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  1. Do you guys produce the CD's on-demand? This is very confusing to me.
  2. I can't really agree with this sentiment. For example lot's of psytrance has segments that are absolutely bonkers in complexity and they still sound a helluva more vivid than goatrance. i.e. a part like this https://youtu.be/OIlOfXvL8m8?t=352
  3. Well Filteria sounds on the opposite spectrum of being too tinny. I agree with this. Though I still feel like the bass has been a little overdone - I mean I don't think it's a lot, but it's definitely too much. I do really like how this sound fills up the space regardless of the overdone bass (which can be compensated). Only psytrance does that sometimes with the thumping deep kicks and basslines. I agree and I don't really understand why.
  4. It's fatiguing on the ears very much like old Filteria, though it's way more boomy. I've yet to form a proper opinion if I like it or not. On paper it's fucking cool. Edit: There's no question the boominess was deliberate to increase the depth in the production for that very apparent spaced out maximal sonic feeling you get when listening it, but I have to agree that thing is kind of overdone. Turning down the volume the bass becomes just too heavy. This is the first time I've actually wanted to turn down bass in EQ. Esp in track like Ring Of Fire it's a little botched. Then again this pr
  5. This thing sounds really full. Like I'm surrounded by planets and stars.
  6. It's like happy hardcore / nitzo? I dont even know
  7. I really like how story-telling and evolving it is. Some awkward synths at certain points, but this one got potential for a lot.
  8. Purlieu's bassline and atmosphere is out of this world. What an insane track.
  9. Here's the cover a little better quality(by yours truly). Absolutely a gem of an album.
  10. Material Music Who? Before you even had the chance to ask that question there was already a bunch of releases out. He seems to be (from what I've heard) an artist who's been producing music the same way I've been producing art. Making it, but never showing it. Which is always a great idea? Right? Right?? Love & Magic (The Dust Album) contains a variety of tracks that don't all conform under a psychedelic trance moniker. You hear some goatrance, some psytrance, some... old school house influenced sounds and generally a really wide-spectrum of I-just-want-to-make-music. Whatever a
  11. I was listening to one of anoebis's sets and I heard this The synths are super Filteria style
  12. I liked the global sect small statue or the big UV wallhangers, but things like that just cost too much for the average customer. T-shirts and hoodies are always a great idea, but for me what prevents buying them is usually the design isn't appealing enough. Like the logos/subjects are usually way too large or placed in odd locations. Cheap but good quality posters are great and I wish there were more of them. I was thinking of making one of my next project.
  13. Yes I wish I would find more mixes like this. I think Zipntf is capable of making such a mix but hes been inactive lately. I just love how storytelling that mix is.
  14. Damn that is interesting! And please, make a Subra album while you're at it! Missing that weird goa sound.
  15. Well psychotic behaviour is often linked to too much dopamine. I knew a person who basically saw colors when they closed their eyes and reacted really strongly to just about everything around them. When they did go on medication it destroyed their overwhelming creativity, which of course caused stopping said medication. There's always a tradeoff. If it's not a problem for you then whatever. Anti-psychotics can have their side-effects as well so take that into consideration. Edit: Padmapani apparently already said most of that.
  16. Mellow sonic makes a lot of remixes of game ost. Very good stuff
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