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  1. Dark? More or less IMO. Dark for me is Botfb, Xenomorph, etc. Regardless, full of details and stuff waiting to be discovered, I agree. And did you see the light crystals on the album's cover? Nemesis is overall more interesting, imaginative, and atmospheric than Emanuel's second album that had elements of greatness. The songs generally develop and evolve more than they did on the debut too; Dansul Icelelor however was THE uptempo exception for me on Arcana. It developed wonderfully from start to finish. Although I already am forming my favourites in Nemesis, the synth work in the opening track really snuck up on me. The Entity is unquestionably the best opening track on an E-Mantra (Psy/Goa) album to date IMO. It has a real fantasy edge coupled with immersive atmosphere, soundscape/melody synth work. The second song I find less dynamic and varied with ideas but it's still good. After that the album boosts greatness again for me. Nemesis captures the essence of E-Mantra and showcases some of Emanuel's best work to date. I'm sure we'll read more from each other soon in inevitable review thread.
  2. When I made my top 2012 albums list(s), I hadn't heard Argonautica yet by Koan. I'd go back and add it to my post, but the thread is since locked. http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php/topic/65298-psynews-best-of-2012-poll/ This album ended up making the Top downtempo from 2012 anyway! Argonautica is beautiful, warm, positive and peaceful. Every track is wonderful. The melody/sound work is heavenly, vibrant and euphoric. Thank you for this meaningful release filled with heart and spirit. The album is VERY catchy, truly a work of art and a reflection of higher consciousness. I love it. Uploading full artist albums (to youtube) is one of the best ways to promote it. I hadn't listened to Koan before. Now he's on my radar and recommend list. I realize not everyone buys or pays to download the album after hearing it, some do. More importantly is that more people become aware of the work. I think we can all agree to that.
  3. Just another heads up. It's one of 2013's best releases.
  4. Ovnimoon - Trancemutation Of The Mind I love this. Okay I like it a lot. Where is the review thread? It's one of my favorite albums of 2013. I'm not a big fan of progressive (full on?) trance but this is a strong example of why I'd listen to such music. The release is vibrant, uplifting, engaging. The samples haven't bothered me. Some are quite conscious, relating to higher consciousness and enlightenment without sounding hokey. Well done. That's my take. Listent to the WHOLE album here in HQ.
  5. It's been a really good year! Also good thread. Thank you for making me aware of some releases I didnt' know of before. Psy, Goa (Uptempo) Filteria - Lost in the Wild Juno Reactor - The Golden Sun of the Great East Dimension 5 - Trans Addendum Ovnimoon - Trancemutation of the Mind Nebula Meltdown - Stardust Chronicles GoaTree - The Force Dimension 5 - TransStellar BlackStarrFinale - Auryn Cosmic Dimension - In a Special Kind of Space Chill, Psyambient (Downtempo) Shpongle - Museum of Consciousness Benji Vaughan - Even Toundra Akshan - The Rise of Atlantis E-Mantra - The Hermit's Sanctuary Compilations V/A - The Call of Goa V/A - Blacklight Moments
  6. This is my favourite Goa album of 2013. The songs are exciting, vibrant, imaginative, and evolving. This is a strong follow up to Daze of Our Lives (2009). I admit that I love DoOL's opening track more than the opening here which is great. Dog Days Bliss I've heard dozens of times. It's another example of Jannis's fluidity, also showcased extremely well in Life Never Sleeps, The Lights of Shibuya (the second half), and Night @ 12PM. The last track flows nicely too. This is a solid sequel to Filteria's more evolved style that began with 2009's masterpiece, Daze of Our Lives.
  7. Biggest 2013 album surprises? There were a healthy handful for me this year and there's too much crap out there. Stick to quality over quantity such as Altar and Suntrip Records (for starters) and more below. I'm selective but these (and I'm sure a few others) DESERVE attention and to be heard and enjoyed. Thanks for the good thread idea. We should do this every year. Juno Reactor - Golden Sun of the Great East …… A NICE return to form for JR! Stream here: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=juno+reactor+folden+sun&sm=3 Ra - Unearthly …… An unexpectedly beautiful down and mid-tempo surprise from RA. Stream here: http://www.altar-records.com/ra.html GoaTree - The Force …… Some tracks really impressed me here. Download FREE here: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/goatree-the-force Blackstarrfinale - Auryn …… Another album that deserves to be heard. Download FREE here: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/blackstarrfinale-auryn E-Mantra - Hermit Sanctuary ….. E-Mantra's getting better with atmospheric/ambient-influenced PsyChill, Chillout. Stream here: http://www.altar-records.com/sanctuary.html For the record, the new Filteria, Nebula Meltdown, and Cosmic Dimension albums are all interesting and unexpected. But after 2009's Daze of Our Lives album, I was NOT surprised when the new Filteria release blew me away and evolved even further. There was only parts of ONE track that I didn't care for (on Filteria 4) and the rest was solid and/or exceptional Goatrance bliss. Happy holidays everyone!
  8. New Filteria and Juno Reactor albums are both excellent.
  9. I'm hearing the full album now for the first time. It's good. Cosmic Call, Time Beyond The Universe, Acid From Above … !!! Listen to Goa on ear buds or head phones, make such a different IMO.
