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Found 12 results

  1. https://soundcloud.com/hommega-official/gravity-waves-2017 https://soundcloud.com/hommega-official/milosh What do you guys think? Looks like they are back on psy! Edit: Album is out! https://arabdigitalhommegaproductions.bandcamp.com/album/return-to-the-sauce
  2. Bust a Move (Bliss Remix) and Suliman (No Comment Remix) are my favorites here https://arabdigitalhommegaproductions.bandcamp.com/album/im21
  3. Tracklist: 1 - Flamingo 2 - Manipulator 3 - Return to the Sauce 4 - Groove Attack 5 - Gravity Waves (Infected Mushroom 2017 Remix) 6 - Demons of Pain (Remix) 7 - Milosh 8 - Nutmeg 9 - Liquid Smoke Since they first emerged with their phenomenal premiere album "The Gathering", the trance duo "Infected Mushroom" changed the face of Psychedelic trance music forever. Their new album, "Return To The Sauce" includes nine new tracks arising powerful scents of the past. Like mushrooms that have grown on their land, so noticeable is the feeling that the duo created the album within their most natural
  4. https://facebook.com/Spacecatpage/photos/a.10151332659254584.469541.315433779583/10154920454909584/ 1. Com (2017 Remake) 2. Expose (2017 Remake) 3. The Fly (2017 Remake) 4. 2004 (2017 Remake) Youtube Playlist - Beatport - https://www.beatport.com/release/reincarnation/2010433 iTunes - https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/reincarnation-space-cat-2017-remake/id1229430339 Junodownload - http://www.junodownload.com/products/cat-on-mushroom-reincarnation/3408909-02/
  5. It just occurred to me that the flourishing of psytrance in Israel in the '90s kind of coincided with the escalation of the US violence in the Arabic countries. Has anyone else noticed that? And notwithstanding the situation, few, if any, Israeli tracks seemed to address what seems to me and many other people an injustice. Moreover, the popularity of that Astral Projection track with a stupid Bible quote re: creationism has always buffled me. Then it only got worse, with gun-brandishing Skazi, Infected Mushroom, etc. and really ugly track titles and album covers by the latter, that seemed to u
  6. Here is my new fresh track ... Cosmic Rain - Flux Byte Hope you like it... Comments and ideas are welcome https://soundcloud.com/kosmokrator-1/flux-byte
  7. Time is not always gentle on the heroes of yesterday. I remember being totally infatuated with The Gathering back when it came out, only to find it a bit too cartoonish today. It's almost like they've become the Prodigy of Trance or something. Any thoughts?
  8. Out Now : Friends on Mushrooms Vol. 1 by Infected Mushroom including collaborations with Astrix, Hatikva 6 / Hope 6 / התקווה 6 Tracklist : 1. Where Do I Belong by Infected Mushroom & Hope 6 2. Bass Nipple by Infected Mushroom 3. Astrix On Mushrooms by Infected Mushroom & Astrix 4. Mambacore by Infected Mushroom Listen Full Track Preview / Download Psybonsai.com : Website / Facebook Full Streamed Preview & Streamed Radio.
  9. LWE presents Halcyon 26th December Boxing Day Ministry Of Sound, London 10pm to 6am Infected Mushroom (DJ Set) Astrix (Live) It’s been a bit of a break for us at Halcyon HQ since our last sold out event at Electric Brixton in February but how could we finish the year and not have one more final big party! For this event we have invited our good friends Infected Mushroom, who will be performing a rare and exclusive DJ set and Astrix performing his latest material LIVE. Halcyon residents including Libra 9 in support, with special guests across 4 rooms of music at Ministry
  10. What think you? http://www.arabesque...d=2869&Itemid=1 They've really gotten far from their roots for sure. It doesn't sound half-bad in regards it's unique and their production is top notch, but for the love of god.. vocals. I wonder.
  11. Echodelic - Moments Of Reality Debut Album!! OUT NOW!! Echodelic - Moments of Reality OUT NOW!! Tracklist: 1.Echodelic - Momenty Of Reality 2.Echodelic - Ten Second To Reload 3.Echodelic - Melody Mind 4.Echodelic - Massive Music 5.Echodelic - Two Basics Info: Echodelic`s debut album will be released soon (Power & Emotion Records ,the album contain trance music , a special combine from full on and massive trance to crazy saw basslines and melodies. The album also contain a bonus track , tech minimal , very special. About Echodelic Behind the project "Echodelic" stand Ron
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