. Witchcraft is easily the artist's best work.
  6. Jon Cocco

    Emuna - Emuna

    Some of these tracks are extremely beautiful, and even emotional. It may sound old school, but so what. Not all goa has to be acid-tripping Full On, to be appreciative. Those who love melody and very uplifting trance should be pleased with this CD. I do hope DJ Eyal Yankovich continues to make music like this, because there doesn't seem to be much like it anymore.
  7. OK, I am going to start this review off by saying that this is NOTHING like Let's Turn On. While Doof's first cd was highly uplifting, extremely fun to listen to, very energetic and always danceable, "It's About Time," takes a completely different route. This cd is mainly a chill album more than anything else. When I first got this, I was very disappointed, because I expected it to be like Nick's first cd. After some time and patience, I noticed more interesting things about it that I had not heard before. I recommend that if anyone fully wants to appeciate this cd, they listen to it with headphones on, and the volume turned up. It has some nice chill-out melodies. 7/10.
  8. Jon Cocco

    X-Dream - Radio

    I JUST GOT THIS CD IN TODAY and WHAT A CD! I HAD HEARD X-DREAM BEFORE ON COMPILATIONS, but never was impressed to the extent of WoW, until now. IT'S SO DARK, PSYCHEDELIC, DEEP,WILD, REVOLUTIONARY, and NOT-AT-ALL-MINIMAL. This is much better then their newer stuff. THIS cd, 3 PLUS years later still sounds MUCH better then 99% of the GOA out there, and I'm not even gonna include the minimal-psy, repetitive shit thats been flooding the scene, cause thatS NOT goa! It's just called that as an excuse to call it something. Forget about it. Im getting off subject. X-DREAM-Radio is FUCKING UNREAL! Yes, It's up there with a very short list of extremely ambitious others. (Hallucinogen, Infected Mushroom, etc) HOWEVER, I AM SORRY TO SAY THAT this new wave of minimal shit seems to be taking over all that made Goa music unique. Things don't seem to be original anymore. All in all, this cd is one of the last of the finest, and if you still don't own it I suggest that you buy it 'IF' you can find it.- AND THATS NO FUCKING PROMO SENTENCE BECAUSE THIS CD IS TRULY WORTH EVERY PENNY.////////// my score = (not yet) i won't assume, but wait until it further grows on me, but i already KNOW I love it!
  9. Jon Cocco

    MFG - The Prophecy

    Good for a first MFG cd. Some parts get VERY psychedelic, e.g., Illumination. Some songs are noticeable weaker than others. Track 8, for example is too drawn out, and quite uninspiring until the end. The album's PROS far out weight the CONS though. Tasty, psychedelic and easy to digest combinations of catchy, driving synth melodies and strong development make this debut a cult classic in Goa Trance! That said, their following THREE sequels are superior to The Prophecy IMO. Though to be fair, even The Prophecy has tracks that top a few songs off EVERY MFG sequel to date. Believe that. That said, MFG built on this AP-inspired style (that does many things of its own) debut. But they REALLY broke away with their sequels... the dark and edgy Project Genesis (!!), the elaborate and cosmic melody fusion New Kind of World (!!!), and the unique combining ideas from all three plus a few new tricks and a few less masterpiece tracks The Messenger (!). 8/10
  10. Where is the bathroom, I'm gonna puke! Here is a couple words of wisdom: "when a cd says 100% pure goa, IT'S NOT FUCKING GOA! I GIVE THIS PIECE OF SHIT 100 out of 10, CAUSE THATS HOW MANY BOXES OF FUCKING TISSUES YOUR GONNA NEED AFTER HEARING THIS-YOU'LL BE VOMITING THAT MUCH. ANYONE SELLING THIS CD, oh I'm sorry...I mean PIECE OF FUCKING SHIT, should incoorperate a bag to anyone who ACCI-FUCKING-DENTLY gets this crap!
  11. Seriously, if you think this is Goa, I strongly advise that you stop smoking the crack and wake up to the real world. When I first heard Deedrah, it was in bits and pieces, so I never actually paid attention to how boring and monotonous this cd really was. Finally, I listened to the whole cd and realized this is the equivalence of techno music. The only track that you can refer to as Goa, is the outdated Wizard Demo. I've read reviews where several people claimed that Alien Dick was mind blowing. Alien Dick is just a bunch of fast, hard beats mixed on top of one another. I will not even discuss the other tracks, why bring anymore attention to a piece of shit. SCORE= 0.0001 out of 10. This cd is platinum if your deaf.
  12. Jon Cocco

