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  1. Thanks you. This is the first time I have given a full A to a new school album. It's nice to see readers who follow my reviews over the years. After three main albums over 5 years, this artist was determined to produce an album that according to many people throughout the world and myself, is wonderful. So he should probably take a break after this, but not quit producing. Surprisingly, my favorite Suntrip Record's release to date remains RA - 9th; I just loved the down, mid, and uptempo variety on that album, though I gave 9th a lower score. Nonetheless, Daze of Our Lives is awesome, beautiful, superb. While Sky Input has an intensity and sheer sensation unmatched, Daze of our Lives is more fluid, mature, intelligent, evolved, and varied with sounds, melodies, and atmospheres. It's enjoyable to listen to from beginning to end, far more than previous Filteria albums I feel.
  2. Xamanist - Initiation 2009 1 Machu Picchu ... 7:07 2 Dancing Samadhi ... 7:15 3 Truth And Beauty ... 7:28 4 Across The Universe ... 7:07 5 This Is A Warning ... 7:40 6 Intergalactic ... 7:46 7 I'm Just Amazed ... 8:21 8 White Magik ... 7:48 9 Atlantis ... 7:00 This is a thinking outside the box album, relative to the artist at least; I can't imagine him not becoming absorbed in his imagination in order to create this. That energy has taken time to grow on me however. I heard Initiation earlier in 2009 several times, and I wasn't sure what to think of it. I think that the far out/artistic style came across as more alien and experimental to me than instantly enjoyable and addictive, though I remember liking parts of it. Other parts I had to let grow on me until I heard this album the week I wrote this. Nonetheless, there appears to be a high amount of experimental work, innovation here; it's done in the broad spectrum of psy and trance and well, another possibly sub style could/may have emerged out of this, but experimental psy and/or psytrance will do for now. 1. Machu Picchu starts with a unique blend of ambient, atmopheric sounds. The Terrence McKenna sample I could do without, primarilly because I've heard him so many times in so many albums. The artist keeps him to a minimal in the very beginning here. Following samples are interesting and provoke attention. The beat soon kicks in and a mix of bizarre/strange sounds compose a structure. The album has many of these unique aspects that I can't say I love or hate; they just are and in a sense showcase the artists mystic/modern style. It makes good backdrop but it isn't until around 2:07, with a more ear friendly sound that hooks me. Suddenly all of the strange background textures make sense in a weird twisted kind of way; the song gets better, more psychedelic as it moves forward. I'm not completely captivated yet though. Cool track. B 2. Dancing Samadhi is another interesting track, darker, more tribal sounding but not/never becoming to tribal trance. The thumping, driving drums are good, combined with piano and/or various instruments. A sound around 1:32 is catchy; the bubbly song moves forward with a llittle attitude which I like. The laugh is cool too. What I don't care for is the melody/sound that begins around 1:53 and goes until 2:30 because I have heard this sound before, as if it's from another song, movie, or something. I believe to know that sound too well and wish the artist created and/or chose something else. The sounds that accompany it are really good though, creating a hauntingly playful, dynamic, and musical treat. B+ 3. Truth And Beauty has some beautiful melodies which go well with the ever changing backgrounds. The second half of the song sounds completely varied and different; both parts have very good sound/melody work and hooks. This is another solid number. B+ 4. Across The Universe starts great. Wow. Now this is more of what I like. The beginning is dark and haunting, atmospheric. The melodic elements are like angel particles, elegant bits sprinkled over the twisted screams and eerie atmosphere. The beat changes up; an interesting mix of sounds arrive around 2:00, and I'm not sure where this western-esque part is going, though the the rhythm is soon joined with a sound, creating emphasis to the darker elements, a smart move. A unique interlude hovers around 3:00. The howling effects are well placed, altered, distorted. As we reach the center, new formations of sounds mix with previous areas, some now removed, creating an intricate, non-linear approach that's gripping. I wasn't a big fan of the initial melody in the first two minutes. An excellent part is when the beat is enhanced around 4:25. The section past that is dark and/or intense and engaging too. Great track! A- 5. This Is A Warning is another vibrantly layered, well done song with a wonderful sound fusion around 5:45 forward. I love the part from 5:53 to 5:50 and how that moves with various other sounds. The computer/robotic sound effects a la Electrypnose (2008 release but different in style and effect) are catchy. They add sweet textures to the dynamic sound art like water in the ocean in the sense they seem inseparable and flow extremely well. Excellent work. A- 6. Intergalactic is like a deep sea, submerged exposition. Traveling deep underwater into uncharted territory. Various melodies remind me of when the boy became particles, and was separated to atoms in the air from the classic original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971) film. I'm referring to the melody work around 5:30 to 6:45, before it is barely audible and/or removed to accommodate new layers that strengthen the final third. This is a unique blend of explorative (experimental elements) psy music, delivered in an approach that rivals Eat Static's deep sea vehicle from their Back to Earth album in 2008. Interesting track. I enjoyed some of the others more but I like the creativity here. B+ 7. I'm Just Amazed is a burst of adrenaline; a higher octane, well textured and psychedelic, determined beast trekking across the baron lands. This is a pretty cool, dark, aggressive, and danceable psy influenced and/or psytrance number. The variation of sounds as it progresses prevents it from dipping into repetition, making this smarter, more interesting than many dance friendly stompers out there. Think Merr0w's Mind Blowing; that's what this track reminds me of in the sense it's strong and has a hard kick drum throughout. I think that a more uncompromising approach to having more energetic melodies would have enhanced this song for the better though. For instance, the part around 4:35 and again around 4:45 is really good; the part around 5:00 is great too, very climactic. But the wavering, lower sound/melody that enters around 5:15 is not nearly as effective to the driving rhythm of the whole. While some people may like this, I feel that this sound, though fairly short in duration, distracts (takes away) from the high octane energy and intensity of the song because it stands out so much, and seems out of place, as it goes higher/lower in pitch. I'm glad when it exits, and when the song continues. Otherwise than that part, the song is very well done. B+ 8. White Magik returns to more psychedelic, playful, computer background, wild/fun, unpredictable and CATCHY sound work. I really like the musical development from the first to second minute. The following is great too, building and developing, adding more layers, enhancing the rhythm with more delectable sounds. A voice sample arrives around 4:50; the interlude is interesting but I would let go of McKenna samples in the future, as they've been done so frequently in the past and kind of hit an exhaustion peek, in my opinion. That said, the rest of the track is good/great, offering a complex fusion reflecting an extremely creative, smart, and chaotic (in a good way), visual mind. A- 9. Atlantis is interesting, a deep sea follow up to various, previous work; it creates a psychedelically closing uptempo number that is driving, less upbeat, and well done in this regard. This is one of those tracks that some will love/like or not be sure what to think, as I was for years with BofFB - Twin Sharkfins album. I would recommend this artist to keep feeding his passion though, because he's very talented. Again, I'm not sure how to rate some of these though they seem to qualify greatness, so give me some breathing space with the grades. The intricacy and innovation of this alone appears solid and I'm hooked enough, intrigued to hear the album yet again. B+ In conclusion, this is a very musical release, given for free to those who want to hear it for themselves. I tried several times earlier in 2009; the unique/artistic style sounded so foreign to me initially that I wasn't sure what to think of it as a whole. I wasn't sure how to write a review, as this has happened to me before (took me years to finally review Hux Flux - Cryptic Crunch); I prefer not to give an album an A just for being innovative and different. So while it's subjective to say, I decided to do my best to compare the tracks to themselves in this style and to my ears. An album that occasionally comes to my mind when listening to this, though this is different in style/sound, is Talpa - The Art of Being Non in the sense this takes risks, gets playful, wild, musically inventive, twisted, humorous, driving, and unexpected/dark, and unpredictable, showcasing various moments of beauty around a psy influenced orchestra. This artist's passion and fun, his personality seems to really cross over into certain tracks and it's fun to be exposed to the creativity. A gripe is tha st once in a while, the track has a really tasty texture going and the artist experiments over that with sometimes great, and other times ( with a strange, low sound or two) not as delectable results. Such moments distract me from the exciting state I'm in, but in general many of the lower sounds are important in that they're often well utilized and compliment the medium/higher sounds. This is the type of album that one must hear to decide what he or she feels, as it's different from all albums I've heard. For me, some of the tracks are appear creative/unique for being such while others, to me at least, are both creative, gripping, and enjoyable throughout. But the artistic approach in tracks will likely cause difference in favorites, as no song has been watered down to sound general or mainstream. Initiation is an interesting release, and while I can't say people will like/love it right away, I can't help but feel that it's one of the most innovative and solid little gems to come a long in a while. This grade is subject to change (from me at least) but I want to bring attention to an album that deserves to be heard by more listeners, as this is one of the most unique and original releases that I have so far heard in 2009. Nonetheless, the album may take time to grow on the general listener as what happened with me. B+ The album is free to download and/or buy: see above links.
