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  1. Thumbs up for Cybernetika Started as a poster here, became an artist, got ripped off by Wirikuta ... yet still managed to get around... On topic, just a side remark: I think that the "big PAs", which are mentioned up there only briefly, play a bigger role aswell .. the sound becomes shaped to sound good on these, so they influence our sound quite a lot imo. Was at a party at a "psy trance historic location" (I'd say for myself) the other day ... lo and behold, I didn't recognize the sound much anymore ... it was much louder and much more polished than I ever heard it there. Not bad, but different. If you'd ask me right there on the spot, I'd tell you that a lot has changed since 2016 for example ... yes, it kinda was a similar sound, but the refinement is much more in detail now... And the noise level was another thing. Boy oh boy, that was loud. Never registered before to that extent. My car made no noise as I started it afterwads, didn't hear the engine, had to look at the rev counter all the time...
  2. omg ... okay, not my taste at all, sry but I got a genre name for it: NightTECH ... or NIGHTECH ... Hitech + Pop = NIGHTECH ... you know, from nightcore to nightstep to NIGHTECH although the voice needs to be pitched a little higher to really qualify ok guys, I don't like this music, but for the sake of creating a new genre, I think the project #Skeletone shall attempt to make one too ... I at least will suggest ... who's with us?
  3. Hehehe, yeah, I have been at the release party of that book... ... and the real burner is, that I forgot whether I really was there or not and had to look it up on psynews myself: https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/60389-goa-20-years-of-psychedelic-trance/ ... turns out: I was, because as I read through my post there I remember it all again... Interestingly, I do have to admit that my views have changed. Nowadays I do welcome the book and the DVD and the video on youtube being a "nostalgic input from the time I went to parties a lot". That is noteworthy, since I expressed a slightly different opinion there in that thread...
  4. My thoughts exactly! This very thing is _the_ idea that is manifesting in my head. And yes, the content should be community generated, I seriously don't want to have all the work with a youtube channel all on top and I do think I speak for our other admins aswell... We can make uploads of videos generated by the community = mixes, tracks, documentaries, interviews! ... and we can create playlists on our own. What we WON'T do is upload pirated tracks. And dear @Psychedelic Superbeast thank you for the offer ... but as I already said via PM, I personally would prefer if your account were still active on YT and you'd just become a subscriber on our then new Psynews Youtube Channel ... I'll discuss it with the others in detail though opinions welcome!
  5. Hello - yes, this is a radio station playing existing tracks ... I was thinking computer generated music stream meaning: no track ever played will sound the same as they are composed in realtime...
  6. Well, if you analyze the songs that I posted ... it's not about the text (since I do not understand a word of what they say) ... but it's a combination of the other elements: - music and sound effects - structure of beat and melody - the singer's voice itself and the different sounds uttered - body language ... in Tatarin for example you can hear her smile - and finally the video itself and the story it presents to the viewer
  7. Not goa, but something new: ... giving birth to the idea in my head: mixing goatrance and synthwave -> this could be good srsly first track could easily be psychill if you just lower the tempo ... 25% slower is probably already too much though
  8. dude I think you should put them there definitely, I see your texts are good quality and people who search for reviews of these records in some months or even years time would not find the texts in this thread unless deeply searching the forum - and who does that) I leave it up to you though... I'd like to hear the story why CD2 of Total Eclipse got lost
  9. hi, great news, thanks for sharing ... they indeed have a cool new site I can't wait to see a new AP album However, I have become a realist and will believe it only when it's finally out ... already been through this "new album next year" they should call it "Astral Projection Forever" ... before the Duke Nukem Forever joke gets completely forgotten
  10. I do not have these problems at all ... mainly because of 3 reasons: - my collection of physical releases is fairly small compared to yours - I might have just a hundred or a bit more goa CDs and just maybe 200 in total - I have the policy to file a disc into my rack only when I have listened to it at least once - I have a car that's still got a CD player so I can listen when I go with the car My only worry are the two dozen metal tapes that I still have and my tape deck blew and I only had a radio with tape deck in my old car which is no more
  11. hey man good idea ... and well written = this text could easily go in the review section
  12. Dear Lemmiwinks, I hereby exhume this thread because PRYDA is a real gem of an artist, I have got to love him so much over time, I can't believe I found ERIC PRYDZ to be commercial and "bad" in the past and scoffed at him ... it's downright brilliant what this man does, almost everything at least (I much prefer PRYDA to Eric Prydz though ) Here's a PRYDAAAARGH playlist ... 83 songs cheers RTP
