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  1. Hi ... google ads is used for monetization ... after all we (including me) are just guests here, somebody has to pay the rent. Psytrance does not yet have its own ad service and reward system...
  2. For me it's less about the presented songs than about the ideas they contain - you can include this (the throat singing, the jaw harp performance .... even the string instruments in the last one) in psytrance and it would be fine. Many bands did it with didgie and drums (Hilight Tribe, Etnoscope...) - and with the indian singing, which has become downright generic - but there's way more than can be done ... it just didn't come to my closed mind. Those songs opened it.
  3. Hej ... I owe you a reply ... that CPC album is good, it could use some natural energy though (i.e. an instrument) - but it might be a good one to practice accompanying it with a jaw harp ... however, I'm not gonna wake up my neighbor now. The second one is a classic that I heard of. I will give it more time to listen though to really appreciate. Third one is fun, I like it - that singing instantly got to me, it's fine The one that followed is too unstructured for me though, connection lost Dark Whisper is way too fast to float my boat though! My head just goes "tilt" This is screaming for another "non psy artist, but actually psy music" recommendation: You nordics must have one more up your sleeves, don't you? It can't be that Hedningarna are the only ones making this ... I mean, even I know other bands (they are even more "folk" though) ... but maybe you know some that go into that specific direction, for I do not.
  4. oh hi ... almost missed this thread Yes I have heard Inland ... and at the same time I feel a bit sad that this album was released in such small quanitites and only for the CMI night ... which I could not attend - which makes me frown even more, because Ulf Söderberg played live there (so I read) ... and he doesn't make many gigs anymore... But Ulf's a genius ... period. The other recommendations were good, one sticks out, I get to it later. The point, though, is, that I actually am not that much of an "ambient guy" ... I think I have a problem with electronic ambient ... I can take it, but not too much of it, there are only few exceptions. Ulf was one. His ambient didn't make me sad, it was a clarifying, comforting sound ... with accents of warmth due to the real instruments that he used. And here's the point: I like ambient with real instruments ... the more ancient these are and the more heritage these got, the better. Wardruna for example ... they use lots of norse instruments and I can't get enough of it. But when the ambient is all electronic, it's kinda hard to take for me. Carbon Based Lifeforms for example, once my favourite ambient band, now only make me sad when I hear them ... I can't help myself ... it has become as depressing as dark ambient - yet maybe dark is even better because for me it's not tied to feelings of love or care but only to cold emptiness. The stuff is simpler to grasp and maybe even surprising when there's still cheerfulness to be discovered ... where in psybient it's mostly the other way round for me these days. I never thought I'd say it once, but I really _can not_ hear too much of that electronic psy-ambient sound anymore as it drags me down mentally and I don't get these noises and depressing melodies out of my head for days. Want to avoid that... So really, the electronic ambient artists that I like have dwindled to a handful of specialities... Here, that's the one that sticks out. So good! You're right it's like a light version of tmo in some way, but I like the industrial roughness. I do like this type of powerful sounds ... recently got into Ah Cama-Sotz ... knew him for a long time, but only got into it recently: That, however, sets the tone for a different genre. I am looking for tribal here.
  5. I'd rather say: you didn't bump it, you exhumed it
  6. Synaesthetics is a great artist ... he used to post here, but I think he absolutely ignored my praises ... nevertheless, great stuff. But if you like Unreal Tournament Remixes, I may suggest: and this thread, where you'll find the whole playlist at the bottom: https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/73233-unreal-tournament-psytrance-remixes
  7. Hi ... sorry am I late ... I really like Silicon Sound, it's THE iconic "old full on sound" for me ... it's a gentle and trancy sound, reinding me of the "middle school days" so to speak ... back then when there was still time for long rises and almost ambient passages in the tracks. I loved him for the samples ... from the Final Fantasy movie up to computer games - Doom III and Unreal II and also System Shock 2 ... those games were my favourites and it was a pleasure to find these things in the music, this way the vibe influenced me way more than just when listening to the tracks (in fact, it goes so far that I say: a release of System Shock 3 without new Silicon Sound stuff to listen at the side is not a true sequel, a true replica of the vibe for me...) ... everything was interconnected, "Silicon Sound" became a symbol for the times I experienced... His favorite track for me is The Shell: There's also this playlist that I like to consult when I wanna listen to some Silicon Sound ... tried to carry together everything of the OLD stuff I could find of him back then and put it into a single list: cheers
  8. Sorry, but this time I think I have to disappoint you ... this guy is really legit, he has more: (I am thinking ... maybe Imba is his Producer ... possible! )
  9. WE ARE STILL ALIVE. This forum, it would probably be completely different or non-existent at all without the stuff all of us put it through. any signs of other former members? Cinos Seraph Otto Matta aka "Epic Automata" Deathposture Moni Tatsu Pixiejanet GaysatanicHippie and Krelm (I only remember Krelm because of that set in Diablo 3 that keeps dropping all the time ) a.m.m. ...?
