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  1. Yeah that '92 remix sounds nice. But I read comments saying it's not really trance. But again, all I see on CDs are albums and compilations. What happened to CD singles (CDS), CD Maxi-singles (CDM) or just home made CDRs? It's just because I kinda came to electronic music really late (well, I am young) and now all you have are those lousy MP3s from Beatport. I still can't live with that idea that you have to actually pay for something that is digital... Ahh I wish I was in my 20s in mid 90s, I'd probably have tons of vinyls or CDs by now.
  2. Hey Ormion, what you think of comments on Dark Goa video? People say it's not dark enough, so is there even darker Goa? Also is there a subgenre which is already dead and which one is most popular? Also as I understood Nitzhonot is the cheesiest one? Which one is most commercial and which one is most underground? Also what was the first ever psy or goa track and album? Also why there's no psy on vinyl? I was browsing Discogs, only CDs are popular, but no vinyl. Other scenes like techno or house are popular on vinyl, but why not trance? Sorry for so many stupid questions, lol!
  3. Hi, new to this scene, I noticed there are many subgenres of psytrance and I wanted to learn about it. I found series with a playlist on YouTube called Introduction to PsyTrance. Can someone confirm it covers pretty much all subgenres of Psy and that given examples represents exactly those styles? Also why Psybient is not included? It's not a part of the scene? Also please share other sources where to learn difference between styles and etc. Cheers
  4. Thanks all for answers, but all those tracks are simply too much of psy, lol. Looks like its impossible to find edge between psy and progressive. Also 46Daz Bad 2 The Bone! that sample is probably from Dead Space you meant.
  5. Thanks for reply, but that's not really what I am looking for, it's simply too fast and a bit too psychedelish if you know what I mean. My sample is slower, progressive and have that sort-of dark/deep atmosphere and a dropdown or something like that, lol.
  6. Hi, new user here and new to this culture, so I was listening to the latest John '00' Fleming's monthly show Global Trance Grooves and there was this new track Splattered Implant - Twisted I was told it's Progressive Psy Trance, but after googling or youtubing I didn't come up with anything close to this. Can someone give more tracks that sound in same way, dark, fast, but not too fast, similar bassline, and with some vocal? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZvq-AWm-Pc Cheers
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