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  1. Northern India? Pavel I think I flew over your head. Twice. Hong Kong to on the 10th of July, Hong Kong fro 16 days later... Weather in India must've been bad, we had turbulences almost constantly in that region. Utterly terrific as I had to pee but wasn't allowed ... almost pulled a Depardieu. Well at least that got me off my anxiety trip... Anyways, hi to all the old ones
  2. Interesting term, morning full on ... I only know morning trance and this term is in my brain aaaages old, it was told me in one of my early posts here. And then never again, interestingly... But maybe that term is more meant in to the direction of scando trance. Anyway, are we already at the old (gold) stuff? Then maybe this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqx3KzptLfA Or something newer ... but not that fully full-on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nz0CAzNGjg4
  3. ^^ exactly this for me too ... dear sir from the same town I caught a glimpse through the special glasses though and what I saw looked nice ... but other than that, not so special
  4. RTP


    Hi Ormion, I've always perceived myself a little bit similar to you, concerning the nervous personality type. But I don't really have this health paranoia concerning my body. There are some variations of it, for example electro smog, weird noises ... but the fear's rather concerning factors that come from outside. Only one thing I have from inside -- high blood pressure, but the doc found this only recently. I have meanwhile come to the conclusion that the fear is the worst sickness... It comes in waves -- sometimes all is ok, then every few weeks there is some form of peak. Too much stress is the main factor for feeling uneasy I believe. I read this in an article (the first useful one I encountered) just a few days ago which basically picked me off the dirt (I was in bad condition recently) ... maybe it helps anything? Get the thoughts out of your head on a piece of paper or draw a picture or anything that helps to visualize the battle, then solutions might appear where none were before. And maybe some things are linked which you don't expect. And get more time for yourself. If people stress you with requests or appointments, say no to them (in a polite way: "sorry I have another appointment but we can meet in <insert when you like>" or "yes, tomorrow you get <10%> the rest at <insert when you like>"). Advice worked for me already. That shouldn't mean it always works and it shouldn't mean I'm so very okay to give you "happy tips". But at least it's a step further. What troubles me: if you are likely to fall off a cliff and you know it's gonna happen, does it make any sense to go further up and fall even deeper?
  5. ...only know Wirikuta, but they went bankrupt so it's easy talking bad about them On topic, I don't really know anything better than psyshop, but I don't like them and therefore order from them very seldom...
  6. Know Sear Bliss? Good band...
  7. If you really, really can't sleep, why not make an advantage out of it and try out to switch to the uberman rhythm. You're a zombie anyway, so why not make use of the situation, you can't lose anything. Uberman rhythm: 4 hours awake, 30 minutes sleep --> Repeat again. You have to stick to the rhythm though ... which makes it impractical when you have a job for example. I have never tried this in its seriousness ... but when I have insomnia, I trick my body into actually trying to go for this polyphasic sleep thing, but then don't wake after 30 minutes once I am asleep ... thus double-tricking myself with my ability to fail -- the trick already worked.
  8. RTP


    Yes, the whiteness surely played a role, but when I'm in a white room or staying at white walls, they are nowhere as strong ... so I think the heartbeat / blood pressure does also play a big role. By the way, sometimes, out of nowhere there appears a small spot in my field of vision that looks like when somebody has pointed a flashlight there. That thing stays for a while and after some time it goes back to normal. Hmmm ... I don't think a sedative would be good. I think I faded and almost passed out because something sedated me ... I suspect that the drug they put into my eye somehow travelled along the bloodstream into the brain or something like that... Calming down was not possible. I actually was calm ... but it was like my eye took control over me -- I was not able to control it and make it stay still. The feeling of this glass sphere touching the skin on my pupil was unbearable to me.
  9. RTP