  13. Dude .... it's NOT from MY country but I have found really good stuff I'd say ... I have a fascination for songs in languages that I do not speak ... here is some: Here is a playlist ... these are all from there but there's more: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLt-j8Op3VdjRn2umdmELRa8W0BZYYGQpT I collect sh*t like that ... if you got some killargh rap in foreign language: post it here and I might add ^^
  14. hehehe ... it's a good mix though, thanks for sharing
  15. oh man I feel so reminded of my beginnings on Tranceaddict right now ... used to roam that forum and listen to stuff that "sounded alike" many years back ...until I went to my first goa party and a good soul directed me to Psynews here - will be forever thankful good recommendadtion but it's not valerian tea to me. Caron Based Lifeforms is valerian tea. Or at least it used to be...
  16. Ummm kinda interesting definition of "recently" in my opinion, the video says it's been uploaded in 2017 time flies?
  17. Here's one for you to chew on what the future could bring: We could bundle our resources together to create a computer program that produces endless streams of good psytrance music for us all to enjoy Think: endless stream of computer generated music perfection ... several streams, one for each genre ... premium services for parties with express ultra-high bandwith streams right up to the Funktion One speakers of the festivals for a fee to keep our site going the VMs this service runs on are just a click away to rent, all that's left is to program that baby
  18. dear Deadrah, you have a new follower on Soundcloud oh and ... there's this Skeletone project I am doing with a friend ... not goa anymore ... but we would not be put off if it was goa again ... listen through, link in my sig is that what you're looking for? but this may better be continued in pm for example: D: ... ummm ... no? there's a playlist "Psynews 2017" ... but it has nothing to do with us or has it? At least not that I know...
  19. Whoa, does my post come across like I wanna discontinue anything ... 'cause it shouldn't ... should be the contrary! Yes I wanna CONTINUE
  20. That may sound weird now, but you may tell her I think of her nickname every time Look Mum No Computer sings "Janet are you ready?" on his track Living In the Paper she's the only person named Janet that I've ever known
  21. Still remember this? See signature #Skeletone
  22. Hey Penzo, you're way too modest about yourself ... you are the force that is most responsible for keeping it alive here! This forum does not run on Gasoline, it runs on Penzoline ... or both, as He is both ... one That was as poetic as I can get right now, sorry. cheers to you And dear dhollmusik, I must say I have very much enjoyed your post ... very well put. Thank you for the Perc recommendation ... I like it, I miss a little tribal elements though -- however, This Morn Omina provides me with that, so I'm good. You need to work on your trash metal recommendations though, I like Annihilator more OK, so I actually wanted to keep this to myself till 2020 or so, but since you asked, I may as well say it, won't hurt: Well, my thoughts are not that refined yet, but what goes through my mind is that Psynews needs to become something else than just a Bulletin Board System if it wants to survive longer than the next few years. The Board (and its backup data) is a big treasure and it shall be kept highly valuable ... but it will become in my opinion less and less relevant as people aren't willing to dig through it so much anymore and only will use it sporadically to look up some (by that time: old) information ... I mean, we will surely keep this up for the next years (from my part at least), but it is already losing relevancy (in regular usage) and it may lose more... I don't know if I may be any form of decision-maker here, I do not feel having the right for any of that. Psynews is not my creation. Other people have created it, I have just participated and maybe cleaned it up a little bit, but it's not my thing. However, my idea or rather some buzzwords for the direction I would want this project to be going would be: unity, support, freedom, bringing people together, providing a base for them to thrive and create, in a way making them leave richer than they came. If Psytrance was a house, I'd like Psynews to be part of the "mortar" that connects the bricks together that the house is made from, get me? What exactly to do is not so clear yet ... maybe our role shall stay the same, being the bringer of news, "bundling" information? I would find that good. We could become a Youtube playlist hub. Not a label itself - or maybe we might have a small one, no biggie - but rather an instance that stands aside and documents and provides ... you know? An instance neutre ... is that a word? And maybe the collection of party videos would also fit. Again, not so much as the creator, but as the creator platform - for psychedelic artists ... musicians, painters, visual creators, tailors for psychedelic clothes, even chai makers or other youtube creators - or even post-youtube creators... Is that a good mindset to have for the future of this forum or not?