  10. Arcana has strong atmosphere, moving soundscape textures, and dynamic mid/downtempo transitional interludes that were great! Some songs though, or rather some song segments grew repetitive I felt. Also the debut lacked strong synth leads (though Dansul lelelor was really great) and one track early on has howling that always seemed random to me. Nonetheless, Arcana is intriguing along with the last two down or mid-tempo tracks and showcases some superb work. Pathfinder added some cool synth leads, but virtually no mid/downtempo interludes (praised on the debut). It had some powerful moments and songs, but lacked the absorbing atmospheric and moving soundscape textures that helped make the first album so immersive and unique. The last two psyambient-influenced tracks were solid, except for a strange baby-shriek sound in Deep Descent that distracted from the whole IMO. Nemesis seems to improve on the shortcomings of the second, and will hopefully be his best release to date. I hope that every song is engaging, vastly different, characteristic, visionary and dynamic. Kind of like Filteria's 2009 and 2013 albums. More memorable synth leads (like Filteria does but in E-Mantra style) combined with atmosphere, moving soundscape textures (like the first album in concept), complexity, emotion and depth is welcome. And how about some super songs? I like when the songs keep my attention throughout and get better as they progress. Two recent album examples of this: - Filteria - LOST IN THE WILD - Juno Reactor's GOLDEN SUN OF THE GREAT EAST (among others)
  11. Juno Reactor: The Golden Sun of the Great East Metropolis Records 2013 1. Final Frontier 2. Invisible 3. Guillotine 4. Trans Siberian 5. Shine 6. Tempest 7. Zombie 8. To Byculla 9. Playing With Fire The Golden Sun of the Great East is one of Juno Reactor's strongest albums since Beyond the Infinite, Bible of Dreams, and some of the better parts of Labyrinth that didn't sound too soundtrack-y. This release is a positive surprise from one of the leading pioneers in electronic (also organically combined electronic) music. The album is homogeneous, and flows exceptionally well from beginning to end. There are less powerful, intense moments here than on Labyrinth. There is something enjoyable about this less intense approach, but don't let that fool you. JR is daring and exciting! This album is cerebral and imaginative, and captures virtually everything I adore about Juno Reactor. In conclusion, I love that JR returned to what they do best, with atmosphere, depth and substance. Ben/group brought back the intrigue, the edgy, dark and light, electronic meets organic, ethnic, tribal influence, and more! This is one of my favorite albums of 2013 by far, top 5. I have no gripes. Every song is strong. An album doesn't have to be groundbreaking in order to be great. This is an EXCELLENT album that builds on the already groundbreaking foundation and development of JR's style with 9 solid, exclusive tracks. There is an occasionally dramatic feel that never sounds too much like a soundtrack as parts of Labyrinth did. After hearing 2008's frustratingly slow (some tracks) hit-and-miss God's & Monsters album (I heard it again he other day and have to skip to the few 3-4 exciting tracks), Golden Sun/Great East is a strong return to form. It's arguably their most homogenous album yet. Well done! Everyone, hear this album. For many this will be BETTER than Labyrinth and THAT was in 2004 ! I love this group. 9 our of 10 A- Stream Full Album / Order Stream their Full Album Free! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwkRDGxGPHI&list=PLpMTljM1DXNq60wxLr-JhU0dBAgU0Y-3Y Amazon UK http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Golden-Sun-Great-East/dp/B00BFRUGYC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1387841436&sr=8-1&keywords=juno+reactor Amazon USA http://www.amazon.com/The-Golden-Sun-Great-East/dp/B00BFRUGYC/ref=ntt_mus_ep_dpi_6
  12. I'm heard it today for the first time. I became aware by randomly typing in JR's name on amazon and boom, they just released a new album this year for the first time (not including remix song/albums by other artists) in 5 years! This is a HUGE step up from his/their previous album. Many people felt mixed when Gods and Monsters (2008) came out. IMO it showcased only a fraction of what made JR so powerful, intriguing, engaging and visionary. I consider Beyond the Infinite, Shango, Labyrinth (I know I'm missing one or two) all superb. I love JR's edgy/organic meets electronica beats, tribal (and non tribal) trance, world, ethnic (and more) combinations and influences. Beautiful. So this is a return to form my eyes read and my ears hear... ! So where's the review thread? Guys/girls, review thread? Please. You can listen to their entire album off I think this one by going to it on Youtube (somehow the tracks play continuously for me). And please support this music by buying or paying to download their full album if you like it. In short, I will pay to MP3 download it on AMAZON. This album is GREAT. !!! THANK YOU BEN and the entire music group. Please stick with awesome material guys. God's & Monsters had some great work, but it also was a disappontment in some ways. This is NOT. The Golden Sun of the Great East is an excellent album.
  13. Cool! His song on V/A's Blacklight was really good! Acid From Above grabbed my attention right away... different, unique, gripping. Looking forward to this release.
  14. I loved the first album, Tree of Life. It's EXCELLENT. If you haven't heard it, I recommend getting a copy if you're into Psychill, Psyambient, atmospheric Psy, down/mid-tempo, etc. The debut somehow managed to sound beautiful while kicking ass (having energy than normal in a good way, plus there's magical moments!!!!). It's cool that Altar Records lets streaming of entire tracks. I heard the full thing on their site. So I want this. Added to my wish list.
  15. I do like the one that arrives around 6:37 and that's in-my-face. Naturally some will like the entire (self-titled) song and certain tracks will sound a lot better on the dance floor. I don't deny it.