  10. Hey there, let me exhume this thread, because I think I have just found out where Atmos got his inspiration for Transmission In Vain. This is Atmos - Transmission In Vain. Listen at 06:35: Now listen to Front 242 - Headhunter 2000 (Doug Laurent Mix) ... melody is introduced at 00:20, but can be heard well after 03:10 and there is another track I feel very reminded of by that melody, but it doesn' t yet come to my mind ... I'll return if I find it EDIT: found the "other track" - but it's not Goa ... it's PPK - Slave to The Rhythm (Picotto Mix) after 3:45
  11. lol that is insane ... it is so far away from what I expected as I heard the beginning so that it almost seems fake at first, like somebody has layered a psy tune over a video from a serbian music group singing on tv ... but the triplets prove it's real ... cracks me up
  12. it hits the "theme of the thread" ... but this is better: but I refused from posting it in the first place because this is not "commercial psytrance mockery", but rather a cultural enhancement ("Kulturgut") - seriously... umm: (and this is also for mr. recursion loop ) Freitag, Samstag fick' ich meinen Kopf feier' ich non-stop mach' mir keinen Kopf Freitag, Samstag fick' ich meinen Kopf feier' ich non-stop gib mir noch 'n' Shot! Abfahrt! Doppelkorn-Shot und der Schädel vibriert red nich so viel lass den Nächsten probier'n Tequila dann Vodka ich geb' wieder Gas das Quatschen fällt leicht ist der Schnabel mal nass die Nacht wird zum Tag und das war doch klar Party du Sau, brauch kein Wasser danach ich hör' niemals auf aber red' es mir ein im Leben versagt - doch am Tresen die Eins. ... cheers So ... what's this genre called Psyrave?
  13. ...when they are NOT going hitech or riding the "ethno wave" with the cringy indian lyrics. Recipe: Cheap "Scooter" like samples. Psytrance beat and bassline. Rap lyrics. Tadaa: and what's most shocking to me: I don't find it so bad your opinion? (got any worse examples?)
  14. maybe try the labels themselves too Ultimae still have some of the old catalog ... old Fahrenheit Project for example
  15. here's more: ... oh and btw, I collected the various Unreal Tournament remixes I could find on youtube an made a quite reasonably sized playlist ... there's everything from drill'n'bass, trance, dnb over psytrance to tracker music in there, but feel free to enjoy, it's 116 videos right now and it's "maintained" meaning I look through every now and then (less than I come here though - so beware ): if nobody has anything to add, for me that's the end of chapter ^^
  16. Mirror's Edge series ... soundtrack by Solar Fields - and a really good one you can also list Unreal ... combat themes are probably what you like: And if you really, really like Unreal Tournament ... there is a huge scene devoted to remixes and some of them are absolut psytrance ... may I direct you to this (imo underrated) thread: https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/73233-unreal-tournament-psytrance-remixes/ héhé
  17. Hey - first of all: cool reply, thanks My bad ... I need to do more in English ... doing my best Yeah, I would agree ... that's why it would be super difficult -- you need to make a "black hole" (or whatever) that then evolves into an universe like ours ... question is, can these factors in some way be determined during its creation - maybe they can, because we exist too, you'd just need to record every particle movement in the whole "huge blob" and replicate the process to achieve an exact copy. Maybe this can be done by "initiating the big bang in a certain way"? If this universe was created from outside, chances are that the structures and ways used to create it will probably way exceed its own specifications in capacity, meaning that it might indeed be possible that "they" (the creators) have the possibility to trace each particle movement ... maybe even easily: they could have made a bunch of universes and saw who of them can make the jump to self-evolve into new ones just like we do it with bacteria in petri dishes in numerous bio-labs around the planet... I guess that makes it a certain assumption that "this has already happened" - meaning: this universe has been created from outside. And you're right, there is no way to know - or at least no way to prove. Whether the universe itself has consciousness is up to belief (it's not an unpopular thought however, as far as I have heard). But, to borrow from solipsism ... I myself have a consciousness, therefore in this universe there exists at least one consciousness that seems to care about these things. And as I don't wanna be superficial, I think there are many other consciousnesses too - such as the ones from my fellow humans, those from animals ... and maybe (likely?) also higher consciousnesses from higher evolved beings. And yeah, spoken out loud, I would want to prevent the death of the universe. Because if the universe can "die" (however you define it - big freeze, big crush, big rip, big mac (aka "cardiac arrest")), it will not be eternal. And if life is not eternal -- it makes no sense ... quoting Anthony Rother's "Leben": "if [life] is limited in time anyway, then what sense does it make to be alive?" = "denn wenn es [=das Leben] sowieso zeitbegrenzt ist, was für einen Sinn macht es zu leben?" I am more than zer0 So there's already consciousness in the universe that does not want to die and, in my case, also does not want the universe to die - and be they linked or not, maybe it's justified to therefore speak of the "universe's consciousness" even if it had none? That worries me far more! So we can not