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  1. Great idea and thread! So much better than "Best Albums Ever" which I've seen enough. Btw you realize that over the next several decades, these may change, right? My Top 10 Goa of the 00's 1. RA - 9th A- 2. Filteria - Daze Of Our Lives A 3. Chi A.D. - Earth Crossing (Unreleased) A- 4. Khetzal - Corolle A- 5. Transwave - Backfire A 6. Filteria - Sky Input A- 7. Dimension 5 - Transdemensional (Re-Mastered, Re-Release) A- 8. Crop Circles - Tetrehedron (Re-Mastered, Re-Release) A- 9. RA - To Sirius A- 10. Chi-A.D. - Infinitism - A- 11. SynSUN - The Full Power Of Goa - Underrated A- 12. Torakka - Far Out Express - Underrated A- 13. Radical Distortion - Psychedelic Experiences A- 14. Filteria - Remixed and Unreleased A- 15. Merr0w - Born Underwater B+ 16. Goasia - From Other Spaces B+ 17. Astral Projection - Amen B+ 18. Filteria - Heliopolis B+ My Top 10 Downbeat of the 00's 1. Phutureprimitive - Sub Conscious A- 2. Jikkenteki - The Long Walk Home (Chill Side) A 3. Solar Fields - Movements A 4. Asura - Code Eternity - A- 5. Distant System - Spiral Empire B+ 6. Shpongle - Tales of The Inexpressible A- 7. Shpongle - Ineffable Mysteries From Shpongleland A- 8. Asura - Life2 B+ 9. Electrypnose - Subliminal Melancholies A- 10. Aes Dana - Memory Shell B+ 11. Younger Brother - Flock Of Bleeps B+ 12. Younger Brother - The Last Days Of Gravity B+ 13. Tripswitch - Circuit Breaker B+ 14. Asura - Lost Eden B 15. Ott - Skylon B 16. V/A - Fahrenheit Project 2 B+ 17. Abakus - That Much Closer to the Sun (fairly dry album IMO with some very good highs i.e: moments and tracks) B My Top 10 Psytrance of the 00's 1. Fractal Glider - Parasite A- 2. Jikkenteki - The Long Walk Home (Uptempo side) A 3. Infected Mushroom - B.P. Empire A- 4. Infected Mushroom - Classical Mushroom A- 5. Talpa - The Art of Being Non B+ 6. Xenomorph - Demagoguery Of The Obscurants A- 7. Jikkenteki - Flights Of Infinity A- 8. Space Cat - Power Up (2002) B+ 9. Dark Soho - Sunspot B+ 10. Mantrix - Universal B+ 11. Violet Vision - First Sign Of Communication B+ / A- 12. Four Carry Nuts - Mechanical Age B+ 13. Juno Reactor - Labyrinth - B+ 14. Dark Soho - Combustion B+ 15. Penta - Horn Please B+ 16. Psychoz: 2012 There Is No Return B+ 17. Talamasca - Beyond the Mask B+ 18. Miranda - Asynja B 19. Nystagmus - The Immaculate Perception B My Top PSY Other of the 00's 1. Electrypnose - Funked Up B+ / A- 2. Infected Mushroom - Converting Vegetarians CD2: Other Side) B+
  2. 1. First of all, thank you Mars for doing this. It seems like a ton of work that I hope in the future is made easier for whoever does it. Possibly there can be a system where someone writes "Artist - Album" in that sense, and the coded program will atomically count such titles in their respective order. I'm no computer programer though, just imagined the idea if workable one day. Since tracking down every release sounds overwhelming to me. 2. I feel voting should be publically shown. Showing people's names with their "Best Of" choices (as done in the past where we were able to change our original post anyway) gives less people incentive to anonymously hype or push up a release just to give it attention. While kind people are always welcome, many of us know each other on here and just by our names. We've grown a greater understanding, trust over the years and I'm not concerned in the least bit for others to see my votes. I'd like everyone to see my picks, just as I'm curious to see what a handful of other people (who've given solid recommendations in the past) choose as Best Of. Either way, I'll vote.
  3. I have never seen CGI performances so strong in a film before, though Gollum in LOTR I felt was great at the time. This felt more humanistic. It was great to see the actors not only say, but do virtually all of the movements physically (as I now saw on the link below). The general concept was like the movie 300, but this had not just great action but strong character development, emotion. The story was good, just nothing groundbreaking like the visuals. I actually loved the story, how it was executed in the world of Pandora. Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within on the other hand I found disappointing because it lacked substance. I really cared about the characters in Avatar, and what happened to them, and the story. I like films where the characters grow and develop. The antagonist felt real, relentless. James Cameron married elements from Terminator 2 (relentless villain) with Titanic (love story), and this was a great idea I felt that worked wonderfully. Naturally I realize not everyone will love/like the movie. I thought Avatar was a beautiful, awakening film and I hope it wins best picture. Caught this link on page one, posting it again here, thanks. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7c4kNLz_4E8&feature=related
  4. I'm listening to the samples right now on Suntrip (below). For those who miss Jannis' more intense work, he remixed a handful of his very best intense, high energy tracks! The samples sound AWSOME. The remix album also seems to be close to 100 minutes long based on the track times on Suntrip's site. And track 3, Poem appears to be a new song in the Sky Input meets Heliopolis style?! http://www.suntriprecords.com/shop/item/SUNDG01/
  5. This is a great release and deserves more attention. That is all.
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    District 9

    I also thought that the film was excellent. It was interesting, aware, and innovative. A- Just wait until you see Avatar though. I just opened a thread, posted a short review in this section! My favorite films of 2009 are as follows... Avatar District 9 Star Trek The Road Happy Holidays!