  3. Radical Distortion – Psychedelic Dreams Suntrip Records 01. Psychedelic Dreams 02. Spacecraft 03. Amorphia 04. The Dreamer (Orient Mix) 05. Transparant Joint 06. The Other World 07. Communication (Rmx) 08. A New Home 09. Star Dance 10. Dying Earth Psychedelic Dreams is the new Psychedelic Goa-Trance main album by Radical Distortion. It aims to top their previous album, 2006's Regenesis, which proved that these artists are extremely talented when it comes to producing Psy/Goa-Trance. A full review ensues. 01. Psychedelic Dreams begins the album with deep, euphoric ambient via intro. Voice samples indicate a story about a planet that's been destroyed; few people remain and are now faced with the challenges of surviving the aftermath. The set up is strong, creating a post apocalyptic world. A harmonious sound of beauty/sadness compliments the driving, fluid, and distorted Goa waves. The beat disappears around 4:45, and the haunting notes carry the wave into a catchy interlude. The song has a few sounds and/or inspirations that remind me of old Astral, MFG, and Miranda, only with a more modern edge, approach, and production. This is an intriguing opening and the ambient notes compliment it. Good track. B 02. Spacecraft follows up with more energy. A strong and fairly intense sound enters around 0:43. The beat soon kicks in and the vehicle takes off, collecting layers. A shuffling sound at 1:24 is well done and tightens the backdrop as more delectable sounds arrive. The first two minutes are pretty good. It's at 2:33 and again at 2:49 that a real pocket of emotion begins, followed by a cloud floating interlude, and then an arguably inspired Filteria-esque moment before take off. Past the peaceful center, various ingredients are soon added, complicating the broth. The energy returns more psychedelic than before and attempts some catchy alterations. The one from 5:08 to 5:12 is stylish, adding drive and rhythm emphasis. Another effect sounds like a pocket of wind, lifting the waves up into into its twisting turbulence. Such effects keep the song interesting and involving. Yet another buildup is soon formed, pulling back around 6:25 to accommodate an ominous backdrop. Suddenly the rhythm takes off; my favorite part is from 6:45 to 6:50, a climactic moment that is just wonderful. Radical Distortion likes to twist, distort, and make psychedelic so many sounds, and they do it well in this number while engaging the listener with more gentle sounds that accompany them. Although the song gets better as it progresses, I wish they invested just a little more energy into the climactic element and sound that takes place around 6:50. Otherwise the song is great, excellent, and also comes equipped with a really cool rhythmic variation (change up) in the last two minutes. Great song. B+ 03. Amorphia enters the beat within the opening, avoiding much of an introduction. The voice samples appear to be from a popular film; they're effective. The song involves numerous change ups, primarily one at 3:26 that's engaging, and sounds very different than the previous track. The sample work well in this number, adding to a sweet build up, climax at 4:49. Radical Distortion never seems to overdue their high energy. The climaxes never seem to achieve such highs as to off-set or cause drastic changes to the song’s fluid direction, and for this reason I find their work, such as in this track, so fluid. The second half changes gears, sound; it sounds fresher before fusing old rhymes with new. The song however appears less intricate than the previous number. But it remains catchy throughout. My favorite parts are the strong Goa hooks, such as the one around 1:00, another at 1:33, and an even different one at 2:17. These hooks let the liquid sound of Goa be manipulated, experimented with, and breath. They remind me of ideas present in old school classics: Cosmosis - Cosmology and Doof - Let's Turn On. This isn't the most groundbreaking track, but it's strong and the samples compliment it. B+ 04. The Dreamer (Orient Mix) is the first remix to my knowledge of the group's original, on 2008's VA - Opus Iridium compilation. Though similar in many ways to the original, this remix involves numerous changes. For starters, the artists changed (altered differently) and/or redid a powerful, skipping melody that began at 2:03 in the original; I greatly preferred the original in that area, and find that area redone here less juicy/infectious. Fortunately, other changes are good/great. The oriental influences is basically a combination of sounds/melodies that are integrated into the mix, creating more warmth and sound animations; the song is high octane nonetheless with more details this time around. The original I felt, was energetic, aggressive, and intense, but became somewhat repetitive and in that sense, got exhausting as it continued. This remix however provides a foreign influence that cleverly grows, supports the grittier textures. The result is a fresher, less repetitive, and more varied track overall. It's as if the number took a trip overseas and returned with more intellect, more to tell. The last third introduces newer sounds, also enhanced, like Goa braids wrapping themselves around the original's thinner tunnel. The song appears more crisp and psychedelic too, as if the general structure of layers were enhanced through various software filters. The only alteration I'm disappointed with, when compared to the original, is the first major sound change around 2:03. Otherwise, the little details are good/great, and the remix is better in my opinion, than the original's grittier but less involved picture. I do prefer newer tracks over remixes in general, but this is a solid one nonetheless. Great work. A- 05. Transparant Joint returns more psychedelic, possibly than any track I've heard on the album so far. Haunting sounds become more prominent around 1:33 and add mystery, edge; they create a dark component. Not much introduction is present which would have been nice. Unlike the previous track, which developed harmonious art around a work out on the dance floor, this one is more focused on being twisted, trippy. The song has an ominous tone a la BotFB, though different in style/sound. My issue is the evolution, or lack of, as the artists are determined to build, manipulate, and alter so many layers; the track doesn't seem more varied with ideas around its psychedelically distorted, driving. The song develops, but has but also lacks imagination when compared to some of the other songs. The part around 6:00 is superb for instance. Wow. It's impressive how mushrooms can grow on a tune so effectively! I simply wish more of these elements took place before this infectious part towards the very end. Previous songs seemed to have more substance, more to tell, while this is a great albeit linear number. It will likely grip some listeners with its sheer trip, Mad Hatter racing through darkness/Hell (figuratively speaking) approach. More moments such as the one around 6:00 would have been amazing, and possibly awarded a higher score from me. As it stands, the song is fun to listen to, and one of the most psychedelic number's of the year. B+ 06. The Other World begins with a strong, sustained note of ambient, followed by a powerful voice sample about a man wondering the fate of his people, and his own. I'm scratching my head trying to grasp the potential movie that this is from. The introduction is simply yet effective, tempting the mysteries unknown that lies beyond the opening gate to the dark path. The male’s voice echoes an abstract mind in a vast gateway to the abysmal unknown. The song continues the alien delicacy with momentum and an even wider range of sounds from those on the previous track. It develops into an arguably darker, more intense, and melodically varied/distorted trip to dark wonderland. While missing a potential opportunity to end on an amazing note, the song is nicely layered, creative and has solid character development. After the part in the previous song around 6:03, I was hoping for a more memorable ending. Nonetheless, the song is gripping from start to finish. Yet it could have gotten a higher score from me if it did more towards the end. Good, if not great track. B+ 07. Communication (Rmx) is a zippy, energetic, and startling remix from Suntrip's first compilation: Apsara. I actually favored the original of this remix from the 2005 compilation the least, though it was a good track. In comparison to the original, this is modernized and arguably just as good. For starters, the remix appears to be the least groundbreaking track on the album, not far from The Dreamer (Orient Mix), the latter being stronger. The good news is that the remix is fast, fluid, tasty, and risk free, though the latter shouldn't cause worries. This is a healthy, fun number with elements of beauty. My gripe is that the sounds/melodies in the original sounded more juicy; they sound squeezed via some of software filter here to compensate for having a more metallic, psychedelic sound. The changes appear to do little that impresses the original that I enjoy more in comparison. The remix is cool nonetheless; fans of the original will generally enjoy it. The space floating part from 4:45 to 5:15 is great, and considering the album has ten tracks, this one is almost like a bonus around the middle as opposed to the album's end. I just find the newer tracks so much more refreshing than