  16. Filteria - Lost in the Wild Suntrip Records Psychedelic Goatrance Tracklist: 1. Filteroid (Day @ 2AM) 2. Dog Days Bliss (Album Edit) 3. Food Demons (Demon's Head Remix) 4. Life Never Sleeps 5. Lost in the Wild 6. 36th February 7. The Lights of Shibuya 8. Night @ 12PM 9. Birds Lingva Franca (2013) This fourth Filteria album attempts to push the envelop, creating not only a more psychedelic album since 2009's critically acclaimed Daze of Our Lives (DoOL), but one with influences that range from Hallucinogen and KOB, to Science Fiction/Fantasy, and more! But does that make LitW the best Filteria album yet? That's for you to decide. It most certainly has work that surpasses DoOL. That said, it's hard for me not to compare this to DoOL, since that was such an evolution from Heliopolis (2006) and Sky Input (2004). 1. Filteroid (Day @ 2AM) has a strong, atmospheric opening that includes a vivid psychedelic backdrop. The song reminds me a little of a more psychedelic sequel to DoOL's Filtertraces (Abstract Dream Remix) via the sound at 1:55 for instance. I adore Filtertraces, so anything that sounds even slightly influenced is hard for me not to compare. Naturally, Filteriod is 95-99% different. A developing stream of sounds move through unique soundscapes, through numerous changes of scenery. The song takes a breather and recollects itself halfway through. The atmosphere is great. I'm relieved to see the artist introducing more to immerse the listener! This song requires many listens to sink in, as it's crammed with ideas. The second half has more take off; it's catchier. Overall, I felt that Filtertraces on DoOL was more euphoric, magical, and exciting. That said, Filteroid is more psychedelic, intricate, and varied. It's packed with goodies. You have to experience this song for yourself to see what you think of it. It's a VERY unique opening, let alone track that has taken time to grow on me. B+ / A- 2. Dog Days Bliss deserves to be played on dance floors around the world. It hooks right away doesn't let go. The take off at 2:06 is excellent. The song occasionally returns to its chorus-esque leads that develop, around complimentary segments in-between that evolve too! This is another example of Filteria evolved. It's creative, inventive, fun, and exciting throughout. Furthermore, there's breathing room between the climaxes that are engaging! My only gripe is the short transition from 6:35 to 6:46. I think the artist could've produced a more complimentary interlude before the music's return. The few sound effect blips here, albeit temporally feel off-tone to the dance friendliness. I realize the concept's been done, as dancers anticipate the music's return. But here it makes the song feel too vulnerable, unsure. It loses its immersive feel before the finale. I may be nitpicking to some degree, I realize, as this leads to a great climax. Overall, Dog Days Bliss is a strong and uplifting dance number packed with fun melodies, a healthy variety of sounds, and rewarding climaxes with engaging breathing room in-between. This is a strong, fun track that knows what it's going for. A- 3. Food Demons (Demon's Head Remix) begins atmospherically, and quickly ignites with edgy synth work. The tapping effects around the beat via 1:07 is catchy! Some of the synth work appears Hallucinogen-influenced which is interesting. It seems that Jannis took some ideas from Simon Postford and ran wild with them. Around the tapping, I'm not hooked by the "effects" manipulations, though the buildup/climactic part across the second minute is very nice. The atmospheric/ambient notes are hauntingly effective too. The song has so many layers that by 4:12 it almost appears to be too much. But a haunting transition saves it! I really like the less maximal sections, i.e., 5:20 to 5:50. The sixth minute grows more climactic (around 6:15) with higher Juno Reactor-esque notes. I find it decent, but not as effective with the ADD special effects, and it is just before, at around 6:22 that the song's plateaued for me. The artist impressively crams in A LOT of layers. But there's no sense of atmosphere to enhance the final act that also gets somewhat overcrowded similar to the last act of Wormhole on DoOL. Based on perspective, some may love the final third. It could have been a bit more refined, touched up IMO. The song could have ended more tightly at 7:44 too. The track has some stunning work no doubt, but it's far from superb as a whole in my opinion. Having said that, I wasn't bored for a second. This is another solid track showcasing character and variety. B+ 4. Life Never Sleeps is just as fast-paced as Food Demons, but it's more fluid, zippy, and infectiously developing and satisfying. The synth work blends almost seamlessly into yet another out-of-the-box, yet more refined approach. The first third dedicates itself to a solid foundation, although the synth that arrives at 1:33 isn't that catchy to me. The selected sound and manipulations beginning at 3:08 are arresting. Soon after is a sci-fi Matrix-esque synth that's engaging, changes up, and knows when to exit. The second third is rich and absorbing, and surprisingly (thankfully in this sense here) without major leads! Such breathing room provides opportunity for some wonderful, non-dependent (on synths) creativity! To reference DoOL, when I heard the first third of Infinite Regression (Feat Ukiro), I loved the futuristic, zippy sound so much, only to have it lost to an undulating, predictable, Middle-Eastern lead (3:40-4:32 and 6:34-close) that took over and distracted from the cool and kinetic feel established beforehand. I realize the lead was dance friendly and some people liked it. That said, I'm so relieved that Life Never Sleeps avoids the shortcomings on DoOL's Infinite Regression (Feat Ukiro). This track is Filteria advanced. It's exceptional from near beginning to end, and an example of the artist's evolved sound when not overcrowded. Well done! A 5. Lost in the Wild is the Achille's heel on the album for me. Let me explain. I don't mind the rubber-band effect that sounds similar to Hallucinogen's Snarling Black Mabel. I actually like what Jannis did, and from 1:47 to 2:22 is wonderful, though a simultaneous layer that arrives at 1:46 (within this part) sounds cartoony. My issue is 2:38. I thought that we were past such abrasive, in-our-face sounds. Not that I'm against wild, upfront sounds. This particular synth sounds louder, distracting, and less complimentary to the other sounds. There's a transition at 4:00 that breaks into mid/downtempo. It's refreshingly great and really catchy! It only lasts until 4:24 unfortunately where the artist incorporates yet another, not so well acclimated, nor terribly complimentary, digitized lead. By the time it leaves at 5:04, allowing me to enjoy the unique, futuristic scenery (like that scene in Matrix Revolutions where their ship ascends the clouds) I've almost lost all interest. I feel that what brought Infinite Regression down for me on DoOL, happens here. The synth leads are catchier around 5:45 and especially 6:38. I just wish that an alternative synth, one with greater balance and harmony existed from 2:38 to 3:50. This is because the song has some really great work on it. I feel that an improved version of this song (should have replaced this one part of me wants to say but) could do greater justice to this self-titled track that I imagine some will like as a whole. In short, some great work is marred by several debatable synth choices. B- 6. 