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    Avatar (2009)

    AVATAR 2009 I just saw Avatar the other night. Have any of you seen it yet? My friend's and I absolutely loved it. My take... The movie is superb. I loved Pandora (their planet). It's amazing. Watching this movie was like a dream come true. It's such a beautiful, powerful, and potent, and meaningful film with elements of harmony, unity, love (deep connections), freedom, and more. Before we walked in, I was a little reluctant on the characters because they're CG (computer generated) and blue, and I heard very little about the story. Once the film began however, any uncertainties melted away. The characters (played by real people throughout, then CG'd) look and develop wonderfully. I cared about them very much, especially the man and woman as the story progressed. The story isn't groundbreaking; it's very well done though. I didn't know this is a love story! Director James Cameron took some of the most classic elements from a handful of the best films and married them together here, through his vision, which is awesome. The visuals are groundbreaking. Score and sound is excellent. Action sequences are imaginative. They're more effective because they have substance, a good story/plot, characters to back them up. The film is passionately produced, at times magical, and made me fall in love with movies all over again. At times I wondered, how did they do that?, it's so beautiful, creative, impressive on so many levels. Avatar is, in my opinion, one of, if not the most visually absorbing films to date, and one of the most important (meaningful) films ever produced. I highly recommend seeing it in theaters, 3D or otherwise. Both have gotten great reception. Chances are you will really like and/or fall in love with this movie. Highly Recommended. PG-13 A Other films I enjoyed in 2009 include District 9, Star Trek, The Cove, The Road and Taken. Avatar is my favorite film of the year to date. Trailer http://www.apple.com/trailers/fox/avatar/ Critic Reviews: Rotten Tomatoes / Yahoo Movies http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/avatar/ http://movies.yahoo.com/movie/1809804784/info Where it stands in the All Time Box Office http://www.boxofficemojo.com/alltime/world/
  8. SynSUN - Full Power of Goa Phototropic Records 2009 01 - Clinical Experiment (6:50) 02 - Purgatory (1:23) 03 - Spider's Llullaby (12:01) 04 - Hoffman's Delivery (10:57) 05 - Diver (9:54) 06 - Deep (7:56) 07 - Dancing Shiva (6:22) 08 - Sun Downward (6:58) 09 - Ambient Sun (7:19) This is a great Psychedelic Goa-Trance album. Produced in 2000 and not officially released at the time. The album has been Re-Mastered. It is also SynSUN's best Goa album album to date IMO. I will add more to the tracks soon. It's Christmas Eve and I'm trying to do many things in one day. 01. Clinical Experiment has many nice sounds, a well crafted braiding rhythm, and more. Little sound particles meet others; a dynamic, little Goa particle dances for attention around numerous other attractive ingredients. The work is fairly subtle, without sonic streams or an individual melody that stands out so much. My only gripe is that the melody/sound work isn't that memorable. It has some really nice sounds that blend together extremely well. I just wish there was more zest, evolution to it. Pretty good track. B- 02. Purgatory is a tiny interlude to the next track. It's so short, I can't even rate it. 03. Spider's Llullaby improves in melody/sound work from the opening. It's great, very catchy, and has numerous, tasty rhythms that develop as the song progresses. B+ 04. Hoffman's Delivery starts off pretty good. Suddenly in the third to forth minute, the track becomes excellent, and maintains its strong direction for the rest of the track until the wonderful evolution towards the end. Awesome work. A 05. Diver is another strong vehicle, filled with upbeat, zip-lifting melodies, sounds, creating a sweet and playfully fun rhythm that becomes more emphasized as the song progresses. It's not a masterpiece, but it's great nonetheless. A- 06. Deep is one of the darker tracks on the album. The first several minutes are superb, like a powerful dragon let loose right out of the demon's gate. As with Hoffman's Delivery, the song has strong and dynamic melody/sound work. The tone here is more aggressive, intense than virtually all songs on the album. The last few minutes seem less refreshing than the first two thirds, but the artist adds enough ingredients to keep this one on interesting, driving, and engaging. Excellent number! A- 07. Dancing Shiva is my least favorite song since the opening. It sounds less complex than the other tracks, a bit older, production wise than the others too. Nonetheless, the song has a stand out sound, melody emphasis, and drive. Incorporates are nice, ethnic Goa touches. A decent to pretty good track. Nothing superb. B 08. Sun Downward appears as if it is (or could be) a remix of one of the song's from SynSUN's debut (the album with the big, red devil on the cover). This is so much catchier I feel. The bass line, altered sound/melody work is superb. A- 09. Ambient Sun is a great mid-tempo ending. It doesn't have the most memorable melody lead, but the overall song is enjoyable, smooth, light, and upbeat from start to finish. Strong closing track. B+ In conclusion, this is one of the most solid post 2000 Goa albums to date. No track is less than good. Track 1 and 7 are decent, pretty good at best, and they alone don't come close to have great this album is. I ordered the album online for around 10 dollars, brand new, reasonable, and it took about a week to receive. This is one of the best albums of 2009 and a rare gem in Psychedelic Goa-Trance. I wish SynSun produced more music like this now days because it's so much fun to listen to (colorful, psychedelic, catchy), rather than Full On, which has basically done nothing innovative for years IMO. Full Power of Goa is a colorful, creative, psychedelic, and fun trip that tastes better as it progresses. The only thing I wish is the artist included a Goa-influenced downtempo number in the end, but the Mid-Tempo closing number is good/great. This album is highly recommended for Psy/Goa fans. Favorite tracks - 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9. A- Sample / Order / Buy Click on the track title to sample it here: http://www.phototropicrecords.com/synsunfullpowerofgoa.php http://kunaki.com/msales.asp?PublisherId=114152 (Kunaki Credit card payment) http://Kunaki.com/MSales.asp?PublisherId=114152&PP=1 (Kunaki Paypal payment) http://www.neptunwave.de/product_info.php?products_id=1028 Wow. It's only $6.99 on Amazon MP3 downloads?! I just saw this now. They should be 99 cents a track IMO, and even I try to save money. The cover's very cool btw. I bought the actual album. http://www.amazon.com/Full-Power-Of-Goa/dp/B002Z3PDNE/ref=dm_ap_alb1
  9. I haven't listened to this album in a few months, but then again I haven't listened to Pleiadians I.F.O. (or most albums) in a while. I rarely like overplaying stuff, but decided to take it out again. There is a more color (refreshing elements via sounds, ideas) in this album than his previous two. I'm not fond of the over-reaching melody segments (that appear twice) in the second half of Infinite Regression. The end of Wormhole gets a little messy (less clarified) and could have been tightened up a bit. Lastly, the Float Away and Dissapear's intro and outro seems as if part of another track; they don't correlate as well in their transitioning, and the altered voice bit is a hit & miss IMO; it sounds like someone flipping a switch up and down manipulating the voice. Float Away's middle beat-driven Goa section is excellent, but could have gone on a little longer (the substantial part is only 3 minutes roughly) with more development, considering the intro/outro uses so much of the song's duration. It really is a great song! I realize nothing is perfect too. We'll occasionally find something less "ideal" to our ears, and I mention these things simply to put constructive feedback in the open for improvements in the future. The overall album has a fluid, smooth and delectible sound and feel, for the most part that few Goa albums reach to this degree. It's outstanding. This is, I feel the best Goatrance album of the last 5-10 years, though I realize not everyone will agree. It's far more evolved than the first two albums which I rarely listen to anymore. Jannis opened his sound up. In doing so, I find his work so much more enjoyable to to listen to. Thank you for this terrific release, Jannis/Filteria and Suntrip.
