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  1. This artist combines old and new-school goa well. The beat and bassline stand out (but not too much) over many old-school releases too. 1. Ray Subject - Nanoverse (GoaTree Remix) begins a little like a distorted, partial version of Requiem For A Dream's theme song. It's fairly moody. This element reprises several times and is catchy; the ambient compliments. The synth work is good, adding intensity to the gentle aspects. The interlude has feeling; it's evocative, adds variety. The last act is good too; the artist incorporates that "extra" synth layer to keep the final act fresh. Very good track! B+ 2. Mementos Mortis has some unique melodies, though not that memorable to me. Some layers add variety, though repetition sets in at times (for me). After an OKAY beginning, the tune at around 2:35 is fairly catchy, but the middle act, while far from bad, I find hardly worth mentioning (beat emphasis at 5:42 forward is nice). The sound/synth work in the last forth (around 6:38 to 8:51) stand out more. Overall I'm not impressed and between a C+/B- with this track. The song lacks the evocative "edge" (generally means advantage) of the opening as well as something more unique to take its place. Decent song. C+ 3. The Force is intriguing. I'm hooked by the entrance. The song is dark, edgy, has character, and keeps me involved throughout. Strong sound/melody (synth) work are enhanced by catchy voice samples and warm and resent atmosphere! This song has edge relative to intensity and dark elements (at least moody elements that feel determined, driving, and night-esque). We don't get enough goatrance like this anymore! This is one of my favorite songs of the year. Great track! A- 4. Sleeper stands out too. Lots of catchy sound/melody working combinations and rhythms. The segments without the beat are interesting. Some wild, exciting synth work adds energy. I like an artist that takes risks. This is another great track that's arguably better than the last one (though I like The Force more ). Few will argue that this is more spontaneous; it showcases solid variety, and moves through different, memorable locations that correlate with its whole nicely. A- 5. The Prayer takes a while to get going. The first 2:45 minutes are fairly uneventful and repetitive, more or less. The song picks up after that, and showcases a beautiful, uplifting synth melody at 4:10 that's my favorite part of the song! The female vocals are nice too. But the middle interlude drags. Also catchy are the echoed synth sounds and and an acid element. I think ambient notes (or something more) could have enhanced the overall song. Fortunately, from 6:42 to 7:19 has an attractive, goa-esque buildup that releases at 6:20 and engages until the ninth minute. It's great. I would have ended the song at 9:35, as the female voice continues a minute further to less effect IMO. Overall, this is a well done song with beauty, depth, substance, and light (I'm between a B+/A-). Another great number! A- Conclusion - Very good release! Why only 5 tracks? Considering the album is free, I'm not complaining, just curious. Also, why call this Goatree? That artist name sounds too "nice" or generic (no offense) IMO. It does not showcase the style, such as this album that's more night-esque sounding. The title of the album, "The Force" is good though. If Suntrip compiles another Temple Of Chaos-esque compilation at some point in the future, I imagine this artist has potential to be a candidate based on some of his work on The Force (both the track and self-titled) album. Msg to artist: Keep up the great work and thank you for sharing your creative talent with others for free. All of the tracks stand out and are very good/great with exception to #2 IMO. The Force is a great release that showcases some awesome (means fantastic in our country) work. Favorite tracks - 1, 3, 4, 5. B+
  2. V/A - Blacklight Moments Suntrip Records 2013 1. Daimon - Wake Up And Smell The Ashes 2. K.O.B - These Talking Machines 3. Psychic Voyag - Black Sun 4. Cosmic Dimension - Viral Breath 5. Khetzal - Aramean Dreams 6. Javi and Sko0ma - Emotional Overload 7. Artifact303 - Beyond Lightspeed (E-Mantra rmx) 8. Skarma - Naltayada 9. Mindsphere - Depth Of Consciousness 10. Uth - Cosmic Fusion There are some really good reviews here. Each has something interesting to say and helps share perspective. I was not that impressed with V/A - Shaltu, though there was some great work on it. So how does Blacklight Moments compare? 1. Daimon - Wake Up And Smell The Ashes begin with a mischievous sounding voice sample. I like it. The first 3-5 minutes are interesting, catchy. I'm into the dynamic IM-esque approach. Somewhere in the middle though (at around 5:04) I begin to lose interest. New synth work begins to take shape at around 5:45. It's interesting, and from 6:57 forward is the catchiest part of the song for me. I just wish we reached it sooner because I was losing interest 2-3 minutes back. I feel that the song, before the last act could have benefited from being a minute shorter. The song gets a little repetitive and begins to drag for me around the forth (especially fifth) minute, until the key changes and tunes arrive towards the end (which is catchy!). I feel that the song is just a tad too long and/or lacks something to enliven the middle in its current duration. Daimon's Codex track on V/A's Temple of Chaos blows this thing away IMO. C+ 2. K.O.B - These Talking Machines - I love the industrial, atmospheric, machinery-esque buildup and influence. This song has tone. It intrigues me early on, then engages me with its synth work and layers before the third minute even occurs. From that point on, it continues to develop, evolve, and remain catchy, creative, and gripping. It also sounds nothing like a Filteria song. I also don't know how it's possible not to have a K.O.B. album considering Jannis has made enough K.O.B. tracks to fill half of one, you know? Okay it would be nice to have all exclusive songs; I'm just saying. K.O.B.'s style is innovative and arresting. Great track! A- 3. Psychic Voyag - Black Sun is the song I was curious what others thought. I don't like it. I find it generic and monotonous. None of the melodies stand out or emote. The old-school sound I find forgettable and the direction uninspired, lacks risks. The song has a similar sounding feel throughout, and because of this, sounds do not stand out as much as they could have. Although there are some decent parts, such as the introduction