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  1. Look up COGOA and IrisWolong on Youtube, superb collection of authentic videos from Goa, live videos footage on the beaches and other DJ sets etc. There is also a classic Maharashtra 1992 Goa party.
  2. Thanks for the offer, this one was an experiment in what can be done in a very short time and so it will remain as it is, there are no plans for it, it is not something I am too precious about. And I agree, to make it sound more in line with 2020 it needs the low end, lower mids and that open hi hat adjusting, (and then where does it stop ?) but really it was a track that was a test of what I could arrange in a short time, based around loose inspiration. If I changed it now which of course I could it would not be a reflection of the original moment and feel, I like its "thick and spongey"
  3. I spotted someone talking about KbBB line sounding fat all through the track.. oddly enough this track does fairly well in that regard.. I made it from start to end in 12 hours 8AM - 8PM then released it on YT. It won't win any awards for musical progression/slickest production/cleanest modern mix (it was meant to be Goa esque / early 2000's inspired after all) / but it is decent for a 1/2 days work.. the concept included listening love of proto Goa track "The Overlords - Sundown" - it is not really based on this but the simple production of it somehow influenced it.. For your info Zebra 2 did
  4. I just checked Dimension 5, I see yes they keep the pulse going.. I am a fan of breakdown but kick continues of late, why I am not sure it just evolved that way as I put the tracks together... the dancer has a choice The cue is there for a rest or carry nodding on, more versatile. I think you are right Recursion loop... maybe that plug in is the best thing since sliced bread, we should probably all try it on the next mix... but you can always try using your ears as well. I find if the KbBB is sounding radically different in headphones, or just plain wrong in the H/P's... compared to speakers
  5. Nice topic, I like the lighter side, and I adore Human Blue.. took me best part of 3 years to track this down after hearing it one morning in a festival glade between the trees, the funny thing is I had been listening to Human Blue for a few years and did not realize it was his track.. the DJ was just playing CD-R's that had no labeling as I went and asked who did the track as there were only a few people chilling at the time.. I could not help but dance when it got going, nice and ethereal arp pad melody at the end...
  6. Freedom is a great thing and choosing what your break should be like is your choice/intention as an artist : ) Personally speaking, breaks interrupt the trance state,... especially ones that make no musically timed sense, lol. When I dance the energy seemingly given almost feels like perpetual biological energy is being released (like more energy than you actual have available, actually giving you energy) And I mean by endogenous means. I think most people can moderate there own pace of dancing through a track and I know I can slow the flamboyant shapes I am throwing down when need be, ha ha.
  7. Thanks and the great thing with psy trance in all its guises is it is a very rich music, technically and culturally and there is a lot to learn and enjoy, it is nice and a privilege to be involved with something that can be limitless.
  8. Following on from the "you need to use an oscilloscope" if you want your music to sound good on a big system. There is an element of truth in this, it is a very useful visual aid...as I mentioned it will help avoid anomalies that can cause sub cancellation and get you in the ball park. (avoid strange psychoacoustic effects that sound "odd" to the ear) One thing to know about some of the best PA systems. They are wide bandwidth, they have lots of headroom, they have low distortion and very good driver integration, superb transient response and if you are really lucky they are outdoors
  9. A bit more response.. Recursive I would say there is no set standard.. it could range from £500.00 studio monitors to £15,000.00 + of studio monitors, I heard Tristan say in a video he also has an actual PA system to test his tracks on... the room can be of various sizes and as far as I see online rather different levels of acoustic treatment from professional to a more humble treatment. I don't think there is any specific standard it will vary greatly. I guess it also depends if you use a sample or a synth, or if your label or mix engineer wants to change your bass line.. I think it can happ
  10. I will just reply to Imba for now... in point order 1) Yes heard and dance to a lot of psy trance on big systems, the dancing is a big thing for me, at festivals and it is my daily exercise (ok not every day but regularly) typically Funktion 1 at festivals (5-8 a year although not this year of course). I have seen one artist "live" who seems to use Serum. I won't deny I am fortunate enough to have an exceptional personal listening situation, you could term it "audiophile". 2) Yes I agree with that for sure, I guess it does not resonate with everyone, actually that is pretty much impo
  11. I'll share some personal thoughts in relation to what has been discussed. I think there is a difference between clean sound and precise sound, they may however evolved together. Serum to me is clean and precise, it is the one synth I never used on bass line, I don't like the overly clinical texture and for whatever reason (maybe the envelopes) I just never got what I wanted from it. Many love it, and unsurprisingly their bass lines don't blow me away either, that is very much a taste thing though (and there are exceptions my last track had the cleanest bass I ever made so far, maybe even too c
  12. Yes I see what you mean in terms of trying to date origins but people had access to VSTi samplers for a long while, once you had dialed in the tonality via a synth you could always trigger an individual bass note in the familiar pattern using a sampler. NI Kontakt has been around since 2002, and DAW audio sequencing before that.
  13. @AstralSphynx last night in bed I also was thinking about this. I was more thinking of how long was this common knowledge to well known artists before us lot lol, saw the YT vids...I am fairly sure the first oscilloscope vid I saw was the Sonic Elyisum one. I did wonder how long before this (or similar videos) this info was known about. Also I suspect that matched kick and bass samples that were already "locked in" for tempo/key were available to those who knew someone who knew someone so to speak. I imagine some serious artists were doing this in good rooms/speakers before the oscillosc
  14. It will sound like a swerve but working out which synth is best for you will be an important part of honing your hearing. I am fairly sure every soft synth out there has been used at some point in the last 20 years. I am fortunate to have a good monitoring situation, you may need to rely more on visual aids if you don't. "It's very simple if you know what you are looking for and what you want too achive." That is not my experience personally, every time feel pretty new to me, similar challenges each time with a progressive knowledge base track by track, actually a tick box of wh
  15. I am not the overseer of all psy trance kick and bass but I know a few bits and bobs. Just as well as every time I make a track I use different synths different processing and I enjoy that, at least 5 different bass synths (I like Bazzism and Kick2 equally for different reasons). There is no easy answer, there is no.... do X, Y and Z and then you have great kick and bass. (How many times did you follow the many tutorials and got to the end thinking it sounds nothing like the video !) Never think of this as bass alone or kick alone, both affect the character of the overlap, they are as one (and
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