the remixes, especially this one, so I'm glad that there's only two here, though they're cool. This is a good, psychedelic song. It's just nothing spectacular. B 08. A New Home grows from the same gorgeous flower that I find most present in the non remix tracks, i.e; the majority of the album. This number goes deep into the mind; sound particles emerge to confront bigger ones in a new world filled with intoxicating sounds and fusions, such as the one around 2:00, for starters. The sound combinations, distortions, skipping, alterations, and more within this song are excellent. The middle has a Pleiadian/Filteria-esque influence combined with Radical Distortion's that is wonderful. It's amazing how the marrying of just a few sounds can deliver such an infectious head rush of pleasure. The song's mixing work is articulately crafted; small details are recognized; dynamic approaches to psychedelic sentences elegantly shift sound currents into seemingly different rhythm and waves. The song gives the brain a workout, as its extremely danceable like virtually all songs so far. It devilishly moves forward, like a beautiful dolphin cutting through elegant waves, forming many of its own. There are numerous melodies, bursting flavors, and delectable psy sounds throughout this possible masterpiece. It's one of the reason's why I love Goa-Trance, the fluidity of a song's art in motion is beautiful to both listen to and experience. I haven't even gotten to the part around 3:23 yet, which is excellent. This is a smart, beautiful track. It raises the bar on what the artists can achieve. While I detect some Pleiadian/Filteria influence, a little inspiration can go a long way, and Radical Distortion adds several pre-existing ideas to their own with wondrous results. Awesome number. A- 09. Star Dance is an excellent Psychedelic Goa-Trance number with juicy, jumping out and attention grabbing Goa/melody work. Think Doof, Cosmosis, Dimension 5 (from the golden era); with strong and psychedelic backdrops, gorgeous textures, and a light, flavorful, and uprising atmosphere. The melody/sound work is so catchy on this one. It makes me miss the golden days of Goa, yet this song is a rebirth in a sense, to one of the most wild and artistic creations of the human heart, mind, and spirit. The only thing missing is possibly an ending (though this one is great) that leaves my jaw on the floor the way Filteria's Earthrise did. But that's a small gripe when compared to the whole, not a flaw. Excellent work. A- 10. Dying Earth begins with a strong wave of ambient, like a child running up a hill towards the fireball sunset, only to reach the top and witness the tragedy of an annihilated city. Through the eyes of a child, the over stretched horizons bring all types of weather, natural disaster, and brooding energy from death after man has has all but withered away entirely. Gone. Lost. Fading memories echo around a haunting, powerful rhythm and backdrop. A gritty and skipping sound/melody is accompanied soon by others, in addition to a strong beat. What appears to be synth piano notes slowly works itself into the engrossing atmosphere. Gothic sounds, whispers, echoes, and ghosts inhibit this wasteland in a superb retelling of the end of perceived times. This is an excellent track, downtempo or mid-tempo; both appear to share influences. The song develops, though remains on one powerful path. It's atmospheric, interesting, and rewarding. Superb track. A In conclusion, Psychedelic Dreams showcases some of the best work by RD to date. The album provides nine psychedelic goatrance songs; the tenth is a wonderful, chilled closing. The album is pretty psychedelic, and often involves catchy and distorted melodies/sounds, twisted rhythms, 303's, atmospheric elements, and more. There are some intriguing/alien introductions too. If I were to complain, I'd say that the remix of Communication, although is more psychedelic, is not as good as the original on the Apsara compilation. Furthermore, a track or two could have had an amazing ending, only to end reasonably well. Fortunately, the artists took risks to startle and twist the senses while provoking the mind. So many of the melody/sounds are distorted and tripped out that the general listener who likes his/her music more psychedelic than most psytrance albums should be pleased. The album starts good and gets better, more fun (with few exceptions) as it progresses. The track variety is good too; songs never sound alike, and often involve numerous approaches, structures (the way it should be). Voice samples are good too, and not overused. Compared to the previous three Psy/Goa albums by main artists that I have heard in 2009, I currently enjoy Psychedelic Dreams more than Merr0w - Born Underwater, but it didn't impress me to the degree Filteria's - Daze of Our Lives did, which is rare. Psychedelic Dreams is a psychedelic, imaginative, and enjoyable release, and one of the most solid Psy/Goa albums of 2009. Thank you Radical Distortion for taking the time to produce a strong album. Favorite tracks - 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 10 B+ Samples / Orders http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/sut/sut1cd016.html http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display_release.asp?id=8168 http://www.suntriprecords.com/shop/ http://www.goastore.ch/product_info.php?products_id=3415&osCsid=da8af7a579d9607f42c63f78d5180c34 http://www.beatspace.com/dettagli/dettaglio.asp?id=5243 http://www.neptunwave.de/product_info.php?cPath=62&products_id=920 http://www.play.com/Music/CD/-/8/33/-/11630683/Psychedelic-Dreams/Product.html?searchtype=genre http://www.powerplaydirect.co.uk/asp/itemdetails.asp?prodID=1965538&currsec=mu
  4. Infected Mushroom - Legend Of The Black Shawarma 2009 Tracklist: 1. Poquito Mas – 3:39 2. Sa'eed – 7:03 3. End of the Road – 6:47 4. Smashing the Opponent" (Vocals: Jonathan Davis) – 4:10 5. Can't Stop – 7:23 6. Herbert the Pervert – 7:17 7. Killing Time (Vocals: Perry Farrell) – 3:04 8. Project 100 – 9:38 9. Franks – 8:05 10. Slowly – 9:00 11. The Legend of the Black Shawarma - 7:12 12. Riders on the Storm (Infected Mushroom Rmx) - 4:29 I've been listening to Infected Mushroom since their first three albums and consider all of them excellent. I remember when 2003's Converting Vegetarians introduced singing on the experimental CD; the singing didn't bother me. I generally liked it, and it didn't seem to split fans until the group began singing to their beloved psytrance style via 2004's IM The Supervisor. While few of my friends (crowds in general) seemed to like the loud, opening track on IM the Supervisor, numerous fans were outraged. I was one that didn't like the singing on IM...Supervisor save for Muse Breaks (RMX) with the female voice. But I stayed because I love their psytrance work around the singing. But I couldn't get into the singing, the cheesy lyrics, etc. The group toured for some time, attracting new fans; more people now know of psytrance because of them, though so much know the psy/goa many older fans are familiar with. IM had evolved but not in the way I had wanted them to. 2006 saw the release of Vicious Delicious, an album where singing affected roughly half to two-thirds of the album. Gone were the female vocals collaboration (Dagan/Eisen/Duvdevani) that made part of IM the Supervisor pleasant, yet less dance friendly. On Vicious, Duvdev's lyrical work was generally melancholy, and at other times uninspired (Artillery) where they attempted rap rock. The group didn't seem to know what direction they were going in. Fortunately, the psytrance tracks were solid, a handful were lyric-free and well received. Heavyweight, few others, and Duvdev got to sing. But singing style was generally sentimental, downer tracks that lacked IM's cutting edge psychedelic sound to accompany them. In a sense, IM had compromised their individual voice (not voice literally but focus) because Duvdev was searching to establish a new ground to IM: psytrance with singing. Nonetheless, singing can accompany better music, arrangement, lyrics, and voice; it can be altered, tweaked, collaborated, lessoned, fun, catchy, and not existent to. The group went back to the cutting board and returned in September, 2009 with The Legend of the Black Shawarma[/i]. They've returned more to their roots in the psy sense, lyric wise, and made dramatic changes to their psy rock. The songs aren't as sentimental; singing and vocal work is better written, arranged, produced, and at times collaborated. Furthermore, there's a rough third of the album dedicated to all new psytrance tracks without singing or lyrics. A track per track review ensures... 