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  1. By the way, I had to think long and hard about which track the bassline in the first half reminds me of. It is most definitely the same as in another track. The closest I found now - before my head explodes, 'cuz it drives me MAD when I recognize something and cannot pinpoint its name in detail - is Chris Pointdexter - Darkness. Comes closest as far as I researched now. even if it was something different (if I ever found it, I came back here and repost) ... check him out, he has no annoying pr0n samples edit: HA, I found it: it's Ticon - Waiting For The Knights ... just pitched higher
  2. @recursion loop yes, me too ... early 00's also was my "peak" concerning normal trance (however, I got lucky that I found psytrance relatively quickly afterwards. Whoever was the good soul over at TranceAcddict that pointed me here, I thank him/her to this day ) ... and yes, what is being called "trance" today has not much to do with the stuff back then anymore. We actaully have to consider ourselves lucky that the new stuff still has its own name ... being "futureprog" or "futurepsy". But what I have learned from all this development, how psytrance is becoming etc. is, that the only way for me to keep my musical progression going is to check out other genres more. There's still good stuff out there and I'm super happy when I discover something that floats my boat. Be it psytrance, EDM, metal, ambient, industrial, folk or even hiphop ... I begin to care less and less about genre boundaries, slowly but continuously there's only "stuff I dig" and "stuff I don't dig". By the way, to the topic ... I have thought about it and I thought I was the type of person that judges tracks as a whole ... either the whole thing sounds good to me, but when it does, I can see across the elements that are bad -- or the whole thing sounds bad. But I did not come across a case where a sample or a single melody can ruin a track for me. But wait, there is for example Shiva Chandra & Brox - Hold On ... I don't like the sample (or, say, vocals), but the track as a whole is okay: I sway back and forth ... the vocal is kinda horrible to me ... but the track is good. Hey I get now what you mean. Feels bittersweet Awful feeling ... I much more like when I can love or hate a track outright cheers
  3. I have to say, I actually like this - and the more I press repeat, the more I do. It's a strange and unusual piece, I grant you that, but for somebody that used to play the cheesy Tiesto mix of Delerium - Silence up and down in the past before I found psytrance it's arelief to hear it this way ... it shows the finger to the other cheesy remixes like no other that I heard so far ... it's the only form I can listen to that vocal anymore. It sounds like I'd have imagined a Ticon Remix of the song to sound like. Only Ticon made me sway like this with a grin on my face, imagining some Models On Cocaine left and right... -- oh well don't let my gf read this Somewhat offtopic as it's not psy, SCNR, but I am just reminded ... If you really wanna see a "raped" remix - or rather, live version - of the Delerium song TOGETHER with all the sh*t annoying stuff I hate in modern elecronic music, check out this: (the ruin starts at 4:43 ... and 5:18 is the point where it all cracks down) THESE are horrible melodies. This is what I hate. Right there. A trance remix of a commercial song ... with vocals. Yes, not a psy video, but it i n c r e a s i n g l y is done in our music too. What da fuq! Give me some driving beats to actually go into trance and not something like this that's just here for the kiddies and emos to lift their arms up ... seriously. Nowadays we even have to applaud and go mad if the cheesy shit vocals are some indian singing sample. Oh lord. Where is the facepalm smiley. Gah! Just watch. In a few years we'll be there too ... this is how they grind us down. Serve us so much SHIT we scream for joy when we get served something that's not so crappy... But porn samples I hate more ..... (well I'm actually not sure ) Anywaay, compared to that horrid topic off-drift into commercial trance, the Andromeda remix sounds brilliant IMO. I might ask over at TA how they find it
  4. In the finer categorization we may differ ... but I hope we can agree that once somebody makes it to MAYDAY, they may well be defined as being commercial. Because if that's not it, I don't know what.