and the returning music (after the interlude) at 5:05, I feel that Black Sun is the weakest track on the album. It just doesn't deliver, for me at least. C 4. Cosmic Dimension - Viral Breath is a HUGE step up from the previous number. It's refreshing. This track is more interesting and catchy by far. It fluidly zips along. Its atmospheric/nature elements, ambient, and synth work enrich the whole. After a short voice sample, a new synth lead arrives and propels this thing further; it's good. The returning forest-y elements add closure too. While this isn't the most ambitious or innovative track here, it's really good and comprises many great sounds throughout. B+ 5. Khetzal - Aramean Dreams begins with gentle, female-esque hymns among an emerging, angelic atmosphere. The first third involves articulative layering that develops into a powerful current of streaming Eastern melodies, soundscapes, a driving beat, bass line, and more. Impressive is how many layers the artist manages into the whole. Nothing sounds muddled or crammed, but rather crisp, catchy, and fluid. The overall direction and/or arrangement however is not very dynamic or versatile, primarily due to the approach, that being (one direction without much change) that works. I have simply heard more ambitious work by Khetzal. I don't feel like he's really challenging himself here. That said, the maximal (if you will) layering combination is juicy and attractive. The interlude is nice too. The layers drop out to near entirety before the main attraction returns with a WHAM, raging crescendo [climax]; it's strong and sensational. The overall song's direction, for the record is pretty predictable in that it follows one foreseeable path throughout, sort of like Rosin Memories on Suntrip's Temple of Chaos compilation (I enjoyed more). Also I'm not dancing so I feel pretty biased, between a B/B+ here. I think this is a good track that's probably great for dance floors. B 6. Javi and Sko0ma - Emotional Overload grabs my attention more than the previous number. This is more diverse in arrangement. The song is more elaborate, emotive (at times), and less predictable. Okay, enough comparing to Aramean Dreams. This song is strong, delectable, and energetic throughout. My only nitpick is that [towards] the end of the last act, it gets a little repetitive IMO. Overall the song progresses fluidly. Its approach and direction stand out. Well done guys! A- 7. Artifact303 - Beyond Lightspeed (E-Mantra rmx) is a remix of one of the best songs from Artifact303's underrated Back To Space album. E-Mantra is a hit-and-miss for me too. I find at times the artist lacks a synth layer or sound to compliment the floating textures, soundscapes, and creative usage of occasional ambient. The good news is that this song has nearly everything I ENJOY about E-Mantra. The futuristic, skipping synth sound is very catchy, and the Eastern melodies compliment the more intensely energetic, driving work, bass line, and atmosphere. I think that the song's sheer power and impression begins to wear off towards the very end, but by then the song's pretty much over. Excellent track. A- 8. Skarma - Naltayada has an attractive Astral Projection-inspired sound. Its approach and harmony is catchy. The direction is great too. I simply find the song less then novel, lacking in innovation since I'm so familiar with AP. That said, it's solid from start to finish. There's a strong climactic segment in the middle. The last act is good too. This song captures much of what I love about AP sound-wise, and sounds newly imagined rather than ripped off or copied. Well done. B+ 9. Mindsphere - Depth Of Consciousness follows up the artist's memorable double goatrance album, Patience For Heaven in 2012. This one took me several listens to get into. The song becomes catchier as it progresses, especially from 6:43 forward. One thing about this artist: on his albums he produces solid (good/great) tracks around superb gems. This I find good rather than diamonds. The first two thirds have a nice melody arrangement, and the last act, though a bit RA-esque regarding a complimentary layer, enhances the track. As with Khetzal's track, Mindsphere has impressed me more [numerous times] in the past; I don't feel like he's really challenging himself here. That said, the song is very nice throughout. B 10. Uth - Cosmic Fusion is a beautiful morning/goa sunrise number with change up [tempo] breakdowns. It begins pleasantly, and grows, develops, and evolves (as most would not imagine) throughout. It's not just traveling. Many traveling songs grow monotonous. This one changes up almost enough times to compete with IM's Dancing With Kadafi. I feel that the artist really took his time with this song, regardless of whether it was designed for this compilation or discovered in his library. I've heard Uth on Altar Record's (psy-chill, downtempo) compilations over the years, and to be honest, I was not that impressed (though it was pretty good). His work really captures my attention here. The song is evocative, harmonious, immersive, unpredictable, and beautiful (I'm between an A- and an A). Uth's Cosmic Fusion is one of the best songs of the compilation, of the year. It's excellent. A- Conclusion - This is a stronger compilation than Shaltu, in my opinion. The positive far out-weights what I don't like, primarily Psychic Voyag's track and Daimon's gets a little draggy in the middle. The album is around 75 minutes long and showcases some of the best work by K.O.B., E-Mantra, and Uth to date. Furthermore, newcomers Cosmic Dimension, Javi/Sko0ma, and Skarma produce some of the best work on the compilation. Nice cover too btw. Blacklight Moments really combines day/night, light and dark for those who enjoy both. Favorite tracks - 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10 B+ Previous Suntrip compilation scores from me (my opinion): - Shaltu - B- - Temple of Chaos ... A- - Energy Waves ... B+ - Sundrops: Lights In Motion ... A- - Opus Iridium ... B+ - Twist Dreams - B+ - Apsara ... B+
  3. Was there never a review thread opened for this in the 2009 section?? The album is wonderful. Why do some talented artists get discovered while others remain hardly known? Jikkenteki deserves to be more wildly known in electronic music. Maybe one day he'll share his story, why he felt the urge to stop making music. His freedom of expression has raised the bar in music. This artist is extremely talented, skilled, and underrated. I'm thankful and appreciative of these releases, and impressed.