  10. Jon Cocco

    Yagya - Rigning

    Thanks for the links! With some research, I think I'll purchase the album on Amazon MP3. I'm glad they made it available there. From what I've heard so far, it sounds beautiful in a relaxed, background, meditative type of way. Very subtle and moving. I hope to download it (legally) soon. Yagya: Rigning ... longer samples / order new (thank you Nurbs): http://microsites.sendingorbs.com/so011/ Samples / Order MP3 http://www.amazon.com/Rigning/dp/B001R9AQAM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=dmusic&qid=1261068908&sr=8-1
  11. Jon Cocco

    Yagya - Rigning

    Where are you all listening to this album? I went to saikosounds and psyshop, but the only thing I found on either site was this group's previous album on saikosounds (which sounds really nice btw). Can someone please post sample links so people interested know where to sample and/or order the album after reading the review? Update: I found it at discogs but over-priced. Shouldn't saikosounds sell this? Where else is it available?
  12. E-mantra - Arcana Suntrip Records 2009 01. Praying Forest (Short) 02. Shamanistic Rituals 03. Last Encounter 04. War of The Hierophants 05. Approaching Nibiru 06. Dansul Ielelor 07. Ninive Under The Stars 08. Beyond The Boreas Arcana is one of the rare, dark Suntrip albums since Ka-Sol's Fairy Tales (2006). Darker not so much in the horror inspired Goa but a more otherworldly, atmospheric, and tonal sense. The artist seems more interested in creating an atmospheric world rather than individualizing melodic leads amongst layered backdrops. The result is unlike anything I have ever heard, one that you will really like or not, or like me- enjoy and appreciate to a degree, while admiring or maybe even finding less enjoyable to other degrees. Some of this album fails to engage my attention, and yet some parts I find terrific, novel, and fascinating. Some of the work on this album is superb. Opinions vary and words can only describe. 1. Praying Forest (Short Version) starts the album off with heavy, interesting atmospheric. The voice sample around 0:43 sounds like a super villain from a strong horror or Sci-Fi film, creating an evil vibe not present to this extent, anywhere else on the album. A beat appears within the first minute and occasional sounds arrive, repeat. Little seems to stand out in the first several minutes, until a clashing sound enters. It's fairly catchy, and remains in the background as more twisting sounds arrive. Unlike Pleiadian's and most space Goa however, which released strong leads into the swirling, elegant atmosphere, this song lacks a main melody. The reoccurring bass line and beat soon grow tiresome. A transition takes place around the third minute; breaking up the monotonous beat a little. But when it returns around 3:47, not much has changed musically, save for little tweaks, certain sounds rise up like little waves. But unlike artist Ethereal, who is known for creating elegantly flowing (rising up/down) Goa sounds like waves around an oceanic atmosphere, the sounds here are not so capturing, primarily because they seldom develop like melodies. Several minutes go by and at 5:34, the beat fades to accommodate a spacey transition. This area, from 5:40 to 6:10 is pretty good, catchy. The sounds are more alive, animated, more of what the song needs as opposed to relying on heavy atmosphere and textures with an often repetitive beat and bass line. Yet another artist who created a hypnotic vibe around a fairly repetitive beat and bass line is Filteria with the massive Earthrise track from 2009's Daze Of Our Lives album. This song however is too repetitive, uninteresting; it lacks the magic often built on a foundation, though several good ideas arrive later on when the song is almost over. I'm not why the E-mantra released this number as the first impression opening, let alone the album. It's mediocre. B- 02. Shamanistic Rituals begins with a voice sample in space. It sounds a bit awkward, considering the atmosphere (we're in space). With all of the alien backdrops, I thought we were on another planet or galaxy void of people. Aside from the otherwise cool (minus suspect voice) opening, the beat picks up and is enhanced with numerous details. Again, the atmosphere is great. The song introduces some decent sound fusions within the first several minutes, upping the intensity, but they don't develop much. A howling dog or wolf appears at 3:50 which takes away from the track in my opinion. Again, the general music was producing this other-worldly feel until the sound effect arrived. Directly after the howl is a gripping synth, and another. Unfortunately, the howling dog appears several more times; it's distracting, and just as the song's heating up. The melodic elements, sound work is catchier than the opening. Various, attractive sound fusions build atmospheric Goa islands, thicker sound spaces without the fun of a soaring Psy-rhythm lead often present in Psy/Goa albums. Around 6:25 introduces an aggressively enhancing sound, a transition, and a sweet little build up. From 6:45 to 7:39, I'm hooked in anticipation. Suddenly the beat returns, not a climactic rush, but similarly to before, and here is the problem. The artists had a chance to evolve the track, but they basically continued it, thus producing the buildup as a short lift rather than a fun transition into something more interesting, exciting. That said, the song does improve to some degree; it has some really nice elements, sounds that enhance the more open rhythm and textures, but the last third is basically a rearrangement of the first two. I can only imagine how magical this song could have been if the Goa work was even a third as developed and present as the wonderful atmosphere. Good track. B 03. Last Encounter has a short introduction, which is fine. The crisp and metallic melodic elements stand out; they're gripping. A voice sample around 1:57 is catchy too, making us feel as if we're in or around a space ship. Suddenly at 2:16, a sweet Goa melody/sound sentence appears. It's great. Two delicious sound/melody sentences take place here, a fast, tasty one, and a core, intensely supporting one. Both are complimented by creatively great drum work, adding strength, variety, and sound diversity to an album in need of it after the first two tracks. The drums leave around 4:25, and we reach a less intense zone in space. At this point, the core beat changes up, and one of the album's greatest strengths arrives, it's mid-tempo work. From around 4:40 to 5:30, the entire track shifts from atmospheric up-tempo, to smart and gripping Psy/Goa mid-tempo. This part is contagious; it's so catchy! I would love to hear more of it, developed. At around 5:40, the beat picks up, returning the music to its up-tempo opening with more energy and refreshment than at least before the solid transition. An elegant melody arrives towards the end. The sound is similar to Goasia's beautiful Sunrise track, but the execution involves less notes and support, so it feels less a leading current than a stand out melodic element. Nonetheless, a strong harmony is produced, elevating the album to higher