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  1. Ephedra is hanging between nitzhonot and goatrance for sure. Some tracks are euphoric goa and some are definitely nitzhonot. I got a new one: Proxeeus = Cosmic horror goa.
  2. I've been noticing lately some banging old schoolish goa sounds (acid + melodies) in the techno scene Anyone have more? These tracks are very psychedelic imo. Super powerful and oozing that 90s rave sound. Especially the Dunkle Illusion track. It's very reminescent of V-Ger & Soma - Acid Rain Over Bombay EP albeit less melodic.
  3. Basically all the Dat records releases of pleiadians/etnica/crop circles have disappeared from just about every platform where you buy music and the Filteria vinyl won't have the most massive remix of Lunar Civilizations because of "licensing issues." The re-releases are already gaining price at a fast momentum in discogs and are becoming increasingly scarce. What happened? I find this situation just silly. I'd love to stream the classics from somewhere other than youtube - and maybe buy the physical copies I missed out on. There is money to be had, that's for sure - so what gives??? Why can't I have Lunar Civilizations remix on my Filteria vinyl??? Just. Silly.
  4. Well this came out completely left-field https://mystikamusic777.bandcamp.com/album/va-mystika 1. MFG - Desert Sun (2019 Retro Remake) - 140 - MASTER 24-bit by MFG 08:13 2. Ohm Mind - Alien Invaders - 147 - MASTER 24-bit by Tim Schuldt 09:08 3. Laughing Space Devil - C.E.R.N. - 150 - MASTER 24-bit by Tim Schuldt 08:25 4. Triquetra - Acid Boomerang - 150 - MASTER 24-bit by Tim Schuldt 07:50 5. Shakta - Shiva Dance - 147 - MASTER 24-bit by Tim Schuldt 09:45 6. Morphic Resonance - Jumanji - 142 - MASTER 24-bit by Tim Schuldt 09:53 7. Toi Doi - Trance Ritual (Remastered) - 147 - MASTER 24-bit by Tim Schuldt 08:10 8. Toxeed - Prostration - 148 - MASTER 24-bit by Tim Schuldt 13:43 9. Bonus Track - 147 - Unfinishable Track 24-bit Unmastered - DR_PSY... - Dacid (free) 03:15 This thing sounds really, really good!
  5. It's really weird how they didn't even have a closing sale or final words.. I remember saiko being quite fair with prices?
  6. I just want to make one thing clear: All the updates to ranks, achievements and whatever come with the updates and are automatically "on." It takes manual labour to turn them off or customize them. Also the problem with the new "rank" syste is that it's based on "points" and I have no idea what these points are. Anyone remember the original ranks?
  7. What the heck is going on with the etnica/pleiadians stuff? All of their old work has disappeared from every official channel too. The lunar civilization remix is the most intense thing ever and needs to be on that LP..
  8. Very storytelling music. Have to listen a bit more to get a better feel for it but thanks for bringing this to my attention!
  9. If the case was indeed malevolent then a post on a forum makes sense because it stirs up publicity. However it all seems like a misunderstanding and a bunch of gun-ho bots. I don't see the point in keeping this discussion open further as everything seems resolved. I'm editing the title and locking the thread.
  10. I really enjoyed his compilation tracks and the sampler sounded really good - unfortunately the album did not live up to my expectations. The melodies were kinda lackluster and it sounded a bit simple.
  11. You just need to search for labels that release psychill and go from there. That last track sounds a lot like the downtempo stuff from Total Eclipse..
  12. Spotify algorithms are really spot(no pun intended)-on. I frequently get amazing suggestions from random playlists it offers.
  13. Silent hum from the fans. My pc could look a lot more alien alien but I don't want to deal with liquid cooling.
  14. Whats with the guys playing instruments?
  15. Secret space is contender for track of the year. Serious insane power. It's very similar to Levitation Device on VA People Walk Funny. Really pleiadean climaxing. Unidentified, Astral Traveler, Open Your Eyes and Summer Storm are all fantastic, varied and interesting tracks. The Divine Plan is like sequel to Tropical Paradise, which is also pretty good. I did not care for Apex, Solar Warden and Dreamland very much at all. They were a little too uplifting, monotone and had really trancy melodies. Apex in particular becomes quite cheesy in it's 2nd half. The last downtempo track was just meh, would have preferred another track like Delirium from the first album, sending the listener into a voyage. Although the album doesn't bring anything new to the table, it's still absolutely fantastic summer music and overall a worthy sequel that that extends A303 library with a lot of great tracks. Recommended.
  16. Go out with a bang and materialize World Beyond. :p Sucks to see this project go! It had a huge influence on modern goa movement.
  17. Whats the situation with all those pleiadians/mind rewind projects? Personally I think facebook sucks for good discussion. Forums have their place but it's a shame people don't recognize it.
  18. I know israel has a huge psy scene and a lot of artist, but you can choose to not support those who work with them, no? It's just kind of ridiculous to see him discard his music people enjoy for any of the reasons he keeps talking about.
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