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  1. I will admit I just stumbled on this and I think it represents the magic feeling of Goa and Goa trance very well if you let it in. Has a real Goa sound to me, the feel of mystica-exotica.
  2. Given the infinite and chaotic manifestation of phenomena it seems inevitable that this track sprang up at some point in time, that time is now. It was 13.8 billion years in the making. Enjoy, nice details in headphones..
  3. Full power, night time inspired track that builds, enjoy !
  4. Atmospheric progressive psy trance 137 bpm D# Minor
  5. I made this track as a personal challenge, I liked the results so much I am releasing it. If you want the professionally mastered .wav drop me a line: mikromakropsy at gmail.com https://soundcloud.com/user-71267727/something-from-nothing_mikromakro_sc-version If a moderator knows how to get a SC player to embed please feel free to edit post, for some reason it is really difficult to get a link to show the player, thanks.
  6. A full on tempo psy trance track with prog and forest influence plus a dusting of old school Goa melody ! 145BPM / F minor
  7. Track made with the vision of a fiery sunset from a hillside, enjoy !
  8. Not sure if it is under the radar quite but it sure is nice and warm sounding. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gfo_FmOOefM
  9. I am quite partial to some Aardvarkk when fancy a darkness tinged foresty vibe - Cosmic Radiation - Bugpowder - Disorient Express - Unity Gain Because he has some of the most intricate space riddims I have heard, check out.. 04.23 on in the track Bugpowder, Nigel going for it there. And 02.37 Cosmic Radiation.. it's got it, that is for sure !
  10. So a full on tempo thing, with some analogues, metalics and some beauty I hope.
  11. Short 'n' fat, and makes legs want to move..sorry could not work out how to get video frame to appear. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDEPHiRTn38
  12. So many good tracks that could fit the bill. Asia Tribe E-Clip is a great track Padmapani and one which has been on my fave list for a few years, very good suggestion, epic melodic feel towards the end and deep dark atmospheres. Black Hole by Egorhythmia has a lot going for it, sweet, precise and and minimal and draws you in, as hypnotic as it gets. For me to express the full energy side of things I think Tuned in perfectly by Mad Tribe would be something archetypal. For those who find the Phrygian scale a bit moody and maybe a little inaccessible try Human Blue - Lone Ranger and Orion - Welcome to Reality - never fails to put the hairs up on my arms and is top class IMO. The latter 2 tracks falling into the old is gold sector. But possibly the most easy way in of all might be is Spinning Spoon by Human Blue whilst not falling right in "psy" it is dreamy stuff, which I first heard with sun rays coming through the trees one morning laying on the grass, that was a special happy sadness tinged moment to that. (Took me 3 years to tune ID it as it was on blank CD-R's according to the DJ) Great topic idea.
  13. Whenever there is a outdoor party that I find out about, typically at festival stages in spring/summer/autumn, I also try and attend some of the smaller psy trance only festivals here, nice spirit. I really love dancing, so will travel to a good old shindig. There is certainly action to be had in the Anjuna area in Goa, India.. police willing. I was there a couple of years ago on holiday and went to 4 events at Shiva Valley, Curlies and UV Bar. I think the police in the last year or so have been clamping down a bit and wanting music off at 10pm so just depends on how lenient they are. They seemed to be mainly playing progressive and full-on.
  14. Beaming smile from ear to ear, thanks for the kind words ! I went with a different scale for a different mood brought the tempo down and intertwined a few unusual synth sounds. Highly appreciate that positive feedback : )
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