ground in Goa space, similar in concept to what I've heard from artist Cybernetica on his spacey, tasty Nanospheric album. I wish that the album began on this track because it's great, and a clean slate relief after the first two nearly lifeless numbers. Great work! B+ / A- 04. War of The Hierophants starts out similarly to old school Pleiadians, sound- not melody wise. Not much takes place past the load of sounds, atmosphere in the first several minutes. I don't want to say they're filler, but they're nothing to build a portfolio around. Then something happens, OMG… from 3:58 to 5:00 is one of the catchiest moments IMO in New Skool Goatrance. The song's up-tempo speed is tweaked and shifts to mid-tempo. But it's not just that, but the synth leading choice, and how the artist enhances, echoes, and utilizes it. The result is a psychedelically irresistible treat that outdoes the other tweaked (mid-tempo?) segments on the album to date. I love this part and find so catchy and gripping, which now raises a huge question. Why can't the uptempo (synth leads) work be this catchy? After 5:00, the music returns to its up-tempo formula, but its new elements lack the dynamic progression, arrangement, and capability or catchiness that made Pleiadians, Filteria, and many other Goa artist tracks, for instance, grow even catchier in the final third. The final third of this track is okay; it's filler to me in comparison to the stylish, kinetic mid-tempo part. This is a solid song due to an awesome segment where the song basically goes into innovative metamorphosis in the middle third. That part I'd give an A, but the overall track I find solid, nothing spectacular. B+ / A- 05. Approaching Nibiru increases the intensity. The beat releases right away. Hi-hats enhance alien sounds, backdrop. The song enters a fairly interesting transition around 1:30. The atmosphere is generally eerie, cool, as if wind is moving through a funnel or filter. The effect's good. Some Goa sound enter within the first third too, though they seem to develop more around 3:15. The song improves when an echoed, psychedelic, rising up tune at 3:35 gains status, followed by another around 3:50. Other sounds in the distance are effective, and the rough tune/sound enhances the track for several minutes. Also catchy is distant cheering (without the sound of people per say) around 2:49, earlier on. Tweaked details like these are cool, unlike the obvious, howling dogs in the less stellar second track. I'm more engaged by the work here. The song basks in background textures and atmosphere until 5:44, when an inspirational melody lead (to some degree) enters. Thick atmosphere enriches this driving tune, soon supported by others. The rhythm is quite hypnotic and effective in this number, but it seems to lack something to make it stand out more among all the strong backdrop. This is a pretty good song, but nothing spectacular. B- 06. Dansul Ielelor is one of, if not, the best uptempo track on the album. This is due to strong melody/sound work that develops with numerous supports, and an occasionally revisiting rhythm, like a chorus. Both compliment the atmosphere. The emotive tune early on is gripping, soon coming together by psychedelic and catchy, melodic synth work. The melody that enters around 3:00 is good too, if a bit simple, but quickly altered, arranged with newer sounds, and strengthened by even more melodic supports. The first two thirds of the song are interesting; they build nicely; the last is strong too. Here, the energy picks up, enhancing the song. New sounds enter; they're great and confirm the amount of time and work invested in the song, with more addictive results I might add (the arriving Psy-melody around 5:50 being just one example). I wish that the uptempo tracks on this album had more sound/melody work (energy and excitement) invested around the great atmosphere and backdrops as existent on this song, for instance. This is one of the most enjoyable songs on the album. Great work! A- / A 07. Ninive Under The Stars has a continuously hooking, addictive sound, thanks to an impact effect that doubles the beat at times. The number is built on a strong foundation, and includes moving, atmospheric elements. The beat is joined with catchy, a metallic (that impact) sound, and soon supported by a powerful beat. The interlude in the middle is perfectly timed and mixed. For instance, it enhances the song by letting the music return with elements that are more interesting, that support the mid-tempo feel. Thee song goes in one direction, like Radical Distortion's Dying Earth (mid-tempo gem) on 2009's Psychedelic Dreams album. This number may seem uneventful for some, but is well done throughout. The sounds are nicely selected and brought together around drums and atmospheric elements, making the end result pretty powerful, contemplative, and driving. Background melody work around 1:40 sounds inspired by Khetzal class Corolle album; it's ethnic, Indian influenced possibly, and deliciously crafted nonetheless. The atmospheric interlude from around 4:07 to 5:00 is effective too, letting the song chill before returning. This song further develops with determination and fluidity; showcasing another side of the artist that's strong and deserving to produce more songs that are slower. Ninive Under The Stars is darkly rich, determined, powerful and engaging from beginning to end. A- / A 08. Beyond The Boreas ends the album with a second mid-tempo number. Personally I enjoyed the previous track more and feel that the album may have sounded even better had this come before Ninive Under The Stars. But some enjoy this more than that. Nonetheless, this is solid and refreshing. Think of the psychedelic work in Filteria's track, Float Away and Disappear, only without the elegant, arguably offbeat opening and closing, and well that song had a catchier center-third IMO. Beyond the Boreas maintains a spacey atmosphere, subtle harmony, contemplation, and visuals via soundscapes. The artist's mid-tempo work is musical and great from what I've heard throughout this album. I simply wish there was more of it, and more development of melodies, arrangement, etc. That said, the melody/sound work is given time to develop to some degree, and is complimented by ambient notes. The song tells a story and is more focused on its musical element than atmosphere. The sounds work is catchy, and enhanced around 5:12. The psychedelic rhythm is coupled with numerous, altered and echoed sound sentences. The ambient notes in the last minute are very well done too. I simply wish more harmony and emotion, to this level, took place. But many listeners seem to enjoy this song just the way it is. This is a smart and enjoyable mid-tempo number. Great work. B+ / A- CONCLUSION Arcana has some incredible strengths that sneak up when least expected at times. But its weaknesses leave much to be desired. I love atmosphere, the floating textures, and especially the immersive and tweaked (from uptempo) interlude-esque transitions that take place numerous times throughout the album. These are so interesting, more than the overall tracks (at times) themselves to me, in that they stand