36th February is a KOB-esque track with Filteria's evolved influence. The result is a unique, highly powered, catchy (most important) song that sounds fairly influenced by the artist's Illogic Logic number on the Temple of Chaos compilation. Fortunately, its sounds aren't as high pitched. I feel that some of the "effects" could have been lowered a little. The first third has gripping synth work that races beside deeper undercurrent sounds and soundscapes, There is a brief interlude that precedes a strong second act. The final third is relentless but not over-crammed, utilizing both KOB and Filteria's influence, with a touch (it seems) of Hallucinogen to boot. KOB's general sound has always been rougher, more mechanic, so it will be interesting to see how other reactions. With approaches like this and some slight refinements in the future, I feel that KOB has an even healthier, greater chance of having a main album. KOB is alive and well, and Filteria's influence compliments it. A- 7. The Lights of Shibuya starts out beautifully, with warm atmosphere, a rustling of leaves and/or mild rainfall among children's voices. The gentle notes at 0:46 are beautiful. The song soon adopts psychedelic ingredients to remind us that this is no walk through the tea garden. The synth work that begins at around 1:40 is decent. I prefer the bit at 1:50 since this later plays a roll in the epic conclusion. There is Hallucinogen influence too, and that's a good thing. The ambient and supporting sounds from 2:46 to 3:10 are very nice! The synth that arrives at 3:11 however stands out so much; I find it a bit distracting compared to the other ingredients that are so attractive and irresistible. More transitional fluidity would have been nice here, to bridge the beauty with aggression. Beginning at 4:44, the arrangement is imaginatively catchy akin to Simon Postford's unfortunate departure from Goatrance. I simply wish that the first third was a bit more patient because the second half, the last third especially is outstanding. The Lights of Shibuya encompasses some of the catchiest Psychedelic Goatrance work I have ever heard. A 8. Night @ 12PM sounds vastly different from the other songs. It isn't maximal. It's not intense. There's no climax, briefly an intro, and the first two minutes will impress few, if any. If that sounds strange, you may be surprised to hear that this is one of Filteria's most sleek, unique, and refined songs yet. It is also, maybe the smoothest track on the album, and unquestionably adds variety. I find its distinct sound refreshing. The song moves almost seamlessly through each act, encompassing a modern Goa sound that never missteps, not for a second. I love how the song evolves past the second minute, its fluidity and elegance. Night @ 12PM showcases a whole other intellectual side of the artist, sort of like Khetzal's Nyiragongo track on Corolle. Listen to this at nighttime, while driving or on ear buds (not while driving!). This may just be the most flawless track on the album, or at least arguably. But then I'd be arguing with myself. A 9. Birds Lingva Franca (2013) is an improved version of the artist's solid original on 2008's Opus Iridium compilation. This is an entirely rebuilt track with the main melody in tact. The result? I think it's great. Included are small buildups to the synth lead, stronger supporting sounds, more varied synth/sound work, and more. One little nitpick is that the main lead goes on for so long (like the original) that even that it changes up, I grow a bit tired from it after a while, but that's me. On the plus, the last third has some very nice, fresh elements. I was initially a little surprised to see an old edit here considering this is a new album. I like all new tracks. There's something nice though about having this as a bonus track where the album ultimately ends. While some may not be thrilled by the choice of having an older song rebuilt, I think numerous fans will appreciate it. B+ / A- Conclusion Filteria's Lost In the Wild album is not what the doctor ordered. It is beyond that. This is an imaginatively produced, wildly psychedelic, infectious, and at times overwhelming, bombastic album with some of the year's best electronic (Psy/Goa-Trance) songs on it. Not only that; it showcases some of the catchiest work in the genre and by the artist yet. Life Never Sleeps, The Lights of Shibuya, and Night @ 12PM are just three examples of songs that include exceptional, groundbreaking work. Dog Days Bliss (Album Edit) is one of the most fun, dance-friendly songs I've heard in a while. The artist's inspired re-imagining of Hallucinogen is exceptional. Also strong is a plethora of diverse sounds and variety. LitW is quite possibly the best Filteria album. And yet, DoOL is superb, and more fluid (as a whole) IMO, though it didn't take as many risks as LitW does. It's really a toss up. You just can't eat your cake and have it to, and speaking of cake, "the cake is a lie" - Glados Any criticisms? For starters, Food Demons (Demon's Head Remix) could have been a little more refined in the final third. Also, the self-titled track has synth leads (at times) that I find less complimentary to other layers i.e. 2:40. Maybe on the next album we can end on a killer downtempo track?! With LitW -- Jannis, please evolve past the few less fluid elements because your work is fantastic and keeps getting better. Filter's Lost in the Wild album is the most impressive uptempo/electronic album I've heard all year. I feel that Jannis challenged himself, and experimented a lot in nearly perfecting this album, and it shows. The end result is a milestone in Psychedelic Goatrance. And although I scored the previous Filteria album slightly higher, don't let that fool you into thinking this isn't an incredible release because it is. Beautiful work, well done! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Favourite songs: 1, 2, 4, 7, 8 A- Sample / Order http://suntriprecords.com/product/item/SUNCD30/ http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/sut/sut1cd030.html https://pro.beatport.com/release/lost-in-the-wild/1388075
  17. Nebula Meltdown - Stardust Chronicles Suntrip Records, 2013 Psychedelic Goatrance 1. One Eyed Reptile 2. A Higher Pathway 3. Psychic Beacon 4. Agape Sophia 5. Superluminal Connection 6. Stardust Chronicles 7. Mindstream Continuum 8. Alnitak Sunrise 9. Breakfast on the Balcony Stardust Chronicles is Nebula Meltdown's long-awaited debut Psychedelic Goa-Trance album. The artist has released several tracks on Suntrip comps, including Encrypted Illusion that numerous listeners found superb. The album is spacey, atmospheric, harmonious, and showcases some of the most enjoyable Goatrance work of the year. 1. One Eyed Reptile begins with warm ambient, atmosphere, and a Carl Sagan sample from the classic TV show Cosmos. These aspects establish the album's traveling, spacey feel. I love the synth lead that begins at 2:03, the supporting layers that keep up, and the returning synth lead. It's gripping and reminds me of what a sequel to Tandu's superb Multimoods album could sound like. The song grows a little repetitive as it progresses, primarily from 4:48 to 5:42 (the only thing holding me back from a higher score!). The artist could have trimmed a minute in that regard, and the song would have been