1. Poquito Mas is a short introductory track. The foreign melody/work coupled with the chopped up voices is good. A rising melody around 2:00 works too, but the repeating, aggressive "I'm gonna push you.. until you gonna get it.." lyrics grow tired, fast. The last 30 seconds see a more industrial/metal tone to presumably provide strength while compensating for the repetition. Musically the song is pretty good. Lyrics and arrangement are lackluster and do nothing for me. It's the music that works, though it's clear that the group was creating a quick, mainstream friendly entrance. IM has done better. C+ 2. Sa'eed is much better both musically, and vocal/lyric wise. The song lifts off around 1:36, confirming the climax work that more or less kicked ass in Vicious Delicious. The delivery of the dialogue works here, though the robotic voice around 2:30 is so-so; the song's high octane energy and drive work well around its dynamics. With dialogue, "I feel ashame" I initially prayed that the album wouldn't get too self- mushy, for lack of better words. The lift off at 4:85 is solid and compliments the track. Overall, and I can't believe I'm saying this... but while I don't love the dialogue, I do like the altered voice work, primarily the energy put into it. The song develops nicely and is catchy from beginning to end. Older fans will be split, but I like it. B+ 3. End of the Road begins with a quick, thumping beat. It's lyric-free for around three minutes until a very short, altered bit arrives. IM has enhanced their voice almost to near robot a la X-Dream but differently. A monster buildup takes place from around 3:16 to 3:40 and right before the climax explosion, the music stops and all we hear is a little laugh. I have to admit that this anti-climax felt like a slap in the face initially, but I later admired the unpredictable shift to a more delectable psy-bubble concoction. There is very little dialogue here and the super altered bits work just fine. Musically, it's good but I'm not blown away. B 4. Smashing the Opponent" (Vocals: Jonathan Davis) sees the team up of IM with KORN's lead singer. Hmmm... Interesting. This should make more people aware of the group, in the US at least. I'm not sure how big KORN is outside of the US. Musically the song is good. The lyrics seem a bit downer though but what would one expect from most songs with KORN's lead singer? Nonetheless it seems written by IM. The "I want to sing" dialogue I don't mind.. but I can't understand all of it. There is a really catchy part after the chorus here, beginning from around 1:40 to 1:56 which is great, so catchy, at least I think so. Good work overall. B 5. Can't Stop is one of those songs that starts off really good musically. However, the lyrics will make or break this song for numerous listeners, although such lyrics are heavily altered, intended to compliment the music like a sound effect. Unfortunately the dialogue, what is being said, grows tired. IM alters, repeats "Can't stop.. Can't stop..." to the point of near exhaustion into the final third. The altered lyric to music idea is good, but the meaning (can't stop making bad decisions) makes hardly an impact. Why would many people want to have their bad habits reinforced? Furthermore, such dialogue becomes the main focus of the number. The guitar work grows repetitive too, more or less reducing the full effect of what IM is capable of. Overall I don't like this song at all but anything they play in front of crowds will get an energy reaction. However I doubt many will recite back this number's theme in retrospect. C+ 6. Herbert the Pervert is the first track without vocals or singing. It gets better past the mediocre guitar; the climax take off around 2:10 distracts some of it; this part is great. A strong, musical evolution around 2:40 arrives. The song shifts through various emotions, degrees of energy. Again, I'm not a fan of the guitar here, though it sounds good, more attractive from around 2:50 to 3:03. I like how the song is similar to the adrenaline, take off concept present in Change the Formality from 2006's Vicious Delicious. Whereas they let the movement breath without vocals as they unnecessarily did on a segment of Change the Formality, some listeners will be put off with the fast, recycling guitars, and how they're generally delivered with the intent to enhance the climax. This isn't the best non-lyric psytrance song on the album. Overall I like it, though depending on the guitars, opinions may heavily vary with this number. B+ 7. Killing Time (Vocals: Perry Farrell) is the second major collaboration track since Smashing the Opponent. It's evident to me that IM made these tracks to accommodate what they lacked on Vicious Delicious, and that is having good singers who can hit the more sensitive notes without sounding whiny. The music is well done; the lyrics are more thoughtful and while the track isn't anything spectacular, I appreciate that. The song is short too; it doesn't take up much time to older fans who are looking forward to the next psytrance track and to IM's advantage, this on is radio play friendly. Good track. B 8. Project 100 builds up in it's first minute like a great Juno Reactor song, one echoing importance, proclamation. Chopped up, dynamic vocal effects enhance the number around 2:12. Soon a piano arrives, deepening the song with feeling. The percussion/guitar work is pretty good here, emphasizing anger or determined energy of the driving rhythm. A fresh sound, that which sounds of importance arrives around 3:55 and is joined by relatively fast paced hymns. The song sounds as if telling an epic story across countries, time; it is grounded in the realm of interludes, feeling, and thought with bursts of strength, mainly in the first and last third. A beautiful interlude with a guitar takes place from around 5:30 to 6:00; the guitar work sounds manual, less programmed and repetitive than some of the other guitar/synth work on the album. This segment follows a evolutionary motivating and dynamic final third which develops towards the last two minutes into a less epic, however bubbly, intricate, and delectable fusion of psychedelia. The song is passionately produced, skillfully executed, at times emotive, and fun to listen to. Great track! A- 9. Franks is currently my favorite track on the album along with numbers 8, 10, and 12 (amongst others). This gets better as it progresses, starting good and/or great. Combining beauty with aggression, light with dark; the thing is passionately produced, dynamic, emotive, powerful, and one of the most solid songs Infected Mushroom has produced. The first two thirds are great, excellent, but the last third is superb. Franks is one of the best psytrance songs of 2009. Excellent work. A- / A 10. Slowly follows the previous gem with less provocative sections, more of a fun, psychedelically playful and danceable response. This has many markings of a great song, from the continuously tweaking, catchy mixing alterations layering, tasty melody/sound work, character (slowly, less slowly, faster) development, feeling, dynamic twists, turns, high energy, pickup, buildup, climax, and that's only the first half of the song! Many of the reasons why we love (okay, for some of us like) Infected Mushroom are right here. The part around 6:47 to 7:15 oozes with feeling. I love it. Soon after the number gets more psychedelic and tasty. One day I hope we get a wonderful, new album with all super lyric-free psytrance songs from IM, or included if they cleverly decide to pack it in a double album. Another great/excellent track! A- 11. The Legend of the Black Shawarma starts out strong, deeply emotional, great. Soon, fast paced rhythm kicks in, though this part develops the foundation to upcoming singing where the general style/sound will drastically change, it's good. Those moments really begin around the halfway point. Until then there are some cool echoing vocals around 3:12 vaguely reminiscent of a darker track (to some degree) on B.P. Empire. Lyrics are thoughtful, less absorbed in self. More people can relate to life, death, which is the theme of the song. Good track. B 12. Riders on the Storm (Infected Mushroom Rmx) is one of the best lyric/vocal tracks the group has produced to date. I'm happy to see that they didn't cover this song, but cleverly remixed a great track, bringing it to exceptionally modern highs. I really enjoy listening to this song; it provides another dimension, another mood that compliments the album, and smartly placed as a key note to end the album on. Great work and remix! A- In conclusion, this may not cure one's love/hate relationship of the group, but both the vocal and non-vocal tracks are an improvement from Vicious Delicious. The lyrics could have been better at times. Track 1 gets repetitive fast, but in general the arrangement, delivery, and alterations of lyrics make this a serious improvement in IM's vocal department. That said, these artists are producers and could incorporate a beautiful, female voice on a track if they wanted to. Aside from the lyric work, the psy and psytrance work is excellent. There is a certain, fast guitar sound that comes and goes in a few tracks that's generally less dynamic. It's repetitive and could have been improved or omitted altogether with few exceptions. Some of the guitar work is good, more thoughtful, mainly in the later parts of the album where its presence seems less, and I'm fine with that. The album flows the best that an IM album has flowed in a while. I couldn't say that about their last album which was more of a compilation. I'd often skip tracks around songs I just did not enjoy. Energy, thoughts, music, mixing, and delivery is much better throughout this strangely titled album. I hope IM writes even less "self focused" tracks in the future, tracks that more people can relate to, with good messages of fearlessness, freedom, awakening -- because the music itself is excellent. They can reach more audiences if they sing about more important events, themes, topics. For the first time I didn't cringe when hearing Duvdev sing; Sa'eed is well done for instance, though I'm sure older fans will be mixed. Work by Jonathan Davis and