out and feel less repetitive. I miss that the songs lack memorable synth leads, tunes that brought to success virtually all known Goa artist today. Moreover, Arcana has a general bass line and beat that adds to this uptempo repetitive, especially in the first two, and occasional other tracks. As if intended to emphasize hypnosis, this approach generally works best when the sound/melody keeps my attention. Here the artist develops these massive, psychedelic foundations that are impressive. However I feel that he forgot to add the fun melody synths that compliment them. There is some memorable melody/sound work, but not enough to recommend the album for its melodies, synth leads, etc., despite there being a ton of melodic ingredients, like bits and pieces, soundscapes to accent and accentuate the moving atmosphere. Just listen to Tandu's Multimoods album, also dark, but infectious, but not half as atmospheric. That said, some will really like the cranked up, atmospherically detailed worlds here. But on the first two tracks, I can't help but feel an emptiness, a desire for a catchier synth (or synths) to hook onto. Some listeners may be put off for this lack of ingredient, while others may love the atmospheric, innovative approach to moving soundscape textures over an album that also emphasizes more fully realized melodies, not that there isn't any. They often appear already developed, sounding good albeit simple in nature before exiting. Hmmm... Arcana is one of the most unconventional releases in Goa Trance -- not just the second wave we call new school (skool) Goa. it's bound to draw some mixed reactions around its ingenuity and triumphs. To me, all the atmosphere and floating textures in the world cannot replace an album that has, but also seriously lacks memorable melodies to boot. Trust me, there's some on Tracks 2, 3, and 7, and a few segments on other tracks here and there. If the synth leads were as engaging as the atmosphere, developed soundscape/textures, and MID-TEMPO (!!!) segments and tracks, Arcana could have been a masterpiece (in my mind). The up-tempo work (roughly two thirds of the album) could have used more energy too (a few more buildups, climaxes, surprises (!!!), focal melodies, etc.). That said, I LOVE the tweaked tempo segments, e.g., Track 3 and can't deny the album is innovative and interesting in some ways due to its unconventional approach. I like that the artist/label released something different! The album improves as it progresses. It reaches Dansul Ielelor, a terrific uptempo track with memorable synths among the soundscapes and atmosphere (So I know there's potential for more). The album ends with two solid mid-tempo gems. To sum up the album, melody (synth) leads take a backseat to strong atmosphere, floating textures (soundscapes), though I'm glossing over a ton of development and creativity with that "sum" up. Suntrip Records released a handful of Goa albums in 2009, and I would listen to (and have enjoyed) Filteria's DoOL over E-mantra's Arcana. But to be fair, atmospheric and abstract lovers of Goa Trance will find something to explore and sink their teeth into here. It would be cool if next time, the artist produced more synth leads drenched in atmosphere (the backdrops that take a front seat here in concept, too) in addition to the mid-tempo elements that are catchy and fun! Think Pleiadian's I.F.O. meets Tandu - Multimoods in concept, but through the innovative sound, atmosphere and labyrinthine vision of E-Mantra (Update: Pathfinder though a pretty good follow up to Arcana musically speaking, did not seem to fully realize this desire. As I put "out there" in 2009… a sequel that keeps the wonderful atmosphere, floating textures, soundscapes (without getting too busy or overcrowded or too high pitched and similar SYNTH sounding like Nemesis (2014) -- an otherwise great album at times), and adds some infectious synth leads here and there. Not always, but at times to really enhance the album as worked great on Pleiadian's IFO, Tandu's Multimoods, Cosmosis's Cosmologyp-- songs and albums we love and memorable because of those tunes now considered classic. Imagine that with the memorizing backdrops of E-Mantra! Favorite tracks - 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. B+ / A- Samples / Buy http://www.suntriprecords.com/release/cat/SUNCD17/ http://www.suntriprecords.com/releases/ http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/sut/sut1cd017.html
  13. Shpongle - Ineffable Mysteries From Shpongleland 2009 Track list 1. Electroplasm 2. Shpongolese Spoken Here 3. Nothing is something Worth Doing 4. Ineffable Mysteries 5. I Am You 6. Invisible Man in A Fluorescent Suit 7. No Turn Un-Stoned 8. Walking Backwards Through the Comic Mirror Finally. A downtempo album that is up there with Solar Field's Movements. Ineffable Mysteries From Shpongleland is better, more in spirit with the essence of Shpongle than the previous album, which sounded like a great albeit rehash in some ways (to many people) than the previous two masterpieces. So how does the fourth album compare to the others? 1. Electroplasm is an engaging opening vehicle. Wow. Ethnic inspired, dark, groovy, intricate. It goes from dark and moody to ethnic, moving, and intelligent/driving, and back to dark, wickedly musical. Superb track. A 2. Shpongolese Spoken Here is great, though takes some time to pick up. It's continuously changing, smooth yet twisted transistions. Great guitar work - beautiful. The song becomes more peaceful as it progresses, finds itself towards the final third. The opening is more powerful IMO. That's fine though; this is great and adds substance, beauty whereas the last was more driving and devilishly ethnic. A- 3. Nothing is something Worth Doing as in meditating, being still I presume. Beautiful acoustic, drums, and infectiously incoherent vocal work, progression, drums. The introduction is attractive and leads us into this colorful like poetry, as if we just sat back to relax and fell through are carpet into another land. A- 4. Ineffable Mysteries is wonderful. The introducing sounds like a cross between a circus or zoo is in the background, and then that sense of scenery joins a mysterious, floating roller coaster track into the colorful, fairly dark unknown. The feeling throughout this album is GREAT. The male vocal work around 1:44 is alright, and gets quite catchy around 2:00. A low pitched, circus like melody soon arrives with several supports, complimented by an en elegant, ethnic Psy score. The song never falls into circus sounding cheese like a track or two did, going for the circus sound on Talpa's 2008 album. Entering flute work sounds great with the developing, psychedelic harmonies. Ambient and other instrumental work gives the song a nature edge to its electronic element. An sweet, little psy-interlude in the mid-fourth minute is cool albeit short before the track introduces a new wave of experimental, wild yet flowing musical scores, instruments, and bang-a-ranged, stylish vocals. The song is eventful and interesting from start to finish, even if it overloads the senses to compensate from having a clearer vision. The result is a track