exceptionally well done. But that part around 2:03 really sets it off; nice work! This energetic opening has some superb work on it, and grabs my attention right away. B+ 2. A Higher Pathway is less energetic than the opening, but it still has energy. The song establishes a really nice sound early on, although the melody/sound work is simpler here. The song plays out like chapters with variety; they flow and develop well. The leads, while nothing intoxicating, stand out. The last third has a fun, bubbly/psychedelic segment (via the sixth minute) that's great. Good track. B+ 3. Psychic Beacon stands out more than the previous one to me; I really like its layering and soundscapes, most of all the positive, skipping sound and feel. This song sounds to me like a distant, foreign relative of Etnica's stunning Vimana track. Okay, maybe a touch of influence; the artist did something very different. The synth leads are enjoyable and catchy. Solid song! B+ 4. Agape Sophia continues off the previous track's ending, complimenting the album's homogenous, cohesive feel. The short ambient intro sounds beautiful, celestial. The following several minutes are light, and will attract some (warm atmosphere, gentle harmonies). Others however may find the first 3-4 minutes uneventful, slow, and even a bit boring. There is a cloud walking interlude just after the third minute where the song grows more engaging. The artist incorporates a combination of elements along with catchier melodies. These additions are delectable and enhance the relaxing, spacey sound established early on. Overall the song gets better in the second half, and I like the idea of varying the more detailed tracks with ones less elaborate, to not overwhelm us. That said, the first half could have been better. This is a gentle, traveling number between the more arresting, dynamic ones. B- 5. Superluminal Connection I consider less ambitious as well. It continues off the previous track well I feel. The first third has more energy which is cool. It's filled with little details, but I'm not engaged. The second third grows more enticing just after a Carl Sagan sample. The psy-work stands out more. In the last third, a machine/fax-esque sound a la X-Dream's Radio (but different) enhances the synth work. It's catchy. I simply wish that the first few minutes were stronger. At least they're not bad and build up to the more engaging second half of the song. B- 6. Stardust Chronicles is the beginning of the second part of the album that I find stronger than the first. Maybe the artist will make his next album great from beginning to end, but until then... This song is a return to the melody skipping, wave braiding layers that comprised Psychic Beacon (to some degree). They're even catchier here. The whole song gets catchier as it progresses actually. There is some similarity however with that Vimana-esque synth in Psychic Beacon and the one here. Fortunately, much of the work is different. The song is great! This song is deserving of its self-titled album. Well done! A- 7. Mindstream Continuum has a beautiful introduction. What follows is many layers of deliciously flowing ingredients that produce a developing, evolving rhythm. There's a cool sample halfway through, and a calming of excitement before take off where the spaceship acquires a tasty synth, one of several that keeps things refreshing throughout. The atmospheric elements add to the immersion too, and don't even get me started on the soundscapes and the imaginative psychedelic work in the second half. Excellent track! A- 8. Alnitak Sunrise is an uplifting morning Goa-esque Trance number. I really like the drum work, skipping melody, euphoric sound, and voice samples (I love some of the voice sample selection). The song is relaxing and dreamy, upbeat and full of positive energy. There is just something beautiful about this finished product that speaks to me. Its unexpectedly different, unique, and catchy! A- 9. Breakfast on the Balcony is a solid, mildly Goa-influenced ambient track. It progresses nicely. The piano and subtle drums in the last third add to the floating atmosphere with a touch more energy. It doesn't stay with me like the previous three tracks, but it is a respectable closing to a memorable album. B+ Stardust Chronicles is a mature Goatrance release with atmospheric, spacey and evocative elements. Relative to the first half, I love the synth work in One Eyed Reptile, the variety in A Higher Pathway, and the melody/sound work in Psychic Beacon. Tracks 2, 4, and 5 showcase a less elaborate/energetic side of the artist with parts that are stronger than the whole, especially Agape Sophia and Superluminal Connection. Both are enjoyable, but lighter, or less elaborate and memorable compared to tracks: 1, 6, 7, 8. Good news is that the album is atmospheric, has well developed introductions, and is pretty homogeneous. I also like how every song sounds different, with exception to Psychic Beacon and Stardust Chronicles that share some similar sounds and ideas. For a while I thought I was hearing the same track only to realize the differences when hearing them back-to-back. Any other complaints or nitpicks? The first half of Superluminal Connection could have been better. Also I would have loved if the album was stronger in the first half. But the first half has grown on me, and I appreciate all of the time, energy, and creativity that went into this debut. The voice samples are great too, more aware, and thoughtful for those into the cosmos, our connection to the source, eternal love and light. I found the album interesting and catchy, for those into the more traveling, atmospheric, occasionally softer (although the album open with a bang and is generally stimulating/exciting), albeit less (non) maximal side of Goatrance which is great too! This album grew on me. It has some great work on it. I don't mean to sound smug or selfish either, but please do not underestimate the power of a non red (final) score from me. Favorite tracks: 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8 B+ Sample / Order http://www.suntriprecords.com/product/item/SUNCD29/ http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/sut/sut1cd029.html http://www.beatspace.com/7761/Suntrip+Records/NEBULA+MELTDOWN/Stardust+Chronicles/detail.aspx http://www.goastore.ch/nebula-meltdown-stardust-chronicles.html
  18. Great cover art. Samples sound great. My two cents on them. - Filteroid ... sounds nice. Kind of like the more psychedelic sequel to Filtertraces with less harmony. - Dog Days Bliss ... a big crowd pleaser I imagine. Pretty awesome. - Food Demons ... a wild runaway train on acid. I also like the ambient elements, atmosphere. - Life Never Sleeps ... interesting (stand out) sound/melody work. - Lost In the Wild ... unique synth work. - 36th February ... sounds a little like Illogic Logic to me with fresh facelift. - The Lights of Shibuya ... lots of layers, details. - Night @ 12PM ... I love the less intense, uptempo approach. This adds variety! I'm a big fan when the artist does this. - BIrds Lingva Franca (2013 Edit) ... Is this really any different than the version on V/A's Opus Iridium? This album's mere samples are ALOT to take in. Can an album be too psychedelic? Update Jannis, thank you for taking your time with it. Quality over quantity all the way. I've heard all the samples TWICE. I'm going to do some deep breathing now to calm down.
