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    Feel free to send a message if you came to Vienna. I could probably meet up if I'm not sick (which I just was, that's why I mention it ) ... Actually that's valid to any of you.
  2. Thank you! I deleted that thread ... it contained no content apart from these links anyway so just make a new one if you stil have the text. (and yes, please, links are a bad idea)
  3. So what about this? Don't you wanna tell us a little?
  4. ...since I just came home from one of the most epic "metal nights" ever - yes, ever - I confess, that, reading this, right here, right now, is the best it can get ... for me. Thanks. I am humbled Oh and ...yes, I am listening to Fatboy Slim - Right Here Right Now. Thanks for asking SCNR oh and NHJO
  5. @Diaks Our records state that the shutdown was in October 2008... @astralprojection Pavel is Frontier Psychiatrist by the way. And speaking of suicide in korean may even be on the lower level that the former OffTopic was... Pavel was the one who admitted to be NHJO - but there are people who believe that was a hoax itself. The NHJO character has evolved from kinda interesting to uninteresting to (perceived) disclosed, but then somehow back to interesting because the content kept coming after the reveal - and to this day. We have allowed this supposed "hoax" to become a supreme multi-layered "deception" (or something perceived as such) which goes so far that nobody of the parties discussing the matter can actually be sure of their standpoint anymore, because there are always signals that may contradict it -- all of this paired with a master mind of the character's creator, that some would label as twisted - and surely something even stronger, if the things that were once posted in an unsuspicious looking thread on that "underground offtopic" forum were true - author was Otto Matta himself and the content was bone-chilling, I tell you this. I remember I inquired after reading, if he was serious or what his claims were based on, but regrettably I did not insist strongly enough on an answer, because it was never answered. If only I could find that post again - or maybe it's better when I don't find it again... Or maybe it's all just trivially explained by Otto doing a hit of the wrong weed one evening and so he wrote that deranged rambling I remember to this day
  6. There used to be a shutdown of Offtopic because the trolling went out of hand. Mars did that shutdown many years ago. This is what drove the active offtopic users off. They founded an alternative "underground offtopic" forum under the lead of Otto Matta (Epic Automata?) as admin. I have unfortunatley no clue what became of it because after Mars resigned, together with Insejn I "took over" on this forum here and I went nowhere else but here. And yes, opening the Offtopic was the first thing that was done by us here ... but it never found back to its former glory... Correct me if I'm wrong but I think that's the story
  7. THANKS for confirming NHJO is a troll account created by PAVEL I already thought it wasn't real because ppl stopped talking about it... Love the DOGECOIN blotter profile pic btw
  8. RTP

    Old Goa Videos

    * hereby exhuming this thread I will archive these old goa videos in a new playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkAqGLhQtsJ0HhhVXmufRE0WE3bFHMxdt According to the activity rule I will add them gradually You may keep 'em coming here in this thread cheers
  9. Hello dear people we are now a BRAVE verified creator - and with that a part of the FUTURE of the "internet" ... the BRAVE Browser has been invented by the cretor of JavaScript to revolutionize the way advertisements work in this new time and age of the web ... do yourself a favor and get the BRAVE Browser and participate in this new way of how ads are delivered to you! Tired that you get no decision power about the revenue created from ads and to which people these revenues go? BRAVE and the BAT token ecosystem change this NOW and forever! That means, we are now an active part in the BAT rewards ecosystem and can receive BAT donations from you people if you like what we do more info for you at https://brave.com/ start using it and donate to your favourite creators - if they are verified
  10. new content is up ... this time it's the first part of an interview with Mars
  11. Suburban moms? I only know Suburban Trains. That was a tranceaddict'ish reply. Sorry for that
  12. Cleaned it a bit Let's shrug it off as a joke shall we By the way, if anybody has some news about upcoming vinyl releases, I'll be glad to hear too. Please, continue
  13. Thank you all for noticing, subscribing and watching the video! I appreciate your comments and it is a cool motivator to keep on ... also lots of thanks to Children and Mars for doing this (those 2 are confirmed I can say). The second part of Children's interview is online now: I will start doing more in the next "weeks" ... I will try to work on videos every week, but I won't promise that I finish a part every week
  14. @Redo good post! Highly interesting. I do not believe in the satellite weaponry thing. Mainly because: if such things exist, they would be used way more frequently - and also not only to cause destruction, but also to prevent it ... I did not yet see such a case. And HAARP may be real, but not for these purposes - you can visit on special occasions as a normal guest - why don't you do it, by the way and share some pictures?