create the thing inside of our universe because then it itself will die alongside if the universe dies ... we need to escape outside and "light the fuse there". But how to do that? I thought that outside of this universe there is no possibility to "exist". Great ... but somebody has to do that...? Thanks, I checked it out, that theory saves it ... yeah really, it does ... it could be an explanation and I hope that is it... I don't know but the thought of all this ending at some point of time, no matter how many trillion x trillion years away, horrifies me. However, I have to confess, an eternal expansion is equally horrifying if you think about it. Even if you, by the power of mind, reduce this "space time expansion" to a mathematic number that just ever increases, and even reducing that to a steady mere "flow of an energy" ... it's not making me lose its terror the way it should ... it's like this hallucination of flying fast - bloddy f*kin fast - faster than you can imagine and still ever increasing, crossing not lightyears, but light-aeons in a fraction of a fraction of a second and the world shrinking indefinitely sometimes when I am falling asleep... 00:30 a.m., the perfect time to have a total mental freakout, isn't it? PS: I think I need to make a break from threads like this and come back to enjoy these discussions only in moderation, otherwise I'll really go crazy ... so don't wonder if I check back late next time
  18. Hi, I just watched this video: I think it's a really good piece - maybe some of the physicians here may wanna watch and comment if these theories (or are they more?) are correct. The whole thing not only tells you how tiny and insignificant we all are (so maybe only watch it if you can take it ... 3am is maybe NOT the best time for an existential crisis, contrary to what some comments there suggest) ... it also contains the meaning of life, I would say. In the last quarter (around 24:43) there it is said that there may be (theoretical?) possibilites for a great "atom smasher" that can concentrate massive amounts of energy at a single point to open a "gateway", a "baby universe" ... well, no matter if that is true or not, I think that says it: Given the fact that we are facing the death of everything that exists, this objective of escape must be our meaning of life ... because if the universe had a consciousness, would it not want to prevent its death? To sustain eternal (physical) life, this device must be created, used and the next universe needs to emerge. But that's only half of the work! You then need to find a way to inject the plans for this great machine into this newly created universe so that the inhabitants of it can at some point in time construct it and "fire up the next cycle" - they need to do the same thing and the process needs to be repeated over and over ... but well, then you got it: ETERNAL LIFE ... from the universe's point of view. Do you agree? ...if you followed me so far, great ... now, to spin it a little further: Can this already have happened? Can it be that a community of forces (maybe an effort of several very advanced beings in a previous universe) has, in their dying universe, created the atom smasher and thus created our universe? And then they have tried to get the plans across in a form that us beings "understand" - in the form of RELIGION and MATHEMATICS. Maybe they even split the plans up equally and thus every religion has received the key to one piece ... Mathematics, by the way, may be a separate "force" that connects these pieces ... but they only function together, meaning that humans have to overcome their differences and prove themselves worthy and work together.... well, that last part might be BS actually - because why putting more work in the process if the universe just wants to keep alive ... in truth, maybe several other more advanced lifeforms in this universe have got the plans already and are working on such an atom smasher...? Also by the way, the original universe will die ... a copy will be created and ideas and plans can maybe transfer into it ... if lucky ... if not, the new universe must figure out all the sh*t itself, which is why maybe it has chosen me for this rambling right now ... it seems to already be super desperate if it chose me .. PS: I only brought this religion stuff up because yesterday night I stumbled across an old black metal album that I own and I read up on the vocals ... which were actually bible texts about the apocalypse ... you can tell I didn't sleep much but read that stuff instead ... and in those texts it said (summed up) that those wo succumb to god will survive and the rest will perish ... so I thought, while putting this in context, that god or "his ways", as the bible may point out, may contain the keys to such an "universe death prevention device" ... may this be logical? PPS: Yeah I know, I should lay off the drugs - only problem is: I am not taking any. Didn't even drink last night. Maybe that was my mistake
  19. Hej ... it's odd then that Shpongle apparently will come to F.L.O.W. in Austria: https://www.goabase.net/festival/flow-festival-2019-10-years-anniversary-feel-love-on-weekend-flow/101396 then again they say: "SHPONGLE DJ Set" ... maybe that's the point here ... you are apparently going for a live act But when Raja Ram is doing it all himself (it looks like that), I wonder, isn't the DJ set more work than with the band...? Anyway I'm reading between the lines that Raja Ram might not be touring as much anymore as he did before. So best would be to catch him one of these days if one still want s to see him...