  4. Jon Cocco

    V/A - Fire

    That's strange. When I google Water psynews.org ... that compilation appears right away. When I google Fire Psynews.org ... some other comp named Fire from 2002 appears. This doesn't. That said, after years of listening to all 5 compilations in the elemental series many times over, WATER and FIRE are my favorite of the bunch, followed by EARTH. Air and Either are the weaker of the bunch, though there's solid work on all 5. These are some of the more underrated compilations in the Psy-Chill / Down/Mid-tempo genre. And it should appear in google. I don't know if the "filter bubble" has anything to do with it. Like if it comes up for you but not me, or vice-versa. Some countries are more restrictive of what comes up, in what context and how frequently. Like I type in Egypt in the United States and a bunch of propaganda on terrorism and overthrowing dictator appears. But I read online that a person in Egypt types in Egypt and gets a bunch of hotel resorts, for example (the filter bubble)... governments (really special interests) trying to control the flow of information. Naturally that Fire doesn't appear right away may have nothing to do with the filter bubble. Just a thought.
  5. I like this compilation more than Shaltu, hope that someone posts a review thread soon.
  6. I literally googled "saikosounds" today and THIS thread was the first thing that appeared! Isn't that news! Saikosounds was huge I thought. I gave them thousands of dollars for hundreds of electronic albums between 1999 and 2009. You'd think they'd still be up since all of their business is online? That's curious and worth questioning IMO.
  7. Just pay to download Digajigg (Babba G Mix). It's so uplifting, lively, and enjoyable. Because of that track, I have returned to this album over the years. Otherwise I'm not a huge fan. Two much remixing of the same song repetition gets redundant.
  8. Glad I didn't come too late to the party with this one. Samples sound good! Daimon's Wake Up - sounds good when tunes arrive. KOB's Machines - catchy, unique! Black Sun - Okay Cosmic Dimension's Viral - sounds old-school esque, very nice. Khetzal's Aramean Dreams - Many would love a sequel to Corolle. He is enormously talented. I love how his songs develop and evolve in general (his song on Temple of Chaos was GREAT). The music returning here WHAM sounds good. Javi - good! E-Mantra remix of Artifact303 - This track sounds cool! I want more of the best stuff from his first album (strong atmosphere, soundscapes, textures) and the second (synths leads) combined. Naltayada sounds great. Mindsphere's Depth of Consciousness sounds nice. Same with Uth. The above is NOT a review, just excited. Overall, all new, exclusive tracks and return of Khetzal.