    MFG - Project Genesis

    Project Genesis is IMO MFG's best album to date. Numerous listeners also consider their previous album, New Kind of World to be their best album, and for me NKoW lacks the darker, surrealistic, nighttime mayhem that IS Project Genesis in spades despite several songs on New Kind of World being better than a few on Project Genesis and vice-versa. I love the conceptual cyber-GOA approach on Project Genesis and find both this and NKoW substantially better than their 1996 debut, The Prophecy-- yet even that was a solid debut with great work! Few will disagree that Project Genesis is darker, more intense. When it comes to Cyber / Cyborg / Cybernetic (futuristic / machines) influence relative to electronic music > Goa Trance however, Project Genesis is cybernetic gold. Constructive Criticisms I thought Voices was a bit of a let down after such stellar songs (2, 3, 4) leading up to it, though it's not bad, just less of a stand out IMO. Then there's the album's cover which looks like a cheap rip-off of the movie Independence Day. MFG's first two covers are excellent, imaginative, and visionary-- so complimentary. What happened with this one is anyone's guess! Conclusion: The cybernetic/Sci-Fi influence goes from good > great > to excellent/superb, starting with Intelligent Machine and the self-titled Project Genesis, then peeking with gems like WHY? which is one of the best things I've ever heard in Goa Trance! I get such strong visions with this album compared to New Kind of World and The Prophecy. Project Genesis is loaded with hard hitting tracks that beautifully blend darkly infectious and fun, dance-friendly Goa with Psytrance, coupled great bass lines, synths, atmosphere, climaxes, and complexity. The cybernetic style is refreshing, catchy, and engaging. Each song has character, is well defined, and develops throughout. Project Genesis is is a terrific concept album and my favourite album by MFG. I love it! HIGHLIGHTS: INTELLIGENT MACHINE, PROJECT GENESIS, OPEN MIND, WHY, SUNSHINE, ON MARS, THE CREATION, METAMORPHOSIS (All except for Intro and Voices) 9 / 10
  13. (Track 1) Intro- very interesting, unique way of explaining the Northern Lights. 3.5/5 (Track 2) Anaesthetic- This kicks ass for a driving song, but what the hell are those mixed lyrics? They suck, get them out! 4/5 (Track 3) Gnocchi- Quite cool, nice beat. 3/5 (Track 4) Lynx- Some really nice acid sounds but nothing new. 2.5/5 (Track 5) Mantra- Now this beat reminds me of her last album, decent at best with a pleasing ambient background. 3.5/5 (Track 6) Guitars and Tatoos- Miranda has such kickass beats, but then you hear that FUCKING electric guitar. However, it will grow on you after listening to this several times. This song builds up and levels off nicely. 4.6/5 (Track 7) Eyedentify- Yes, oh yes, just wait for that climax break after 4:30! Finally, a track most people will love. 3.5/5 (Track 8) Mars needs woman- Uplifting, fun dance song is WAY TO FUCKING SHORT! Still, it is not as bad as you all say it is. 4/5 (Track 9) Earth and Space- Much more spacey, a lot more psychedelic. What is that tune being played? It's awesome. 3.5/5 (Track 10) U are Alone- Some very beautiful ambient sounds mixed with less intense percussion, gets a little repetitive towards the end. 4.9/5 (Track 11) Feel the Effect- ARE YOU HAPPY NOW! THIS TRACK IS FUCKING AWESOME. Powerful sounds, wicked layers, sweet voice mixing, and it evolves! Listen to this track with the volume up, UP, and you will FEEL THE EFFECT! Final score:: 4.1/5 and/or 8.2/10. Track 7 and 11 own the cd and the others are very cool depending on the mood that you are in. Worth buying? Listen to track 7 and 11 and you answer that one.
  14. Excuse me people, if Pleiadians is so good as you all say it is, then what the hell is Universe 13?! That has got to be the worse piece of shit I've ever heard in my entire life! For those of you who own this, and for those interested in buying Family of Light, take into account that one bad track on Pleiadians is quite a chunk of the cd. However, I cannot deny that I was very impressed with Head Spin. On the other hand, Modulation and Seven Sisters would have been a lot better if they ended a couple of minutes shorter. Modulation sounds like two completely separate songs pasted together. Although Modulation is one of the high points on this cd, the excessive running time damages the quality of this track. Most people don't have patience for tracks that are fifteen minutes along unless they are amazing-which, while this cool, it is not amazing. In conclusion, I respect that nothing is perfect, but I can't respect the shitty elements that damage the quality of Pleidians. 7/10 without Uviverse 13: 5/10 with it. 2016 Update: Boy I sounded harsh back then. Calling anything "shit" that the Pleiadians made is pretty low. Besides still digging Head Spin and not being in love with Universe 13 to date (my girlfriend likes it and some of you), I disagree with what I wrote back in 2001. I love Modulation the way it is, even with the fake-out (if you would call it that) ending that adds yet another terrific, completely unique and creative segment/finale. Sure Seven Sisters could have ended after the uptempo segment or even before it, but there's something more Pleiadian-esque about their decision to vary it up more. Their approach to bring the uptempo (second act) back down to ambient (third act) is poignant and harmonious. There's something special about the peaceful, ambient conclusion/epilogue of the song. I really like and accept it just the way it is. It's interesting to see how perspectives change overtime.
  15. So much going on. So ... many ... sounds... and details.
  16. The following is a universal review of Hallucinogen-The Lone Deranger. No Goa cd ever made to date is beyond platinum in psychedelic, depth, intensity and insanity. Words do not describe how amazing this cd is. If you are on acid while listening to this cd, you are fucked! 11/10 stars.
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