filled with sights and scenery, that develops- layers flow seamlessly into one another with the core, psychedelic, and groovy, animated artwork and foundation. Ambient notes towards the end produce a heartfelt degree of emotion. Great/excellent track. A- 5. I Am You is another strong track, one with lyrics, vocals. Having a vocal track is smart for numerous reasons. While I'm glad they limited dialogue to one track (there are some in Track 7), the musical overtones are far from mainstream in the generic sense. The lyrics work, exist mainly in the middle third. Although a few later samples sound more random (giddy maybe to spice it up), the overall song strong. It seems to attempt being two things however (singing piece and musical evolution without lyrics), and in that I appreciate that, probably more than had the song been lyric full. A- 6. Invisible Man In A Fluorescent Suit is one huge, musically rich and absorbing, emotive and suddenly powerful, climactic buildup. FIlled with colors, wonderful textures, strings, and more; this is one of the most engaging and emotive track I've heard all year. A floating transition or what appears to be an interlude begins at 5:23, but soon develops into a healthy, musically deepening evolution of the song. Coupled with uolifting melody/sound work towards the end, the song is fortunately not one-dimensional (the great albeit linear first five minutes). Another great, if not excellent track. The awakening feelings are beautiful, and the mind that is conscious of them. A- 7. No Turn Un-Stoned is another great track. The female vocals are good with the bouncy bass line and acoustic/ambient backdrop. I think some will have preferred this track to have no lyrics, but the female vocals and lyrics I find, give the track a fairy tale/escapist edge less present in the others. The music is wonderful, sounds trip-hop almost if not for all the Psy-art that continuously swims throughout its sea of sound. A- 8. Walking Backwards Through The Cosmic Mirror is magical. Remember the last track on Younger Brother 2? Well this sounds nothing like that, aside from the building emotion drive at its core spine. The song gets better, more thoughtful, developing, surreal, and infectious as it progresses. A major hook is soon after the three-minute mark. Water droplets appear, soon joined by an electric guitar that is barely heard thus not distracting from the PSY sound in the front. This small detail factors into the mix, fades, and a catchy beat is triggered off, instigating what appears to be a Goa aggressive melody/sound at the five-minute area forward. This part is super. The song is fierce and aggressive while remaining smooth and sleek; the voice samples compliment until the 6:30 forward coming down peace blanket. Excellent, intelligent, and memorable closing. A In conclusion, Ineffable Mysteries From Shpongleland involves more work, magic, and innovation than the previous Shpongle album, which I enjoyed but found good/great overall, not excellent/superb. The album does have a more worldly edge than previous Shpongle albums, and I love it. They haven't eliminated the Psy work or it wouldn't be Shpongle. This is definitely a trippy album, more than on first listen. I admit one or two tracks seem more World at times than Psy/Chill, but the innovation and musical element is more intricate, imaginative, and infectious than most World albums out there. Furthermore, Shpongle always had an ethnic edge present on previous albums; numerous innovations have been created in the open field. At times the album sounds like a cross between an awesome, new Younger Brother release and Shpongle. The only track I'm not in love with is I Am You; the voices (that begin around halfway through) make the song feel less spacey and surreal than surrounding tracks. Although the dialogue is conscious aware; I appreciate that. That said, my mind is less present in the unlimited, surreal world because of the singing. I really do not mind such vocals on one track though, accompanied by delicious melodies and numerous other tasty musical elements and emotion. Ineffable Mysteries From Shpongleland is a contender for best album of 2009. It snuck up on me. I didn't know about its existence until November, 2009, and what a surprise. This is awesome to many (because some people will always be disappointed) Shpongle fans, and I'm thankful to Simon and Raja Ram for pushing the envelope once again and releasing a wonderful, passionately produced album. I'm really sorry that a few people are not in love with this release. I find it beautiful and a step up from the previous Shpongle album in so many ways. The album is harmonious, spiritual, floating, psychedelic, innovative, artistic, infectious, and fun. This may be my most favorite Shpongle album. Ever. Highly Recommended. Favorite tracks - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8. A- Samples http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/twi/twi1cd036.html http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display_release.asp?id=8236
  14. OMG. That's ridiculous! That cover is a BIG EGO STATEMENT (saying LOOK AT US) from some of the most influential pioneers in electronica. The only thing missing is an Infected Mushroom cameo with DUVDEV jumping in the background. Or my intentionally bad LEAVE BARACK ALONE!!! here... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUeziroemDw So is the album OFFICIALLY OUT yet, finally, after all of this time??
  15. SynSUN - Full Power of Goa First impression: This album is great and easily one of 2009's strongest albums. IMO all tracks are no less than great except for the first two and Dancing Shiva, which are still in the ball park of good. Hoffman's Delivery (suddenly this track becomes superb in the third to fourth minute) and Deep (awesome, dark, edgier) are insanely well done. And I love Sun Downward, sounds like a remix of one of the song's on his first release (with the big red devil). Ambient Sun is great or great too, though it would have been cool to hear a downtempo track. The album is one of the best new-school Goa albums on the market. Could someone please open a review thread for this in the 2009 section? If Dimension 5: Re-Release was included in 2007 or whatever, this should be in 2009. I'm absorbed in school work and may not be able to start a thread, at least not before finals. But I'd love to write something and/or post a review later on when I get a chance. And I have no issues with the sound quality or whatever as few people mentioned above. The album sounds great, and the cover's creative and catchy. Recommended for fans of Goatrance. Second impression: Excellent release. A-
  16. Where are you guys hearing this? If someone has a link to longer samples, please post. So far what I've heard sounds great. Psyshop samples http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/twi/twi1cd036.html
  17. It would be nice if new avatars wouldn't take days (sometimes) to replace old ones. Do mods have to approve first I wonder? My old photo stays all stretched out (to compensate for the size of the new avatar) for days sometimes until the new one replaces it. Updated: thanks.