Perry Ferrell is good too. I simply wish that various songs were less about the artist (I, Me) because the Killing Time, the self titled track for instance and Riders is relatable, thoughtful, stimulating, and catchy. The song's about our presence on the planet (Why are we here?), continuous challenges in life, the unescapable death we all face -- are universally known topics worth exploring and making great songs about. To the contrary, I'm less interested in hearing a song about a guy who cannot stop making bad decisions, which (cool alterations aside intended to enhance the lyrics to the music) the track Can't Stop focuses such self titled lyrics to tired repetition. The song could be far more powerful if the artists wrote dialogue that people care about, as opposed to one mans illness. I don't exactly rock out to "Can't stop making bad decisions." I prefer "Can't Stop" alone... because I can relate that to Can't stop: dancing, moving forward, goals in life, etc. So, IM has room for improvement, awareness, etc. Overall, this is a mature album, and a healthy return to lyric free psytrance work, mainly in the second half of the album. The psy work gradually gets better as the album progresses. Tracks 6, 8, 9, and 10 are the vocal free numbers. Riders on the Storm (Infected Mushroom Remix) ends Shawarma with a IM slightly speeding up the original classic rock song by The Doors, and remixing, providing it with a great backdrop. For a psy rock song, it's great. Those who stayed with IM through their innovations and still like them should listen to this album, and choose the songs they like the most. I'd rather see Erez and Duvdev go in this direction than whatever they were doing (vocal-wise) in 2006's release. Legend of the Black Shawarma will grow; it is one of the most creative and solid releases of 2009, the best lyric and non-lyric work I've heard by them since Converting Vegetarians - Other Side (2003) and Vicious (2006) respectively. It's more emotive too, without getting cheesy (IMO for the most part) either, fortunately. Solid release. To old school fans of IM: I suggest old school fans listen to the extended samples before buying the album. I do like this album, not all of it, and considering we only get an IM album once every 2-3 years, I'm enjoying the parts I like. That said, I did not like their singing tracks in the past with exception to 2003's experimental CD on Converting Vegetarians, and a few tracks I here I'm not in love with. Furthermore, I cannot look at some of these lyric based tracks as psytrance, so I won't. It is electronica after all. The more I accept that, the more I generally enjoy the album. There is a part of me that thinks that Infected Mushroom must be like: "These old school fans should learn to evolve, experiment, move on from the past." That said, to each their own. I really do like their non rock psytrance tracks the most without singing because I am free to imagine and experience the song in any way I desire. Favorite tracks: 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12 B+ Samples http://www.amazon.com/Legend-Of-The-Black-Shawarma/dp/B002N8TJGS/ref=sr_1_10?ie=UTF8&s=dmusicqid=1252425214&sr=1-10 http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display_release.asp?id=8158
  5. Penta - Give Me Five! 2009 Auraquake Records 1. Downturn 2. Are We Done Yet? 3. Robot Poetry 4. Jingle Bells 5. Pumpkin 6. Feeling Faster 7. We're From The Future 8. Wonderful Feeling 9. Ibiza Calling (Azorsky Remix) Pentafiles I consider great, and Funraiser IMO is a good album with some great tracks or vice versa. I consider Horn Please good if not great too, though different than his earlier work. The sensation, style factor seemed more present with Horn Please. The artist had enough good and great, cool concept and atmospheric work to carry the less substance filled tracks to the finish line. I was entertained with Horn Please (it made my top 10 for that year I believe). While the album wasn't what I considered deep by a long shot, I really liked that album. If the artist's music became even more mindless, less catchy however, I wasn't sure how I'd react. Around 6 months after the release of Horn Please, Portuguese Abduction arrrived. I bought this too and added it to my collection but noticed a considerable depreciation with Portuguese Abduction; although in the same general fast-paced style, much of the work sounded inferior in comparison to Horn Please. The magic was gone, not that Horn Please was magical to me but it was strong and delectable, better than most day psytrance being released today. Aside from a few tracks: Andes (!!!) and Time Jump that I'd generally recommend to dark psytrance fans, I found Portuguese Abduction lazy, rehashed, and disappointing overall. Penta had managed to make a bunch of cool sounds around a bass line and beat; songs could have been titled anything, as hardly any seemed to have healthy story, plot, or character/theme development. Even Time Jump didn't do a whole lot outside of its signature, catchy voice samples along with various layers that complimented it in those moments. Portuguese Abduction was forgettable, a step down compared to Horn Please. Outside of Andes (which I find great), the general album is vapid and wears thin fast IMO. I heard it just the other day. Whereas Penta's earlier albums I can let play, hearing the tracks back-to-back and not skipping around to compensate for the filler material, sound effects over a decent meat and potatoes meal to sink my teeth into. In conclusion, Give Me Five! isn't bad but it's not what I consider great either. Song's are psy/sensation driven and many are decent, few are what I consider really good or great though. A couple tracks may work in nicely on the dance floor; it's just less captivating and rich, less dark/intense than Horn Please. That said, we've had very few dark psytrance albums in 2009 that I know of, and while 2012: There Is No Return wins my dark psytrance vote of 2009 to date, this is better than a good amount of the dark psy being released this same year. It's just nothing spectacular. Some tracks feel as if more work could have been invested to raise them to greatness. Ideas race by like Horn Please but IMO this isn't as strong. Production is great, though this artist, artistically speaking has produced more imaginative (and infectious) music before. I give him credit for doing something different with the last track, electro/psy, non-trance remix. I like it much more than the last track on Abduction. Overall I'm not impressed with the album as a whole. This is a good artist and he can produce better, more powerful and colorful, tripy and contagious tracks. I would love to see this artist take a step back, a deep breath, and a break, and return with something wonderful 1-2 years from now in time for Christmas, something that really blows us away as opposed to a Portuguese Abduction meets Give Me Five. Please Mr. Penta. To say this is better than the last, I wouldn't argue, but to say it's significantly better, at this time I wouldn't say signicifantly but I'll continue to listen to it more in the coming days, week plus. Give Me Five may be better than Portuguese Abduction, but it's not as strong as Horn Please which excited my interest in Penta again. Favorite tracks - 2, 3, 4, 7, 9 B- Samples http://www.psyshop.c.../aqr1cd006.html http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display_release.asp?id=7911
  6. IMO the absolute best two (uptempo and downtempo respectively) electronica albums of 2009 to date are Filteria - Days of Our Lives and Solar Fields - Movements. Superb achievements by both artists. And Earthrise is very nice! The Pleadian+Hallucinogen influence combined with Filteria's fusion is magic, especially where it all culminates in the final act.
  7. Hi, thanks for the comment. There were numerous DJ's and stages (one was at 5:53) playing different types of psytrance and downtempo. At nighttime though, the most eventful and lit place I found to shoot was around the fire, the dancing. Only thing is that showcased only a fraction, albeit a very present one of the festival. The pictures in the beginning and the end show a little more, but not nearly enough of the daytime. I wish I showed more of the tribes too; the video doesn't show all of the creativity, talent, and fun taking place throughout the day, and in that sense I could improve for the next one. It's interesting that the festival was spread across roughly 50-100 acres, while Burning Man in the Black Rock Desert of Navada is several miles.
  8. I forgot to add that one to the list. I put them in alphabetical order past my top 10. I can't say which is honestly better past being subjective. You're absolutely correct. I haven't heard this release. LMAO!!! I forgot all about this thread until today and yours made me laugh. Yes to each their own I suppose. It's impossible to appease everyone. Haha, you guys are terrible (laughing). I go away for two weeks and all hell breaks out. Please back to topic now.
  9. Hi everyone, I'm sure many of you are familiar with Burning Man and various other Psy-related festivals. PDF (Playa Del Fuego) is a 4 day burner event in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States; the video I finished editing today and wanted to share. And yes, Jayden777 is my name on youtube aka James though numerous friends call me Jon, Cocco. Feel free to post comments, ask questions.