  19. Talamasca - Psychedelic Trance is not only unnecessary but it commits the cardinal sin of devaluing the artist's true Psychedelic Trance albums. The artist could have avoided misrepresentation by simply it "Full On Trance." Is that so difficult? I'm tired to rationalizing irrational behavior. For Full On (club friendly dance), it's not bad, nothing groundbreaking. IMO it falls in with just another of the tens of thousands of Full On trance albums. I have nothing left to say.
  20. Shpongle - Museum of Consciousness 2013 There are really solid tracks and work here, but some that sounds too experimental, and one too much like a soundtrack to me. Just stick to making beautiful, catchy songs I'd tell the artists of Shpongle. However their context and interpretation of "beautiful" I imagine is so vast and variable that such feedback would likely appear too vague. So I've made notes below hoping that this contributes to the whole. Parts of this album are so imaginative and catchy, and some parts just annoy me. Update - After writing that I went back through the thread to see similar things being said. 1. Brain In A Fishtank starts off interestingly enough. It's different and has grown on me. I like it. There are some really great ideas and musical elements here. 2. How The Jellyfish Jumped Up The Mountain is more simple, tempo adds variety. The altered female (incoherent) vocals early on are completely unnecessary. Solid violin and various other experimental work compliment the whole thankfully. Decent track. 3. Juggling Molecule stands out more. Like it or not. It's atypical from them. Some will dislike, but I like it. There's some experimental male voice bits (thankfully no singing). Also some excellent mixing, melodic elements, and sound work. The emotive feel is nice. 4. The Aquatic Garden Of Extra-Celestial Delights starts pretty good but the incoherent shrieking ooohhhaaaa 2-3 minutes in I DO NOT LIKE it all. It gets annoying. Replace that with a pleasant synth or instrument. And the computerized (robotic) Shpongle voice? Really?? It takes away from the song and cheapens it IMO. Otherwise this sounds nice. Musically there's some great work here, and on a technical level. 5. Further Adventures In Shpongleland is unique, pretty good. Combines old and new. Again, this showcases some great mixing, technical work. Cool track. 6. The Epiphany Of Mrs Kugla begins like a big soundtrack that goes on for too long IMO. This includes trumpet or trombone sounds similar to Infected Mushroom's Apogiffa Night (?) and/or Xenomorph's Prognosis (opening) track on the Demagoguery of the Obscurants album. Less soundtrack (trumpet here) parts would have bee nice. They're not bad (ok), but used more than necessary. The song becomes dependent on them. Overall the song has some nice elements, a peaceful closing, but sounds too much like a movie trailer to me. 7. Tickling The Amygdala is psy-ambient with build up to solid downtempo movement. It becomes catchier once the beat enters I think. Still I would take take Psychic Gibbon over it any day. Oh wait, that was Younger Brother! This is a decent, nice closing. It's not that memorable and could have used another layer to spice it up. The piano in the very end works well. Conclusion - Museum of the Consciousness is more homogenous previous one(s) with more hits than misses for me. Gone are the slow tempo dubby parts that bored me in the groundbreaking debut. Also gone are the ethnic/worldly parts from the second that I don't mind being gone here. Furthermore, there are a few danceable segments; I don't mind them (mainly part of track 1 into 2) because they're infrequent and add variety. Shpongle continues to innovate. An uplifting track with less psy, such as Nothing Is Something Worth Doing would have been nice here. I loved that track and (to some degree) Invisible Man In A Fluorescent Suit on the previous 2010 album titled, Ineffable Mysteries from Shpongleland. But that was a hit-and-miss album for me too and regardless, I can see why some will be disappointed, love, or feel mixed with this fifth Shpongle album. Speaking of misses, I don't like the trumpet bombardment trailer-esque (several minutes of) The Epiphany... I don't like the altered, incoherent voice shrieks 2-3 minutes into Jellyfish. I generally prefer less vocals and find that they occasionally distract from the music. IMO it's not bad but it's not why I listen to Shpongle. That said, the music is so unique, catchy, and immersive at times. Other times I feel that the artists were taking risks to make the song stand out more. That's fine, but a shrieking voice or a prolonged trailer-esque trumpet takes away IMO from the experience as a whole. Overall I enjoy this album and find it interesting. Check it out and decide for yourself. On a side note (since around the time listening to this one)... someone was nice enough to refer me to Koan - Argonautica for beautiful downtempo that I've been enjoying a lot too lately. Listen to Shpongle 5 and decide for yourself. Favourite tracks - 1, 3, 4, 5 I don't think to know what I'd rate this yet. It's subjective anyway. Maybe a B+ ... You all won't agree anyway and shouldn't of course. I respect that we all have different opinions, preferences. We love music in general and I appreciate you guys/girls as human beings, even if we have never met in person. I hope one day that changes. Shpongle's new album is available to stream on Youtube. Give it a spin.
  21. This is my favorite compilation by Suntrip to date, followed by (in no order) Apsara, Blacklight Moments, Temple of Chaos. With this, I love the harmonies (sounds, melodies) and rhythms throughout. The album is homogenous with exception to Energy Waves; that song adds a boost between the more beautiful, traveling songs but seems out of place on here. Also, Chi. a.d's song, though beautiful gets repetitive. That said, I love how much "feeling" and emotion exist at times. It's definitely not for everyone, being softer, lighter in general, but I like that - the harmonies; the warm, relaxing sounds, and atmosphere. Most goa enthusiasts will like this compilation I imagine. If you're looking for one with strong emotive tracks, this is up there.