  23. Nice to see you back ... this is not such a big surprise for me, I registered Carbon Based Lifeforms to move away rom Ultimae aswell (they release on Blood Music now ... know that label? I knew it before, but it's not exactly the address I would go to if I am a psytrance oriented man, you know? ... from Ultimae to Blood Music is a rather big jump -- in my head (then again, the cbl music makes me so sad recently I would find it fitting if they'd even release on Cold Meat Industry ) ... ) I'd also like to know why CBL and Solar Fields left, but they seem alright without them ... Magnus by the way formed his own label droneform ... I don't know I'd like to ask Vincent Villuis himself but I have no contact...
  24. That's it exactly. The internet, which actually was created to be open, accessible and "everyone can start a website or platform" and which was a very fractalised mass in the past has "conglomerated" - the users formed bigger chunks and they got bigger and bigger and now we only have "some" huge chunks left and the smaller ones in between dry out or migrate themselves into the big, making them even bigger. We also may not forget that the ways people use it have changed - Ormion delivering the best example here. I am not much different to you man, I enjoy Russian Failblogs or other "plain entertainment shit" after a hard days work much more than actual meaningful discussions, as pityful as it may sound ... and there are many like us. In the past there were not so many ways to consume entertainment, so we went here and postet a bit in Offtopic... And also not to forget, Goatrance or Psytrance are more popular nowadays and the means of promoting it have been taking different routes aswell, using other platforms or not relying as much on BBS forums such as ours. The "silence" that has spread over this forum here is a sign of the changing times... I already said something needs to be done. I'm thinking about ideas.
  25. draeke is right, Goatrance has already been dying and exhumed, it's a zombie, it will not die unless you remove the head or destroy its brain... to me it's not so much about "is it goa or not", it is "something fits your vibe", "floats your boat" or not ... there's music that connects - and music that doesn't and my horizon of music that connects with me is broader than ever I do not think anything is dying ... devolving maybe ... in these days there actually seems to be a whole lot of resurrection of pagan / viking shamanic ritual sounds going on, as I am registering ... maybe that 's only me but I feel it ... it seems almost like it's going back in time, devolving from goatrance electronic music back into the roots where it sprung from ... a good thing in my opinion ... it's the same blood if I may say so, but a bit rougher, more raw, unpurified in energy ... but some like the impurifications ... they say it makes us human, the faults are what makes us human ... away from the machines that consume our reality everywhere... if you want a taste of what I mean, please go there https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hNu6FmaUIB0 ... I do not embed this ... this is what scando trance sprang from in my opinion though ... with my love for sccando trance, I actually loved stuff like THIS lying beond, I am convinced ... awesome to see this clear now... .. and I haven't even begun speaking of This Morn Omina, which I initially wanted ... see? broader than ever --> but you got me into changing my sig ... it's no goa anymore, that project. Not at all.
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