  5. First and foremost, almost all porn samples are what _instantly_ turn me off! The Resurex track above there ... is a good example ... turns me off. I don't like porn in psytrance, really not. When it comes to that moaning stuff, I want no cheap samples and no expensive ones for me either ... please. Seriously, I do like what women can do with their voice, but when they moan around in psy tracks ... it just seems to me that the artist couldn't think of anything better. There are only a few noteworthy examples -- intelligent usage ... the best one has already been mentioned (yes, Atmos - Klein Aber Doctor). The story that I know (heard from somebody else here) goes, that Tomasz one day came home from a party where he was fed up with the sound (must have been a lot of repetitive stuff). Frustrated he sat down and watched TV ... and since it was late night, the porn movie came up where the sample was taken from ... "bitte seien Sie vorsichtig mit den Geschlechtsorganen" = "please be careful with the genitals" ... was obviously two people playing doctor. From that point on he decided to make his own sound ... and used the sample. He made a track - and that became Klein Aber Doctor, one of the first iconic and fundamentally different sounding progressive trance masterpieces. Even if the story was not true, it's a nice legend. I think only Tomasz himself could answer that... I do think, however, that the dialogue in porn movies can make up for some more good samples that I would even like a lot ... "warum liegt hier eigentlich Stroh" (sorry that only works in german) comes to mind. I really would like to see more of that. Darn, maybe we gotta do this ourselves once again...
  6. Hey, just thought I'd share my favourites with you when it comes to mixes. Largely a list for me to archive them, I don't wanna do this on YT as it's across different styles. I searched if we have a thread, but didn't find one! As it's EDM mixes in general, it doesn't fit into "general Psytrance". 1) (Eric Prydz - Essential Mix 2013) I love this mix because the tracks are so skillfully merged you can't tell the difference. For example from minute 11 onwards. I have yet to find something better. Hands down the best mix I know ... and I can't believe I was skeptical about Eric in earlier days because he was "commercial" ... have to thank Lemmi for mentioning Pryda once, I'd not have discovered him otherwise (Pryda = Eric ) If you got any recommendations for any similar mixes, I'd be pleased to hear. 2) (Atmos - Bacardi Tour 08) A few years ago (yes, years unfortunately) Atmos had three mixes on his soundcloud page. They were all great, but this one stuck the most with me. Really like it, many good tracks. Atmos is a genius. 3) (Miss Monique) I picked this one for track selection. Some people in the comments criticize her knob touching ... but I don't care because her selection of tracks is really good. I discover something fresh with her all the time. 4) As the next one I'd have loved to link to "S-Range live at the DNA lounge" but unfortunately it seems to have been taken down and it's nowhere to be found online Since the rest mixes of S-Range on youtube aren't that great, I won't point you to another one. Loved the DNA Lounge mix... So then I pick this one: (Miss Kittin) The mix is damaged, it has a period of only the left speaker, but the track selection makes up for it. I really like it, the middle part where she sings - right after "Baby's On Fire" - is awesome ... that is exactly what I'm after. Big atmosphere. 5) (Anthony Rother) Of all the sets, this seems to be the only one that deserves the statement "live". I love it. 5) I like this, because it contains the band Abiogeneseis as strong reference for me to buy their album already as they are the only ones I know makeing really similar music to Carbon Based Lifeforms -- and with that, I mean the OLD Carbon Based Lifeforms ... acid ambient, not the drone stuff they do nowadays. Magnificent, also the other tracks!