  10. I'd like add these samples to the opening (or lack thereof) review. I haven't gotten the album (yet) so I can't say much, but the samples sound interesting. Btw regarding certain descriptive words like psychotic, madness, etc. I think we all have ways of describe music that sounds innovative at times, random yet flowing and/or new to our ears. I was never a fan of Psykovsky before but I'm making note of this one for now. Btw I'm generally not a fan of fast beats in the approach here. With all the cool Psy work around it, I wonder why the artist approaches the beats this way, and how this album would have sounded with a less intense albeit uptempo, more friendly to dance too beat, I.e: Infected Mushroom and scores of other Psytrance artists. Someone has good taste in dark Psytrance. Psychoz - No Return was the last great dark psytrance album I bought, and thanks to Lemmi for providing a real review that contributed to me ordering it in he first place. Btw it would be nice if someone really reviewed this release. Samples http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display...ase.asp?id=7701
  11. Jon Cocco

    V/A - Water

    V/A - Water Altar Records 2009 1. Asura - Marianna Falls 2. Androcell - Seahorse Dreams 3. Chronos - Planetarium [Aquarius Edit] 4. Astropilot - Voda 5. Aes Dana - Cyan 6. Kanc Cover - Sugar Rush [Co-produced by Martin Freeland] - Kanc Cover rework] 7. Shakri - Lysergic Atmosphere 8. Zymosis - God Is Mine [DJ Zen extended remix] 9. RA - Creation Of Tefnet Water is the second compilation by Altar Records in the "Element Series" which will be released throughout 2009, 2010. Such compilations include Air (released), Water, Fire, Earth, and Either. The compilation begins with an ambient influenced trance number by Asura and ends with RA. Song's throughout the middle consist of mainly down and mid-tempo numbers in the Psy/Chill genre. A full review ensures. 1. Asura - Marianna Falls starts off the compilation with an atmospheric, dreamy opening. The beat takes a backseat to the transparent harmonies, soundscapes, and ambient backdrops. The song begins with an arresting ambient score and builds to a chilling shift at 2:36. Sounds as if hundreds of little insects are in motion sprinkle across the atmosphere. A fusion feeling emerges throughout the growing layers, accompanied beat, though softer than Asura's previous tracks in general. The slow kicks escapes around 4:20 for an emotive interlude. The beat picks up in the final act along with numerous placed elements; a euphoric buildup and release takes place which enhances the track. This is an elegant, romantic number, though not as ambitious as numerous songs by Asura I've heard. B+ 2. Androcell - Seahorse Dreams starts interesting, with psychedelic alterations; sounds as if winding up various toys in an oriental toy store. The lush backdrop is meditative, ambient, sounds of ocean waves, wind, and air. gentle female voice sets a meditative mood before exiting softly close to the beginning. The oriental melody work is catchy; a tasty skipping sound a la Shpongle and earlier Aes Dana compliments it. The melody/sound work, a violin and/or guitar is effective too, giving the track an organic feel to the various, worldly ingredients integrated. The real star is the oriental melodies along with the flowing atmosphere. Strong track. B+ 3. Chronos - Planetarium [Aquarius Edit]'s first 2-3 minutes develop a healthy introduction, a thick ambient stream before the first drum arrives before the third minute. A little chiming melody teases as the beat pics up; sounds as if a door is opening take place around 3:30. It's interesting. The first melody plays more as chiming notes around 3:56, like a slow ride on a golden pony across the deserts of Egypt before a brief moment of contemplation, interlude arrives. Sounds of what seems to be deep drops or bubbles of water occur as the thick atmospheric, enhancing the returning rhythm at 3:37. This is one of my favorite parts on the album; the music movies rhythmically like liquid, or a flowing stream, painlessly, perfectly. Around 5:25 a key flows into the fusion; a strong, albient slow, orieiental lead arrives at 5:52. The sound shifts higher, though this moment lasts 1-2 minutes, it's effective. Great track. A- 4. Astropilot - Voda begins ambient/atmospheric with a floating introduction. What sounds like a rattle snake slithers across the beat-free textures. Soon an aggressing beat emerges, lifting to the senses. It is around this beat that an infectious, little clicking and echoed sound appears. The sound works extremely well, a little infection similar to small, highly enhancing bits mixed in from old school Space Cat, Toi Doi, and more recently, Merrow. It's gripping. The overall song is more progressive than previous numbers however. The second half lets go of the clever sound for a ethereal, driving fusion albeit mid-tempo, signed with flutes and a breezy, romantic atmosphere. Key changes are seldom used, though in a good way. I love how the song picks up, its distinguishing parts, and the incorporation of the echoed effect early on. Another strong number! A- 5. Aes Dana - Cyan begins relaxing, with various sounds being curiously added before a strong, mid-tempo beat kicks in. A driving melody arrives at at 3:12, giving direction and grip. Echoed male sounds, like an Indian chanting (think Aes Dana's manipulating voice work) are played with, though I prefer the spliced up female voice work on the artist's Lysistrata track. It works fine here for me. My gripe is the main, driving synth that began at 3:12; it loops like the beat, though appears almost halfway through. More work could have developed this number into something more creative and varied sounding. The song is pretty good, better than the artists track on the previous compilation IMO, just not what I consider great. B- 6. Kanc Cover - Sugar Rush [Co-produced by Martin Freeland] - Kanc Cover rework] was the one track I was most unsure about initially, primarily because I miss and love Man With No Name's earlier work (first two albums and various singles). I love Martin's Goa/Psy and ambient work. I can still hum them via memory, tracks like Azymuth, Vavoom, and numerous others. Furthermore, I really like his the old school Sugar Rush track which many consider a gem/classic in Goa/Psy-Trance. So that may explain the reason why I felt uncertain when I saw an artist whom I've never heard of before doing a chill rework to one of the best Goa tracks. I suppose I should reiterate not to judge a book by its cover. To my surprise, the rework version here (it's not a cover) appears to have been done by someone with a tremendous appreciation and passion for the original that inspired it. Kanc's track captures the essence of the classic, never striping it of its beauty, but highlighting its strengths. The song is beautiful, sad, provocative, arresting, and passionately produced. It is a respectful approach to a wonderful original from my favorite genre; Goa/Psy-Trance will always have a place in my heart. To the contrary, full on versions of old school gems over the years (Transwave, 2009 anyone?) have tarnished numerous tracks for me. However, this reminds me why the original was so well done. The artist let's the magical melody breath with high production values today and acknowledges Sugar Rush's roots with more than a nod. I'm really curious to hear what other people and fans think of this one. A- 7. Shakri - Lysergic Atmosphere is a strong and delicious, higher energy return after the previous more relaxing number. Coupled with L.S.D. samples we rarely seem to hear anymore; the song is like a strong Goa/Psy dance track set to mid-tempo. Cool atmosphere arrives in various waves, flowing across the synth and sound/melodies to the aggressive, higher octane energy and beat. I don't mind the samples too much, though I'm glad that the compilation stayed away from them for the most part. After the previous, slower track, this one offers a desired dose of adrenaline. Great track. B 8. Zymosis - God Is Mine [DJ Zen extended remix] is a huge song, at 13:36, they really took a chance here. Fortunately it's well done, an epic story with enough variety and movement to keep it solid. I give credit to any artist or great who can keep me interested for ten minutes, let alone closer to fifteen. I could write a longer paragraph how the song has an interlude that lasts for 3:50, though I don't care for the transisional grown around 3:45 which branches one section to the next; the effect sounds dark, a bit awkward for the gentle when compared to surrounding work. The song itself branches into various downtempo styles, from experimental, instrumental, trance, ambient, tribal, Psy what appears to be electronic orchestra. One of my favorite parts is from 8:00 to 8:18; this part could open for a new track by Solar Field's - Movements style and I'd never know it. Suddenly tribal drums and a building beat arrive, complimenting a piano, various melodies, harmonies, and a subtle atmospheric backdrop. The drums are my favorite part. Around 8:55 with distorted strings stand out too; they're catchy, and return in the eleventh minute. My complaint is that the first third to half of the song felt less arresting than the ambient, tribal, strings, and danceable/chilled trance fusion developed later on. Overall, this is a good track with some great elements. B 9. RA - Creation Of Tefnet follows up their moving, chilled style with a strong refreshment. The ancient influenced piece reminds me of a more colorful cross between their cool Egypt-esque track on the Twist Dreams compilation, along with their wonderful down/mid-tempo work on 2008's album of the year according to Psynews.org, 9th. The song is filled with life; numerous attractive layers build around a delectable lead, and arrive at a crossroads with additional strength. I like their song here more than their number V/A - Air, primarily because it doesn't sound as similar at times (to me) to the song I heard by them on 2008's Sundrops compilation. Yet the track here is strong and elegant, utilizing pitches, quick turn ups in melodic sound. The song has a positive sound while never getting cheesy. It flows smoothly throughout, and leaves a solid lasting impression to what is currently Altar Record's best album release yet. B+ In conclusion, Water is much better than Air. It's nearly consistent with solid, mature numbers. Offered is a healthy combination of down and mid-tempo Psychedelic Ambient and Chill/Down and Mid-Tempo tracks. No song is average or below. Each provides something interesting and distinct with few exceptions. Asura's track for instance is a beautiful space opera number. The middle third of the album is excellent, and the re-work of Sugar Rush never sounded so good since, well, the original. Overall V/A - Water is one of the best compilations of 2009, especially for the Psy/Chill (down/mid-tempo) genre. Favorite tracks - 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 B+ Samples / Order http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/alr/alr1cd002.html http://altar.fonderieart.com/water.html http://altar.fonderieart.com/preorders.html .
  12. Top 10 best Psytrance albums, part 100000000!!! Relatively newer stuff, post 2002 Filteria - Daze Of Our Lives - A RA - 9th - A- Filteria - Sky Input - A- Khetzal - Corolle - A- Mindsphere - Inner Cyclone - A- ------------------------------------------------ 1. Pleiadians - I.F.O. - A 2. Hallucinogen - Twisted - A 3. Astral Projection - TNT - A 4. Dimension 5 - Transdimensional (Re-Mastered) - A 5. Transwave - Backfire - A 6. Hallucinogen - The Lone Deranger - A 7. Cosmosis - Cosmology and Synergy - A / A- 8. Tandu - Multimoods - A- 9. Chi-A.D. - Earth Crossing A- 10. Miranda - Phenomena More cult classics include Astral Projection - Dancing Galaxy Astral Projection - Another World Astral Projection - The Astral Files Battle of the Future Buddha's - Twin Sharkfins Blue Planet Corporation - Blue Planet California Sunshine - Nasha Chi-A.D. - Anno Domini Chi-A.D. - Infinitism Crop Circles - Tetrahedron Darshan - Awakening Doof - Let's Turn On Etnica - Alien Protein Etnica - The Juggeling Alchemists Under The Blacklight Green Nuns Of The Revolution - Rock Bitch Mafia Hux Flux - Cryptic Crunch Infected Mushroom (first three albums) Juno Reactor - Beyond the Infinite Jaia - Blue Energy Koxbox - The Great Unknown Koxbox - Forever After Kox Box - Dragon Tales MFG - New Kind Of World MFG - Project Genesis MFG - The Prophecy Mystica - Age of Innocence Pigs In Space - (self titled) RA - To Sirius Sandman - Witchcraft Shakta - Silicon Trip Space Cat - Beam Me Up Total Eclipse - Delta Aquarids Transwave - Phototropic Transwave - Helium Man With No Name - Earth Moving the Sun Man With No Name - Moment Of Truth Planet Ben - Trippy Future Garden Xenomorph - Cassandra's Nightmare X-Dream - Radio X-Dream - We Created Our Own Happiness X-Dream - Trip To Trancesylvania UX - Ultimate Experience
  13. What's the story with this album? Their debut was so popular here when it released in 2006. Did anyone else get this album who has more to say? I could never find a review thread for some reason.