    Hey, thank you a lot for this thread ... I have this too and I never was quite able to put it into words. I talked to my optometrist (is that an eye doctor, isn't it?) about it about two years ago and she made me make a "blind spot" test ... don't know a better name. It involved looking into a screen where tiny dots were illuminated from time to tome and you had to press a button when you see one ... nothing unusual came out in that test. Further investigaions on my eyes had to be cancelled because I was hyper sensitive. I was passing out very nearly once as they came close with objects to my eye (that's the reason doctors gave me although I blame it on the narcotic they squirted into the eye) ... and another doctor in the hospital couldn't make a certain examination which involved touching a sphere onto my eye which wasn't possible, I couldn't cooperate, not even as I wanted, the eye kept twitching once he went near. I have visual snow and floaters very often. Thanks for the terminology! I do also have some different type of the "snow" though ... it looks like tiny orange dots with a black dot in the middle of each, can't describe it better. Oddly, these things were the worst recently as I was skiing in the snow, I saw them all everywhere. Maybe it has to do with blood pressure, when it is higher these things are even more visible. I seem to be quite sensitive to light such as camera flashes and that aswell ... just two days ago I basically suffered from this again as I was on a party and they had these strong beam lights circling all over the place, I was basically playing hide and seek with the "algorithm" that controlled these lights, I had to because I hated when the light would struck my eyes.
  10. For music discussion, I'd pick Psynews. For party dates/details and chit-chat, Goabase is always a good pick. Other than that, maybe it helps when you state where you're from. I know for example tanzgemein.de, german forum, not active there though...
  11. The money makes the undergoing with the whisky more understandable. By the way, an interesting choice you made there as your "prize" ... I didn't even yet have one of these myself, even though I heard from numerous sides that it's an excellent dram; issue years don't seem to matter so much... Anyway, these are too expensive for me.
  12. Merry Xmas to you all -- I hope the festivities were great. Mine were very good, so far Ahem. Well done sir and I admit I do have a fair bit of respect at the timing you set there, but you could have had gotten sloshed way cheaper than with this rather expensive luxury single malt ... yes, it may be not one of the most expensive, but what that thing was, is still considered a luxury beverage and rather not meant to be savoured in the way of flushing a liter of it down your throat in a quarter of an hour. I do drink a Glenlivet in a quarter of an hour too -- but that timing is per dram... Anyway, to each his own I guess.
  13. That oddly reminds me of a girl I used to know, didn't see her anymore since a year or so -- unfotrunately, because I do like her as a friend, in fact (And I mean, a friend. No sexual thing.)... I made the great "toilet grabber" (meaning, methaphorically, trying to grab something, but in fact reaching into a toilet) concerning my relation to her: I told her that I feel something for her. I can only tell you, that was a bad mistake. Doesn't connect. I mean, I didn't get slapped or anything ... but in fact she didn't want, at all, wants no man's affection (and no woman's either obviously). A shitty grip for both of us obviously. The attitude wasn't the same anymore after that, of nobody of us two. And I, in fact, may seem to have destroyed the relation. I have never met a girl better (not farther, but better) out in space, mentally. She was similar to the descripton you gave. Not grown up. And she wasn't even so beautiful, but to me she seemed likeable as hell and that was what counted for me. She had an artsy side too, but under developed, not mature. Likeable though. Likeable as hell... Anyway, I think it's a "toilet grabber" no matter what you do in these cases. Do nothing and you will get nothing, only unsatisfied. Better bring up the facts and tell her, then "harvest" the awkwardness and move on. You'll at least sleep better.
  14. Oh god I really hate planning parties. I just sent the invitation mail with closed eyes and the whispered sentence "I'm gonna open a bottle of whisky after I press send, I'm gonna open a bottle of whisky after I press send, I'm gonna open a bottle of whisky after I press send!" So you know what I'm doing right now
  15. That drawing is seriously good. I thought it was an old photo. Other than that, I'm currently procrastinating planning my birthday party...
  16. I come late to this conversation, but I think the other people are right, Radi. You shouldn't spread so much information about your feelings toward her, also pictures ... as of now it might be okay, but you don't know if this might not fall back at you one later day, for whatever reason. I admit that I too looked at her picture ... and it seems like a nice girl to me. I would just say go for it and become her friend, it might be good for both of you. And I mean "friend" in the broadest way here ... not necessary with the love thing, you know -- meaning: don't focus on that if it stresses you. Don't worry too much about seeing her "invisible", maybe one day you'll get the reason why it is like that. It might even be some deeper connection, that in this "invisibility" you see some kind of an emotional problem she has or whatever -- one which only people with your kinda craziness regarding obsession with "weird" (in my eyes) details can see... I hope I said this with enough charme, you know ... I mean you both seem to be freaky in some way and maybe you fit together. But only you can do the check up...
  17. Thank you for the news, gentlemen! Itunes has this release aswell and I still have a voucher card lying around somewhere, so I will get this one...
  18. RTP

    SSL with Psynews

    I hope it works for everybody meanwhile. In case some of you still surf plain http (redirection didn't work seamless with IE at first), best would be to update bookmarks if you want to enjoy the new secure one... I say a big thanks to Mars that he implemented this, I probably wouldn't have been able to the way he did because the part to configure the board that it doesn't fall back to http seemed quite tricky!
  19. RTP


    The little bit unfortunate event is, that the proof that Thomas Vitali is behind Psynina is now gone because the registration period for domain "psynina.com" has ended... Who? Thomas? The NHJO? Or maybe ... Thomas = NHJO :ph34r: ...
  20. Good to hear you seem to be well. It's the same here. I haven't visited any psy party in a while ... tend to be worked out at the weekends, plus my girlfriend is also not the type that goes out so much -- and I find that good... I definitely didn't stop going to parties but it has to be a really good night that I am motivated to get moving. Right now I'm waiting for the heating to warm up because I want to take a shower before going to bed.
  21. Oh dear god. Seriously ... this would have been one of the last places I would have expected this name to be mentioned. And, frankly, also one of the last threads I would have expected it to happen in. I don't know whether to cry or laugh about this Actually I just wanted to pop by and drop a hello to the mr. HYENNRO Learn goodly india language you become great track maker = आप महान ट्रैक निर्माता बनने सुडौल भारत भाषा सीखें
  22. Hi Janet, how's it going? I'm relaxing from a two-day meeting the company had in the south of Austria... ...and I combine that with the goal "try being here more" and reading up on some threads
  23. I found this one today:
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