  20. Hello... So I have made a slight change in plan, but it may do the project good: I think about doing only a single ... meaning, starting off as a single ... if we get enough, we'll do the compilation, but if not, so be it. 2 artists (will not tell names yet until confirmed and agreed that they'll be named) will be the starting point. If not even these 2 are on board, I guarantee it will not happen. Reason: these are two artists very integer to the character RTP (me ) - the project would make not so much sense without, it would be "just a collection of tracks"... With these 2, I can start with a single. If it gets more: good because then it'll be a single with more tracks. If we get over 4, it'll be a mini compilation. If we get over 6, it'll be a compilation. But it's all optional and totally relaxed for me - the only fixpoint are the two starting artists and that's also whereI'll invest the most energy. opinions welcome -- cheers
  21. Thanks for the insight Imba, I really appreciate it. I got a pretty "nice" and positive argument up my sleeve why artists might be willing to support or, at least, hear me out ... that's a big upper, otherwise I'd just come across as a hobo with a deluded dream But more on that later. So I guess it will be a physical release only, if my money is involved. No digital. Only if all tracks were free that would become a digital release. I have an idea how the financial part could work: offering the artists a small amout for, say, 200 pressings. All rights for the tracks will remain at the artists, the tracks could be released by them somewhere else too later... If repressings were made, I will ask around again if they permitted a second run - for the same amount of money. Again 200 copies. Or less or more, if seen fit. I hope that's a good plan? Fingers crossed...
  22. I am not on FB, don't like it ... I guess I'll just start with creating my own (RTP) soundcloud account ... I don't wanna make it from the Skeletone one as that is not only me and I don't wanna mix up the projects ... makes things only harder... So ... percentage sounds like a hassle. Think I'll just ask them how much they want. Maybe I get lucky ... lets see ... I will not tell here though unless it's signed off by the artist that I can have the track for public release I think it would be fine to say rights remain at the artists ... if a repress is done, I'll just do a round mail and ask people for permissions again (and no answer within 2 weeks means OK). If there are any more tips, I am happy to hear
  23. Hello, maybe this is a bit unexperienced question - but bear with me: I have this idea (call it "dream") of making a compilation. I would like to write to few artists that are dear to me if they got any tracks. It will be only the artists that I select, "my favourites" you may say. It will be bigger names among them (as in my endless naivity I think they might have a track they are willing to part from for money?). Questions I have are: 1) where to get the contact info and 2) how to do it ... I mean, only the fewest people will give me things for free. How much do artists call up for a track ... what is common? And how are compilations made ... are the tracks signed and paid in advance or is it possible to make a deal that the artists will be paid in % of revenue created (which probably won't be much, even though I think the release is going to be a blast in my opinion )? Anybody got some experience and willing to shed a bit of light on this? I don't wanna come across as a goof. I can administer psynews ... but I never did anything like that, always left that to other people who I thought were better at this than me
  24. That is cool news, I missed out on Extended and it was way too expensive to buy ... they still want 80 euros for it out there on the used market... A very little part of me feels sorry for the collectors of the original one though. After all these years of me wanting it, I am actually hesitant to order. Then again, it's a piece from a bygone era ... a time capsule... Oh and what an odd place where it's released ... "Sidereal", never heard of ... but they also release Solar Fields newest one there, so that's his place now? ... What about Ultimae ... a bunch of dear artists seem to have left there in the last years ... strange, isn't it?
  25. I do think that Pryda - The End is a great intro ... not only because it is, but because it would be a creative act to start a set with the end (I say thanks to Lemmiwinks for this tune ... he posted it on this forum first - and sparked my love for Pryda forever.) Even better though is Atmos - Fill The Hat ... although it has a long breath: Third pick is Noma - Soon ... it's all purpose for a progressive set imo: If that was no good for you, you can try Etnoscope - Sunrise ... you never go wrong with Etnoscope imo:
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