  14. Great album with a healthy and evolving sound to various degrees throughout. Unfortunately, I never heard their follow up album to date. The samples sounded different (less psytrance) to this one. It would be really nice if they made a strong psytrance album closer to what lacked in layers though what worked best (MELODIES). I really liked their driving, edgy, and philosophy/mystic driven style, and for those who like tribal psytrance, this has a solid track or two. The album's grown on me over the years in a positive way, though I notice 4/5 seem to like it. That's still high compared to many albums now days. I remember being quite popular here when it released. Then the second one arrived and no one seemed to know about it, no review thread to date, nothing. Anyway I hope they make a delicious Psy/Goa-trance album in time for one of our end-of-the-year holidays. I too wondered this over the years. My only assumption is that it wasn't stronger than the first, and people overlooked it (or they released it too soon after the first!), but I cannot say for certain. They have potential to produce a real fireball yet. Cheesy (okay any at this point coherent singing/lyrics will hurt their work in psytrance). Mantrix : Neoteric Track list : 1. Undercurrent 2. Solid State Logic 3. End Of Time 4. Come Get Some 5. Interconnector 6. Infinity 7. Turn On Your Brain 8. Shine Samples to Mantrix's second album What I like: The first 2-3 energetic tracks and "Interconnector" (the crisp and evolving sound and style). Shine (minus words, ack). This is what people generally like from them. I wish they'd put more energy into that more! What I don't like: Overuse of and/or words on Come Get Some and Infinity. It's no wonder this album was less popular. The music is good and then (on few tracks) cheesy singing/lyrics come in. Prodigy and Chemical Brothers got away with it, but Mantrix's music is good and imaginative enough to breath and move fluidly without it. http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display...ase.asp?id=6994
  15. V/A - People Walk Funny Cronomi Records 2009 01. O.O.O.D.- Freon (First Time Lucky '98 Mix) ... 08:27 02. New Born - Purity ... 07:52 03. K.O.B. - Go Cyborg! ... 08:06 04. Jikkenteki - Automagic (Subra Remix) ... 07:53 05. PortaMento - Sugar Shock ... 07:37 06. Liquid Flow - Synergy ... 08:12 07. Artifact303 - Levitation Device ... 09:26 08. Amanians - Fireworks ... 06:45 09. Artha - Sannjasin ... 10:04 10. Unknown Artist - Untitled ... 00:28 V/A - People Walk Funny is a growingly popular 2009 Psy/Goa-Trance compilation by Cronomi Records who better watch out. They're not allowed to lose their sword after sharpening it with this release. 1. O.O.O.D.- Freon (First Time Lucky '98 Mix) starts interesting, sounds more like an intro track (as is here) to an album then a dance song. Granted they were making something less energetic (I presume they knew they were doing the intro). Nonetheless, the song is fairly good; I find it the least strong here. Not because it isn't high octane. It's not bad though. I occasionally skip it to hear the uptempo numbers. Moreover, the song has a repetition that grows tired for me at times; other times though the song sounds just right, though simple, moreso during the first half, before various ideas recycle. Musically the track has some good elements. B- 2. New Born - Purity is the first energy pill on the album. A good melody lead compliments its Goa/Psy work. A harmonic melody begins around 1:00 and skips around the beat until a short interlude which softens the tune to compensate for a clear and present backdrop. The tune is reprised around 2:08, an effective little lead around carefully articulated atmosphere, backdrops. Into the second and third minute, the song builds well around its star lead. The song becomes more psychedelic into its second act; I'm simply less enamored here, sound wise. The second interlude around 5:10 is curious; the main tune is lost as little sounds release into the background, but not much occurs ahead of this that's new or gripping. This is a pretty good track. B 3. K.O.B. - Go Cyborg! is Jannis of Filteria doing a completely new and novel sound and style/artist, as this debut to-my-knowledge track by the anticipated K.O.B. It's a great, playful, and energetic/catchy track and if he can make more on this level, the artist should make more tracks. Great work. For me this is the first great track on the album. B+ 4. Jikkenteki - Automagic (Subra Remix) offeres another high octane blast, this one more intricate thanks to Jikkenteki's wild, elaborate, technological, tasty style. To be honest, I find it a bit too machinic for my tastes, though it's still very good and/or great. Unfortunately, there's a metallic tune/sound that hurts my ears, from around 0:40 to 3:46 or 3:52.. it fades and basically ends around 4:53. It just really bothers my ears for some reason, and I with the artist used a less piercing melody because I generally love his psychedelic style. That said, the section from 4:55 forward is the infectious story-telling that's a dream come true from this artist. Furthermore, the evolution, the final act (third) is excellent. Overall, this is a strong track with moments of greatness. B+ 5. PortaMento - Sugar Shock is another solid track with gritty sounds around the beat. For some reason I find the thick, gritty textures a little sharp a la the previous track, but maybe that's just me. I like how the energy increases, develops into the final third. Layers pull back from the mid-third minute until 4:38 where the tone shifts, creating a contemplative mid space. Build up elevates the interlude until the general music returns around 5:30. The Goa melody that enters around 6:24 is good. The song's quite psychedelic and offers a tasty metallic sound a la Toi Doi - Technologic (album) that compliments the track. Good/great track. B+ 6. Liquid Flow - Synergy is more to my liking than the previous two tracks that were also strong. I love the melody/sound work here, how it takes off. The song flows. More gentle sounds surround the driving rhythm beat. It's all very delectable and high speed while incorporating more elegant sounds. B+ / A- 7. Artifact303 - Levitation Device is excellent. This is a super song with three super acts. At the lowest I would give this a 9/10, and that's the lowest. This is a clobber popper, a super dance song with no silly voice samples to age it via 2009. The only reason why I wouldn't give it a solid A is because I find certain parts excellent, not superb, but that's subjective. This song is awesome; each act is gripping, infectious, with an ending that is wonderful, beautiful, delicious! Thank you Artifact for producing another gem in the Psy/Goa genre. This is one of their best tracks, period. Keeping it up. A- 8. Amanians - Fireworks is a ballsy, angry, and daring stress creator, or stress reliever depending on one's perception. It's a pocket of aggressive energy and fire, possibly darkness perceived. To those who thought edgy/dark Goa ended with Tandu, Menis, and very few others, your wrong. This is an acid temper on adrenaline, a non-stop driver that could be in a new Resident Evil game during one of its most climactic moments. While Goa/Psytrance songs are seldom this intense and an entire album in this style would be too much IMO, having a track like this here is sweet. It is one-dimensional for the most part, but builds, an interlude compliments its changing anarchy, decent into chaos but in this case. The song is uncompromising and hellbent, effective in that sense. I have heard this interesting, dark/driving Goa concept done before by Tandu (for example) with more infectious sounds, a more dynamic structure utilized and created respectively, hence my grade. Nonetheless, strong work. B+ 9. Artha - Sannjasin is another hard edged psychedelic Goa number. Again it has certain synth work and/or sounds that I find sharper than preferred by me. But some will love these harder edged sounds. Great track. B+ 10. Unknown Artist - Untitled (00:28) is a little moment that sounds completely pointless here, like a song just beginning that suddenly ends abrupt. It's presence; I don't know. Doesn't seem to belong here. I won't even bother scoring it. In conclusion, People Walk Funny is great, and the best uptempo compilation I bought thus far in 2009. I agree with Rino to some degree. Goa/Psy compilation aren't usually this consistently aggressive, mischievous (at times). The energy on the compilation has been overlooked to some degree in place of the more maximal, sunrise, and general Indian and/or Eastern Goa sound over the years. While I'm not a fan of the slower opening track, it isn't bad. I like O.O.O.D., but I don't care for the opening. The comp gets good/great (occasionally dark, edgy, fierce) after that however, offering some of the best Goa/Psy-Trance songs of the year and in new school Goa/Psy-Trance. This will win many plays in your disc or iTunes. It's one of the best new school comps along with Apsara, Opus Iridium, and very few others. There are some feelings around the intensity, such as on Artifact's excellent third act, as well as Artha's Sannjasin; great stuff. This is generally not a compilation for those into sweet and/or sunrise melodies; it's more nighttime driving, at times intense, dark and/or edgy, and PSYCHEDELIC. I recommend it. Favorite tracks - 3, 6, 7, 8, 9. B+ Samples / Orders http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display...ase.asp?id=7839 http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/crm/crm1cd002.html
  16. Jon Cocco