  9. D5 - TransSteller 2013 Suntrip Records 1. Iron Sun Rmx 2. Temple of Chaos 3. Blue Pyramid 4. Ganymede 5. Phoenix 6. The Zarkon Principle 7. Intastella 8. Tribes of the moon 2013 saw D5's TransAddendum, a rare Goatrance album showcasing tracks that didn't make the visionary choosing on Transdimensional. I find this interesting because some work on TransAddendum is better than Transdimensional, and vice-versa to be fair. They're both great albums. Suntrip then released TransSteller. This album includes rare vinyl tracks and other, rare D5 songs, remastered: The second dose of old-school goatrance. 1. Iron Sun RMX is an improvement over the original in some ways. The entrance is darker. The overall song is more intense, gritty, arguably more rhythmic, and less drawn out. I still find the first half fairly monotonous (my gripe with the original). It improves nicely later on though. The evolved segment we all know from 5:17 to 6:08 sounds great; it seems enhanced here along with everything else. Fans of the original will like this remix; I predict, though the song I've always felt was predictable too until the final third. Solid remix! B+ 2. Temple of Chaos couples faster, more aggressive movement with elegant, eastern influence. The first several minutes are engaging and infectious; the layers integrate seamlessly. I don't care for the hocus pocus fire ball effects, though they add to the characteristic approach in a somewhat cheesy (if not catchy) B-Movie kind of way. Everything else sound. Actually, the swirling first 2:34 is excellent, and the rest remains great after a wild synth enters to compliment the ethnic, eastern influence. This is a very good song. B+ 3. Blue Pyramid is the first non-remix track that you may fall in love with. The ambient notes are magical. The song is consistently gripping, reinventing itself with loving harmonies, elegant soundscapes, psychedelic rivers, and streams. This is a superb song with strong and memorable melodies and sounds throughout. Beautiful work! A 4. Ganymede strangely has an opening virtually identical to that of Caprica from D5's TransAddendum album. Still this is a great track with outstanding work. I'll save it for your ears... I think I would have found this track more impressive if it preceded Blue Pyramid. That said, it's excellent. A- 5. Phoenix I find lackluster, messy, and repetitive in melody, sound, arrangement, and direction. It isn't the worst thing I've heard. Some will like it. I find it rushed sounding, like the layers were quickly piled on. This is probably my least favorite D5 track. C 6. The Zarkon Principle begins with that wonderful, gentle male voice associated with D5 in various tracks. The song gradually builds in the first half, and becomes more arresting in the second, 3:38 forward. The song works well in subtle ways, and has a gentle, warm feel throughout. Those who enjoyed D5's Second Phaze may appreciate this lighter (though the beat has oomph) approach. The last few minutes could have been a little more catchy, stood out more. Great track. B+ 7. Intastella is another old-school number with great, mind-bending melodies and rhythms. The beat changes up more; the music cuts off and returns to dynamic effect. The group's use of gentle sounds combined with edgy ones works to exceptional effect. The song evolves after the 4th/5th minute into one that's more evocative and arresting. The melody/sound work is excellent! A- 8. Tribes of the moon is an imaginative and gripping closing number. Solid track. A- In conclusion, this is a rare release in Goatrance, and it's very good if not great. I would have waited closer to Christmas or at summer to release it, but Suntrip probably has something else planned. Overall I enjoyed TransAddendum as a whole in comparison more, but I'm comparing diamonds to rubies. For fans of D5, morning trance, melodic goa, and the collection of rare gems in the genre, this is a tasty treat. Thank you D5, Suntrip, and Tim Schuldt for making this possible. I heard none of these songs, save for sampling before the album came out. This made me feel like they released brand new work today, from their sound I enjoyed most back then. Favorite tracks - 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, B+ Sample / Order https://www.suntriprecords.com/release/cat/SUNCDLE02/
  10. Staring Into Nothingness. Words only describe. This track is marvelous! A Hear the full song on Youtube here:
  11. Still after all these years... one of my favourite chill out tracks of all time... just beautiful!
  12. Antares - Exodus 2011 Suntrip Records 1. The Exodus 2. Mysticism 3. Aurum Solis 4. The 4th Dimension 5. Dreaming Universe 6. Mount Meru 7. Astral Plane 8. Sun Sanctuary Antares has made some fantastic Goatrance songs on previous compilations. Exodus is the artist's debut album. How is it? 1. The Exodus is an vibrant opening. It sounds influenced by nature, almost Khetzal/Corolle-esque in opening concept however with Antares's unique vision and appeal. I like the ambient notes, the positive warm vibes, harmonies, and the supporting ethereal sounds throughout. There is some really beautiful work here. The song is relaxing, traveling, most importantly catchy. It flows well from beginning to end. Well done. B+ 2. Mysticism is warm, emotive, relaxing, and contemplative. The male hymns are a great touch. There are male choir hymns, as if at church or prayer throughout that gives the song a distinct, spiritual vibe. It's catchy, and adds to the developing character. Great track. B+ 3. Aurum Solis is the first song to really break the album out energetically. This is an excellent, climatic goatrance number. It's exciting, delectable, and great from beginning to end. This is the strongest more energetic (of tracks 3, 4, 6, 7, 8) number on the album which has so far been getting better (catchier IMO?) as it progresses. Well done! A- 4. The 4th Dimension starts off with an interesting voice sample about space. This is another high energy number after the previous, stellar one. The synth at 1:20 is catchy. It switches up around 1:40 and maintains a catchy feel. Another sound enters at 2:50. It works well, and exits as a grittier one at 3:30 arrives. The issue I find, is the returning melody from 2:50 returns. As opposed to new ideas, the same