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  1. Yeah, uhh, what's going on with this? It's been a really long while without anything.
  2. I very much enjoyed most of the the album till Voices of helium. All of the tracks before it had great interesting ideas and executions, unfortunately the latter sounded more fillerish to me and I had a hard time enjoying any of the melody work. On a high note: Spirit Dance is incredible. Amazing celestial mindsphere type melody that trancends you into heavens. It's surprising the widely used sample he used didn't even bother me. It was all so well executed.
  3. I realized I got old when I suddenly started enjoying house music a few years back.
  4. Yeah I'm wondering whats up with DAT. A lot of their releases are sold out completely as well.
  5. What a damn shame it seems this is forgotten. Bump for anyone wanting to indulge in banging twilight goa. The original full release can be found here http://chaotic.planet.ee/?page_id=18 And the EP version https://neogoarecords.bandcamp.com/album/transuniverse-express
  6. Nebula meltdown, triquetra and morphic resonance were sooo insane.
  7. Those Adansonia tracks are banging. I love the bassline twist on the guys production.
  8. "September 2007, I watched Matrix Reloaded again, the highway scene was on and I remembered I was supposed to search for the artist's other work a long time ago. I finally closed down my DVD player on my computer, opened firefox and searched for it. Didn't take me long to get a hold of Labyrinth and taking a listen." "Soon after I had done listening this, I needed more. I didn't know where to start looking, and as my friend had told me earlier of Last.fm's software where you put an artist's name and it would give similar results to it, I decided to go that way(The results were like mostly Infected Mushroom, Astrix, 1200 micrograms and other full-on.). And of course that eventually led me to listening Filteria - Sky Input at some point and getting completely hooked. That's when I knew there wasn't going back. This is what I love." Something I wrote on the Juno Reactor labyrinth thread a decade ago. :p
  9. Really loving sunstream right now. Unreleased mindsphere goodness.
  10. I came across this because of the AP remix. Really good stuff. It's not anything to do with what people appreciate, rather there just aren't that many people posting anymore.
  11. Yes thats me. Absolutely adore this music. Was great hearing moksha live when Anoebis visited Finland last time.
  12. Since we are currently living in this alternate most bizarre timeline of trump and bat disease, I thought I'd start a thread for psytrance events that are held online. Post events with their respective links, dates and psytrance styles below and I'll update this first post notifying our fellow psytrance community of upcoming online events since nobody can attend actual events. I'll start GOATRANCE April 18th 21:00-02:00 GMT+2 Shamantrala - Finnish DJ's playing goatrance https://www.facebook.com/events/243903383466946/ May 16th Suntrip records presents Sunstream event https://www.facebook.com/events/232929337782620
  13. Man please get to a respirator if you have even worse trouble breathing. :s I hope it gets better.
  14. Shit man hopefully that thing clears out I read about those breathing machines yesterday that some people have to use and everything about them sounds horrifying.
  15. They died when the board updated.
  16. I missed this earlier. It's now changed to 800x250, 4 URLS and 15 lines.
  17. It's always been the review section, definitely, however people these days don't really care to make more. Yes it was, unfortunately it made the place miserable for a lot of users. The problem with facebook and psynews is that those groups are much more specific and already have a following. We'd be trying to squeeze ourselves into a space that's already taken. However facebook is a good platform to promote the forum, the problem is we need people who are willing to spend the time to update the page, which we really don't have right now. This would require printing flyers and spreading them out all over the world, this is logistically very hard. This would work better if psynews as a platform was like what goabase etc. are, which is having a dedicated proper party calendar. I think it would get a lot more people looking and participating at the site, but we'd have to do huge overhauls and hire someone to do coding and information gathering for that. I don't really know how goabase gets all their information on parties. Maybe promoters submit it themselves? I agree there is a lot of people and potential. Psytrance festivals are huge. Psynews is considered very neutral, affiliating ourselves with a commercial platform is not really feasible in my eyes. Mars gave psynews to the current administration years ago. I actually don't know why the platform wasn't merged with the label. I guess because the forum is dedicated to psytrance as a whole. For example the suntrip FB community naturally grows because the label releases goatrance people want and consume. There's a natural growing following. psynews doesn't actually release anything, our content is made by the members, if we don't have members creating content, we don't have much to give and get excited about. It's kind of a catch-22. Again with some ideas to make participating more exciting, interesting and/or rewarding this course could be corrected better.
  18. A couple filler tracks (and already released ones) but most of this album is really good. Can't really fault it for not doing it's own thing. Personal Matrix, Wormhole and Mutant Zone are a lot of fun.
  19. The single collection Mittelstandskinder Ohne Strom is so gooood.
  20. They were assigned some years ago to some members for their contributions to the forum or the fact they were here from the very beginning. Tbh I'm up for anything that might help psynews activity. Now that I have very little else to do.
  21. Unfortunately, I agree. I understand now why anjuna didn't release this one. The title track "Pure energy" definitely deserved to be released, but the new mixes are abundant and simple. I much rather have Project Genesis remastered than to hear these stripped down versions of classics. I do appreciate Maya Moon and Inspiration getting remastering, but eh, those already sounded good. I don't want to sound too negative, but honestly, some of these tracks just let down. I guess from a historical standpoint it's a nice and for the fans, but as a whole, it just doesn't cut it. Maybe in due time I can appreciate it more, but I guess I was expecting something more full-blown, like brand new tracks. Pure Energy is really, really sweet though. One of their more interesting tracks with quirky segments and fantastic flow. Wonder why it was never released.
  22. This album is comparable to Sky Input with its swirly and epic in-your-face melodies that bend the cosmic space. Hell, even some of the melody work is almost exactly like what you'd find in the afromentioned release with their bright forceful cosmic synths. The difference is that it's atmosphere reeks of malevolence and the composition is much more mischevious. Absolutely a king release of 2018 and one of my all time favourites of the new age of goa.
  23. I understand the concept, I like the art, I just don't really know if I like it musically that much. Right off the bat Technosonic and Oxigenated Seal are nice tracks somewhat akin to Technossomy but the rest flail around and can get cheesy. I don't know. Needs time.
  24. I love it. Perfect alien soundscapes to lose yourself into.
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