  7. I'm no measure anymore. Used to be a fan of computer games all over, but I just can't keep up anymore. I'm currently playing Fallout 3 for the second time and it's awesome. Enough said (Yes, Fallout 3 ... afterwards I'll play New Vegas for the second time, then I will turn to Fallout 4 ... and by the time I'm fully through with that, there'll hopefully be Fallout 5 announced ) Oh and I really like PUBG on a casual basis ... but I'm too bad to be good at it. And Unreal Tournament, of course. UT4 alpha is out since some time ... go get it, it's free
  8. Yes, her artist name is "Uutai" ... thanks for the album link, I didn't have that. And regarding the second one - that's super nice! Very skillful play of the jaw harp. The funny thing is, I used to play that instrument a little bit ... I mean, I was no way near as good, but I could make tones come out ... but already then I thought, maybe that should be combined with psy. But then I found much of it in folk music so I got my fix that way. But sampling her own stuff ... nah, I'd rather learn to play like this and make original recordings before using samples ... she does give lessons on youtube as far as I saw... I have to dig out my jaw harp again, I don't know where I put it such a long time ago... Oh and that's an extraordinarily example for shitty psy ... yes, that kind of stuff I meant. Only with a Hilight Tribe sample and a bunch of people growling to the hindu voices ... oh well, it was time to go for me after that... (man this is horrible, was playing in the background as I wrote that post ... had to turn it off)
  9. I just had a big "aha" moment to restore my faith in psytrance. Get me back on track so to say. Lately I dig nordic music, preferrably with folk instruments and a bit of an emphasis on voice. Preferrably female. Psytrance was off my radar, too much commerce lately, too many breaks, too little emphasis on actual trance, bunch of 17 year olds growling like a beer-laden shanty to some indian vocals (yes, saw that ... I can even tell you it was a song from Hilight Tribe) ... nothing for me ... but after I found this - oh boy how am I back in the front row. Traditional instruments and voice and ... this special touch, you may call it spirit, is what I miss in our music! And she has got it. Listen to this: If you liked it, you can listen to the whole piece aswell ... it's good, but the first half contains no psy Anyway, now I need your knowledge - all of you. I want something similar, because this is awesome. Do you know any? The term "Shamanic" never occurred to me ... but now it does. Is there anything in our music that has got these elements? It can even be a little less crazy I'm thankful for anything in this direction
  10. Thanks for the info ... their concert in Austria wil be open air too ... so I know what to expect. I'll not take expensive tickets then
  11. I think you need drone. Drone on the "psy ambient" side: (I can't really post a track out of it ... the whole thing is one track) More traditional drone (to me): (The album is also called "The Starwheel") or this if you dare :
  12. Thanks for sharing. They will come to Austria too and I'm definitely planning to go. Seen them already but so what, I am a big fan of them, so I think I'll go if the ticket prices are payable. I love their organized concerts and their professional approach ... no cheers, waves, not even many looks into the crowd. It differs a lot of the picture one nowadays has of artists, that they're always smiling and being communicative and taking selfies with the crowd ... oh well, f'ck that, Kraftwerk's not like that and I love them for being like they are. They bring back a little bit of the feeling like it was, also in our scene. Nobody gave such a big fuss about the artists ... cool to see them, but they're not the center of the universe. Now it's all hype ... don't need that. At Kraftwerk's concerts I can be in peace and concentrate on the music, I can also be there alone and feel not awkward (used to go alone to concerts frequently, nowadays not anymore so). I'm not even going for the visuals (the 3D visuals are in fact pretty poor if the'yre the same as last time, which I believe they will be - still got the glasses from last time) or to see them as persons, I'm rather just going because I want to hear their music in proper volume
  13. If the thread starter says he "doesn't know much of that stuff" then I'll just have a go with some older stuff: Space Buddha's Acid Phophecy is the best Fullon I know and I have not yet found something more intense. If anyone knows, gimme. If you prefer the more gentle side that was the older fullon (in my opinion), I recommend you Silicon Sound. Mostly tracks of this type: like it, try the playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLt-j8Op3VdjS1Nbk6iGajg3uuXXJK95eS you can also try S-Range...