repetitious melody segments are used throughout the entire song. There are some subtle alterations and development as the song progresses, but it is overcast by the redundant sound that by the second half, is just too obvious not to ignore. I find that this song is less imaginative, catchy, and ambitious in every way from the previous one. This is a pretty good song that becomes monotonous after the first few minutes. B- 5. Dreaming Universe is long and floaty. Unfortunately it fails to engage me past the first few minutes. This is because the catchier part, that being the flute takes absence early on. The melody at 1:35 is catchy, but this catchy element leaves too early on and very little that's gripping arrives to further the baton. What we're left with is not that engaging nor memorable I feel. From around 4:00 forward, the song becomes more dependent on its floating textures. Not that there's anything wrong with floating textures, i.e: E-Mantra. The result here though is predictable. The sounds grow monotonous as opposed to trance-inducing, or at least gripping. By the fifth minute I await something catchy to revive the song. By the sixth, I've grown tired and restless. A good example of an ethereal (floaty) goatrance song not dependent on synth leads is RA's Transcendent, or Khetzal's opening on the Corolle album, or this album's opening! This fails to keep my attention though. I find it dull, lackluster, and boring. Even with an okay melody here and there, the overall song is forgettable. In a nutshell, this song starts off well and grows repetitious the more it progresses. This was my issue with the previous song but moreso here. More tasty ingredients in the second half and some re-working could have helped. C 6. Mount Meru is a return to what was working well before the previous number's unintended snore-fest for some, not all. Mount Meru has some catchy melody/sound work in the first half, though none of it arrests my attention. The guitars around the seventh minute are good. The song isn't as strong as Aurum Solis, though it's another solid uptempo vehicle with memorable melody work in the last third. This is a good track with great elements. Well done. B+ 7. Astral Plane, like the previous track isn't as powerful or as ambitious as Aurum Solis in my opinion. There's a lot to admire and enjoy here though. It's emotive layers are gripping and enhance the melody/sound work around them. The song becomes catchier as more layers arrive, integrating with the others. There is a transition in the middle that provides an opportunity for new development; the emotive notes are catchy! The song embraces new terrain well, though the second act could have been catchier. It's good. The vehicle enters a second interlude around the sixth minute that's more contemplative than the last. The returning music this time is more engaging. Added to nice effect are key changes coupled with the emotive notes providing harmony and feeling. This artist creates some really wonderful, evocative work here. Great track! B+ 8. Sun Sanctuary is atmospheric and danceable. Its juicy melody/sound work is great. This vehicle is a deliciously designed, uptempo (in closing) goatrance number. There's a fluid smoothness, style, and sound to this song that's more alive and dynamic sounding than numerous songs on the album. The echoed effects are extremely catchy. Even though the melodies don't stay with me as long as they do on some of the other tracks, the overall style and approach here is memorable. Excellent track. A- Exodus is a good album filled with creativity, mystical elements, positive/warm energy, sounds, and feeling. It lacks taking risks and is a bit tame in that regard. It also has few tracks with shortcomings due to repetition, and a track (Dreaming Universe) in the middle of the that drags after the first few minutes. I would have loved a catchier song in place of it like Eureka or Aurora (also by this artist). Dreaming Universe brought down the album for me. I also found The 4th Dimension a step back, right when the album's becoming catchier from Aurum Solis. So I would have loved stronger new tracks in place of those since the work around them (even elements of those tracks themselves) is just so good, harmonious, and enjoyable. Exodus is a good album filled with warmth, beauty, passion, and spirit. Favorite tracks - 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8 B+
  13. This album's style is more homogeneous. There are no climaxes, twists, and turns. Or crazy synth leads. It is however very, VERY melodic, floaty; the album works in subtle ways to trance the listener (assuming it works on you! ). Whereas each time I listen to Hallucinogen, Cosmosis, Transwave, Pleiadians, MFG, Infected Mushroom (first several albums) etc., I feel that those albums are not only timeless, classic, and infectious, but easily accessible too. I tried listening to Second Phaze again in 2013 and found the tracks quite similar sounding which I read here. Mooncake starts strong, but low on variety as it progresses I feel. That said, the album is for real melodic lovers of Goatrance. The songs that jumped out at me right away upon returning to this is Mooncake (the beginning of the song), Mind To Mind, though I've always found Flow on the debut superior. The other song is Polaris 2 due to the second half of the song (my favorite part on the album). I LOVE the melody arrangement, composition around the fifth minute forward; it's magical, beautiful, harmonious stuff, exactly how I remember it after all these years: warm, euphoric sounds! Depending on state of mind, one could find Second Phaze absorbing and immersive, or boring, monotonous, uneventful, even lazy in comparison to their other albums because the work is more, I don't know... progressive for Goa sounding if that's even accurate to say (which it probably isn't!) Having said that, maybe I've become spoiled by the more eventful work and synth leads in D5's Trans Addendum that I'm enjoying very much. This is a rare release with beauty and harmony! I wonder why the artists decided to approach the second album being more floaty, less edgy than Transdimensional... and later releases: Trans Addendum and Transteller. It's a unique release and their least accessible album to date in my opinion.