  22. V/A - Shaltu 2012 Suntrip Records 1. Ra - Lifethread starts off peppy, like something out of Wizard of Oz; I like it. I wanted to enjoy this song so much after the [arguably] magical entrance. I generally love RA and I realize some people really like this track. It takes off at around 1:55 and sounds pretty good. Soon after though, I find that the song grows formulaic, uninspired, and recycled in ideas. Aside from the opening and few ambient and synth elements, the song has a same-sounding feel that grows repetitive. I feel that the approach here is neither ambitious nor really that imaginative, like we're going through the motions for nearly 9 minutes! My favorite part(s) are actually the opening and interludes. From 1:55 to 2:46 is nice sounding, but after that the artist adds a synth, that while attractive, is not that great. Maybe the less layers approach relative to other RA tracks makes the looping more obvious. I don't know. I generally love this artist, but I don't love this song. Also, I find it more mainstream sounding than virtually all RA songs I've heard to date. C+ 2. Crossing Mind - Hydrophobic Visions on the other hand is more diverse and versatile. This I find catchy, gripping, and more enjoyable. The beat changes, details, sounds, melodies, alterations, and overall direction and style is inventive. Along with this artist's InnerShift album, this is an innovative, emotive, and catchy number that keeps me interested and immersed throughout. There's never a dull second. The mixing is dynamic and evolving. Little of this would matter if it wasn't catchy which it is. There's a storytelling/emotive feel throughout that's harmonious and involving, very nice. Great work. B+ 3. Nebula Meltdown - Mindstream Continuum is another strong number with an evocative opening. I love the first 0:45 of this song. It's beautiful, dreamy, and arresting. This artist produced one of the strongest tracks on Temple of Chaos and is 2 for 2 here. Intro aside, the song isn't as emotive as the previous track, but stands out nonetheless, and showcases delectable synth (sound/melody) work encased in gentle yet effective atmosphere, soundscapes, and more. I love uplifting songs with edge (this has both!). The second half has more emotion, development; that's good! The psy backdrop is solid too. Update: I just realized that this song is also on the artist's debut album called Stardust Chronicles. It's uncommon of Suntrip to release comp tracks also on main albums anyway. Mindstream Continuum is a great track! A- 4. Shakta & Deedrah - Lepton Head (Part III) is the second song involving (artists I consider great) that I was disappointed with. This is a Filteria remix. I find its sound/melody production too tinny, screechy, flat, and sharp throughout. Moreover, the song lacks power to the original that I don't recall being great to begin with. There is an interesting interlude in the last third, but due to the tinny sound and production, that could have been improved in this remix, the entire track, climax included, is not enjoyable. C- 5. InnerSpace - InnerSpace is the first song on the album to really arrest my attention throughout. The song grabs me from its opening and remains energetic, dynamic, involving, infectious, and immersive until the end. It even gets better as it progresses without ever getting too messy or overloaded, in my opinion. This song excites me. It is THE SONG on this compilation that I'd most recommend to friends so far. Well done! A 6. Ephedra & Imba - Emergency Acid System is another energetic, albeit less upbeat and more exciting, driving vehicle. It lacks the variety and ambitious, space-delicacy approach of the previous rocket. Nonetheless, the song works well; it has ambition, and showcases good sound/melody around attractive atmospheric elements and occasional, catchy voice samples, effects. The song is a little repetitive, but certain transitional boosters enhance it at times around its shortcomings. Good track. B 7. Shani Yantra - Fractal Memories sounds more mainstream, commercial; this is the next HUH? song (for me) on this compilation. It starts out nice. The melody at 3:00 is pretty good, as does the interlude, and the melody at around 3:48. The song picks up from there and flows nicely, at least for [arguably Goa-influenced] full on club trance (?). This song does not seem to correlate with most of the songs on the compilation. It's also fairly monotonous, though it has some nice sound/melody work. C+ 8. RA - Time Current (E-Mantra Remix) starts out great. E-Mantra is a hit-and-miss for me. I'm generally not a big fan of remixes either, but E-Mantra's approach to one of RA's songs is interesting to hear. I like the atmospheric intro, and how the artist spices up the music with tasty, psy-echoed synths at around 2:15 into the third minute. I find the first several minutes very catchy, well done. An interlude at 3:29 creates an opportunity for the song to evolve and grow catchier, though the latter arguably happens. The beat return at 4:35; the echoed sound fx sound nice. But aside from a gentle melody at 5:15 and the reprised signature melody (later on), I'm no longer hooked. The sounds are softer. The track grows fairly monotonous, and less engaging too. The segment between the forth and sixth minute, though decent, is missing something to spice up the second half. Fortunately, TC's signature melody reprises at 7:03, very nice! The song however ran out of out of team halfway through as opposed to growing more deliciously engaging as it progressed. This is a pretty good song with a strong first-third. I wish the artist sustained the greatness throughout. B- 9. Sirius - Universe has an old-school, D5 (Second Phaze-esque) feel, sound, and influence. Included is warm sounds, atmosphere, and pleasant ambient notes. There is a sample early on that strangely sounds like the guy is saying: "the cosmic and planetary hiarachy for this 1998 Nissan??? The song picks up at 1:30 and sounds pretty good, at least for a while. The overall design however is not that impressive. Lacking is memorable melodies, and while there is an upbeat synth nicely placed at 5:11, the song could have showcased more lively, arresting sound/melody work considering the potential D5 inspiration. I'm between a B- and a C+ here, though this isn't better than the previous number IMO. The song is far from bad, but for the last track on a Suntrip compilation, I'm a bit disappointed. C+ Conclusion - I'm not a fan of RA's Lifethread or Shakta & Deedrah Filteria's Z-Particle Remix. Those artists have achieved far more imaginative, catchier songs in the past. With Lepton Head Pt 3, I feel like I've heard this before. It grows tedious and repetitive as it progresses. Naturally some listeners will disagree with me. I agree with Penzoline's view (for the most part) on this release and share his gripes, the latter regarding the filler and full-on (Shani Yantra) work that seems "against type" of Suntrip. The last track leaves much to be desired too. On the positive: Both Crossing Mind and Nebula Meltdown provide great songs. The Innerspace track is fantastic. The Emergency Acid System number is fun too, and numerous Goa listeners are bound to like E-Mantra's creative remix of RA's powerful Time Current. Overall, Shaltu is a pretty good compilation with some great tracks, and a few weak ones as well. One or two commenters have said that I give every Suntrip release a B+ or an A-, but that's just not true (see my Afgin - Astral Experience, Ka-Sol - Fairytale reviews; they're quite critical). The truth is that Suntrip has a great track record, and that's my opinion being a lover of Goatrance. Overall, I have been more impressed by Suntrip's previous compilations, but this is worth checking out for its solid tracks around hit-and-miss ones for me. Favorite tracks - 2, 3, 5, 6, B-
  23. Jon Cocco

    Ra - To Sirius

    I really enjoy the first 4 songs. R.O.M. is still the best RA uptempo track ever created in my opinion. I don't think I'll ever shut up about how freekin awesome R.O.M. is. And Sirius is excellent. Message to RA for the third album: Please, we love your work on both albums. I want the third album to be wonderful and dare you to top R.O.M.