  14. Ok, this is not exactly new anymore ... but it has not been posted yet ... and since I am the one in charge to be the promoter of our group (yes, I am in fact half of it, so "OUR" is the correct term here), I may use the current situation (we will bring out something new soon ) to "heat the oven" a bit for the new stuff and get you interested by promoting our first album. We are Skeletone ... that's a friend of mine - who's an experienced music producer who has also other projects such as Foxhole and being part of the metal band Windwaker - and me, going by the name RTP here. He's the technically experienced producer behind the steering wheel, I am more the motivated inspiration sitting by the side and giving the directions ... and together we make music! We got tired of Goatrance not being the way we like it. So we created our own. That's the story ... or well, it's the INITIAL story, because the plan back then was to do Goatrance or Psytrance - but we did something more than that. We drifted off left and right ... but we've always stayed in the vicinity of Psytrance or Trance in general - at least with our first album "On the Run for the White". That's it: Do me a favor, give it a spin and leave me a comment on how you like it. Requests, tips, whatever ... or even if it's not "Goa" at all to you and you just wanna vent that in a constructive manner ... all welcome If you like it, you can drop by on soundcloud to listen to two more tracks as teaser for the new upcoming stuff: click me to get to our Soundcloud profile Oh god I have procrastrinated (if that's even spelled correctly) this so much, I wanted to write such a great press text here, like my reviews, remember? I love writing ... could say so much ... such as how overused the word "Goa" is and that I purposefully used this term inthis post even though clearly some of that is not "Goa" to make an artsy-fartsy statement ... But now I sit here churning those few words out so that I get the post out before another month is down the line ... it's been like this for a bit now, bear with me. I'll at least try to read the comments. Because the music is good, to my ears, really, it's as good as it can get on "beginner level", which is where we are at I'd say, at least for my part and at least with this album ... none of us had any production experience with edm before! I should be hiring NHJOHYENNRO as our promoter - he'd do a better job than me. Watch out, one day I'm gonna do it! Greets and feel free to share RTP
  15. That didn't happen but Noma - Another Time brought me close
  16. Summoning was mentioned already here (9 years ago - hell yeah really), but I simply have to bring 'em up again ... no way this is gonna pass unmentioned, check this out please: "High upon the land on the highest peak I hear (the echoes of) the world profound..." Magnificent enough?
  17. The "banned" thing is a T-Mobile issue ... it seems that T-Mobile is routing their traffic - or parts of it - across only a few adresses and if somebody on the T-Mobile network was banned chances are high that it will affect YOU too when you surf via T-Mobile. I have this issue frequently in other applications with only and exclusively T-Mobile Sorry nothing I can fix Edit: the Chrome thing may be a variation of this issue as I think Chrome is syncing the traffic ofer a handful of IPs aswell to get better and faster browsing ... just speculation though?
  18. Correct, PSY already exists ... with the name "Psilocybin" (however, no news about it since mid 2015 ... it's pretty much dead) We must name our coin GOA then ... that is still available Or Darkpsy (DPS) ... Progressive (PGR) ... Hitech (HIT) ... ewww hitech ... anyway don't worry we find a name and three letters, won't be that hard for a man with a three letter nick But regardless of the name, if there's not a meaningful use case, the coin will die sooner or later. No intrinsic value will just make this thing careless. What can we do with it? The only idea I have, which is almost too complex for my taste though, is to make this thing a token for contributions to the scene and make it redeemable for "things the scene can do for you". For example, some artists can make their albums downloadable legally for tokens, some party organizers can make the entry fee payable in tokens ... and so on. Problem though is, who decides whom to give the tokens and so forth. Make them buyable in the form of an ICO? That's shameless in my opinion, just tieing it to greedy money ... money always fosters greed, everywhere. But completely without money it won't work ... who's gonna pay the running costs, servers and whatnot. It would be a legitimate thing that people who run the servers get a reward for it in tokens, but other than that, what can make you earn these tokens? As harsh as it sounds, what separates the people who have tokens from those who don't? Contibutions to the scene, aye, but who decides what is a meaningful contribution - a jury? Oh come on, seriously? What if the jury disagrees? The boldest thing would be a festival that you can only go to when you pay in tokens. That would give them a value. But how elitist is that? Just thinking out loud though. Got a better idea? Or something you see more positively in that idea than me?