  14. We saw it last night and thought it was a terrible film. The visuals were... different. I can't even say they were good or bad. Half the shots were out-of-focus and blurry whether intentional or not. That wasn't our complaint. We sat through this for 110 minutes confused, unsure what was happening and why. It was like watching a two hour music video with no story or explanation. The pacing was drowning. Sitting through this was a boring, convoluted mess. The good? I liked the score, though one of the tunes reminded me of Phantasm. John Carpenter's Prince of Darkness also had a solid, synth score throughout. I found that film a lot more watchable than this one. This film could have been great, like Cube or the Portal games if it had a clever, strong and eventful screenplay, good pacing, character development, an actual story, etc. But it was a bunch of ideas sprinkled in vagueness from start to finish. A little like Eden's Log relative to confusing. We were lost. From what we gathered, a girl with a unique TK ability is imprisoned against her will in some type of facility that conducts unethical, psychological experiments. A deranged man; we're not sure if he's even human or monster observes the girl. He enacts his negative thinking by projecting thoughts of fear, hopelessness. We're not sure why she's here. She doesn't speak a single word in the entire film. There is a long, tedious flash back of another world or realm with this man; it's dreamlike but vague and edited around extended, over-exposed shots where you can barely make out people. At one point, a Tron-esque robot figure walks down the hall. No reason why. She escapes in the end past a tortured looking man (we can assume there are others captured), and the deranged man follows her. He also dies in the most lame way regardless that it is inferred that she "controlled" how he died. It was clear he was a terrible person and should have suffered more (not at all?). THE END. The movie could be summed up as a bad trip, and not a very entertaining one. I'm all for psychedelic, far out films (Altered States, Waking Life, etc) and colorful films (Go see OZ, nothing great but decent w/ great visuals), etc. But Beyond The Black Rainbow was just bad we felt, drawn out, boring, uneventful, vague, tedious to sit through, and an overall negative experience. This makes me want to go see Solaris again, or something slow that actually had what I consider quality and substance. NO STARS
  15. Jon Cocco

    Koxbox - Dragon Tales

    Kudos on the cover art. Their Forever After album is more melodic and I like it more. That said, this has some great tracks. Doctor Mesmer for instance has more harmonies, melodies that engage me around the psychedelic work. The album's generally not my cup of tea. Some people will like the computerized, experimental, and robotic approach though. You got to give these artists credit for innovating whether you like it or not. Best tracks IMO are: 3, 4, 5, 7, 8.
  16. This is one of the most solid and underrated Goatrance albums ever released. Tracks 3, 5, 7, 8, 9 are all great, and a few of the others are good too! I don't care for track 4; it sounds monotonous, not catchy, or memorable. I usually skip it. The last track is fantastic, like Goatrance set to a techno beat and bass line. Overall, great album, very psychedelic and creative! B+
  17. I am finally getting to dig into and appreciate this after immersing myself in TransAddendum, and adding my review of that album in the 2013 section here: Dimension 5 - TransAddendum I have never heard ANY of these songs before this release. Though some listeners have, some haven't. But why release them so close? I would have waited a few months maybe, built anticipation so that the second is not overcast by the quench of the first but that's me. The general Goa fan won't care the timing I imagine. If anything, he/she will want them as soon as available! No need to explain really. I'm just happy they're here! Thanks guys for bringing back our favorite music from over the years!
  18. Fractal Glider - Digital Mandala 2003 01. Tabla Trek 02. Megatonne 03. Titanium Walls 04. Striker 05. Things That Go Bump 06. My World 07. 6 Degrees 08. Mezmorized (Rmx) 09. The Stem Cell March 3rd, 2013 - I heard this album for the first time, 10 years after its release! Over the years I avoided this follow up due to getting the impression that it lacked Goa-influence, or was more mainstream full on (means generic to me). This isn't Goatrance; there's influence I think. I didn't consider the first album entirely Goa anyway. 01. Tabla Trek - I love how this starts out, and wish he found a way to show case the beginning two minutes sound more throughout the song. Overall a pretty good song. 08. Mezmorized (Rmx) is an awesome remix. It's "bird chirping" sound effect I find irritating (as it progresses) though, and the end's a little messy (over-layered, muddled) sounding. A- Conclusion - There's lots of catchy stuff here. Digital Mandela is NOT generic Full On. It IS Psytrance with some Goa-influence here and there, more or less like Parasite. The debut is more intense, chaotic; his sound here stands out more on certain tracks; it more refined. The artist produces such a nice, catchy, and unique sound in the beginning of Table Trek. That creative, harmonious influence unfortunately does not take place again in the sound once it exits at 2:14. It could have developed to avoid sounding repetitious. That said, it flows into the music that's quite catchy. I agree with Trance2MoveJ about track 2, the strange synth work early on (like an instrument crying) I don't find appealing. The album has moments that work better than others in that sense; thanks to experimenting, he produced some really fantastic work. This follow up doesn't have the powerful intros as few tracks on the debut had. There are some great intros and songs nonetheless! This is a solid follow up. Favorites - 1, 5, 8, 9. B
