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  1. I stopped buying directly from Anjuna Records directly when I discovered that the shipping cost mentioned on the package was less then the costs charged...
  2. So does this mean Doof is open for bookings again? Because he is definitely on my have-to-hear-live-one-day list.
  3. Noise Poison 2014 according to a friend. Big line array Function 1 combined with a home made subwoofer with from Kierewiet.
  4. Everybody their own scene & music I guess, but dude, they clearly don't have a idea what is going...
  5. Top 5 live stuff for me... Ra live on Antaris and Solarium was superb! Would love to see them again just before their new album is released.
  6. I will be there with my girl. This will be our goodbye party, since we are leaving for India after that! I dreamed about Etnica not playing only oldschool yesterday, lets just say I did horrible things to him... Maurizio did play true oldschool last year, didn't he? Otherwise I will be crying to myself in a corner somewhere...
  7. Nice! Never listened to Elysium that much too be honest but I totally dig this. Trippy stuff! Edit: The second track from Astro-D is not really my sound...
  8. Yeah real bummer for you Jon! I enjoy festivals almost always. Sober or not. I am having fun anyway!
  9. Duuuude.... Don't worry, be happy! Just say hello to Imba, Jos or me... We are going to have so much fun enjoying the music we love. Just let the music take control over your body and connect to people on the dancefloor will trancing.
  10. I am reading a press release about Pinkpop, one of the biggest music festivals of Holland. They won't allow big bottles of sunblock because the organisation is afraid people are going to throw them and hurt other people... They won't allow your own bottles of water, for the same reason :S When I read stuff like this I am extremely happy I found psytrance festivals, where everything is so chilled and I don't have to worry about (drunk) people throwing bottles in my face... Damn, I don't mind some beer or water throw around, when people are having (drunk) fun, but isn't it just common sense not to throw heavy stuff in a crowd? So what I think is great about psytrance festivals? The people! Off course shit happens here and there, but in general psytrance people are chilled out and don't harm people just to impress somebody or something... What are you experiences with festivals? Psytrance or 'normal'. What do you like about them and what not?
  11. Not often enough. We should play Kolonisten van Catan again And I should go to more parties... Next job I will not work on sundays anymore
  12. Same like Jos. Almost all my friends are in the psyscene. My girlfriend as well luckily. Couldn't live with a girlfriend who is not into psy. I just like the parties and festivals too much...
  13. Oh this comment brings back memories... Aurora 2009, hahaha!
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