  19. Thanks ... the NA-HAG one is great! And the Poordream I like a lot too. Celldweller I know well - great stuff, but too little tribal for my taste ... and the first one is nice but it doesn't spark me like TMO... keep 'em coming But I have to admit, nothing ever gets close to Ulf Söderberg ... or Sephiroth ... the guy I recommended in my first post in this thread. And if Lumpi was still reading here I'd recommend ULF SÖDERBERG - INLAND to him (yeah that's right, Ulf Söderberg made a new album, but the info about this is scarce ... I got the little fragments of information that I have about it from youtube ... the Inland CD was a jubilee release for 30 years CMI and only released in little quantity ... we might never get our hands on it, like with the rest of his music by now )... I think it's just my fate that my favourite artists only ever so scarcely release something ... it's no different with S-Range, Astral Projection, Etnoscope(*) ... Matenda ... Front 242 ... even Mortiis ... why should it be any different with Ulf Söderberg... *sigh* RTP likes it - great, let's trickle our releases from now on. My curse. TMO are the noble exception. (*) not counting their Soundcloud
  20. Hey Swedish rap (I hope it's Swedish and you don't kill me) is cool I like the Swedish language. I do not understand a word, but towards me it emits a strange kind of peace. But I have to admit, the Swedish language fits best to women singing ... with a clear, elven-like voice ... I might one day make a thread... Back to topic The stuff I recommend (most of it) has the aggression I miss in the swedish stuff: In my h00d there are the Vamummtn which used to be quite good... (OK the melody is stolen, but he compensates with skill, you have to admit) They have lots more and are quite good, but you won't understand a thing when you don't speak geman You will probably dig this more ... the guy is from Baden ... not the h00d but really not far away, just a short "tram" ride: but nobody can hold a stand against these guys from LINZ (ey, Linz is not my h00d but Austria's so small it can almost count as it ) ... they are just the best ... dialect rap like a shotgun "Dei Haus wird gschützt und bewocht wia a G8 güpfe, owa vü hots ned gnutzt wö i steh am Doch und loch du züpfe!" = your house is protected and guarded like a G8 summit, but that didn't help much because I stand on the roof and laugh, you dick
  21. Hello people, I am just doing loud thinking here ... and looking for opinions, nothing too serious, but keeping my mouth shut and telling nobody won't help either. I'm sure the whole blockchain hype as of late has reached you too ... with that I mean, I think you know what a crypto coin is. There are loads out there ... Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Monero, bla bla... It was all going pretty steeply down lately, but so what. This doesn't need to have any effect on what I want to talk about here. Point is, these crypto currencies - or BLOCKCHAIN APPLICATIONS - are not that hard to create oneself, where "creating" means, starting a new chain of an existing coin implementation with own Masterkey or even own implementation constraints (got ideas, let 'em hear). Which is what could be done (Cryptonote for example ... they offer a forkable base cryptocoin implementation for a CryptoNote based coin). And that brings me to the question: do we need one? Does the Psytrance scene have use for it? We could make the PSY coin! #PSYcoin We actually just need a few machines in the cloud that play main nodes ... a few members with Google Cloud accounts would be sufficient to keep it running for a year for free. So we could make the PSYcoin ... but ... what for? -> Money shall not be the reason. There are already enough other crypto currencies for that purpose. Let's think usability. What could this scene use a crypto coin for? What shall we do with it? The best would be if we had some kind of anchor that the coin can be tied to. In the IT scene it's for example memory (cloud storage) ... you provide memory (storage), get some coins for that ... and at a later stage you can spend these coins if you need memory (storage) yourself. What do we have in the psy scene that compares to this? Or maybe we don't need a coin? That's a valid result too! Opinions? PSYcoin. Made in Austria.
  22. Hehehe, here we have something that's not a problem for me, because I ain't got that many CDs and vinyls Lemme count ... it's approximately 200 CDs. That's way doable. And vinly is way less, maybe 30 to 40 pieces. But because of the small collection, I have listened to every piece already. And I don't think there's anything I only listened to once. Mostly more often. I think I'll pass Never thought that a small collection will pay off one day, haha
  23. ... better late than never ... congratulations - on another 18 years
  24. I miss Hong Kong I don't get outta town much anymore ... too much to do. Job, studies, startup, gurlfriend, helping parents....
  25. That's perfect - I hope this will become the new trend, so we can slip in later for free for the "dessert" artists I did something like that at a metal concert some time ago ... wanted to see only one band, did not want to pay the ticket, gambled that they'd play last (and I was right) and sneaked in during the half of the concert since the people at the gate didn't check the tickets so eagerly anymore... Maybe that is our future of music ... drop by for half a gig because the rest doesn't interest us?
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