  19. Dimension 5: TransAddendum Suntrip Records 2013 1. Altair 2. Zarkon 3. Strange Phenomena 4. Return To The Source 5. Caprica 6. Symphonic Switch 7. Alpha Particles 8. Deep Space 5D (Thai Remix) Prior to 2013's releases of TransAddendum and Transstellar, I thought I had heard all of Dimension 5's tracks; D5 being one of the most famous groups in Psychedelic Goa-Trance. The debut, Transdimensional is a great album that many consider classic. While I didn't feel the same about every song, I found Deep Space 5D, Psychic Influence, and Flow some of the best songs ever created, with numerous others on levels of greatness. My expectations weren't high with TransAddendum; I was just thankful, really curious, and excited to hear unreleased songs by D5. Surprisingly, I find some of the songs on TransAddendum better than some of the ones on Transdimensional, and vice-versa to be fair. 1. Altair doesn't throw the best stuff at you just yet. It's not filled with many events, twists, and turns. The first half is decent, but with D5's melodic edge and ingredients that enhance the recipe along the way. The last third articulates the melodies, showcases them more. This is just the opening track and it's solid. The more I hear it, the more I like it! B+ 2. Zarkon has a strong, melodic passage than stands out more than the previous track. The song really shines in the first half, from 2:26 to 5:47. The voice samples are unique. The interlude in the second third is nice too! I don't care for how the otherwise effectively psychedelic synth line changes up from 3:48 to 4:25, reoccurring from 5:19 to 5:58. I find it distracting and unnecessary. The song without its reprisal would have sounded bare, but something different in the fifth minute could have sufficed. Others may have no qualm with my gripe. Fortunately, the artists bring back the tasty lead in the last two minutes which salvages the end. This is a pretty good song with elements of greatness. B 3. Strange Phenomena is the first song to really grab me with the synth lead. The intro is short and emotive. The lead that enters in the second minute sounds determined and gripping, and the usage of voice samples compliments. The lead returns several times which is nice; the melody/sound work around it is solid. The song breaks for an interlude. Then suddenly evolves into Cosmosis-esque psychedelia, as if inspired by Synergy(!) around the fifth minute. Strange Phenomena is kind of like the Psychic Influence of TransAddendum to some degree with the melodies, driving direction, and voice samples. I'm amazed that this wasn't released before. Though nothing groundbreaking, it's better than numerous songs from the classic Transdimensional album in my opinion. Excellent work. A- 4. Return To The Source involves synth leads less prominent than Caprica. The supporting structures stand out more; they're more psychedelic, textured and immersive as if to load the vehicle with options. The track grows catchier as it progresses. It isn't very eventful though. That said, the layering is well done. Continuous blending takes precedence over changes of scenery so to speak. Overall, this is great song! A- 5. Caprica begins like something out of NeverEnding Story. The opening is ethereal, heavenly; it's gorgeous, like a castle floating in the sky or a beloved fantasy film unfolding before your eyes (ears). I love the work at the beginning of this song that reprise later. The style becomes more elaborate as it unfolds. During a floating interlude, the opening notes return. This approach is wonderful; the notes seamlessly flow into the uptempo work; it's catchy! I love songs that get better as they progress. The artist's have produced another gem with Caprica! I think a tremendous downtempo song could come out of the fantasy sound here with more development of those sounds. The first and last several minutes is magical; everything in-between deserves attention. Superb work! A 6. Symphonic Switch for some will be a melodic Goa fanboy's dream. It's one of the most melodic songs D5 has ever made. I love the nostalgic sound in the opening two minutes, the lead at 0:30 like something out a futuristic movie; this could have been on the Tron: Legacy soundtrack! I love the ambient notes, the plucking sound in the second minute that later reprise, the melodies, soundscapes, tune-driven interludes, and how the song develops. The last two minutes could have been tighter though, from 7:37 to close. Or the song could have ended around 7:37, without the drum roll, because the last two minutes didn't express much. Furthermore, the song doesn't seem to know when to end; how and when it fade seems odd and abrupt, as if soon after the song attempts a third-wind, so to speak. This song could have used some touching up towards the end, but as a whole, it's great. The melodies are wonderful. A- 7. Alpha Particles is more futuristic than the previous numbers. It involves more emphasis around the beat; the song's delectable, driving, and infectious. The first two minutes isn't anything great. They are more or less buildup to an indelibly designed liquid vehicle that comes to fruition in the second and third act. The pulsating bass line is hypnotic. Alpha Particles is a more sophisticated and advanced; it's crafted with technical skill and attention to details outside of melody leads, twists, turns, and climaxes that are generally associated with Goatrance. The song's inventive, kinetic, and mature. The purposely incoherent, skipping, vocals in the last third's background blends in with everything else remarkably. This song may take time to grow on numerous listeners due to its melody work taking a backseat to the experimental approach. Well done! A 8. Deep Space 5D (Thai Remix) is like an ethnic-influenced version of the original to some degree, that being the most famous song on the debut. The classic, opening notes get me drunk with euphoria. Listeners will enjoy the vast, creative differences of the two versions. The hypnotic sound was simply more hypnotic in the