  15. Oh yes and this is the main site of our channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjEL2jqG4EqNfBJBeCgE91w thanks
  16. hello all, the first step for the next 20 years has been taken: we have now a YouTube channel and we have a first video out ... an interview with Children = one of our founders ...if the name Children doesn't ring a bell with you, I suggest you head over right now and watch it (seriosuly please, don't make me brag here how profound this is ... Children has been "inactive" for many of the last years ... it's a very special thing that he decided to step forth and do an interview for us - and we also have to thank Mars for this a huge lot because he was the one making contact again) more here: https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/75788-psynews-youtube-channel-it-is-now-live/ #HappyBirthdayPsynews.ORG
  17. Hello world our Psynews Youtube Channel has just seen the light of day At this moment, our first video was uploaded - which is the first part of a founders interview of Children himself - one of the people who founded the site! Please find it here: I hope you enjoy it. It marks one more steps in this 20th birthday jubilee year of 2020 and I personally hope that we will bing much more content your way this year - and also maybe better edited one as my video edit skills get better aswell The next steps are: a new forum will be created here (visible for members and above only) to discuss our Youtube channel and for you to give feedback and suggest content the second part of the interview with Children will be composed by me to be released in the not-so-far-away future We would appreciate if you support us on YouTube by subscribing to our channel, commenting - hopefully in the same police and positive way most people post it on the forums here - and yeah, also by dropping a like if you enjoy it #HappyBirthdayPsynews.ORG
  18. I made a #HappyBirthdayPsynews.ORG birthday cake by sticking 20 burning candles onto a vinyl, which was a bad idea because I stained everything with liquid wax So now I am putting that LP in a freezer because I have read that 's a good way to remove wax stains... At least the candles are removed and it all was done without anything catching fire
  19. Cheers and Happy 20th Birthday to all and everybody on here #HappyBirthdayPsynews.org I did not plan to show up empty-handed, but it turned out that way for now - however, as it's 2020 and we are 20, I think it's good to say that we have the whole YEAR to celebrate -- and that's exactly how I would do it! If the things I had in mind turn out well, I will let you know and will post it under the hashtag above. It's most certainly not over for me before the year is over. First I'm gonna bake a cake for the occasion EDIT: Cake is done! Happy Birthday Psynews.ORG:
  20. Late to the party, but: gender has already THREE options ... Male / Female / Not Telling If the gender is so unimportant as it's stated here, why isn't everybody on Not Telling then? Not Telling is obviously not the same as if you are the Third Eye (or whatever) gender and still want to tell people ... but it would have been at least a signal... So, dear humans and aliens on here, you got now four options: or shall I make more?
  21. Shocking Even more shocking that people apparently light some of these fires themselves: https://edition.cnn.com/2020/01/07/australia/australia-fires-police-action-trnd/index.html And my boss (an Australia fan, you may say) recently told me that the New Year fireworks in Sydney were not cancelled because "the economy profits from the fireworks" ... if a damn spark can light a forest blaze, is it wise to make fireworks? I'm sorry, but I'm speechless at such stupidity of politicans and people who deliberately light fires...
  22. Hi, if you have an hour to spare and the subject interests you, this is what I found today: I think it's a brilliant video with a broad spectrum of aspects in there! One thing from me - or rather, from my mother - on the subject: My mother has visited my grandmother very soon after she passed away in hospital (maybe under an hour or not much long afterwards). My mother keeps telling me, to this day, that she saw kind of a "ball of light" (or rather a ball of "misty matter" as she describes it) emerging from my grandma's body and rising up, even coming towards her before slowly fading into thin air. She told me this like if she feared people would label her crazy if she told it to others. Thanks to this video by Peter Fenwick, I finally can comfort her that this was practically "nothing too much out of the ordinary", judging from the stories he tells It's, however, almost a kind of a let down for me, because I pictured my mother always as a kind of witch or shamanic being (fueled by the fact that she never wanted to hear anything of this if I even vaguely mentioned it to her)... turns out she maybe is not THAT peculiar after all and quite a number of other people have this aswell Lots of love to you Psynews community ... I hope some of you enjoy that video.
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