    VA - Air

    After several weeks and many (I mean MANY) listens, I have this to say. 01. Zymosis - Zeta Bieng [Flute Mix] is arguably the weakest track on the compilation. I won't argue that. I occasionally listen to it though, as the compilation improves dramatically afterwards. 02. Aquascape & Skydan - Voice Of The Universe is awesome. It's dreamy and transcending. The first half to two thirds is magical. 03. Dj Zen & Jace - Speak Your Mind [Open Air Mix] is very well done. There is a part in the middle where the entire thing breaks out into deep, harmonic tribal trance. There are so many cool influences on this track. 04. Tentura - Discover has a strong, driving beat a la Asura's previous work around catchy melody/sound work. I really like this number it's good and/or great. 05. Shakri - Aurora Borealis is simpler than previous numbers, includes a nice, female-esque albeit reoccurring rhythm and/or sound throughout. The song is more progressive. It's not the strongest track on the album, but pretty good nonetheless. 06. Chronos - Sacral Meeting [Rmx] is interesting, psychedelic, but seems like it's missing bass (oomph), creating technical production strength as surrounding tracks have. If someone told me that this song had skipped the mastering process, I'd believe them. It's still a cool track though. 07. Asura - Dust and Daffodils is contemplative, more peaceful, and harmonic than their more known space ambient-influenced trance. The production is much better here than on the previous number, though the direction is more nice sounding and relatively catchy than super or infectious to my ears. This is easily one of the better number's here. 08. Aes Dana - Air Conditioning is a foggy ride to nowhere interesting. It's a less catchy segment on an otherwise good compilation. Still I can't say it's bad; subtle sound/atmospheric work around the beat gives it life, albeit less energy and addiction that I'd prefer by them. I feel like this song could have been so much better had it evolved in the last third to something really delicious; the final result comes off as forgettable; I'd even say lazy. That's just how I'd describe it. 09. RA - Cloudwalker is another well done track, one of the better tracks here as well. It just sounds a bit too similar at times to a song they released last year. So I tend to find it less refreshing, though it's good and/or great. 10. Solar Fields - Air Song [Remix] is a gentle breeze of delight. It has a really nice atmosphere and developing tune that hooks to some degree. The track's grown on me. That said, their most impressive work to me is on their 2009 album Movements to date, though this is a new song in that general, wonderful style. It's a bit more subtle, very well done. For this first compilation in the elemental series (next is Water, now reviewed), and after hearing it numerous times, I would give Air a B, not a B+ In conclusion, the strengths outweigh the weaknesses when looking at the whole. Air starts out a bit bumpy, gets better after that, and has a handful of healthy highs. The compilation has room for improvement, and I expected more from the track list, but with exception to Aes Dana, I'm satisfied with the other well known artists. RA's is great, and while Asura's is less spicy than what I've heard from them before, the song is mature, thoughtful, and moving. I like it, and I look forward to Altar's next release, considering they have the artists here, the potential for something amazing. Overall, Air is a nice mid/down-tempo/chill compilation with some good and great tracks on it. No more. No less. Listen to the samples and decide for yourself.
  17. PequalNP - Riemann Hypothesis (track) Track review 2009 This is what we are missing in Goa-Trance now days! A super Full On GOA song with dark synth work, addicitve sounds/melody work, high octane (determined) energy. Great opening. RAW. EDGY. DARK. UNCOMPROMISING. THe UNORTHODOX sound of GOA. Creativity and catch-wise, I like it A LOT. I have criticized many artists on these forms over the years, but I have nothing negative to say about this track other than please make more wonderful, individual (stand out) super GOA songs. And don't mind incorporating quick complimenting moments of fast, passing thunder storm/crash atmosphere too (not overdoing it). The part from around 4:28 to 5:10 hints at this atmosphere; it's very subtle but intriguing, interesting. The first third has a strong, driving movement that hooks; it continuously develops n a catchy, fire ball way. climax at 5:25 is excellent! The song evolves. I love how it begins good and gets better, more crazy, dark, infectious, and powerful as this shifting vehicle of chaos and energy moves forward. Hell, this makes me wonder why Tandu never came back and released a second super album to Multi-Moods, one of the greatest electronica albums ever made; one of the greatest dark (and in general PSY and Goa) albums of all time. This song here reminds me concept wise, of why I love Tandu - Alien Pump. It has a searing climax that elevates the already great track before it. This track receives one of the highest grades from me to a "single" (unreleased) track released by an artist in years. It's excellent. I love it from beginning to end. A raw, psychedelic, dark, and fierce head rush beast of bubbling energy and fire. And somehow managing to make it Full On friendly to some degree while letting it breath with GOA influence. I'm impressed. A-
  18. The score was produced by Solar Fields??! This is some of the most beautiful, optimistic, and positive sounding music I have ever heard. It follows up some of his work around Movements really well. Soundtrack clips via trailers for Mirror's Edge. In short, I love what I've heard so far. Solar Field's is so talented! (I adore the music in this first trailer, especially towards the end. I want this song.) Samples / Orders Amazon (full album via Amazon MP3) http://www.amazon.com/s/qid=1244755575/ref...rack&page=1 Amazon.co.uk (full album) http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_ss_w_h_?u...amp;x=0&y=0 ]
  19. Ahhh, it's out. For me, Aes Dana works best (with few exceptions, such as Lysistrata which is one of my track faves by them) when they make powerful, moody, and emotive/ethereal scores with intriguing introductions and drums, beats, and strong atmosphere. Not dance beats per say. I'm not a fan of the beat/atmosphere without feeling. Btw their track on V/A - Air was forgettable, though I enjoyed other tracks on that compilation, surprisingly by various other artists more. In short, I hope this album or the next one (if this didn't do it) has a handful of super songs, infectious tracks that get stuck in your head for days as 2009's Solar Field's - Movements achieved. Btw I don't like to comment much on samples (I'll probably buy this eventually as I own his previous two albums), but based on the samples I've heard so far, I'm not impressed. The album sounds nice, pretty good but nothing great. I hope I'm wrong because I like Aes Dana. Aes Dana - Leylines (Longer Samples) http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display...ase.asp?id=7998
  20. It's too early to judge then. We'll know soon enough, though I said this before hearing the third Pleiadian album and what a bomb (POS, disappointment) that was. Regardless, AP will always have a place in my heart. I absolutely love their first several albums all the way up and through Another World, but that's where it ends for me. These guys could produce something infectious and refreshing if they want to; then they'd do it.
  21. Good. Because they do great Goa-Trance. I agree to an extent (it's a technique that has become exploited to some degree), though I feel that Filteria is an example of an artist who knows how to utilize key changes in a way that enhance the album. He implements them well, never overdoing and/or killing the track.
  22. Great album. One of my favorite dark psytrance albums of all time. I find the album cover quite appropriate too, especially when hearing the album. Btw many of these comments could theoretically be in the review thread for this album.
  23. This compilation actually sounds pretty cool (as does V/A - People Walk Funny). Too bad it's not on saikosounds though. I'd love to hear the longer samples before potentially ordering a copy. At least it's on Psyshop, but the samples there are shorter than the ones on Moonquest's myspace page. Is it possible to make Moonquest's samples longer? By around 2-4 minutes please? On another note, it's nice to see Artifacat303 back to less AP-generic styled tracks. IMO Artifact303 should produce a wonderful, edgy, and refreshing (delicious) Goa-Trance album and have Suntrip release it. That would guarantee them their Goa/Psy-Trance audience. Samples http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/mon/mon1cd901.html
  24. I like The Eye Of God, A LOT, from Protexologia Volume I. Zen is excellent too, by Protexologia (earlier Goa work). That song gets me visualizing, feeling, sensing. It's emotive, gripping, evolving, and deepening. I'd love more aggressive, penetrate the senses fantasy/story-telling and twisting Goa-Trance like that from this artist, but for our time now. Maybe a kickass (new) fireball Protexologia album? Something to consider? Or at least a new Protexologia super song for a potential compilation via Suntrip or whatever? Some of these tracks are really fun to listen to. Some I enjoy and find more artistic, catchy, and innovative than some of Afgin's most recent work too.
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