original version. The hair on my head doesn't stand up this time. I'm not induced into a deep trance, but that's not a bad thing. The song is more aggressive and showcases catchy ideas and approaches from that of the original. Sold remix! A- In Conclusion, D5's TransAddendum is a splash of old-school, nostalgic bliss with updated production values. D5 is huge when it comes to catchy rhythms and melodies, and TransAddendum is no exception. It's Psychedelic Goatrance in one of its purest forms. While the first two songs are solid, I didn't care for some of the distorted synth work in Zarkon. My attention was grabbed from Strange Phenomena forward, and going back, I enjoy the album straight through now. This release is filled with talent, delectable harmonies, and rhythms. It's for fans of Goatrance, both old and new. It's D5 as you remember them, a list of carefully selected, unreleased songs from the 1990's, mastered (or re-mastered) and released for the first time. The strange thing is that they did release a second album called Second Phaze... and it wasn't as good as this one! Thank you D5, Tim Schuldt for the wonderful mastering, and Suntrip Records for making this album possible along with D5's Transstellar album. Highly recommended for fans of Goatrance! Favorite tracks: 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, A- Samples / Order Psyshop http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/sut/sut1cd027.html Saiko http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display_release.asp?id=9228 Suntrip http://www.suntriprecords.com/product/item/SUNCD27/
  20. I don't know how I feel about Asura releasing an album with mainly comp songs already released. It's been done before. Land of Freedom sounds more complete finally thanks to the extended mix; it's great. Same with Fahrenheit. Basically if you missed these tracks and are a fan, I recommend at least sampling them. The music's beautiful. Surprisingly, I never heard any version of Planisphere 7. I like it, how it develops and the end. Vangelis is decent too. Marianna Falls and Everlasting is excellent; I reviewed many of these on the elemental comp around 2010. I'd like the songs I don't have from this album. Asura is one of the best artists producing music today. I would even say Charles Farewell is my favorite artist in the Chill-Out genre if I had to pick one. Same with my girlfriend and several friends of mine I helped get into Asura. Really beautiful work, filled with feeling, love and light. I am looking forward to the next big release with all new songs. Sample the full album here. http://www.altar-records.com/asura.html
  21. Infected Mushroom - Army of Mushrooms 2012 The Messenger 2012 (track) is well done. The Rat and Nation of Wusses is pretty good until the last 3 minutes where the epic, dramatic feel is lost and exchanged for what sounds like a goofy version of the same song. These artists obviously know what works because they end their album with a solid song. Bursts of emotive moments off-set the badness, i.e: Serve My Thirst from 1:50 to 2:28.... <--- that's good! Why isn't the rest of the song this catchy?! The lyrics on "U R So Fucked" come across as juvenile, just bad. No thanks! Much of the album sounds like noise to me; it's not catchy. Too often they digress, such as in Nation of Wusses; they had a good thing going. The goup has a chance to say aware stuff that's engages considering the vocals. Too often it comes across as egoic: shallow and superfluous. These guys have so much talent; I wish they'd just stick with stuff that's aware. Help make the world a better place. Write songs that inspire. I won't even bother rating this album. It sounds like anxiety where a plethora of ideas, both good and bad infect the songs. The Messenger 2012 is great though. Buy it for 1$ off Apple's MP3 Store, Amazon MP3, or the likes. Actually why am I promoting this album? Just hear the song(s) on youtube for free. You can always buy the album or the songs you like. Money is too tight now days to spend it on a bunch of average stuff that's disappointing. Update: WOW. B.P. Empire automatically started playing in my iTunes after this album and sounds AMAZING compared to this...so imaginative, creative, catchy, and visionary. I love IM's first three albums as much. I'm open to their new stuff to like Legend of the Black Schwarma too and find that LOTBS is significantly better than this convoluted mess, though it has its moments.
  22. Idea! In a NEW THREAD we could list our favorite new school Goa albums. People could go back and edit their comments if they wanted to. Suntrip for instance released so many albums since I opened this thread in 2008. My favorite Suntrip albums include.. Filteria - Daze Of Our Lives - Sky Input Khetzal: Corolle RA - 9th D5 - TransAddendum Crossing Mind: Inner Shift V/A Comps - Temple of Chaos - Sundrops
  23. +1 Btw look at the dates. This argument was in November, 2012. TO Richpa and E-Mantra: Guys, I have disagreements with people too. I handle stuff privately, over the phone, IM, e-mail, or in person (for me the latter works the best but isn't possible for everyone depending on location). That said - NOT on public forums (threads) or the likes. None of you are bad people. Both of you explained your views. You're adults. Grow up. And will a someone please EDIT this thread. The BS on the first few pages side tracked album MUSIC focus.
  24. This album is excellent. If you like Psy-Ambient, Psy-Chill, Tribal/Psy-influenced Trance, etc. This album combined it beautifully. My favorite Chill-releated album of 2012. There's so much feeling and mood. My honorable mention goes to RA - Unearthly also released by Altar Records. Check out the samples. We need more stuff like this. Keep putting it out there. Wake them the world with this stuff. And make sure to market it, youtube, facebook. Positive, wonderful music! Samples: http://www.altar-records.com/akshan.html
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