  24. What happened to the Talpa we all remember and love? I can't believe 10 years have passed since 2004's The Art of Being Non. That debut album overflowed with imaginative ambition; it was visionary and unforgiving, took risks and got a handful of my friends into Talpa! I was very disappointed with When the Somberness Becomes A Game. My girlfriend couldn't believe it was the Talpa from The Art of Being Non which she impresses us to this day. The World Without Me and Still Dreaming IMO (on SOMBERNESS) were well done I thought. Regarding the other songs, I thought I was listening to circus music. I put it on in the car to show my friends (they were like WTF are we listening to?!! ) before skipping to show them The World WIthout Me (a great track on that album). Their reaction was impressed. I was asked why didn't he make he whole album like that? From what I gather, the artist didn't have as much control over the tracks that made it to Somber. I think Goran is amazingly talented. We all know that he can produce stunning electronica. He can if he wants to, and send it out. I'd love if he produced non-linear, imaginative, groundbreaking electronica again. Even if it's not Art of Non. Something beautiful, heavenly, deep, filled with meaning, psychedelic. I heard a while back that he was working on (what sounded to me like) ambient, but don't know what became of it. I'd love to hear a downtempo release by him. And something rich and vibrant, full of light. Just make it NOT generic sounding, passionate, and catchy. His talent is above and beyond recent music I've heard by him including this new 2013 release. He even came back 1-2 years ago with MOON RMX that KICKED ASS !!!!! So I know he CAN do it. HE CAN. If a label is not supporting that stuff, he should look elsewhere IMO, or separate his TALPA name from a moniker (another artist) name and produce for different labels if possible. Otherwise TALPA fans get confused because the same rock artist is producing heavy metal so to speak, under the same name. This new release sounds to me like generic full on with a small and unique touch so faint that it's hardly noticeable. Where is the creative Talpa we all know and love? I feel like someone influenced him to stop making that music anymore, maybe there is more money in generic material.
  25. The first two things that grabbed my attention was the artist's name and track titles. On first listen, it was a hit-and-miss for me. Being a big fan of melodies (synth leads), I quickly warmed up to The Child Hunter. After that I felt mixed until A New Game arrived that lifts the album towards some of its best tracks. I don't think the opening song is the that friendly for the general listener, but the building-up approach to something tastier, more desirable I like. The Many and The Luck Dragon is memorable too with a beat that changes up; its melody/sound work I find less infectious than The Child Hunter. I love some of the ideas and execution in the album. The artist's experimental approach produces some innovative work! At times however, I find that the PSY-approach and harder kick when combined with the GOA influence, is a bit much (at times, not always, and this is arguably) when trying to enjoy the more magical, harmonious aspects. For example, the melodies in The Child Hunter I think are great, but the psytrance influence is so prominent that these euphoric elements appear less emphasized at times because the PSY elements are in the forefront just as much. I'm a huge fan of Goatrance, so I love soaking up those euphoric moments that are partied here in Psytrance atmosphere. Also, the kick drum I wish was just a little less in tracks like Uyulala. I raise the volume to hear the melodies more, but the kick becomes so much that I end up lowering it. Also in Uyulala, there's a beautiful melodic segment that comes (in the middle) and also the final two minutes. I would have enjoyed more of this influence and less pounding psytrance that overpowers much of the song. I just really like the harmonious melody/sound work on this album; for me a track like Uyulala becomes so much catchier [from 5:07 to 5:32] when they arrive. Nothing I find lacking in memorable sound/melody synth work and not very memorable. That said, some will love this Psy-meets-Goa child. It's different. It's unique. I love some of the tracks or parts of them; an example of the latter being Graograman from 3:57 to 6:01. I love that section, but the following part (before the last minute more or less) sounds less evocative, more generic psytrance to me. That said, the part between is simply giving us a breather before the next emotive-influenced section. So it works. The artist is aware and carefully structures, develops the tracks. There's great work on this album, even if some of the strongest Goa influence is often immersed in a thumping beat around psychedelic textures, soundscapes, and less euphoric synth work. It worked with Jikkenteki's work after all. Although I find this album less accessible (at least right away) than Goatree's The Force, it's an interesting release with a good amount of imaginative work, and I adore the attention to details and moments of magic, harmony, beauty, and wonder, like a fantasy movie! I recommend giving this album a couple listens before critiquing this unless you're that enthusiastic to share. Favorites: 2, 3, 5, 7, 10. B+
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