  18. Samples? See below. http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display_release.asp?id=7998
  19. List your recommendations of 2009, as many as you want. I plan on updating my list as the year progresses, until the official "BEST OF" thread appears in early 2010. Chill / Downtempo 1. Solar Fields - Movements 2. Shpongle - Ineffable Mysteries From Shpongleland 3. Fire (compilation) 4. Water (compilation) Psytrance / Goa 1. Filteria - Daze of Our Lives 2. Radical Distortion - Psychedelic Dreams 3. Merr0w - Born Underwater 4. SynSUN - Full Power Of Goa [Re-Mastered - Re-Release] 5. Xamanist - Initiation 6. Psychoz - 2012 No Return 7. V/A - People Walk Funny 8. Afgin - Astral Experience 9. Infected Mushroom - Legend of the Black Schwarma
  20. Not to sound like anyone's gaurdian but including samples in a review's end are a kind and convenient thing. http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display_release.asp?id=8152
  21. Jon Cocco

    V/A - Fire

    V/A - Fire Altar Records 2009 01. Chronos - Anahata Fire ... 3:56 02. Asura - Crossroads Limiter ... 11:01 03. Tentura - Resonance ... 5:53 04. Aquascape - Phoenix Dance ... 6:49 05. Chronos - Deep Unity ... 10:43 06. Aes Dana - Inter [Dawn Edit] ... 6:49 07. Astral Waves & Astropilot - Karma Cleaner ... 9:42 08. Zymosis - Summer Twilight ... 7:06 09. Uth - Around The Sun In Seven Days ... 5:46 10. RA - Tears Of Fire ... 8:00 Fire is the third compilation in the Elemental Series by Altar Records which will be released throughout 2009 and 2010. Such compilations include Air (released), Water (released) Earth, and Either. The compilation begins with an ambient influenced downtempo number by Chronos and ends with a new downtempo track by RA. The compilation has a variety of psy influenced down and mid-tempo numbers. A full review ensues. 01. Chronos - Anahata Fire begins with what appears to be flute, as a beautiful wave of ambient permeate the senses, like a spiritual horizon approaching. The opening to this track is instantly satisfying, echoing an ethnic influenced epic, in the concept of Asura's opening gem from their Life2 album. The number is compiled with tribal drums, several foreign/female hymns, beautiful melody/sound elements, and an awakening, musical sound and backdrop that create a wonderful beginning to the journey that awaits. I can't say that there's anything wrong with this number, though it could have been a little longer. I'm hooked from the very start. I like album's that start strong and improve as they move forward. This is a beautiful opening track. A- 02. Asura - Crossroads Limiter follows up after a heavenly opening; the atmosphere is more provocative and creates a strong foundation for a more ambitious track. The song, not including the ambient intro, is comprised of three general parts with build up and/or transitions into each one. The first act begins around 1:27, and includes a suspenseful, quietly moving (like an observer through an arguably dark and/or imaginative world in the "what happened?" sense) intrigue. Complimented by strong, alerting the conscious sounds, such as at 2:46, eerie echoes ride through the delectable soundscapes and atmosphere like lost souls. This first or so part is enhanced by the most simple of well selected sounds around 4:35; it's powerful, and I'd love to hear more work by Asura like this. At this song's point, I can imagine a star ship slowly going over a destroyed alien battleship, or an abandoned, mysterious planet; the ship is exploring uncharted territory, or going deeper into Pandora's box without the evil/Hell essence, rather the brooding mystery. The intro included first part's 5:25 is excellent. Suddenly, what I'll refer to as the second part begins around 5:26. This next section is shorter, and includes a variety of sound changes from the previous section, though one with a foreign, female singing voice from 5:26 to 6:12. While the music is good, the female voice seems somewhat out of place here relative to all that preceded it. To compensate for her arrival, I imagined a woman suddenly appearing, like a Phoenix spirit and dancing around a fire. However this sudden entrance drastically affects the wonderful cosmos-driven arrangement and appeal. The voice doesn't correlate well with the overall set up, and although the her voice sounds nice, this element could have been put to greater use in a less space/psy ambient driven song. Simply put, I love the track around this somewhat catchy but offbeat part. Past this smaller second part, a transition with a brief female moment takes place, from 6:25 to 7:16. The last section begins... At this point I'm very curious as to where the song will go... A gripping ambient layer arrives into the atmosphere around 7:50. Suddenly the beat picks up, supported by a strong Psy-altered melody; more sounds enter the rhythm to great effect, until one quite elegant provides great emphasis at 9:00 forward, gripping work. This last part is fluid, flowing, epic, and ascending. Included is a beautiful evolution too. The song may have received a perfect grade from me had the female's voice not been present, offsetting the journey momentarily, for me at least. The rest of the song is heavenly, a reflection of love, light, and awakening from out of the darkness I infer. With few exceptions, this is one of Asura's finest works to date. Strong, ambitious track. A- 03. Tentura - Resonance isn't as ambitious or as epic as the previous number, but it's involved and elegantly driving nonetheless. The first two minutes create a smart build up; various pleasant sounds mix into more psychedelic and moving particles in the downtempo era, until a strong and healthy moment lifts the tasty sound design into the air at 3:01. The slower tempo transforms into mid-tempo, as numerous Hallucinogen/Twisted's L.S.D-esque sounds compliment a sweet atmosphere. A wonderful evolution takes place around 4:20; pushing the song forward with infectious psy-rhythm and energy. Unfortunately this part only lasts a minute and the song isn't that lengthy, yet it's filled with enough delight to warrant good/greatness. This is very well done number with a great finish. B+ 04. Aquascape - Phoenix Dance is the follow up since last I heard a track by them on Altar Record's Air compilation; my favorite song from that album. While that track by them was more like a Heaven's crescendo, a buildup to a celestial awakening, this focuses more on having a consistent, trekking across the lands feel. Numerous elements are creatively arranged, developed. They, along with a breezy atmosphere compliment the voyage. Aquascape's sound is more motivating, uplifting, and romantic rather than psychedelic or danceable as was the previous number to some degree. But I really like their style and sound. It's positive, warm, creative, and developing. That said, there's not any particular moment here where the song wows me. But that's okay. It's fluid, fresh sounding from beginning to end. The melody work is effective and the drifting atmosphere compliments it. Good, if not great track. B+ 05. Chronos - Deep Unity can be compared to some degree with Asura's epic here, in the sense it's the second most lengthy track on the album; it's comprised of several distinguishing parts, like chapters in a saga. The introduction is fairly subtle, save for a fantasy-like sound at 0:32 which opens the door to an absorbing world. Build up begins among a sea of ambient and atmosphere around the first minute. This moment is elongated until joining one of the most simple and catchy downtempo particles I've heard so far all year. At 3:37, this moment begins; an electricity-esque sound a la Space Cat's old school Goa material. This infectious, sleek little sound is so catchy. It enhances the less sharp melodies and sounds that are more in harmony, reflecting nature and/or beauty to the traveling concept. The song is energetically lifted after a short, atmospheric, and more sounds enter, creating a beautiful mixture that is complimented by the addictive, little electronic element that I like so much. The track's first five minutes are excellent, but where will it go from here? The vehicle soon arrives at a space station, or interlude of sorts. Like a fast, powerful space ship getting equipped with boosters, stronger weaponry, and various other enhancements, the beat is enhanced by other drums; the song picks up into mid-tempo and really blossoms with energy and brightness. The latter enters around 7:12 and sounds great. Gone are the thumping sound effects, rhythm that would excite a dance around a fire. Fortunately, the development that provided power and electricity earlier on returns in the eighth minute here, though it's rather encore, conclusive. The cool sound like a short melody sentence then leaves to compensate for a great musical evolution. Returning in the end is the tasty, little electricity sound. This song is so engaging from beginning to end, and one of the best tracks I have heard all year. Superb track. A 06. Aes Dana - Inter [Dawn Edit] was the one track that concerned me, because not since the artists work on the Memory Shell album have I been engaged. It appears that the kick or beat has been raised however when hearing numerous compilation tracks over the year(s). Applying that observation to this track; this retains its strong kick. The first minute offers some pleasent sounds, meditative water like a flowing stream in the background. Sustained notes sound nice around the quick tapping of hi-hats. There's a catchy ambient sound in the background around 1:04; it repeats, and these elements I wish were more developed by Aes Dana, as what's heard around 1:37 to 1:42, and again around 1:53. A slow beat emerges, giving the track a different feel in its first third. The beat shifts into mid-tempo great at 2:31 and a catchy sound/melody arrives to encounter it into the second act. Background elements blend well into the driving beat, and aside from having a nice backdrop and atmosphere, the song basically follows one direction throughout its second half, adding various little alterations and sounds as it progresses. My problem with this track isn't the track in general, but how it sounds in relation to the other tracks on this album, which had so much more evolution, imagination, involvement, unpredictable area(s), and overall result. While this is a pretty good song, and from an artist that once made me smile, the track isn't as strong as the previous songs so far on this compilation. B 07. Astral Waves & Astropilot - Karma Cleaner has a very pretty sound to it in the beginning; the extended intro flows into the second minute until a beat emerges around 1:35. Layers soon begin to delectably blend, updating their harmonies with more emphasis around the beat at 2:37. The song has a worldly influence, from oriental to tribal at times and possibly Indian. Incoherent and/or foreign words skip a la Shpongle. The song is really a pile of great sounds all poured, then carefully arranged, pinched and tweaked like a fine broth. A center interlude makes possible the return of a slowed down beat, or one less fast than the previous mid-tempo section. An atmospheric buildup takes place, and the best part is around 6:57, where the song soars high above the clouds. Gone are the fluid waves from earlier on that kept the vehicle closer to Earth. The beat changes up, and the combination of melodies and sounds that join it are beautiful. Towards the last third is a great sound, though not too highlighted, reminding me of a sweet sound from older Enigma; the potential crossover, from New Age to downtempo works well. The song is also comparable to track 4 due to its healthy, wind influenced feel. However this has more movement because of its various, quicker melody/sound work. Great work. B+ 08. Zymosis - Summer Twilight is the one song on this album; I thought I was initially listening to RA's number do to Zymosis's flute(s), and an electronic sound in the background that reminds me of a sound from a track on the RA - 9th album. Those sounds work well here nonetheless, similar in concept to what Chronos did in track 5, though such sounds were more effective there. This sounds influenced by RA initially; the music that shifts this attractive yet less original impression begins around 2:12; it's good. The song appears to be building up, going through numerous motions in speed, though the beat stays back early on like an observer, waiting to jump in around 3:30. It enters like and/or along with breaks; the fast paced beat work merges extremely well with the sounds, creating ore zest, style. The sound art flows into a subtle interlude, growing musically varied though this peaceful transformation where the beat appears to slow down. The song emerges as an evolved kind like a human shedding its skin to a more aware presence. The song is just as gripping as before. The fast piano work stands out; it's great; I really like piano and wish more artists took advantage of it in their music. The song has a clean finish. From what began as a RA sounding rendition surprisingly immersed my ears as a refreshing number. I'm glad to see the artist(s) possibly inspired, and turning something into their own. Another great track. B+ 09. Uth - Around The Sun In Seven Days starts out with a deep hymn as if in prayer, meditation. A warm ambient emerges to growing sounds, soon accompanied by a strong beat. Catchy strings compliment a subtle hymn, but the beat and altering, shifting backdrop works best so far. During its first three minutes, the downtempo song develops a fairly psychedelic combination of sounds around more acoustic instruments. It doesn't seem like a core rhythm has been formed yet, but one with a continuously changing in structure literature. It isn't until 3:23 that a tune arrives; the fairly rearranging textures change less to support this lead. It's pretty catchy. I just think more could have been done with it, as it grows fairly repetitive, though soon changes up to accommodate a higher, more uplifting (and catchy) ground. It soon leaves however, opening the path to entering atmosphere, a beat-free interlude around 5:00. Unfortunately, the song ends soon after. This track reminds me of the third in the sense it's simple in execution, buildup, and offers many subtle variations around its less subtle sounds as it builds up to something. That something here however nice and improving as it progresses, is short lived. It would have been cool to reach an area even more evocative and worth evaluating, as the song sounds really nice. It's just not that eventful. Overall this is my second least favorite track on the compilation after Aes Dana's. Nonetheless, it's a good song with many nice sounds and elements. B 10. RA - Tears Of Fire ends the album with a downtempo track. It offers the gradually progressive structure of previous tracks, however it's execution is so simple, yet gripping. The center interlude is mysterious and compassionate, like an angel reflecting a heart rather than a human with a soul; the song sounds free from form, easy to move into whichever area of celestial realms it desires. Aspect I enjoy includes the beat's emphasis, and the momentary chorus-like enhancement that leads up to that beat, such as from 2:24 to 2:26; these take place numerous times throughout the song. I like the enriching sound around 3:37, and how the song so seamlessly, gradually strengthens as it moves forward. The little piercing the air sound at 3:52 is good too. Some may find the track good, others great. I simply wish RA experimented a little more. The song retains the spirit many of us have come to love, and the song flows extremely well as one would expect from the artist(s). Simply put, it would be fun to hear something more innovative, while also being gripping too by them every once in a while; they end the album with a solid number nonetheless. Great track. B+ In conclusion, Fire is possibly Altar Record's best compilation to date. As with Water, the songs are consistently strong for the most part. The album peeks multiple times, ending with a solid number by RA. Surprisingly there are a handful of tracks that impress me more than RA's. Fire is one of the strongest Psy/Chill (down/mid-tempo) compilations of 2009. I couldn't say that for Air, though I said it for Water that was released earlier in 2009. Both Water and Fire, along with Solar Field's - Movements will be on my TOP 5 Chill Albums of 2009. Well done! Favorite tracks - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10 B+ Samples / Order here Psyshop http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/alr/alr1cd003.html Altar Records http://www.altar-records.com/fire.html http://www.altar-records.com/preorders.html
  22. Okay I just found them, naturally here. The album sounds great, worth buying. http://www.phototropicrecords.com/
  23. So finally, after numerous delays and several years, it's out? I can't find it anywhere to sample. ?
  24. Wow. I never knew of this before today. Is there samples on Phototropic's site? Beatsdigital has good samples where I heard it. The album sounds great; I thought SynSUN was falling from Goa until I heard this, though its an old release, sounds like a new gem to my ears; the style is colorful, fresh, and fun. Why is it not on saikosounds or psyshop? Samples http://www.beatsdigital.com/index.php?album_id=91148 The album sounds nothing like his newer stuff, unfortunately :; I just came across this 2008 release today. http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/pho/pho1cd403.html OM (Open Mind) your current video babe sig appears to be crashing my browser. I can't navigate through page 1 without my page freezing, computer crashing.
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